Best Curling Iron For Black Hair: 6 Unbeatable Candidates For Your Natural Hair!

A good hairstyle can go a long way, just like one’s taste in fashion. While analysing the face shape, frame, and hair type is crucial when finding the right look for everyone, skimming through fashion trends can also come in handy for finding a design that fits in with the mannerisms of pop culture.

Although you can also use curling irons and other styling tools to mimic the layout of certain hairdos with your straight hair, those with black hair will mostly benefit from using curling irons.

As opposed to the rest of the hair types, black hair is definitely the most resilient and bouncy. The pieces grown by black hair are also high in density, but often require tons of hydration to stay put.

Due to how sensitive the strands are to heat, the strands can only work well with a handful of curling irons. Stay tuned until the end to discover the names, features, and benefits of the best curling irons for black hair!

Summary Overview

Before kicking things off, it is important that you have a preview of what our upcoming list of curling irons offers to users. Doing so won’t just enable you to comprehend the subsequent portions to the fullest extent, but will also aid the decision-making process.

So far, only six dominant curling irons carry the speciality of generating memorable curls on black hair, also known as African-American hair. Move on to the following table to learn the names, barrel texture, and key features of each candidate.

Model Barrel Texture Highest Temp. Setting Auto Shut-off
T3 SinglepassCeramic410°F Available
BabylissPRO NanoTitanium430°F Unavailable
Paul MitchellCeramic410°F Available
The 3-Day BenderCeramic440°F Available
BabylissPRO Spring Titanium-ceramic 450°F Unavailable
CHI Spin N Curl Ceramic410°F Available

6 Premium-Quality Curling Irons For Black Hair

The previous segment dove into the specifications and key features of each candidate that we’ll unveil with the help of this article. And while going through the former portion is necessary for beginners, the following components apply for everyone. From T3’s Singlepass to the 3-Day Bender by Drybar, here are the 6 best curling irons that work wonders on African-American hair, also known as black hair!

T3 Singlepass Curling Iron

T3’s Singlepass Curling Iron is probably the most helpful curling iron to work with, comprising a ceramic barrel that accumulates tons of heat over a gradual period of time. In contrast to most curling irons out there, T3 is often the top pick among hair enthusiasts, even when pitted against GHD.

T3 Singlepass Curling Iron

The T3 Singlepass uses T3 Digital technology to curl the hair, which allows the styling tool to create bouncy layers without exposing the shaft to large amounts of heat. This component is quite beneficial for natural hair, allowing the strands to preserve sebum and moisture regardless of how many times the curling iron is used.

This high-end curling iron offers five temperature settings for maximum results with zero repercussions. When it comes to natural hair, the last temperature setting, which shoots up to 410°F seems the most effective option. Due to distributing heat across one’s scalp equally and having ceramic-infused properties, results also appear without damaging the cuticles.

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A great positive about this curling iron is the duration of its results, which has an incredible shelf life. In total, the curls, even when implemented on black hair, can last for more than a day. Thanks to its instant heat-up time, results also show up within minutes!

Some additional perks of this tool also exist because of the structure of its hardware. T3 Singlepass is made of lightweight materials, and glides past the hair quite easily irrespective of the density, making it a great purchase for first-timers as well as professionals.


  • Premium quality materials.
  • Ceramic barrel with moisturizing properties.
  • Serves natural hair with its temperature setting of 410°F.
  • Time-friendly results.
  • Easy to use for beginners.


  • Is expensive, making it challenging to obtain.

BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Extended Barrel Curling Iron

When styling tools like curling irons are taken into account, Babyliss is a brand that can’t be dismissed. Despite being made of titanium-oriented components, Babyliss can be the perfect tool for natural hair, especially if you consider the likes of BabylissPRO’s Nano Titanium Curling Iron with extended barrels, an exceptional curling iron for beginners.

In contrast to the rest of the BabylissPRO curling irons, the Nano Titanium covers more hair in one go, mainly due to its sizable barrel which has a two-inch advantage over the rest of the barrels incorporated into other curling irons. With titanium technology, this device also offers instant results on afro-textured hair.

BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Extended Barrel Curling Iron

Just like T3’s Singlepass, this BabylissPRO curling iron comes with five dedicated heat settings. However, it does bring forward tighter results, since titanium technology accumulates more heat than ceramic technology.

For black hair, the device offers two different levels of temperature. While the one standing at 395°F is effective on any type of natural hair, the other that reaches a temperature of 430°F is more useful for producing curls on coarse pieces of natural curls, also known as 4C hair.

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In terms of housing, the device does run a bit heavy, which can prove to be a minor issue. To make up for it, however, the BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Curling Iron provides a cooling tip to prevent unfortunate scenarios, and a sizable swivel cord to give users tons of freedom.

Although using titanium-coated plates can eventually take a toll on afro-textured hair, BabylissPRO’s Nano Titanium Curling Iron is still a promising option. This device produces tons of heat, which can actually help stubborn pieces create bouncy and playful curls. It is also one of the more affordable options on this list, being the perfect solution for those with a moderately-low budget.


  • Contains titanium properties that are faster than ceramic properties.
  • Has a large barrel for covering more ground.
  • Provides two heat settings for black hair; 395°F  and 430°F.
  • Contains an affordable price tag.


  • The device runs a bit big and heavy. Could be difficult to control.

Paul Mitchell’s Pro Tools Curling Iron

Paul Mitchell is another prominent haircare brand on this list, primarily known for manufacturing shampoos and conditioners specializing in improving hair health. Don’t dismiss the potential of their curling irons, though, as the candidate from their Pro Tools collection can be the perfect companion to natural hair.

This curling iron has the ideal visuals, comprising raw materials of premium quality. The ceramic barrel is also quite humongous, covering tons of sections at one go using its 1.75-inch build.

Paul Mitchell's Pro Curling Iron

The versatility of this styling tool is quite remarkable, as it can cater to any and every hair type using its properties. It typically takes 5-8 seconds to create curls on fine hair when you’re using Paul Mitchell’s curling iron, which increases to 10-15 seconds when you’re dealing with natural hair. Just like T3’s Singlepass curling iron, this device can reach an impressive temperature of 410°F, that too in 60 seconds.

In addition to bringing lightning fast results on natural hair, Paul Mitchell’s Pro Tools curling iron provides an LCD display for monitoring the temperature setting, a hefty barrel that produces sizable curls, and an extra-long tip at the end of the plates for avoiding injuries. It also brings long lasting results, even on the thickest head of hair.

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For the number of options it provides, Paul Mitchell’s Pro Tools curling iron can be a great purchase for anyone with natural hair. The barrel can be used to generate glamorous pieces of curly layers, even if they’re incorporated into damaged or frizzy hair.


  • Takes 10-15 seconds to create curls on natural hair.
  • Can reach a temperature of 410°F in a minute.
  • Works well with damaged hair.
  • Has a large housing to create heavy sets of curls.


  • Results don’t stay back for too long.

Drybar The 3-Day Bender

If you want instant curls on your natural hair, The 3 Day Bender, manufactured by the renowned brand of Drybar, can be an excellent candidate to add to the list. Although a couple of its qualities are on par with the rest of the mentioned items, The 3-Day Bender has the upper hand due to its rotating clamp.

Drybar The 3 Day Bender

Results are fast and apparent when the 3-Day Bender is used on natural hair. The curls don’t just look authentic, but also retain tons of moisture due to the device’s ionic properties, giving the strands shinier and healthier visuals. To ensure time is in one’s favor, the 3 Day Bender also comes with an instant heat-up time, enabling it to accumulate a temperature of 440°F in under 60 seconds.

In comparison with the rest of the entries, this curling iron is definitely more technologically advanced. It has infrared technology to reduce signs of frizz, offers digital temperature control for making transitions easier, and has an auto shut-off feature that commences after 60 minutes of inactivity. The last part not only allows this curling iron to preserve its energy, but it can also be a great feature for those that are forgetful.

The rotating clamp doesn’t just make the 3 Day Bender a specialist in saving time, but also makes it a safe tool to use on natural hair. The clamp is quite loose for dealing with fine hair, but feels perfect when used on coarse pieces of afro-textured hair, making it a must-have for enthusiasts with natural hair.


  • Rotating clamps that automatically produce curls.
  • Can reach 440°F in 60 seconds.
  • Has infrared technology to add more shine and decrease the appearance of split ends.
  • Smooth plates that don’t cause pulling or tugging.


  • The clamp feels too loose on thick hair, hampering the final results.

BabylissPRO Spring Curling Iron

Another option under Babyliss that goes above and beyond to bring amazing results on black hair is BabylissPRO’s Titanium Spring Curling Iron, which feels more like the successor of the Nano Titanium Curling Iron mentioned previously.

The device is lighter than the former BabylissPRO model, making it the better option to side with if you desire an easier styling procedure. Although it does have a smaller barrel than its predecessor, the Nano Titanium Spring Curling iron has the advantage due to its ceramic-coated plates, which bring the same results without compromising the quality of hair with heat damage. This model also offers ionic properties, which ensures even heat distribution to minimize split ends and frizz.

BabylissPRO Spring Curling Iron

BabylissPRO’s Nano Spring Curling Iron isn’t just a recommended pick for black hair due to its impressive technical specifications, but it’s also a frontrunner among curling irons for black hair due to its button configurations. The device comes with a turbo heat button, which enables the styling tool to collect tons of heat in no time.

With the help of the turbo heat button, reaching a temperature setting of 450°F is highly achievable. Although we wouldn’t advise resorting to the highest temperature setting to manipulate black hair on a daily basis, this feature can save tons of time and add an impressive amount of flair to your hair during special events.

The best part about this curling iron of BabylissPRO lies behind its pricing, which can be music to your ears if you’re working with a tight budget. In fact, this curling iron is probably the only option that charges a double-digit sum for generating curls on natural hair!


  • Good for those with a moderately low budget.
  • Contains ceramic-infused properties for generating healthier results.
  • Turbo heat button that can reach a temperature setting of 450°F in an instant.
  • Ideal for coarse black hair.


  • Contains a compact-sized barrel that can cause a bit of tugging.

CHI Spin N Curl Curling Iron

If this isn’t your first time reading an article on personal grooming, CHI’s name should sound quite familiar. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a tool that will make your natural curls even more engaging and sharp, CHI’s Spin N Curl rotating curling iron should be sufficient.

The device comprises a peculiar housing that most stylists might be unfamiliar with, but that doesn’t really affect the results it can bring. In fact, with the help of its ceramic-coated rotating barrel, CHI’s Spin N Curl is perceived to be a specialist in producing glamorous curls on any hair type.

CHI Spin N Curl Curling Iron

Curling towards and against the grain is quite easy with this tool, as the rotating barrel can swing in any direction. While the timeframe does vary depending on the hair type it’s working with, it typically takes the Spin N Curl curling iron 19 short seconds to change the structure of African-American hair and convert the pieces into an exceptional set of curls. Since it also comes with tangle protection, damaging hair via too much friction is non-existent when you have this curling iron in hand.

CHI’s curling iron is a must-have for its ability to create densely-packed curls on natural hair, and the size of its housing. It runs quite small as opposed to the rest of the options, and is also a dual voltage curling iron, making this CHI model the best possible candidate for frequent travellers.

To work with natural hair, CHI’s Spin N Curl curling iron brings forward two temperature settings. The lower one, carrying a temperature of 370°F, is the setting I would recommend if you’re a first-timer. If your hair is in a susceptible state, using the formerly mentioned setting is highly advised.

Additionally, if your African-American hair is rather stubborn and hardly ever complies with any adjustment, you may rely on its highest temperature setting of 410°F to take charge and transform your hair overnight!


  • Requires 19 seconds to create curls on African-American hair.
  • Lacks size, making it the perfect travelling buddy.
  • Offers two settings for natural hair: 370°F and 410°F.
  • Can rotate in multiple directions to generate shiny pieces or curls.


  • Time-consuming reset button.

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Curling Iron For Black Hair

The curling iron you choose will surely shape the styling results, but there are multiple things that you should throw into the mix before making your pick. Jotting down your hair length and type could be handy during that time, especially since each curling iron offers different functions and equipment. If you don’t want to waste more time doing research, however, skim through the guide we’ve left below.

Expected Styling Results: Tight or Loose? 

Figuring out the kind of curls you’d like to replicate on black hair can be a great element to consider for ensuring a successful outcome.

For instance, if you desire the characteristics and visual benefits of tight curls, you have to settle for curling irons with compact clamps and small barrels. Two ideal options from our list are CHI’s Spin N Curl and The 3-Day Bender by Drybar, comprising barrels that barely cross 1.25 inches.

On the contrary, if you desire loose and lengthy curls, Paul Mitchell’s curling iron from their Pro Tools Collection can be a great companion to rely on.

Coating of the Barrel 

The options mentioned above comprise either titanium or ceramic barrels, both of which offer different sets of benefits. Titanium barrels specialise in saving time, while ceramic barrels usually offer better stylistic results to the user.

However, since ceramic-infused plates are known for ensuring even heat distribution, siding with an option formed with ceramic properties can generate curls on black hair without dehydrating the cuticles.

Length of the hair 

The length of your hair should also be counted before you side with one of the curling irons, as each model typically caters to all hair types, but every hair length.

A model catering to long hair is T3’s Singlepass, offering variants with a 1.75-inch barrel to glide past lengthy strands in no time. Paul Mitchell’s curling iron has similar dimensions, rendering it a great assistant for long hair.

On the other hand, for short hair, the 1” barrel of CHI’s Spin N Curl can be the best bet. As the clamp is more narrow, the device should have an easy time collecting hair from the roots, irrespective of the length.


To save yourself from overspending, you must also consider the budget you’re working with.

Due to containing premium-quality raw materials and being multi-skilled, it’s no surprise that T3’s Singlepass Curling iron is the priciest one. Therefore, only go for it if your budget has no rope.

On the contrary, if you have a budget that is a little short of reaching triple digits, side with the BabylissPRO models that we’ve previously covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve discussed the main part of the article, it’s time to solve any pending feelings of doubt. Therefore, if you feel that you’re indecisive still regarding the curling iron you should side with, tackle some of the basic questions regarding curling irons for black hair with the help of the following portion.

Q: Do curling irons damage black hair?

A: Since most curling irons are made of ceramic, an element that controls the supply of heat, using them on natural hair shouldn’t be too disadvantageous. However, to prevent the tool from absorbing moisture, use heat protectant spray or a leave-in conditioner beforehand. Also, use the device in moderation.

Q: Which curling iron should I use for fine natural hair?

A: A curling iron with a loose clamp will be better to use if your African-American hair is prone to damage. From our list above, the best possible device that you may use on your vulnerable cuticles is the 3-Day Bender by Drybar, which caters to all hair types, and has a relatively lenient clamp.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, a curling iron is for everyone, irrespective of hair type. However, if you’re hoping to transform your African-American hair, also known as black hair, don’t miss out on the list we’ve discussed throughout this article.

Each of the 6 curling irons offers tons of positives in addition to comprising the ability to create voluminous, bouncy, lengthy and tight curls on natural hair. Prior to making your pick, analysing your hair type, budget, styling preferences and hair length is advised.

Additionally, if you have sensitive hair, don’t take a risk by going for a titanium-infused curling iron. Save your hair by resorting to ceramic instead! Doing so won’t just give your hair the visuals it needs, but also manipulate the strands without exposing it to heat damage.

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