Best Curling Iron for Thick Hair: Top 7 Curling Irons and Wands for Your Hair

Your thick hair can be hard to curl. It might be coarse or resistant to curling. It can be frizzy and dry, too. It’s completely frustrating to curl your hair in the morning only to have it fall flat an hour or two later. You want a curl that will last for the entire day.

It’s important to find a curling iron that can get up to the high temperatures that you need. That’s one way in which you’ll find long-lasting styles. There are so many curling irons on the market. It can be difficult to find the one that’s best for your type of hair.

You likely have a ton of questions. Should I use a wand or a clip style? What material will work best for my hair? Do I need a high heat for my hair type? Read on for the answers to those questions and more.

Top 7 Curling Iron for Thick Hair Reviews

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

The curling iron from BaByliss is a 1 and ¼ inch device. It has a clip for holding hair in place. That keeps your fingers away from the heat. The size is large for creating big, bouncy curls. With the large barrel, you’ll be able to easily curl your thick hair quickly. It won’t take all day to do your hair.

BaBylissPRO Curling Iron

The barrel is made with Sol-Gel technology. It’s a smooth surface for your hair. That hot surface won’t snag or pull your strands. It’s a titanium and ceramic barrel. Titanium emits negative ions for making your hair smooth and shiny. It also conducts heat throughout the entire barrel evenly.

There are 50 heat settings in this curling iron. You can dial into the exact temperature that you want for your hair. If you have thick, healthy hair, you can go all the way to 450F. With thick hair that isn’t quite so healthy, stick closer to 400F.

In the BaByliss, you’ll find a number of conveniences. There’s an 8-foot cord that won’t tangle. It will swivel as you turn it. This is helpful when moving around your entire head. It also has a Turbo Heat button. It will heat to your dialed setting instantly.

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What I love about this curling iron

The best part of this curling iron is the fact that it has so many heat settings. Your thick hair might need special care. While it may be thick, it can also be a bit frizzy and dry. You don’t want to get all the way to 450F with damaged hair.

You can dial in the exact temp that works with your hair without damaging it further. The Turbo Heat button is a great feature, too. As soon as you’re ready to curl, the curling iron is ready for you. The size means that you can get a bunch of different styles. Waves and loose curls are easy with this iron.

It won’t burn or stick to your hair, either. The sleek surface will allow your hair to slide. It’ll never stick like some others. The titanium is a strong, durable material, too. It won’t crack or break.

Important concern

The barrel doesn’t have a tip that you can hold. I’d recommend using a heat glove, so you don’t burn your fingers.

2. HOT TOOLS Professional 24k Gold Extra-Long Curling Iron

This curling iron for thick hair measures 1 inch in diameter. This size will give you loose waves and bouncy curls. With this size curling iron, you’ll be able to achieve almost any style you want. The only style you can’t get is tight curls. With your thick hair, that would take hours to do anyway.

HOT TOOLS Professional Curling Iron

Getting heat through layers of thick hair is tough. This curling iron features pulse technology. Once it gets hot, it stays hot. As you’re curling, some areas might not be at the same temp in most curling irons. Pulse technology stays on top of the overall temp.

The curling iron is made of 24k gold. This material is a great conductor of heat. It’ll provide you with consistent results. It’s also very beautiful looking. You’ll feel like a million bucks when you’re styling with 24k gold.

There are more than a few great features with this curling iron. It has the gold material already mentioned. It also has an extra-long barrel. That’s what you need with thick hair. Your hair will get done faster since you can section wider bits of your hair. The tip is big enough that you won’t get burned when touching it.

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What I love about this curling iron

This professional curling iron is one that salons use for their clients. It’s a 24k gold barrel that distributes heat evenly. You will get the same curl pattern for every part of your hair. This will look beautiful on your counter, too.

If you’re looking for that messy relaxed beach vibe, you’ll find it with this iron. It’s the perfect size and length for getting those relaxed waves. As if you’ve been on the beach all day.

The features of this iron are pretty impressive. The extra-long barrel will allow more hair to be curled every time. Instead of 40 minutes of styling, you can cut that in half. With a light spritz of spray, you can easily get curls that will last all day.

Important concern

This curling iron is a bit fragile. You’ll have to take care with it, so it doesn’t break.

3. Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron

This wand curling iron doesn’t have a clip. The fact that it’s clipless will alleviate lines in your hair. It’s easy to wrap hair around the wand. It’ll give you the freedom to curl your hair exactly how you want. You can curl the middle bits of your hair and leave the ends uncurled.

Sultra The Bombshell Rod Curling Iron

This is a ceramic styler. The ceramic will heat evenly. Hair won’t stick to the surface of the wand. It’s a material that heats very quickly, too. It’ll heat quickly, but won’t damage your hair. Still, it’s always important to use a heat protectant.

Your thick hair needs a certain temperature. The heat has to penetrate into the shaft of the hair. To do this, it has to be between 350 and 400 degrees. This ceramic wand heats to 380F. That’s a great temp for thick hair and won’t do any damage.

Included with this wand are a few products that will make styling easier. There a heat-resistant glove. With the glove, you can grab heated hair or the wand itself. There’s also a heat-resistant mat for laying down the styler. It’ll protect your counters from scorch marks.

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What I love about this curling iron

The extras included with this curling wand prove that the company cares about customers. They understand that it can be difficult for home users to curl their hair. Most aren’t professionals and need things like a glove to protect them.

They also included a mat that will protect your counters or vanity. The heat from a curling wand or iron can cause serious burn marks. You don’t want to ruin your furniture with this.

It has other safety features like an automatic shut off. It has universal voltage, so you can take this with you. There’s a 9-foot swivel cord, too.

Important concern

The heat can’t be adjusted. It has an on/off switch, but no way to adjust the heat.

4. Xtava 5-in-1 Professional Curling Iron

This curling iron and wand set has the ability to change into anything you need at the moment. There are 5 interchangeable barrels. There are two clipless barrels. They measure 0.3 to 0.75 inches, 0.7 to 1 inch. The other tapered barrel is 0.7 to 1 inch with a clamp. The others have clips and measure 1 inch, and 1.25 inches.

Xtava 5-in-1 Professional Curling Iron

The barrels are all made with a combination of tourmaline and ceramic. This material delivers negative ions. Negative ions will combat with the positive ions of dry hair. In this way, it reduces frizz and static.

All of the barrels can heat from 250F to 410F. There are 9 heat settings in that range. You can dial in to the right temp based on your hair type. For thick hair, you’ll want to be some place around 380F to 410F. It’ll depend on the coarseness of your thick hair. The LCD screen makes changing temperatures very easy.

It comes with a heat glove for your safety. The ends of the barrels do not have safe tips for you to touch. You’re getting a longer barrel with more space for curling. But, you’re going to need the glove to curl. There’s an auto shut off for this device, too. It also has dual voltage for traveling.

What I love about this curling iron

With this curling iron/wand, you’re getting a flexible device. It’s like buying 5 different curling irons. That’s an incredible flexibility in the types of curl styles you can get. While some days you might want loose curls, other days you might want super tight curls. You can get any style you want with one device.

The negative ions will ensure that you’re not ruining your hair. High heat can have a serious impact on your hair’s texture. It can even burn your hair or ruin your hair’s natural curl. Ceramic and tourmaline is a good mix of materials for healthier hair. Use a heat protector on your hair. You could end up with hair healthier than when you started.

The glove and safety shut off are two things that the company included to ensure your safety. Whether you’re using the tapered wands or the clipped barrels, you’ll have to touch them. You can get a serious burn if you don’t use a glove. The auto shut off will give you 60 minutes. It’ll never cause a fire hazard.

Important concern

It can be tough to change the barrels. You have to wait for it to cool, which could take some time. You have to really wiggle them to remove.

5. Kiss Products Ceramic Instawave Curling Iron

This is a curling iron wand with a twist. It will automatically work to curl your hair. This is great for young people who are just starting to style their hair. Hair is gathered into sections. Take a small 1 inch section. Place it behind the comb pieces. Press the button to cause the barrel to rotate. It can go left or right. It will gather your hair for the curl.

Kiss Products Ceramic Instawave Curling Iron

This is a truly innovative curling iron/wand. It’s made of ceramic, which gives it healthy negative ions. Although negative ions sounds bad, it’s actually very good. It will interact with positive ions in your dry hair. After curling, your hair can be in better shape.

The curling iron won’t tangle your hair, either. This feels like a wand that could easily get out of control. You’ll be sure your hair is brushed thoroughly. The wand gently turns and gathers your hair around the barrel. If it feels scary, all you have to do is release the button. You’re in total control.

It has two heat settings. It’s a simple matter of pressing the button to get up to 420F. That’s a fantastic temperature for thick hair. Especially if you have coarse hair. It gets deep into the shaft with the heat.

What I love about this curling iron

This is a very unique styling iron. There’s no need for a heat-resistant glove. You never have to touch the other end to curl. The wand will turn itself and the combs gather up your hair. It’s incredibly innovative and helpful for those who aren’t the best at curling.

The ceramic barrel smooths and brings a healthy shine to your hair. It can’t hurt to spray your hair with protection. It’s still getting a high amount of heat. The negative ions will go a long way towards making it shiny.

There are great safety features in this tool. You don’t have to touch any hot surfaces. It also has an auto shut off. We’ve all had a panicky moment where we wonder if we’ve shut down a curling iron. After 90 minutes, this iron shuts itself off.

Important concern

The hold with this curling wand is very loose. It’s going to take some practice to get a tighter curl if that’s what you’re after.

6. The Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron

This is a curling iron that does most of the work for you. After brushing your hair, simply section it into one-inch strips. The curling iron will rotate itself to curl your hair. You won’t have to fumble with it. Holding the end or burning yourself won’t be an issue, either.

The Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron

There are easy heat buttons as well as buttons to rotate the iron. The heat buttons will give you temperatures ranging from 290F to 410F. It’ll get to those temperatures in a mere 30 seconds. Often, the curling wand will be ready to curl before you are.

Along with the buttons, it has an innovative clip. It’s a fraction of the size of a normal curling iron clip. This helps you avoid that line you can get with some curling irons. You’ll clip the ends of your hair allowing the wand to rotate the rest of your hair.

The barrel is one inch in diameter. That’s going to give you loose waves and curls. The ceramic barrel is an extended length of 5.5 inches. With that long barrel, you’re going to have no problem curling your thick, long hair.

What I love about this curling iron

With the arrow buttons, you control the rotation of the wand. You can curl it away from your face in the front. In the back, you can alternate to get natural-looking curls. If it feels like the wand is tangling your hair, simply reverse the rotation with the arrows.

This is a fantastic curling wand for long hair. It can be tough for people with thick long hair to find a good curling iron. The time it takes to curl can be really long. Often, it’s easier not to curl your hair at all. With this 5.5 inch wand, you’ll be able to curl your hair faster. It will hold more hair than regular tools.

The rotation is going to be much easier when it’s done for you. You don’t have to reach with both hands to curl. That can be great for some people who don’t have the dexterity to use a regular curling iron. Overall, this is a great, automatic curling wand.

Important concern

Buttons are in a bad place. They’re going to be easy to reach for rotating. Unfortunately, they are right on the handle and can be bumped.

7. BESTOPE 5-in-1 Professional Curling Iron Wand Set

The barrels of the curling iron/wand set are made of tourmaline and ceramic. The combination of those materials emits plenty of negative ions for your dry hair. It works against the positive ions that dry hair generates. Your hair will be healthier and shinier after using the iron.

BESTOPE 5-in-1 Professional Curling Iron Wand Set

With this curling iron wand set, you’re getting 5 interchangeable barrels. Each one will give you a particular style. The first is a tapered rod for curls that look tousled. It measures 0.35 to 0.75 inches. The next rod is 0.5 to 1 inch tapered. It’ll give you curls and waves.

The next barrel is the most interesting. It’s a 1-inch barrel with bubbles on it. This is for spiral curls. The strands will conform to the bubbles and make lovely spirals. There’s a tapered 0.75 to 1.25 inch barrel. It’ll create volume in your hair. Lastly, there’s a 1-inch cylinder-style barrel. It gives you big bouncy curls.

The device heats to 410F. That heat is almost instant, too. It’ll heat up in a mere 60 seconds. It makes the process so much faster. The curling iron will probably be ready before you are.

What I love about this curling iron

This is a lovely looking set of pink barrels. The fact that they are interchangeable is phenomenal. It’s like getting 5 different curling irons. Any style you want to try on your thick hair is definitely possible with this styling tool.

The barrels are easy to change, too. You turn the retaining ring clockwise to lock and counterclockwise to open. The barrels won’t get stuck or be hard to turn.

Your thick hair won’t be resistant to curling when you have a device like this. It heats all the way to 410F. You’ll definitely need some kind of spray heat protection with this. Your curls will stay all day when this level of heat is used. The quick heat is fantastic, too. It’ll get you started on your day much faster than other devices.

Important concern

There’s no temperature control. The 410F temperature is the only temp you’re getting. It’s definitely for very thick hair.

What to Consider When Choosing the Curling Iron for Thick Hair

  • Temperature Settings

Your thick hair won’t really change if you don’t apply enough heat. Thin, fine hair doesn’t need high temps to really see a difference. Thick hair won’t respond to low temperatures. It’ll fail to curl without the proper amount of heat.

Your hair won’t stay locked into curls unless it’s set with a high temp. For all day curls that won’t go limp, the new curling iron has to see temps around 400 degrees F. Anything less will not keep the desired curls or waves.

  • Your Hair Length

The length of your hair will matter in terms of the barrel. If you have short, thick hair, you’ll need a smaller barrel. It’ll hold short hair in place while curling.

If you choose a big barrel, it won’t hold your short hair or give you any space for curling. It’s important to choose the size of the barrel based on the length of your hair. Not necessarily the style desired. Although, that is also a consideration.

  • Hair Style Desired

For thick hair, you want to consider the style desired as well as the length of your hair. For example, for waves in your long, thick hair, you’ll want a thicker barrel. With spiral curls, the barrel should be smaller. You will need to consider how long it could take to curl long hair into tiny spirals, too.

If you want big, bouncy curls, consider the barrel size needed to achieve the style. The barrel size influences the shape of the curl as well as the length of your hair.

  • Barrel Type and Size

Barrels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There’s the cone shape barrel. It has a wide base with a small end. Cone shapes also come in the reverse. This will give you tight curls at the base of your scalp going bigger at the ends.

There’s the common straight barrel. It ranges in size from 3/8 inches all the way to a huge 2-inch barrel. You can get tiny spirals or little ringlets all the way to big curls and beachy waves.

A spiral barrel can make the tiny spirals much easier. There’s a raised spiral on the barrel that creates grooves for your hair. These make it easier to create this unique look.

There are curling wands, too. The wands don’t have a clip that holds the hair in place. You will need to curl the hair around the wand. It comes in a variety of sizes like the traditional curling iron.

The latest addition to curling irons is the pearl barrel. It has raised bubbles that make it easier to create beachy waves. If you have a hard time creating the waves that you want, this type could be the solution.

  • Technology Used

There’s ionic technology for thick hair. The thicker your hair, the more likely you are to have frizz and dryness. Ionic curling irons will use negative ions to combat the positive ions that make frizz.

Infrared technology uses a gentler heat that will penetrate the hair from the inside. This helps to preserve moisture in your hair at the deepest level. You’ll need higher heat with thick hair, so a gentler heat will keep your hair healthier.

  • Materials and Coating

The most common material for the construction of the curling iron is ceramic. It won’t snag your hair when removing it from the barrel and clip, either. Unfortunately, ceramic isn’t the best choice for thick hair. The ceramic can’t get to the desired temperature needed for your hair type.

Tourmaline is a coating used in curling irons. It protects hair from heat damage while using negative ions for moisture. Most tourmaline curling irons use infrared heating, too.

The third type of material for curling irons is titanium. It heats quickly to the desire temperature for thick hair. The barrel will evenly distribute the heat throughout. Titanium also has negative ions and infrared energy in their curling irons.

Lastly, there are some curling irons that use 24K gold as a coating. It has a lot of benefits for thick hair. It heats very quickly. The coating distributes heat evenly and at a high temp. The gold particles will nourish and moisturize your hair. It won’t cause any heat damage to your hair.

How to curl thick hair with curling iron – Step by step guideline

Before curling your hair, there are pre-treat steps to take. First, you should practice your technique when the curler isn’t on. You’ll be able to practice without burning yourself.

Apply a heat spray that will protect your hair. Heat can really cause serious damage. It will dry your hair as well as destroying the structure. It can even impact the color of your salon treatments.

For curling, you want the curling device at the highest temp possible without burning. It’s important to keep the temp a little under 400 degrees. This is a temp that will work for your thick hair while keeping it healthy.

Have all your supplies near at hand before beginning. You’ll need the spray and a brush or wide comb for styling. Have a place to lay your curling iron. It shouldn’t fall while you’re working.

There are a few techniques that you can use for curling. You can pull the hair into the barrel until you’ve gripped the end. Once the ends are in the clip, you’ll turn the entire curling iron. This will twist the hair throughout.

You can also use a technique that works with wands. You don’t use the curling iron to twist the hair. Instead, you wrap the hair around the iron’s barrel by hand.

To get natural-looking waves, don’t curl the last few inches of your hair.

When you’re waiting for the hair to curl, place your hand over the hair. If you can feel the heat on it, it’s finished. You can release it from the curling iron.

After curling your hair, leave it to cool on its own. This will help set the curl. Use your fingers to loosen the curls if they seem too tight. Further set your hair using a flexible hold hairspray.


The best curling iron for thick hair has great materials. It has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and heat from the inside. That will set your curl for an entire day. That’s important. You don’t want your hair’s curl to fall flat halfway through your day.

Make sure the device has the right amount of heat and the technology for shiny, healthy hair. That includes negative ion materials and temperature control. Big, bouncy curls or tousled waves are possible with the right curling iron.

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