Best Curling Irons For Beginners: 5 Ideal Curling Masters of 2023

Experimenting with multiple trends is the perfect way to explore and discover what your authentic taste in fashion is. While finding the right clothes for your measurements and aesthetics can be a great way to start, changing your existing hairstyle with a look that caters to your facial structure, hairline, and facial features can be equally impactful.

If you have straight-cut hair, you can try experimenting with the length of the strands by trimming it out or expanding the size. However, if you’d like to change the structure of your hair, investing in a curling iron can be a great move to make!

A curling iron is a styling tool that manipulates the strands of your hair in the span of a couple of minutes. When used in the correct manner, a curling iron can manipulate any hair type and transform them into moisturized, natural looking curls.

Moving on, if you’ve never invested in a curling iron before, there are tons of high-end as well as mid-tier options that you can try out to bring effortless strands to life. And if you’d like my two cents on the 5 best curling irons for beginners, be sure to check out the list I’ve dropped in this write-up!

Summary Overview

Regardless of how thick or healthy your strands are, finding a curling iron with the right properties is extremely important, especially if you don’t want to be the bearer of split-ends, hair loss and shedding in the long run.

Moreover, if you found this article without doing any prior research regarding the curling irons that will be discussed in this write-up, consider going through the following table to establish a better understanding!

Model NameBarrel Material Key Highlight(s)Price
BabylissPRO Spring Curling IronNano TitaniumTurbo heat button Check Price
Hoson Curling IronCeramic TourmalineLCD display; Adjustable temperature settings; Auto shut-off system Check Price
T3 Singlepass 169CeramicDigital T3 technology; Premium-build; Long lasting results Check Price
Hot Tools Pro Artist 49Nano CeramicStraightforward housing, Control dial for adjusting temperature. Check Price
FURIDEN Curling IronCeramic Tourmaline2-in-1 styling tool; Compact. Check Price

Top 5 Curling Irons For Beginners: My Recommended List!

Producing curls should be a piece of cake as long as you have a curling iron on hand. However, if you plan to manipulate your hair into forming curls for a long, long time, don’t invest in an unreliable brand, especially if your hair is susceptible to damage.

To style your hair elegantly and prioritize safety, give one of the five following entries a much-needed opportunity. When push comes to shove, I wholeheartedly believe that they’re the best possible curling irons for beginners and novices!

BabylissPRO Spring Curling Iron

The first beginner-friendly and budget-friendly curling iron on my list is BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron. The device is often perceived as the frontrunner for newbies and novices to personal care, and it’s easy to see why.

This BabylissPRO curling iron comes in 4 shapes, each of which bring results that range from large curls to short and tight curls. If you prefer defined curls on your fine hair, and would like to minimize the chances of friction and tugging, I’d personally recommend you to side with the 1 inch version. However, if your hair passes your shoulders, you should definitely pick the variants with the larger plates.

BabylissPro Spring Curling Iron

BabylissPRO’s Nano Spring Curling Iron has a plastic build with a tight hinge and a polka-dotted grip. It isn’t the most appealing model when it comes to aesthetics, but provides an admirable amount of control. The positioning of the thumb grip could be a little higher, but it can still work wonders for you if you prefer using your index finger. As opposed to the rest of the options on this list, this contender of BabylissPRO is also relatively lightweight.

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What I like most about this model is the way it caters to every hair type, mainly with its temperature settings. Since my hair is kind of prone to damage, I set the temperature at 250 to generate curls. However, know that it can serve your coarse hair as well, since the device can be adjusted until it reaches 450!

The Sol Gel titanium plates don’t just heat up fast with the help of its turbo heat button, but also creates dominant results. I noticed tons of healthy and voluminous curls when I used it, which were lathered with moisture and shine. The plates also moved quite seamlessly when used on my hair, making it a green flag for beginners with fine or damaged hair.

When push comes to shove, I believe this device is perfect for those that like to keep it subtle. The plates are quite efficient and the device comprises an impressive hardware, but it only seems suitable for beachy curls or textured waves, being a good option for minimalists.

Additionally, despite being promising, the BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron does come with a drawback or two.

In addition to being made with materials that only look appealing, this curling iron can also be more damaging to use in the long run. Titanium-infused plates are quite reliable for their abilities to accumulate heat. But, using them over and over again can damage the cuticles significantly, potentially leading to hair loss.


  • Comprises sol gel titanium technology that adds gloss to damaged hair.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Has a turbo heat button for quick results.
  • Perfect for loose curls or textured waves.
  • Glides easily and effectively.


  • Can gradually compromise the quality of hair due to being infused with titanium.

Hoson Curling Iron

Under a tight budget, Hoson’s curling iron can also be a banger! It is slightly different in contrast to the curling iron of BabylissPRO, offering a better experience in some cases overall.

Hoson’s curling iron comprises ceramic tourmaline, which is substantially better for the hair. When I used it, the curls that it incorporated into the strands seemed fairly moisturized, and highly defined. It hardly took the device a minute to reach the lowest temperature setting, which could have happened due to its built-in dual PTC heater.

Hoson Curling Iron

What I adore about this curling iron is its hardware, an element that can be beneficial for newbies. It has an LCD screen for the temperature, a component that the former candidate lacks. Additionally, the 9 different heat settings it offers can be adjusted using the buttons over the power button. The device also has a cord that is quite flexible, making it extremely easy to use. To maximize grip, however, Hoson’s curling iron offers an anti skidding handle.

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Using this curling iron is a walk in the park, honestly. While different procedures need to be carried out for different kinds of results, all I had to do was take each strand and swipe the plates from the roots to the ends to generate soft cults on my scalp. On average, it took me around 12 seconds to curl one unit of hair. Furthermore, with the heat resistant gloves that they provided inside the packaging, using the tool felt rather safe and sound.

Hoson’s curling iron is also a tool that specializes in preserving stamina, with its 60-minute auto shut-off system. Like the name suggests, an auto shut-off system turns the device off after it’s been inactive for a specific amount of time, hoping to save the device from causing any harm to itself and the environment that it’s in. This feature is quite important for beginners, especially for those that are forgetful.

Although this device caters to all hair types, the plates do feel quite loose. The device did create beachy waves that could also pass as 3a curls on my hair, but the strands seemed quite incomplete in terms of texture. Nonetheless, for its easy going functions, beginner-friendly hardware, and remarkable technological advancements, Hoson’s curling iron is definitely a bargain for its price; and one of the best tools to begin your curling phase with!


  • Ceramic tourmaline.
  • Engineered with Dual PTC heater for efficiency.
  • Has an LCD display and an anti-skidding handle; ideal for beginners.
  • Dual voltage curling iron.
  • 60-minute auto-shut off system.
  • Lengthy 78-inch power cord.
  • Good for all hair types.
  • Ensures safety with additional tools (gloves, user guide).


  • The barrel is not tight enough. It produces semi-finished curls.

T3 Singlepass 169

You don’t necessarily have to spend on a curling iron with top-notch attributes if you’re working around a tight budget. All you need is an option that has components dependable enough to bring aesthetically pleasing curls without enduring any damage or breakage.

However, if spending big is in the mix, you definitely can’t go wrong with the T3 Singlepass, the best possible option on this list of mine!

T3 Singlepass 169

T3’s Singlepass is made of a durable housing with premium-quality equipment. The device feels as light as a feather in the hand, making this candidate the best companion to take when travelling overseas. The device contains a minimal build with just a power button and a smart twist dial, which usually takes care of and executes the selected temperature setting.

The experience I had with this model was definitely monumental. Each pass felt smooth, quick, and easy for my hair to comply with, and brought upon shiny results each time. This could be due to how the device is ceramic-oriented, a companion that is known for producing the right amount of heat to retain moisture. The glossy visuals of the build were also quite soothing to look at, and can be the perfect incentive if you prefer your gadget to look presentable at all times.

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As opposed to Hoson, BabylissPRO, and the latter two models on this list, the T3 Singlepass is without a doubt the better option. It caters to any hair type, heating up quite fast to become more time-friendly. It also has Digital T3 technology, which measures the temperature constantly throughout each session to prevent the strands from unnecessary heat exposure.

In addition to being expensive, there’s another issue that I find quite unsettling about this device, which has everything to do about its groundwork. Sure, T3’s Singlepass is obviously safe for hair, looks as premium as a high-end curling iron, and is possibly the easiest item to carry. And while its technological attributes do shield the hair from breakage, it can also cause breakage or even crease up the shaft if used for a long time. This is due to the auto shut off system that this device lacks, which I believe it needed to put a cap on its heat-accumulating abilities.


  • Digital T3 technology, smooth gliding, consistent temperature.
  • Retains the visuals for 24 hours at a time.
  • Has a ceramic barrel; safe for damaged hair.
  • Seamless operation with glossy finish.
  • Good for travel.
  • Heats up fast, creating curls in no time,
  • Caters to all hair types.
  • Sophisticated build with a temperature indicator at the bottom.


  • Expensive.
  • Can crease up the hair if you’re not attentive.

Hot Tools Pro Artist 49

On a wider scale, if you fall under the category of hair enthusiasts who solely gravitate towards styling tools with a classic build with simple button configuration, the Hot Tools Pro Artist should definitely be sufficient to meet that eerie requirement of yours.

Hot Tools is, without a doubt, one of the best brands to turn to for obtaining an optimal styling experience. Each of their devices is quite reliable if you’re learning the basics about modifying your hair, which is an aspect that this tool backs up quite effortlessly.

Hot Tools Pro Artist 49

I quite fancy the build of this curling iron, since it is as straightforward as they come. The device has a simple indicator that brightens up when it’s powered on, and a control at the top of the handle with 4 adjustable heat settings. The thumb grip in between the handle and the hinge is extremely spacious, which can accommodate my index finger in addition to one of my thumbs. Around the top of the plates are cooling tips, which is quite successful in protecting the users from accidental burns and bruises.

The nano ceramic plates are quite good at their job, creating curls in quick successions when needed. The 8 foot swivel cord also makes things quite easy, offering maximum flexibility at all times. In short, due to its abilities as a curling iron, and its fairly-average pricing, this gadget will forever remain on my top 5 list of curling irons for beginners.

Additionally, if you do put your trust in this system, use it in moderation. This is because, even though the device is a connoisseur in bringing forward polished curls, it can leave behind signs of hair damage such as frizz and split-ends if over-used. Worry not, however, as you can subside the drawbacks by using heat protectant spray before each session.


  • Control dial with 4 heat settings.
  • Spring clamp for strong grip.
  • Power indicator light for better understanding.
  • 8 ft. swivel cord for comfortable operation.
  • Spacious thumb grip and cooling tip.


  • Can fry the hair over time. Must apply heat protectant spray beforehand.

FURIDEN Curling Iron

If you’re packing for a quick trip and would like to invest in a curling iron that is made for travel, FURIDEN’s small-sized travel kit, which primarily comprises a compact curling iron.

As the name suggests, the device runs quite compact and feels quite weightless. The dimensions do run small for the size of my hands, but they can be ideal for those seeking more control with their narrow fingers and small palms.

Furiden Curling Iron

Unlike most curling irons on this list, the device contains a safety stand around its base, a component that can be crucial for clumsy users to avoid enduring any injuries.

FURIDEN’s travel-size curling iron isn’t just an expert in creating beachy waves or bouncy layers, but can also transform into a hair straightener at the push of a button. Its ceramic tourmaline properties definitely seemed apparent and generated smooth yet subtle layers of curls around the ends of my hair. However, it did feel a bit risky to use due to lacking a dedicated compartment for monitoring the temperature settings.

Furthermore, despite lacking a temperature indicator, the device can definitely be a reliable guardian for novices. It might surely require more time to curl each and every section of the hair due to its compact plates, but also comes with a pair of heat resistant gloves for preventing mishaps and unfortunate events.

All in all, as I’ve stated earlier, FURIDEN’s curling iron should only be relied on if you’re days away from a lengthy getaway, and if you have a knack for tools that are easy to use irrespective of how big or small your frame is. I would recommend using a timer with this device, however, since it can be damaging to hair when applied for a long time.


  • Easy to carry; perfect for adventurers.
  • Offers weightless operation,
  • Has a safety stand at the bottom for preventing the device from causing any harm.
  • Is a multipurpose tool that can curl and straighten one’s hair.
  • Provides heat resistant gloves.
  • Good for quick, subtle curls.


  • Doesn’t offer sufficient temperature settings.
  • Can cause frizz due to lacking adequate technological means.

4 Factors To Consider When Making Your Purchase As A Beginner!

Curling Iron Using Rules

If you’ve skimmed through the previous segments thoroughly, you’re probably aware of how high the ceiling is of each curling iron on this list. In fact, if you’ve gone through every single piece of information stated above, you’ve probably even made your pick.

Generating curls with each candidate covered in this write-up will surely result in success, but only if you use them correctly. And if you’d like to curl your hair independently, that too with ideal results in the long run, be sure to keep the following rules in mind when using a curling iron for the first time!

Get the right tool for your hair length 

Finding a curling iron that only looks appealing on the outside won’t do you any favors, especially if you’re hoping to see good results. On the contrary, getting the right tool for your hair length will definitely count as a good first-step.

Curling irons come in different shapes and sizes, all of which cater to different lengths. For instance, if your hair doesn’t meet the length of your shoulders, use a curl iron with a small barrel. Furthermore, if the strands are lengthy enough to reach your mid-section, take assistance from a device with a longer barrel and wider plates.

Assess the temperature settings of the device 

Higher temperature settings often exist to deal with thicker strands of hair. However, since this will be your first time using a curling iron, consider starting from the lowest setting. Move on to the higher settings once you get used to the functionality of your curling iron, and are more decisive about the kind of curls you’d like to create.

Additionally, if you don’t want to stress on this matter in the beginning, try settling for a device with limited temperature settings or a simple button configuration.

From the list provided above, two compelling options that don’t pay no mind to the temperature and offer a simple hardware are the curling irons of Hot Tools Pro artist, and the BabylissPRO Spring Curling Iron.

Know the flooring of the barrel and plates

In addition to using the right temperature settings to protect your hair, consider examining the hardware of each candidate before making your purchase, especially the texture of the barrel and plates.

As of 2023, there are 3 kinds of curling irons; ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium. All of them are specialists in changing the silhouettes of one’s hair, but also contain dissimilar features that cater to specific needs.

Titanium-infused curling irons accumulate tons of heat in no time, making them ideal to resort to if you have a tightly-packed schedule. However, if you have damaged hair, know that the amount of heat it produces can take a toll on your cuticles.

On the other hand, tourmaline curling irons are just as fast as titanium when it comes to absorbing and distributing heat, but have the edge over the former due to having negative ions. Since it produces negative ions naturally, tourmaline curling irons generate curls without absorbing moisture, protecting the shaft from frizziness and dullness.

Last but not least are ceramic irons, which don’t generate results faster than tourmaline nor titanium. However, ceramic curling irons are more thorough, starting from the roots of the hair to the ends. Just like tourmaline, ceramic curling irons modify the hair without absorbing any natural sebum.

Find the styling tool that aligns with your needs

Not even the best curling iron will seem fulfilling if you can’t make time for it. Therefore, prior to making your pick, analyse the schedule you constantly work around, and the styling results you’d like to bring to existence.

For instance, if you find yourself going on business trips, consider purchasing FURIDEN’s travel kit, which is portable, multipurpose, and safe to use.

On the other hand, if you want your hair to be damage free and last for a longer period of time, consider spending a significant amount to have the T3 Singlepass in the palm of your hands, curated with Digital T3 technology for long lasting and moisture-enriched results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Taking into account everything that’s been addressed so far, making a pick should be quite easy. However, if you’re still stuck between a rock and a hard place, having second thoughts about your purchase, consider tackling those issues with the questionnaire placed below!

Q: How do I choose the right curling iron for my hair?

A: As mentioned earlier, prior to making a purchase, measure the length of your hair. Also, keep in mind that tighter curls can only be formed by smaller plates, and larger plates are ideal for bouncy curls.

If you have short hair, you will mostly benefit from using curling irons with 1-inch plates.

Additionally, if your strands stand somewhere in between long and short, use 1.5-inch to 2-inch plates to create laid back curls into your hair.

Lastly, for tackling transforming long hair with beachy or texturized curls, using a curling iron with 2-inch plates should be sufficient.

Q: Should I wet my hair before using a curling iron?

A: Since the cuticles are often susceptible to damage when the hair is wet, washing the hair should be a move to avoid. Doing so won’t just expose your hair to damage, but will also increase the chances of burning your scalp.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, I can’t dismiss the amount of trust I have in this list of mine. Each curling iron comprises a unique set of abilities, and can definitely be a great investment to make if you’d like to incorporate curls into your hair without any repercussions. Long story short, all 5 of them should be a part of your arsenal if you’d like to obtain curls for days.

However, if I were to narrow it down to one, I would always choose T3’s Singlepass, the most technically adept curling iron for beginners.

While the price tag of the T3 Singlepass runs quite hefty, that’s the only drawback of the tool. In fact, if you look into its specifications using a wider lens, its value will seem worth every penny! It has a premium-build with basic components, heats up in no time, has a ceramic barrel that shapes the hair without absorbing any moisture, and brings results that stay back for over 24 hours. The device also comes with Digital T3 technology, a software that invigilates the device’s temperature to protect the cuticles from obtaining any damage.

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