Best Detangling Brush for 4C Hair: Products That I Trust for 2023

There was once a time when I trusted combs for my haircare. I’m sure many of us did. But the problem with combs is that they straighten your hair to a limited degree.

When dealing with them, you’ll have to master the art of brushing your hair first. Then the part with “Detangling.” This hair type requires special combs with space between the bristles and a comfortable handle.

People with Afro hair often deal with knots and curls. For them, a simple comb won’t do much. They’ll need a detangling brush to get their curls sorted out. Even then, 4C hair is the next level.

4C hair actually shrinks when it’s dry. The detangling brush should account for that as well. Shopping for this special breed is “Usually” tough but not with this article.

Here, I’ll be discussing some of the best detangling brushes for 4C hair. Of course, there will be a buying guide in tow (like all of my articles) as an explainer of the facts I kept in mind when shopping these.

Best Detangling Brush for 4C Hair – Comparison

NameHair TypesWet/ Dry UseFeaturePrice
BESTOOL Detangling BrushAllYesRubber grip Check Price
KareCoTangle Buster BrushAllYesRubber grip Check Price
Remington DT7432 BrushAllYesElectric use Check Price
Bestool Natural Hair BrushAllYesRubber grip Check Price
SOILLTY Detangling BrushAllYesRubber grip Check Price

Top-Rated 4C Hair Detangling Tools I Recommend

It’s very easy for people to get lost in hair detangling products as there are so many of them for different hair types. When it comes to 4C, they’ll need something extra. These hairs are delicate and need special care. That’s why I’ve combined some of the products that I had experienced with on this list and in these short reviews. Give them a read and decide for yourselves.

1. BESTOOL Detangling Brush for Natural Hair

Haircare has been something very tricky ever since the very beginning. Apart from being an aesthetic aspect for every human being, it is something that many of us love and adore. Tangled up hair is something I definitely I don’t prefer to keep. That’s where BESTOOL comes in.

BESTOOL Detangling Brush for Natural Hair

This is the best tool one could ask for when tackling 4C hair.What I like about the tool is that it cares for fragile hair in a specific way that few of the brushes do.

For example, Bestool comes with specific bristle layout for hairs that are prone to split ends or breakage. These bristles remain separate from one another and are aligned in a specific pattern. This helps in going easy on the strands and follicles.

You’d love the height of these bristles. They are just 0.78 inches. These won’t sink in your hair and lose their density over time. With proper care, you can use BESTOOL brushes for years.

As users, we don’t feel a thing when brushing our hair thanks to the smooth glide and tender care.

When I brush my hair it really gets annoying if the product I’m using does not align with my scalp. This one has a flexible head to cover up that issue and offer a far more comfortable experience. The most important part is that it reduces the overall possibility of damage.

Here comes the interesting part!If you have 4c hair like me then you know what shrinkage really is.Your 4c hair will shrink fast when it gets dry. Not all detangling brushes can deal with wet and dry hair both. Rest assured, this one is designed and crafted to do just that.

Now, let’s get into the features that make this thing not only effective but easy to use as well.

A rubberized grip will give your hands “Full Control” over the detangling process. I appreciated this a lot because things get really hard to deal with when you don’t feel comfortable while brushing.

This little brush is great when it comes to dealing with breakage and tearing of hair. It requires minimal maintenance.Not to mention, it’s super easy to use (There, I said it again). With a weight of 3.84 ounces, it just won’t do you wrong when it comes to portability as well.

I admit that this thing is a bit pricy. Trust me, it’s worth every penny you put in it.

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What I Like about this Brush

  • The bristles are gentle on the scalp as you’d expect from any BESTOOL product.
  • This thing works great on the 4c hair structure even when the hair shrinks down after drying.
  • This product comes with a flexible head. makes grooming easier. The scalp won’t suffer a bit.
  • With a lightweight product like BESTOOL, it’s easy to maintain and carry wherever I go.
  • The grip is rubberized and ergonomic. It prevents the comb from producing static.

What I Don’t Like about this Brush

  • This thing could have been more competitively priced than it is now.

2. KareCoTangle Buster Brush

I’ve used a lot of detangling brushes in my time. Few of them were great and the others were total letdowns. This brush from Kareco caught my eye because of its unique design. The features that it offered also impressed me enough to actually put it in my list of Best Detangling Brushes for 4C hair.

KareCoTangle Buster Brush

So, what makes this haircare tool so special? Let’s find out.

The entire body of the “Tangle Buster” is flexible and can very well adjust to your scalp. No matter what the shape of your head is, it will go about the surface without any problems whatsoever. A full flex, wide angle paddle promises an easy and comfortable glide each time.

The bristles are designed and allocated to deal with the tangles of your 4C hair just the way you want it to. The fluffy and cottony appearance which I love about my hair was not tampered with. I loved how it did the detangling while massaging the scalp at the same time.

It goes through every strand of hair and ensures minimal tearing and breakage. It increases the blood circulation of the scalp through the massage provided through the ionic bristles. These are well designed to put just the right amount of pressure so the scalp can generate natural oil for healthier hair.

These are features that makes you feel that KareCo cares for your hair just as much as you do.

Generally, the 4C type stretches and becomes longer after a proper wash in the shower or spa. Luckily, KareCo Tangle Buster can tackle wet hair just as easily as dry ones. So, if you want to do the detangling after you just got out of the shower, there is literally nothing stopping you.

My hair is very sensitive and I wasn’t willing to trust just about any brush for detangling it. Breakage and split ends were a common thing for me, and I just hated it. This one however was far better than the rest. The tool is specially designed for sensitive scalps and vulnerable hair types.

The rubber fingers have flexible nylon pins so it becomes anti-static. Which is a good thing to have, especially in winter. You won’t experience painful “Pulls” or nagging irritations on your scalps. The rubber pad that is included helps out as well.

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What I Like about this Brush

  • KareCoWorks great on both wet and dry hair. You don’t have to take special precautions.
  • Bristles are well placed on the brush. People won’t have to worry about the hair pulling.
  • A good tool to avoid breakage and tearing of hair. I’ve been using this for eight months now.
  • This thing is built to deal with sensitive scalps. You won’t have rashes, itches or red spots.
  • The entire thing is designed to offer flexibility. The brush head can adapt to the contours of our heads.

What I Don’t Like about this Brush

  • Aesthetically not very attractive brush. I’ve seen better looking products. But it performs well.
  • This thing might feel a bit flimsy to some people used to the BESTOOL products.

3. Remington DT7432 Wet or Dry Tame the Mane Electric Detangling Brush

Pulling and snagging is a common thing for those who have 4C hair type. Being “Z” shaped and having an undefined curl pattern, it is not easy to detangle them. Desperate times call for desperate measures.That’s where the tangle tamer from Remington comes in.

Remington DT7432 Wet or Dry Tame the Mane Electric Detangling Brush

Even though it is an electric 4C detangling brush, it functions just like the everyday ones. Whether your hair is wet or dry, just glide it along and it should work its magic. All you have to do is keep on brushing as you go. The teeth do rock back and forth to clear the tangles of the hair without damaging it.

They are rather soft and go very easy on your delicate scalp. It runs through hair strands withoutany kind of pulling or tugging. So, get ready to say goodbye to all that unwanted pain.

I know I’ve been repeating myself and its annoying but 4C hair is quite vulnerable to damage and breakage. Keeping this in mind, Remington has designed something that does the job with minimal pulling and maximum comfort. Unruly 4C hair is something the tangle tamer can handle just like a pro.

The design of the handle I get to hold while working is very unique and ergonomic. Holding it does not put any sort of pressure on the palms and it is very easy to handle and maintain. Keeping it clean is not an issue at all as the teeth are placed in a linear manner. Trust me, this saves up a lot of time.

The brush is powered by AA batteries and is cordless. So, there is no possibility of having unwanted issues while dealing with wet long hair strands. Plus, did I mention it works equally well on dry and wet hair?

You guessed it right!  You won’t have to worry about the shrinkage that your 4C hair has after drying. at all. Nomatter what state your hair is in, this grooming tool will serve you just right.

Just in case you want to go for a trip, you don’t have to worry about protecting the teeth from unwanted harm. This fine little device comes with a brush cover to protect the detangling area.

What I Like about this Brush

  • This is an electric device. You have cordless operation that makes things easier.
  • The teeth are very well built. Don’t underestimate the performance by any means.
  • This electric detangling tool looks stylish and appealing besides performing as you want it to.
  • Naturally, it can handle moist hair and dry hair as well when detangling the strands.
  • Remington detangling tool is great for dealing with vulnerable 4C hair as it doesn’t cause static.

What I Don’t Like about this Brush

  • The hair detangling tool might seem unattractive to some of the users who like vivid colors.
  • This is an electric product. Changing batteries can get annoying for people who don’t use these often.

4. BESTOOL Detangling Brush for Natural Hair

Having beautiful 4C hair does have its drawbacks. Yes, I am talking about maintenance. This particular type of hair is not easy to deal with and obviously requires a bit of extra care. The BESTOOL Detangling Brush for Natural Hair offers some promising features that are ideal for the occasion.

BESTOOL Detangling Brush for Natural Hair Pink

Before you give me some slack, this is one product with different color and tiny weeny bit of difference when it comes to haircare. Hence, it deserved a separate space on my list.

The design of BESTOOL is what you expect. The entire thing creates an aesthetic appeal that is hard to ignore. But it certainly does not fall short on performance. The main aspect of the brush is the bristles. The nylon bristles are very well organized and placed to make every stroke count.

Detangling 4C hair can be tricky. But the brush comes with a flexible head with well-placed bristles that make the job a lot easier. The head of the brush adjusted with the structure of my head and made the experience far more comfortable than I expected. Thumbs up to BESTOOL for that.

By now as I have pointed out in each product, “The Grip Matters”. If the grip is poorly made and uncomfortable to hold, it won’t be a very good experience at all. But this one offers a rubberized grip that checks out all the comfort boxes that I could think of. So, no issues here whatsoever.

We all know that dealing with 4C hair when its dry and dealing with it after a shower are two different things entirely. The shrinkage of this type of hair can go beyond 70%. But that issue is well sorted and dealt with by this detangling brush. It is designed and crafted to excel both situations without problems.

The very last and common question might be that, “will it damage my hair?” The answer is a “No!” Bestool has put its primary focus on comfort and care. So, there is minimum possibility of breakage and tearing. It goes easy on the scalp like all good detangling brushes should.

With all things said, as a user of the detangling brush myself, I am quite happy. And I would recommend it to anyone who want to take good care of their delicate 4C hair putting aside all the hassle.

What I Like about this Brush

  • Apart from 4C hair, this one works great on similar types like 3A Sas well.
  • This detangling tool can handle vulnerable hair that is prone to damage.
  • The bristles are well aligned and separately placed. The gap between them is good for detangling.
  • Rubberized grip makes it a lot easier to hold. Even if you have big hands there’s no problem.
  • I found no management problems on either wet or dry hair even when the hairs shrink.

What I Don’t Like about this Brush

  • I was not a big fan of the color.There are not many varieties currently available.
  • The design might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Yet, it functions rather well.

5. SOILLTY Detangling Brush for Curly Hair

This one might be the last in my list of Best Detangling Brushes for 4C hair, but it is not the least by far. This one has all the basic features covered that a detangling hair brush should have and did not fail to provide a little extra.

SOILLTY Detangling Brush for Curly Hair

The bristles being well placed and positioned apart from each other, it does the job of detangling rather well. This is something very necessary for all sorts of hair types especially when you are dealing with the 4C type. It saves the hair from unwanted damage and makes the detangling process smoother.

It is quite common for African Americans to have such hair pattern and they always need a little more out of their grooming products. SOLLITY acknowledges the need and provides it all. All the 4C-friendly features come with a solid build and a construction that does not fail to impress.

The flexible head that it has runs nicely along the scalp no matter what type of structure your head has. It can deal with thick and long hair without causing damage. Snags, pulls, and tearing goes down to a bare minimum.

The curved detangling tool has 8 rows of well-built bristles. There is a detachable bracket that allowed me to modify the distance between the bristles. The back of the radial brushis vented and it helps to dissipate the heat of blow driers to the hair to minimalize the damage.

Speaking of hair driers, it can work just fine with wet hair also. You can go straight to detangling after you just finished your shower. Even when it shrinks down, you are still good to go!

This one also has a rubber grip to make sure it doesn’t slip from your hand. Those with sweaty palms can really find this useful. The grip is comfortable and ergonomically designed so that it can fit anyone’s hand. Regardless of the size of their hands.

The brush weighs 3.2 ounces which is really light. Requiring very little maintenance, it can very well be taken to trips and used anywhere you please.

What I Like about this Brush

  • The vent system is a cool addition that actually works. It dissipates the heat evenly for you.
  • Bristle alignment is customizable via the bracket. Customize it in any way you like for convenience.
  • Soillty requires close to zero maintenance. You buy it, use it, and put it away most of the time.
  • I must tell you; this thing is very well built and the design is appealing if you like something carry.
  • Specially crafted to handle sensitive hair types like the 4C hair.

What I Don’t Like about this Brush

  • I found no noticeable drawbacks whatsoever.

Things You Should Keep in Mind when Choosing the Detangling Brush for 4c Hair

The problem with these tools is that you’ll have a bunch of them to choose from. It’s important to find just the right match. Otherwise, your curly hair can get damaged, broken, and rough. It’s important to look at some features and decide on the ideal product before buying it. This section deals with that.

  • Make Sure the Product is Well-Made

It wouldn’t do you any good to buy these things if the product is not well-made. If it doesn’t last long, the money you’re investing will be in vain. Ideally, products made of hard plastic are good and worth the money. These things offer damage protection from accidents.

Hard plastic doesn’t carry heat or electricity (in case of an electric 4C hair detangling brush). Thus, you won’t burn your hair or hands when using the brush on your scalp.

I’d also advise you guys to find a lightweight detangling brush. Let’s face it, this is not a shaving razor where the extra weight helps you shave effortlessly. Too much weight can break or damage your “Already Fragile” hair further.

Not to mention, brushing wet hair with a heavy hairbrush is all the more dangerous.

The design should be compact, I’ll always prioritize compact detangling brushes that fit in the purse over those that are just too big for the purse or my hands.

  • You’ll Have to Choose A Brush with Good Pins

This is a given when shopping for these products. In the case of normal hairbrushes, you might find intertwined bristles. Often, these bristles pull on your hair and break it from the top. At the very least, these things will cause your hairs to have split ends. No, ma’am. These are not good symptoms.

Try and get yourselves products that have bristles with nylon pins. The bristles should be nicely arranged as well. This way, they won’t pull on your “Already Curly” hair. As a result, your hair strands won’t break that easily or cause split ends. However, you’ll have to take some hair supplements to strengthen them.

Make sure you do get nylon pins as a part of these brushes. These pins remain sorted and don’t cause static even if you brush your hair over and over. As a result, hair doesn’t stick to these bristles and break when you pull these detangling brushes away.

You’re dealing with 4C hair, right? Make sure that these bristles have a good amount of space in between. Otherwise, the brush will be tough to maneuver in between your hair strands.

  • You Should Look for a Comfortable Grip to Work With

Let’s face it, detangling curls take a considerable time. You’ll have to navigate through each strand of hair without breaking it. When it comes to 4C-type hairs, the time you take increases. You’ll need a brush with a comfortable and big enough handle for the task. The “Grip” should be up to the mark.

My advice? Get brushes with rubber grips. These things position your hands in a manner so you don’t slip up. The handle should also be ergonomic. This way, your wrists, and palm won’t get tired even if you work with it for a long time. Rubber grips help you work with sweaty hands as well.

These brushes are mostly suited for either right or left-handed people. Check which hand you’re comfortable with. There are rare breeds that are ambidextrous as well. Go for those if you can.

  • Check If It Runs Cordless or With Cords (For Electric Hair Detangling Brushes)

This is completely optional. This feature applies if you end up buying an electric brush for detangling hair. In this case, you should check the cord’s length first. Make sure it’s long enough to give you enough space to maneuver. The sleeve of the cord should be in perfect condition so it doesn’t become electrified.

The battery should give you enough juice for one detangling session. This is not some shaver where 10 – 15 minutes would be just fine. Instead, you might end up needing 45 minutes to an hour depending on the condition of your locks. If I absolutely have to buy one, I’d prefer battery life to be at least an hour.

One word of warning: Batteries can get tough to set up or change when you do maintenance. I’d go for manual products just to avoid that.

  • Buy A Product That’s Good with Wet AND Dry Hair

That’s a given when shopping for Top 4C Hair Detangling Brushes. They sync well with both the hairs. You can use them in the shower and when basking in the Sun. There’s a good reason at work here as well. 4C curls shrink when dry and extend when wet. Brushes should adapt accordingly.

Cheap hair detangling brushes cheat when it comes to compatibility. Pour enough money into the mix and you’ll have high-end products at your disposal. The good thing with these is the fact that “High End” doesn’t cost you more than $50 unless you’re in the market for electric brushes.

My Two Cents at the End

Hair maintenance is tough when you’re dealing with Afro Curls. It becomes tougher with 4C curls that tend to form knots if you don’t care for them well enough. Some of the best detangling brushes for 4C hair do that effortlessly. Be it wet or dry hair, the performance remains the same.

Personally, I prefer BESTOOL. You’ll find a good mix of ergonomic grip, nylon bristles, and a compact size. if you want to go “Electric,” go for Remington’s Detangling Brush on the list. The product lasts long and has a good battery backup to boot. Not to mention, these things are competitively priced as well.

Have something else in mind? Do check the buying guide for insights into how I chose these products. You’ll be able to follow my footsteps and choose one for yourselves.

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