While winters are around the corner, your hair needs extra care to withstand the harsh weather conditions. Whether you have curly dry or rough straight manes, you probably have to deal with the great nuisance. Of course, it is never easy managing and maintaining twisted, knotted hair. Also, dry and rough hair easily tangles and requires quite more effort to smoothen.

Detangling your locks by brushing vigorously may separate your strands, but it will drastically affect your hair health. It will become more prone to damage, resulting in hair thinning. In addition to that, treating your hair aggressively will leave you with unattractive and unhealthy strands.

While separating knotty hair is not an easy feat, I have gathered the top seven detangling conditioning formulae. Using one of these products will help you combat winter hair disasters. So, brace up yourself to know the best detangling conditioners and choose the one that perfectly suits your hair requirements.

Best Detangling Conditioner – Comparison

Top 7 Detangling Conditioners Review

Natural Moisturizing & Conditioner by Design Essentials

If you are looking for a product that contains a perfect blend of natural ingredients, then Design Essentials’ conditioner is the best option for you. It contains an amazing blend of avocado and almond. Especially if you have curly manes that are never easy to detangle, then you should go for this product.

Natural Moisturizing & Conditioner by Design Essentials

There is no wondering that shea butter provides your hair with increased moisture and brings shine to your tresses. Not only this, this ingredient has an anti-inflammatory property that helps prevent hair scalp conditions. Shea butter improves the overall growth and health of your hair with its nourishing properties.

Avocado oil contains essential minerals and vitamins that help rejuvenate your hair appearance and health. The coconut milk in the product will make your hair bouncy and thick. While a lack of proteins leads to hair thinning, this protein-rich ingredient will strengthen your tresses. Another ingredient in this hair conditioner is sweet almond, which is known as one of the best oils to prevent hair loss and breakage.

What I liked about this product

The natural ingredients Design Essentials added in the product made it one of the most incredible and effective detangling conditioners. Using this detangling conditioner will add enough moisture to your hair and strengthen each strand.

If you are thinking about how my experience was using this product, know that it was quite amazing because it showed instant results. It perfectly smoothened and detangled my stubborn curls. Above that, I did not have to put extra effort into brushing my hair after using this product.

Overall, this conditioner by Design Essentials includes a blend of the natural ingredients that conditions your tresses effectively. Additionally, it will provide your hair with intense moisture and hydration. The best thing about this conditioner is that it will not weigh down your hair.

Important concern

While my experience with this conditioner was oh-so-amazing, it may not meet the specific expectations of some users. For instance, the product may turn your hair rough if you live in a cold and rough climate. But it happens rarely and only with people who have delicate tresses that are more prone to damage.

Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Detangling Solution

Who doesn’t love beautiful hair? Unfortunately, the harsh environmental conditions cause great damage to your hair. This particularly happens with tresses that are more susceptible to damage. So, if you are dealing with rough hair that tangles easily, you may need to get your hands on Hydrasource Dentangling Solution that Matrix Biolage has designed.

Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Detangling Solution

The formula they have used in this product can help revive dry hair, making them smoother and softer. Matrix Biolage extracted the hydrating properties of the aloe plant. Using this product will not only replenish your hair with enough moisture but also helps retain the hydrating properties in your scalp and strands. This detangling solution will optimize the moisture balance, which will eventually result in healthy-looking hair.

The conditioning properties of this product will help tame frizz and strengthen your hair against future breakage. It is a paraben-free formula, which means it will cause no harm to your tresses. If your hair tangles and become frizzy easily, then get your hands on Matrix Biolage hydra source conditioner to get rid of these issues.

What I liked about this product

As I mentioned earlier, dry hair is more prone to damage. Not only this, you probably have to deal with great efforts while managing your rough tresses. Who can know about this better than me; my hair used to be very rough and dry. I had to struggle a lot with managing it. Believe me; this product took my hair from drab to fab!

Since it contains aloe plant extract, this conditioner will offer you enough moisture. The hydrating properties of aloe vera are widely known around the world. So, if you want to bring a mesmerizing flair and healthy look to your lifeless hair, I will recommend you to choose this hydra source detangling solution. Also, if you want a paraben-free formula, then you must go for this product.

Important concern

While most users are satisfied with its results, very few complained about its thickness consistency and fragrance. So, if these things matter to you, make sure to check out the product ingredients to have an idea.

The Detangler by Paul Mitchell

Whether you have medium or extremely coarse hair, this product is your go-to option. It helps condition your rough and dry tresses, making it easier for you to detangle your knotted hair. Unlike other regular products, the Paul Mitchell conditioner contains grapeseed oil. This particular ingredient provides you with instant conditioning. The carrot extract in the product will protect your hair from UV rays.

The Detangler by Paul Mitchell

Carrot extract is rich in beta-carotene and acts as a natural UV ray assimilator. Grapeseed acts as a natural fatty acid and helps detangle your knotted hair easily. It also contains the unique blend of botanical ingredients, which provides your hair with gentle hydration. The perfect blend includes jojoba, aloe vera, rosemary, chamomile, and algae.

These ingredients altogether create mesmerizing shine besides replenishing your tresses with moisture. They have also added Cetyl Alcohol that works as a conditioning agent and helps retain moisture in your scalp and strands. The anti-static properties of Behentrimonium Methosulfate keep your hair away from vulnerabilities that the environment may cause to your hair. This conditioner includes the highest quality ingredients that will help transform your tresses.

What I liked about this product

This instant detangling conditioner makes your rough and dry hair smooth and soft. It contains effective properties that help protect your strands from harmful UV rays. Since it contains carrot extract and grapeseed oil, it offers a great combination of natural ingredients to you. It will provide your hair with instant detangling and conditioning.

Besides providing you with UV protection, this product will soften and smooth your hair. Well, I used Paul Mitchell conditioner on my color-treated hair. I was quite surprised by the effective results that it offered. The product has a low pH, which smoothes and closes your hair cuticles.

If you have recently dyed your tresses, use this product and notice the significant difference yourself.

Important concern

While it comes among the top seven detangling conditioners, there are some concerns that you should consider before buying the product. Overall, the results of this conditioner are great, but you may not like its fragrance. Make sure to check the ingredients list to ensure it does not contain any component that you are allergic to.

The Honest Company Detangling Hair Conditioner

This gentle conditioner contains a perfect blend of vanilla and orange extracts. The organic botanicals the Honest Company has added in this product make your hair soft, silky, and easy to manage. The best thing about this detangling conditioner is it suits every type of hair. The pH-balanced, Biodegradable formula company used in this product rejuvenates your hair health.

The Honest Company Detangling Hair Conditioner

It comes as a leave-in conditioner that allows you to leave the product after applying. In other words, you will not need to rinse off your hair after using this conditioner. The powerful ingredients in the product will strengthen your hair, leaving it soft and smooth. Besides, it helps eliminate the tangles and add lustrous shine to dull strands.

The product contains a hydrating lightweight formula that also helps tame frizz. The mix of murumuru seed butter, shea butter, and argan oil in this conditioner will allow you to detangle your knotted tresses without putting effort. It contains quinoa extract and jojoba protein that boost shine in your locks, making them look attractive.

What I liked about this product

This leave-in conditioner is free of petrochemicals, phthalates, parabens, dyes, and synthetic fragrances. It makes your hair smoother and allows you to detangle your knotted hair easily. It makes your damaged hair look smoother and helps eliminate split ends. It is a lightweight product and does not weight down your hair like other conditioners.

Besides making your hair shinier and softer, this conditioner will strengthen your strands. It creates a glossy look and makes you appear with more beautiful looking hair.

If you ask about my experience, I loved this product. Since I have severe allergies to phthalates, this conditioner has been the perfect product for me. It comes with a pleasant smell and offers a blend of natural ingredients. It made my hair more manageable than other conditioners.

Important concern

While it provides many benefits, the formula used in the product may not suit every hair type. Especially if you have color-treated hair, I would suggest you not to pick this conditioner. However, you can opt for it if you have naturally straight or curly manes that detangle easily.

John Frieda Beach Blonde Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner

Taking care of your winter-stressed tresses can be quite challenging. Particularly when you have rough strands, the dry weather can make your hair even more dull and rough. In that case, the Beach Blonde Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner by John Frieda makes a great deal. It will strengthen your hair.

John Frieda Beach Blonde Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner

The product contains peppermint extract that invigorates your scalp; the Kukui extract in the product hydrate your strands with its omega-rich properties. John Frieda added a comprehensive formula in the product that not only restores your hair health but also the attractive appearance it once had. In addition to that, this product will prevent your hair from future damage.

The gentle blend of natural ingredients in this detangling conditioner suits every hair type. Even if you have recently color-treated your tresses, you can rely on this product without any worries. It will make your dyed hair shinier, softer, and healthier. Since rough hair is very much difficult to manage, using this product will allow you to style your hair easily.

What I liked about this product

Since it contains Kukui extract and peppermint extract, it includes a pleasant smell that leaves your hair smell and feels refresh for hours. If you are fed up with dealing with rough tresses that tangle easily, then you must opt for John Frieda’s conditioner.

The rejuvenating properties of the product will help bring moisture back into your hair, making it softer and smoother. Not only this, the cooling properties of peppermint will protect your scalp from developing dandruff. The omega-rich kukui extract, on the other hand, will make your hair shinier and smoother.

I needed something that tames my frizzy hair but gives a bit of texture. I found this product, and it was quite an amazing experience using it. This detangling conditioner made my hair smoother and shinier, making it appear incredibly beautiful. Whether you have recently color-treated your hair or have naturally rough tresses, try this product to make detangling easier for you.

Important concern

While this product works well on color-treated and curly manes, it may not provide effective results on straight hair. Also, you may not like its sweet coconut smell. Therefore, make sure to consider these important yet minor concerns before choosing this product.

Little Twig All Natural, Hypoallergenic Conditioning Detangler

This detangling conditioner comes with a pleasant scent and a perfect balance of natural ingredients. The formula includes tea tree oils, lemon, and lavender extracts. It provides your tresses complete protection from harmful UV rays. This product makes your delicate hair strong and allows you to manage it easily. In addition to that, it includes a calming and restorative blend of essential oils.

Little Twig All Natural, Hypoallergenic Conditioning Detangler

Unlike other regular products, the little Twig conditioner is free of sulfates and parabens. It is worth mentioning here that the company has specifically designed this detangling conditioner for children. Therefore, it contains the safest and high-quality ingredients that will not cause any damage to your tresses. The natural botanical ingredients in the product provide you with effective results.

The lavender extract in the conditioner makes it smell heavenly good. Whether you want a leave-in conditioner or rinsed-off one, this product makes a great deal for you. From infants to adults, this conditioner is suitable for all age groups. Overall, it is one of the best products that calms and soothes your hair while making detangling it easier.

What I liked about this product

This lavender-scented conditioner can make your hair smoother and softer than ever before. You can leave it on your hair or rinse the conditioner off; the choice is yours. The product has a gold standard certification that ensures it was not tested on animals.

Also, this detangling conditioner does not contain parabens, sulfates, dyes, and phthalates. It is a hypoallergenic product, which means it will not cause any irritations or allergies. The ingredients Little Twig added in the conditioner include a blend of lavender oil, calendula, chamomile flower, tea tree oil, jojoba seeds oil, and sunflower seeds oil.

I used this conditioner on my daughter’s hair, as her hair becomes more susceptible to damage with increased growth. Her hair used to tangle easily, but when I started using this conditioner on her tresses, it became easier to manage them.

Important concern

If you are looking for a hypoallergenic product to condition your hair, then it is a great option to opt for. However, it comes with a sweet floral fragrance. So, if you are sensitive to scent, make sure to consider this minor concern before buying the product.

Earth Vibes Natural Hair Detangler

Whether you have curly, wavy, thick, thin, or any tresses, this detangling conditioner will work best on every hair type. Even if you have color-treated hair and looking for a conditioner that does not cause any damage to your strands but brings lustrous looks, then you must get your hands on Natural Hair Detangler of Earth Vibes.

Earth Vibes Natural Hair Detangler

This detangling spray will hydrate and moisturize your rough tresses, making them healthy and bouncy. The nourishing formula that the product includes will help combat the frizz, leaving your hair silky and smooth.

Additionally, the impressive and comprehensive blend of natural ingredients in the product will restore shine in your hair. This detangling conditioner includes aloe vera, avocado oil, sunflower extract, and rosemary essential oil.

The hydrating properties of natural ingredients in the product will make you look beautiful all day long. This product will fight against your frizzy hair and restore the shine. Additionally, it will enhance your hair texture with its unique blend of natural ingredients. In essence, it will improve your overall hair appearance and health.

What I liked about this product

Since it contains high-quality coconut oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil, this conditioner provides the best conditioning results as compared to other regular products. It nourishes and conditions your hair, making it appear and feel healthy. The product also helps repair split ends and tame frizz.

If you want to bring shine and life back to your hair, then this conditioner makes a great deal. It locks in moisture and makes your hair appear beautiful. When I tried this conditioner, I was quite impressed with the results. It made detangling my curls much easier and also brought a mesmerizing shine to my strands.

While I am a fragrance sensitive, this conditioner has a very light and fresh scent. This is probably another reason why I loved this product more than other regular products. Overall, it was a great experience using the shampoo.

Important concern

Undoubtedly, the product provides amazing results to most users. However, you may need to know the minor concerns before buying this conditioner. This detangler may not work effectively in tight curls, but that varies from person to person. Also, if you like a strong scent, then you may not want to use the product because it has a mild scent.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Detangling Conditioner

Now that you have come across the top seven detangling conditioners, you may find it difficult to choose the best one for you. While all the products I have mentioned on the list provide an effective result, it is better to opt for the one that suits your requirements in the best type. If you are wondering what to consider while shopping for a detangling conditioner, I have got you covered! Here is what you look at before buying a detangling conditioner.

  • Hair Type

When it comes to choosing the best detangling conditioner, determining your hair type is the first thing to do. If you have coarse and curly tresses, you should buy detanglers that include hydrating and moisturizing ingredients.

Such products will soften your tresses and make it easier to brush through. For straight and wavy hair, the conditioners that include natural oils will work best.

Such conditioners will not only make your strands smooth but also strengthen them to prevent breakage. Lightweight conditioners will work best for fine and thin hair, as these products will not weight down the delicate tresses.

  • Scent

Since most products come with a scent, you will need to ensure the smell does not bother you. Some conditioners have a light and pleasant scent, whereas others may boast a strong fragrance. If you are scent sensitive, I will suggest you go for the products that have a light and pleasant smell.

  • Spray vs. Nozzle

While you will find plenty of detangling conditioners in the market, you will need to consider its usage options before buying the one. Usually, detangling conditioners come with two usage options- spray and nozzle.

The nozzle-included conditioners will require you to take some amount on your palm and rub against your strands. Spray conditioners, on the other hand, will allow you to spritz on strands directly. Make sure to choose the product according to your requirement and convenience.


Whether you have long or short hair, you will agree that managing dry and rough tresses is quite a hassle. Detangling knotty hair is one of the most nerve-wracking things, as nothing can hurt more than brushing through stubborn and twisted strands.

Combing tangled hair vigorously can cause great damage to your tresses, such as making them brittle, broken, and lackluster. Above all, winters are just around the corner; the cold and dry weather will make your hair even rougher.

In that case, using a detangling conditioner is the most convenient and best way to keep your hair healthy, strong, and shiny. Especially if you have tangle-prone hair, it is more likely that your tresses will become weak.

Using detangling conditioners, particularly the ones I have mentioned on my list, will surely help improve your hair health. These products will make detangling your knotty hair hassle-free. Some of these conditioners restore damage, whereas others add natural shine to dull locks.

Last but not least, I have researched hundreds of consumer reviews and experts to find the best options available and then created this list. Therefore, I will recommend you to choose one of the products I have shared in this guide.

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