Grooming a dog can be a tricky business. That is, if you don’t know how to do it. Selecting the best trimmer is half the job. It’s all the more true when it comes to Poodles. These are delicate animals that deserve extra care.

You need to get the best dog grooming clippers for poodles for the job. Or else, you’ll end up having a patchy skin and uneven coat. In this article you’ll find a competent list of products that are par for trimming and overall grooming.

If you don’t need my suggestions and want to venture on your own, the buying guide at the middle should cover it nicely. For beginners wanting to learn the craft, I have a section that deals with the basics of grooming dogs’ skins as well. Stay tuned.

Best Dog Clippers For Poodles – Comparison Table

Clipper ModelBest forSettingsBlade TypePrice
Andis ProClip AGC2

All Coat2 SpeedUltraEdge Size 10
Check Price
Wahl Animal ARCO

Medium Duty5 Lengths5 in 1 Blades Check Price
Oster Turbo A5
Medium Duty2 SpeedSize 3F Check Price
WAHL Lithium Ion Pro
All CoatN/ASelf Sharpening Check Price
Oster Turbo A5

All Coat2 SpeedSize 10W Check Price

The Clippers I Prefer for the Job

Let me tell you, there are thousands of devices which claim to be the best dog grooming clippers. When it comes to poodles, the number lessens. Even with the filter in place, you have hundreds of machines to sort through. Fortunately for all of us, I’ve done the hard work and came up with the top 5. My readers can choose any one of the following with their eyes closed.

Andis ProClip AGC2 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

When you own a poodle like me then the fact that your dog needs grooming is as clear as day.Ditch one day, and you’re in for the consequences. Obviously, you won’t cut the hair old-fashioned way with scissors, right? You’d want clippers.

Here’s the kicker. Not all the clippers out there are the same. Trust me when I say this, if you need professional equipment, then the Andis ProClip AGC2 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper is the best thing you could possibly hope for.

As it happens, I have some experience of using this tool myself. I can say with eyes closed that Voltage and functionality actually come hand to hand when you get into using this handy tool.

Andis ProClip AGC2 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

The unit is placed in a shatterproof housing. Thanks to the sturdiness, you can bet that the trimmer won’t break even in tough conditions. Don’t worry about accidents or sudden falls from a considerable height harming this piece of tech. Normally, this tool is safe to travel with as well.

If your voltage rate is reasonable your using experience will remain favorable too. Why am I saying this?

Well, the reason is heat and sound. If a cool and quiet run is your thing, then look no further as this technological wonder is well known for its smooth clipping as well as itsultra-quiet performance.

Well if you love poodles, then there is a high probability that you love dogs in general as well. When it comes to grooming other dogs, Andis ProClip doesn’t take pressure onto itself.This little machine here is effective with all sorts of coats and breeds. You won’t have any hassle while dealing with either smooth and silky or rough and curly hair.

When you go out to buy a clipper you should look into the gear that is being used both inside and out.

People are bound to be impressed just like me because I really didn’t expect a two-speed rotary motor to be included in a product at this price point. And the cable is pretty long as well, 14 inches to be exact. This means you can move this clipper around your poodle and around other things with ease.

You must be thinking how much impressive can a single clipper get?

Well then let me make the deal even sweeter with the detachable blade design that makes this thing easier to use. You have two Ultra-Edge Size 10 blades to take advantage of. These blades are hardened using a special process to perform better than the others. Feel free to replace these blades at will.

The clipper is compatible with Oster 5 blades. Removing and cleaning these things are easy as well. Andis ProClip trimmer is safe. It comes with a switch lock facility. It doesn’t turn on when you don’t need it to. Talk about ensuring safety of the user and the dogs.

Get Andis ProClip AGC2 at Amazon

What I Like about This Clipper 

  • I like the overall look of this piece. It’s sturdy and suitable for years of using without giving the user any troubles.
  • This little thing can shave any and all kinds of dog coats. If you have a breed different than a poodle, don’t worry.
  • The motor is a powerful one, don’t worry about it getting hot while using. Built in exhaust and cooler is handy.
  • Andis AGC2 ProClip comes with a 14-inch long cord to ensure flexibility when shaving the coat of your poodle.
  • The clipper didn’t vibrate or shake that much when I used it on my poodle for performance testing.

What I Don’t Like about the Clipper

  • I’d have liked it more if I could use it as a cordless trimmer as well.
  • The price seemed a bit high for my liking. But the features will definitely make up for it.

Wahl Professional Animal ARCO

Trimming and clipping gets even better with the Wahl Professional Animal ARCO. Why you ask? Well because it delivers superior grooming without the hassle of an annoying cable getting in the way. Yes, I mean to say that this device is cordless!

Being a wireless clipper, it can easily go across those tough corners of your pup’s body where you usually face a hard time to reach.

This little tool comes with one blade that does the job of five. You will be glad to know that there are five blade adjustments with a variety of which you can choose from. The adjustable sizes of 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40 offer a range of variety when it comes to cutting lengths. Just flip the blade to get the required size.

Wahl Professional Animal ARCO

With a rechargeable NiMh battery that lasts you about eighty minutes this handy little machine becomes excellent when it comes to grooming with novice hands that take a longer period of time. The kit comes with two battery packs.

I don’t like that much of cleaning the apparatus to be honest. With a “No maintenance motor,” things become easier and less time consuming. The motor delivers 5,500 strokes per minute. So, it’s quick on the job as well.

Being a small, slim and lightweight device, this clipper is especially suited for small and medium-sized dogs. This trimmer is well built. It comes with a “Uniformed” design. By that, I mean no hard edges or awkward corners.

If you are further interested about the build quality of the clipper you would like to hear that it is made in Hungary and that means it is solid all the way. As for the blades, they are of Germany which assures top notch quality. It is actually 6.75 inches long and the weight is kept to a minimal of 7.9 ounces.

It’s very easy to grab. As far as I see it, it’ll fit into any size of hands. As I said, Wahl’s ARCO trimmer is lightweight as well. People can use it for as long as it takes to shave their dogs (or cats). Forget about having wrist fatigues.

Let’s get a bit into packaging, shall we? In the box you get the clipper itself along with the five-in-one fine blade set, two rechargeable battery packs, five different combs, plus, all the added accessories you need and a soft storage case to wrap it all up.

At this point, even the novice users will take the hint that this grooming kit is eligible to be used in case of Spaniels, Terrier dogs, Shih Tzus, various cat breeds and even horses (for touch ups around the ears, face, muzzle, fetlocks, and bridle paths.

Get Wahl Animal ARCO at Amazon

What I Like about This Clipper

  • This is a 5-in-1 trimmer with a number of cutting and sizing options users can try out on their dogs.
  • This is a cordless machine. So, less hassle on the part of the users. They can groom their pets outside the house as well.
  • The vibrations you feel with the trimmer is manageable and don’t startle the dog at all.
  • Remember the “No Maintenance” motor? It makes cleaning this thing easier than the other trimmers.
  • Thanks to a sturdy case, it stays safely guarded and is easy to move around with. Great kit for frequent travelers.

What I Don’t Like about the Clipper

  • I think it’s a bit noisier than its competitors out there on the market.
  • The blade guides can feel a bit frail at times and can fall apart.

Oster Professional Turbo A5 Heavy Duty Animal Grooming Clippers

While searching for the best dog clippers for poodles I have come across a large variety of products. But there are only a few that met my expectations and are up to the mark. I speak from personal experience when I say that the Oster Professional Turbo A5 is a clipper that can truly be called next generation tool.

It beats its competitors by a large margin with its fantastic features and durability. This is due to the cryogenic hardening process (I’ll speak about it momentarily). Be at ease, frequent erratic movement of your pets won’t break or put a dent on it. How?

The motor exterior is surrounded by chew proof material that not only prevents chew marks but also provides a sleek look that makes a solid impression. The best part is kept for the last as this motorized machine is compatible to all Oster A5 blades.

Oster Professional Turbo A5 Heavy Duty Animal Grooming Clippers

We have to be especially grateful towards the powerful universal motor that gives the machine enough power to get rid of annoying coat hair of any particular place.

Speed switching of the motor is a feature that all groomers want in their poodle clippers because it is effective and necessary at the same time. We don’t always need the same momentum of active blades when we trim the fur of our beloved dogs. The pup’s coat can be of different density in different areas. This is where speed switching comes handy.

The two speed levels are 2100 and 2700 SPM. Some will say that it’s a bit slow. But trust me; it helps when you need a mix of precision and power.

Now let’s talk about the Cryogen X blade that is really ‘cutting edge.’ As you can command general grooming and precision grooming with just flicking a single switch you need a well-designed blade that can live up to the tension.

This product is proof that effective versatility can come in a reasonable price. And to top it off, this thing comes with a proper manual to guide you through your grooming process.

Forget about replacement issues as this one comes with a one year warranty that will give you a confidence boost while making your purchase. And to top it off, this thing comes with a proper manual to guide you through your grooming process.

What I Like about This Clipper

  • I like the design and the material that makes up the exterior of the trimmer. It’s chew-proof and safe for the dogs.
  • If you’re looking for a machine that you can use at home, THIS is the machine to go with.
  • I could finish shaving the coat of my poodle within 45 minutes. That’s what I call a machine being fast.
  • CryogenX blade is hard in the making. It won’t bend or break no matter how tough the furs of your poodle are.
  • This is a proper beginner-friendly model. This thing comes with a manual to guide people through the shaving process.

What I Don’t Like about the Clipper

  • My only beef with this model is the fact that it heated up after 20 minutes of use. I had to put it to rest and then begin again.

WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

When looking for a bit of premium trimming and clipping, I usually choose the products that are made in USA. And Wahl usually doesn’t ever disappoint when it comes to basic functionality and overall effectiveness.

They have outdone themselves by introducing a clipper range that is one of the best in wireless service and they call it the WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers. Why am I praising this product so much? We will find out soon enough.

WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

These clippers work great with both small and large breeds of dogs. Your poodle grooming will never be the same again once you have used one of these wonderful devices. They are even capable of dual coat clipping which demands some heavy-duty performance. Long and silky coats can be dealt with easily as well.

While using electronic wireless clippers the first thing that can get really annoying is the sound it makes. This inconvenience won’t really be an issue with this one as it is super quiet and really easy to use. The batteries actually last two hours and is a blessing for groomers that want to charge quickly and get their work done fast.

The only thing can be a bummer for non-American citizens is that this machine won’t be available in outlets outside USA.

But this one has a five-year warranty support and is extremely durable which will make you feel safe while making your purchase. Plus, precision blades are used for this machine that are self-sharpening and snag free. So, you can’t possibly have any sort of complaints when you are using these machines in any way.

The whole package comes with color guide combs that make it far easier to find desired coat lengths than any other models. The packaging is rather impressive just as the product itself and it promises a quick charge support that charges the machine in approximately 15 minutes. Want something quick? There you have it!

What I Like about This Clipper

  • This is a WAHL model that goes well with any size of dog and variety of coats that are out there.
  • This is a professional-grade system with a battery that gives two hours worth of runtime.
  • This series of trimmers is made in USA with local parts to signify longevity and quality.
  • You have color guide combs to make sure that you stylize your poodle’s hair with precision by your side.
  • WAHL Li-Ion series is super quiet when in operation. People won’t find noise as an issue anymore.

What I Don’t Like about the Clipper

  • You can’t really use this machine outside the United States due to limitations in voltage parameters.

Oster Professional Turbo A5 Heavy Duty Clippers

Why keep yourself limited to poodles when you can groom your cats, dogs and even horses with the Oster Professional Turbo A5 Heavy Duty Animal Grooming Clippers?

This clipper uses the ever-popular cryogen X blade technology that makes the experience of grooming ever so smooth. And this awesome gear provides two a single speed that is ideal for both professional and indoor home grooming.

The high torque design on this device keeps the blade cool. All the amazing features that this machine provides make it one of the best dog clippers for poodles and dogs of various breeds.

Oster Professional Turbo A5 Heavy Duty Clippers

The battery backup on Oster Professional A5 is simply outstanding as it provides two whole hours of operational support. And of course if you need a bit more extended time you can just swap the lithium ion batteries and you are good to go once again. Of course, you need to buy the replacement battery packs separately.

Compatibility issues will become a thing of the past as this clipper supports all sorts of Oster A5 blades, including the wide ones. The motor efficiency is 2,400 RPM and it is more than sufficient for any type of clipping, cutting and grooming that you can possibly want. The dimensions are 2.80 x 5.50 x 11 inches. The perfect size of this machine makes easy to hold and use.

The blades are made of the most refined high carbon steel that is handcrafted to reach even higher levels of perfection. The hardening process of the blade is further enhanced with the cryogenic technology and tested with the Oster propriety process. So, there is absolutely no need to be concerned about quality when the purchase is done.

These blades are easy to clean. To make sure that they perform the very best to their abilities, keep them lubricated. Fortunately, Oster has your backs. The manufacturers developed cleaning solutions and lubricating agents just for that cause.

Everything you might want to know about the product, its usage method and maintenance is provided in the literature that comes with the box itself. Oster always focuses on customer satisfaction and it seems they have succeeded to quite some extent.

What I Like about This Clipper

  • Oster A5 has a single-speed motor that does the job better than multi-speed ones. That’s a guarantee.
  • You’ll fall in love with the battery as well. It gives you two hours (Yes, two hours) of runtime on par with Wahl.
  • People have the trademark Cryogenic blades with this package. The blades will last long and remain strong throughout usage.
  • High torque motor delivers satisfactory level of performance when and where you need it to.
  • The machine’s blades have a compatibility of all the other Oster blades that are available on the market.

What I Don’t Like about the Clipper

  • I know people have different preferences but the #10 blades cut too close to my dog’s skin for my comfort (and the dog’s).
  • It’s a bit loud. But after a while, people will grow comfortable with the sound.
  • Expect the motor to get hot when used frequently.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Dog Clippers for Poodles

Don’t think for a second that I chose these models or dog clipper brands on a whim. I had my priorities and parameters set. Let me tell you which facts I put on top of my priority list when selecting these machines. This way, you can do your own research and do a double check yourselves.

  • Check How a Trimmer is built

The most common mistake any dog owner would make is buying a trimmer based on his/her impression. The result? They come up with a product that runs well for a year and cracks open. I tend to take my time. I prefer to examine the outer casing of my choices.

An ideal device should have a hard shell. All of my brands and models have that. You’ll find each of these things having a casing that’s not too big or too small to hold the motor. Additional accessories like the blades and blade guides fit in nicely as well.

The outer casing shouldn’t crack open upon a fall. Plus, these casings shouldn’t have hard edges or awkward corners. An ergonomic trimmer is preferable as it fits nicely in your hands.

  • Motor is the Most Crucial Part of the Trimmer

The motor is what drives power to the machine. So, it must be competent. All of my choices have motors that complement their working style. Some people prefer motors that offer a greater range when it comes to speed levels. Others operate on one gear.

To be on the safe side, I made a list full of both types. You can go with either of the two types. People tend to go deep and tell others that the more the RPM count, the better the machine is. Trust me, it’s not.

It depends on your feel and level of control. If you need a quick machine for a quick coat shaving, go for higher RPM. For better control and finesse, opt for an RPM count in between 2000 to 3000.

For guys who want better control, go for ones that have multiple speed settings. However, keep in mind that the motor should remain cool while using. Otherwise, the trimmer can and will lose its efficiency. Dogs may get hurt as well.

  • Pay Attention to the Blades

When it comes to trimmers, blades matter. I went for trimmers with hard blades that are efficient as well. Poodles and other dogs can have strong and thick furs and coats. Strong blades make trimming easy on dog owners.

Also, blades that resist wear and tear will last longer. They’ll need fewer replacements. Many of the dog trimmers require you to buy them. Sometimes, blades are specific. In these cases, fewer replacement blades mean people spend less money. Savings!

Who doesn’t love styling his/her poodle? I know I do. Will you switch to a different blade to cut the hair of a specific part of your poodle’s body? That’s tedious. Instead, go for products like Oster and Wahl that allow switching different blade lengths with the push or flip of a switch.

  • Can Your Trimmer Service Different Dog/Coat/Fur Types?

Many dog bloggers will put this factor up front but I had to talk about blades first. I put models on my list that have varying blade teeth and can cut different level of furs. This is important. I know we’re talking about poodles here but if your trimming device can service different dog breeds, it’ll be a great help.

That’s why having additional combs and blade guides in a trimming kit is a big help. The best dog grooming clippers for poodles even have varying motor speeds to cater to long furs, the short ones, and sensitive coats as well.

  • Battery Backup is a Thing If You Consider It

For me, it is. I don’t want to plug the tool for a recharge in every 15 minutes. If I’m buying a cordless machine, the battery should buy me at least 45 minutes to a couple of hours. When choosing a device, go for one that has Lithium Ion battery.

Also, make sure to keep one or two replacements by your side. Oster Trimming machines grant you that additional replacement. For others, you need to buy battery packs from the marketplace. You can always go for a corded machine but circuitry may become a problem if you plan to travel outside the USA.

  • Cleaning the Machine Should be A Breeze

I admit I’m at fault here. I didn’t go into a great detail when it comes to cleaning dog fur from inside trimmer and outside. Most machines come with a cleaning brush for the job. Some even have a cleaning solution in place. There are lubricators for blades as well.

In my defense, all these machines are basically trimming kits. People can expect these accessories to be put in there. If not, buy a competent cleaning kit separately. It won’t cost you a heap of money.

How to Groom Your Poodle with a Clipper?

Buying the best dog grooming clippers for poodles won’t mean anything if you don’t know how to put it to good use. So, let’s learn to use it to good effect. Fear not, this section will be less boring and short for the count.

  • Preparation is everything when it comes to using a trimmer. Make sure to give your poodle a good bath. Wipe the water and dry it. This will help in loosening the furs of your canine friend. A good bath washes dirt and oil in the coat. It makes gliding through the coat easy and less time consuming.
  • Make sure to use a trimmer with at least two blades. It makes trimming a quick job. Choose between 3F, 5F or 7F blades. Curious? F means finish. The higher the count, the shorter the length of your dog’s fur will be. Go for #10 or a #15 blade. While #10 is good, #15 will produce a closer shave. It’s meant for the poodles.
  • After cutting for 5 – 7 seconds, don’t forget to stop the trimmer and take the hairs out. Do it frequently so that the hairs don’t clog the system. Keep the blades lubricated to get the best effect out of the machine.
  • Don’t set up the trimmer on a table. People favor the speed. But I’ll tell you to go slow. Too much speed can tear up your poodle’s coat. Start slow and be patient. Use good light for the job. In daytime, trim outdoors.
  • When using scissors, hold them with the thumb and ring fingers. Use the entire blade for the job rather than using just a section of it. Use the scissors with combs for a uniformed finish. Use them to smooth out the contours.
  • Clean the entire kit after using. Take all the hairs out and leave it to dry in sunlight.

My Last Words

When choosing the best dog grooming clippers for poodles, prioritize performance rather than the gimmicks. You’ll get shiny products that fill up bathroom counters but don’t really deliver when it comes to cutting the hair.

People often dwindle over this fact and end up choosing a below-average machine. What I like to do is go for reputed brands. In this case, Oster or Wahl will do just fine. Andis can be a bit noisy.

If you aren’t quite sure what to go with, read my buying guide and get to know the facts that make up a good product. Then, you’ll be able to separate the best from the litter.

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