Dogs are our best friends. Cute ones are special. There are adorable dog breeds that deserve a bit of extra care. Shih Tzu is one of such breeds. They can have all lengths of hairs and a dense coat. You need to be extra careful when navigating through sensitive spots on the coat.

It’s better to have a specialized fur clipper for your dog(s). A specialized clipper is easily maneuverable, has a fantastic motor, and runs for a long… long… time. Having trouble visualizing a product such as this?

Don’t fret! I have just the article for you. This article will help you in wrapping your heads around the top dog clippers for Shih Tzu with amazing features and cool benefits. That’s right! I’ve come up with a list!

For people who want to do their own thing and go for a research, I’ve got the brain food for you. Feel free to read the buying guide in the middle. For novice dog owners, there’s a short guide on how I use my trimmer for the job. This piece is the complete package. Give it a read!

Best Dog Clippers for Shih Tzu – Comparison Table

Top 5 Dog Clippers for Shih Tzu Reviews

When you’re looking to get the perfect clipper/trimmer for your Shih Tzu, look no further. The following list will be a big help for you guys. These products are collectively the cream of the crop in terms of accessories, portability, and performance. Let’s have a good reading.

Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Lithium Clipper

I bet first-time readers of mine didn’t know that Wahl has a dedicated Animal Clipper. The brand does! The Bravura Clipper is special and close to my heart for a number of reasons. Firstly, this comes with a motor that automatically supplies power to the device. You just need to turn this thing on and that’s it.

Don’t underestimate the motor. It’s a professional-grade system with up to 5500 Spins per Minute. This amount of power can cut all sizes of dog furs when it comes to Shih Tzu. Be it grooming, touch-ups or hair cutting… Bravura motor takes care of everything you throw at it.

However, motor isn’t the only thing that’ll get your dog a good haircut. You’ll need another component as well. Yes, I’m talking about the blades. Bravura comes with five of them. Actually, it’s just the one blade with five different length settings (#9 to #40) that you can choose from.

Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Lithium Clipper

If I go into details, you’ll have a blade setting for fine coats, one for coarse furs, there’s another for stiff furs called diamond blade, and one for pro hairstylists as well. Notice one missing? That’s because there’s one for special use only. This is a #45 blade setting Wahl came up with. It has your dog covered!

This intuitive little kit even features six guide combs. With these you can cut the hairs on your dog’s face, feet, fetlocks, bridle paths, and ears. Guide combs are also great for finishing touches.

Don’t worry, maneuvering this device will be as easy as pie. It’s weighs just 7.9oz. Super slim design features an easy-to-grip extension (not exactly a handle).

I have to take a moment to commend the Lithium-ion battery as well. One needs to charge it for an hour. In return, it gives the user legs for 90 minutes of uninterrupted shaving of the Shih Tzu coat. No matter if the charge is at 90% or 1%, the motor runs at full speed.

There’s a nifty charge indicator at the bottom that shows current battery status. Whenever it dips into the red zone, feel free to recharge the battery. Good news is, one can use the Wahl Bravura corded as well. Users won’t see any dip in the performance level whatsoever.

However, there’s one catch. People won’t be able to use this thing outside the USA. The charging adapter won’t be able to cope with varying voltage count all over the world.

In addition to this adapter thing, people get a charging base for the trimmer as well. As I mentioned earlier, this is a Kit. That’s why, you’ll see a cleaning brush and a blade lubricant as well. The brush will help in getting fur out of the mechanism while the lubricant keeps blade sharp for a long time.

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What I Like about this Trimmer

  • Bravura is a lightweight grooming kit. You can maneuver it as you please around tough corners.
  • This little trimmer comes with a motor that causes low vibrations when at work.
  • One thing about the motor is that it remains cool even after 40 – 45 minutes’ long sessions.
  • Don’t worry, this thing is quiet. Your next door neighbors won’t get up hearing it operate.
  • When you compare it to other clippers, this one has a long battery life and a short charging time.

What I Don’t Like about this Trimmer

  • It’s very tricky to get access to the power button. It could have been at a better place.

Oster Volt Cordless Pet Clippers

When we speak about clippers, it’s hard to keep Oster away. Oster Volt is one trimmer that’s dedicated to trimming animal hair. Just because I’m listing it here in a Shih Tzu article doesn’t mean you can’t use it for your cats, horses, pigs, and sheep. It’s one machine for all.

Why does Oster claim this? Well, it comes with a “Single-Speed” motor. Before you frown and look back at Bravura, single-speed motors tend to be slower and more gentle on your dog’s coat. This one for example, works with 2400SPM. I get it.

This is slow. But users can expect this machine to be careful when it comes to shaving the sensitive parts. Thanks to the unregulated speed, you’ll notice a uniformity of furs throughout the coat. I was impressed to find out that it’s a magnet-based motor. This reduces the chances of it malfunctioning.

Oster Volt Cordless Pet Clippers

This is a cordless unit. Don’t worry, the Lithium-Ion battery works perfectly fine. You need to charge it for sixty minutes or so. In return, the battery gives the clipper two hours of runtime. I was surprised to notice that charge level doesn’t impact the speed of the motor in question.

I need to mention a thing here about the battery. This is not built-in. Meaning, the users can swap the batteries when one runs out to have continuous power. Of course, you’ll have to buy the additional battery. But rest assured, the battery won’t dry up in the middle of trimming to make life difficult for you or your dog.

You must remember that motor and batteries alone won’t deliver you cutting-edge performances. You need to have state-of-the-art blades to do the dirty work. Fortunately, Oster A5 Clipper has a competent blade to take care of that front for us.

Say hello to CryogenX blades that are hand crafted. These are made of hardened carbon to achieve maximum cutting power and durability. One has to choose between sizes 10, 7F, 3F, 3, and 10W in accordance to the coat of his/her pet.

Whatever blade people choose, they’re all sharp and are tested for performance. The Turbo A5 is compatible with all of these blades as well. That minimizes the hassle of finding a suitable blade that fits our clipper/trimmer in question.

Just finding your way in clipping the dog’s furs? Don’t worry, Oster has you covered! People will receive detailed instructions that’ll teach them the ways and best practices of operating this trimmer.

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What I Like about this Trimmer

  • Many don’t realize the fact but the single speed this motor has contributes to its long life.
  • This trimmer remains cool even after I’ve used it on my Shih Tzu and Husky breed for grooming.
  • You’ll not hear the whirring sound or feel nasty vibrations when it comes to this machine.
  • This is a portable trimmer with a long-running battery with no memory issues whatsoever.
  • CryogenX blade is hard. It delivers wonderful cutting power when people need it to.

What I Don’t Like about this Trimmer

  • Oster’s customer service department can be a slow in responding to your claims. Be patient.

Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Animal Grooming Clippers

If you’re not a big fan of cordless grooming for your Shih Tzu, Oster has you covered. People will surely enjoy Oster golden A5 two-speed Clipper. It works while being hooked up to a power source. So, don’t worry about batteries depleting or loosing charge anytime soon. It’s a worry-free solution for you and the dog.

I bought this for my canine friend. It’s sturdy. Makers remembered the fact that animals are different than us humans. They can chew the machine to death. That’s why the outer casing of this tool is hardened to the point that it’s chew-proof. Adorable little devils won’t be able to put a dent on it.

You’ll find a variation in motor for this tool. Instead of just the one speed, the users will be able to play with two. This variable-speed motor has the lowest setting of 2100 SPM while 2700 SPM being the highest. Those of you who wanted better control and speed variations, there you have it.

Oster Golden A5

The lowest speed of the two is suitable for areas around your pup’s face, ears, legs, and mouth. You can switch to the higher speed level when going through the back and stomach. The earlier setting is called “Precision” setting. The latter is called “General Purpose” grooming.

CryogenX blade makes a return in this model too. Actually, it’s a trademark for Oster at this point. The #10 blade is what you get with this device. The blade is sharp and retains the sharpness for a long time. Keep it lubricated, combine it with the motor you have and you’re good for quick and precision shaving.

If you’re wondering which parts of the coat will you be able to cut with this blade, take a note. People can trim furs around the face, ears, the feet, tail, and the stomach. Don’t worry about coats with long or short hairs. This blade covers them all. Even dense coats won’t be a problem.

The blade is detachable as well. Meaning, if it wears out, users can switch it in favor of a new one. The machine is compatible with all Oster A5 blades.

You’ll find a bunch of guide combs to help you navigate this clipper on the coat of your dog. These combs are sturdy as well. There’s one catch. You need to buy these combs separately.

Also, you’ll do well to clean the entire machine before and after the job. Don’t worry, you’ll have cleaning brushes included in the kit. Also, there’s a lubricating oil in tow for the blade as well. It keeps the blade sharp and hair strands from sticking to it after the grooming session.

What I Like about this Trimmer

  • For all you sticklers for quality, the machine’s parts are made and assembled in the USA.
  • The CryogenX blade is hardened and tested for quality and consistency in the USA.
  • It’s a handy kit with guide combs and lubricant oil for the blade as well. There’s a cleaning brush too.
  • Two-speed motor is the cornerstone here. You can go for precision and general trimming.
  • You get the 12-inch cord that gives people a greater leash and flexibility to work with.

What I Don’t Like about this Trimmer

  • This is one trimmer/clipper I wouldn’t call an ergonomic one. It might not fit well in your hands.

Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

When you’re out to get the best dog clippers for Shih Tzu, sturdiness matters too. That’s why Andis has come up with a tough outer casing for the 2-speed clipper that we’ll talk about today. This casing is break-resistant and comes chew-proof so that our adorable canine friends can’t put a dent on it.

The motor is a piece of wonder in this tool. You get two speeds to play with thanks to this piece. The slower speed is perfect for areas around the face, neck, mouth, and legs. With the higher speed, you can take care of the back area. High-speed trimming allows to cut through coarse hair as well.

If you’re wondering about the speed levels, these are 3400 SPM in the lowest level and 4000 SPM in the highest. This is pin-point precision and quite a lot of power for people who need them.

Andis UltraEdge

I must mention that the motor doesn’t vibrate that much. Less vibration means less shaking. The trimmer won’t startle your dog and make it uneasy when you are trimming the hair. It claims to remain cool even if you run it for an extended period of time. As a result, dog won’t feel the heat after a long session.

I’m including this trimmer in an article about Shih Tzu. But this one is good for dogs of all breeds and fur types. Spaniels, Terriers, and Shepherds for example… are easy to trim with this Andis trimmer.

You’ll find this trimmer with size 10 ultra-edge blades. Ultra-edge blades are made of stainless steel. They are well-made too. These blades cut through dog fur quicker than you expect. Also, you’ll find these blades to be rust resistant and impervious to damages. These things won’t give into wear and tear.

Good thing is, these blades are detachable. Whenever one gets bad, you can change it in favor of a better one. That too, with just a flip of a switch. This model’s blades can be swapped with CiramicEdge and ShowEdge blades without any kind of compatibility or performance issues.

People can only use this product while it’s corded. The 14-feet cord is super flexible. Don’t worry, your dogs won’t be able to bite and chew it off. At the same time, the cord will grant you unrestricted movement around animals. Make sure you have a 120V connection in your house to run it with.

This means that people won’t be able to run Andis AGC2 while they stay in Europe. Even then, there’s a travel lock in place. It prevents this machine from accidentally turning on and ruining your clothes. You’ll have a small metal loop in place. This is handy when you want to hang it with the help of a hook.

What I Like about this Trimmer

  • Blades are super sharp. Stainless steel blades cut quick and easy without troubling canine friends.
  • The AGC2 motor has two speeds for the users to work with. Perfect for precision and quick cuts.
  • Shatterproof and chewproof housing lets owners cut dog furs without worrying about the device.
  • The device remains cool after cutting the fur and it vibrates less than others making it safe for dogs.
  • The storage option and the cord are terrific. You get the flexibility you want and the convenience.

What I Don’t Like about this Trimmer

  • Andis CLAIMS to remain cool but in actuality it seldom does after running for 40 – 45 minutes.

PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit

The last one on my list of best dog grooming clippers for Shih Tzu is the kit from PetTech. This product provides you with everything you need to groom your pet. Including all the combs and the blade with a pouch to securely cover it all. Make sure to check for all of these things before making the purchase.

By “All Things” I mean a trimming machine, as many as four different guide combs, a scissor, a cleaning brush, nail clipper kit, nail file, a big (more than 7-inch long) comb, lubricant oil, and a thinning shear. Yes, it’s the entourage of salon kit minus all the vibrations and noise.

Imagine clipping your dog’s nails, shaving the excessive hair, and grooming the coat at the same time. That too at the price of under $50. Amazing, right? That’s because it is!

PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit

I almost forgot to include the titanium “Fixed” blade and the moving blade made out of ceramics. Titanium blades offer superior cutting experience. The motor and the blades are ideal for thin to medium Shih Tzu coats. Don’t worry, these blades are adjustable and don’t pull on your dog’s hairs.

Okay, how to adjust them? The answer is simple! You’ll see a round and movable part right at the middle. Yes, the one which looks like a regulator. Just turn the regulator to match the digits. The digits correspond to different cutting lengths. The next thing to do is cut your dog’s hairs.

Yes, I get the part where people find it hard to replace clipper parts. Especially, blades. I’ve got two things to tell you. One: PetTech offers “Free” lifetime replacements of parts. Two: You’ll be able to take out the blades and replace them easily. Just push the bottom part of the trimmer upwards.

The blade will come up. Then, take it out and replace it with a new one.

If your furry friend is quick to startle and suffers from anxiety, PetTech Grooming Kit is the perfect one for him. The motor runs quietly when operating. There won’t be any annoying sound to unsettle your fur-balls. Low vibration levels of this unit won’t make the canines twitch or move around too much.

This machine is cordless. Yes, you won’t have to worry about the “Extra Long” power cord trapping your pet buddies when taking care of their coats. Also, you’ll be able to maneuver the item freely. It means, people won’t have to worry about uneven trimming or shaving of the coats.

If anyone is wondering how long the battery will last, my friend ran it for 30 minutes and it still had enough for another round. People tell me that they’ve even gone 1+ hours at a stretch with the device.

[Pro Tip: Before using the clippers on your Shih Tzu, give the dogs a proper bath]

What I Like about this Trimmer

  • A well-performing clipper with this many accessories at a low price is always a win.
  • The motor has multiple speed levels and it stays cool during and after grooming the dog(s).
  • Blades are sharp and they stay sharp. You’ll need the lubricant to maintain it and it’s there as well.
  • This is a noiseless clipper and it makes less vibrations than others. It won’t startle your dogs.
  • The cordless machine is quick to get charged and has a long battery. Use it corded if you wish.

What I Don’t Like about this Trimmer

  • In my view, it would’ve been better if there’d be diamond file and combs instead of metal ones.
  • Additional accessories are a bit flimsy in my opinion.

What Factors You Need to Consider Before Buying These Tools?

Okay, taking a look at the list above might seem like selecting the best of the lot is an easy business. News flash: It’s not. Instead, you need to look at a few things and decide on choosing essential accessories alongside the clipper to make the best deal possible. Let’s look at the factors.

  • Make Sure to Choose a Sturdy Unit

I know, I often speak about sturdy shavers/trimmers. They are handy when you’re looking prevent accidental damages. When these units fall, the possibility of breaking and/or receiving a dent will be negligible. But I’m telling you to get a sturdy unit for an entirely different reason.

The reason is our naughty pets. Our dogs often are restless. They can move around while trimming and shake the unit. A sturdy unit will be alright when this happens. It won’t get damaged.

Then, there’s the issue of chewing the unit. Naughty canine friends of ours will often try and chew these products. A sturdy unit won’t get dented. Also, these units won’t malfunction due to teeth marks.

  • Choose a Corded/Cordless Unit

Getting a wired or wireless unit is entirely your preference. But remember this, each of the units has its perks and benefits. For example: The corded units often have uninterrupted runtime. When choosing one of these products, make sure to go for one that has a long leash or cord length. This will allow people more flexibility and maneuverability.

When choosing a cordless unit, make sure that it’s easy to wrap your head around. Meaning, these units should be easy to handle and maneuver. Make sure to have one with a long battery life. The product should be able to get charged and quickly get ready for operation. I prefer ones with at least an hour of runtime before they give in.

  • Blades Must Be Sharp Enough to Take Care of the Coats

We’re clipping dog furs here and not human hairs. Dog furs are often stronger than hair strands. Thus, you need stronger blades than usual. I’ll advise you guys to get stainless steel blades. It’s even better to get a carbon steel treated blades. The latter is great when you’re shaving/clipping thick coats.

When choosing these blades, make sure to measure different number of these things. You’ll find different numbers assigned to these blades. Blades with each of these numbers are suitable for different types of furs and coats. Measure your furry friend’s coat type and choose the appropriate one for him.

  • Flexibility is the Key When Operating

You need to have certain flexibility when running these tools. For example, it’s better for the blades of your units to be adjustable. Clippers with adjustable blades are eligible for using on different types of coats of the Shih Tzu. Also, the motor should be able to operate within different speed levels.

The clippers often come in corded and cordless varieties. Yes, I know that I bragged about having a cordless unit by your side for maneuverability. But having a product that can work both in a cordless and corded manner is a gem. It gives you ways to continue working without solely relying on batteries or electricity.

  • Maintenance Options You Should Have

No matter how perfect a clipper/trimmer is, it needs proper maintenance. For example, the blades need proper lubrication to stay sharp and maintain the edge. Many a times, a user will have to buy the oil themselves. If you take a look at my list, I’ve provided products that supply the lubricating oil for free.

Also, take proper care of the machine by cleaning it properly. The procedure for it is pretty much similar to shavers/trimmers that we use. If anyone can buy units that allow cleaning by putting running water above it, that’s the ideal product. If not, look for a cleaning brush. It should get the fur out of the system.

  • Look for Additional Accessories

The best dog clippers for Shih Tzu are often sold as an entire package. Meaning, besides the machine you’ll have an entire set of accessories. Nowadays, even the cheap models (Hint: PetTech) feature scissors, guide combs (it’s a common accessory of all the clippers), a set of replacement blades, and a cleaning brush.

As a result, you don’t need to buy anything else from the marketplace (most of the times). Even the replacement batteries are included in some cases. Make sure to buy a tool with the entire kit if you have the chance. It’ll lessen the cost and make dog grooming easier on you guys.

How to Use the Best Dog Grooming Clippers?

Yes, you read it right. Even the best clippers need to be handled in a certain manner. Otherwise, there’s no point in buying these things. For all of you beginners out there, this section will serve as somewhat of a guideline from my experience. Please note: This is not a manual or code of any kind.

  • You need to give your Shih Tzu a nice bath and dry it before the clipping process even begins. Check for any kind of lump and cut.
  • Once you’re sure that there aren’t any signs of skin abnormalities, prepare the clipper. I always lubricate the blades before going into the process. It frees them up of dirt and furs. This way, the blades will cut Shih Tzu’s coat faster than before. Also, the blades will go on for longer.
  • Make sure to create a flat area on your dog’s coat to run the clipper over. This way, there will not be any bumps. Stretch the skin by hand to go over the tough-to-reach areas. Always shave or clip the furs with the grain. Clipping against the grain can result in nicks and cuts on skin.
  • Use the guide combs wisely. Select specific blades (if available) for specific regions. Select the appropriate blades as well. You’ll find different number of adjustable options. Sometimes tweaking or turning the “Regulator-style” knobs in place will do.
  • If and when you accidentally cut the skin, make sure to apply an antiseptic right away. Keep one close by in case any accident does happen.
  • Don’t forget to clean the blades and the entire device once you’re done. Use the blade lubricant and the cleaning brush(es) to good effect. If the clipper is waterproof and supports cleaning by soap, it’s great!
  • Once everything is done, make sure to dry and store it at a convenient place. Many of the products feature a hook and loop mechanism of some kind for people to hang them.

My Two Cents at the End!

Even with the top products on display, some of you might still find it hard to pick one for the count. Let me make it easy for you. If you want something cheap yet with a fantastic track record, go for the [easyazon_link identifier=”B0765BFVGK” locale=”US” tag=”gar0c-20″]clipper from PetTech[/easyazon_link]. This is a brand which gets you the best within a budget.

Have money to spare? Go for [easyazon_link identifier=”B00EVBXI5S” locale=”US” tag=”gar0c-20″]Wahl Animal Clipper[/easyazon_link]. With considerable years behind its back, Wahl is the perfect product for an all-round performance. People won’t have to worry about battery life or the product malfunctioning in any way. This one is par for the price.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B005NFSUFY” locale=”US” tag=”gar0c-20″]Oster clippers[/easyazon_link] are the ones to go for if you want the best of both worlds (price and performance). People will even have the luxury of buying additional battery packs for additional runtime. But the real catch lies in the blades. Oster blades are adjustable and compatible with all types of replacements.

This allows you greater flexibility when operating with one. My verdict for the best dog grooming clipper brand for Shih Tzu goes to Oster.

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