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Best Edge Up Clippers: Edge Your Hair Like A Pro

An excellent edge up haircut will provide anyone with a unique bordered hairstyle where the hair is cut along the hairline. The design produces an edge that can go well with many other additional styles. But to make the most out of such a haircut, you need to use the right edge up clippers for the task at hand. Fortunately, you can find various types of clippers for the job at hand.

This guide includes ten of the best edge up clippers you can use for when you’re aiming to produce an attractive cut. These clippers come with various features, but they all work with the same goal of creating the outstanding close bordered cut that can only come with an edge up hairstyle.

What Makes Such a Clipper Distinct?

An edge up clipper, or lineup clipper is needed for producing the edges that a refined edge up haircut can handle. An edge up clipper cuts hair along the person’s natural hairline.

The clipper uses a sharp blade that gets closer to the hair. The design can move along the entire head to create a full edge where the hair is cut with the hairline being open. You can utilize the clipper for a fade cut, afro, Mohawk, or undercut among many others.

A clipper may use some attachments to create a better fade effect if desired. But the goal of the edge up clipper is to create a defined series of borders around the ends of the hair to create a more dynamic appearance.

10 Best Clippers for Lineup Reviews

1. Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip #8148– A Professional Choice

Your first option to look at is this professional-grade clipper from Wahl that provides a sharper cut every time. The design is flexible and versatile for all your hair styling needs.

Wahl Professional 5-Star #8148

The trimmer uses a firm body with zero-overlap 2161 blades that work quickly. A taper lever is included on the top to help you adjust the clipper so you can produce the best fades and blends.

A lithium-ion battery provides you with 90 minutes of power on a charge, although you can also use the clipper while plugged into an outlet.

Eight attachment combs are included for your convenience. These combs provide you with extra help for cutting through the toughest bits of hair. These include longer spots that you need to cut through to improve upon the edge you wish to produce.

A cleaning brush comes with this cutter. You can use the brush to help with cleaning out anything that gets into the blades, not to mention help with oiling the blade.

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My Impression

It was effortless for me to take care of long hair with this clipper. I can use the guide combs to produce both a better cut and an even trim all around the head.

The slim design of the clipper helped me with targeting all parts of the head. At a little over six inches in length, the clipper is close enough to where I can get more control over where it goes. Also, the clipper blades were sturdy enough to handle all bits of hair that I needed to cut through.

The housing on the clipper was also strong enough to help me cut through hair without producing lots of annoying vibrations. This is huge as I often struggle with trying to hold a clipper due to it shaking so much.

What Could Be Better?

It is often tough for me to clean out the coarsest hairs that get into the blades even with the included brush. The lighter bits of hair are much easier to work around.

2. Andis Professional T-Outliner Hair Trimmer – A Simplified Approach

Sometimes you only need edge up clippers that are simple without being complex. This Andis trimmer is one of the best hairline clippers around thanks to how well the set provides you with a basic layout.

Andis Professional T-Outliner Hair Trimmer (04710)

The grooved surface on the trimmer gives you a better grip no matter which hand you utilize. The power switch on the bottom will not get in the way of your hand or wrist. The curved body also ensures your entire hand can fit over the surface.

The design uses a carbon-steel blade that gets close to the skin and trims off more hair without producing irritation. The teeth are fine and laid out towards one another to create the deepest and closest cut possible.

An eight-foot cord works as a power source. The cord is flexible and does not wear out even as the unit keeps bending around. The housing unit is also insulated to where the motor will not cause lots of vibrations.

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My Impression

The positioning of the blades was a point that I liked the most. The blades are organized outside of the housing to where I can use only a portion of the blade row on the skin. The feature is important for when I’m trying to edge behind the ears or around the tightest spaces at the back part of the head.

The trimmer includes a firm body that is easy for me to grip. I appreciate how the lightweight and slim design makes it easier for me to bend the unit around and cut through various bits of hair.

I used this on both wet and dry hair, and it worked in both cases. This point makes it easier for me to cut hair without having to make much of a mess.

What Could Be Better?

Replacing the blades on this trimmer is tough to do. I have to use a separate screwdriver to get the blade to come off so I can clean or replace it.

3. Oster Fast Feed Clipper 76023-510 – Two Blades For Convenience

Part of using edge up clippers entails ensuring you can move from one longer length to another to improve upon the cutting process. The Oster Fast Feed clipper provides you with a versatile array of cutting options.

Oster Fast Feed Clipper 76023-510

The body features a burgundy tone with an adjusting lever for switching between blades. The power knob on the side does not protrude far too much, thus ensuring you don’t accidentally set it off while using the unit.

The two blades on the top part are 000 and 1 units, which are 0.5 and 2.4mm in length. You can move from the 1 blade to the 000 unit when you need to pass through longer bits of hair to produce a better edge up look. The blade setting locks in plane thanks to the top lever.

The quiet motor on the inside ensures the cutting process will be easy to handle. The power source works quickly regardless of whether you are cutting wet or dry hair.

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My Impression

I like how this Oster Fast Feed clipper provides me with a versatile approach for cutting hair. I can use this to trim even the toughest bits of hair. The four added guide comb attachments, particularly the shorter blending comb, were also helpful for my cutting needs. Each part did well in helping me to get closer to the hairline with each cut.

The extended power cord was easy to work with. The cord did not add lots of weight to the unit. The trimmer continued to work at the same speed all the way through. The motor is also quiet and does not cause lots of vibrations.

The narrow design of the clipper was a big plus for me. I can hold this in my hand without problems.

What Could Be Better?

The cleaning process for this clipper set is rather hard to follow. I struggled on occasion to get some coarse bits of hair to come out of the clipper.

4. Remington HC6550 Vacuum Haircut Kit – Simplifies the Cleanup Process

The idea of combing a clipper with a vacuum sounds like an unusual idea, but Remington makes it work. This clipper set includes all the parts you need for a haircut while also making cleanup easy.

Remington HC6550

The cutter uses titanium-coated blades to get through even the thickest bits of hair. The blades work well on wet and dry hair alike.

Eleven guide combs help you to cut through longer forms of hair. Two of those combs are made with taper and fade effects in mind.

As for the vacuum, the trimmer uses a separate mechanism that takes in bits of hair that are cut off. The opening to the vacuum bin is right under the blade. The vacuum uses a gentle pulling motion to take in any hair that the trimmer cuts. You can dispose of the hair by removing the bin for simple cleaning.

The set uses a lithium-ion battery that lasts for 60 minutes after being charged for four hours. You can also keep the clipper plugged in if you wish.

My Impression

I found the idea of using a vacuum alongside a trimmer interesting at the start, but I found quickly that this is pretty effective. I found that the scalp I was trimming did not have too many old hair bits left on it as I went through, thus making it easier for me to cut around the sides.

The blades were very firm and could get through hair quite well. The blades were sharp enough to get through thicker and coarser spots. I did not experience any changes in the unit’s speed or how well it could move through.

The curved body was also easy to grip. The design offers a round-like layout that is easy for me to hold.

What Could Be Better?

The vacuum may be too powerful for people who have long hair. It is probably best to keep a person’s hair wet when cutting the hair. The blades can also become clogged with thick hair bits at times.

5. Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110 – Gets Closer Than Most

Wahl promotes this clipper specifically with balding needs in mind. But while people with balding heads can use this for a full shave, those looking for an edge up haircut can also use this to get a closer cut for when they need to produce the best possible edges.

Wahl Professional 5-Star #8110

The contoured design on this clipper includes a body that works in either hand. The sides include some gentle curves that produce a consistent grip.

The titanium blades are perfectly milled and are self-sharpening models that cut through hair in moments. You can apply one of three separate trimming combs to the end for added support. The blades can also move closer towards the skin than others, but even then the blades are gentle and will not produce irritation or cuts all around.

The electromagnetic motor is a significant part of this trimmer to notice. The power source uses fewer moving parts than a pivot motor, thus cutting through hair in less time.

My Impression

The fine nature of the trimmer is appealing, but my favorite part of this model is how efficient the unit is. The clipper can go through hair in a few moments and does well with producing an even trim.

The eight-foot power cord was also helpful for providing the unit with energy without wearing out. The attachments that I can use are also easy to affix and provide me with extra control over the cutting process so I can get through hair without struggles.

I did not struggle with maintaining the clipper set in the least. The included brush is dense enough to go through the blades, although the already sharpened blades are a big part of what makes the clipper set so useful and functional.

What Could Be Better?

The trimmer set does not have as many attachments as I wished it would have. I bet the design would work well with a taper trimmer attachment or something longer.

6. Panasonic ER-GB80-S Body and Beard Trimmer – Works Quickly For All Bits of Hair

The intriguing design of this Panasonic trimmer stood out thanks to the attractive knob in the middle for controlling the cut. But the extensive assortment of settings for the trimmer is just the start of what makes this mode work.

Panasonic ER-GB80-S

Panasonic makes this trimmer with a slight curve along its length to improve upon how you can hold the unit. Meanwhile, the design features a knob above the power button for switching the trimmer length.

You can use the A and B blades on this by pushing the smaller blade up or down to use that one. The lower blade is narrow and includes closer blades for a deeper edge cut. You can also use one of three attachment heads on the trimmer, thus producing a total of 39 clipping settings.

The 45-degree trimmer blades are made with stainless steel and produce a faster cut. You can also use this around various parts of the skin, including around the beard.

My Impression

I found it easy for me to adjust the settings on the trimmer. The design was comfortable for me to use around the entire head. The design offers trims in 0.5mm increments from 0.5 to 20mm, thus giving me extra control over how the trimming process could work. The feature gave me a better guide over long and short hair alike.

The blade layout was comfortable on the skin of each person I trimmed. The blades could cut well through everyone’s hair without slowing down. The flexible blade layout was particularly helpful in giving me an extra bit of control over the cutting process.

The rubber grip on this is something I have not seen on many other trimmer models. The hold gave me extra control over the cutting effort.

What Could Be Better?

It is easy for hair to get stuck in between the large and small blades. There should be some guard at this point to keep that hair from getting in there.

7. Hatteker Cordless Hair Trimmer Pro Hair– A Comprehensive Approach

The extended setup of this Hatteker set provides you with several pieces for all you edge up clipping needs. The battery setup on this Hatteker adds a comfortable design for your use as well.

Hatteker Cordless Hair Trimmer Pro Hair

Hatteker makes this with a slim circular body all the way through. The design is narrow enough to go around the user’s hand.

The Hatteker cordless trimmer uses a ceramic titanium blade with a self-sharpening blade that will stay sharp and get through all types of hair. The detachable blade adds a powerful body that is easy to control. The adjustment knob in the middle part of the trimmer lets you control the specific movement.

The powerful rechargeable battery on this model can work for about 150 minutes on an average charge. You can use the included charging base or use the USB quick-charge option. It takes about two hours for the battery to be charged up. A digital display also shows how much battery power is left.

My Impression

The long-lasting battery is a big plus for me. I appreciate that Hatteker produced this unit with a battery that will not burn out or wear fast while I use the setup. The design especially does well with producing power in a few moments.

The turnable blade control lets me adjust the blade from 0.5 to 2.5 mm in size. The six added guide combs are great for when I’m trying to produce different edge up designs for any person whose hair I am looking to cut.

I did not have to struggle with getting the battery to work, nor did it take a while for me to charge it up. The digital display on the bottom part was very convenient.

What Could Be Better?

The unit requires me to remove the battery’s memory before I start charging. I have to press the power button before charging to remove that memory; this can take a bit of time on occasion.

8. Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper – Versatile For Many Styles

Having different attachment combs can make a difference in your cutting efforts. This Wahl Super Taper II clipper provides you with many of these combs for your convenience.

Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper #8470-500

The clipper comes with eight color-coordinated comb attachments from 3mm to 25mm in length. Each comb attachment works for styling needs and for trimming longer bits of hair. You can use these when you’re trying to cut longer hair to produce the edge up look that you want to attain.

The fast clipper comes with an electromagnetic motor to keep the clipper working in a matter of moments to go through the tightest bits of hair.

The clipper features a stainless steel body that features curves on both sides to give you a better ergonomic hold. The taper lever on the top provides you with extra help for getting closer to the hair as necessary. The power level on the bottom part is small enough to keep from being caught on anything while you use the unit.

My Impression

I appreciate how well the guide combs are designed and that each of these parts provides a clean and smooth cut all the way through. The color-coordinated nature of each is a huge plus, what them helping me to identify what I need for the cutting task. The motor also runs fast and moves through the hair without much struggle, thus giving me more help with getting a clear and crisp cut going.

The design of the clipper is smooth and easy to hold. I enjoyed using this clipper quite well as it offered a smooth glide along the hair of each person I used this model for. The simplicity of the clipper was a big plus for me.

What Could Be Better?

The eight-foot electric cord that is attached to this model is not all that flexible. The line is thick enough to stay strong, but even then the unit can be hard to move.

9. Braun BT3040 Men’s Ultimate Hair Clipper– Great For All Lengths

You will not struggle with producing an edge up haircut when you use this Braun trimmer. The knob control on this unit makes it easier for you to create a cut based on length.

Braun BT3040 Men’s Ultimate Hair Clipper

The knob at the top part of the clipper features 39 length settings for your cutting needs. You can use this for trimming hair in many forms while getting into some of the deepest spots around one’s hair to create a better edge up hairstyle. The two included guide combs also offer help for measurements from 0.5 to 20mm in length.

The setup works with a comfortable grip with a power button recessed in the middle of the unit. The sharp blades are flexible enough to go through coarse hair around the face and sides.

The battery can last for up to 60 minutes on a full charge. The housing on the trimmer is also insulated enough to keep vibrations from being a hassle while you use this model.

My Impression

I had no issues with cleaning off this trimmer. I can add the trimmer head under running water to allow the surface to be washed off all the way.

The helpful guide combs were useful for long and short hair alike. The unit does well with stubble in particular. I can use the shorter comb with handling stubble to get down to those last bits of hair to create a better edge up design all around. The lack of vibrations coming out of this trimmer was vital for helping me to keep a steady hand and control over the set.

I found it interesting that Braun included a Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor with this set. The razor does work well for edging needs.

What Could Be Better?

It takes eight hours to charge up the battery. I would have liked some quick-charge feature that would let me charge it faster and make it ready a little sooner.

10. Andis Master Hair Clipper Silver (01557) – Just Like What the Pros Use

Your final choice for the best shape up clippers to use is this Andis Master clipper set. The design is basic and offers a body similar to what you might find at a traditional barbershop.

Andis Master Hair Clipper Silver (01557)

The Master uses aluminum housing with a stainless steel appearance without adding lots of weight. The small curve on its body produces a hold that you can grip for hours without experiencing fatigue. A taper lever is included around the top. Everything is secured with a lightweight eight-foot electric cord.

The magnetic motor works with carbon-steel blades to produce a crisp cut. The powerful blades will not dull or weaken over time, thus providing a firm cut every time you use this model for trimming off even the tightest edge angles.

The lever adjusts the blade from a 000 to 1 position for long and short hair alike. The thumb-operated design on the switch makes it easy for you to shift between lengths without struggles.

My Impression

The secure grip that I get off of this hair clipper is my favorite part of this model. I don’t feel any wear while using it, what with the clipper being lightweight and the cord being flexible. The taper lever is positioned in the perfect spot for my convenience as well.

The fast magnetic motor was great for me, but what I liked is that the clipper did not produce lots of vibrations while I was holding it. Even with that fast speed, the motor kept on working along the hair while not stopping from anything. The carbon steel blades were also powerful; my favorite part of these is that I do not have to sharpen those blades for the setup to work.

What Could Be Better?

I have to oil the blades before and after each use. The routine seems like way too much work. It’s not easy to clean off the blades before oiling the unit either.

What Should You Find In the Best Edge Up or Shape Up Clippers?

  • Enough Cutting Lengths

The best liner clippers are designed with several cutting lengths. You can use controls on a clipper to move from one length to another. Some models come with knobs that utilize many lengths. Others use taper levers that move between lengths, with the 0.5 and 2.4mm positions being the most popular. The options for your cut should be determined based on how long the person’s hair that you are cutting is.

  • A Firm Power Source

You must see how the best clippers for hairline cutting are powered. You need a power source that can last for a while and will keep a motor running without losing speed or efficiency. A rechargeable battery may be included in some clippers. Others require a fixed electric cord that has to stay plugged in. The latter should have a cord that is long enough so you can keep a good hold on your clipper set.

  • A Powerful Motor

The motor you use in your clipper set should be powerful enough to go through anyone’s hair. You can find many types of clipper motors, including an electromagnetic motor that uses fewer moving parts. A pivot motor that runs slower but produces more power for thicker or wet hair may also help. Either way, the motor you choose should be capable of going through the hair you wish to target.

  • Sturdy Blades

The blades you will utilize in your clipper have to be firm. Blades that sharpen themselves are always welcome. The materials in those blades can also vary. Titanium blades are ideal for lasting longer. Steel blades are harder in their surfaces. The blades should conform to various cutting lengths and types of hair as well. Be advised that you might have to regularly oil those blades regardless of the materials in their builds.

  • Attachment Features

Depending on the model you use, you might find an edge up clipper that uses guide combs. These attachments help guide your way through thicker or longer hair spots. You will need different combs for specific hair lengths to get through spots while creating a straight line for the perfect edge up cut. Some attachments include taper-style combs that form a unique fade for simplifying the edge up design.

  • A Sturdy Handle

You need a great handle on your clipper if you want to keep it functional. The best clippers come with curved bodies and handles that are easy to grip and use. Some models come with rubber grips that add a little more traction. Others have grooves that facilitate a better grip on the body. Regardless of what you utilize, you need a handle that offers a firm and easy to hold body that works well.

  • A Vibration-Free Design

The moving parts in a motor can often cause vibrations. Your clipper needs to include an insulated housing setup that does not produce annoying vibrations. The housing should come with enough cover to absorb the motions produced by the motor. Anything that keeps the vibrations from being too intense is important, as you need to keep the trimmer secured well in your hand at all times without slipping out.

A Final Word

My opinion is that the best edge up clippers you can use is the Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip. The vibration-free body of the clipper and assorted series of attachments make this Wahl model convenient. The ability to go from a cordless to a plugged-in setup produces a versatile interface.

You should look at this clipper set, but don’t forget to see all the different choices for the best hairline clippers you can utilize. Such clippers are designed to be easy to incorporate into any cutting process. You can find it easy to create the most dynamic haircuts possible when you have an effective edge up clipper set.

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