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Best Head Shavers For Men: 6 Electric Shavers That Guarantee Top-Grade Results!

When push comes to shove, electric head shavers are more than just portable goods that save time. In fact, when used the right way, head shavers can become essentials to self-care and personal grooming.

The gadgets promote the safest way to obtain a clean shave, reduce signs of baldness, and boost one’s esteem issues indefinitely. Each gadget is curated carefully to meet the pH level of the scalp, making it easy to avoid repercussions such as redness in the long run.

Despite being new to the industry, head shavers remain untouched, garnering a monopolistic market.

No one can get in the way of how dominant they are at their job, especially when household names like Pitbull and Remington are in the mix.

If you’re in dire need of a head shaver, but don’t have enough time to do the research yourself, I’ve got your back, indefinitely.

Mentioned below are 6 of the best head shavers dominating the world of personal care right now, and 6 must-haves if you’re enlightened by bald shaves.

I hope my experience with each electric bald shaver not only feels like a good read, but also helps you with making a decision!

Top 6 Electric Head Shavers Reaching New Heights In Personal Care: A Brief Overview!

Top 6 Electric Head Shavers

Before I dive into the 6 electric head shavers that I believe will remain the frontrunners in grooming for years to come, here’s a small preview underneath with a one-liner that defines each gadget.

You may move forward to the upcoming segments if you’d like to learn about the elements I assessed and my two cents on each head shaver. On the contrary, if you’re running low on time, you can also conclude with the help of the following table.

ModelBetter Known AsPrice
Pitbull Gold ProBest Head Shaver For African American Hair See On Amazon
Remington Balder ProMost Beginner-friendly Electric Head Shaver See On Amazon
Microtouch Titanium Most Functional Head Shaver For Bald Heads See On Amazon
Pitbull Silver ProBest Head Shaver For Coarse Hair See On Amazon
Freebird’s Flex Series Best Multipurpose Head Shaver See On Amazon
Andis Profoil Shaver Best Foil Shaver For Sensitive Scalp See On Amazon

Why Choose A Head Shaver? Elements That Give Them The Edge Over Trimmers, Clippers, And Shavers!

Though head shavers are not new to the game, the reception of such grooming tools isn’t as flourishing as that of trimmers and clippers.

However, if you’re seeking a device that will make your bald head look even better and enable shaving without the occurrence of razor burns, perhaps you should ditch your age-old trimmer, clipper, and razor for a reliable unit known as a head shaver.

Why, you ask? Skim through the following portions to find your answer!

Unique floating blade system for a skin-friendly shave

Unique floating blade system

While razors use sharp blades, trimmers use detachable blades housed with ceramic, or stainless steel. Despite offering different positives, all three of them fall short of being ideal when dealing with one’s scalp.

Headshavers carry 3-layered floating blade systems that are cushioned with springs. The springs aren’t just fast, but work together to provide an extremely close shave with tons of comfort.

Ergonomic grip with box-shaped base

Ergonomic grip with box-shaped base

While most grooming tools have curvy handles, headshavers carry handles with ergonomic housing and a square-shaped structure.

This makes headshavers the more reliable counterpart when pitted against regular shavers and trimmers, as their unorthodox styled base enables a five-finger, closed-fist technique that generates outstanding grip control.

Precision-oriented operation

Thanks to the grip, obtaining seamless navigation is a piece of cake when using headshavers.

As long as you move the device in a circular motion, obtaining a close shave should be precise, and effortless.

This seems to beat trimmers and clippers, which can generate inconsistent results during prolonged use.

Wet and dry shaving in the palm of your hand

With trimmers, clippers, and razors, it’s quite anxiety-inducing to partake in wet shaves.

Often, regardless of how relaxed they may seem, each blade system can easily get stuck in between hair cuticles, causing friction from tugging and pulling.

But this is what the spring-textured floating blades of headshavers avoid. They dig deep, but move so fast that all that the blades accumulate is hair.

It’s kind of like foil-infused heads, if you ask me, but even better because of how cushioned the floating blades are with their inward structure.

Additionally, while many trimmers are considered safe for being IPX7 certified, the motors remain prone to water damage.

The Ultimate Remedy To Head Shaving: 6 Must-have Head Shavers For A Gleaming Look!

Believe it or not, head shavers are game changers in the world of grooming. They not only specialize in getting their job done without leaving behind a scratch, but also offer tons of gifts within their system and packaging to be an all-in-one solution for your hairy issues.

Listed below are some of the top electric head shavers known for their promising hardware, as well as the results they tend to bring. Read through the list carefully, though, as each system possesses its own selling point!

Pitbull Skull Shaver GOLD PRO

Pitbull Skull Shaver GOLD PRO

Check Price On Amazon

If you’re hoping to kill two birds with one stone and shave beyond the nape line, I’d suggest you have a go at Pitbull’s Skull Shave Gold Pro; a significant upgrade from the Silver Pro; a minor downgrade from the unbeatable Platinum Pro.

Key Features: Pitbull Skull Shaver Gold Pro

ModelPitbull Skull Shaver Gold Pro
Blade System4-D floating blades (Forte Pro)
BatteryLi-Ion battery
Battery Life90 minutes
Billed Weight (oz.)10 ounces
Best forAfro-textured hair

Though this Pitbull model reprises tons of common ground with the Silver Pro, the difference maker is, without a doubt, its blade system, which touches the same crown as the Pitbull Platinum Pro.

In short, Pitbull Skull Shaver Gold Pro comes with a Forte Pro blade, which caters more to all hair types. While it does eliminate hair strands from my scalp effortlessly, the same can’t be said for black men with afro-textured hair, since that’s when the Carver Pro will come into play.

Carver Pro also contains the same 4-D system, it is much sharper than the Forte Pro, and works best with a coarse head of hair.

The Forte Pro offers relentless speed, still, and feels quite effortless to use when it’s time to clean up the temple of my scalp for a sharper look.

Pitbull GOLD PRO blades

If you ask me, this blade is made for afro-textured hair, and any African American hoping to focus on their roots and natural hair.

What provides comfort is the grip of the base, otherwise known as the handle, which accommodates the whole palm.

Once I adjust my hand around the grip, it almost resembles a closed fist, which works well when I’m digging deep with the Forte Blade Pro for a close shave.

Gold pro in the palms

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The device feels comfortable around the neck as well, which can be helpful when growing hair. It gets rid of any awkward flyaway around the napeline, and provides more elevation around the hairline if you’re careful with the blade.

While the battery life is as impressive as it can possibly get with a runtime of 90 minutes, I love how the battery indicator always has my back during prolonged use.

battery status indicator

By flipping the device, I find a screen that unveils the percentage of the battery, which is more helpful than any other battery status indicator out there.

Cleaning the device is a walk in the park, especially once you get the hang of unbuttoning the base of the 4-D blade.

GOLD PRO unlocked cleaning chamber

Upon removing the blade, give this waterproof device a thorough rinse to preserve its performance and maintain the hygienic aspect of bald shavers.

One thing that does concern me is how inconsistent the Pitbull is, especially with its blades. The blades claim to have a lifespan of 3 months, but can easily wear out once you start using it regularly.

Pitbull GOLD PRO design

To play it safe, keep the blades clean. Wash them thoroughly after each use, and dry them rigorously until the surface contains no moisture!

Forte Pro caters to any hair type with ease.The blades need to be replaced every 3 months for best results.
4-D blade system with a snap-off cleaning chamber.
LED indicator that unveils the percentage of the battery life.
Incredible grip with the compact glossy base.
Gold-plated housing for a premium feel.
90 minute runtime for careful operation.

Remington Balder Shaver

Remington Balder Shaver

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Next up is the Remington Balder Pro, which takes matters into its own hands with an adaptable and flexible shaving head.

Key Features: Remington Balder Shaver Pro

ModelRemington Balder Shaver Pro
Blade System5-D floating system
BatteryLi-Ion battery
Battery Life50 minutes
Billed Weight (oz.7.94 ounces
Best ForBeginners and veterans

I quite like the blade system, which puts 5-overpowered and extremely agile blades to use. The electric shaver is quite quick at removing hair, especially when dealing with thin to fine hair.

Remington close-up of blade system

This head shaver is a great piece for bald heads, and can mimic a close shave to hide signs of ageing and hair loss.

The blades feel sharp yet lenient on my scalp, however, leaving behind no signs of redness, which is common when you’re shaving with poor form.

If you’re hoping to obtain top-notch results, always make sure you use it on a clean scalp, even if your hair density is low.

Remington balder shaver design

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Shampoo before shaving your head, so that the strands are baby-soft and cooperative against the blades of the Remington Balder Pro!

If you’d like to learn more about how things work, be sure to check out my full review of the Remington Balder Pro.

Remington balder shaver housing

While the grip isn’t as comfortable as that provided by the Pitbull Skull Shavers, I quite fancy how well it guarantees safety with its ergonomic handle.

The base is coated with a rubber grip, which is easy for my palms to adjust to. This once again feels a bit unnatural in contrast to other skull shavers, but works wonders when it’s time to navigate the blades.

What I don’t like is the plastic coating at the centre of the device, as well as the silver paint job that comes with it.

Remington balder shaver handle

I also feel that the placement of the power button should have been at the bottom, while the battery status indicator should’ve been at the top.

The initial placement just feels off and uncomfortable, which can also result in accidental power-ups.

Remington balder shaver charging

This bald shaver is as strong as many trimmers, however, with a runtime of 50 minutes. If you’re opting for a clean shave, I assume it will take you only 8 minutes if your form is correct.

In other words, if you do obtain this system, on full battery, you can use this device at least 7 times, even more so if you’re seeking to give yourself a clean-up around the sides.

While the grip does look out of place and isn’t as lean in accordance with my preferences, it is dependable in the shower, making the Remington Balder Pro a specialist in wet shaves.

Clean up chamber of Remington

I am in awe of their clean-up chamber as well, which buckles all 5 of the rotary blades off in seconds. All I do is grab the double-coated lid on top to snap all the blades open, before rinsing the insides in warm water.

Since it only supports close shaves and clean looks, I’d label the Remington Balder Pro the best shaver for bald looks.

Frontal photo of Remington

It might take some swipes to clean afro-textured hair, but is ideal if you’re hoping to use its 5-D 360 rotary blades for straight to wavy hair.

Offers a 5-way blade system, and battery indicator for beginners.Only provides a battery life of 50 minutes.
Feathery base with lightweight operation.Opening the chamber could be difficult with no nails.
Central cleaning chamber that accumulates all the hair for a quick and easy cleanup process.5-D blade can miss some hard-to-reach areas.
Solid control, even in the shower.
Best for straight to wavy hair.

Microtouch Titanium Head Shaver

Microtouch Titanium Head Shaver

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The Microtouch Titanium Head Shaver is what I like to call the middle child among head shavers, offering tons of upgrades from the average bald shaver, but just a bit less from the frontrunner.

Key Features: Microtouch Titanium Head Shaver

ModelMicrotouch Titanium Head Shaver
Blade System5-way Floating Blades
BatteryLi-Ion battery
Battery Life80 minutes
Billed Weight (oz.)12.6 ounces
Best ForFunctionality

The united 5-flexible shaving heads feel quite soothing on the scalp, almost like a scalp massage. The device runs fast still, powered by titanium coated housing that wipes away thin to thick pieces of short hair.

Blade system of microtouch

What I like about the titanium is that it can provide a clean zero-gapped shave, that too within minutes.

Don’t get too high and mighty, however, as titanium coated blades heat up much faster than ceramic, which can easily expose you and your scalp to burns and discomfort.

Microtouch in water

Before using this device, I always run the 5-D flex head in cool water. The temperature remains low that way, allowing me to obtain a quick shave without injuring susceptible layers of skin on my scalp.

The device is quite feathery in the hands, but also too round for my liking.

Microtouch in the palms

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I feel that Microtouch could have taken notes from Remington and Skull Shaver Pitbull Pro in this aspect, which provides an extra bulky attachment for handling and manoeuvrability.

Despite taking up loads of space, however, navigation is seamless with this MicroTouch model, mainly due to its grip.

I’m fond of how reliable it is in the shower, although I do wish they incorporated the grip in every opening as opposed to using two sides only.

Microtouch handle

With an 80-minute runtime, this device feels quite reliable to use if you’re hoping to replicate a completely bald look.

Tons of time is needed, however, as this head shaver requires multiple swipes to mimic the visuals of a gleaming bald head.

Even though I do have tons to be concerned about when recommending this electric head shaver to existing enthusiasts, I feel the opposite when suggesting this to beginners.

The device not only defies power with its 5-D blade system, but also is a breeze to clean with a chamber that snaps off quite easily.

Frontal look of microtouch

Use the bristles of the narrow cleaning brush to clog each compartment to the fullest, especially if your hair is as thick as mine.

If only it had an LED battery indicator instead of a gizmo-like power indicator, I feel that this would’ve beaten Freebird’s Grooming’s Flex Series Shaving Kit as the better candidate for an easygoing shave.

Titanium-infused floating blades offer an efficient runtime.The power indicator looks out of place.
Stocky build with lightweight operation.Round-shaped base feels unnatural.
Offers a runtime of 80 minutes, making it equally compelling to the frontrunners.
5-D blade system for a close yet comfortable shave.
Rubber-coated grip for exceptional control.

Freebird’s Flex Series Shaving Kit

Freebird’s Flex Series Shaving Kit

Check Price On Amazon

A one-man army among this list of candidates is Freebird’s Flex Series, a great kit to invest in for a full-body grooming session.

It all starts with the head shaver, a tool that I believe tackles afro-hair the best. Featuring a 5-D blade system, it provides an extremely comfortable shave in quick succession.

Key Features: Freebird’s Flex Series Shaving Kit

ModelFreebird’s Flex Series Shaving Kit
Blade System5-way Floating blades
BatteryLi-Ion battery
Battery Life90 minutes
Billed Weight (oz.) 16 ounces
Best ForAn all-round shave

I usually find it easy to use on the temple first, moving on to the top of the scalp and the backside of my head afterwards.

Flex Series in the palm

This allows me to create the guideline first around the sides, before curating a high-contrast look with scissors on the top, and low fade underneath it.

The visuals of the device reminds me of the Remington Balder Pro. However, as opposed to the former, Freebird’s flex series carries a bulkier housing that feels heavier for some reason.

Another element that the Flex Series adopts from the Remington Balder Pro is the battery indicator, which I’m completely okay with.

Battery status indicator of Flex Series

In fact, when push comes to shove, the battery status display only promotes comfort and convenience, both of which I’m okay with.

It matches Pitbull’s Gold Pro in terms of endurance, carrying a battery life of 90 minutes.

While this is a subjective take, I feel that the Flex Series having a battery life of an hour and 30 minutes not only gives me enough time to groom the hair on my scalp, but also enables me to partake in a full body grooming session with ease.

One of my favorite aspects about this kit is the way in which it offers everything.

In addition to giving you a crispy clean head shave, Flex Series also contours your face with the stainless steel t-blade it contains.

Flex series with t-blade

The T-blade can bring more tightness onto a beard, and reduce width from the side burns to allow it to transition smoothly onto the facial hair.

Hold your horses, since the device also acts as a great body groomer.

Sure, the T-blade can’t be as compelling as the Multigroom, but it has helped me get rid of chest, forearm, and leg hair multiple times, that too with tons of comfort.

A great element about this wet and dry head shaver is how it ensures convenience before, during, and after the shaving process.

Scalp exfoliator of Flex Seires

It does so by offering a scalp scrub, which promotes blood vessels through the massage, and reduces patches of dead skin.

The gadget also comes with a shaving brush, which you can use to lather foam over your scalp, beard, or anywhere this device can be used.

I quite like how soft the bristles are, and how generous it feels. From the scalp to the neck, the shaving brush can be used anywhere with ease.

Flex series design

Check Price On Amazon

While there is a cleaning chamber of this device, it ditches the normal easygoing snap-off system for a spin-out at the centre blade, which I’m not the biggest fan of.

I feel that, since it did adopt traits of other headshavers, the Flex Series of Freebird easily could have mimicked the cleaning chamber of Pitbull and Remington Balder Pro, since they offer a much deeper cleaning session.

I don’t know if this can make up for the previous shortcoming, but the Freebird also offers a nose trimmer, which is an underrated component in my opinion.

Nose trimmer of Flex Series

A little-known fact about me is that I always suffer from allergies, which stem from the particles trapped in my nose.

Offering a nose trimmer alongside a headshaver sounds like a great deal to me, as it can keep my scalp clean, and prevent my body from sudden repercussions.

In conclusion, for an all-time body shaving and head shaving experience, your go-to companion should be Freebird’s Flex Series shaving kit, which offers three well-built components to support their claim.

The head shaver, nose trimmer, and t-lined detachable blade literally shape the grooming experience, the ergonomic design of the base promotes seamless navigation.

If you’re into experimenting with your facial hair, be sure to make use of the comb guards as well, covering the lengths 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm to make the appearance sharper, lighter, and aesthetically pleasing!

Reassures precision with 5-D floating blades.The additives are made of poor quality.
Nose trimmer, t-blade, and attachments that secure a full body shave.The device looks way too similar to the Remington Balder Pro.
Attached exfoliator that increases blood flow and reduces nicks and cuts.
Battery status indicator to keep track of time.
90-minute battery life for a careful shaving session.

Pitbull Skull Shaver SILVER PRO

Pitbull Skull Shaver SILVER PRO

Check Price On Amazon

The Skull Shaver Silver Pro saves more, but offers less when pitted against its peers, but remains a promising candidate for beginners seeking to eliminate signs of baldness to boost their esteem.

In contrast to Gold and Platinum Pro, the Silver Pro trails behind with its battery life.

It does make up for it, though, providing better shaves for coarse to afro-textured hair.

Key Features: Pitbull Silver Pro 

ModelPitbull Silver Pro
Blade System4-way Floating Blade (Carver Pro)
BatteryLi-Ion Battery
Battery Life30 minutes
Billed Weight (oz.) 16 ounces
Best ForCoarse hair

The magic lies behind the Carver Pro, known for going above and beyond to provide the closest possible shave.

Silver Pro in the palms

Check Price On Amazon

The comfort is still there as well, since all three are fused with the same groundwork. The grip reprises as well, making slip-ups close to impossible when partaking in shaves.

Adopting the same battery as the Gold Pro, I believe that this is still a great investment for first-timers.

Image: handle of Silver Pro

Sure, the 30-minute run time doesn’t feel like a diamond in the rough, but is more than good enough if you’re seeking a skull shaver that means business with a high-contrast look.

With the efficiency of the Carver Pro, shaving the entire cuticle is easy and lightning-fast.

Blade system of Silver Pro

Don’t apply too much pressure on the device, however, since you might walk away with nicks and cuts that might run deep. I know I did when I tried texting and shaving at the same time!

To obtain good results with ease, consider conditioning your hair to make the strands moisturized and dirt-free.

I also feel that your hair feels finer after conditioning, increasing the chances of obtaining a clean look with this electric bald shaver.

You may even shampoo your hair, by the way. Just dry the strands carefully, as lack of moisture might increase the chances of pulling and tugging.

The device may be different, but the same concerns remain when it comes to this model of Pitbull.

Chamber of Silver Pro

In other words, to ensure your device serves you well in the long run, consider rinsing the device properly by unclogging the units of the chamber.

You should prevent draining the battery life to the fullest, as it might hamper the lifespan of the device, eventually hampering its performance.

Silver Pro design

Additionally, since the 4-D blade isn’t hypoallergenic, be sure to replace the Carver Pro every 3 months to prevent ingrown hair, allergic reactions, and signs of itchiness from your scalp!

In conclusion, if all that you desire is a quick bald shave with nothing more to offer, save your bucks and obtain the Silver Pro, a device that offers more for less from every possible angle.

Carver Pro blade offers a closer shave than the Gold and Platinum Pro.Underwhelming runtime of 30 minutes.
Glossy colour scheme that doesn’t accumulate a fingerprint when used.Shaving around the ears is difficult.
Robust housing with incredible grip control.
Offers the same motor as the Gold Pro.

Andis Profoil Shaver

Andis Profoil Shaver

Check Price On Amazon

While rare, even head shavers tend to leave behind marks, scratches, and nicks, even more so when your skin is sensitive.

Worry not, however, as Andis Profoil Li-ion shaver, the last candidate on this list, is a foil shaver that enables close shaves by prioritizing safety first.

Key Features: Andis Profoil Shaver 

ModelAndis Profoil Shaver
Blade SystemHypoallergenic foil system
BatteryLi-Ion Battery
Battery Life80 minutes
Billed Weight (oz.) 9.6 ounces
Best ForSensitive scalp

Andis Profoil shaver carries the build of a portable device, offering tons of control during navigation.

Full photo of Andis Profoil Shaver

I do like how the device feels packed with size, but carries measurements that remind me of the Meridian body trimmer, one of the best pubic hair trimmers in the business.

The robust device is resilient to fall damage, packed with heavy-duty housing. Despite looking bulky, this Andis foil shaver feels like a feather in my hands!

The gold scheme of the foil shaver is great from the outside, but the round-shaped edges of the foil work wonders when the shaver is put to use.

Andis Profoil foil system and handle

Foil shavers like Andis Profoil shaver are great for sensitive scalps prone to diseases like eczema and psoriasis, as they shave the scalp without leaving behind signs of injuries.

This not only happens due to the foil system, but also the hypoallergenic properties added to the foil system, which makes them perfect for an all-body grooming experience.

The double-coated foil shaver digs deep, making it a great candidate when partaking in personal grooming, such as pubic hair trimming and butt shaving.

It’s also important to note that the Profoil shaver only promotes clean shaves, thanks to its lightning-fast motor.

Andis Profoil when powered on

Check Price On Amazon

In fact, it’s so fast that many deem it the best head shaver for black hair, and for natural hair.

While the device promotes both wet and dry shaving, it’s best if you allow this foil shaver to accumulate hair once the strands are dry.

Additionally, if you do have black hair, use some jojoba oil or pick the hair out using an afro comb for a smooth shave.

Andis Profoil in water

Once you’re done, rinse the foils with some water to replenish and clean the blades.

I’m not only fond of the maroon schemed power button of the Profoil shaver, but big on the amount of time it offers.

Although it doesn’t take much time to clear even the thickest head of hair into a delightful bald shave, this Andis shaver promotes a runtime of 80 minutes, being almost as compelling as those that call themselves the best head shavers in the business.

Andis Profoil in the palms

In other words, if your hair is growing flyaways or awkward pieces before a date, don’t forget to use the Profoil shaver to eliminate them and restore your youth.

It moves at an RPM of 9000, one of the very few to reach such a milestone.

The timeframe needed for this device to generate results is surely a positive. However, the fact that it lacks variety is a concerning attribute.

The Flex Series promotes more designs with its attachments, while Pitbull offers different blades for unique lengths.

The Andis Profoil shaver runs solo, however, with no comb guards that fit convincingly and naturally.

Nonetheless, despite being the black sheep, this Andis Profoil shaver is a beast when it comes to being a shaver for black men.

It always provides a high-contrast look, shaving the cuticles to the bone for a gleaming appearance that rejuvenates one’s esteem to the fullest.

Though the motor is loud, it tends to produce a crunch-like sound that is contagious and music to the ears if you watch ASMR videos like I do.

The hypoallergenic blade feels faster to work with when moved in an upward and downward motion.Has a loud motor.
Covers stubborn areas around the ear with ease.Fast operation accumulates tons of heat, exposing one’s scalp to injuries.
Powerhouse battery life of 80 minutes.
Compact housing with seamless navigation.
Long lasting foil that stays consistent for a year.

How To Use A Head Shaver At Home: A Guide For Beginners

If you don’t take the right steps, nothing can help you with acquiring a positive outcome.

Likewise, if you’re hoping to purchase a head shaver to eliminate awkward pieces of hair and boost confidence, learning how to manoeuvre it is key.

Though practicing regularly will improve the gravity of your results, perfecting the form and garnering knowledge of the necessary steps are two main factors that will secure good results at home.

Without further ado, here is everything you need to do when using a head shaver at home!

Wash your scalp beforehand

Personal hygiene always plays a huge role when it comes to grooming, regardless of equipment.

Likewise, prior to using a head shaver, you should ensure your scalp is free from dirt, oil, and dead skin.

30 minutes before using a head shaver, you must shampoo and condition your hair.

Use lukewarm water when shampooing. Conversely, run your hair through cold water when wiping out conditioner from your hair.

Exfoliate the scalp as well

If you suffer from skin diseases involving eczema and such, perhaps you should exfoliate the scalp right after shampooing the hair.

You may use home remedies involving oatmeal, olive oil, and sea salt scrubs.

However, if you have the Flex Series by Freebird, don’t be shy to use their scalp scrub.

Move the shaver in a circular motion

Once you tuck your fingers onto the surface of the handle, move the head shaver in a circular motion.

Since the blades move in a 360 degree angle, the circulation will only offer efficiency if you move the device accordingly instead of improvising the motion to your preferences.

Navigate in an upward and downward direction with a foil shaver

On the other hand, if you’re using a foil shaver, your main goal should be to move forward and backward as opposed to moving in a circular motion.

While possible, moving in a circular motion will only expand the shaving process, as foil systems don’t offer the same amount of flexibility as floating blades.

Don’t apply too much pressure

Many people often see head shavers as successors of trimmers and clippers, but for the scalp.

However, that take is far from accurate, as head shavers work differently, especially when put to use.

Regardless of whether you’re using a foil shaver or a head shaver with floating blades, you should always let the blades do their thing. Just refrain from getting impatient and applying too much pressure, as you might come out with scratches and bruises.

Apply shaving foam if needed

Regardless of the pH balance of your scalp, you must always keep shaving foam in hand prior to shaving your head.

Going at it with a head shaver on an unprepared scalp can be great if your scalp doesn’t generate layers of dead skin.

However, if your scalp bruises easily, lather it up with shaving foam to introduce an extra layer of protection. Doing so will also allow the device to dig deeper into the surface to generate the closest possible shave.

Rinse the scalp upon reaching completion

Once you’re done, rinse your scalp thoroughly to remove unwanted pieces of hair and shaving foam from the surface.

If your scalp is sensitive, run your scalp in some lukewarm water. The finishing touch should always comprise cold water, though, just so that the open pores are closed.

The Aftermath: Ways To Clean Your Head Shaver And Maintain Consistency!

Now that you’ve learned how to use a head shaver to find an unprecedented amount of success, here is a guide that will help you with cleaning and maintaining the blades of your companion!

For foil shavers

Frontal photo of Andis Profoil Shaver

Foil shavers work just like ceramic blades, as the shaving heads snap off quite easily.

The cleaning process is easier, however, as all you have to do is run each foil system in water.

If some pieces of hair are still stuck in between the foil system, which is a rare occasion, use a toothbrush to eliminate particles from the hard-to-reach areas of the foil.

For floating shaving heads

Floating shaving head

On the contrary, for floating shaver heads, you have to unbutton the floating head system first to expose the cleaning chamber.

The system starts at the edge of the floating blade, which only requires a pull using the index finger and the thumb to open up.

Upon opening the blade system, run the device in cold water. Use the cleaning brush for a deeper cleanse.

Buyer’s Guide: Factors To Assess Before Investing In A Head Shaver

Finding success shouldn’t be a difficult task if you count on one of the devices that I’ve mentioned throughout this article.

However, things might easily go south if you don’t get the right companion for your needs.

From analysing the blade system to assessing your budget, here are some of the factors that you need to consider before purchasing a head shaver that will increase confidence!

Specialization vs. Versatility

It’s amazing to have a head shaver that is also malleable enough to act as a multipurpose tool in grooming.

Freebird Flex Series Kit

One of the brands that I think of right off the bat is the Flex Series by Freebird, offering a nose trimmer, exfoliator, trimmer, and head shaver at once.

Skull Shaver and Remington Balder Pro

Though the former can save time, for best results, you might want to save your money for a head shaver that remains loyal to one activity only, such as the Pitbull Skull Shaver series, and the Remington Balder Pro.

Shaving System: Foil vs Floating Blades

Floating blades provide inverted springs that generate close shaves in a jiffy. The spring system also contributes to safety, shielding the scalp from unwanted repercussions such as scratches and nicks, which can always lead to an infection.

In spite of that, there are alternatives if you’re not into headshavers that were built solely for reducing signs of baldness, like foil shavers.

Foil vs Floating Blades

Believe it or not, multiple foil shavers that also regard themselves as face shavers can be your perfect sidekick if all you’re hoping to obtain is a gleaming bald look, reducing signs of hair loss to restore your youth.

It’s a breeze to use as well, as the foil heads are powered by motors that aren’t just more long-lasting, but also more efficient than dedicated floating blades.

Design and Handling

The traditional housing of bald shavers offers a square-shaped base possessing an incredible grip. The base requires a four or five-finger positioning before being put to use to generate promising results.

Design and Handling

And although moving in a circular motion is fun with the tool, and finding good results is almost effortless, you can also switch for a foil shaver, especially if you desire the feel of a trimmer.

Foil shavers often carry the same build as electric trimmers and clippers. If you’d like to reprise the same experience that you receive upon using your face shaver, opt for gadgets such as the Andis Profoil shaver.

Battery and Endurance

Apart from the housing, another element that should determine your purchase is the amount of time the device can serve you.

Battery status indicator

Luckily, most gadgets in this article have a runtime of 80 minutes, powered by a Li-ion battery when push comes to shove.

If you don’t require that much time, however, you can always aim for Pitbull’s Silver Pro, a model that defies time with its super-fast blade, otherwise known as the Carver Pro.


Though each device mentioned in this guide can fulfil your dreams of obtaining a bald shave without scratching or damaging your skin, the whole scenario won’t amount to anything if you don’t assess your budget beforehand.

Likewise, if you’re working around a mid-range budget, then you’re in luck! Most of the head shavers on my list of recommended ones are affordable, even if you have less than $70!

Some are more stressful for the wallet, though, so check out each product carefully before making your pick!

Hair Type

While head shavers are built with materials that provide seamless operation at all times, irrespective of hair type, you should always analyse the density of your hair prior to making an investment.

You may give yourself a pass if your hair type falls in the category of wavy to fine to thin hair.

However, if you have coarse hair, especially black hair, your ideal candidate could either be the Pitbull Skull Shaver collection or the Andis Profoil shaver!

Why Trust Getarazor?

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While our write-ups ensure quality, they also contain solid takes that are formed once the devices are put to the test.

The adopted testing method is simple, to say the least. We invest in each device mentioned in the agenda, before pitting them against one another to form a fruitful review.

In this article, the contributors that determined the ranking and impression of each product are:

  • Shaving system
  • Housing
  • Navigation
  • Battery life
  • Versatility
  • Price

This guide contains a non-biased standpoint to electric head shavers, alongside the 6 best head shavers in the grooming scene right now. In no way, shape, or form was this article formed to promote one brand or product.

While I may earn a commission from my write-ups, I do not condone sponsored or paid reviews.

Final Takeaway: Pitbull Gold Pro Should Be The Endgame

Pitbull Gold Pro design

Though I’m fascinated by all the candidates in this article, I feel that, despite its shortcomings, the Pitbull Gold Pro is the best head shaver in the game right now.

By offering functional gifts with a reliable battery status indicator, an ergonomic design, seamless navigation and ultimate grip control, this device is the best gadget for anyone and everyone.

The clean-up process is also quite easy when you have the Gold Pro in stock, featuring a snap-on chamber underneath the floating heads. To wash away the accumulated pieces, be sure to give the device a quick rinse.

It always ensures a clean shave, and works best with any hair type. The Forte PRO blade fuses four plates that can work through any hair type, especially African American hair.

Looking to experiment with more blades? The Gold Pro has got you covered!

Not only does the device welcome the traditional Forte Pro, but it also makes space for the Carver Pro, known for its efficiency around the cuticles.

To walk the extra mile, the device also offers the Baron Pro, a Japanese warrior made for saving time by shaving more in seconds!

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