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Best Electric Razor For Elderly Man: Five Options For Your Consideration

Shaving can be a rewarding activity in the early days when your social life has room for new people, but just like everything else in life, the act of shaving gets challenging as you grow older. Although the frequency of the shaving session remains the same, shaving over the skin becomes tougher when you’re in your 50s as your skin becomes more susceptible to nicks caused by pulling and tugging.

The decrease in the resilience of your skin might be inevitable and unchangeable, but you can always make grooming a fun and safe activity as long as you replace your existing razor with an electric shaver.

When push comes to shove, tons of electric shavers can deal with the facial hair of elderly men with ease. However, if you’re seeking assistance from a high-end brand, don’t close this write-up without skimming through my recommended list of the best electric shavers!

In addition to having skin-friendly blades, the devices could also be worth the investment due to their exceptional battery life, presentable design, and impressive technological means. Don’t forget to stick around until the end if you’re interested!

Electric Shavers For Elderly Man Comparison Chart

ModelOtherwise Known AsPrice
Braun Series 9Ideal for extremely sensitive skin See On Amazon
Panasonic Arc 5A specialist in providing close shaves within minutes See On Amazon
Handyman by ManscapedA handy companion for travel See On Amazon
Philips Norelco 7200Most skin comfortable device for elderly man See On Amazon
Braun Series 5Best low-budget tool for beginners See On Amazon

An In-Depth Review of the Five Best Electric Razors For Elderly Man Use

Five Electric Razors For Old Man

The skin of elderly men is usually rough, scaly, and prone to injuries. Using accessible tools like one-time razors can be a fair thought to entertain if you shave once a month, but it can be a no-no because of how damaging the sharpness of the blade could be to your skin. But that’s where electric shavers come in!

In this article, I’ll be presenting to you a promising set of electric shavers that were made for elderly men. While the formerly mentioned table can be helpful in giving you a preview of a handful of their features, the following segments will include the configurations, hardware, and my two cents on each electric shaver.

Braun Series 9

Since skin takes time to heal and gets thinner with age, spending a hefty sum for great success seems like the best possible scenario for veterans seeking a shaving solution, typically in an electric shaver.

Braun Series 9 ergonomics

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As protecting the skin is crucial after a certain age, the best possible foil shaver for old men is the Braun Series 9, going above and beyond to not only remove hair into multiple pieces, but also provide the right tools to shield the skin from danger.

Without a doubt, the first line of protection comprises the shaving elements of the Series 9, surrounded by a foil system with 2 Opt foils that provide flexibility to wipe out difficult areas, a Precision trimmer for ensuring close shaves, and a gold-hued HyperLift & Cut trimmer to remove the odds of having ingrown hair that grows in the opposite direction of the grain.

Shaving elements of Braun Series 9

The four-way shaving elements not only look jarring, but handle any skin type with care. The foils are extremely soft, yet diligent when used across the skin for a close shave, while the pair of trimmers are effective only for elders seeking to rejuvenate their skin and restore their youth for a day or so.

Ensuring further protection is the Skin Guard, which forms a thin layer for separation between the trimmers and the Opt foils to prevent the skin from wearing and tearing during each shave. This, while minimal on the outside, guarantees comfort for thin skin, offering a fulfilling experience.

Shaving head of the Braun Series 9

The shaving head not only stays firm with the help of a lock system on top of the power button, but also moves in 10 different yet effective directions to mow any kind of facial hair and snap it out of existence. The flexibility also shields the foil from getting too close to the skin, making the Braun Series 9 the best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

To go the distance, the Braun Series 9 offers tons of technological means, which, while fancy on paper, are full of purpose and can easily serve a demographic of elders.

Braun Series 9 in motion

Allowing the foil system to cover a whopping cutting motion of 40,000 is Sycro Sonic Technology, a motion sensor that adjusts the speed setting of the Braun Series 9 in accordance with the user’s beard density.

This, while unnoticeable until put to use, is a game changer for a mature audience, as adjusting the beard density allows the Braun Series 9 to provide just the right speed needed for a successful, but not injury-prone outcome.

Handle of the Braun Series 9

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Its ergonomic design deserves tons of flowers as well, led by a silky smooth bulky handle that gleams under floodlights when draped in the chrome paint job. Despite being a bit on the stocky side, the device’s handle feels weightless, providing tons of comfort during navigation.

The LED compartment is yet another banger of addition that proves to be relevant for old men, as it reminds forgetful minds about the battery status.

3-bar status of Braun Series 9

While the upgraded models show the battery life in numbers, the older models reprise the 3-bar system to abide by the old traditions belonging to the Braun franchise.

Whether you’re in or out of the shower, the Braun Series 9, thanks to its waterproof housing and Li-Ion battery, assists in wet shaving and dry shaving for 50 minutes.

After each shave, just rinsing the foil system in water should suffice.

Braun Series 9’s pop-up trimmer

Though the foil system will always help wipe out one’s coarse stubble, the pop-up trimmer should be enough to sharpen the structure of a beard and the facial structure.

But what really separates this Braun from the rest is the cleaning station provided, otherwise known as the SmartCare Center, which replenishes the device through cleansing, and restores the battery life for future use.

SmartCare Center of Braun Series 9

Many might be hesitant to invest in the Braun Series 9 for daily use. However, I believe otherwise.

The Series 9 might be a bit pricey, but is the best foil shaver on the market for sensitive skin, and even more compelling for old men seeking smooth results without scars!

Offers the best elements for sensitive skinThe device is a bit bulky to carry
Has a cleaning station for upkeep
Provides skin-safety with Syncro Sonic technology

My Rating on Braun Series 9


Getting older is anything but easy. In addition to losing the mobility that one once used to possess, losing the youthful glow is regarded as one of the evergrowing repercussions of entering the age of maturity.

However, what if I told you that there was a solution for the second, even when embarking on trips? If you don’t believe me, just have a glimpse of the HANDYMAN by MANSCAPED, a great shaver for elderly men who travel frequently!

Judging by its looks, the HANDYMAN does remind me of Andis’ Profoil, which is another shaver one must look into to shave their thick skin with the best foil shaver of Andis!

HANDYMAN vs. Braun Series 9
HANDYMAN vs. Braun Series 9

However, when positioned alongside the former, as well as those making up this list, the HANDYMAN indeed seems “handy,” with conventional dimensions and incredible components to support its hardware.

The foil system isn’t as delicately crafted or as massive as that found on the Braun Series 9, another incredible foil shaver for mature men, but it’s definitely got enough to provide pristine shaves within minutes.

HANDYMAN’s foil system

The leaders carrying out the former task eloquently are the foil system, and the leveler, the pair completing the shaving elements of the HANDYMAN.

While smaller in size, both shaving elements perform incredibly well, generating not only close shaves, but also carrying the task out in quick succession.

HANDYMAN when powered on

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Perhaps the motor plays a huge role in the former process, supporting the HANDYMAN to cover 7,000 RPM without any hiccups. The same kind of engine is found on the MANSCAPED Lawn Mower 3.0 and 4.0, two ideal trimmers that can ease your pubic hair issues for an indefinite period.

Having a faster device isn’t the main priority for old men, however, which is when the HANDYMAN’s technological means come in.

HANDYMAN in motion

To protect and serve any kind of skin, even the thin ones, the HANDYMAN incorporates SkinSafe technology, a signature piece of MANSCAPED that compromises the frame of the selected shaving elements to prevent damage.

This is what really makes the device perfect for ageing men in their 60s, being a pivotal reason behind the HANDYMAN’s placement on this list.

Minimal additions on the handle reprise a classic theme, which can be more comforting for mature people. While the HANDYMAN does lack an LED display, it still manages to convey the health of the battery with a bar indicator placed underneath its minimal power button.

Its endurance is what makes the HANDYMAN so convenient when being out of town, supported by a Li-ion battery with a runtime of 60 minutes.

HANDYMAN plugged in and charging

This allows the device to host at least 14/15 lengthy shaving sessions, making it better than most except for the Panasonic Arc 5, which would be the HANDYMAN’s arch-nemesis in this case.

The device also shaves some years off old men by reducing stress with its recharging system, thanks to the Type-C cable with quick-charging abilities.

While MANSCAPED nails the idea for retired veterans seeking a shaving buddy during weekend getaways, the device does raise some concerns with SkinSafe technology, which, while having enough to shield the skin, doesn’t always guarantee injury-free results.

However, if the skin is stretched out and pulled before letting the HANDYMAN shave the hairy issues away, generating aesthetic results, even on ageing skin, could be possible without a cynical aftermath.

Best electric shaver for travelSkinSafe technology doesn’t guarantee protection on thin textured skin
Provides seamless operation with its compact build
Has fast charging abilities in addition to 60 minutes of runtime

My Rating on HANDYMAN

Panasonic Arc 5

While the state of skin quality might deteriorate, it is believed that facial hair density increases with age, making it easy for old geezers to grow a luscious beard after their prime.

Using manual razors is a great way to tone the beard down and give the borders a rich shape-up.

Panasonic Arc 5 design

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However, a promising alternative that will provide close shaves with automated mechanics is the Panasonic Arc 5, which, in my eyes, is the best electric shaver for elderly men desiring razor-like results without putting much effort.

The Panasonic Arc 5 wipes out the success rate of all the shavers involved in this article in terms of closeness, assisted by a 5-way foil system for maximum efficiency.

Arc 5 handle

The foil system includes a pair of Lift-Tech Foils, which, similar to the Optfoils of Series 9, move in various ways to remove pieces of low-lying and awkward hair in a matter of minutes.

What clears out the skin, even more, are the Finishing Foils, which also come in two to remove flyaways that are extra coarse for no reason.

Arc 5’s foil system

The former can prove to be a great asset for old men with high melanin levels, as the Finishing Foils are specialists in dealing with coarse facial hair.

To clean the division and leave no crumbs, the Panasonic Arc 5 also comes with a precision trimmer, otherwise known as a Quick-Comb blade, allowing the device to act like a razor towards an outgrown beard with tons of length.

Backside of Arc 5’s handle

The Shave Sensor technology is what allows the device to compete with the sensors of Braun and Philips, providing not only skin protection, but also a unique shaving experience in accordance with one’s beard density.

Handling the device is seamless as well, thanks to the Arc 5’s slender handle. The device stores the Shaving Sensor technology there, which changes form once every second.

Arc 5 in the palm

Check Price On Amazon

To offer hairless results within minutes of use, the device covers a CPM of 14,000, the fastest any electric shaver can offer.

The LED display is also quite promising, displaying not only the battery life, but also symbols that define the travel lock, a feature that preserves the battery, alongside the setting that the Panasonic Arc 5 is carrying out.

LED display of Arc 5

In order to save time, the Panasonic Arc 5 also has a trait that allows the device to forgo its sensor to work at full speed. This not only allows the device to break the hair down within minutes, but also caters to a mature audience still working a 9 to 5 to make ends meet.

The battery life is when the device falls behind, carrying a Li-Ion battery that only survives for 45 minutes at a time. The device might be faster than the Braun Series 9, but trails due to failing to provide a charging station, such as the SmartClean Center of its arch-nemesis.

Arc 5 next to Braun and SmartCare Center

Nonetheless, for elderly men requiring a gadget that preserves the battery and shaves coarse hair down without requiring scissor work beforehand, the Panasonic Arc 5 could prove to be an ideal solution.

Upon using the device, be sure to apply some soap, before powering the Panasonic Arc 5 on to enable the device to clean itself thoroughly.

Optimal device for close shaves in a short time periodHas an underwhelming battery life of 45 minutes
Has a technologically advanced handle that adjusts the device every 2 seconds
Can forgo the technological means to provide a feel of manual razors

My rating on Panasonic Arc 5

Philips Norelco 7200

Foil systems accumulate hair without making contact, and often mimic the results of close-shaves, proving to be great companions for those seeking skin like butter, and a nick-free shave.

However, when push comes to shove, rotary shavers make it their mission to provide healthy-looking skin through a circular motion, and frames within their floating heads, which is something that my next candidate, otherwise known as the Norelco 7200, carries out oh too well.

Norelco 7200 design

Check Price On Amazon

The Norelco 7200 isn’t the fastest, nor the most helpful if you desire hairless results. However, what it prioritizes the most is skin safety, being the epitome of shavers for elderly men.

Compared to peers involving the Norelco 5400 and 3800, two frontrunners in my guide featuring the best of Philips Norelco shavers,  the Norelco 7200 is miles ahead with its 3-way rotary system, covering a whopping 250,000 cutting actions per minute.

Rotary heads of Philips Norelco 7200

In other words, when in motion, the Norelco 7200 produces 83,000 rotations per floating head. For context, the 5400 only covers 90,000 in total, putting the 7200 levels above the shaver.

While the 5400 protects and serves using Comfort Cut blades around its system, the 7200 provides all that, and seamless navigation, thanks to the new NanoGlide technology.

Norelco 7200 in comparison with 5400

This allows the Norelco 7200 to not only require fewer swipes to remove more hair, but also move more freely around the face, irrespective of age.

In contrast to Braun Series 9 and Panasonic Arc5, the shaving results of the Norelco 7200 are almost virtually identical, but only if the Norelco 7200 passes more swipes than the former two candidates.

Norelco 7200 when press onto the skin

However, the aftermath of using Norelco 7200 does feel more soothing on skin, with zero signs of irritation and inflammation. The reason behind it is SenseIQ technology, a software that almost reminds me of the Syncro Sonic technology of Braun Series 9.

The Smart Sensor not only adjusts to the beard length and skin type, but also takes help from its Motion Sensor, which analyses the form of users.

Norelco 7200 in hand

This once again makes the Norelco 7200 a staggering candidate for elderly men in my eyes, as the feedback always improves the form, enhancing shaving results over time as a result.

Now, the Norelco 7200 is also waterproof, just like all the candidates on this list. It does stand out more, however, since the rotary system meshes well with protectors such as shaving foam.

While redundant for some, using shaving foam might be more useful for elders, as the layer formed by it tends to deflect bruises that one can easily incur while using electric shavers.

7200 next to Braun Series 9 and Panasonic Arc 5
7200 next to Braun Series 9 and Panasonic Arc 5

Foil shavers might fail to be consistent when used with shaving foam, but the consistency of the texture of shaving foam allows rotary shavers like Norelco 7200 to move more freely over the skin, making it the better candidate in this regard.

If you’ve used the Norelco 2300, one of the best affordable electric shavers for beginners, know that the ergonomic housing of the Norelco 7200, despite lacking grip, feels just as weightless.

Working around the absence of a grip might be tough for those with clammy hands, but shouldn’t be a big issue in the grand scheme of things, as it still provides tons of comfort during each shave.

Handle of Norelco 7200

The slender handle carries an LED display that could be too tough for traditional users to work with, but is amazing for its price.

In addition to having a status bar for its energy levels, the LED displays emblems for the Motion Sensor, alongside a cleaning reminder when required.

To seal the deal and keep up with the stamina of the rest of the shavers on this list for a mature audience, the Norelco 7200 adopts a Li-IOn battery with enough power to run for an hour, just like the HANDYMAN.

HANDYMAN next to Norelco 7200
HANDYMAN next to Norelco 7200

What really does it for me is still the uniqueness of the floating heads, which trails in speed, but produce less tugging and pulling with the NanoGlide technology within the rotary elements of the Norelco 7200.

The Norelco 7200 might not be the most ideal gadget for elderly men with a knack for rejuvenating their younger days with a clean shave, but is the perfect companion for those whose wrinkles are prone to sustaining bruises, carrying safe shaving elements that prioritize comfort over time-efficiency!

NanoGlide provides seamless operation and utmost protection during useReplacing the blades can be difficult for elderly men
Motion sensors can provide effective feedback to improve the form of users
The device carries detachable shaving elements for a quick rinse

My rating on Philips Norelco 7200

Braun Series 5

While the Braun Series 9 is a great option for those with no rope tied to their budget, a great consolation prize on this list, which is also the most budget-friendly shaver for elders, is none other than the Braun Series 5; reprising the authentic feel of Braun with a few old-fashioned attributes.

Shaving elements of Braun Series 5

Check Price On Amazon

Unlike the foil system of the Series 9, the shaving elements of Braun Series 5 are held high by 2 SensoFoils, which adopt a slower, but just as skin-friendly feel as the Optfoils of the newer model.

The foil systems are still safe though, and can very well accommodate wrinkly skin without generating signs of irritation.

Braun Series 5 Design

Attached to that is a middle trimmer, which, once again, mimics the precision trimmer of the later models. This element works best when working with a scruffy stubble, dissecting the length effectively to produce smooth, scaly skin.

Now, I know that the Series 9 is much better from every angle, but the Series 5 surprisingly feels better, and lighter as well, thanks to its lean handle.

Braun Series 5 next to Braun Series 9’s handle
Braun Series 5 next to Braun Series 9’s handle

The handle of the Braun Series 5 may lack a compartment for locking the shaving head, but it is much leaner than the Braun Series 9, proving to be more comfortable for old men to make use of.

While it also lacks the advancements and perks of having Syncro Sonic technology, I believe that it mimics those abilities well with the AutoSense technology, which, despite requiring more time to buffer, still takes care of wrinkles and ageing skin with a motion sensor.

It is much easier to navigate the Series 5 for mature people than it is to work with the Braun Series 9, literally, and the main reason behind it is the difference between the density of the handles added to each item.

Braun Series 5’s shaving head next to Braun Series 9
Braun Series 5’s shaving head next to Braun Series 9

And although the Series 5 offers similar shaving elements, it falls to the Braun Series 9 with the flexibility of the shaving head, which is quite stiff in comparison to the successor, and the face of the franchise.

It might also fall short of generating close shaves like the HANDYMAN, but is more generous towards the skin with AutoSense technology, making the Series 5 the winner for those with susceptible ageing skin.

LED of Braun Series 5
LED of Braun Series 5

Nonetheless, the LED display of Braun Series 5 serves the same purpose, while the Easy Clean feature of the build compensates for the absence of a SmartCare Center.

The Li-Ion battery remains the same, however, lasting for 50 minutes on a full charge. This doesn’t necessarily give it the upper hand over the Series 9, per se, but surely can make it the better candidate for elders working around a beginner’s budget.

The Series 3 has better handling than the Braun Series 9, with a slimmer handleAutoSense technology is a bit slow in comparison to the rest of the shaving sensors
Great for elders with a low budget
Provides a close shave despite being backdated

My rating on Braun Series 5

What To Consider When Finding A Quality Razor For Elderly Man

Whether it’s for you or your grandpa, there are various elements, or questions, that need to be asked before investing in an electric shaver for an elderly man.

While the value of the tool might matter when you’re younger, the ball game is drastically, but not entirely, different when you’re adding an electric shaver to the shopping cart for someone who’s mature.

From analysing how well it adapts to wrinkles to prioritizing questions regarding its design, here are 5 questions one needs to contemplate to perfect the art of finding a quality razor for elderly men.

Does It Adapt Well To Thin Skin?

As mentioned earlier, the presence of wrinkles can easily wear out the quality of skin, making it thinner, and exposing it to injury-prone qualities.

Though compromising one’s form and slowing the tempo down can be one way to shave the face with a razor, why bother dealing with that hassle when there are electric shavers that can take care of your skin?

In other words, don’t compromise your form. Instead, look for an electric shaver that has foil systems with sensors to provide a unique experience.

One may also invest in a rotary shaver, which has unique textures within each frame of the circular blades to provide comfort to thin skin, and reduce the injury rate of using electric shavers.

Are They Malleable With Coarse Hair?

While prioritizing a blade system with skin-safe qualities is a primary attribute that should shape your purchase, one must also analyse the shaving elements to see how well they adapt to one’s beard density.

The HANDYMAN and Panasonic Arc 5 tend to be two compelling candidates in this regard; one for its compact size and the other for its five-way foil system.

The Norelco 7200 does struggle in this scenario due to having a protection-first kind of hardware, but the Braun Series 9 and Series 3 can mimic a clean shave if the length is broken down beforehand using either a trimmer, or some scissorwork.

Is It Easy To Use?

While ensuring shaving comfort is always a good idea, investing in an electric shaver that makes each shave therapeutic with its housing is more of a requirement for elderly men, as complexity can only lead to stress.

Luckily, each device mentioned in this guide is not only housed with ergonomic properties, but has a light foot when in use, providing the necessary tools to ensure seamless navigation.

The trio of Norelco 7200, Braun Series 9, and Panasonic Arc 5 are standout performers in this regard for those who aren’t technologically handicapped, as the sensors of each shaver provide a unique experience without scathes and injuries, in addition to generating lightweight operation.

Will It Provide Enough Additives?

A factor that many often disregard when purchasing any grooming tool, irrespective of genre, is the abilities of the shaver outside its foil system, which is something that is essential to analyse for ageing men.

Sure, the shaving elements alongside the motor function and battery life might contribute to results, but it’s never too bad to have a series of facilitators, such as assistants for recharging the battery life, attached to the device for an added bonus.

While the HANDYMAN’s additive appears to be the convenience in navigation that it guarantees, the Series 9 enhances the experience of using an electric shaver with its SmartCare Center.

The Panasonic Arc 5 guarantees safety, much like the Braun Series 9, with a travel-lock feature. However, it also takes matters into its own hands during a time crunch, providing sensor-free navigation with its foil system.

The Norelco 7200’s speciality is the motion sensor that acts as a mentor by providing feedback, while the Series 5 finds an additive in the detachable precision trimmer it provides to sharpen beard density.

Can It Go The Distance?

An unwritten rule before buying electronic gadgets, be it electric shavers, is to analyse the kind of batteries they’re housed with,, alongside with the duration each provides.

While the former only remains a safety net in the beginning, the need for a good battery life along with consistent battery quality seems more and more mandatory as one ages, being pivotal for mature men seeking an electric shaving solution for their coarse hair.

While the Panasonic Arc 5 makes up for its underwhelming battery life with its 5-way foil system, the HANDYMAN, Norelco 7200, and the Braun models mentioned in this guide provide an endurance between 45 and 60 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

In my opinion, shaving can remain a soothing activity until eternity, but only if you place your trust in the right tool. Using blades could surely be enough for a close shave, but can make room for injuries like cuts, burns, and nicks. However, if you’re seeking something that will consistently serve you for a long period of time, don’t take my list of best electric shavers for granted.

Additionally, if you’ve remained focused and were locked the whole time, I hope the list has done its job. On the contrary, if you still have questions and queries about the tools I’ve unveiled in this write-up, be sure to read through the following set of questions to tackle them effectively.

Q: How do I safely use an electric shaver as an elderly man?

A: While an electric shaver will always provide you with good results without bringing forward repercussions, there are certain steps you should definitely consider executing before each shave to protect your skin from traumatic scenarios.

Although you won’t need shaving foam before using an electric shaver, always wash your face to remove oil buildup before trimming or chopping off your facial hair entirely. Failing to do so can hamper the shaver’s performance and even cause tugging due to moisture buildup.

Regardless of your shaving session’s success, always use an aftershave lotion and soothe the skin with moisturizer once you’ve gotten rid of your facial hair. Since one’s skin becomes more vulnerable with age, applying moisturizer and aftershave lotion usually allows the skin to heal from minor burning sensations.

Q: Is an electric shaver better than razors? 

A: If you want to spend less and save more, buying a razor can be a good move to throw into the mix. However, it won’t be the wisest move if you’re picking between a razor and an electric shaver, as the latter is miles ahead!

In addition to being more skin-friendly, electric shavers are also more dependable in the long run. An electric shaver like Braun Series 7 can last you for seven years, which is equivalent to buying a few hundred razors.

On top of being more durable, electric shavers are also a fan favourite for how easy they are to take care of. Most devices provide users with a cleaning kit, while the top-grade ones provide cleaning stations that lubricate the blades, rinse the housing, and dry the device right after in a matter of minutes.


Attached to this article are some of the best shavers in the business that don’t just specialise in providing top-notch results, but also cater to elderly men with ease.

While all 5 of them go above and beyond to serve mature men with coarse beards and thin skin, I’d always side with the Braun Series 9 if I were to pick one from the lot, which wins me over with its shaving elements, and the necessary sensor it provides to curate a close shave within minutes.

The standout performers are the 4-way foil system, which provides tons of comfort and shields the skin from bruises.

I’m also quite fond of Syncro Sonic technology, which provides a unique experience by adjusting to the beard to ensure further comfort and relevant results to the users. Since skin tends to loosen up once it matures, this too proves to be pivotal for elderly men.

In addition to providing a great battery life and a precision lock system within its shaving head, the Braun Series 9 also provides a SmartCare Center so you don’t have to clean the device or worry about whether it has enough charge, saving time and preserving the youth of mature men with ease!

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