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Best Electric Razor For Elderly Man: Seven Options For Your Consideration

Shaving can be a rewarding activity in the early days when your social life has room for new people, but just like everything else in life, the act of shaving gets challenging as you grow older. Although the frequency of the shaving session remains the same, shaving over the skin becomes tougher when you’re in your 50s as your skin becomes more susceptible to nicks caused by pulling and tugging.

The decrease in the resilience of your skin might be inevitable and unchangeable, but you can always make grooming a fun and safe activity as long as you replace your existing razor with an electric shaver.

When push comes to shove, tons of electric shavers can deal with the facial hair of elderly men with ease. However, if you’re seeking assistance from a high-end brand, don’t close this write-up without skimming through my recommended list of the best electric shavers!

In addition to having skin-friendly blades, the devices could also be worth the investment due to their exceptional battery life, presentable design, and impressive technological means. Don’t forget to stick around until the end if you’re interested!

Electric Shavers For Elderly Man Comparison Chart

Razor ModelFlexing DirectionsShaving ElementsPrice
Braun Series 9370cc105 See On Amazon
Braun Series 7 790cc84 See On Amazon
Panasonic ES-LV95-S ARC565 See On Amazon
Philips Norelco 970083 See On Amazon
Panasonic ES8243A ARC454 See On Amazon

An In-Depth Review of the Seven Best Electric Razors For Elderly Man Use

The skin of elderly men is usually rough, scaly, and prone to injuries. Using accessible tools like one-time razors can be a fair thought to entertain if you shave once a month, but it can be a no-no because of how damaging the sharpness of the blade could be to your skin. But that’s where electric shavers come in!

In this article, I’ll be presenting to you a promising set of electric shavers that were made for elderly men. While the formerly mentioned table can be helpful in giving you a preview of a handful of their features, the following segments will include the configurations, hardware, and my two cents on each electric shaver.

Braun Electric Shaver Series 9 9370cc

Braun makes the Series 9 razor as a heavy-duty version of the Series 7 razor. The Series 9 is different as the model offers more shaving elements and contour positions for every part of your face.

Braun Electric Shaver Series 9 9290cc

The razor uses five shaving elements. A SkinGuard surface works with the four cutting elements on the foil shaver. The design keeps an older man’s skin from being cut while shaving.

The trimmers feature a titanium coating. The surface collects and cuts through thick bits of hair in little time. The motor produces 10,000 microvibrations per minute to take in more hair with each stroke.

The head contours in ten directions to capture more hair around your skin. The head moves well on both wet and dry skin. You could use the shaver with foam or gel if desired. The cutting head responds well to water. It works in the shower and can be rinsed off with running water. The ability of the shaver to work in the shower is important for old men to consider.

The 50-minute battery features a digital display that lists when you have nine minutes of battery time or less left. The charging station helps you power up the battery in moments. The station also includes a cleaning surface for the blades.

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My Impression

I had an easy time moving the razor along my skin. The razor moved along all parts of my face and did not slow down when I was working on my sideburns. The pivoting head helped me cover more spots around the skin.

I like how the razor provides me with a clean and smooth cut every time I use it. I have never experienced any bumps or scratches when using this model.

The foil surface on this razor is safe on my skin as well. I noticed a slight lifting sensation along my skin as I kept using it. I felt comfortable with getting the razor working. The small thumb spot near the top helped me get a firm grip too.

What Could Be Better?

The battery doesn’t seem to run for as long as the box says it does. I feel that it only works for about 40 minutes at a time. Maybe it’s because I use it on such much coarse hair.

Braun Series 7 790cc

Your first choice comes from Braun, a popular name in the shaving world. Braun makes the Series 7 razor with a smart body that adapts to your beard. You will receive a consistent trim every time you use the Series 7 shaver.

Braun Series 7 790cc

The shaver includes four shaving elements to produce a clean cut. There are three cutting tools followed by a SkinGuard surface to prevent the blades from being too rough. The shaving head also flexes in eight positions. You can reach many hard to access spots on this trimmer.

The control setup at the bottom includes two buttons for switching between five shaving modes. The five setups change the power setting on the motor. The small lights on the bottom list the specific shaving mode you are using.

The Sonic and Autosense technology produces 10,000 microvibrations per minute. The motor adapts to the hair’s thickness, thus capturing more hair with each stroke.

The battery operates for 50 minutes on a full charge. The battery also recharges in about an hour. The charging station includes a cleaning dock that lubricates and cleans out the razor.

The shaver is suitable for elderly men as it offers a gentle approach to clearing out hair. The foil cutter is safe and comfortable, while the blades will not get in direct contact with the skin.

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My Impression

I was impressed with how well the razor works. The Series 7 razor is easy to turn on and configure. I like how there’s a noticeable difference between the five shaving intensities. I can switch from a stronger one for thick hair to a light one for smaller bits of hair or sensitive spots.

I can also use this shaver in the shower. The shaver’s ability to work in wet and dry conditions is a plus.

The added precision trimmer is one of my favorite features. The trimmer does well for spots like around my sideburns, under my nose, around my lip, and other spots that are usually hard for me to trim. The cleaning and charging station was also useful to me.

What Could Be Better?

The electric razor heats up on occasion. The razor does not slow down due to all that heat. But I do feel that the razor could stand to be a little easier to maintain and control at times.

Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LV95-S ARC5

You can use this Panasonic razor in the shower or with shaving foam or gel. The versatility of the razor makes it a popular choice.
Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LV95-S ARC5

The razor includes a pop-up trimmer on its side. The trimmer includes a few settings for clearing out specific bits of facial hair. You can use the trimmer on your sideburns, around the lips, or under the nose. The trimmer produces fades and curves on your beard. You can also trim stubble down with the later trimming units.

The Multi-Flex pivoting head moves from side to side with ease. Meanwhile, five blades are incorporated within the foils for a clean cut. The first blades trim the top parts of the hair, while the others go deep.

The sensors inside the foils will identify the hair’s density. The amount of power supplied to the motor is adjusted to accelerate when the hair is thicker. The power goes down where the hair is lighter in intensity.

Older men will enjoy this shaver as it offers a comfortable grip that is easy on the hand. Those who have arthritis or other joint issues will like this feature.

My Impression

I tried this shaver with both shaving foam and gel. The shaver worked both times. I had to clean off the shaving head a few times, but the cleaning process didn’t take long. The foil heads are easy to clean off. The included charging station with cleaning space was also convenient.

The motor gave me a firm cut all the way through. I noticed that the razor was a little louder when I got through thicker spots around my hair. I could tell that the motor sped out at that point. Even then, the unit did not heat up. The foil covers were great at collecting my hair as well.

What Could Be Better?

The pop-up trimmer is useful, but I would have liked a few extra length settings to cover longer bits of hair all around.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700

This choice for the best electric shaver for elderly man is different from the others on this list because it features a tri-head design. This includes three rotary heads linked together on one body. The versatile heads provide a firm cut.

The three shaving heads move in eight directions. The close shaving motion provides a crisp cut with a closer result. The ContourDetect system identifies hair and bends the cutting heads based on the angles the hair grows up. Part of this is to lift up the hair so everything is evenly cut. The self-sharpening blades will collect your hair and clean it out.

The razor uses three shaving speeds. Choose the Slow option for a gentle shave on sensitive skin, a Medium setting for basic shaving needs, and a Fast shave for thicker spots.

You can also remove the tri-head shaving unit and replace it with a SmartClick cleansing brush from Philips Norelco. Add your face wash to the brush and turn the razor on. The brush applies cleansing oil or other soap materials on your skin. The brush gives you a cleaner feeling along your face. Use the brush either after you shave for a fuller clean or before to soften the hair.

My Impression

As useful as the 60-minute battery time is, I like how the battery charges faster than most others. I can use a five-minute quick charge to get enough power for one shave. The digital display on the bottom lets me know how much power is left on the battery. I also like how it takes an hour to charge the razor in general, but the quick charge is often all I need.

The cleaning feature on the charging station uses a multi-part approach that is much more thorough than what I’ve seen elsewhere. The SmartClean system washes down the shave heads, cleans the blades, and then dries everything up. I can even get the battery charged while the razor is being cleaned off.

What Could Be Better?

I would have liked to see a precision trimmer on this razor. But the tri-head shape pretty much makes it impossible for the razor to have such a feature.

Braun Series 7 7075cc

In my eyes, Braun has always been the ultimate remedy for every grooming issue. The stance remains the same to this day, as one of Braun’s electric shavers, the Braun Series 7 7075cc, to be more specific, can be the ultimate deal for elderly men or old souls.

Since the device has multiple remarkable aspects, the first one I’d like to highlight thoroughly is the design and the housing. The material is ergonomic, which allows the device to feel light in hand. The handle is also relatively narrow, offering a remarkable grip when shaving towards and against the grain. Underneath the power button is an LED display, which monitors the battery life and unveils details regarding the battery’s status to the users.

Braun Series 7 7075cc

Next comes its performance as a shaver, which is honestly something to behold. The Braun Series 7075cc comes with a flex head that can rotate up to 360 degrees. With the flex head, you can shave any area of your face and neck without causing any unnecessary amounts of friction between the device and the selected area.

Prior to getting to work, the Braun Series 7 uses AutoSense technology; a built-in software that analyses the density of one’s beard. Once it figures out the thickness and length of your facial hair, the Braun Series 7075cc adjusts the power setting of the motor according to your hair type to generate memorable results with no injuries.

On top of giving your beard a quick clean-up, the Braun Series 7 can also provide you with tons of time due to its Li-Ion battery. The device can run for three whole weeks because of its battery, which also has the ability to recharge in under 5 minutes for one shaving session.

And if that’s not enough to have you on board, let me introduce to you the Smart Center. In short, the Smart Center is a staple accessory of Braun that rejuvenates the battery life, cleans the device, and dries it off once the foil has been cleaned thoroughly.

Long story short, if you have the financial means to spend big, side with Braun Series 7. Although its value initially seems bizarre, the amount will feel worthwhile when the device remains strong and consistent after 7 years due to its unbeatable durability.

My Impression 

The Braun Series 7 7075cc is surely one of the pricier entries on this list, but it has promising elements that back it up effortlessly. The flex head isn’t just helpful if you’re seeking a close shave, but can also rotate at an angle of 360 degrees. The device also has AutoSense technology, which prioritizes safety. When in use, it analyses the density of one’s beard and pitches the right power setting to provide smooth shaving results with zero drawbacks.

Braun Series 7075cc looks great, but feels even greater in hand. The ergonomic design feels as light as it is modern, making the device easy to handle. Since it only weighs 2 lbs, using it for a long period should be a walk in the park!

Another promising element about the Braun Series 7075cc is its Li-ion battery, which is extremely powerful, to say the least. Once fully charged, the device can serve you for three whole weeks. When you’re running out of time, its quick charging ability will surely be at your service.

Cleaning the device is far from difficult as long as you’re provided with Braun’s Smart Center. In short, the Smart Center cleans, dries, and rejuvenates the blade of Braun Series 7 after each use. And if you’re a man who shaves in the shower, jot down its waterproof ability as a promising incentive!

What Could Be Better?

The Braun Series 7075cc is a great electric shaver if you have sensitive skin with wrinkly patches. However, since the blade isn’t a zero-gap blade, you can’t count on the tool to provide you with a bald shave.

Moreover, despite being a favourite among men in their late 50s, Braun Series 7 7075cc could have been much better had its price tag been a little more budget-friendly.

Panasonic Electric Shaver ES8243A ARC4

This next choice from Panasonic is ideal for elderly men for having a versatile shaving head. The head produces a firm body for trimming that is easy to start up and use.

Panasonic Electric Shaver ES8243A ARC4

The blades within this Panasonic trimmer model give you a clean shave every time. The foil-based design gives you a surface for trimming your hair.

The ARC4 system uses a few stainless steel foils. The Micro-Fit blades are engineered by Panasonic to cut the skin around the base for a closer cut. The blades are honed at a slanted edge to produce a straight cut at the root. The hypoallergenic design provides a comfortable sensation for your skin. You will not develop redness or irritation when using the shaver.

A pop-up trimmer operates for closer spots. The accessory is housed on the back part of the razor head.

The flexible head gives you a comfortable cut along all parts of your face. Also, the linear shaver motor gives you a cut at about 13,000 cycles per minute for a crisp cut every time. A digital display also reveals how much power remains in your battery. You can set a timer for shaving so that you can see how much time you need to spend with getting your cut handled right.

My Impression

I tried this razor out in the shower. The razor worked well and was easy to clean off.

I noticed that the second razor foil is not as dense as the first one. It looks like the foil collects the smallest bits of hair at the start and then goes on to the larger bits. I like this approach as it pre-trims my hair and then cuts off the extended spots.

The flexible head lets me shave in either a traditional back and forth motion or in a circular pattern. The latter gives me a rotary-like feel.

I noticed that the razor motor changed in intensity when I went around the thickest bits of hair. The feature was useful for helping me with getting a nicer cut all around.

What Could Be Better?

I would have liked a few power settings on this razor. I think a slower setting for sensitive spots might have worked best, especially for skin that is dry or wrinkled.

Wahl Pro 5-Star Finale

If your budget isn’t tying you down, Wahl’s 5-Star Finale should definitely be one of the options in your list of top 3 electric shavers to invest in.

With a gold-plated foil that is also hypoallergenic, the Wahl Pro 5-Star Finale seamlessly works through a heavy beard to bring forward accurate results. To generate presentable results in no time, the 5-Star Finale is helped by its powerful motor. With the assistance of the motor, the device tends to provide a close shave in under 10 minutes.

Wahl Pro 5-Star Finale

The shaving results will surely amaze you, while its top-grade design will make it look good when the device is stable. On top of looking presentable, the design is also considered a favorable element of the 5-Star Finale because of the grip it offers and its lightweight feel. When measured, the weight of this shaver stands around 0.36, which can be a good incentive when you’re shaving the hard-to-reach areas.

In addition to being a travel-friendly gadget, the Wahl Pro 5-Star Finale is a recommended option in my book because of its impressively built Li-Ion battery. When fully charged, the Li-Ion battery enables the shaver to operate for 90 continuous minutes; which can be good enough for multiple shaving sessions. And although cleaning it in the shower is something you can’t do with this non-waterproof shaver, the 5-Star Finale comprises two kinds of brushes to maintain the cleanliness of the foil and remove residue from its compact body.

My Impression

Wahl’s 5-Star Finale is a compact shaver that can make shaving a fruitful activity. The gold-plated foil on top isn’t just easy on the eyes; it is also beneficial for its ability to shield one’s skin from bumps and nicks. The foil is also hypoallergenic, making this entry a must-have for sensitive or vulnerable skin.

The 5-Star Finale is a hopeful contender because of its powerful motor, as it can provide a smooth shave within 10 minutes. The matte housing of the handle can sweep away users with a knack for sublime aesthetics, but it can also be a solution for those that are clumsy due to its anti-slip grip properties.

Taking your time is also a breeze with this shaver, as its Li-Ion battery provides the device with a runtime of 90 whopping minutes! However, if you do need more time, you can always extend the duration by plugging in the external cord provided with the 5-Star Finale.

What Could Be Better? 

The device is a frontrunner among electric shavers but would’ve been more appealing and accessible if the pricing was more convenient to deal with.

Another aspect that I believe hampers this device’s impression is that it isn’t waterproof.

What to Consider When Finding a Quality Razor for Elderly Man

  • Cutting Elements

Be aware of how many cutting elements are found in your razor. A cutting element refers to a blade, a lifting bar, a foil cover, or anything else that facilitates the cutting process. The elements should be arranged well enough and capable of lifting your hair for a closer cut. A razor with more cutting features may help, although those pieces must be organized well. Older men need closer cuts so they don’t have to waste time shaving too often.

Quality Cutting Elements and Flexing Head is Essential for Elderly Mens Electric Razor

  • Flexing Head

A flexible head will pivot around your face. The head may move in multiple positions to cover every contour and curve on your face. You can use this to create a better cutting angle regardless of how you hold the razor. Review the number of flexing positions your razor has so you’ll know how well you can control the unit. It is imperative for an older man to have razors with flexible heads that bend and contour well.

  • Trimming Support

Older men often struggle with traditional razors for their sideburns. An electric razor that can trim sideburn hair is always a plus to have. A trimmer may be found along the back end of the razor. The trimmer head comes out as you push a lever or press a button. The teeth on the cutting tool will go through thick bits of hair in moments. The trimmer is suitable for use along the sideburns or for when you need a pre-trimming process to work on your hair.

  • Waterproof Support

Some razor models are safe to use in the shower. A waterproof razor works in wet and dry conditions alike. You can wash the razor off under your bathroom sink. Also, a waterproof model can run alongside shaving cream or gel. You can wash off the razor head on occasion while shaving. Depending on the model, you can use a sanitizing or cleansing station on your charging unit to further clean off the shaving head.

  • Motor Functionality

The motor inside your razor should work with both short and long hair. Some models slow down when you’re working on thicker hair spots. You may find a control feature on a razor that lets you adjust the intensity or speed of the motor. Review how well the motor works and that it can produce a fast enough cut to move through challenging surfaces. A motor with many speed settings is perfect for older men as it gives them extra control over how well a cut goes while keeping trims along sensitive spaces in check.

  • Battery Power

Today’s electric razors operate on batteries that you can recharge. A razor may last for 45 minutes or longer depending on what you use. Some models come with quick-charging features that produce enough of a charge for a single shave. Also, some battery chargers come with cleansing features that clean out the cutting elements and other items stuck on the inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

In my opinion, shaving can remain a soothing activity until eternity, but only if you place your trust in the right tool. Using blades could surely be enough for a close shave, but can make room for injuries like cuts, burns, and nicks. However, if you’re seeking something that will consistently serve you for a long period of time, don’t take my list of best electric shavers for granted.

Additionally, if you’ve remained focused and were locked the whole time, I hope the list has done its job. On the contrary, if you still have questions and queries about the tools I’ve unveiled in this write-up, be sure to read through the following set of questions to tackle them effectively.

Q: How do I safely use an electric shaver as an elderly man?

A: While an electric shaver will always provide you with good results without bringing forward repercussions, there are certain steps you should definitely consider executing before each shave to protect your skin from traumatic scenarios.

Although you won’t need shaving foam before using an electric shaver, always wash your face to remove oil buildup before trimming or chopping off your facial hair entirely. Failing to do so can hamper the shaver’s performance and even cause tugging due to moisture buildup.

Regardless of your shaving session’s success, always use an aftershave lotion and soothe the skin with moisturizer once you’ve gotten rid of your facial hair. Since one’s skin becomes more vulnerable with age, applying moisturizer and aftershave lotion usually allows the skin to heal from minor burning sensations.

Q: Is an electric shaver better than razors? 

A: If you want to spend less and save more, buying a razor can be a good move to throw into the mix. However, it won’t be the wisest move if you’re picking between a razor and an electric shaver, as the latter is miles ahead!

In addition to being more skin-friendly, electric shavers are also more dependable in the long run. An electric shaver like Braun Series 7 can last you for seven years, which is equivalent to buying a few hundred razors.

On top of being more durable, electric shavers are also a fan favourite for how easy they are to take care of. Most devices provide users with a cleaning kit, while the top-grade ones provide cleaning stations that lubricate the blades, rinse the housing, and dry the device right after in a matter of minutes.


My call for the best electric razor for elderly man needs is the Braun 790cc . I like how affordable the shaver is, but the simplicity of the shaver is a huge plus for me. The detailed cutting elements lift the hair up in moments for an easy cut. The powerful motor also works through every type of hair you need to trim. The comfortable handle that fits well in either hand adds a good touch. Give this Braun shaver a try, but don’t forget to look around to see if there’s another model that might better fit your needs.

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