Best Electric Shaver For Black Bald Heads In 2023!

When growing older, seeing clumps of hair around your sink and all over your shower can be a common sight to come across. And while holding onto the tiny pieces from the thick strands of afro hair you once had can be a viable coping mechanism, turning your receding crop cut into a black bald head is always better.

In contrast to all hair types, black hair is probably the most resilient, coarse, and complicated hair type to maintain. Building a hair care routine that prioritises moisturising should be mandatory when growing black hair. On the other hand, when you’re balding, you might just need not a razor, but a reliable electric shaver to give your head a close shave without scarring or injuring the scalp.

Taking into account just how much shavers have evolved from a technical standpoint, finding the right electric shaver that makes things easy for you when keeping your black bald head clean should be relatively simple. And if you feel that your current tool isn’t treating your bald head with care but damaging the scalp with each use, don’t forget to join us on this journey today!

In addition to unveiling a list of the best electric shavers for black bald heads, we will also dive into all their features and unveil all the boxes you need to check before taking your pick amongst all the candidates!

Black Men Head Shaver Summary Overview

Before we talk about all the models for this article and mention to you just how beneficial each feature could prove to be for black hair, here’s a table that contains a summary of the key features, the pros, and the cons of each contender. If you’ve already done your research, you may skip this portion. However, if you feel that you don’t know enough about head shavers to begin with, looking into the table is mandatory!

Model Key Features Pros Cons Price
Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver
Carve PRO blade system
30 minute battery life
LED Display
Top-grade product for budget
Fast Charging
Replacement Blades
30 Minute Battery Life Check Price
Freedom Grooming 5 Rotary Blades
30 minute battery life
No-slip grip; durable
Useful tools:
pre-shave scalp massager
Durable materials
Excellent shave with good grip
90 Minute Charging Time Check Price
Skull Shaver Pitbull PlatinumForte PRO blade
LED Battery Indicator Cleaning station
90 minute battery
Smooth and precise shave
90 Minute Battery Life
Cleaning Station
Expensive Check Price
Remington Balder Pro5 year warranty
5 rotary blades
Li-ion battery
50 minute battery life
Good for 2 day old hair
50 Minute Battery Life
Not sharp enough for coarse hair Check Price
Aidalls Well Up 6D floating blade
stainless steel
Excellent grip
90 minute battery life
6D floating blades
90 Minute Battery Life
More of a beard trimmer Check Price

Best Shavers For Black Bald Head: 5 Different Tools To Give Yourself The Best Cut Possible!

If you’re worried that letting go of your thinning afro-textured hair will increase your age drastically, don’t stress about it! In fact, if you choose to resort to a triple zero buzz cut, you might just look younger! Contrary to popular belief, a shiny bald head is known for sharpening one’s facial features. However, obtaining that scenario could only exist in theory if you don’t have the right tool.

Don’t lose hope just yet, as that’s when this article comes in! Whether you’re working around a budget, looking for an upgraded version of your existing tool or would like to transform your existing bald patch into a fully shaved bald cut, don’t forget to skim through the following entries, which are some of the best shavers that your black bald head can surely benefit from!

Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver

Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver

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For a moderately fair budget, you can unlock the Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver for your black bald head, which specialises in removing very coarse hair with its Carver PRO blade. In addition to being good for a precise and close shave, the Carver PRO is also very safe to use on one’s scalp, and hardly ever causes acne or any form of irritation on the scalp.

It is one of the modern options on this list, as it comprises an LED indicator that monitors the Li-Ion battery of the device and sends signals when it is close to draining out. The Li-Ion battery also comes with a hefty running time of 30 minutes, which could be more than enough if you’d like to give your bald head a triple zero shave!

With the device, one will also receive a USB charging cable and replacement blades that will need to be utilised every 3 months. Additionally, the Pitbull Silver offers a one-year warranty, which could work wonders for those that are clumsy.

Freedom Grooming

Freedom Grooming Head Shaver

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If you’re looking for an all-in-one combo, Freedom Grooming’s Flex Series should be sufficient. It comprises a shaver with five flexible pieces of rotary blades that can precisely shave your black bald head to the maximum. Due to the fluidity in the movement of the blades, Freedom Grooming can also be a trustworthy tool to count on for avoiding injuries. The fluidity of the shaver can also save time, making it a good piece of equipment for 9-5 hard workers.

A bonus feature that you’ll receive with this item is good battery life. While the duration seems rather underwhelming in contrast to the Pitbull Platinum, Freedom Grooming’s Li-Ion battery allows the device to run for 30 minutes at a time. Additionally, when plugged in, the shaver only takes around 90 minutes to reach a full battery percentage. The device also comes with an LED display, which monitors the battery life of the device and provides signals accordingly.

Dropping the device should hardly be a matter of concern when you’re using Freedom Grooming, as the shaver is made of heavy-duty materials that can withstand scratches and hard falls. The device is also waterproof, so don’t hesitate when using it in the shower.

Along with finding Freedom Grooming inside its packaging, you will find 3 different clipper guards, an exfoliation brush for your black bald head, a few attachments for grooming other parts of your body and a pre-shave scalp massager that might just be able to restore a few of your damaged strands!

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum

Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum

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The Pitbull Platinum is definitely the leading model on this list. It comes with the new Forte PRO blading head, which can remove your densely packed, black hair with ease. The blade is also smooth to navigate, which can save plenty of time for those working around a tight schedule.

The Platinum is also the most expensive option on this list, but it sort of makes sense. It comprises an overpowered Li-Ion battery that can operate for 90 minutes at a time and even comes with the same LED display as the Pitbull Silver.

In addition to being the perfect solution for removing the coarse hair of black bald heads, this flagship model of Skull Shaver can also be a great companion during trips with its travel-lock feature placed right on top of the LED indicator. Furthermore, inside the packaging, users will find a polished cleaning dock for maintaining the tool, and a travel case.

Remington Balder Pro

Remington Balder Pro

Although the options mentioned above are definitely worth the investment and can definitely serve you well for a long amount of time, you might have a hard time placing your trust in them due to their hefty price tag. Additionally, if budgeting is an important requirement for you, consider the potential of the Remington Balder Pro: the cheapest option on this list!

The Remington Balder Pro can remove any coarse head of hair with its rotary blades when the hair is two days old. In other words, the Remington Balder Pro can be a great tool for your black bald head if you believe in shaving your head every other day. It comes with an impressive Li-Ion battery that gives the device a running time of 50 minutes and can be washed thoroughly after each use due to being waterproof.

While the device does provide users with a 5-year warranty, cleaning it thoroughly after each use is mandatory when you’re using the Remington Balder Pro. This could be worth the hassle for many, but could also seem high-maintenance over a gradual period of time.

Furthermore, despite being a grade head shaver for daily use, the Remington Balder Pro could fail to impress you with its stainless steel blades if your hair is extremely coarse, as the shave wouldn’t be as precise on hair that is over two days old. However, taking into account the no-slip grip it offers, this item could be a great pick for beginners!

Aidalls Well Up 5-in-1 Shaver

Aisalls Well Up Shaver

Since one is never enough, another entry that can give your head a clean shave for an affordable price is the AW 6D Head Shaver. As its name suggests, this head shaver manages coarse pieces of hair with a solid 6D floating shaving system, and performs best on 4 day old hair.

The ergonomic design of this device might sweep you off your feet, as will its battery life. In contrast to most entries, the AW 6D Head Shaver has a running time of 90 minutes, which can only be matched by the Pitbull Platinum. The Li-Ion battery isn’t the only thing that is impressive about this tool, as it also has a waterproof build!

Although the AW has multiple positives due to its price tag, Li-Ion battery, LED battery indicator and ergonomic build, the 6D floating shaving system of the item might prove to be ineffective if your hair is resilient and rugged. Moreover, for the smooth finish that the AW’s blades provide, we believe that this tool is more of a beard trimmer than anything else!

Factors To Consider Before Taking Your Pick: From Purpose To Budget!

Be sure to leave a comment if the previous segment with thorough recaps helped you get back in on the loop! Additionally, if you’re still relatively indecisive about which item to side with, know that there are many steps you can take to resolve that issue. You may reach out to a friend of yours who knows about body grooming and hair cutting, but can also look into the factors we mentioned below to find the perfect companion for your black bald head!

Hair Type

Every hair type has sub-categories, and black hair is no exception. Furthermore, to really make sure you obtain exceptional results, try examining your hair type thoroughly. You can either look up images to find out whether you have type 3c hair or type 4c hair.

If you have type 3c hair, you can pick any device from the list above as all of them can give you and your bald head a neat shave. However, if your hair type is 4c, try choosing the Pitbull Platinum or Silver, as their blades can cut through even the most coarse piece of hair!


Another factor that you must consider before making your purchase is the amount of times you’ll be using your shaver. If your hair type is slightly on the thinner side of afro-textured hair, your pick should revolve around the Remington Pro, AW 6D, or Freedom Grooming. However, if you’d like to keep your thick receding black hair under control at all times, consider buying one of the two models of Pitbull!

Spending Plan

While we believe the importance of grooming, we also like to encourage our readers to spend wisely when purchasing gadgets.

When spending on one of the head shavers, be sure to take your budget into account. If you’re working around a tight budget, consider placing your trust in the Remington Balder Pro. You may even consider purchasing the AW 6D, as it comes with a similar price tag.

On another note, if your budget has no limit, go for the Pitbull Platinum or Freedom Grooming to make a long-term investment.

Blade Type is Important Factor for Black Bald Head

Blade Type

The blade type within the build of each product can easily serve you well if you’d simply like to keep your black bald head in check. However, since the Remington Balder Pro contains blades made of stainless steel, it would be more suitable as a beard trimmer. Not as a head shaver.

On the other hand, as all the other models have rotary blades with powerful motors, using them to obtain a black bald headed look could very much be possible!

Battery Life

If you’ve recently started shaving your head, using a shaver that provides a healthy battery life might prove to be more beneficial than expected. Within the list, the model with the best battery life is the Pitbull Platinum, which can run for a hefty time of 90 minutes.

Another model that matches that feat of the Platinum is the AW 6D, which also has an impressive running time of 90 minutes due to its powerful Li-Ion battery. Due to its price tag, it might just be a bang for its buck!

In second place is the Remington Pro, which can run for a sublime duration of 50 minutes; a feature that veterans as well as rookies can utilise.

Despite being great tools for coarse hair, the Platinum Silver and Freedom Grooming can only run for a relatively short duration of 30 minutes, which does taint their reputation by a tad bit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that can benefit you if you’ve liked this article of ours, which highlights some of the best electric shavers for black bald heads!

Q: Are electric shavers better than razors for black hair?

A: Since razors often contain blades that are rough on one’s skin, using an electric head shaver over a regular razor won’t just give you a good shave, but also protect your scalp from skin diseases such as itchiness and redness.

Q: Why can’t I achieve a bald shave with my electric shaver?

A: If you still can’t shave your black hair and achieve a bald head using your head shaver, try examining the blade of your model. Within the list used in this article, the Remington Pro Balder might need to be used repeatedly to obtain a close and clean shave. However, the rest of the entries can give you a shiny bald headed look within one session!

Final Takeaway

All things considered, we hope this article resolves all the issues that you have with your black hair. We also hope the models help you with obtaining the best headed look possible, especially if you have black hair.

Within the entries we’ve covered, we believe that the Pitbull Platinum is the best option to resort to. It has a powerful motor, the razor sharp Forte PRO, and a 90 minute battery life, all of which can be enough to cater to your coarse head of hair. Although it is high maintenance, the Pitbull Platinum comes with a cleaning station which can make the cleaning process easier. It also has additional bonuses such as a travel case, and an LED display to monitor the battery!

Tied for second place are Freedom Grooming and Pitbull Silver. The Freedom Grooming head shaver has a durable build, provides a good grip, and can be enough for wiping out your coarse hair. The Pitbull Silver is just as compelling due to its blade, the Carver PRO. In short, the rotary blade has qualities that can chop through even the most coarse set of hair cuticles.

Lastly, if budget is your biggest factor, consider siding with the Remington Balder Pro or AW 6D Head Shaver. They both comprise a good battery life, can shave your head as long as the strands are two days old, and are waterproof. They can also be the perfect head shavers to invest in if you happen to be a newbie in the world of head shaving!

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