How do you go about keeping your bikini area neat? If the thought of waxing makes you cringe and traditional razors aren’t your fave, maybe you’re looking for the best electric shaver or trimmer for bikini area.

Here, I’ll give you all the information you need to make the right choice for your needs. Whether price or performance is your main consideration, I’ll provide the necessary details, including the pros and cons of different models, to help you select the electric shaver designed to give you a clean, close shave every time.

The next time you hit the beach or pool, you’ll have a perfectly smooth bikini area with no bumps or irritation. Ready to find your next bikini shaver or trimmer? Then read on!

Shaver or Trimmer! Which one is the right choice for bikini area?

When it comes to a shaver vs. a trimmer, which one is right for you? Trimmers do just that: trim. They’re made to get rid of excess hair but aren’t usually designed to tackle your bikini line, too.

Shavers are for your skin, and the right one will get your bikini area free of any and all hairs that will poke out of a bikini bottom. To get an ultra-smooth finish so that you can wear your most revealing swimsuit bottoms or panties without fear of stray hairs ruining the effect, a shaver is the better option.

An electric shaver is perfect for the woman who wants to make quick work of this beauty task.

Top 5 bikini shaver & trimmer comparison chart

ImageName&BrandShaver or trimmerVoltageCharge & run timeEditor's rating
Panasonic ES2216PC  Editor's choiceBoth120 v12 hr & 1 hr4.5 out of 5
Panasonic Es246AC bikini trimarPanasonic ES246ACTrimmer2 AA Batteriesup to 45 min4.6 out of 5
Braun Silk-epil 9 9-579 Both120-240 V1 hr & 40 min4.4 out of 5
Cleancut PS335Shaver1 AA Batteryup to 30 min4.3 out of 5
Philips BikiniPerfectTrimmer120 v10 hr & 1 hr4.1 out of 5

My Top 5 Bikini Shaver & trimmer Reviews

A perfect combination of bikini shaver & trimmer

Our impression

Panasonic ES2216PC

This is an affordable electric shaver with a few great things going for it. It’s attractive and small enough to give you plenty of control when using it. I like the streamlined, non-bulky shape. It’s an ergonomic tool that works in your right or left hand, so lefties don’t have to feel left out or awkward when shaving with it.

You just know you’re going to get a comfortable shave when you consider it has four floating blades. Love to multitask? The pop-up trimmer makes sure this shaver works overtime, and your bathroom cabinets won’t get crowded with a bunch of extra tools.

With a slim design and pretty colors, this shaver is so feminine and pretty, I’d be happy seeing it sitting on the side of my bathtub or in my shower any day.

  • You can use it wet or dry.
  • It’s cordless, making it very portable and convenient.
  • It can be used on the bikini area as well as your underarms and legs.
  • It has a snap-on trimmer.
  • The pivot-action head glides smoothly over the body’s contours.
  • Inner blades are hypo-allergenic, so it’s suitable for sensitive skin.
  • It can lose its power over time, especially with heavy use.
  • Some users felt it didn’t give a very close shave.

Final verdict 

Overall, this is a good shaver, especially for the price point. What I love most about it is that it’s cordless, so it’s really portable, and that I can use it just about anywhere on my body.

2.Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 – Expensive but effective

Our impression

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579

If you know anything about epilators, you know some women stay away because of the stories they’ve heard. Painful stories. So how does this model stack up since it’s an epilator? It usually depends on the person, but any pain you feel should decrease with regular use.

The good thing is that it claims to keep your skin hair-free for up to four weeks, so you don’t have to use it every day. Also, this shaver comes with a ton of accessories, including a bonus facial brush.

On the one hand, I love it because who doesn’t want extras? On the other hand, it’s more to keep track of and doesn’t exactly fit the minimalist concept if that’s your thing. However, it also comes with a cool vibrating feature, so you can enjoy that sensation while you’re removing unwanted hair.

  • Its wide head removes more hair quickly.
  • Results can last up to four weeks.
  • It becomes virtually painless with regular use.
  • You can use it wet or dry.
  • The SmartLight feature makes sure you see even the finest hairs.

popular bikini trimmer

  • It’s one of the more pricey models.
  • Some users find the epilator painful.

Final Verdict

If you’re willing to spend the money and you can learn how to use the epilator so that it’s less painful, this is an awesome, all-around shaver for tackling not only the bikini area, but just about anywhere you want to get rid of excess hair.

3.Panasonic ES246AC – Affordable & Popular bikini trimmer

Our impression

Panasonic ES246AC

This one may not be as “cute” as some other shavers, but does it do the job? Absolutely. Plus, it’s very budget-friendly for anyone looking for a cheap bikini shaver. The compact design is clean and attractive without being distracting.

The trimming settings are adjustable, allowing you to get a shave as close as you like. Want a shaver that’s easy to maintain? Then this is the one for you. A cleaning brush is included to make the job simple and quick. For a basic electric shaver, you can’t go wrong with this one.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you even want an electric shaver, why not try out an inexpensive model like this and see if it’s for you? If you don’t end up loving it, you won’t go broke trying it.

  • This one is battery-powered, so you don’t have cords getting in the way.
  • It’s hypo-allergenic, so women with sensitive skin can feel comfortable using it.
  • The price is very affordable.
  • The small size makes it lightweight and perfect for travel.
  • An angled trimmer head makes trimming easier.
  • It may take multiple passes to remove all hair.
  • Battery power may not be as strong as electric shavers.

Final Verdict

You really can’t beat this one for the price. It’s a good option for women who want a cordless shaver that works wet or dry.

4.Philips Bikini Trimmer Kit – Latest advanced bikini trimmer

Our impression

Philips HP6378

Unlike some other shavers on the market, this one has a small head, and it’s this tiny size that makes it so perfect for zooming in with precision. If you like giving yourself some cute details while you’re trimming, you can get creative with this one.

I love the fact that you get extras like an exfoliation glove, travel bag, and illuminating tweezers. You can use this shaver on other areas besides your bikini line, so you also get an eyebrow comb for putting those unruly brows back in their place.

You get no less than six attachments, making this shaver a great all-in-one tool that does so much. For women who love the results they get from an epilator, you’ll get a precision epilator head that’s attachable, so you can remain hair-free for weeks.

  • You get up to 60 minutes of use from one 10-hour charge.
  • Trimming head and comb are designed for precision, so you get a close, detailed shave.
  • It’s easy to rinse clean.
  • No oiling or other time-consuming maintenance is required.
  • It’s cordless.
  • You can use this shaver wet or dry.
  • Some users report having to go over areas several times to remove all hair.
  • It may not feel as durable as some other shavers.

Final Verdict

For a good, well-designed shaver that’s affordable for most, this one works. Bonus points for the extra accessories as well as the smaller head, allowing for precision results.


5.Cleancut PS335 T-Shape – Manual shaver for bikini area

Our impression

Cleancut PS335

You have to appreciate this product’s honesty: it’s not for you if you expect smooth, baby skin-type results. You’ll experience slight stubble with this shaver, so you’ll have to follow up with another shaver if you’re all about completely sleek results.

But, for the price, it’s still a good option. One of the pluses is that it runs on one AA battery, so you have no cords to get in your way and you can travel with it just about anywhere in the world. One of the biggest cons, if you love shaving in the bath or shower, is that this one is only for dry shaving.

If you dry shave all the time, anyway, you probably won’t mind at all. So, this is great for the woman who’s not incredibly picky and doesn’t mind a hint of stubble.

  • The tiny size is very lightweight and portable.
  • The precision head is perfect for creative trimming ideas.
  • It’s a relatively quiet shaver.
  • Users report that it’s easy to use.
  • It’s battery-powered, so you don’t have cords and you don’t need power to use it.
  • This one is only for dry use.
  • It doesn’t produce completely smooth results; users will have slight stubble after using.

Final Verdict

This is a good choice for women who travel frequently, especially internationally, since you don’t have to worry about compatibility with voltage systems from country to country. It’s a solid option if you don’t care about getting a super-close shave.

5 Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Electric Shaver for Bikini Area

  • A convenient size for better control

Forget big, bulky shavers that make this task difficult to do. The best ones are small enough for you to easily control. More control means more detailed results. Also, a smaller size makes your shaver portable enough to carry just about anywhere. It’ll fit in a suitcase or tote bag for those last-minute day trips you love.

  • A sharp blade for smooth shaving

What’s worse than razor bumps? Getting razor bumps on your bikini line. Ouch! A sharp blade is essential for giving you clean results, but also for making sure your skin in this delicate area doesn’t become irritated. You want a shaver that glides over your skin, not gets caught up due to a dull blade. The best shaver will have a sharp blade ready to tackle the coarsest hair.

  • Wet and dry shaving options

Let’s face it: you don’t always have a lot of time to tackle your grooming tasks. Or you might be someplace where water and shaving cream aren’t available. An electric shaver can be used wet or dry, so for those times you need to shave and you need to do it in a hurry — or without water — this is a great option for you.

  • Attached bikini trimmers are awesome

As you already know, a trimmer is for trimming the hair, not for giving you a smooth shave. Who wants to carry around a ton of grooming tools? If you’re the type who likes to pack light or just keep her beauty arsenal to a minimum, the attached trimmer will be one of your favorite features. One less tool to keep track of means one less tool you might lose.

  • Essential tools for good maintenance

Maybe you’re not the type who lives for a wax job. You love doing your own beauty upkeep, and you like having the right tools to do it. Having a shaver, especially one with an attached trimmer, ensures that your bikini area will look exactly how you want it to, all the time.

Make Your Bikini Shaving More Comfortable With These 7 Tips

  • Pull your skin taut as you go: Create a smooth surface so that your shaver can easily glide over your skin. You can reduce nicks and cuts this way.
  • Use a shaving cream or gel: If you’re shaving wet, that is. You’ll get a much more comfortable shave by using a cream or gel.
  • Don’t press down too hard: When you press too hard with the shaver, you flatten your hairs, cutting down on your tool’s effectiveness.
  • Shave in the direction your hair grows first: Then you should go over the same area, but pull the shaver going in the opposite direction.
  • Trim first if your hair is long: With many of these shavers having a trimmer included, you can easily give yourself a trim first so that shaving is easier and quicker.
  • Clean your shaver as recommended: If your shaver gets very dirty or gets clogged with hair, it’s not going to work well. Follow cleaning instructions and keep yours tidy.
  • Let your hair soften before wet shaving: Don’t begin shaving as soon as you hop into the shower or bath. Let the water soften your hair first so that it’s easier to shave.

FAQ on Using an Electric Razor for Bikini Area

  • Should I shave wet or dry?

That’s really up to you and more a matter of what works for you at that time. Get an option that works both wet and dry so that for those times you have to shave but don’t have water or shaving cream, you can still get a smooth shave by shaving dry. When you have a little more time, use your shaver in the bath or shower like you normally would.

  • Will it hurt to use an electric shaver for bikini area?

Most electric shavers will feel very much like using a manual razor. If you buy one with vibrating properties, then you’ll get that massaging sensation, but it’s not painful. Generally, shavers with epilator features may be kind of painful at first, but the pain decreases if you use it regularly.

  • Do I have to use a trimmer first?

You don’t have to, but if your hairs are very long, it’s a good idea to trim them up a bit before you tackle your bikini area with a shaver. A lot of long and/or thick hair will make your shaver have to work overtime, making the process longer than it has to be.

  • Do I need a very expensive shaver to get good results?

Not at all. Most of the shavers I’ve reviewed are very affordable and still do an amazing job of giving you a clean, close shave. Even the budget-friendly options often come with a selection of extras and accessories, so you can find everything you need at a price that won’t break the bank.


When it comes to taking a grooming tool to a very intimate area of your body, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a bikini shaver.

You can still get smooth results with a range of affordable options, giving you a neatly trimmed bikini line that looks great at the beach or pool. I highly recommend any of the products in this review.

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