Get a Smooth Finish: The Best Electric Shaver & Trimmer for Your Bikini Area

Summer isn’t the only time when you want to remove the hair from your bikini line. It’s important to keep the area trimmed and neat for your partner as well as yourself. When properly groomed, a woman always feels her best.

The bikini trimmers will make grooming a simple matter that shouldn’t take hours of preparation. A simple bit of prep should be enough to give you a clean shave along your bikini line. The trimmer can take care of your private area, too. It will depend on the attachments in which you want to invest.

We’ve gathered up our top 10 favorite bikini trimmers and shavers. We’ve done all the work. You don’t have to wade through all the bad ones to find the right one for you.

My Top 10 Bikini Trimmer & Shaver Reviews

1. Panasonic ES2216PC – A Perfect Combination of Bikini Shaver & Trimmer

Panasonic ES2216PC

This women’s shaver can be immersed fully in water. That means it can be used in the shower with shaving gel or foam. That’s where you’ll get the closest shave possible without pain or irritation. When shaving your bikini area, the last thing you want is unsightly razor bumps.

It can also be used when you need a quick touch up. You don’t need to make a big production out of a fast trim. All you need to do is shave smoothly over the dry skin. It’ll allow you to run out the door rather fast. It doesn’t matter if you use this exclusively for wet or dry applications. The shaver can be cleaned quickly under running water.

The 4 blades of this electric shaver work gently on your skin. They sit behind slim foils that smooth the skin. The guides work the hair through to be cut by the ultra-sharp blades. This means that they work on a variety of areas including the bikini area. You can also use these blades on curves like under the arms and the backs of the thighs.

There’s a trimmer with this shaver. It clips to the top of the shaver and provides a way to prep before shaving. It can also quickly trim a few long, stray hairs that can pop up between shaves.

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My Impression

The 4 blades of this shaver are impressive. As is the ability to move this shave head in areas where there’s curves. A woman’s body is full of curves – especially in the bikini area. The guides direct the hairs across the slim foils where the sharp blades can do their work. All of these features work together to give you smooth skin.

It’s good to have the versatility of a wet/dry shaver. This shaver can be used for a quick dry shave as you run out the door. You might be getting ready for a night out on the town. For that, you’ll want to use shave cream in the shower. For a quick shave, you don’t need to get into the shower. A quick, dry shave will work just as well.

We’re talking about the best bikini trimmers and shavers. It’s important to note that this has a pop-up trimmer. You don’t need to make a separate purchase to get a trimmer for your bikini area. The trimmer will allow you to shape and trim your bikini area as you like.

  • Slim design for small areas of the body.
  • Flexible head for curves.
  • Ergonomic grip for shaving when wet.
  • Easy to clean under running water.
  • Four blades for a close shave.
  • You can use it wet or dry.
  • It's cordless, making it very portable and convenient.
  • It can be used on the bikini area as well as your underarms and legs.
  • Takes a long time to charge after the battery drains.
  • Some users felt it didn't give a very close shave.

Final verdict 

Overall, this is a good shaver, especially for the price point. What I love most about it is that it's cordless, so it's really portable, and that I can use it just about anywhere on my body.

2. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 - Expensive But Effective

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579

This device works in the shower as well as when your skin is dry. That's important for quick shaves that don't need foam, gel, or water. The attachments allow you to trim, shave, or epilate parts of the body that you want to be completely smooth. Instead of using messy waxes, epilation removes hair quickly without a huge mess.

There are 7 extra parts for this epilator. The MicroGrip tweezers are based on a wide head that removes hair completely. It gets them 4 times shorter than a wax would. The attachments help you get a really close shave. There's a massage cap, a skin contact cap, and a trimmer cap. They all can be used before and after the epilation itself.

There's a shaving head that can be attached with a trimmer to get long hairs before shaving. If you want to use the epilator, though, it's best to keep the hair a bit longer. The head pivots to give you coverage in a wide area that might be curved or angled.

The epilator or shaver can be used for 40 minutes before it needs to be charged. It shouldn't take that long to remove hair from your body – especially the bikini area. The device will have to be charged for 1 hour before it can be used again. There's a charging stand and travel pouch for easy travel with this epilator.

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My Impression

When you use an epilator, you're getting skin down below the surface. In fact, the device is able to pull hair approximately 0.5 mm. It's hair that you can feel but that normally you can't see. If you want touchable skin, that hair can be removed.

All of the attachments have a great purpose. They'll prepare your skin for hair removal. The shaver attachment with trimmer added will help trim the bikini area before shaving. When it comes to the edge of the bikini area, the shaver or epilator can be used to remove hair. Most women want soft, smooth skin in that area that feels soft and looks clean.

We really responded well to the attachments, but the travel accessories are well thought out, too. There's a brush for cleaning the epilator or shaver. It includes a stand for charging as well as a detachable charger. The travel pouch holds the device and the attachments you would need on vacation, too.

  • Wide epilator head for more clean skin per pass.
  • MicroGrip tweezers remove more hair below the skin.
  • Wet or dry usage for painless shaving or epilation.
  • Seven accessories for a complete treatment.
  • It becomes virtually painless with regular use.
  • The SmartLight feature makes sure you see even the finest hairs.
  • It's one of the more pricey models.
  • Epilation can be very painful – especially in the bikini area.

Final Verdict

If you're willing to spend the money and you can learn how to use the epilator so that it's less painful, this is an awesome, all-around shaver for tackling not only the bikini area, but just about anywhere you want to get rid of excess hair.

3. Remington WPG4050 Smooth & Silky Groomer Kit

A shaver and trimmer have to be easy to use. They should have attachments to make the entire process simple, painless, and quick. This groomer kit has 5 pieces included with the shaver. For bikini trimming and grooming, there is the adjustable comb. The shaver has a gentle trimmer attachment as well as a detail trimmer.

Remington WPG4050

The exfoliator keeps the hair's follicles from filling in with dirt or oil. This helps to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs. That can keep the skin from looking its best. It's not all that attractive when you shave your bikini line and end up with razor burn. It's painful, too.

The shaver itself is angled for getting into areas like the bikini line where it curves and dips. The right angle can make a huge difference in the closeness of the shave. There's a precision detail trimmer to help keep the bikini line fresh and clean, too. The foils are hypoallergenic and will give you a close shave without irritation.

This grooming kit can be used in and out of the shower. Quick trims and shapeups are simple with this kit. There's an attachment, guide, or trimmer for every task related to shaving or trimming your bikini line.

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My Impression

Instead of a simple trimmer for the bikini area, this is a total grooming kit. There's an exfoliator for removing dead skin cells, dirt, and oils from the area before shaving. Keeping your skin clean is the first step to preventing ingrown hairs and irritation from razor burn.

The gentle trimmer will bring the hair down to a level that's comfortable for shaving. It's also good for a simple trim of the hair that leads to the bikini line. Trimming your hair keeps it from being pulled when shaving.

One of the biggest benefits to this trimmer and shaver is the fact that it's angled. When you don't have to fuss with the angle of the shaver, you're able to get into tight, curved spaces easier. This trimmer and shaver has a clip-on guide for trimming different lengths of hair, too.

  • Five-piece body and bikini grooming kit.
  • Angled shaver for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Hypoallergenic foil to prevent irritation.
  • Exfoliating brush for preparing the skin.
  • Trimmer attachments for bikini area trimming.
  • There is no charging base for this shaver/trimmer.

4. Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver

The three floating heads of this foil shaver will keep in contact with the curves of the body. It's great for areas like the back of the thighs or the bikini line. In those areas, the body curves deeply. It requires floating heads that can adjust inch to inch. Underarms are a curvy place that require floating heads, too.

Panasonic ES2207P

The shaver is able to perform whether it's wet or dry. A quick shave without jumping in the shower is necessary sometimes. The underarms or bikini area might need a quick touchup without requiring a whole production. That's convenient with this wet/dry shaver.

When it comes to trimming hair before shaving, there's a popup trimmer. Stray hairs don't stand a chance against the popup trimmer. Before shaving, it's important that hairs aren't too long. Shavers can pull and tug instead of cutting cleanly. A trimmer will also clean the bikini line of stray hairs that are too long, too.

The foil of this shaver is hypoallergenic, which will prevent irritation and razor burn. One of the biggest causes of razor burn is when the skin gets inflamed from repeated passes with a shaver that doesn't cut properly. The shaver won't irritate the skin because the blades are very sharp and durable.

My Impression

The hypoallergenic foil covers stainless steel blades that will be gentle with even sensitive skin. It'll still provide a clean shave that gives soft, touchable skin. You can use this on any part of your body without worry. The skin won't become irritated at all.

Each floating head moves independently. That's to ensure that the foils glide across the skin without losing contact. That's perfect for areas with curves and angles. The bikini area as well as the underarms are notorious for curves and deep angles. When the foil stays in contact with the skin, you won't have to make as many passes with the shaver.

Before you start to shave your bikini area, it's important to remove long hair. You should never shave an area with long hair. The shaver will only pull and tug the hair, which is very painful. The pop-up trimmer on this shaver is always right there in case you run across any long, stray hairs.

  • Three independent floating heads.
  • Hypoallergenic foils for smooth shaving.
  • Popup trimmer that won't get lost.
  • Wet/dry shaver for versatility.
  • Easy to clean under running water.
  • Has a charger that plugs directly into an outlet, but can block some outlets inconveniently.

5. Panasonic ES246AC - Affordable & Popular Bikini Trimmer

Panasonic ES246AC

An electric razor specifically designed to work on the bikini area will have all the right features. This one is thin and sleek, which helps it move in tight spaces with curves. Sensitive parts of the body like the bikini area require a blade that won't irritate or nick the skin. Its shape and design are made for the area.

The bikini trimmer and shaper has an angled head for a better hold. You can curve the trimmer without having to move your body awkwardly. It'll also keep you from cutting your skin by accident.

This trimmer and shaper is waterproof. It can't be submerged, but you can use shaving cream or gel. It's easier to trim and shape the area when the skin is wet and the hair is soft. The blades are stainless steel for a sharp, hypoallergenic cutter and trimmer. You get 45 minutes of shaving and trimming with 2 AA batteries. When you need a charge, simply change the batteries.

There is a trimming and shaping guide included with this shaver. It's adjustable for any length you want. You can get the edges near your thighs smooth while trimming and shaping the rest of your privates. It comes in 5 positions for the length that works for you.

My Impression

This is a slim, angled shaper and trimmer that is meant to work in a specific area of the body. It's approximately 1 ½ inches wide.  This isn't a shaper you're going to use in other areas like your legs. It would take forever to shave. It's designed for the bikini area, which means it speaks directly to the challenges there.

This personal shaver works on 2 AA batteries, so you will always have a charge. You can take this with you on overnight trips quite easily without worrying about cords and charging voltages. It's easy to trim and do touchups when you're not home.

The trimmer guide lets you maintain a certain length of hair across your privates. You can shave the edges of your bikini line while keeping the rest of your hair trimmed. It'll help you tame stray hairs between grooming sessions.

  • Designed for bikini trimming and shaping.
  • Works with 2 AA batteries.
  • Hypoallergenic blades.
  • Angled trimmer head.
  • Adjustable trimmer and shaper guide.
  • The price is very affordable.
  • The small size makes it lightweight and perfect for travel.
  • Blade cannot be sharpened or replaced, so you'll have to take extra care with this trimmer to last a long time.

Final Verdict

You really can't beat this one for the price. It's a good option for women who want a cordless shaver that works wet or dry.

6. Braun Gillette Venus IPL 5001

Unlike others on this list, the Venus IPL is for permanent hair removal. Instead of constantly trimming your bikini area, you can use this device for permanent removal of hair over time. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It targets the hair with intense light.

Braun Gillette Venus IPL 5001

It works on dark hair when there's a marked difference between the color of the hair and the tone of the skin. It targets the melanin in the hair below the surface of the skin. This Venus IPL actually reads and adapts to the skin tone of the user. It uses a unique SensoAdapt sensor to read the tone of the skin 80x a second.

Other devices require you to use skin tone swatches and matching charts to make your own determination on the right amount of light. That's not the case with the Venus. There are also two modes for treatment. There's a normal mode and a gentle one. The gentle mode is great for the bikini area.

The device is corded, so you'll never have to worry about charging it. Over 4 weeks of treatments, it'll visibly reduce the amount of permanent hair on the treated areas. It's fast, too. In a few minutes, you can glide the device across the skin and be done.

My Impression

Constant hair maintenance for the legs, bikini area, underarms, and arms can take up a lot of a woman's time. An IPL device you can use at home will remove all need for shaving, trimming, and tweezing. It'll even work on facial hair without causing serious pain.

There is no real expertise or knowledge needed for using this device. It is pretty automated. It targets the hair for removal and bombards it with the intense light. The sensor reads the tone of the skin compared to the hair color to determine the light intensity, too. All you have to do is allow the device to glide smoothly across the skin.

After a few weeks, you'll have less and less hair to worry about removing. Over time, you can do minor touchups with the device to remove new hair growth. The device has a lifetime of 300,000 flashes of light. That's years and years of use in your future if it's needed.

  • Intense Pulsed Light at home like in a salon.
  • SensoAdapt skin tone sensor evaluates the skin.
  • IPL technology is fast and effective.
  • Over 300,000 flashes in the device.
  • No gels or added accessories needed.
  • Can't be used with light hair against light skin or dark hair against dark skin.

7. LivingPro Lady Shaver Kit with Bikini Trimmer

This trimmer and shaver has 3 attachments for a variety of shaving and trimming needs. There's the precise trimming blade, the 3-in-1 blade, and the precise shaving blade. Along with these shaving and trimming attachments, there's a cleansing brush, too.

LivingPro Bikini Trimmer

All of the attachments turn this into a complete grooming kit. It'll let you shave or trim any part of your body. From your legs, to bikini area, arms, and underarms, all your unwanted hair can be removed. The shaver can cover all those areas while the trimmer works on areas with longer hair.

The trimming attachment can bring longer hair down to a manageable level. It's good to start with the trimmer when the hair you're removing is pretty long. That might include hair under the arms or in the bikini area. Once the hair is trimmed, the shaver can be used.

There are two shaver heads. They have hypoallergenic, stainless steel blades. The precise shaving head is slimmer and can be used in the curves around the bikini line. The wider head has a 3-in-1 shaving method. There are guides for shaving longer hair. The other side is for shaving residual hair while the middle is for short hair.

My Impression

The attachments on this shaver make it incredibly versatile. The blades are very sharp. They'll stay that way with some cleaning and maintenance. The foil smooths the skin while the hypoallergenic blades cut hair down to the skin.

The shaver is just one portion of this grooming kit. There are trimmers that will bring hair down to a manageable length. From there, the hair can be removed completely along the bikini line. In the bikini area, you might want to leave hair trimmed and neat instead of removing it.

The trimmer has comfortable combs that won't scratch the sensitive skin around the bikini line. They're rounded for your comfort. The shaver uses a motor with a very high speed to give you smooth, soft skin.

  • Four attachments to make this a great grooming kit.
  • Stainless steel, hypoallergenic blades and foils.
  • Guides and trimmers with rounded edges.
  • Waterproof shaver.
  • Charging base and charger included.
  • No button for removing the attachments.

8. Philips Norelco BikiniPerfect Advanced Trimmer Kit

With 6 attachments, this is a fantastic grooming kit for women. There's a precision trimmer for edging the bikini line. The precision comb has 5 settings for length. The epilator removes hair completely by tweezing. There's even an eyebrow comb that will make all your hair the same length. The microtrimmer can help shape the eyebrows, too. The microshaver gets into small areas wonderfully.

Philips Norelco BikiniPerfect

The BikiniPerfect can be used while wet or dry. When you can use this in the shower, you're getting a more precise shave and trim. The hair is softer when it's wet. The skin is easier to manipulate, too. The hair can be removed with ease.

This unit is completely rechargeable. It takes an overnight charge for the device to be ready for the next time you need it. It's always best to charge the unit after use even though you have 60 minutes of cordless time. You don't want to be caught without a charge when you need one.

There are plenty of bonuses with this grooming kit. Along with the numerous attachments, there's a travel bag in case you want to take this on vacation or a work trip. The bag is zippered to keep everything in one place. There's an exfoliation glove and illuminated tweezers, too.

My Impression

There are so many attachments for this grooming kit. You can trim and shave your bikini line as well as any part of the area you want. There's a shaver and a precision trimmer. It'll get into those curves without causing pain or irritation.

It goes beyond the bikini line, too. There is a microshaver and a microtrimmer that can help tame your eyebrows. Instead of waiting for an appointment at a salon, you can do all of that at home yourself. You'll never get another bad eyebrow waxing again.

The bonuses are a nice touch. The exfoliation glove can be used before any of the shaving or trimming you do. It'll remove dead skin cells as well as dirt from your pores. That contributes to ingrown hairs, which can be eliminated with exfoliation. The illuminated tweezers are great for any hairs you miss shaving or trimming.

  • Sixty minutes of cordless use.
  • Includes 6 attachments for your grooming.
  • Waterproof for use in the shower.
  • Bonuses like a travel bag and tweezers are a plus.
  • Microshaver and microtrimmer for small tasks.
  • Nothing to indicate when the battery is low or when it's fully charged.

9. Braun Women's Epilator Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Shaver

The Silk-Epil 7 is an epilator that will remove hair at the roots. The results will last weeks longer than simple shaving. The epilator has a wide head that covers more skin real estate than other epilators. The CloseGrip Technology of this epilator has 40 tweezers. Each of those tweezers captures and pulls hair from your body.

Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561

The epilator can be used in the shower or bath. When you use this device wet, over time, it'll stop being as painful as the first time you attempt to remove hair. It's 100% waterproof as an epilator, but also with attachments, too.

There's a shaver head attachment, a trimmer cap, facial cap, and efficiency cap. These can all be added to the epilator or shaver for hair removal. The attachments give you a way to focus on various parts of the body with the right tool.

Aside from the attachments, there's a separate trimmer for the bikini area. It's meant to trim the bikini line without shaving or epilation. It's designed to be used like a pen. It's a styler with rounded tips and a precision head. It'll leave behind smooth, hairless skin that won't have any bumps or irritation.

My Impression

The Silk-Epil 7 removes hair from below the surface of the skin. Epilation can be painful at first, but with regular use, the process isn't as painful. Eventually, it can be completely painless. Water can help with this, so it's a good deal that this device is waterproof.

The pivoting head moves with the curves of the body. When the head moves with your curves, it won't lift from the skin at all. That means less passes with the shaver or epilator. More passes can induce more irritation. There's a smartlight that will reveal the tiniest, finest hairs for removal, too.

As a bonus, the trimmer is fantastic. It's held like a pen or stylus. The precision head has rounded tips that will keep your sensitive skin from becoming irritated. It'll keep you from getting razor bumps or ingrown hairs, too.

  • Pivoting head for contoured movement.
  • Wet & dry use for taking it into the shower or bath.
  • Smartlight for illuminating tiny hairs.
  • Six attachments for epilation and shaving.
  • Pouch included for travel.
  • It requires a few passes of the epilator depending on the direction of hair growth.

10. Cleancut PS335 T-Shape - Manual Shaver for Bikini Area

Cleancut PS335

This is a trimmer that is meant to remove longer hairs close to the skin. It will do so without pulling or pinching. It is meant for men and women who want a close trim. It's not meant to be a shaver that gives a complete shave to the skin.

If you want to cut longer hair in the bikini and private area, you might want to stick with a trim. It'll stop you from getting ingrown hairs. Since you're not trying to get hair below the surface, they won't grow in wild or crooked. That's often why hair becomes ingrown.

The trimmer has a slim, ergonomic design for getting into smaller areas. It's not very wide, so that should be kept in mind. It's perfect for under the arms and the crease in the thighs right at the bikini line. Men can use this on their chest, too.

It's a good unisex trimmer, but it's really meant for the bikini line. The head of the trimmer was designed to stay out of the way during a trim. The manufacturer wants you to be able to see exactly where you're cutting. It helps you avoid nicks and cuts in such a sensitive area.

My Impression

This is a simple trimmer specifically designed to be used as a trimmer. It's perfect as a bikini trimmer. It's a unisex trimmer that can be used in other areas for both men and women. A man might want to do some trimming on his chest, or the back of his neck. A woman can trim her bikini area and under her arms.

The trimmer won't shave very close to the skin. It leaves hair behind that's approximately 1 mm in length. If you want a close shave, this is not the device. This trimmer is meant to bring the hair down to a certain length. From there, you can shave or leave it as stubble.

It's a good way to avoid getting ingrown hairs or razor burn. Since you're not getting close to the skin, the hair won't grow in weirdly. Ingrown hairs usually come from clogged follicles. The hair will never be removed, so the follicles will be fine.

  • Trimmer for a variety of body parts.
  • Used as a trimmer for long hair.
  • Battery operated so it doesn't need to be charged.
  • Battery is included in the packaging.
  • Users report that it's easy to use.
  • This one is only for dry use.
  • Delicate and can be damaged if dropped.

Final Verdict

This is a good choice for women who travel frequently, especially internationally, since you don't have to worry about compatibility with voltage systems from country to country. It's a solid option if you don't care about getting a super-close shave.

Shaver or Trimmer! Which one is the right choice for bikini area?

When it comes to a shaver vs. a trimmer, which one is right for you? Trimmers do just that: trim. They're made to get rid of excess hair but aren't usually designed to tackle your bikini line, too.

Shavers are for your skin, and the right one will get your bikini area free of any and all hairs that will poke out of a bikini bottom. To get an ultra-smooth finish so that you can wear your most revealing swimsuit bottoms or panties without fear of stray hairs ruining the effect, a shaver is the better option.

An electric shaver is perfect for the woman who wants to make quick work of this beauty task.

5 Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Electric Shaver for Bikini Area

  • A convenient size for better control

When you’re shaving the bikini area, the size of the shaving or trimming head matters. You don’t want a large shaving head when you’re trying to get into close quarters. A shaver or trimmer with a small head gives you better control over the movement in those curvy, sensitive areas.

  • Smooth shaving with a sharp blade

With a sharp blade, you’ll have less irritation as well as nicks and cuts. It’ll cut the hair in one pass instead of multiple passes. That’s what you get razor burn. It creates future problems with ingrown hairs, too. The blades should be sharp and stay sharp with routine maintenance.

  • Wet and dry shaving options

The trimmer or shaver used for the bikini area should have flexibility. It can be used whether wet or dry to reduce irritation. It’s all about keeping that part of the body smooth and free of blemishes and bumps. When you’re trimming the bikini area, you don’t want to have bumps. It can be embarrassing.

  • Attached bikini trimmers make life easier

Separate bikini trimmers can get lost. They’re hard to find when needed. It’s also good to have the attachments right there on the shaver or trimmer. That makes it more convenient. As you’re shaving, you can use a popup or attached trimmer to go over the bikini area quickly. It makes grooming simpler and faster.

  • Essential tools for good maintenance

As you’re researching a good bikini trimmer, check for tools that help you with maintenance. Blades that are maintained will last longer. A good brush can remove hair clippings. The ability to wash the trimmer under a faucet will keep it in good shape, too. Keep in mind that you’ll need tools for cleaning and maintaining your grooming equipment.

Make Your Bikini Shaving More Comfortable With These 7 Tips

  • First, A Trim – It’s important that you get the hair down to a manageable level before attempting to shave. Shaving hair that is too long will cause pulling and pain. That’s the last thing you want in your sensitive bikini area.
  • Soften Hair Before Wet Shaving – The hair and skin should be wet and soft before you attempt to shave. While it’s possible to have a dry shave in this area, it’s usually better to use cream or gel to avoid irritation. It’s one of the most sensitive parts of the body, so you want to use care.
  • Pull the Skin Tight – In the bikini area, you’re going to have skin that needs to be pulled tight. That makes it easier to get a smooth glide along the skin. It’s helps when you need to stay in contact around curves. It’s tough to get a smooth glide in the bikini area, but it’s not impossible.
  • Use Gel or Cream – Softening the skin is done with water as mentioned previously. It’s helpful to use a shaving gel or cream, too. It helps to soften the hair and the skin. It’s also meant to be soothing during and after the shave. It can reduce irritation.
  • Let the Shaver do the Work – You shouldn’t have to press down on the shaver to get it to do a good job. In fact, when you press down on the skin, you could end up with scratches. The shaver or trimmer should be sharp enough to do all the work without having to press down at all.
  • Shave with the Grain – When you shave against the grain, it causes irritation. The hair can break off before it’s cut. That causes ingrown hairs later as the broken hair grows back. Men have been told for years to shave with the grain on their faces, yet women have shaved against the grain on their legs for years, too. In sensitive areas like the face or bikini line, shaving with the grain reduces irritation.
  • Clean Shaver for Sharp Blades – You can’t buy a new blade every time you want to shave. It wouldn’t make reasonable sense. It is possible to have clean, sharp blades every time you place the shaver against your skin. Remove all the hair clippings from the razor blades after each use.

Bikini Trimmer Advantages

A trimmer has many advantages over other types of grooming equipment. First, it's focused entirely on one area of the body. They're designed with smaller heads to get into the curves around the bikini area. Those curves can be deep in some places. The head should be able to move easily.

Second, a bikini trimmer is easier to use than some other devices. It has a simple button to turn it on for use. While some have attachments, most have combs that will trim the area clean. That's all it will do.

A bikini trimmer is portable, too. You can take it almost anywhere. They often are battery powered, so they don't require cords. The user who travels won't have to be concerned about voltage in other countries.

Lastly, the price is pretty reasonable for the incredible value you're getting with a bikini trimmer. The trimmer does its job without a bunch of bells and whistles at a basic level. You certainly can spend more to get attachments and uses out of the trimmer, too. That choice is up to you. There's a full range of possibilities based on your needs.

FAQ on Using an Electric Razor for Bikini Area

1. Should I shave wet or dry?

When it comes to this sensitive part of the body, the more prep that you can do on the skin, the better the trim. It's a good idea to shave while the skin and hair are wet. You can get shaving cream or gel to further plump the hair for removal.

2. Will there be pain when shaving my bikini area?

There can be pain depending on the device that you use. For shaving and trimming, it should never be painful. Preparing the skin in advance is a good way to ensure that the shaver or trimmer won't pull the hair instead of cutting. If you choose to go with epilation, you will have pain. It pulls the hairs instead of cutting. In IPL, there might be some burning with the light pulses, too.

3. Should I trim before shaving?

If the hair is long, you should definitely trim before shaving. Shavers will yank and pull long hair instead of cutting it. It doesn't mean you have a bad razor, either. They are just not built to handle long hair.

4. Is a very expensive shaver the key to good results?

It can be very true that if you buy something cheap, you will get a cheap product. On the other hand, the most expensive product is not always the best. You'll need to do some research into the attachments that will give you the best value. Shavers are usually better with attachments and extras.


When it comes to taking a grooming tool to a very intimate area of your body, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on a bikini shaver.

You can still get smooth results with a range of affordable options, giving you a neatly trimmed bikini line that looks great at the beach or pool. I highly recommend any of the products in this review.

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