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Best Electric Shavers Of 2024: 10 Prominent Names Offering An Optimal Shaving Experience!

If you’re hoping to improve the condition of your facial hair game in 2024, perhaps it’s time to ditch traditional razors and opt for electric shavers, the most ideal grooming tools for smooth skin and no irritation!

Though it has been a while since electric shavers stormed their way into the grooming scene, only 10 names come to mind if you prioritize the best results and are in dire need of a frontrunner.

And if you have no time for research, allow me to take the lead!

Through the help of this guide, not only will you gain access to my personalized list of the best electric shavers, but also find a way to iron out your issues with one of the top-grade companions!

Best Electric Shavers Of 2024:  Brief One-liners To Sum Up The Candidates!

Top 10 electric shavers

When push comes to shove, each candidate making up my list of the best electric shavers appears to serve its own purpose, catering to a different demographic when all is said and done.

Though a long assessment of each shaver awaits in the upcoming segments, going through the following table will give you access to a one-lined review for each, which can be of great help if you’re currently running out of time!

ModelOtherwise Known As
Babyliss Foil FX02Best handheld device for durability
Braun Series 9Best shaver for sensitive skin
Braun Series 7The best substitute for the best skin-safe shaver
Panasonic Arc 5The best shaver for the closest shave
Manscaped by HandymanA portable shaver that can be taken anywhere
Philips Norelco 7200The best device for a nick-free shave
Skull Shaver SilverAn ideal shaver for balding men
Andis Profoil ShaverAn action-packed close shaver
Philips OneBladeA hall of famer offering good results on a low-budget
Braun Series 3The best foil shaver for beginners

The Ultimate List Of Top-notch Electric Shavers: Walking Through My Experience With Each Candidate!

Despite some carrying hefty price tags, electric shavers remain the optimal solution for me and my facial hair issues. Why? Because they have everything and more to offer.

From ergonomic housing to unique shaving elements to technological advancements, electric shavers are undoubtedly more trustworthy for those requiring a quick shave without any drawbacks.

A lot of them are multipurpose gadgets, an element that I will dive into shortly.

Moving on, if you’d like to improve your personal care game overnight, here are the 10 groundbreaking electric shavers that will tackle your issues with ease!

Babyliss Pro FX02

The first shaver on this list is none other than Babyliss Pro FX02, the best possible gadget if you prefer handheld shavers.

Babyliss Pro FX02 frontal look

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One of its selling points is its offset foil system, a specialist in providing deep shaves to the maximum.

The blade system starts with hypoallergenic foils, which, as we all know by now, collect the hair with minimal contact. It’s a breath of fresh air for my skin, which cuts rather easily.

Babyliss shaving system

The pair of foils almost disappear into my skin when used, erasing any remaining hair particles with ease.

I feel that the device works best on a 3-day stubble, erasing even the stubborn pieces of ingrown hair to succumb under the foil system’s pressure.

The motor speed is also worth mentioning, as it offers a quick cleaning process. Sure, it is a bit loud, but the vibrations of the foil system often tone that down.

Babyliss and Andis Profoil

Babyliss and Andis Profoil

While this powerhouse of Babyliss isn’t as compact as the Andis Profoil, the housing is extremely dependable, albeit taking a toll on the forearm.

In fact, when push comes to shove, this Babyliss electric shaver is perhaps the heaviest candidate on this list, but only because it’s fused with metal.

Babyliss in hand

The metal housing alongside its casing are two blessings in disguise, to say the least. They offer the device with protection, which is most evident when the Babyliss FX02 is dropped from a fair height.

The cover also prevents the foils to rest easy without accumulating dust, being a win-win situation if your prioritize longevity in your skin shaver.

The rotary motor doesn’t just work past a stubble or scruffy beard with ease, but can also be worked around the neck.

Babyliss in motion

Babyliss in motion

If it does struggle to shave around the hard-to-reach areas, try and hold the skin tout like I do, which helps when I’m cleaning up the area underneath my jawline.

In addition to rewarding my face with smooth results, another element that this Babyliss model guarantees is an impressive runtime, thanks to its Li-iOn battery.

Now I do admit that the endurance won’t amount to much when shaving your face.

However, the fact that this handheld device offers a 3-hour runtime on the go is definitely a big win in my eyes, since the hypoallergenic foil system can also be used for a body grooming session, which is another plus of this system.

On a separate note, if you do want to partake in body grooming with this tool, be careful during navigation.

Babyliss on forearm

Babyliss on forearm

Take all the time you need during each stroke, since the device has a tendency to weigh your wrist down, which may expose you to injuries,

When using the device, I always avoid the sensitive areas, focusing more on the chest, legs, and forearms.

I have no doubt that the foil system can be used around your privates, too, but the weight could make the whole activity too risky.

Weight of Babyliss Foil Fx02

Weight of Babyliss Foil Fx02

Nonetheless, due to the way in which it handles the skin while providing a close shave, and the flexibility it carries even after 3 hours of use, the Babyliss Foil Fx02 is one of the best electric shavers on the market right now.

What really makes me lean on this system is also the design, which is quite minimal, carries a sophisticated colour scheme, and deflects any sign of damage in seconds!

Incredible battery life of 3 hoursThe device might weigh the wrist down
Offset foil system for easygoing navigationLacks an indicator for battery
Robust housing with heavy materials
Rotary motor with incredible speed

Braun Series 9

The experience of using a handheld device like Babyliss Pro Fx02 is a blessing if you prefer your shaver to carry some brawn, alongside providing more handle with a 5-finger grip.

Braun Series 9 full model

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However, if your skin creases or cuts rather easily, let me tell you about the Braun Series 9, one of the best possible tools for sensitive skin.

The Series 9 is a great device for various elements, with the biggest one being its foil system.

It is fused with not one, not two, but a four-way shaving system, which provides more than just astonishing results.

Braun Series 9 shaving system

With the help of additives like SynchroSonic technology, the foils not only generate an incredible speed, but also adjust with my beard’s density, which is reassuring for me and my susceptible skin.

In addition to guaranteeing a safe session, the presence of SynchroSonic technology offers a unique experience, which is why Braun Series 9 is as good as it comes.

Although the device can cover 40,000 motions every minute, it tends to fluctuate intentionally if the beard density isn’t coarse enough.

If you’d like to dive into the foil system for a bit, move on to the immediate paragraph.

Detached foil system of Braun Series 9

Detached foil system of Braun Series 9

The Braun Series 9 is supported by Optfoils that launch themselves onto the surface of the skin for a close shave, preferably by collecting hair around the compact areas.

In the middle are the coated trimmers, fused with titanium to prevent abrupt heating during prolonged sessions. The gold-coated foil isn’t just for show, it seems, as it is the most efficient in saving time.

Braun Series 9 handle and battery status indicator

Braun Series 9 handle and battery status indicator

Speaking of time, let’s talk about the endurance of the device, which is led by a Li-ion battery.

Though the longest duration the Series 9 is as high as 60 minutes, it is more than enough for over 10 sessions in my eyes.

The quick charging ability doesn’t bloom until you’re working around a tight schedule, however, taking only 5 minutes to replenish the Braun Series 9 to provide optimal results in under a session.

The flexibility of the blades is what really appeals to me, as it covers over 10 rotations with ease.

Braun Series 9 in motion

Braun Series 9 in motion

Shaving towards the grain is easy, while shaving against the grain is even easier with the Braun Series 9, so you don’t have to worry about having ingrown hair or suffering from irritation.

It is almost impossible to not mention the chrome housing of the Braun Series 9, which feels like a feather once you grab onto its handle.

Alongside the lightweight feel is efficient hardware, which deserves its own breakdown.

Braun Series 9 grip

Braun Series 9 grip

While the grip around the backside offers incredible control during operation, I also like how the buttons are chunky and easy to obtain access to.

The LED indicator is optimal if you lose track of time, as it will always remind you of the battery life, in percentages, too!

On the top of its traditional power button is the travel lock system, which is yet another element that adds to the appeal of this top-notch electric shaver.

Braun Series 9 with travel lock icon

Braun Series 9 with travel lock icon

While the travel lock switch system isn’t as lean on Braun Series 9 opposed to the Braun Series 9 Pro, the Braun Series 9’s travel lock still preserves the system’s battery life just as effectively, making it a bonus if you are regularly in and out of the country.

Another element that not only makes the reception more positive, but also makes the aftercare of this shaver optimal is the SmartCare Cleaning Center, which ditches the
bulkier structure of the previous design and settles for a leaner frame.

Braun with charging station

Braun with charging station

The device not only washes the shaver, but also replenishes the foil system and rejuvenates the battery life.

Though Braun doesn’t provide the smoothest shave when pitted against the Panasonic Arc 5, another candidate on this list, the way in which it provides comfort is a win in my eyes.

The foil system isn’t just a winner on this occasion, but also makes the Braun Series 9 the most reliable tool for sensitive skin!

Shaving elements that prioritize sensitive skinThe priciest device on this list
Long-lasting housing with lightweight feelFalls short of providing a close-shave
Haas a reliable 5-in-1 charging station for restoration
Provides a unique experience with Synchro Sonic technology

Braun Series 7

In contrast to the Series 9, the Braun Series 7 almost feels like a slightly compromised, yet impactful device, almost serving as a promising alternative for the successor of the franchise.

Braun Series 7 frontal look

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The first noteworthy difference lies within the blade system of the Braun Series 7, which reprises the same shaving elements as the Series 3 listed below.

However, the device has the edge over its predecessor with AutoSense technology, which allows the shaving head to move in various directions based on the density of the facial hair.

Braun series 7 handle


The Senso Foil and precision trimmer feel quite amazing and much faster than that of the Braun Series 3, which could be due to the implementation of the software upgrade it comprises.

The foil system moves in 4 effective directions, meeting the Panasonic Arc 5’s flexibility with ease, despite trailing heavily against the Braun Series 9.

I’d still vouch for the Series 7, however, mainly due to how easygoing the device is on damage-prone skin.

foil system of Braun series 7

close-up of foil system

One of the best selling points of this blade is the comfort it provides, due to the clicky trait of the foil system.

The housing plays a part, too, with a rubber-coated grip that supports the thumb with ease.

grip of Braun Series 7

grip of Braun Series 7

In addition to egrinabling incredible grip control, the Braun Series 7 is a shaver that is as light as the Series 9, almost, which is a positive, nonetheless.

Perhaps the battery indicator that the Series 7 carries is more traditional, but also pretty easy to work through for beginners. It ditches numbers for bars, representing the Li-Ion battery seamlessly.

braun Series 7 battery status indicator

braun Series 7 battery status indicator

In terms of endurance, I feel that Braun could have done more than just 45 minutes, which is what the Series 7 offers.

To make up for the underwhelming battery life, the Series 7 enables fast charging, an ability that allows this shaver to provide a thorough shaving session in just 5 minutes.

A remarkable aspect of this Braun shaver is that it can act as a head shaver for those suffering from male pattern baldness, protecting the scalp with its hypoallergenic foils.

Just like the successor, the Braun Series 7 can also act as a body shaver, and has accompanied me effortlessly whenever I needed a quick grooming session in summer.

Braun Series 7 pressed against face

Braun Series 7 pressed against face

I feel that, just like most foil shavers with technological benefits, the Braun Series 7 blooms best when dealing with 3-day stubble.

If your facial hair isn’t as dense, however, with soft and whisker-like tips, perhaps you can use it after growing your stubble for 7-days, which is a mantra I follow.

An added bonus of the Braun Series 7 is its SmartCare Cleaning Center, which is a bit too huge to travel with.

SmartCare Center of Series 7 and 9

SmartCare Center of Series 7 and 9

It might lack a sensor that adjusts the motion of the cleaning gadget, but it definitely
reprises the cleansing, hydrating, and battery rejuvenating properties, all of which are adopted by the Braun Series 9.

Though it is a bit pricey for its release date, I believe that the Braun Series 7 is a top-grade electric shaver, especially if you’re an existing fan of the franchise.

Braun Series 7 and 9 side by side

Don’t worry about your purse if you can’t afford the services of the Series 9, as the Braun Series 7 will always come through to serve as the best possible alternative.

A great alternative for Braun Series 9Is a bit backdated, but expensive
Rubberized grip that provides more help during useThe charging station might be difficult to carry
Chunky yet feathery feel when held
Carries technological attributes for minimizing damage

Panasonic Arc 5 LV65-S

If you’d like to stick to foil shavers, but would like to rely on a different brand that offers the same perks as Braun, a blockbuster of a move would be to switch to Panasonic, preferably the Arc 5.

Panasonic Arc 5 LV65-S frontal look

Now, the Arc 5 offers more than just a pristine chrome-fused paint job on its hardware, and is definitely the most reliable tool if you’d like to obtain a close shave.

The facilitator of the previous attribute? Panasonic Arc 5’s shaving system.

Arc 5 shaving system

Arc 5 shaving system

I believe that the Panasonic Arc 5 is in its own lane as a foil shaver with 5 shaving elements, which shaves close to the skin without leaving behind a single scratch.

The 5-way foil system comprises 4 foil heads with titanium for precision, speed, and comfort. In addition, it carries a quick comb blade to shave in close areas.

Arc 5 pressed against skin

Arc 5 pressed against skin

While the Andis Profoil is great at providing close shaves when held a certain way, the Panasonic Arc 5 generates the same, glassy looking results as long as you swipe the device over the targetted area.

The housing feels almost similar to the Series 9, being easy to navigate around the skin.

Arc 5 full body

Arc 5 full body

I’m quite fond of the silhouettes as well, which are extremely lean as opposed to taking up space with some bulk.

Arc 5 and Braun Series 9’s housing

Arc 5 and Braun Series 9’s housing

The shaver system isn’t as flexible as Braun Series 9, but gets a pass in my eyes for the way in which it digs deep onto the surface of the skin.

If you’re worried about the rate of operation, let me tell you about how fast the motor is.

Overall, the Panasonic Arc 5 covers 14,000 CPM each time, making it the fastest foil shaver for sensitive skin.

Arc 5 when powered on

Arc 5 when powered on

The selling point of this banger is Shave Sensor technology, which carries out the same attributes as the Synchro Sonic technology of the Braun Series 9, if I’m being honest.

In short, before each shave, Panasonic uses the Shave Sensor technology to read and analyse the beard length that it’s working with.

It’s a winner in my eyes, since the fact that it adjusts its speed in accordance with the facial hair not only provides a safe experience, but also allows the Panasonic Arc 5 to preserve its battery for a later time.

Arc 5 handle

Arc 5 handle

An additional bonus that does give this Panasonic the edge over the Braun Series 9 is the fact that you can forgo the sensor to use it at full speed.

It has helped me save time on various occasions, and blooms best if you’re always burdened with a packed schedule.

As for the design, I don’t have much to complain about. I love the glossy visuals, and the minimalism of the button configuration.

I also like the toggling power switch, which allows the device to preserve energy by shutting down, and by being protected by a travel lock feature.

Arc 5 travel lock feature

Arc 5 travel lock feature

Let’s dig deeper into its battery life, which might fall short of being dependable if you want your device to be a tireless worker. Nonetheless, the Li-ion battery still provides 45 minutes, which is more than enough in my eyes.

If you take it one shave at a time, you don’t have to worry at all. Just avail its quick charging abilities, which only require a 5-minute charge to operate consistently and precisely.

Arc 5 display

Arc 5 LED display

An element that enhances the impression of Panasonic Arc 5 is its LED display, which displays the estimated time of completion, in addition to displaying the battery life.

The display is what makes the Panasonic Arc 5 so ideal for beginners, as it also shows concern regarding one’s form with a shaving sensor, reminds users to replace the blades, and glows when the electric shaver is in dire need of cleaning.

Panasonic Arc 5 in hand

What prevents this frontrunner of Panasonic from being the king of the hill in this guide is its battery life, which would have performed well with a charging station.

Regardless, if you are unconditionally faithful to clean shaves, the Panasonic Arc 5 should be the endgame for you.

It provides 5 shaving elements for a time-friendly shaving sessionLacks a charging station like the Braun Series 9
Can generate hairless results with easeFalls behind in battery life
Is as light as the Andis Profoil
Provides sensors to minimize mishaps

MANSCAPED The Handyman

Getting busier by the day is normal once you enter your mid-20s, even more so when you’re in your late-20s.

MANSCAPED The Handyman ergonomics

While you may compromise your hobbies for a bit of peace, one thing you should never make excuses for is personal grooming, especially if your job requires you to look approachable at all times.

Moving on, if you constantly find yourself travelling, ditch your current electric shaver and trimmer. Find a travel companion in the Handyman, manufactured by none other than MANSCAPED; an electric shaver for the face and the body at once.

Handyman and Andis Profoil in hand

Handyman and Andis Profoil in hand

The frontrunner that makes the Handyman so good at travelling is its size, which almost reminds me of the Andis Profoil shaver, when push comes to shove.

However, the device is also a great tool for its lightweight housing, providing tons of comfort when used around the face.

Fusing the foil system with a precision trimmer is a great idea that is executed by the Handyman, since it enables the electric shaver to remove any piece of hair from the surface, that too without leaving a mark.

Handyman’s blade system

Handyman’s blade system

What’s even better is the way in which the Handyman ensures safety, thanks to Skin Safe technology.

For those wondering, Skin Safe technology was first used by MANSCAPED for their Lawn Mower 3.0 and 4.0 trimmers.

While it was incorporated in the hardware of two of the best ball trimmers to prevent the ceramic blade from incurring injuries, Skin Safe technology reprises its traits in the Handyman in hopes of shielding sensitive skin from tearing down, literally.

Handyman when powered on

Handyman when powered on

Moving at a quick pace, the electric shaver is a specialist in time-saving.

It’s not just a face shaver, though, but can also be used to iron out hairy issues all over the body without putting in much effort, justifying its position on this list of best electric shavers.

Handyman on forearm

Handyman on forearm

For a compact shaver with minimal space for additives, the Handyman still delivers during lengthy sessions, whether you’re in or out of the shower.

The reason behind its stamina is its remarkable Li-ion battery, which can cater to multiple shaving sessions on a full charge, lasting for an hour at most.

Handyman battery status

Handyman battery status

Due to being powered by a type-C cable, the electric shaver can also cater to a session after recharging for only 5 minutes, which can be found in only a handful of options.

While it doesn’t have necessities like a display for battery and sensors for safety, I believe the blinker detecting a low battery life is sufficient for this compact companion.

I do believe that incorproating software for safety was necessary, though, since SkinSafe technology only covers the housing of the shaving system, failing to adjust the RPM in accordance with sensitive skin when necessary.

Handyman full shot of device

In retrospect, if you’re in dire need of a travelling good, but want something that is slightly more easy to control than the Andis Profoil, the Handyman will always pull through.

Though you could try out the Andis Profoil if you want to save time, MANSCAPED’s Handyman will always come in handy if you’re hoping to secure more space in your luggage for other things!

Best possible device for travelSkinSafe technology doesn’t adapt to beard density, exposing one to injuries
A dual-motion shaving head with a foil system and precision trimmerThe device might not be flexible enough to clean narrow areas
SkinSafe technology that prioritizes protection
Incredible motor that generates results in no time

Philips Norelco 7200

Finding comfort in an electric shaver is really subjective, and might depend on the way in which your skin adapts to the shaving system.

Philips Norelco 7200 frontal look

While Braun, Panasonic, and even Andis can help out if your skin adapts well to foil systems, one of the best electric shavers that shapes the success of using rotary blades is the Norelco 7200, another must-have in my books.

As long as you hold the device close to your skin in a 90-degree angel, the steel precision floating blades can easily chop off facial hair with ease.

I wouldn’t say the blades are great at providing smooth results from a scruffy beard, but shave extremely close nonetheless, accumulating over 90,000 actions per minute.

Philips Norelco 7200 Blade

Philips Norelco 7200 Blade

In my opinion, instead of relying on the Norelco 7200 to work with outgrown facial hair, try to keep it in your arsenal if you regularly trim 3-day stubbles, even more so if you have susceptible skin.

This is because, the blade system is protected by a nano-coated surface, which allows the rotary blades to only shave hair without scratching the skin.

Due to the former addition, using the device and shaving against and towards the grain appears to be a breeze with this Norelco model.

Norelco 7200 and Panasonic Arc 5

Norelco 7200 and Panasonic Arc 5

What really allows the Norelco 7200 to be on the top of its game is its Sense IQ technology, which serves the same traits as Sychro Sonic of Braun, and Smart Sensor of the Panasonic Arc 5.

In other words, during each shave, the Norelco 7200 constantly adjusts the operation rate of the floating heads, which increases and decreases based on the hair texture it is dealing with.

For the previous reason alone, I feel that the Noreclo 7200 also renders itself eligible as a useful companion for body shaving.

Norelco 7200 Handle

Norelco 7200 Handle

An element that allows the Norelco 7200 to climb on this list and remain firm is its handle, which is as light as it comes.

Sure, it doesn’t have the rubberized grip found on the handle of the Noreclo 5400, one of its predecessors, but its ergonomic design works like a charm with an impressive amount of grip control.

If you’re new to shaving, the Norelco 7200 should not be taken for granted.

Norelco 7200 in shaving motion

Norelco 7200 in shaving motion

Stitched with a Motion Sensor, the Norelco 7200 not only allows me to invigilate all the movements I’m carrying out, but also provides useful feedback through which I can improve the results obtained for the next session, instantly making it a favorite.

An important element that remains missing within the packaging of the Norelco 7200 is a charging station, which could have easily improved its battery restoration process.

Norelco 7200 LED battery status

Norelco 7200 LED battery status

However, just like some of the big names, the Norelco 7200 wins me over with its LED status for battery, which also displays a series of emblems for the Motion sensor and clean-up process.

It also isn’t the fastest, but the Philips Norelco 7200 is one that guarantees safety, which feels even better once you get a glimpse of its incredibly affordable price tag!

Rotary blades that provide consolation to the skinLacks speed in contrast to Braun and Panasonic
Technologically advanced display that trains and enables a unique shaving experienceDoesn’t have a reliable source for recharging its battery
Extremely affordable for the perks it provides
Lightweight ergonomic handle offering smooth operation

Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver

Balding men aren’t overlooked anywhere, even in the hardware of electric shavers.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver ergonomics

Likewise, if you’re seeking a device that won’t just soothe your skin with a close shave, but also restore your youth with a clean bald look at the top, let me tell you about the Skull Shaver Silver Pro, a special candidate on this list of best shavers.

While the operation of this Pitbull model falls behind in speed in contrast to the other candidates on this list, the Silver Pro is a frontrunner with its floating rotary blades, which perform incredibly well.

Carver Pro blade of Pitbull Silver Pro

Carver Pro blade of Pitbull Silver Pro

The Carver Pro is the star of the show, otherwise known as the blade system of this device. With incredible speed, it removes even the coarsest head of hair with ease, proving to be a great shaver for black men.

Let’s pin the focus on the housing a little, which is a bit less traditional, and more conventional for head shaving.

Silver Pro in hand

Silver Pro in hand

The Silver Pro ditches an elongated handle for a square-shaped base, that works best when all 5 fingers are spread out across the surface.

Working past the skin isn’t just effective, but also fast when you’re using the Silver Pro as opposed to using a traditional electric shaver.

This is because, the Carver Pro doesn’t abide by sensors or foil systems, but circular blades that move at the speed of light when powered on.

Also, since it is a specialist in dealing with long hair, dealing with the density of facial hair is a walk in the park for the Silver Pro.

Silver Pro battery life

Silver Pro battery life

Like some of its peers in this guide, I like how the Silver Pro priortiizes user experience, not just through its blade system, but also its added compartments.

One such addition that increases the appeal of the Pitbull Silver Pro is its battery indicator, which is more important than it seems.

It follows the same mantra as the Braun Series 9 Pro, displaying the battery life in percentages over an 3-way LED system.

Now, things get a bit blurry when you take into account its duration, since its got a mediocre Li-Ion battery life of 60 minutes.

Silver Pro in motion

Silver Pro in motion

However, since it breezes through natural hair with ease, the endurance of the device is kind of thrown out of the window without a single regret.

If I were to compare the Silver Pro to other electric shavers on this list, I’d pick this over the rest for hairless results.

Though I wish it had the same battery life as the Platinum Pro and Gold Pro models, I would always vouch for the Silver Pro if you prioritize clean shaves, and prefer to rock a bald look over anything else.

The rotary blades can also be used for body grooming, truth be told, taking minutes to wipe away chest hair.

Silver Pro around the neck

Silver Pro around the neck

The blades do require more skin contact, in my opinion, but this electric shaver still is dependable for top-notch results.

Though using an electric shaver with a square-based housing is something that many might struggle to get used to, another element that concerns me about the Silver Pro is its lack of concern for sensitive skin.

Don’t worry about it as much, however, since you can always evade nicks and injuries by taking your time with the Pitbull Silver Pro, one of the top-grade electric head shavers and a good luck charm for male pattern baldness.

Small housing with square-shaped base for promising control timeThe Carver Pro might be harmful to sensitive skin
Carver Pro blade that can remove coarse hair with easeProvides a close shave, but takes time
Quick and easy maintenance with detachable cleaning chamber
Carries rotary blades that can provide hairless results all over the body

Andis Profoil Shaver

Since we are talking about electric shavers here, it would be an unforgivable action to dismiss the fruitful qualities and abilities of the Andis Profoil shaver, which isn’t just the best of the franchise, but also one of the best electric shavers you can use right now.

Andis Profoil full body

Andis Profoil full body

In addition to reprising a similar offset double foil system that the Babyliss FX02 is prominent for, the Andis Profoil wins over my interest with its incredibly lightweight housing.

The device is compact, being a perfect fit for any palm size. Attached beyond the surface is a lightweight yet robust motor, which makes navigation seamless with the Andis Profoil shaver.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. In contrast to handheld shavers, the Andis Profoil is one that generates the closest shave, that too in a matter of seconds.

Andis profoil foil system

Andis profoil foil system

The gold-coated plate plays a huge role in shaping up the former attribute, it seems, fused with titanium that fastens the shaving process.

Behind the scene is its rotary motor, which helps the device cover a whopping 9,000 RPM on every occasion.

It may not have a sensor to determine your beard density, but it carries a foil system that can shave even the coarsest piece of afro-textured hair in minutes!

Profoil in hand

Profoil in hand

The housing isn’t just compact, but also provides tons of control time, despite leaving behind no space for a rubberized grip.

That’s okay, however, since the anti-slip compartments around the handle provides immense comfort to my palm during each session.

Andis Profoil when plugged in

Andis Profoil when plugged in

With a runtime of 80 minutes, it’s safe to say that the Andis Profoil shaver will never power out, not even during the closing minutes.

After the Babyliss FX02, the Andis Profoil is definitely the device I would count on if I need a full-body shave.

Speaking of full-body shave, did you know that this shaver is an all-in-one device?

In other words, the device can shave body hair with ease, and even amp up your hair game by providing a zero fade towards the edges.

Andis Profoil in motion

Andis Profoil in motion

The motor enables the Andis Profoil to clip even the narrowest piece of hair among my face, but also feels like a drawback due to one reason alone.

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely am in favor of the Andis Profoil shaver if you idolize close shaves and prefer smooth skin.

However, that doesn’t save the shaver from the fact that it lacks variety.

Andis Profoil next to Norelco 7200

Andis Profoil next to Norelco 7200

In other words, the Andis Profoil is a one-dimensional device that only accumulates hair in hopes of providing high-contrast to crystal clear results, irrespective of where it’s used.

This hampers it from being the frontrunner on this list, but secures the device the highest place in the room when shaving to the maximum.

Andis Profoil ergonomics

What takes the cake, in my opinion, is its reasonable price tag.

The rotary shaver, in contrast to the rest of the best electric shavers on this list, is the second cheapest device in this guide, making backdated foil shavers of Braun look
overhyped and silly in this regard.

Can generate close shaves in secondsCan only move at one speed
Compact device with stress-free handlingMight damage skin due to lacking motion sensors
Can clean out narrow areas with its flexible foil heads
80-minute runtime for maximum success

Philips OneBlade

If your main incentive is to remain loyal to prominent brands such as Philips, one of the best shavers that can keep your mind at ease is the oldest member of the Norelco franchise, the OneBlade.

Philips OneBlade design

Yes, the OneBlade. A device that you and your ancestors have perhaps used at some point in their lives.

Though the reason behind its appearance on this list is plentiful, it all starts with its blade system, which is more than what the average shaver can do.

OneBlade’s shaving system

OneBlade’s shaving system

A device that runs big on OneBlade technology, the OneBlade provides comfort with its rounded edges.

The rectangular-shaped shaving system is pretty effective in providing close-shaves, believe it or not, and prioritizes safety on my skin with the former attribute.

To ensure that it not only provides comfort, but also oozes accuracy, the OneBlade also carries a shaving head that can run in circles, covering 4 motions with ease.

OneBlade in hand

OneBlade in hand

This is music to the ears of those who are afraid of razor bumps and shave in poor form, since the OneBlade can shave in any direction without compromising skin quality.

Let’s dive into its handle for a bit, which is eerily similar to a one-time manual shaver, to say the least.

OneBlade’s handle

OneBlade’s handle

Unlike the housing of manual shavers, however, the Philips OneBlade ensures a memorable experience with a straight-cut silhouette on its already slender handle.

While allowing the device to rotate freely is the method to follow if you’re hoping to decrease the length of your facial hair, I suggest you place your thumb underneath the shaving head and stretch your skin for a closer shave.

If you’d like to keep the length of your beard in check, however, let me tell you about its 5-way comb attachment, another selling point of this device.

Oneblade with attached comb guard

Oneblade with attached comb guard

From shaping a scruffy beard to ironing out your 5’o’clock shadow, the OneBlade’s adjustable comb attachment can give you everything.

In fact, if you use one device for all, know that this waterproof device is also a great companion for a body groomer.

The rounded surface actually provides hairless results over the body, taking multiple swipes over the face to remove coarse hair.

OneBlade in motion

OneBlade in motion

If you are scared of using the naked blade of the shaver, however, try using two of the stationary comb attachments it carries in its packaging. I’ve used it multiple times to reduce bulk, and it checked the box without scratching my skin.

When it comes to battery life, the device does take a major hit, and not even in a good way.

I’ll give it a pass, still, since the OneBlade, even after being so old, manages to have a Li-Ion battery to support its system, that too for 45 whole minutes.

OneBlade and OneBlade 360

OneBlade and OneBlade 360

If you don’t like the fact that it lacks a display for battery status, you can even check out the OneBlade 360, an upgraded version of the OneBlade.

Shaving your face might be easy with the OneBlade, but might feel still if you’re used to upgraded shavers that defy gravity with the flexibility of their shaving heads, such as the upcoming Braun Series 3.

If you are shaving on a budget, and only need a shaver that provides smooth results with a little bit of pulling, I suggest you place your trust in the Philips OneBlade, a hybrid of modernized shaving with classic features!

Rectangular shaving head that provides a close shaveLacks important elements like sensors and indicators
Carries an adjustable comb that covers 12 different lengthsMight require multiple swipes on a 4-day stubble
Great price-to-performance ratio
Traditional shaving experience with an upgraded shaver

Braun Series 3

Ending the list is the Braun Series 3, a massive upgrade from your regular manual shaver; a great investment for beginners on a low budget.

Braun Series 3 design

While the attributes of the Series 3 are incredibly backdated in contrast to the Series 9, the Series 3 remains a banger for its price. Why? Let’s talk about its blade system for a bit.

Long story short, the blade system of this device is carried by 3 ideal companions; a pair of Senso foils and a precision trimmer.

While the Senso foils hyperextend themselves to cover an incredible amount of area over the skin, the precision trimmer works wonders to eliminate the stubborn pieces without a setback.

Blade system of Braun Series 3

Blade system of Braun Series 3

The shaving elements of this Braun are drastically slow in contrast to the 7 and 9. However, a reprising quality is the way in which it handles my sensitive skin, which is a win for anyone whose skin scratches and damages rather easily.

Despite being one of the oldest shavers on this list, this Braun shaver is extremely easy to use around the face as well.

Design and housing of Braun Series 3

Design and housing of Braun Series 3

It may not have the presentability of the Braun Series 7, or the travel lock feature of the Series 9, but has an ergonomic design with a bulky grip.

The grip is a plus point, too, providing tons of comfort with its rubber-coated housing.

Braun Series 3 grip

Braun Series 3 grip

In terms of weight, it almost feels as light as the Series 7, being miles away from the Series 9 when push comes to shove.

While the OneBlade provides a mix of traditional and modernized shaving experience, the Braun Series 3 shows just how effective foil shavers are when you rely on them.

Braun Series 3 and OneBlade

Braun Series 3 and OneBlade

The motor does take its time, but what it also does is collect the pieces of facial hair without injuring the exposed layers of skin.

One of its weak points is its battery life, which stands at 45 minutes, equating to the old version of the OneBlade in this regard.

However, to one-up a candidate from the best of the Norelco series, this electric shaver makes use of its chunky handle with an LED display.

Braun Series 3 LED Display

Braun Series 3 LED Display

Instead of unveiling the endurance in percentages, the Braun Series 3 offers a 3-bar system, which is something that the Series 7 adopts.

In my opinion, it is just as easy to understand the battery status of the Series 7 as much as the Series 9, which puts the Series 3 at an advantage as well.

What it does lack is the ability to provide a close shave, but that’s okay! In fact, if you’re only seeking a way to deal with your 3-day stubble, this device is the best electric shaver you can start your journey with.

Braun Series 3 against face

Braun Series 3 against face

In spite of being an oldhead among the youngins, the Braun Series 3 is a must-have if you’re just about to begin your shaving journey, even more so if you’re working around a tight budget.

I blindly believe in its shaving elements, the design it carries despite being over a decade old, and its easygoing navigation, three attributes that make this shaver one of the best electric shavers in the business.

Same shaving elements as Braun Series 7A bit backdated in contrast to the rest of the options
Ergonomic rubberized housing with incredible gripMight get overtaken by Andis Profoil due to pricing
Relatively affordable in contrast to other Braun shavers
Great for beginners seeking a sensitive shaver

Using Electric Shavers For The First Time: 5 Rules To Abide By At All Times!

Now that you’ve swept through all the highs and lows that I’ve collected from my experience with the best electric shavers, it’s time to move on to the fundamentals of shaving.

In other words, here’s an easygoing tutorial to using electric shavers that work wonders if you’re either new to grooming, or are currently transitioning from using traditional razors to electric grooming tools!

Prepare your skin

Prepare your skin

Prior to pulling out your electric shaver, maintain the hygiene of your skin.

Ensure your face is free from any build-up of dirt or oil by washing your face.

You may use moisturizing face wash if your skin dries easily, or resort to a gentle cleanser if you have normal to oily skin.

Select your method: wet shaving or dry shaving?

wet shaving or dry shaving

Knowing about the method you’d like to adopt to shave your face is extremely important, so be sure to know the differences between wet and dry shaving.

Wet shaving is great if your facial hair is coarse, as it dampens the cuticles to weigh them down and make them more cooperative. The art of wet shaving is usually carried out by rotary shavers, assisted by shaving foam for smooth results.

Dry shaving, on the other hand, offers a more hands-on approach, requiring only the shaver for bringing out optimal results. Though just as effective as wet shaving, dry shaving is feasible mostly for foil shavers and normal skin, being a no-no for damage-prone layers.

Glide to maximize skin comfort

Glide to maximize skin comfort

While stroking a razor makes sharper results, it is advised you glide any electric shaver to find success.

Gliding the device across the skin only allows electric shavers to collect hair pieces with a high efficiency rate, while stroking is proven to be ineffective in hard to reach areas.

Don’t double swipe

Don’t double swipe

Most electric shavers, when held against the skin, are quite productive in wiping out the selected area.

However, since the beard density always differs, gliding once may not be enough at times.

While double swiping can be a good way to minimize the visibility of short pieces of facial hair, refrain from carrying out the movement, since your skin might become prone to damage.

Instead, try spending more time cleaning out each area during the first glide, which an detect and remove strands around the narrow compartments.

Wash yourself and your shaver

Wash yourself

Upon finishing your shaving session, washing your face should be the first priority.

In addition, you should also clean the shaver and eliminate any remaining hair follicle within its foil system or rotary blades.

Washing your shaver

Keep in mind that, while foil shavers only require a rinse with soap and water, rotary blades have cleaning chambers for a deeper cleansing.

However, from the above-mentioned list, the Andis Profoil isn’t one of the waterproof electric shavers, requiring a clean-up with a brush over a thorough rinse.

The Aftermath: A 2-way System To Maintaining Your Electric Shaver!

Knowing how to shave your device is extremely important not just to secure solid results, but to allow longevity within your electric shaver.

While trimmers only require some oiling or brushing to stay sane, electric shavers appear to be more complex, carrying two different procedures for upkeep.

If you’ve never owned an electric shaver, we hope you know the difference between foil and rotary shavers. Additionally, if you’re seeking a way of finding a 2-step servicing routine, allow the following segments to guide you home.

For foil shavers

Maintaining foil shaver

If you’ve got a foil shaver, you can maintain and cleanse the device in one of two ways.

Letting the blade rinse itself in running water is the go-to remedy in my opinion, especially if your electric shaver is fused with an IPX7 housing, an element that allows the device to host underwater operation for 30 minutes.

Gadgets like the Panasonic Arc 5 might need some extra assistance in this regard, so use some liquid soap on the surface to clean its shaving elements thoroughly.

However, if you have a foil shaver that isn’t waterproof, such as the Andis Profoil, you might want to detach the foil head before rinsing the surface, or just clean the structure using a brush.

For rotary floating heads

Maintaining rotary shaver

On the other hand, if you’ve got a rotary shaver, you might have to work a little harder than usual.

The Norelco series is quite easy to maintain, as the eject button makes removing and detaching the rotary blades easy.

Upon opening the device, be sure to not only clean the blades using water, but also clean the chamber underneath.

If you feel that the blade of your Norelco is deteriorating in terms of performance, perhaps this guide might help!

On another note, if you’re currently using the Pitbull SIlver Pro, press your thumb and index finger towards the centre of the floating blades to pull out the shaving system. Run the chamber in water to initiate a deep cleansing session.

Buyer’s Guide: My Rating Of Each Shaver Upon Further Inspection

Taking into account the impact of each shaver on this list, securing successful shaving results should be easy.

However, if you’re inexperienced in using electric shavers, and have yet to make your first purchase, here’s a guide that will enable you to discover all that you have to assess before giving yourself the green signal, alongside my two cents for each candidate for a better understanding!

Skin safety: Foil shaver vs Rotary shaver

Foil shaver vs Rotary shaver

The first thing that should shape your decision is the kind of electric shaver you’d like to rely on, which comes in two primary ways; foil and rotary.

While rotary shavers and foil shavers require two different means of maneuver to bring out good results, they both feel relatively safe to use on skin.

The Babyliss FX02 is a breeze to use with its offset hypoallergenic blades, but falls short of being the most reliable due to providing the same speed system at all times, which isn’t always feasible for one’s skin.

Braun Series 9 is quite ideal, it seems, assuring safety with Synchro Sonic technology.

The Series 7 has a slower motor with AutoSense technology, still being effective enough to provide skin safety.

While the Arc 5 also has a Smart Sensor for shielding the skin and the Norelco 7200 feels ideal to use with Sense IQ technology, the Handyman and Sliver Pro care very little for one’s skin type, and more about speed.

Skin safety

The Profoil provides convenience by attaching hypoallergenic qualities, while the slow speed of the OneBlade generates a close-shave without hampering one’s face.

The Braun Series 3 isn’t the best at saving time, but has shaving elements that provide a thorough shave by assuring security.

Performance And Design

Performance And Designs

When it comes to navigation and results, all 10 candidates are extremely helpful if you’re seeking clean to glassy skin.

If you prioritize seamless operation, however, the Braun Series 9, and the Panasonic Arc 5 might be a good device to count on, especially if you’d like technological advancements to handle the back end of the show.

If you want the shave to be close enough, but not entirely hairless, I suggest you try out the Philips Norelco 7200 or the Pitbull Silver Pro, both of which contain rotary blades for a comfortable session, one of which contains the sharp abilities of the Carver Pro.

In the middle lie the ones that mean business, such as the Babyliss FX02 and Andis Profoil, guaranteeing hairless results on sensitive skin. The Profoil feels easier, though, with a lighter body and compact silhouettes.

Performance And Design

And though a cheaper alternative for the Braun Series 9 is the Series 7 from every angle, the Handyman, OneBlade, and the Braun Series 3 also offer lightweight operation on a low budget, generating extremely impressive results overall.

Endurance & Restoration

Endurance & Restoration of electric shaver

When push comes to shove, it’s safe to say that most of these gadgets offer a runtime of 45 minutes, even devices such as the Braun Series 9 and Panasonic Arc 5. They do make up with their restoration process, however, especially with the help fo the quick charging ability, which allows their battery to serve for one session at a time.

However, among the lot, the powerhouse appears to be Babyliss and their FX02, with a massive runtime of 3 hours. Alongside the former handheld shaver is Andis Profoil, offering a duration of 80 minutes at one go.

Endurance & Restoration

Despite lacking stamina, the Series 9, Arc 5, Norelco 7200, and Series 7 secure a position behind the two handheld shavers, three of which offer charging stations.

Value for money

Value for money of electric shaver

Budget is another, if not, the biggest factor that will shape your purchase, so make your pick carefully.

Though I believe in the abilities of all the electric shavers I’ve mentioned in this guide, certain candidates only cater to one specific demographic.

While I adore all of them equally, the OneBlade and Andis Profoil shaver feel best if you’re shaving on a low budget. Additionally, the fairness in their pricing can also appeal to beginners.

The Braun Series 3 feels a bit underwhelming in this regard due to being rather backdated with zero upgrades in hand, but can still be a promising first purchase if you have sensitive skin.

For a mid-range budget, I feel that the models between the Series 7 and the Pitbull Silver Pro are must-haves, leaving behind a dent in your pocket for outstanding results.

Value for money

However, the battle for the crown is once again decided by a fight between the Arc 5 and Braun Series 9, which ends in a draw due to how special they are as individuals.

Why Trust Getarazor?

Having feelings of indecisiveness is normal when skimming through guides on gadgets. Likewise, it is also normal to question the relevance and legitimacy of this material of mine, which carries the 10 best electric shavers on the market right now.

However, one thing you should know is that I take my job seriously. In addition to taking my time testing the limits of each gadget, I always make sure to establish effective pointers in each review by assessing mutual factors.

For this guide, I have based each review on 6 different elements:

  • Performance
  • Skin Safety
  • Battery life
  • Restoration process
  • Craftsmanship and usability
  • Price-to-performance ratio

Frequently Asked Question

Picking a candidate from the list covered throughout this guide will unlock optimal shaving results for a long, long time.

Conversely, if you’re still feeling indecisive about making a pick from the lot, and the root of the issue is the knowledge you lack of the basic fundamentals, may the following questionnaire guide you home!

Q: What’s the best electric shaver for body grooming?

Ans: If you’re seeking a body groomer and an electric shaver in one, devices like OneBlade, Andis Profoil, and Babyliss FX02 can definitely work wonders.

You may even resort to the Silver Pro for protecting sensitive skin with their rotary blades, switching to MANSCAPED for its SkinSafe technology to shave your privates.

Q: What makes an electric shaver the best?

Ans: In addition to promoting glassy and smooth-looking skin, electric shavers prioritize protecting the surface of the skin, engineered with hypoallergenic shaving systems and protected rotary blades.

A series of them also operate with motion sensors and smart sensors, both of which constantly improve results and adapt to the density of the beard to prevent injuries.

Final Verdict

With the help of this guide, I hope you’re not just able to learn more about how conventional it is to have one of the best electric shavers in your arsenal, but are also able to side with an investment opportunity that can take care of your facial hair issues with ease.

From featuring prominent brands like Braun to mentioning some of the best shavers belonging to the Phillips Norelco franchise, this guide carries and unveils them all.

Prior to deciding on a shaver, be sure to give each portion a read once again. You must also base your decision on your skin type, especially if you’d like to obtain a glow up without any burns or scratches!

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