Best Epilator for Bikini Areas: Silky Smooth Bikini Lines

Your bikini area requires the utmost attention when it comes to your grooming needs. But you don’t want to bear with lots of irritation either. That is where an epilator comes in handy.

An epilator is best as it allows for a better removal effort without the hair growing back sooner. It takes about two to four weeks for hair to group back after it is removed by an epilator, a total much longer than a week or two for waxing. It is much better for you to use an epilator than a waxing material or other abrasive surfaces that would unnecessarily remove skin cells from your bikini area.

This listing of the best epilator for bikini use will help you with removing those unwanted hairs from your area while being safe on your skin. You will be surprised at how diverse varied epilators can be.

The Best Features on Today’s Top Epilator Models

Epilator NameBattery/ SourceShortest Hair Price
Braun Silk-epil 9
40 minutes0.5 mm Check price
Philips Essential HP6401
Corded0.5 mm Check price
Panasonic ES-ED90-P
30 minutes1 mm Check price
Braun Silk-epil 3
Corded1 mm Check price
Emjoi AP-18 Emagine
Corded0.5 mm Check price
Remington Smooth Epilator
30 minutes1 mm Check price
Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator
30-minutes 0.5 mm Check price

The 7 Best Epilators For Your Bikini Demands

1. Braun Epilator for Women Silk-epil 9– Several Parts For Your Convenience

Braun introduced to Silk-epil 9 as an epilator that focuses on several needs. The set works for both basic hair removal needs and for trimming close or hard to access spots.

Braun Silk-epil 9

First, the epilator offers a basic epilator model with a sensor that identifies how well the head moves over the skin. A SensoSmart sensor will note how well you remove hair from the body. A red light appears on the unit to let you know when you are using too much force. The movement on the epilator will be organized to remain comfortable all around your skin. You can use this to move gently along the bikini area while allowing for a smooth glide all the way through.

Second, a body trimmer works for closer spaces around the bikini line. Third, there is a shaving head and trimmer with a foil cover in the set; you can add this to the top part of the epilator for your convenience.

The set comes with a battery that operates for 40 minutes on a full charge. It takes about an hour to get the unit charged.

The set works in both wet and dry conditions. You can also wash the entire housing without risking damage.

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Great Positives

I enjoyed how this epilator felt comfortable around the bikini area. It was able to move around both the legs and armpit areas without tugging on the hair or causing lots of irritation. The design also rolls along the bumps that naturally appear on those areas without causing lots of scraping or pulling on areas.

The epilation head is wide enough to cover more spaces around the body. I was especially intrigued by how well the epilator could remove more bits of hair. The unit can handle smaller spots around 0.5mm in length. My skin remained smooth even after the hair was removed, a result that I am typically used to getting from a much larger salon or spa.

Important Concerns

The epilator teeth feel rough at first, and there is not much of a guard on the surface. But you should get used to the feeling after you use this for a bit.

2. Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401 – Fits Anywhere You Go

The slim and compact design of the Satinelle makes it one of the best epilator for bikini area choices that you can use. The body has a firm and slim design without being hard to hold or utilize. The small layout makes it so you can get it around the smallest spots in your bikini zone.

Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401

The rounded body features a compact design that weighs a little less than half a pound. The cord used for powering up the epilator is also light in weight without being bulky or otherwise hard to carry around.

There are 21 tweezers found inside the epilator. The tweezers move evenly along the skin to remove bothersome hair. The tweezers and the full epilation head can also be washed off with water, although this model is a dry use-only model.

An efficiency cap is included for use on the top part. The cap covers a part of the epilation surface for cases where you need to get around slim spots, especially some of the more delicate or sensitive areas.

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Great Positives

My favorite part of this epilator is that it offers a two-speed setup. I can go from one speed to the next with the push of a button. The faster speed works best for some of the shortest bits of hair I have without being irritated.

The efficiency cap was very helpful for my use. I found that it worked well around some of the thinner bits of skin that need coverage. The epilator did not cause lots of irritation around those spots, although I recommend using the slower speed on thin or sensitive spaces for your general safety and protection when using this. It becomes easier to clear out hair when you use that feature on this model.

Important Concerns

Although the epilator can handle hair as low as 0.5mm in length, the unit works better on hair that is much longer. I would recommend this on hairs around 3 to 4mm long.

3. Panasonic ES-ED90-P Epilator and Shaver – Works With Many Heads

It takes only a moment for you to get around your bikini zone with this Panasonic epilator part of this is thanks to its versatility.

Panasonic ES-ED90-P Epilator

You can utilize one of six head options on this epilator. All of these features move around the bikini area and can go over any bumps that might persist.

The model includes a dual-disc epilating head with 48 tweezers. These tweezers rotate well to capture and remove the hair from the root. The design uses a pivoting head to get around the toughest spaces around your body, including some of the curviest spots.

You can also use a gentle cap for when you only need a few tweezers for some of the more sensitive bits of hair around your body. A narrow epilator head cover is also included for providing more coverage over some of the slimmest bits of hair around your body.

A bikini comb and pedicure buffer can both be added to the top for your convenience. The shaver head that you can add comes with a smooth surface.

Two settings are included for producing a good cut. You can adjust the speed to a setting based on how close you want the cut to be, thus giving you extra control over how well the device works along with your skin.

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Great Positives

The epilator can work in wet and dry conditions, a point that I liked for some of the roughest bits of hair that I have. By softening up that hair in the shower and then using the epilator, I can get some of those thick and hard to handle hairs out in moments.

The LED light on this model is a convenient feature that lights up my skin while using the device. I can use the light to figure out how well the epilator is removing hair and to see how detailed the hair that needs to be cleared out is.

The stainless steel blades on the shaver head were comfortable on my skin. The added foil on the top gave me a good amount of coverage, although this works well for cases where I have longer bits of hair that need to be trimmed before I use the epilator feature.

Important Concerns

The added tweezers all around are not always easy on the skin. You have to be gentle and cautious when using the epilator so the unit does not produce irritation around your skin.

4. Braun Silk-epil 3 – A Light Choice

Another model in the Silk-epil line of epilators from Braun, this edition is small in size and has a contoured body that you can grip in your hand. But inside that small body is one of the most powerful epilator models that you can use for your bikini zone treatment needs.

Braun Silk-epil 3

You can use one of two speed settings on this epilator. Trigger the switch on the base to activate the speed setting you wish to utilize; the corded body ensures you will have a consistent amount of power while using this model.

The 20-tweezer design removes hairs by their roots in moments. The bright light that comes along also makes it easy for you to clear out annoying hair bits in seconds. You can use this well around the bikini area as well as on the legs if desired.

The massage rollers on the inside stimulate your skin and restore its blood flow during the tweezing process. The design prevents irritation from developing around your skin while you use the epilator for removing all that hair around the bikini area.

Great Positives

I enjoy how the Silk-epil 3 works with a smooth surface that does not produce lots of vibrations. I have more control over this epilator than I have had with other materials. I can use the Silk-epil trimmer quite well on the legs.

The massage rollers felt comfortable on my skin. The tweezers were also gentle on my skin to prepare a relaxed feeling. The triple-action layout on this design was conducive for giving me the assistance I need for clearing out all that hair that I am trying to clean out. The simple design on the epilator was a big plus for my use.

I did not struggle with the power cord. The cord is slim and lightweight, thus keeping the unit from weighing far too much.

Important Concerns

It is a challenge to wash off the tweezer. The design does not do well with water; a small bit of water may be added on the head, but you have to be cautious at that point.

5. Emjoi AP-18 Emagine– Adds More Tweezers

The Emagine is designed for including an extended number of tweezers for your convenience. This is for cases where you have dense bits of hair that need to be cleared out. These include spots of hair that are normally tough to read around the bikini zone with a traditional razor.

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine

The Emagine epilator from Emjoi includes 72 tweezers on its motion head. The tweezers are arranged within a series of discs. One disc is fixed while two will open and close to stretch the skin to improve upon how well hair can be removed. Dual opposed heads are used to produce a smooth surface while reducing irritation.

The middle parts also lift flat and short hair for a cleaner cut. The risk of ingrown hairs developing will be minimal. In fact, the design keeps the skin smooth for about six weeks after you use it.

A two-speed control feature is also included for your comfort. The control setup ensures that the tweezers will move about well over the skin without being hard to utilize. This all works with a corded layout that adds a comfortable design that you can handle in either hand without lots of struggle, not to mention the cord will not bend or kink up that much.

Great Positives

The detailed organization of the epilator is noticeable, but I was surprised by how easy it is for me to clean off the surface. I can use a slight brush with water to clean off the head so any old bits of hair around it can come out fast. This works with a silver ion antimicrobial surface that resists bacteria and keeps the space comfortable with each use that I put in.

I like how versatile the epilator is in that I can use it on just about every spot on my body. I can use it on the legs, bikini area, arms, and on some parts of the face. The design has a curved surface that helps me with keeping a good cut moving.

Important Concerns

The cord does not seem as long as I wished it would be. I know that the cord is flexible, but a bit of leeway could have been added to keep the set easier to control.

6. Remington Smooth and Silky Deluxe Epilator – Grips Well In Your Hand

It is not hard to get a better hold on an epilator when you use a model with a sensible curve. This Remington epilator gives you a better grip that is easy to handle.

Remington Smooth and Silky Epilator

The epilator uses a curved design with a head that contours well along your legs. The ergonomic design gives you a comfortable approach to removing hair while facilitating many angles for use. The lever control in the middle part gives you extra help for getting the rechargeable battery to power up the unit.

The comfort barrels along the tweezers provide you with extra comfort throughout the cutting process. There are 40 tweezers situated around the area to remove more hair with each pass. The design offers support for removing hair and keeping it away for about six weeks after each use, thus giving you a smoother skin surface every time you use this model.

The design on the epilator gives you extra help for clearing out hair in moments. The pivoting head helps you target more spaces around the skin for your general convenience and comfort.

Great Positives

The two-speed design on the epilator is helpful for ensuring I can clear hair out in moments. The layout is also comfortable for keeping the skin from feeling overly irritated with each use. My favorite part is the pivoting head that bends around the skin with each motion and produces a comfortable and smooth space for trimming.

The detail light on this epilator is an intriguing feature. The light helps me see where I am going and adds a good design for my use.

The massaging cap included here was relaxing on my skin. The cap includes aloe vera for soothing the skin and keeping the treated areas from feeling irritated and worn from each use. This was helpful for keeping my skin from being bothered by the movements involved with the epilator.

Important Concerns

The design vibrates quite often and can be hard to control. Using short strokes with the epilator is best, as that would give you more power over the unit without being rough on the skin.

7. Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator – The Gold Makes a Difference

I found this final choice for the best bikini epilator to be interesting for how it uses 24-karat gold plating on its tweezers. The design looks interesting and distinct, but it also functions well for removing hair.

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator

The gold-plated tweezers are designed to be smooth on the skin without causing redness or irritation all around. The design is not hard to apply along the skin and will create a more comfortable approach when used accordingly.

A massaging finger attachment is included for keeping the design easy to use. The layout massages the skin while removing hair to prevent any bothersome sensations all around.

The grip includes a soft texture while featuring a slight curve that fits in either hand. You also have the option to use a 30-minute battery charge or to keep the cord that charges the unit plugged. Either way, the motor inside the epilator will continue to work in moments without wearing out. The entire epilator keeps the skin safe and ensures the treated area is smooth for up to six weeks while reducing the risk of ingrown hairs developing.

Great Positives

The handle on the epilator is my favorite part, as this feature gives me a firm grip that is also soft on my hand. But I also liked how the dual-speed control feature lets me work with fast and slow speeds for all my trimming needs to keep my hair from being unwieldy or hard to maintain.

The compact body also fits well in my travel bag. I don’t have to worry about the cord binding, although that cord is slim in size for when I carry it while getting the epilator charged up all the way.

The gold materials are easy to clean off. The plating lasts for a while and does not appear to attract lots of old hair or skin cell bits.

Important Concerns

At a little around a pound in weight, this is heavier than what I have found elsewhere. The mass is not as burdensome as what I would get out of a hairdryer though.

What to See When Finding the Best Bikini Epilator

  • Powerful Tweezers

The tweezers included in the best bikini epilator should be arranged in positions where the hair can be lifted up and then removed as you move the epilator over the skin. You might find some models with more tweezers, but the ability of those tweezers to lift and clear hair is more important than volume. Also, the tweezers may come with comfort guards or other features to keep the epilation process comfortable.

  • Helpful Attachments

You may find some attachments on an epilator like a guard that covers some tweezers for narrow or sensitive areas. A foil shaver may also be included, although some models offer the shaver feature separately from the rest of the epilator body. Any attachments you use should focus on the sensitive spots around your skin that need to be cleared off.

  • Power Functionality

Many epilators work with batteries that can run for a little under an hour on a full charge. Other models come with corded designs that require you to plug the unit in.

Be sure the design is comfortable for your needs. For a cordless model, the battery should last long enough for you to use it around your skin. For a corded unit, the design should be flexible and lightweight.

  • Speed Functionality

While some epilators come with single-speed designs, you may also find some dual-speed choices. A slower speed may work for rough bits of hair, while the faster setting is for larger areas or smaller hair spots. You can also use a slow speed for sensitive spaces around the skin. These include spots that might be tough to handle and need to be treated with care.

  • Deep Hair Removal

An epilator may be rated based on how long of a hair the unit can remove. Some epilators can remove hair as short as 0.5mm in length. This works well for when you have coarse hair that has not grown much but could be easy to notice. Still, you might have to watch for how well the hair is removed; you might need to cut some longer bits of hair down for the best result.

  • Cleaning Functionality

Your ability to clean off the epilator is a necessity to see. You should find an epilator that can be washed off under running water or even cleaned with a washing material. Be aware of how well the epilator can take in water; not all models work in wet and dry conditions alike. A brush may also help for getting into some of the deepest spots where hair might be hiding.

Our Verdict For the Best Choice

The best epilator for bikini needs that you can use is the Braun Epilator for Women Silk-epil 9. The flexible design of this epilator works with many parts for targeting sensitive spaces. The design moves well along all the body’s surfaces without producing cuts or irritation. The included personal trimmer adds a nice touch for your convenience.

You should look at what you will get out of either of these epilators. You will find that it is not tough for you to get an epilator over your skin to clear out all that hair you wish to remove without pulling or hurting anything around your skin.

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