Whether you are thrifty or fashionable, it’s important to keep your clothes in great condition. If you enjoy wearing sweaters, wool, and other clothes made from fabrics that develop pills and loose strands, you need a fabric shaver. These convenient handheld devices eliminate fuzz which builds up on the surface of worn materials. While some are electric, others are manual and require no additional things like batteries.

Luckily, many modern fabric shavers are straightforward and simple to use. However, it’s still important to choose a quality option. Check out these top fabric shavers and read the short guide to help you make a decision about the right shaver for you.

Best Fabric Shaver – Comparison

The Top 8 Fabric Shavers – Thorough Reviews

BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

The BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover is a great fabric shaver and sweat defuzzer with high adjustability. It is great for a broad range of fabrics and materials, including all types of garments and fabrics, sweaters, jerseys, blankets, bed sheets, upholstery, and microfibers. While it does not remove pet hair, it can target pills and loose threads without unwanted tugging and pulling and can target damage whether it is large or small.

BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

One of the biggest advantages of the BEAUTURAL is its flexibility and versatility. The device is highly adjustable, making it a great choice for someone who owns a lot of clothes that need to be treated. There are two sharp interior blades that are protected behind multiple removable heads with a honeycomb pattern. There are three potential shave heights, two speeds, and three shaving head hole sizes. All of these features can be changed as needed. A cover is also part of the device and can be removed as needed to adjust the cutting style of the shaver.

In addition to the shave heights, there is also depth control. This determines how close the shaver gets to the fabric and how much material will be removed. It is an essential feature for any fabric shaver, and the fact there are three separate depths makes the BEAUTURAL highly versatile.

The BEAUTURAL fabric shaver is available in multiple colors and has dual protection to ensure the fabric does not become snagged on the device. Also included is a safety lock mechanism so the blades stop spinning if the device is damaged. This helps prevent cuts.

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The model is completely cordless and requires two AA batteries to function. It works exceptionally well with rechargeable batteries and has a long lifespan. The containment chamber is made of clear plastic so you can see how much material has been removed from the fabric. A mesh bag is included for storage and portability, and so is a plastic case to hold blades and the cover for the device.

Overall, this is a reasonable and reliable shaver. It is easy to use, works on a broad range of fabrics and materials, and has a spacious chamber for pills and fuzz. If there is one potential downside, it is the blades can get clogged easily and require repeated cleaning.

Conair Fabric Defuzzer

The Conair Fabric Defuzzer comes from one of the most well-known beauty brands for appliances, devices, and gadgets. The fabric shaver has a unique appearance where the handle is separate from the containment chamber for pills and lint. Users can choose from three separate models that have different power sources and functions. One is rechargeable so you just have to plug the device into an outlet and use it as needed. One takes batteries. The third is a travel model which is small, lightweight, and easy to take on trips or vacation.

Conair Fabric Defuzzer - Shaver

The battery-operated version of the Conair Fabric Defuzzer is the base model and the most popular choice for users. It has a large shaving head which is designed for a broad range of materials and fabrics, including wool, cashmere, and synthetic fibers. It can also be used on upholstery, curtains, and furniture like chairs and couches.

Like some other fabric shavers, the Conair Fabric Defuzzer has three separate settings to control the shave. These affect the depth and allow users to choose how close to the fibers they want to get when trimming their clothing and removing pills. There are several sharp blades which are tucked away behind the shaving head. They are kept locked away, but the cover can be removed so the user can clean the blades if pieces of fabric get caught.

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Besides these basics, the container for the fabric is detachable and easy to empty. The handle is also comfortable and ergonomic so your hands don’t get tired while using the defuzzer. One perk is multiple colors are available, including white, black, blue, orange, and pink. A user manual is included and customer service is easy to reach for users who have any questions.

Overall, the Conair Fabric Defuzzer is a good choice for individuals who travel often and want something versatile. While you cannot change the height of the device and there are no alternate heads, the inclusion of multiple depths is excellent for wool and similar materials. Plus, you can choose between multiple power types and even choose a model that is great to take on the road.

Feeke Lint Remover

The Feeke Lint Remover is a basic and classy fabric shaver meant for those who want to keep their clothes in the best condition possible. This model is great and removes fabric fluff, fuzz, pill, bobble and lint from all types of clothes and fabric. It can be used on a broad range of materials like wool, cashmere, linen, and synthetics. It can be used on furniture as well, including couches and chairs. When used on upholstery, the Feeke Lint Remover truly shines.

Feeke Lint Remover, Electric Clothes Sweater Fabric Shaver

One of the greatest selling points of the Feeke Lint Remover is its efficiency and excellent design. The working surface has three separate hole sizes designed to target threads, pills, and fuzz of all shapes and sizes. The interior rotary blade is made of stainless steel and is kept sharp. The blade can be accessed by removing the head of the lint remover. This is necessary to clear out fuzz that can become trapped in the interior during the cleaning process.

The Feeke Lint Remover also includes dual protection for the user’s hand and the fabric being worked on. The adjustable height spacer allows you to adjust the depth of the shaver, allowing you to determine how close the blade comes to the surface of the fabric. This protects clothing and furniture, and also keeps your hand comfortable by reducing the strain placed upon the users hand and wrist.

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The Feeke Lint Remover requires two AA models to function. The batteries are not included, but the battery life is long and cleaning is simple and easy.

One of the best perks of using the Feeke Lint Remover is the customer service. The company responds in 24 hours or less and offers tech support as well as refunds if the product does not work correctly. The default color of the shaver is a light aquamarine, and the full product dimensions are 3.1 x 2.8 x 5.9 inches. This shaver is one of the most lightweight options coming in at a measly 5.6 oz. Included with each shaver is the following: the fabric shaver/lint remover, a cleaning brush, a protective cap, and an instruction manual.

The Feeke Lint Remover is a great choice for someone who wants something simple. The model is easy to use and works on a broad range of materials. The only potential downside is the sharpness of the blade, which can make removing trapped lint a delicate process. The containment chamber is hard to see as well, so you never know when it is full until the shaver stops working.

Allisable Fabric Shaver

The Allisable Fabric Shaver stands out because of its almost vintage design. It is a combination of pastel green and cream with a transparent containment chamber for pills and fuzz which have been removed from all types of fabric. Once again, this is a fabric shaver which can be used on a broad range of items like sweaters, blankets, couches, chairs, curtains, and upholstery. All you need is a flat surface and a nearby outlet.

Allisable Fabric Shaver, Fuzz Balls Pills Lint Remover

The Allisable comes with a powerful 5W motor with up to 9000rpm high-speed rotation with 3 leaf stainless steel blades. It is one of the most reliable and durable models currently on the market, and the three blades create a close and clean cut. Unlike many other models, the Allisable is designed to be attached to a AC100-240V outlet and does not require batteries or charging. The power cord is long and flexible, so you never have to worry about being unable to reach your clothes or furniture.

The interior blades are made of stainless steel and are strong and durable. Besides the three blades included in the device, there are two spares included with the fabric shaver upon purchase. The head includes holes of multiple sizes to attack fuzz, lint, and pills of all shapes and sizes. Allisable promises clothes and furniture will be rejuvenated in as little as three minutes, but it is a good idea to go slow when dealing with your favorite items.

One perk of using the Allisable Fabric Shaver is the inclusion of a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the shaver, the company will replace it or accept a return. You will get your money back if you want it!

There are several major pros to using this model, and few cons. The Allisable Fabric Shaver is one of the largest devices on the market with a great containment chamber. It is easy to dump and clean, and the fact it can be plugged into an outlet is quite useful in a pinch. Of course, the lack of any portable power options like batteries is also a con since this shaver isn’t great for travel.

Ruidla Fabric Shaver Defuzzer

The Ruidla Fabric Shaver Defuzzer is a sleek and modern shaver designed to be powerful but pleasant to look at. This model is rechargeable and can be plugged into a standard outlet. The base model is lavender and white and has a broad head with holes of multiple sizes to better target fuzz, loose threads, and pills. It works on a broad range of fabrics and items, including sweaters, shirts, pants, quilts, blankets, couches, and curtains. The best materials are wool, cashmere, linen, and synthetic fibers. It does not work well on microfiber.

Ruidla Fabric Shaver Defuzzer

As mentioned before, the Ruidla is rechargeable and includes a high capacity battery designed to last for 45-55 minutes. It can be charged with a USB styled charger. The battery does not require constant replacement, and the design makes the Ruidla excellent for travel.

This model is quick and efficient. The company advertises the Ruidla can remake a piece of clothing or furniture in as little as three minutes. The interior has three stainless steel blades which are sharp and easy to use. They are well-hidden behind the shaving head and do not become clogged as easily as the blades for other models.

The containment chamber is translucent so users can see how full it is. It is easy to remove and empty, so you never have to worry about the device becoming clogged. One of the major perks of the Ruidla is the adjustable height spacer. This controls how close to the fabric the blades come so you don’t have to worry about the material being pulled or cut by accident. It also stops hands from touching the shaver foil.

Finally, each of the Ruidla fabric shavers comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee which lasts for 48 months. You will receive rapid customer service and tech support, and can return the product is you are dissatisfied with the results.

With all of the features considered, the Ruidla Fabric Shaver Defuzzer is an excellent option for those who like to travel and don’t have to worry about constant battery changes or the hectic search for an outlet. Plus, the adjustable height spacer is easy to use. The one downside is customer service is not as quick to responses as advertised, and it can take several days to get a complete response.

Bymore Fabric Shaver

The Bymore Fabric Shaver has an unusual appearance. More than anything, it looks like a gray clothing iron. However, this design is actually beneficial because it means less strain is placed on the hand and wrist. The shaving head is also easy to control and move so you never have to worry about accidentally cutting or damaging your clothing or furniture while using the Bymore. The handle is wide and easy to grip. The shaving head has holes of multiple sizes, making it excellent for pills and fuzz of all shapes and sizes.

Bymore Fabric Shaver

The interior has more blades than any other model. Instead of two or three, there are six stainless steel blades that come together to form an efficient cutting service. The shaving head is extra large and wide, and the blades spin at a whopping 9000 RPM. The surface features an Antisize 65mm honeycomb detachable mesh that is easy to clean.

The Bymore claims to be able to fully rejuvenate any fabric and furniture in three minutes or less. It works on a broad range of fabrics and furniture, including sweaters, wool, cashmere, shirts, couches, and chairs. It even adapts to upholstery and even microfiber.

There are several perks to using the Bymore Fabric Shaver. For example, when the cover is loosened or removed, the patented shaver will stop automatic to prevent hazards or damage to the material. This means the blades cease to move to avoid snags and unwanted cuts. It is also a great safety measure since it reduces the chances of the user accidentally cutting their fingers and damaging their hands.

Another benefit is the interior technology and the entire shaver is made from non-flammable materials. This prevents overheating and fire, an essential feature whenever anyone is working with fabrics and furniture.

Besides these basics, you can choose between a wireless or wired option. Not AA batteries are required. Instead, the power source will either be a rechargeable battery with a life of 55 to 65 minutes or a cord that can be plugged into any standard power outlet. A convenient light will let you know at what stage of charging the fabric shaver is at:

RED LIGHT = Charging

GREEN LIGHT=Fully charged

BLUE LIGHT=Functioning

One final great feature is the rotating grip which allows the device to move at 180 degrees. This means the device can be used by people who are right or left-handed. The containment chamber is huge and can hold tons of material.

The Bymore is an excellent fabric shaver and has more safety features than any other model currently on the market. It is easy to use and technologically advanced without becoming complicated. The only major downside is the chamber is not translucent, so you can’t see how much material is inside the device until you open it yourself.

MOSPRO Sweater Fabric Shaver

Just like the Bymore, the MOSPRO resembles a traditional iron. It is a straightforward sweater fabric shaver that includes a 5W motor that runs at 9000 rpm with several stainless steel blades that are sharp enough to pull away fuzz and pills. The interior blades are 6-leaf 420J2 stainless steel diamond-grade blades that are quick, labor-saving, and suitable for even the most delicate of fabrics like cashmere.

MOSPRO Sweater Fabric Shaver Lint Remover

One of the perks of the MOSPRO is the quadruple protection the brand offers. The design offers the following forms of protection:

  • The shaver will automatically stop when the cover loosened to prevent hazards
  • The blades cut extra carefully on rough edges by floating up and down automatically
  • The 50% enlarged bionic-honeycomb mesh can adapt to every uneven spot automatically
  • Finally, there is a built-in smart IC chip to ensure safety and proper temperature. The device shuts off when it gets too hot

The default version of the MOSPRO fabric shaver includes a rechargeable battery with an incredible lifespan – well over 60 minutes. To recharge, the shaver just needs to be plugged into a standard outlet. No AA batteries are required, and you don’t need to handle a cord. There is an option to upgrade your MOSPRO to an even stronger battery with over 120 minutes of life, but this naturally has an extra cost.

There are two final perks of the MOSPRO. One is the super-powerful suction which eliminates even the smallest of threads and finest pieces of lint. The second is the 12 month quality assurance which is included with the product. This includes the replacement of parts which break down as well as a warranty for the device itself. Some bonuses are even included like a convenient carrying case for the device, a cleaning brush, bonus blades, and an instruction manual.

Overall, the MOSPRO is great for travel or for individuals who want to rejuvenate their entire wardrobe and home in a short amount of time. The rechargeable battery is great and the extra protections help ensure the product does not damage clothing or furniture. If there is a downside, it is the lack of a transparent containment chamber. Once again, you will never be able to tell how much material is inside the device!

House of Wonderful Electric Fabric Shaver

House of Wonderful pulls no punches when it comes to company names. The fabric shaver produced by the business is an electric model designed to be simple and easy to use. It is one of the most technologically advanced options currently on the market. It has an ergonomic design with a small, even shave head, a clear containment chamber, and a separate handle designed for comfort and reduced tension in the hand and wrist.

House of Wonderful Wonder Lint Best Rated Electric Fabric Shaver

The House of Wonderful Electric Fabric Shaver is useful on a broad range of items including clothing, furniture, curtains, drapery, sheets, blankets, duvets, and comforters. The shaver is easy to use and works best on the following materials: wool, cotton, linen, and lycra. Its advertised use is to help refresh older pieces of furniture or articles of clothing like sweaters. It is also billed as environmentally friendly and is a great way to reduce how much fabric is removed when clothing is placed in a washer or dryer.

The House of Wonderful fabric shaver can be used with batteries or charged by being plugged into a socket. It has an extra-long cord at 95 inches and two replaceable blades. The blades are easy to access and are less prone to clogs than similar models. They are made of stainless steel and are incredibly sharp, so it’s important to keep young fingers away from this model. The shaving surface is also larger than normal but has small holes to target minute threads and pills.

Each House of Wonderful fabric shaver comes with a convenient carrying case. It is the ideal fabric shaver for travel and can be used throughout the entire home, making it an excellent choice for individuals interested in large scale rejuvenation. It has been named the Best Fabric Shaver by several notable review groups, including BestAdvisor.

One potential downside to using this model is it shaves much faster than similar fabric shavers, so it is important to go slow. This will prevent unwanted snags and tears.

The total product dimensions of this model are 7.1 x 2.8 x 5.7 inches, and the shaver itself weighs a small 1.5 lbs.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Sweater Shaver?

Fabric or sweater shavers are easy to use and don’t come with many moving parts. All you need to do is ensure the blades cut through the strings and threads to remove pills and tufts. When you are choosing the best model for you, there are a couple of features to consider. Check out this list to help you pick the right shaver for you.

  • Power source for the shaver
  • Head or device height
  • Blade and spinning speed
  • Number of blades
  • Head hole size
  • Blade length
  • Depth adjustability
  • Manual or Electric

As you can see, many of the fabric shavers on this list are electric. However, the first models were manual. When you are trying to pick the right style for you, you want to consider the pros and cons of each one.

Electric models are simplistic and tend to be the easiest for the average person to use. They spin the blades to create a convenient cut and protect your fingers at the same time. They also often have an additional container through which they collect the unneeded threads and pills. The cons of using an electric model are the fast spinning can be less delicate on fabrics and you also will need to change the batteries on a regular base.

Manual shavers are straight forward. They have an exposed blade that is dragged across the surface of the fabric. It is sharp enough to cut through stray strings and threads and remove pills. There is no protective head and no spinning. This makes the device straight forward, but it is much easier to accidentally mess up if you don’t know how to use it.

  • Adjustability

Modern fabric shavers have tons of extra features and can be adjusted. For example, there are different heights, speeds, and head hole sizes. Height is the first feature you should consider. It determines the length of the handle and the angle at which you are able to use the blades.

Speed is another significant factor. If you have a sweater or piece of upholstery which is in bad condition, then a faster speed can be beneficial. Pills and loose threads will be eliminated more quickly and you have to worry less about having your sweater prepared for work that day. A lower speed is also great if you are concerned about potentially damaging your clothing and want to maintain the integrity of more delicate materials.

Finally, electric fabric shavers can have a variety of sizes for the holes on the head of the tool. These holes are what pills pass through before being cut by the blades. They protect the rest of the material from being trimmed or cut. Having multiple heads with varying hole sizes is a good idea because it allows you to tackle a broad range of clothing and other materials like upholstery without damaging any of them.

  • Blades

A fabric shaver removes lint and pilling through the use of one or two sharp blades. These are designed to cut through the material without pulling and sacrificing more threads. When you choose a shaver, you want to pay close attention to how easy it is to replace the blades. You might also find you prefer several small blades to one large one, because the smaller blades have more give and are often simpler to use.

Also, consider the potential expense of replacing the blades. You want to pick something durable that does not require constant replacement, otherwise, you are wasting your money.

  • Height Adjustment

Besides being able to change the height of the device itself, it is possible to adjust the ‘height’ or depth of the shaving head. The depth refers to how close the blades are able to come to the material being shaved. A closer cut is ideal for individuals who are trying to remove small threads and pills, while a longer one is great for thick pills and fuzzballs.

Any good fabric shaver should include some form of depth adjustment to prevent tears and snags on your clothing and furniture. The adjustment should also be easy to perform and access.

  • Cover

Some fabric shavers come with covers and some do not. The cover is essential for safety reasons. It sits over the shaving head and protects stray fingers from coming into contact with the blade. Depending on the style of your shaver, the cover will either be separate from the shaving head or actually part of it.

When the cover is part of the head, it is important there be some form of additional built-in protection. For example, some models will automatically turn off the blades if the cover falls off. This stops damage to clothing and furniture, but can also prevent the user from accidentally slicing up their fingers.

  • Power Source

Modern electric fabric shavers come with multiple power sources. The most common is disposable AA batteries which do not need to be charged. These models are easy to travel with and require the least technology, making them a popular choice.

However, rechargeable batteries are also available and are beneficial for individuals who want to travel or carry their device throughout their home. These are more expensive but do not require replacement.

One final option is to get a corded fabric shaver. These need to be plugged into an outlet and are not as portable, but tend to be inexpensive and easy to use.

How to Use One – A Quick Guide

Using a fabric shaver is simple, especially if you follow these basic steps.

  • Insert the batteries if you are using an electric model and make sure you have the proper blades and head attached.
  • Choose your piece of clothing or upholstery to shave. Place the material on a flat dry surface and make sure the fabric is not wrinkled.
  • Place the head of the shaver gently against the surface of the material you want to shave and turn it on.
  • Use minimal pressure and gently glide the shaver across the surface so it cuts through pills and loose threads without tugging on the fabric.
  • Move the shaver in simple straight lines to avoid pulling the fabric in unwanted directions. Once you are done with one side, flip the item over and target the back.
  • You should continue using the shaver until the bottom container becomes full from the excess material.
  • Empty the container before trying to use the device again.

It’s important to avoid doing the following:

  • DON’T be overzealous with the shaver as you can remove too much material
  • DON’T apply too much pressure as you can damage your clothing
  • DON’T use the shaver on materials besides fabrics


Does a fabric shaver work on wool?

Wool is one of the materials fabric shavers are designed for. Wool and similar fabrics are made from individual fibers which can break down and cause pilling. If you want to use your shaver on wool, you want to be as gentle as possible because it is easy to accidentally pull the material too much and remove more fabric than you want.

Can you use your fabric shaver on blanket?

Whether or not you can use your fabric shaver on a blanket will vary depending on the material of the blanket itself. If it is made from a generic wool or polyester, then the shaver will work just fine. However, the shaver might not work on smoother choices like silk and satin – after all, these really don’t pill.

To shave a blanket, lay it down flat on a counter or table and gently run the shaver over it to remove unwanted threads and pills.

Is a fabric shaver better than a lint roller?

Fabric shavers and lint rollers are two separate tools that perform different functions. The shaver is designed to remove loose threads and pills which are still attached to clothes or upholstery. A lint roller is meant to remove debris which has become attached to the fabric. For example, the roller eliminates cat hair while the shaver can eliminate unwanted threads that are dangling around the sleeves of a sweater.

Both are essential if you want to maintain the appearance and integrity of your clothing and upholstery. If you have pets, definitely get a lint roller. If you like to wear sweaters and similar types of clothing, get a shaver.

Will a fabric shaver help with cat snags?

A cat snag is when a cat accidentally pulls up a thread or piece of fuzz on fabric. It happens often because of their sharp claws and can really affect the appearance of furniture and similar items.

A fabric shaver is effective on cat snags, especially if you are able to target the threads near their source. To get at the snags, lay your clothes or a piece of upholstery on a flat surface such as a counter or table. Then use the shaver to cut through the threads so the snag no longer exists.

Is a fabric shaver safe for cashmere?

Cashmere is a specific type of wool which is obtained from certain breeds of sheep. It is fragile and delicate, but also soft and beautiful. A fabric shaver can be used on cashmere, but you want to use as little pressure as possible to avoid damaging the material.

You can avoid unwanted pilling and loose threads by being gentle with your cashmere items. This means handwashing them, allowing them to air dry, and only wearing the material for casual situations where you are not moving excessively.

To use the shaver, remember to lay the cashmere clothing item on a flat surface. Use a small head and smaller blades to avoid ripping and tearing the material.


A fabric shaver and lint remover is an essential tool for anyone who considers themselves fashionable, thrift, or both. It is a great way to remove stray threads and pills or fuzz, and it is also simple and straightforward. Out of all of the products reviewed here, perhaps the best one is the BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover. It functions as a fabric shaver and lint remover, and it comes with tons of special features like height and depth adjustability.

However, even the BEAUTURAL does not work well for you, any of these other options should be just as great!

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