Your Ultimate Guide to Best Flat Iron for Beach Waves in 2023

Beach waves may look like the easiest hairstyle to work on but that’s not the case at all. Those of us who do this hairstyle, know how much time and effort it requires. On top of that, not many flat irons are suitable for beach waves.

Thus, finding the Best Flat Iron for Beach Waves for the job is a big thing in itself.

No doubt, this is a type of hairstyle that goes well on almost every occasion. I for one, like to do it every day. So much so that I even do it when I’m stuck at home and feeling bored.

A perfectly styled hair can make any gloom day bearable; don’t you think?

Some people use curling irons or wavers and some use flat irons. I am the flat iron type of person, and I think they can help with many different hairstyles other than hair straightening.

Why am I telling you all these things? Well, this little article here will help you find some of the top flat irons for beach waves within your budget and needs. Of course, I’ll be sharing titbits that I kept in mind while choosing these as well.

You should be wondering, “How a flat iron can help with beach waves?” They can, and from what I have seen, they give the best results! I will talk more about it later in the FAQ section.

Best Flat Irons For Beach Waves – Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
Plate Size
BaBylissPRO NanoTitanium
Up to 450F
Check Price
Paul Mitchell ProCeramic
Heats Up to 410°F
Check Price
BaBylissPRO IonicTitanium
Heats Up to 450°F
Check Price
Bed Head Waveaholic
Heats Up to 450°F
2 inch
Check Price
Chi pro G2Titanium
Up to 425F
1 inch
Check Price

Why Can’t Most Irons Do Beach Waves?

That’s because you need specific irons for this purpose. Curling irons mostly always give you curls and ringlets; you will not get much when trying out beach waves.

Beach waves are not curling; they are more like longer half curls. The structure of the flat irons and wavers are thus suitable for creating that style in the most effective way.

From what I have noticed, the results aren’t totally similar when you compare flat irons and wavers side-by-side. The beach waves formed by the flat irons are more to my liking, and that’s why I am focusing on them here.

You can try doing beach waves with curling irons. God knows, I’ve tried as well. But the results were never up to the mark. My hair always looked as if I’ve done curls and not waves.

My hair also didn’t feel voluminous, which is a key feature of beach waves. Like everybody else, I thought curling irons can help with a hairstyle hack but they didn’t. After that, I tried wavers which gave me much better results.

The thing is, I got curling irons because I thought I might want to do other hair styles besides beach waves. As it turned out, I always like to do the beach waves and so all the money I spent on curling irons went to waste.

The wavers definitely made a big difference. They actually made me realise that it’s better to use the proper tool instead of going for a life hack.

Shortcuts never go a long way. And you would surely want the waves to last long after investing so much into them.

Then I learned that you can do beach waves with flat irons as well. I had to try it out, and voila! I was so happy with the results that I have been using flat irons for beach waves ever since.

You can use the device of your choice. Just make sure it is meant for beach waves, otherwise you will always end up with curls.

Top 5 Flat Irons For Beach Waves

I’ve tried many curling irons and waves, but I have been the most satisfied with flat irons when it came to doing beach waves. Below you will find the top 5 flat irons that are good not only at styling but also at protecting your hair.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra Thin Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to curling and straightening my hair. Their Nano Titanium 1” Titanium plated ultra thin straightening iron will attest to that.

With this gem of a tool, you easily can get the best quality beach waves.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra Thin Straightening Iron

This is an ultra slim and ultra lightweight flat iron. You will not feel like holding a heavy and bulky thing that is uncomfortable to work with.

It won’t cause you any wrist fatigue and fit well into your hands. You can easily manoeuvre the iron around your head to get the most perfect waves. It comes with a long swivel cord to make your work much easier.

The reason why BaBylissPRO has been able to pull off such a feat is that they’ve used plates made of ultra smooth titanium. The amazing thing about titanium is that it can evenly conduct high amount of heat in a gentle manner.

Moreover, titanium is a very durable material and resistant to corrosion. The housing is just as good. It is made with Ryton Technology and can easily resist the high produced inside.

Get BaBylissPRO Nano Ultra-Thin at Amazon

This BaBylissPRO titanium plated straightening iron offers (repeat after me) 50 different heat settings. The highest temperature is 450 degree Fahrenheit, and even though the lowest is not mentioned… I think it’s somewhere around 50 degrees or less.

It is true that titanium based flat irons are mostly suitable for thick and coarse hair. However, this product has got comparatively thinner plates and so it is very well suited for thin and fragile hair as well.

This BaBylissPRO flat iron has Nano Titanium Technology infused Ceramic heater. You get the benefits of both the elements. Ceramic emits even heat and can recover instantly in case of heat loss.

The titanium ions are there to help with the beach waves. The seal the cuticles and make your hair soft and smooth. This in turn forms excellent waves. They help to protect your hair as well.

By sealing the cuticles, all the good moisture gets locked in. So, your hair will remain healthy and shiny for a long time. This flat iron has 5-inch long plates with 1-inch width. They are available in wider options as well.

However, this BaBylissPRO product doesn’t feature an auto shut-off option. You shouldn’t be careless and leave the iron unattended while still plugged in.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+

With the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+ you can enjoy a thorough styling starting from the roots and down to the tips. This is helpful when making beach waves exactly the way you want it.

The Smooth+ is also bigger than its predecessor and so it can deal with more hair in much shorter time.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+ Flat Iron

The Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Smooth+ is built using ceramic plates fused with Express Ion Complex. This allows the iron to protect your hair while styling it.

Ceramic is very gentle on all hair types. It produces far infrared heat which can penetrate the hair shafts and heat them from inside.

You can safely wave your hair without worrying about heat damage and split ends. Remember to fully dry your hair before using this or any flat iron.

Express Ion Complex helps release negative ions from the ceramic plates which seal the cuticles and locks in all the moisture.

Get Paul Mitchell Pro Tools at Amazon

Your hair will thus become hydrated, shiny, and smooth. The hair becomes more pliant and easier to work with which in turn assists in forming beautiful and perfect beach waves.

One additional benefit you get out of this Paul Mitchell product is bevelled edges. This can go with both straightened and waved hairstyles. You will not have to deal with uneven edges or demarcations.

The Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Smooth+ offers a highest temperature of 410 degree Fahrenheit and a lowest of 100 degrees. This also makes this product suitable for all kinds of hair types. You can select your required temperature and check it on the LCD display set on the upper handle.

The Smooth+ flat iron gets fully heated in just 1 minute and it takes 5 seconds to recover the heat. The Ceramic plates are properly placed to make sure all the hair strands get even heat.

I can’t call the Smooth+ the best flat iron for beach waves if you couldn’t travel with it, which you can. This iron offers dual voltage support and so it can be used in many countries other than the USA.

Paul Mitchell has made sure that this Pro Tools Smooth+ flat iron is comfortable to use. It has a slim design that fits well into your grip and doesn’t cause any fatigue. It also comes with a durable 9 feet swivel cord that gives you a lot of room to move around the iron freely.

The “Auto Shutoff” feature switches off the iron after an hour of inactivity but you can change the setting to a time limit less than that. This is a feature that most flat irons don’t offer.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO has always tried to make a product for everyone. Their first product in this list is good for thinner hair types, and this 1-3/4” one is for people with thick and coarse hair.

This flat iron has got thicker titanium plates that can provide stronger heat for such hair types.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron

Obviously, there’s a price difference between the two products. Knowing customer psychology, people might want to buy the cheaper one. But as I said the earlier one will not deliver satisfying results for people with thick hair.

There are many other differences between the two products. This flat iron has an LED display and buttons for checking and adjusting the temperature settings.

There is a total of 5 heat options of which the highest is 450-degree Fahrenheit and the lowest is 120 degrees.

I liked the fact that this BaBylissPRO flat iron can quickly reach the highest temperature and recover it equally fast in case of heat loss. There are no hot spots on the plates and so your hair will not be subjected to any unwanted heat damage.

Get BaBylissPRO Ionic Straightening at Amazon

This lightweight product comes with a housing made with Ryton Technology. It is fully insulated and can withstand high heat. In short, the body will remain cool no matter how hot it gets inside.

The BaBylissPRO 1-3/4” flat iron has super smooth Titanium plates. These can conduct high amounts of heat fast and evenly. Moreover, titanium is resistant against wear and corrosion. You can hope to use this flat iron for a long period of time.

This product offers you Dual Ionic Technology that gives your hair twice as much protection as any other flat iron would. It has a Ceramic heater and Titanium plates, that emit two times more negative ions.

These ions help your hair to form beautiful beach waves and stay healthy.

The negative ions can close the cuticles and seal the moisture inside the hair shafts. Your hair becomes so soft and pliable that making long lasting beach waves and curls becomes an easy thing to do. The ions also keep your hair protected and frizz-free.

This easy to hold flat iron comes with an equally convenient cord. The long swivel cord lets you freely manoeuvre the iron around your head without making you feel restricted.

This BaBylissPRO product could have been perfect if it offered dual voltage support and an auto shut-off feature. Well, as long as you are using it carefully and inside the USA, this flat iron will hardly ever disappoint you.

Bed Head Waveaholic for Tight Waves

If you want more than beach waves, the Bed Head Waveaholic is the product for you. With this one flat iron you can you can enjoy tight waves, voluminous waves, and crimping alongside loose beach waves.

The 2 inch wide plates work efficiently on all hair types. The plates are enhanced with Tourmaline Ceramic Technology.

Bed Head Waveaholic

Separately, tourmaline and ceramic offer a lot of benefits when it comes to hair styling. They are both naturally found materials and will never disappoint you.

Together, these two materials make your hair shiny, smooth and well protected. They emit very gentle heat that can penetrate the hair strands and heat them from inside their core. In this way, your hair remains safe from heat damage and split ends.

Moreover, your waves and crimps will be frizz free and hydrated. The reason is that the ions emitted from Ceramic and Tourmaline can seal the cuticles and keep the good moisture inside.

This also helps with forming beach waves easily and safely.

They offer some other benefits as well. They can produce steady heat and evenly distribute it. This Waveaholic flat iron can offer up to 400 degree Fahrenheit heat and maintain it properly.

There are a number of heat settings. One can easily switch between them using the rheostat dial. Heat loss is very common while you are using a flat iron. This iron will instantly recover that lost heat and keep on delivering consistent results.

The Waveaholic is a travel friendly product. It supports dual voltage and so it can be used anywhere in the world. Always make sure the power outlet is working properly and compatible with the plug of the flat iron.

However, it doesn’t have an auto shut-off option. You can’t leave it unattended while it is switched on. You should also be careful to not use it anywhere near water or wet surfaces.

The slim and slender design and a 6 feet cord makes it very comfortable to work with the product. You can easily hold the iron and freely move it around for the best results. It makes your everyday styling faster and quicker.

CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic

The CHI PRO G2 is possibly the most durable and long-lasting flat iron you can find today. Usually the iron plates get eroded with time and there’s always the issue of build-up that’s not easy to clean.

That is why I consider this the best flat iron for beach waves as there will be no such issues with it.
CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Straightening Hairstyling Iron

This particular machine is made with Titanium infused ceramic plates that will remain smooth even after using the iron for 3-4 years. Titanium is corrosion resistant and can retain its structure for a very long time.

Worn out plates are not good for your hair, especially if it’s thin and fragile.  The plates will not tug at your hair and cause you any discomfort. You will not have to deal with build-ups as you would have had to with other flat irons.

The CHI PRO G2 flat iron has floating plates that work accurately with your hair. The silky-smooth plates will give you shiny and well-protected waves.

The heat produced from these augmented plates will be gentle yet highly effective for any kind of hair styling. Your hair will remain safe from heat damage and split ends.

The CHI PRO G2 flat iron will reduce the time needed for your everyday hairstyling. Faster and more consistent heat output gives quicker and longer lasting results. You can rock the perfectly done beach waves all through the day. You may not need to use any texturizing spray at all.

This flat iron is not just about the plates. It is also one of most convenient products. The slender body lets you hold it comfortably and the 11 feet cord gives you all the room you need to work on your hair. The leash is longer than BaByliss tools.

It also features the much-needed auto shut-off option that switches the iron off after 1 hour.

You can even travel internationally with it as it offers dual voltage support. It actually comes with a useful carrying bag.

The Ceramic heater is of advanced technology that can reach full heat in just 40 seconds. The heat will remain consistent and recover fast when the iron is being used. This CHI PRO G2 flat iron offers 0 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit temperature options. Thus, it is suitable for all kinds of hair textures, be that thick or thin.

You can select the temperature manually using the plus and minus buttons. Or use the preset modes by pressing the M button. There is a Multi-colored Digital LCD display on which you can check the temperature and modes.

The Blue mode offers 0 to 370 degrees that is suited for fine and fragile hair. The Green mode offers 375 to 395 degrees and it is suitable for people with normal hair type. If you have thicker hair you should use the third Red mode which offers 400 to 425 degrees.

Some Helpful Tips for Buying These Machines

People often stumble and stumble hard when it comes to buying these machines. In the worst-case scenario, they’ve probably never used a flat iron for beach waves. So buying one for this purpose will not be easy. Don’t worry; I will help you to get the best machine money can help you buy.

  • How is Your Hair?

Whenever you are purchasing any product for your hair, you should do it fully based on your hair type and texture. Hair specific products will give you the best results in the safest way. If you get something that is not suitable for your hair, it will leave you with nothing but regrets.

That is why it is of the highest importance that you know what type of hair you have. Thinner hair requires a certain type of product and thicker hair normally requires the exact opposite.

While a wrong product may not readily harm thick hair, people with thin and fragile hair are always prone to damage even with the right product.

You should take your time to examine your hair and know all about it. You will be amazed to see how big of a difference it makes when you use hair specific products. This applies greatly to flat irons which use heat.

In fact, hair length plays a significant role too. I will tell you why in the following section.

  • Plates and Heaters

These are two of the most important part of any flat iron. You hair will decide what kind of plates and heaters the flat iron you are buying should have.

The most common materials for flat iron plates are ceramic, tourmaline (I’ll link my Tourmaline Flat Iron Article here just in case), and titanium.

In most cases, any one of the latter two is infused with ceramic to enhance its efficiency and benefits.

Ceramic and Tourmaline are both suitable for thin and fragile hairs. This hair type is very sensitive and can get damaged easily. You always have to use appropriate products or your hair will get ruined in a single day.

Ceramic is made from clay and so it is very gentle and doesn’t damage your hair at all. Tourmaline is a crystalline material that works along the same lines.

These materials emit far infrared heat which can penetrate hair shafts and heat them from the inside. In this way your hair remains protected and safe from heat damage and split ends.

Flat irons made of ceramic and tourmaline plates are also suitable thick and coarse hair. However, those made with Titanium plates are generally not that suited for thin and fragile hair.

Titanium gets heated faster than Ceramic, and so it can readily damage your hair if you are not careful. For this very reason, Titanium plates are well suited for thick and coarse hair that require a bit of tough love or they won’t budge.

You’ll need plates that can conduct and maintain high amount of heat in order to effectively style thick and coarse hair. Titanium and Ceramic are both apt for properly heating such hair type and forming beach waves.

The size of the plates is a matter to consider here as well. Most of the time we don’t take notice if the plates are appropriately sized or not.

Remember, I said earlier that hair length is important. Well, the size of the plates is to be chosen based on your hair length and volume.

If you have short to medium length hair, flat irons with 1-inch wide plates will easily work for you. But when you have longer hair you will need plates wider than an inch.

That is because the wider plates will be able to deal with the extra volume of your hair. A smaller plate may not be that effective and may even get wasted before it should.

The last feature that you should look for in flat iron plates is how they are positioned. Some of the new and improved products are designed with floating plates. The benefit of such plates is that they can easily adjust with your hair and provide the best results. They are also said to reduce heat damage to a great extent.

  • I’d Look into the Temperature Options

Your hair type comes into action here as well. Most of the flat irons I have used till now offered a maximum heat around 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

This amount of heat is enough to work on thicker hair types. At the same time, it will be overkill for those with thinner hair.

If you have thicker hair you can easily buy a flat iron that offers a single heat option of 400 degrees. But if you have thinner and fragile hair you need to get one that offers multiple heat options with some around 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Technically, people can try to work with more heat, but they’ll have to be very careful.

Moreover, multiple heat options ranging from 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit is also helpful for styling your hair in different ways. You can switch up your look and get a style that is unique to your personality.

  • Convenience and Safety are Important to Me

These maybe the last two topics in this list but they are not any less important. A top flat iron for beach waves should have a comfortable grip and a long enough cord. You need to be able to hold the iron easily in order to properly and safely work on your hair.

In my experience, users will also need a cord that is at least 6 feet long and has swivel features to freely do your styling.

When I am talking about safety, it extends both ways.

The first is to make sure the flat iron you are buying is well built and has an insulated housing. It should also have a durable cord with a properly functioning plug. An auto shut-off feature will be a cherry on top.

The second is to make sure the power outlet at your home is working and compatible with the iron.

You should also not use a flat iron around water or wet surfaces. Before using a product, even if it worked properly yesterday… you should check if there is any damage or not. If you keep these in mind you will always be safe and so will be your hair.

Some Questions That I Had in My Mind When Starting Out with Hairstyling

Before I tried doing beach waves, I had no idea what they were actually called. I saw some of my friends doing it, but I felt embarrassed to ask them about it. But with time I learned a lot. The better you know about a hairstyle the more effective you are with it.

Naturally, I had questions and I found my answers as well. Here are some of the basic questions that I did my tango with (along with the answers).

What are beach waves?

Allow me to repeat myself for your annoyance. Most people think beach waves are a type of curl, but they aren’t. Just as the name suggests, they are actually like waves. Beach waves have mainly two distinguishing features.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the first one is that they are somewhat like longer half curls. The other feature is that they have straighter ends.

If you wave the full length of your hair, it will not be beach waves at all. So, you have to leave at least two inches of hair tips straight to make sure you nail the look.

In order to curl your hair, you need to wrap your hair fully around the barrel of a curling iron. For beach waves, you have to wrap mostly the middle length of the hair leaving the roots and tips untouched.

You can even comb your hair afterwards to loosen the waves, or you can leave your hair as is.

How to Do Beach Waves with a Flat Iron?

They surely can. You may think that it must be a difficult process to follow, but it isn’t. In fact, it’s much easier to get beach waves with flat irons. The first few times may seem tricky, but it will get easier in time.

The first thing necessary for any kind of hairstyle is preparations. You need to prep your hair the way you would for curling or straightening.

Wash and then fully dry your hair. You may skip the conditioner, as not using it gives you more defined and long lasting results.

Some people like to style their hair a day or two after washing. It may seem strange, but there’s a good reason behind it. Our scalp secretes oil all the time. Right after shampooing there’s normally very little oil left in your hair.

After a day or two, your hair will have comparatively more natural oil coating them. This oil makes your hair gritty which helps in forming better quality curls and waves.

Always use a heat protecant just to be extra careful, even if the flat iron is guaranteed to be safe. You should also clean the flat iron before you use it on your hair.

Now that you are fully prepped, we can start the actual work. You have to section your hair in two ways.

If you have short hair you have section it horizontally into upper and lower portion. Then divide the portions further into 1 inch sections. The process is same for long hair, only you have to divide your hair into three horizontal sections.

I like beginning from the middle as I have long hair. But you can start from closer to the roots. When you straighten your hair with a flat iron, you place a section of your in between the plates and then closing the iron you glide it down to your tips.

It is the same with beach waves. The only additional thing you have to do is twist the hair while holding it between the plates of the flat iron.

One can twist toward or away from your face depending on the look he/she (Come on! Guys do it too) wants to get. After twisting it, simply glide the iron down to the tips of your hair.

Remember not to twist the whole length of your hair. Instead, leave the last two inches for that signature beach wave look. Follow this process for the rest of the hair and you are done.

There are a few more things you can do to enhance your newly done beach waves. You can lightly comb through the hair while it is still hot.

It will loosen the waves. Or, you can use the flat iron very lightly over those waves. It will make the waves a bit smaller.

I like to keep the hair mostly straight around my face. That is, I make the waves from down my ear/cheeks. If you want to do this too, you can simply straighten that bit of hair after you are done making the waves.

If the tips don’t seem that straight, you can iron them one more time as well.

My Two Cents at the End

Hair is a matter of beauty and a huge part of our life. I envy those who can go from day to day with little to no care for their hair and still have beautiful locks.

Most of us are not like that and need to provide our hair with proper care and treatment. This is true for hair styling as well.

Ideal hairstyling products are those which not only style your hair but also help to protect it and keep it healthy. Believe me when I say this, the best flat iron for beach waves are those which create perfect waves while keeping our safety in mind.

I’d suggest Paul Mitchel and BaByliss products when it comes to entrusting our hairs for stylizing. Of course, you might have an entirely different solution or none at all. That’s where my guide will serve as a lighthouse for people.

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