10 Best Flat Irons for Curling Hair That Actually Deliver on the Promise

First of all, yes, you can curl your hair using a flat iron and do it like a pro. But what you can’t do is pick just about any flat iron off the internet for the job.

Generally, rounded or beveled edge flat irons are considered to be all-purpose styling tools that can be used for curling, waving, flipping, and of course, for straightening with equal precision and efficiency.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you think just about any rounded flat iron will do the trick for you, sorry to stomp on your expectations. Everyone’s hair is different. And so are their demands.

Temperature and plate materials play a pivotal role in determining the effectiveness of the iron on your specific hair type. What works brilliantly on short and fine strands might not necessarily work on thick, stubborn, and super-resistant hair.

You get the drift.

It could take most people days or even weeks to find a flat iron that’s cut for the specific challenges your hair could throw at it. That’s where this guide comes into the picture.

My team and I went to insane lengths to make sure each and every product we pick for you is worth every penny. We hate misleading information just as much as you do and when it comes to choosing hair styling products, we are pretty darn critical.

Out of numerous products we evaluated, only 10 made the cut into our list of the best flat irons for curling hair. I will get to the list and reviews shortly but before that, here’s something you need to understand:

Flat Irons for Curling Hair Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
Plate Size
Paul Mitchell Pro 
Up to 410°F
Check Price
Neuro Paul Mitchell 
 Up to 450°F
Check Price
Nition Professional Salon
Ceramic & Titanium
Check Price
Furiden Hair Straightener 
1 Inch
Check Price
Ghd Platinum+ 
1 Inch
 Up to 365°F
Check Price
Mhd Professional Titanium
1 Inch
Check Price
Kipozi Hair Straightener
1 Inch
 Up to 450°F
Check Price
Horatii Hair Straightener
1.5 Inch
Check Price
AmoVee Nano
1 Inch
 Up to 450°F
Check Price
Dnsly Flat Iron
1 Inch
Check Price

Can You Use Any Flat Iron to Curl Hair?

Obviously not. Flat irons are primarily designed for straightening. It is the right combination of width, length, barrel shape, material, temperature controls, and heat retention that enable some flat irons to create curls.

I have always noticed that with an iron, the crimping effect is most prominent at the roots. Also, the curls formed by a properly heated wand can boost the aesthetics of your curls with stellar smoothness and shine.

However, if you want tight curls beginning from a few inches below the scalp to the ends on ultra fine and thin hair, you will need a curling iron/curling tongs or hot rollers for the job.

From my personal experience, I can vouch for the fact that 1-1.5” mini flat irons with rounded or beveled edges do a good job of creating gorgeous soft curls. Avoid sharp-edged straighteners unless you will be using it exclusively for straightening.

I will provide a detailed breakdown of the key characteristics of the best flat irons to curl later in this article. But before that, here are my top 10 picks and their in-depth reviews to help you get a deeper insight:

Reviews of 10 Most Reliable Flat Irons for Curling Hair

Paul Mitchell PM Pro

PM Pro, Paul Mitchell’s flagship flat iron, utilizes a universal 1” wide ceramic plate with beveled edges. The shape and width of the plate itself speaks volumes about the straightener’s ability as a curling tool.

Paul Mitchell PM

To help you achieve the right look with just one pass on each section of your hair, PM Pro uses infrared heating technology. Those who are not sure how this unique technology works, let me explain:

Infrared technology improves the heat conduction ability of the plates manifold. Instead of heating up the extremely damage-prone outer cuticles of the strands, it gently heats up your hair from within.

The combination of gentle heating and efficient heat distribution protects your tresses from the devastating effects of heat. Unlike regular flat irons, infrared flat irons like this eliminate frizz by releasing negative ions, leaving your hair smooth and soft after styling.

Generally, thin and fine blonde hair is more susceptible to heat damage than darker and thicker hair. Hence, people with lighter and finer hair will get the most out of this kind of equipment.

But this doesn’t mean PM Pro is not ideal for women with supremely thick, coarse, and resistant hair. The unit operates between 160 degrees F To 410 degree F temperature range, which enables it to work on different types of hair and for different styling requirements. You can quickly change the temperature using the digital temp control and bright LCD on the handle. It comes with a 9-foot swivel cord which is long enough to let you twirl the flat iron around in any angle you want.

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The biggest advantages of the unit, however, lie in its ability to heat up in flash speed and easy maneuverability due to its lightweight design. It both straightens and curls to near perfection in just a couple of minutes.

And what’s even better, it does it without snagging or pulling your hair. No worries if you get so engrossed in admiring your curls that you forget to turn off the device. The flat iron will auto shut off in one hour anyway.

Since the flat iron gets real hot real quick, you need to be extra careful with the temperature setting to avoid heat damage, especially if you have fine and brittle hair. If you hear a “fizzle” sound, it’s way too hot for your hair. I’d suggest starting low, observe how your hair responds to it and crank up the heat accordingly.

Neuro Paul Mitchell Smooth Flat Iron

Neuro is like the smarter and more sensible (hence, slightly more expensive) first cousin of Paul Mitchell. It uses a foolproof combination of IsoTherm titanium plates and smart heating technology. How smart, you ask?

Neuro Paul Mitchell Smooth Flat Iron

Well, the plate integrates SmartSense microchip that predicts the specific needs of your hair to ward off nightmare-inducing heat damage. Neuro flat iron can go up to 450 degrees F under a minute for instant curls and bone-straight hair.

The heat recovery time is also insanely short to keep your hair from burning to a crisp. That’s not all.

To help newbies get the best possible outcome without having to guess the suitable operating temperature, Neuro suggests the ideal temperature for different styling modes.

You can choose from four modes (390F for fine Hair, 410F for normal hair, 430F for coarse hair, and 450F for professional use). Select the mode that best suits your hair type and the titanium plate will be ready to go in just a couple of seconds.

The shiny coating on the plates let your hair glide through the flat iron smoothly, without any painful tugging or pinching. Despite the lowest temperature being 390F, the tool works surprisingly well on medium length fine hair as well.

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The size and weight of the unit are perfect for quick and hassle-free regular touch-ups. Like almost all top-of-the-line titanium flat irons, this one too is a godsend for women with extremely thick and coarse Afro-textured hair. Having a hard time flat ironing your super resistant hair? Neuro might be the answer.

You might need a while getting used to working with such high heat. That’s the only teeny weeny downside of this flat iron.

NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener

This one has to be one of the most hi-tech flat irons I have come across during my research. The flat iron offers 6 temperature settings (ranging from 265-450 degree F) but there is no button or touchpad to manually adjust the temp.

NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener

You simply have to rotate the iron clockwise to run on and increase the temp, and anti-clockwise to turn off and decrease the heat. While it’s true that a button-less control mechanism doesn’t really make much of a difference, it’s still a nice touch.

Now, let’s talk about the things that can actually make or break the deal. It doesn’t use a plain ceramic or pure titanium plate like most low to mid-range flat irons.

Instead, NITION has opted for an MCH (Metal Ceramics Heater), a special type of heating plate coated with ceramic, tourmaline, titanium, nano silver powder, and argan oil.

The combination of these coatings minimize heat damage, reduce frizz and static, and seal the required amount of moisture into your hair shafts. The credit for all these goes to the high counts of negative ions emitted by its 5-1 plate. That’s not it. The addition of titanium coating enables the plate to heat up in roughly 10 seconds.

The 3D floating plates also have built-in C-sensors that automatically fine-tunes the heat according to the texture and thickness of individuals. With automatic heat calibration in every 30 sec, the chances of accidentally frying up your locks become next to zero.

Get Nition Flat Iron at Amazon

Consistent heating, uniform heat distribution, and the volume-enhancing properties of argan oil prevents hair burning and immensely improves the overall appearance of your hair. To ward off fire hazards and burn injuries, the unit features Lock button and a 60-minute auto shut-off function.

This trim and lightweight flat iron kit comes with all the important accessories such as heat protectant gloves, a high-quality brush, and clips, all neatly arranged in a travel-friendly pouch bag.

It also offers dual voltage compatibility, meaning you can use it anywhere in the world with a voltage adapter. The velcro strap for wrapping the long, swiveling cord and hanging hook are also great touches.

However, there’s one caveat: the tool has a bit of a learning curve to it. Rotating the device clockwise and anti-clockwise to control the temp has some getting used to. That’s it.

FURIDEN Hair Straightener and Curler

It’s all in the name itself. This particular model of FURIDEN is designed to do both straightening and curling with equal accuracy and precision.

FURIDEN Hair Straightener and Curler

Just the sheer number of temperature adjustments and smooth operation it offers makes it a huge bang for the buck. It uses premium-grade titanium plates that heat up instantly and succeeds in completing your styling task with minimal effort.

The length of its swivel cord and the weight of the iron allows you to twist the wand in virtually any direction you want without fatiguing your arms. On top of it, floating titanium plates make the hot iron super easy to run down the unruliest hair one can possibly have.

There’s also a lock button that lets you open and close the plates with a touch of a button. For further safety, the unit automatically shuts off after one hour of inactivity.

The lowest temperature of the straightener is 265 degrees F and it goes all the way to 450 degrees F, rendering it suitable for all hair types, be it ultra-thin or extra thick and coily.

You will love how fast the plates heat up (titanium plates are my favorite for a reason), letting you finish the styling in just a couple of minutes. Fast heat up is one of most prominent characteristics of a high-quality flat iron plate.

With 20 heat settings (the heat increases or decreases in 5-degree increments), you can achieve any shape and size of curls with it. In fact, some users have claimed this flat iron to curl better than their curling irons. Could there be any bigger compliment?

From bouncy soft curls and epic beachy waves, you can achieve pretty much any type of curl you want with the right technique.

However, being a budget-friendly product, it obviously has a few limitations. For instance, the default temp of 355 would be either too high or too low for the majority.

If you want a short and slim flat iron to curl your short bob or bangs, the width of the plate might feel a bit overwhelming. It’s not really that big a deal but still worth highlighting.

Ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance

Ghd Platinum is what we call a platinum standard for multi-styling tools. If budget is not a concern and you’re dying to get curls that look like a million bucks, Ghd Platinum might be exactly what you need.

Ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance

Personally, I have always felt a bit reluctant about investing in top-end single-temperature flat irons. But the features and performance of this unit compelled me to change my mind.

Platinum flat iron uses unique ceramic plates with UltraZone predictive technology. It means the plate consistently maintains 365 degrees F, resulting in precise and uniform styling with each pass. Irrespective of how dry, thick, and unruly your hair is, this flat iron can handle it like it’s no big deal.

While the temperature might be an overkill for short and fine blonde hair, dark, it’s pitch-perfect for normal to coarse-textured hair. The special gloss coating on the plate lends stunning radiance and smoothness to your locks.

What’s really fascinating is that the flat iron hydrates and styles simultaneously. The terrific heat conduction helps it to fight frizz, static, split ends, and severe damage in order to reveal the original aesthetics of your hair,

This all-purpose styling tool would be safe to use on your colored or chemical-treated hair as well, thanks to its consistent and even heat conduction.

What further contributes to its stellar performance as a curling tool is the round shape of the barrel. As long as you use it properly, it will let you form sleek and gorgeous bumps at the ends.

You can also flip your bangs and create highly texturized ringlet-y curls with it. It will just take some practice and a bit of patience. This flat iron will do the rest for you.

Finally, to keep hot iron-related common hazards at bay, the 2-in-1 styler features a plate guard, and a 30-minute auto shut-off function. It operates on universal voltage. Hence, you can use it anywhere in the world without a voltage adapter to spruce up your hair in a snap.

MHD Professional Titanium Hair Straightener

Like all the mighty titanium straighteners featured so far on this roundup, MHD Professional is also blessed with a delightfully short heating time. You know the flat iron is worth its salt when it takes merely 90 seconds to reach 450 degrees F.

MHD Professional Titanium Hair Straightener

The LED indicator on the handle flashes as soon as the device has reached the set temperature. MHD boasts of a safety lock dial and auto shut off function too for safe storage and optimal user safety.

It comprises glossy 3D floating plates that glide through hair like butter on hot pancakes. The lightweight unit’s rounded barrel results in neat curls, flicks, and beachy waves without subjecting your tresses to snagging or heat damage.

Instead, it helps to revitalize lackluster, frizzy ends by releasing millions of negative ions that neutralize static. For cost-cutting, the manufacturer probably had to compromise on certain aspects.

For example, instead of multiple heat adjustments, it comes with only 3 options (250F/360/450F). Unless you will be experimenting with a plethora of hairstyles or using the styler on multiple individuals, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

From fine blonde hair to African-American textured hair, the styling effect and finishing remain the same across all hair types.

The entire flat iron is about 7-inches long, meaning it won’t eat up too much space in your luggage while traveling. It’s dual voltage compatible (120V-240V) and uses an automatic voltage regulator to maintain stable voltage under fluctuating voltage conditions.

This one tiny feature makes this iron much safer to use in different countries than standard single to dual voltage straighteners. My only gripe with the product is that the outer edge gets pretty hot after prolonged use. You need to be extra careful so as not to burn your hands.

KIPOZI Hair Straightener

Kipozi V7 is arguably the most lightweight and easy-to-use flat iron on this list. The deadly combination of instant 60-sec heat up time and great heat retention ensures you get optimal styling in every attempt.

KIPOZI Hair Straightener

To make your hair immune to heat-induced damage and dryness, the equipment employs PTC smart temperature technology. In simple words, the hot iron constantly monitors how your hair is reacting to the heat and keeps the temperature well-distributed to avoid hotspots.

Another cool feature is its unique heat adjustment system. You just have to twist the bottom to crank up the heat or shut off the device instead of clicking a button multiple times.

If you have always had a hard time getting your hair to hold the curls, KIPOZI might be able to solve the issue for you and this applies to all hair types. The temperature on this unit ranges from 250 to 450 degrees F, making it equally effective on fine, normal, and coarse-textured hair.

About the size and weight, it hits the sweet spot between balance and portability. V7 isn’t as small as a mini flat iron but still compact enough to fit into your carry on bag. It supports dual voltage and automatically adjusts the voltage.

All you will need is a simple plug adapter to use it outside the U.S. The box includes a velvet travel pouch for safekeeping your styling essentials like gloves, clips, salon comb (also included in the box).

Apart from the standard 60-minute auto shut off function, the iron utilizes a swift push-and-pull locking/unlocking mechanism as well.

V7 features nano titanium 3D floating plates that help to keep your hair in place, letting you wound your hair around the plates in a smooth and fluid motion.

It is the consistency that gives V7 a slight edge over its similarly-priced competitors. The smooth, beveled edge of the flat iron makes sure your curls come out silky smooth and dazzling.

Overall, it’s a great product for the price with just one annoying issue. Sometimes, the device keeps beeping constantly while you are adjusting the temp.

This would be occasionally followed by the unit switching back and forth on its own. However, this doesn’t happen all the time and is probably a manufacturing defect in some batches.

Horatii Hair Straightener and Curling Iron

Another solid bang for the buck product, Horatii is everything a rookie should look for in a flat iron. It’s not too bulky, is a breeze to handle, and won’t accidentally turn off in the middle of the task.

Horatii Hair Straightener and Curling Iron

What I admire the most in this straightener is that you can watch the temperature from rising and dropping on the LCD. This way, you will be able to exercise precise control over the temperature and easily create every shape and size of curls.

The dual voltage compatible flat iron operates on 248-446 degree F. This, along with 12 heat settings, allows you to program the flat iron according to your hair texture, length, and thickness. It takes about 20-30 seconds for the floating plates to get ready to roll.

For safety purposes, there’s a built-in safety locking mechanism and 60-minute auto shut off as well. The glossy plates smoothly run through the tresses, no matter how thick, long and/ or unruly they are.

On top of it, the barrel sports a curved edge which helps you create voluminous, and shiny waves, flips, and loose curls. Brownie points for including a heat protectant glove, clips, and a salon-brush in the box.

Although the clip and brush quality is a little off, you can always purchase them separately. What’s really important is to make sure the multipurpose styler does everything it promises. And despite the modest price, Horatii straightener doesn’t fall short in terms of performance one bit.

AmoVee Nano Titanium Flat Iron

Ever wished to get hold for a 2-1 hair styling tool that not only styles like a professional-quality straightener but also repairs damage? Well, that’s what AmoVee aims for with its nano titanium flat iron.

AmoVee Hair Straightener Nano Titanium Flat Iron and Curling Iron

The gorgeous black and rose gold colored straightener features a 1” wide titanium plate that heats up in 10-15 sec and seals your cuticles to heal damaged ends. Due to its wide temperature range (265-450 degrees F), it will work on all hair types and textures.

The shiny titanium plates control frizz by releasing negative ions straight into your hair shafts. Also, it distributes the heat evenly to eliminate hotspots and leave your hair with well-rounded, healthy-looking soft curls and long, luscious waves.

The excellent heat conductivity and flash quickly recovery further minimize the hazard of hair burning. Do you often hear a sizzling sound as soon as your hair comes in contact with the plate? That’s least likely to happen with a high caliber straightener like this one.

The plates are about 4.5” long which is common in standard travel-size flat irons. It also supports dual voltage so that you can curl, wave up, and straighten your hair to utter perfection anywhere in the world.

One caveat, though. If you are picturing yourself getting super tight curls on your extra fine hair, this one probably won’t be up to that task. Bummer!

Also, if you have super oily hair, you might notice oil streaks on the plate at some point. It can be easily wiped off once the plates cool off.

Dnsly Titanium Flat Iron

Another titanium flat iron to grace my list of the best flat that also curls like a pro, Dnsy is a kind of tool that will serve both home users and professionals equally well. It offers the widest temperature range (175-450 degree) after my top pick i.e Paul Mitchell PM Pro.

Dnsly Titanium Flat Iron

From ultra-fine and fragile tresses to super long, thick, and coarse Afro hair, there’s nothing this hot iron can’t handle. It also releases negative ions to combat frizz, making your hair as manageable and vibrant as it deserves to be.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of figuring out the right temperature for your hair type, simply use the presets. By pressing the P button on the handle, you can choose from 3 preset modes for three distinct hair types.

The titanium coating also helps the plates to roll down smoothly through your hair. For consistent temperature conductivity and fast recovery, the manufacturer has used PTC ceramic heating technology, a relatively new tech in the industry that never fails to impress me.

For the ease of traveling, the equipment runs on dual voltage and comes with a heat-resistant drawstring velvet pouch. Standard safety features e.g built-in safety lock mechanism and 90-minute auto shut-off functions are also present in the unit.

Moreover, you can also manually program the shut-off time anywhere between 30-180 minutes to avoid energy waste.

My only small issue with the product is the weight. It does possess a lot of great qualities but being lightweight is sadly not one of them.

How to Choose the Best Flat Iron for Curling Hair: A Summary of the Key Considerations

There are a couple of aspects that deserve special attention when you are shopping for flat iron for curling hair. A lot of people make the grave mistake of picking up a flat iron based on the number of hi-tech features it offers.

Just because an equipment is feature-rich doesn’t necessarily mean it will live up to the unique challenges your hair could throw at it. No wonder the internet is full of unhappy reviewers who have had to luck with curling their strands with a flat iron.

Just like with almost every other hair styling tool, the devil is in the details here as well. Sounds vague?

Okay, let me shed some light on the specific features that make one flat iron better than the others when it comes with curling hair:

  • Plate Material

Heat is the single most important metric to factor in while choosing a flat iron that also curls hair. It’s not just about having the right temperature that matches the delicateness/roughness of your hair follicles. Heat retention and the ability to conduct the heat evenly across all of your tresses are also just as important.

Titanium plates can reach high temperatures in a snap. Plus, this material has an impeccable heat retention ability which makes it a perfect fit for super-resistant, long, coarse, and thick hair.

It also releases oodles of negative ions to neutralize frizz, leaving your curls noticeably shinier and bouncier than they usually are.

Many high-end brands use some kind of hair conditioning coating on the plates to simultaneously repair, replenish, and style your tresses. Such prolific devices don’t come cheap but they are worth the investment.

Ceramic or tourmaline coated ceramic plates are relatively cheaper and have ruled the market since their inception. While plate ceramic plates are a great conductor of heat, and are tough as nails.

But sadly, ceramic takes a while to reach high temperature and doesn’t hold the heat for very long. To fix this small glitch, most manufacturers these days mix ceramic with tourmaline to enhance the durability, heat retention, and heat distribution abilities of the material.

The addition of tourmaline also helps to tame frizz and lock essential moisture into the locks while styling.

If you have really fine, thin, and fragile hair, consider a flat iron with integrated infrared technology. This technology has been around for quite some time now and does a fine of job sealing moisture into the cuticles.

Infrared flat irons generally use lower heat and spread it uniformly across your hair strands to prevent the occurrence of smoke and sizzles while styling.

Unless you are constrained by a tight budget or you’re absolutely sure what temperature is best for your hair, I won’t recommend using a single-temperature iron ( Ghd Platinum+ being an exception to this rule)

Your hair structure could change from time to time and so can your styling needs. That’s why you will get most utility out of a device with variable temperature controls.

Temperature between 215-275 degree F for fine and thin hair, 275-350 degrees for medium texture hair, and 350-410 degrees or above for thick, coarse, and extremely resistant hair- that’s the rule of thumb followed by most seasoned hair stylists around the globe.

Finding a temperature that helps you curl your hair quickly without frying up your locks can take some time and practice. Hang in there, it always gets easier after one or two goof-ups.

  • Plate Shape and Width

I have stressed on the importance of plate shape of a flat iron for curling hair multiple times throughout this article. Let me brush up your memory one more time in case it slipped your mind. A small and slim wand featuring a round or beveled edge is what you should be after.

Many straighteners have a flat, sharp, or paddle-shaped edge which won’t even form long waves, no matter how hard you try. 0.75-1” plates have always worked like a charm on my short and fine-haired clients.

For mid-back to waist length hair, my go-to pick is a 1.5” wide flat iron plate. Unless you have really long and thick strands, don’t go for anything wider than 1.5”. The wider the plate, the looser your curls will be. So unless you are specifically after long, wavy curls, play safe by choosing a 1-1.5” wide plate.

  • Ease of Use

While trim and compact plates certainly allow greater control and maneuverability, longer wands reduce the styling time in almost half. Both have an equal share of pros and cons and it’s really a matter of personal preference.

If you are someone like me who seeks balance in everything, including in flat irons, I’d suggest going for a lightweight but average-size iron, unless you are specifically looking for a travel-friendly kit. In that case, choosing a small and lightweight iron is your only option.

No matter how small or large the wand is, one thing that can truly make or break the deal for me is the length of the cord. Short cords are obscenely annoying as they don’t let you pivot your arm at any angle you want. So please be sure to check the length of the cord before taking the plunge.

I have a soft corner for heat styling tools that come with tiny bottles of argan oil/or just about any nourishing oil, heat protectant solution, and heat-resistant gloves.

Accidentally touching the smoldering hot part of a hot iron is my worst nightmare. It’s cool when a brand addresses the issue and takes appropriate measures to keep burn injuries at bay.

  • Safety Measures

Speaking of nightmares and injuries, forgetting to turn off a scalding hot iron can result in a deadly accident. Since to err is human, it will be nice to have an auto shut-off feature in your flat iron. It’s not a feature limited to high-end models only.

Many competitively priced irons also employ a 60 or 90-minute auto shut off function to ensure complete peace of mind. Instead of or along with auto shut off, some models include a quick cool-down feature to keep your smoke alarm from going off for no reason.

  • Travel-friendliness

Finally, it’s better to have a styling kit that’s always travel-ready than not having one. Apart from the compact design of the flat iron itself, a nifty carry pouch, dual voltage compatibility makes it easier to travel with your flat iron overseas.

Curling Hair with a Flat Iron: Accomplish Neat Curls with Your Flat Iron in Just 7 Steps!

So far, I have spoken at length about the metrics one should follow while choosing their flat iron for curling, what works, what doesn’t, and a lot more.

Now, allow me to round off this guide to the best straighteners for curling by explaining how to actually use it for the intended purpose.

Here’s the detailed breakdown of the process:

  • It’s crucial to have a clean canvas to work with. Otherwise, not only the curls will look flat and dull but it can also subject your hair to severe heat damage. Rinse your hair mild cleansing shampoo followed by a generous helping of a deep conditioner.
  • Blow-dry your hair all the way. Dampness is one of the ke reasons why flat irons create sizzling noise as soon as it touches your hair.
  • Thoroughly comb your hair, make sure there isn’t a trace of knot left in your tresses.
  • Next up, apply a volume-enhancing mousse if you are going to work with thin and fine strands.
  • Prep your hair for curling with an oil-based heat protectant spray. This will not only reduce the damaging effects of high heat but will also enhance the sheen and texture of your curls. Moreover, the nourishing oil will seal all the split ends and help the iron plates glide smoothly through your hair. If you have previously noticed a sizzling sound and lots of smoke while flat ironing your hair, the oil-based thermal spray will fix the issue for good.
  • Part your hair into sections. You should ideally start with 1-2 inch sections closest to the tape of your neck and work your way to the top layers. Now, take one section and pin up the rest of your hair.
  • Press the layer in between the plates. If you want a more undone, relaxed look, clamp it down from the mid-point of your hair’s length. Or start from just a few inches below the scalp if you seek more pronounced texture.
  • Wrap the layer around the plates, hold for a few seconds, unwrap it for spectacular beach waves. Alternatively, you can clamp down the hair, move the iron 180-degrees away from your face. This way, the hair will flow over the iron, not under it. Hold it like this for 2-3 second and gently run it down straight through the rest of your hair. Repeat the same process on all the sections on the left and right side of your head. You should aim to make each pass in one swift, fluid motion to maintain the consistency of the curls.
  • As you twist or wrap and release each section, make sure to clip them down so that they don’t come in the way while you’re working with the other layers. To properly set your curls, wait till your hair cools down before unpinning them.
  • Once you are done with all the sections, unpin your hair and run your fingers through your hair to break the curls down a bit. For a softer look and neat finish, lightly comb the waves with a boar bristle brush.
  • Finish off with a weightless, flexible hair texturizing spray to make your curls last longer. A dry texturizing spray can add a nice volume and definition to your curls, making them appear healthy, sleek, and bouncy.

There you go. That’s how you get salon-style curls with flat iron without shelling out an obscene amount of money in a fancy salon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you still have some clouds of doubts left, let me brush them away. Here are a few common queries people often ask before buying a flat iron for curling:

Titanium or ceramic flat iron which one is better for curling your hair?

Ans. Depends on your hair type and length. Ceramic plates heat up gently and evenly distribute the heat to lessen the risk of heat damage. Thus, it’s ideal for very thin, fine, and brittle strands.

Tourmaline infused or nanosilver coated ceramic plates are even better for damage-prone, dry, and frizzy hair as the material emits tons of negative ions that neutralize frizz.

No other flat iron plate material heats up as fast as titanium plates. Its heat conduction ability is also unmatched.

If you have extremely thick, long, and coarse strands, curling your tresses will be a lot easier with a titanium flat iron. Make sure to lightly spritz a heat protectant spray on your hair before wrapping your hair around a piping hot titanium plate.

Do you straighten hair before curling?

Ans. No. Doing so would defeat the whole purpose of curling hair, wouldn’t it? If you have extremely frizz-prone, style-resistant hair, apply a deep conditioner while rinsing your hair. Divide your hair into small sections and smooth them out with a comb.

If your iron plate is infused with a conditioning coating such as keratin protein or nanosilver, it will not only help you tame your frizz but also seal adequate moisture into your hair shafts to improve its texture and appearance.

Can flat iron give long-lasting curls?

Ans. As long as you are using the right size of plate and temperature for your hair along with proper technique, it sure can.

How do you make big curls with a flat iron?

Ans. Creating big-bodied, bouncy curls with a flat iron is a pretty straightforward process. For regular curls, the key is to twirl your wrist around constantly while slowly wrapping and releasing each section of the hair.

For big loose curls, you clamp down each section of your hair either half way down the length of your hair or close to the scalp (depending on where you want the curls to begin).

Now gently pivot the iron away from your face to 180-degree angle (also called half a turn). Then pull it down the length of your hair, all the way to the end. The faster you move the iron in this halfway up-all-the-way-down motion, the bigger and softer your curls will be.

Alternatively, you can also hold your iron in an angle, making sure the tip of the iron is pointed up. Set your desired temperature and when it’s hot enough, wrap a section of your hair around the plates and slowly unwrap it. The faster you repeat this motion, the bigger and softer your curls will be.

Why would anyone use a flat iron for curling?

Ans. I can understand why curling hair with a hair straightener might sound like a silly idea but in reality, it does work. Plus, you won’t have to buy two separate tools for two completely polar opposite hairstyles.

Hence, it’s cost-effective too. Moreover, most flat irons offer variable temperature settings that allow you to experiment with various curl shapes and sizes.


Now that you know what factors can make or break the deal, I hope your quest for the best flat iron for curling here will finally be over.

I am not saying that the 10 products featured in this list are flawless but their pros easily outweigh the cons. And that’s precisely what matters. Before we wrap up, here are my parting words of wisdom:

Understand what your hair demands and choose an all-purpose straightener accordingly. Perfect styling is all about catering to the specific (and often peculiar) needs of your hair. From temperature range to the shape of the plate, every detail matters.

That’s pretty much it. Thanks for reading along and good luck finding the flat iron of your dreams.

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