Best Flat Iron For Fine Hair : Discover The Right Straighteners For Your Hair Type

Best flat iron for fine hair

Do you have fine hair that is thin or fragile? Do you struggle with injecting volume and bounce into your hair? With 56% of women in the U.S complaining about lack of volume, and 45% suffering from thinning locks, you’re not alone!

Those with fine hair will know the struggle of finding heat styling tools that won’t damage your fragile strands. Heat damage can occur particularly when you straighten, so I’m on a mission to find the best flat iron for fine hair.

If you already have thin locks, you’ll know how important it is to protect and maintain every strand. You want a flat iron that will minimize breakages, create volume and movement.

Fine hair can be flat, brittle and so much more susceptible to damage. It really is important to find the right product for your particular hair type, so I’ve put together a review of my favorite hair straighteners with fine haired people in mind.

I’m looking for the best hair straightener for fine hair that will invigorate limp hair and breathe some life into those delicate tresses!


Flat Iron for Fine Hair Reviews

1. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Ultra Thin

This BaByliss flat iron may look thin and small, but it’s features are huge. Starting with the durable titanium plates, they are 1” wide but a super long 5”.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Ultra Thin

The titanium plates are ultra smooth and conduct consistent high heat. If you want to dial back the temperature, you have a massive 50 heat settings to choose from. The temperature ranges from 365°F to 450°F so you can find the perfect setting for your hair type.

The slim design of the BaByliss PRO Nano ensures a lightweight and comfortable feel whilst styling. The body of the flat iron enables you to straighten, curl or create waves with ease. The digital ionic technology emits negative ions, which reduces frizz and results in a smooth, sleek finish.

The BaByliss PRO Nano also travels well and has worldwide dual voltage. The professional grade cord swivels 360° to avoid knots and tangles.

The LED display is clear and easy to read. Safety features include auto shut off after 60 mins of being idle and a “cool touch” housing surrounding the plates.

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Things to Love

I adore the unique plate size of these flat irons. The larger size of these titanium plates means they will cover more area in a shorter amount of time, and you can do larger sections of hair at once. You can also see how you would need to pass over your hair no more than once, which will also reduce potential damage to fine hair.

I also love the “cool touch” housing that surrounds the super hot plates. I don’t want to end up with burnt finger tips when doing my normal morning hair styling routine, so this is a plus for me!

Being able to touch and gently guide the tip of the flat iron increases the amount of control I have when creating different looks. Not so much when I am straightening my hair, but more so when I’m curling. Holding and guiding the tip of the flat iron gives me greater control when I’m maneuvering the straightener to create a wavy look.

Mild Concern

While the ability to change the heat settings and have so many options is great, I do find the temperature dial a little small and fiddly. But if you take your time and double check the LCD display for the temperature settings, you should have no problems!

2. CHI G2 Hairstyling Iron

This flat iron is another one of my favorites on the market. The CHI straightener has 1.25” wide plates offering a little more surface area than 1” straighteners. The ceramic plates are infused with titanium and heat up to your desired temperature in no more than 40 seconds.

CHI G2 Hairstyling Iron

Temperature settings can be fully adjusted and range from 350°F – 425°F. In addition to being able to adjust the heat settings, the CHI G2 also has three preset temperatures specifically designed for fine hair, medium and wavy hair and coarse hair.

This flat iron is slick and easy to maneuver over your strands and the slim design makes it comfortable to hold. The G2 is also a versatile heat styling tool. While it will obviously provide straight smooth locks, the rounded profile of this straightener will form beautifully shaped curls and waves. The ceramic plates glide effortlessly over your hair with no tugging or pulling, which eliminates breakages and damage.

The 11ft power cord means you won’t be restricted to one small area for styling, and it also comes with a red thermal mat to protect your furniture or countertops.

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Thing to Love

I think the preset temperatures are the most fantastic feature of this CHI straightener, especially for the girls with fine or weak hair. I love that I don’t have to think about it, I can just choose the required preset temperature and get on with styling.

In addition to the presets, the LCD will light up different colors to indicate the preset you have selected:

  • Green Light – 370°F for delicate hair types
  • Blue Light – 395°F for medium and wavy hair
  • Red Light – 425°F for coarse and curly hair

And if the presets are not giving you absolutely perfect results, you can find your ideal temperature somewhere in between! I find the green preset perfect for my thin brittle hair, just enough heat to produce straight lengths that are shiny and sleek.

Mild Concern

The CHI G2 doesn’t have an automatic shut off feature. While you may not be as forgetful as I am, an auto shut off just gives you added back up if you’re in a rush and forget to switch it off manually.

3. VOLOOM Classic Volumizing Hair Iron

The Voloom Hair Iron is a distinctive heat styling tool with 1.5” ceramic plates. The Voloom is unique in that is boasts special volumizing capabilities. So how can a flat iron inject volume into lifeless hair?

VOLOOM Classic Volumizing Hair Iron

The Voloom concentrates on lifting the base of your hair strands up and away from your scalp. While lifting, the Voloom also separates each strand to create natural looking volume. The secret is in the beveled platforms that create little pockets of air in between the layers of hair. The patented plate design will provide lasting volume for hair that is flat and thin.

This device has a wide temperature selection ranging from 220°F to 395°F. The lower heat setting and the breakthrough plate design combine to lift stubborn limp hair that would normally lay flat against your scalp.

The device itself feels sturdy and strong, and the 360° swivel cord is great for tangle free styling. It has a locking mechanism to you can keep the device in the closed position for storage and travel. It has an auto shut off feature for added safety.

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Things to love

It really excites me when a new type of product is the on market! The makers of the Voloom were definitely thinking outside the box in terms of how to get volumizing results from a heat styling tool. The “brick-like” pattern is totally unconventional and I was so eager to see how it would work for me!

It really is a game changer for those who have flat, lifeless, limp or fine hair. Great results happen fast as the Voloom only needs to be used on the first 4-5 inches down the hair length, starting at your scalp. You must see the Voloom in action to appreciate how great the whole concept of the Voloom really is!

There is no need to purchase volumizing mousse, hairsprays or gels. No more teasing and backcombing. Voloom will give you full, lasting volume without other hair products weighing you down.

Mild Concern

The Voloom works best to boost volume for medium to long hair lengths. People with short crops hairstyles, or pixie haircuts will not get any value from using the Voloom.

4. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

This flat iron from HSI features high quality 1” ceramic plates to evenly distribute heat whilst styling. These straighteners aim to provide great results without over exposing fine and delicate hair strands to unnecessarily high temperatures.

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

Ceramic plates are known for maintaining consistent, even heat and this flat iron is no exception.  The temperature range starts from 140°F which is the lowest setting I’ve seen in a long time. Temperatures can reach 450°F if intense heat is required, making this suitable for both fine hair as well as coarse hair.

The HSI has floating plates to minimize snags and prevent breakages. The plates glide easily to straighten, while the curved design will also make curling easy and fun. The ionic system will give your hair a hydrated and healthy look whilst the infrared technology will give a smooth and sleek finish.

This flat iron heats up in a flash and features an ergonomic hand grip for comfort and ease while styling. It has dual voltage capabilities making it great for travelling and the 360° swivel cord is 6ft long.

Things to Love

I really think the low heat setting is worth mentioning here! If your hair is really prone to heat damage, scolding or frizz, this might just be the straightener for you. Straighteners with ceramics plates are often associated with being the best flat irons for fine hair, and these are no different. While ceramic straighteners can take a little longer to heat up, the heat is much less intense than that of titanium flat irons.

Having the flexibility of those low temperatures, you can be confident that you are making the right decision the health of your hair. Have you always wanted to try curling, but worry you’re not fast enough maneuvering a flat iron with high temperatures? Setting the heat to 140°F may give you the extra second or two to perfect your curling technique.

Mild Concern

This device does not have an automatic shut of feature. Also the cord is only 6ft long and may not provide many options when it comes to where you style your hair.

5. Furiden Professional Hair Straightener 2 in 1

This 2 in 1 hair styling tool has 1”ceramic/tourmaline plates. Ceramic plates are known for consistent heat that is evenly distributed while tourmaline helps to get you the smooth, polished locks you’re lusting for.

Furiden Professional Hair Straightener 2 in 1

The heat plates are balanced and move when you do! The floating plate design also eliminates pulling, snagging and tugging preventing breakages and damage.

Save time with the fast heat up speed, and the fact that you only need this one tool to achieve both straight and curly styles. The curved barrel enables you to make perfectly round ringlets or subtle waves with ease.

This flat iron suits all hair types as the temperature can be adjusted between 250°F – 450°F.

The handle is comfortable to hold and the flat iron is lightweight and maneuvers easily. The one-step control for temperature is simple to operate and makes finding your desired heat setting a breeze.

This 2 in 1 device also has dual voltage capabilities for travelling and an auto shut off feature for added safety.  The 360° swivel cord prevents tangles and 97” of cord length gives you options and freedom as to where you style your hair.

Things to Love

Firstly, I love the look of this 2 in 1 flat iron. The gold finish is luxurious and it looks like it should be in a high-end salon!

What I love most though? The combination of the round barrel and floating plates makes the Furiden the ultimate combination flat iron and curler. You can achieve quite tight curls with this flat iron, and of course finger brush them out to achieve a tousled beachy look.

For my fine hair, I like the volume I get with soft curls and how this curved barrel is shaped means I can get those waves without the kink mark you can get with some conventional straighteners. The option to create several different styles with this one tool is a smart choice for your hair and your budget.

Mild Concern

The Furiden does not have temperatures as low as some of the other models I have listed. While the lowest setting will be perfectly acceptable for thin and fine hair, if your hair is very thin, bleached or color damaged, you may prefer to choose an option with a lower overall heat range.

6. KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron

The Kipozi has the widest plates on my list. The durable titanium plates are 1.75” wide. Wider plates provide more coverage and can aid in the speed with which you can complete your style. If you have quite long hair, the extra plate with may help to make your hair styling routine more efficient.

KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron

The plates will also provide even heat distribution and leave your hair silky soft and smooth, free from snags and potential damage. They clamp perfectly and glide effortlessly to make sure you only have to pass over each section once.

The flat iron heats up in just 30 seconds and the temperature can be adjust from a low 170°F to salon high heat of 450°.

You can also access preset temperatures by pressing one button:

The Kipozi has an auto shut off feature after it has been idle for 60 minutes and a clear LCD display that is easy to read.

Things to Love

The preset temperatures on this flat iron make life so much easier. As someone with fine hair that is prone to heat damage, I love that I can just select the lowest preset and not have to worry that the heat is too intense.

Even though my hair is fine, I like the ability that I can turn up the heat if required and that my friends/family with different hair types can use the higher settings if that’s what they need.

I can be forgetful at times and I love the automatic shut off feature on the KIPOZI flat iron. It just gives me added piece of mind.

Mild Concern

Whilst the wider plates may be time saving for some, they are not going to suit everyone. People with short styles, cropped cuts or short bangs may find the wider plates more difficult to maneuver.

7. CHI Original Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Iron

Next up are the salon professional straighteners by CHI. This flat iron has ceramic 1” plates. Their floating plates produce loads of negative ions to add moisture, eliminate static and put an end to frizz.

CHI Original Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Iron

The slim barrel allows multiple styling options, you’ll be able to curl, straighten, smooth and create waves with this handy flat iron. The matt black finish looks professional and stylish. The handle is ergonomically designed and is comfortable to hold.

The CHI Original heats up in a flash to 392°F and the ceramic plates maintain that heat consistently for a silky finish.

The dual voltage capabilities makes the CHI a great travel companion and the 11ft cord will mean you won’t be restricted to just one power outlet.

It is also worth noting that the CHI Original has won SEVEN awards with this product and it is a popular choice amongst professional hair stylists.

Things to Love

The CHI flat iron packs a powerful punch and creates seriously great results. Your locks will be smooth, polished and looking healthier than ever. This is largely due to the negative ions that add moisture and stamp out frizz.

I also love the classic and simple design of this straightener. It is uncomplicated and looks like is just wants to get down to business. There are no fussy dials, lights or buzzers or dozens of buttons. Maybe this is why the CHI is a popular choice for professional stylists and salon use.

You’ll be surprised how quickly this little gem heats up! It will be ready to go before you even section out your hair.

Mild Concern

If you want flexibility with temperatures, this is not the flat iron for you. The temperature on this model is not adjustable and will stay consistently at 392°F whilst in operation.

8. Paul Mitchell Pro Ion Smooth Flat Iron

This flat iron has ceramic plates that are 1.25” wide. The ceramic plates are cushioned to provide maximum contact with your hair and beveled edges. This plate design will ensure a smooth glide over your strands, minimizing breakages and pulling.

Paul Mitchell Pro Ion Smooth Flat Iron

The ceramic plates will smooth your hair lengths and enhance your hairs natural shine. Your locks will have a polished salon look that can normally only be achieved by a professional stylist. The Express Ion Complex works to create negative ions, which will leave your hair looking luscious and feeling healthy.

The temperature control is digital and displayed on an LCD screen. This flat iron heats up to 410°F within 60 seconds which will have you ready to get started in no time. Adjustable temperature control will allow you to control the heat and customize it to your specific hair type.

The Paul Mitchell Pro is lightweight and easy to wield, and has the ability to create multiple styles from super straight to bouncy waves. It comes with a professional 9ft swivel cord and features an auto shut off function after 60 minutes.

The Paul Mitchel Pro has dual voltage making it great for travelling.

Things to Love

Ceramic plates will treat even the finest hair kindly. You can be confident that there will be no snags and no pulling due to the beveled edged design. The negatives ions created by this flat iron will promote a healthy shine and leave your tresses looking smooth and polished.

The 60-second heat up is super quick and can potentially shave time off your morning routine. People with fine hair will be able to get the temperature down to 250°F to minimize the potential for heat styling damage.

The 1.25” plates will also help with ease and speed. A larger plate size will give your more coverage and the ability to pass over larger sections at a time. If speed is a concern of yours, this will surely be a plus.

Mild Concerns

If you curl your hair with a flat iron quite a bit, it is important to note that this flat iron has quite a square shape, which might make curling a little tricky. The wider plates and thicker barrel will provide larger curls that smaller 1” models.

9. LumaBella Keratin Flat Iron

This flat iron has 1” ceramic plates that are infused with Keratin. Keratin is a protein that provides shine to your hair whilst smoothing the cuticles. The floating ceramic plates will glide smoothly over your strands and minimize the chance of breakages and damage.

LumaBella Keratin Flat Iron

The LumaBella has 5 heat settings that range from 300°F to 450°F. It is suitable for all hair types and people with fine or damaged hair will benefit from the lower settings. If your hair is coarse or very curly, the turbo boost function will heat the flat irons to the maximum temperature with the touch of a button.

You can also be confident that you will not damage even the finest of hair strands with the Smart Heat Sensor. This sensor detects if the heat is getting too intense and adjusts the temperature automatically.

This flat iron heats up in 30 seconds ready for efficient styling and the busiest of morning routines. The auto shut off feature has your safety in mind while the extra long swivel cord avoids tangles and gives you greater flexibility to style in more locations.

The LumaBella is lightweight and comfortable to hold. This flat iron will provide glossy results and healthy looking hair regardless of straight or wavy styles.

Things to Love

I love the look of this straightener! It has a pearly pink finish and a rounded barrel. You can see that this would assist in creating soft flowing curls.

The Heat Sensor is a really great technology that will give added confidence to those who have fine hair and worry about causing damage with heat styling tools. Once you have set your LumaBella straightener to the desired temperature, the Heat Sensor strip will automatically adjust the heat if it gets too hot. This can potentially reduce damage such as burning and split ends.

Keratin is fantastic for the health of your hair and is often found in many hair products and treatments. The plates of the LumaBella are infused with Keratin that releases while you style.

Mild Concern

300°F is the lowest setting on this flat iron. If your hair is extremely fine, damaged or bleached you may prefer a flat iron that has even lower temperature settings.

10. Furiden Professional Hair Straightener

The Furiden flat irons stand out from other brands because of their unique rounded tips. They are classic black and feature a LCD that is invisible until the unit is powered on.

Furiden Professional Hair Straightener

The plates on this flat iron are 1” wide and made from titanium. The plates are floating with curved edges that will glide effortlessly without snagging or pulling.

Titanium is known for its durability and ability to conduct high consistent heat. The adjustable temperature on this model ranges from 265°F – 450°F and it suitable for all hair types.

The Furiden straighteners have been engineered with comfort in mind. The handle is soft and comfortable while the device is lightweight and easy to manage.

With the salon high heat and smooth titanium, your hair will be glossy and healthy looking whether you straighten or curl.

This flat iron heats up in 30 seconds and will be ready to get started on your style in no time at all. The swivel cord is 97” long and allows more movement when styling.

Things to Love

My absolute favorite feature of this Furiden is the length of the titanium plates. They are extra long at 4.7 inches. Having a longer plate length means more heat coverage and the potential to do larger sections as a time.

With a larger plate length you should be able to have your styling completed quicker, not only saving you energy, but also your precious time. Less time styling also means the potential for less heat damage.

Suitable for all hair types, people with fine hair will be particularly happy with the low setting at 265°F. Whether using high or low temperatures according to your hair type will yield professional looking results that are sleek and smooth, every time.

Mild Concern

For me, this Furiden flat iron is just missing one detail. There is no automatic shut off feature. But if you are not forgetful like me, this shouldn’t worry you too much!

Considerations for Fine Hair – Read before Choosing Your Next Flat Iron!

  • Which Plate Type?

You have two main choices here – Titanium or Ceramic. So what material is best for fine hair?

Titanium is extremely durable and capable of conducting high heat at fast speeds. Titanium plates glide beautifully and will generally not pull or tug.

Ceramic plates are capable of conducting high consistent heat too, but they are often not as quick to heat as titanium. Ceramic plates may take longer to heat up, but once hot they will stay that way and provide evenly distributed heat across the plates.

Where ceramic falls a little short? Similarly to a ceramic coffee mug, ceramic flat iron plates have the potentially to crack, break or chip if treated roughly.

However ceramic flat irons generally have a lower price point than titanium. So if you can treat ceramic straighteners with care, they are a perfectly good option for fine hair.

  • What Plate Size?

Most flat irons have a plate size any where between 1” and 1.75”. Consider what style you will most likely be trying to achieve? And how long is your hair?

For people with long hair that don’t curl regularly, I would recommend a wider plate size like the 1.75”. A larger plate surface area means more heat will come into contact with your hair with each pass. This can aid in cutting down the amount of time you spend styling your hair.

Do you have bangs? Larger plate sizes can be difficult to maneuver through bangs, and any short hairstyle for that matter.

Flat irons that have a plate with between 1” and 1.25” will provide you with a lot more flexibility with your styling. These thinner flat irons are much easier to maneuver when creating curls, flicks and waves. And of course they will provide poker straight results too.

  • Temperature

Fine haired people must have the ability to adjust their flat irons to a lower setting. Too much heat is unnecessary! You simply don’t need intense heat to achieve your desired style when you have fine hair. You are far better off to begin styling with a lower heat and find that you need to turn it up, rather than beginning on a high setting and risking damage to your fine hair.

You should consider a flat iron that has a minimum temperature of 250°F at least. And if the flat iron has a preset temperature setting for fine, medium and coarse hair it will be even easier for you.

  • Ionic Technology

Ions are molecules with either a positive or a negative charge. Ionic Technology in a flat iron pertains to the production of negative ions.

Negative ions are important in heat styling hair tools for a few reasons.

Firstly, it closes the hair cuticles. This results in each strand being smoothed down and seals in the hair’s moisture. Once the cuticle is closed, it also prevents humidity from entering the hair shaft and creating frizz. The negative ion’s ability to close the cuticle, retain moisture and lock out humidity will directly impact the results you achieve with your flat iron.

Look for a flat iron that boasts a large production of negative ions if you want to get the silky, glossy, healthy look of salon styled hair.

How to use Flat Irons On Fine Hair – Complete Guidelines

  • It is always best to start with freshly washed hair, or washed the day before. Make sure your hair is completely dry with no damp spots. Using a brush or comb, remove all knots and tangles.
  • Using a heat protecting spray is one of the best choices you can make for your fine hair. If the heat protectant spray is especially formulated for fine hair, that’s even better. It helps to retain moisture so your hair doesn’t become dry and brittle. Apply the spray evenly over the lengths of your hair. Try and avoid the roots as it can make your roots look greasy.
  • Using hair ties or butterfly clips, divide your hair into three sections horizontally. The top section should start approximately level with your eyebrows, gather that section, twist and secure. The second section will start approximately level with your ears, and the third section it the hair remaining closest to your neck.
  • Set the temperature on your flat iron. For fine hair, keep it around 200°F to 250°F.Fine hair does not need intense heat to achieve great results.
  • Starting with the third section, divide hair strands into smaller sections of hair, about 1-2 inches wide and no more than half an inch thick. Using your non-dominant hand, hold the hair section taut, about ¾ of the way down the length.
  • Pick up your flat iron, and starting about an inch from your scalp, clamp the flat iron over the hair section and in one smooth motion glide the flat iron down the length of your hair. If that section is not perfectly straight you can pass over this section again, but not more than twice or you may potentially cause heat damage.
  • Repeat this process for the remainder of that section, dividing into 1” sections and gliding the flat irons in a downward motion. You can check results in the mirror as you go. Once you’ve completed the section closest to your neck, let the middle section down and repeat the process. And finally, the top section and bangs if you have them.
  • Finish off your style with a smoothing serum or a lightweight hairspray to set your style.

Note: If you hear a sizzling type sound, stop immediately and check for damp patches. Most conventional straighteners are not designed to straighten wet or damp hair. For the general health of your fine hair, try to give your locks a “rest” from heat styling tools a few times a week.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When You Straighten Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, you might already be paranoid about damage when heat styling your hair. That fear might be singeing or burning, causing frizz or breaking off any number of your precious strands. We all want our hair to look fabulous; it creates confidence and puts a real spring in your step.

  • Not Paying Attention to Your General Hair Health

Before you even pick up your flat irons, there are steps you can take to love your hair so that it will love you back! Hair that is strong and healthy will ultimately cope better with heat styling tools and yield better results. Obtaining that glossy shine that comes naturally to healthy hair starts with your hair care routine, and well before you switch on your flat irons.

Consider investing in some salon quality shampoo and conditioner. Talk to your hair stylist about your fine hair and take into consideration the recommendations they make. There is a huge difference between the hair products sold in a salon compared to what sells in the grocery store. And while quality products may be more expensive, it could be worth every cent in terms of your hair health. You may also like to consider running a treatment through your hair each week or using a leave in conditioner that suits fine hair.

  • Not Using a Heat Protectant Spray

Once your hair is in great shape, you want to keep it that way! Using a heat protectant spray before using any heat styling tools on your locks is a great way to help safe guard the health of your fine hair. It will add no more than a minute to your hair styling routine, but it will make all the difference to the condition of your hair.

  • Too Hot to Handle!

Flat irons can get insanely hot; there is no doubt about it! But just because your straighteners have the ability to get over 400°F, doesn’t mean you have to let it get that hot!

Salon professionals recommend temperatures of 200°F to 300°F for fine hair. If your hair is particularly fragile, damaged or bleached, I would go even lower than this if possible.

Having a flat iron at the hottest temperature is not going to give you “faster” or “better” results. If you think hotter heat gives better results, it’s not true. If your flat iron has adjustable heat settings and you hair is fine, turn it down! You might just be surprised how effective the lower temperatures can be on fine hair.


There is no doubt that fine hair needs special consideration when heat styling. If you singe or damage your fine hair, it can be noticeable and take months to repair or grow back.

But having fine hair doesn’t mean we can’t achieve salon professional, runway ready style! You just need the best flat iron for fine hair, and that it up to you!

I would highly recommend any of these models for fine hair so long as it has adjustable temperature control and heat settings. Temperature does not always equal speed; you can achieve smooth, straight results with lower temperatures. Lower temperatures will still produce soft luscious locks whilst still maintaining the health and integrity of your fine hair.

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