The Best Flat Iron For Short Hair: 5 Of The Top Mini Straighteners

When you cut your hair short, you’re going for a style that’s easier to care for on a daily basis. You want a style that will get you moving in the morning without hours of straightening and curling.

The best mini flat iron for short hair will heat quickly. It’ll dial in to the right temperature you need for the texture of your hair, too. Following is a list of the best flat irons on the market for your short hair style. They can straighten, curl or create waves.


Top 5 Flat Iron for Short Hair Reviews

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron

This lightweight flat iron uses titanium plates. The plates are 1 inch, so that’s perfect for short hair. They’re also an extended plate of 5 inches. That’s longer than most flat irons. You’ll be able to straighten more hair with one pass. The titanium will work to make the hair moisturized due to the negative ions.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron

There are 50 heat settings with this flat iron. You’ll be able to set the temperature in the zone needed. It starts at 240 degrees F and ranges up to 450 F. The thin device will work for all different hair textures, and even be gentler on damaged hair.

Inside this flat iron there is a ceramic heater. It will heat up the plates very quickly. It will also provide for a quick heat recovery, too. Even with a high temperature of 450 F, you won’t have to wait long. This will get you out the door quicker each morning.

With flat irons that heat to 450 F, you have to be careful of burns. They can be quite serious at that temp. The casing surrounding the plates gets extremely hot, too. Most people straightening with a flat iron need a heat glove. That’s not needed here. The Ryton housing is heat resistant. It’ll stay cool enough for you to touch.

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What I love about this flat iron

The titanium plates will infuse your hair with moisture. If you have dry hair, you’ll notice a smooth shine when you’re done. It uses those negative ions to counteract the positive ones in your hair. Use it with an oil for heat. You’ll see a vast improvement in your hair.

The temperature range for this flat iron is great. It ranges from 240 F to 450 F. There are times when you’ll want to touch up your hair. You won’t need a high temperature for that. You can also use a lower temp for creating waves. It performs many functions very well.

The thin plates will work very well for short hair. You’ll get really close to the scalp with it. That helps your hair stay straightened for longer, too. The extended 5” plates will make quick work of your hair – even if it’s super thick.

Important concern

There’s no safety shut off for this device.

2. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

The 1-inch plates on this flat iron are made of ceramic. It’s fused with tourmaline, though. You get the smoothness of ceramic with negative ions. That will give you smooth and shiny hair. The 1-inch plate is narrow enough for getting close to the scalp for short hair.

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

With this flat iron, you control the exact temperature. It ranges from 140 F to 450 F. Short-haired women can have thick, wavy hair or thin, damaged hair. There’s a temperature that’s perfect for whatever kind of hair that you have. You can do touchups with the low temps, too. It’s very versatile.

Traveling with this flat iron is very easy. It comes with a silk travel pouch that will fit the straightener and accessories. It has dual voltage of 110/220 for anywhere in the world. The cord swivels 360 degrees, too. You never know where the plug will be in the hotel when you travel.

The flat iron comes with other accessories. There’s the silk travel case as mentioned. There’s also a heat glove to protect your hand when styling. Inside the package is also a sample size of Argan oil. It protects against heat while styling. The company also sends a style guide for styling tips.

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What I love about this flat iron

Not every straightening iron can be used when you travel. If you don’t take the straightener with you, you’re at the mercy of the humidity and wind on vacation. That can leave you with hair that isn’t the best. The company was very thoughtful in providing a dual voltage device.

The range of temperature is a great thing, too. You’ll be able to dial in the exact right heat for your hair texture and type. It makes styling much easier – plus it’ll keep you from damaging your hair. Heat can be extremely damaging if you’re not careful.

Having accessories that you don’t have to purchase yourself is a huge bonus. The glove will protect you from burning yourself. When temps reach 450 F, you are entering dangerous territory. You could get a serious 3rd degree burn from that.

Important concern

Temperature dial and on/off button is inside the unit near the plates. There’s a chance to burn yourself.

3. CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron

The 1.25” ceramic plates are infused with titanium. It’s a high-grade material that has a few added bonuses. It makes the plates incredibly strong and durable. High heat won’t impact the plates at all. They’ll never crack. The infused plates won’t snag your hair, either.

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron

For temperature settings, the digital readout is color coded. It’ll be easy to dial in the exact heat needed for your hair type. Blue is for 0 to 370 F. 375 F to 395 F is green. Red is 400 F to 425 F. Each setting is for a certain hair texture. Blue is for fine hair. Green is for medium hair, and red is for coarse hair. Your short hair might fall into any of those categories.

For more styling, the edges of the plates are curved. You can easily do waves or curls in your short hair. You don’t need to purchase another device for that process. It’s easy to dial in a temperature for the curls once you’ve straightened your hair, too.

The CHI G2 comes with one accessory, but it’s a good one. It’s a heatproof mat. This mat will protect furniture and counters from the heat of the iron. No more laying a flat iron on the top of the counter while you style.

What I love about this flat iron

Your short hair might be incredibly fine or coarse and resistant to straightening. This one straightener can tackle any kind of hair you may have. The range of heat options will make that easy.

The titanium and ceramic plates won’t pull or snag your hair, either. That’s always a concern when straightening. The strength and durability of the plate materials mean that this straightener will last for a very long time.

It can be taken with you anywhere included other countries. The dual voltage only needs a plug adapter. You won’t need a voltage converter or any other equipment on your vacation. The mat can travel with you, too. You won’t have to worry about damaging the hotel room’s counters, either.

Important concern

You’ll have to buy your own heat glove with this straightener.

4. FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener

This is a 2-in-1 flat iron with tourmaline ceramic plates. The plates are thin enough for short hair. They won’t snag or pull while straightening, either. The plates will float and move with your hair to avoid pulling. The flat iron has a curved barrel for curling and creating waves, too.

FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener

The heat ranges from 250 F to 450 F. No matter what kind of texture your short hair has, it’ll look beautiful after being straightened with this one. The device will heat in a quick 15 seconds, too. It will be ready for you before you’ve even finished sectioning your hair.

The extra long cord is 97 inches. You won’t be held in one place while styling. You can easily walk across the room for any accessories you forgot to set out. It’s a good length for travel, too. You never know where the plug will be in a hotel room. This is a forgiving size that allows styling anywhere.

There are other great travel pluses for this straightener. It has worldwide dual voltage 110-240V. It’s only 12 inches long. It’s easy to slip inside a bag when traveling. You can even take it on overnight stays away from home.

What I love about this flat iron

Your short hair could be any kind of texture from thin and fine to coarse and resistant to straightening. This device starts from 250 F, which is great for fine hair. Next setting is 320 F. That’s good for dyed hair. 355 F to 410 F is meant for normal hair that’s slightly wavy. Finally, 450 F is for thick, resistant hair.

The flat iron heats so quickly. Not only do you get the perfect temperature for your short hair, you get it done faster. Most women cut their hair short to reduce the time it takes to get ready in the morning. This straightener won’t disappoint.

It has plenty of accessories, too. There’s a heat-resistant glove with this. You’ll get a travel bag, comb, and clips, too. Everything you need for styling at home or when you travel.

Important concern

The curling aspect takes some time and patience to learn.

5. KIPOZI Pro Flat Iron

This is a titanium-plated flat iron with a ceramic heater and infrared technology. It infuses hair from deep within for more moisturized hair. Your short hair may be dry going into the process. It’ll come out looking healthier and shiny. The plates float for a process that will never snag or pull your hair.

KIPOZI Pro Flat Iron

The temperature ranges from 270 F to 320 F for thin, fragile hair. At 330 F to 380 F, it’s ideal for damaged hair. At 390 F to 450 F, you’ll find a range that’s perfect for healthy hair. At the far end, at 450 F, it’ll work great on coarse resistant hair.

The flat iron will heat quickly to 380 F within 15 seconds. The hair that you cut short to make styling faster won’t slow you down when using this device. It will heat to any temperature with the ceramic heater quickly. The device only takes 30 seconds to heat completely.

There are a lot of safety features with this flat iron. There’s a safety lock that will keep the flat iron closed while heating. Nobody will bump into the device and burn themselves. The device also has a 90-minute shut down. It’ll automatically shut itself off after 90 minutes in case you forget to shut it off.

What I love about this flat iron

Your short hair will benefit from the titanium-plated flat iron. It infused the hair with negative ions to combat the positive ions in dry hair. Short hair isn’t immune to getting dry, frizzy hair. The 3D floating plates won’t snag and pull at your hair, either.

Traveling with this flat iron is simple. You won’t need an electrical converter just an adapter for using abroad. It’s a 100V – 240V worldwide dual voltage device. The locking mechanism on the plates are good for travel, too. They’ll give you more space in your bag than other devices.

If you’re not sure of the temperature you should be using, the display screen will tell you. From 170 F to 320 F, the screen will say Fragile. 330 F to 380 F the screen will say Damaged. From 390 F to 450 F, the screen will read Healthy. That should help you determine the right heat for your hair.

Important concern

Handle and barrel gets extremely hot, but it doesn’t come with a heat glove.

What to Think About Before Picking the Best Hair Straightener for Short Hair

  • Plate Length and Width

A wide plate can make it incredibly difficult to get close to your scalp. To get down to the roots of your hair, you’ll need a plate that’s slim. A slim plate width will get close to the roots without burning your scalp, too.

The plate should be short. At the very least, it shouldn’t be one of the extended plates. When applying heat to the hair, you have to resist going over the same section repeatedly. That can happen with short hair since it’s harder to section.

  • Temperature Settings

The heat settings should be variable. The texture of your hair and the type will influence the temperature. When the flat iron’s temperature is set for your hair type, there won’t be damage.

For short, fine hair, you’ll want to stick with a range between 250 F and 300 F. Hair of medium thickness should be straightened at a temperature ranging from 300 F to 350 F. Thick or coarse hair will need a temp between 350 F and 400 F.

  • Plate Material

There are 3 materials that are commonly used for flat irons. Ceramic is used in most generic, inexpensive straighteners. There’s nothing wrong with the material, but the addition of a second material makes it better. By adding tourmaline, your hair gets more moisture and smoothness.

Tourmaline is also used for flat irons by itself. They’re great devices that give more moisture by using negative ions. Those negative ions will negate the positive ions found in dry hair. It also seals in the hair’s natural oil instead of extracting it.

Titanium is another material that’s great for hair. It’s a durable material that heats quickly. It’s also lightweight. Straighteners made with this material are very scratch resistant. They heat evenly and quickly for a faster process. They also have negative ion properties.

  • Weight of the Iron

It can take some time to straighten hair. That’s especially true when you have curly or coarse hair. Short hair doesn’t take long to dry, but it can take some time to style. It’s harder to section the hair out of the way when it’s short.

You will also be holding your hand up over your head. It’ll be for a longer period of time compared to long hair, too. The weight of the iron matters. You don’t want to get hand or arm fatigue just straightening your hair. Titanium is a lightweight material that won’t weigh down the iron.

  • Shape of the Plates

Straightening is just one of the styles you can get with a flat iron. If you want your hair stick straight, that’s a process the flat iron can handle. If you choose a plate with a sharp edge, that edge will help create straighter hair.

A plate with a rounded edge can create other styles. Waves and tighter curls are possible with just one device. It’ll keep your hair healthier, too. You won’t be applying more heat with different devices.

  • Safety Features

Consider the safety features available in each device before purchase. If you tend to run out the door while leaving the flat iron on, you’ll need an auto shutoff. There are other devices with a “sleep” option that does the same thing. It’ll shut down after 60 to 90 minutes.

Plenty of people burn themselves reaching for a flat iron that has the jaws wide open. There are some devices with a locking mechanism. You can lock the plates shut while heating. It’s also a good feature for traveling. It’ll give you more room in your bag.

  • Accessories

You might not care about accessories when purchasing your device. It’ll save you an extra trip to the store, though. Many of the best flat irons come with clips for sectioning hair. These companies understand that you’ll need them to do your hair properly without damaging it.

Look for a device that comes with oil for your hair, too. Many of them come with Argan oil, which is terrific for dry hair. You don’t necessarily need extra accessories like clips or a travel bag if you have those already. They are a nice bit of extra savings, though.

Step-by-Step Guide for Straightening Short Hair

You’ll need to dry your hair before attempting to straighten it. Dry hair will need some extra moisturizing oil. You can use your favorite product or purchase an oil that protects from heat damage. Don’t use too much or your hair will be too wet for straightening.

Section your hair on the sides and the back. You’ll want to leave an inch of hair at the back of your head. The underlayer will be the first part you straighten.

Using a comb, part the hair into one-inch sections. You’ll need these small sections to be sure you get the whole head. It’s important that hair isn’t heated repeatedly. That can cause serious dryness and brittle hair. It’s also easier to get close to the root with small sections.

Comb through the hair before applying the flat iron to it. Place the iron very close to the root of the hair. Be careful not to burn the scalp, though. Over time, you’ll get a better idea of how to straighten your short hair without burning yourself.

Once you’re finished with the underlayer of the hair, remove another inch or so from the clip. Repeat the process on the rest of the hair. Section them by inches and place the plates as close to the scalp as possible.


The best flat iron for short hair will have a range of temperatures. Not everyone’s hair will be the same texture if it’s the same length. You’ll want a thin plate that can get close to the root, too.

We’ve found the best mini flat irons for short hair. You will be happy purchasing any of the ones reviewed here. They all have great features and additional accessories that make them a worthwhile purchase.

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