Best Flat Iron for Silk Press: Avoid Damage with the Right Flat Iron

Best flat iron for silk press

There could be a few reasons why you want to give your natural hair a silk press. It could be because you want to change up your style. Or you want to have the length checked and trimmed. Whatever the reason, a silk press can be stunningly beautiful. The problem is picking the best flat iron for silk press.

Picking the wrong flat iron can cause damage and ruin your curl pattern. For a one-time style, you don’t want to do any serious damage to your curls. When choosing a flat iron, it’s important to consider your natural hair and its consistency.

In this review, we’ve picked five of the best flat irons for silk press. You should be able to find the right one in this list.


Top 5 Flat Iron for Silk Press Reviews

1. HSI Professional Flat Iron

This flat iron has a professional styling plate made of ceramic and tourmaline. It’s a crystal ion plate that will infuse your hair shaft with moisture. Negative ions are vital for a silk press. You’ll need less product in your hair, which results in smooth silky hair that moves.

HSI Professional Flat Iron

The temperature setting ranges from 140 F to 450 F. The right temperature for your hair will depend on a few factors. It should be hot enough to give you a sleek, glossy style without damage. Split ends and dryness will need a lower temp than normal hair. You might need to experiment for your silk press style.

For travel, they’ve given you a worldwide dual voltage device. It allows you to use this straightener anywhere in the world. Humid conditions on vacation won’t ruin your trip. All you have to do is plug in the iron and touchup your hair.

There’s also a lovely storage bag for traveling with your flat iron. The device comes with a glove that’s heat resistant. There’s also a sample of Argan hair oil. It protects your hair from the heat without weighing it down. All of these items will fit in the storage bag for travel, too.

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What I love about this product?

One of the best features of this flat iron is the range of the temperature. You could use a low temp for small touchups. It’s great for ironing out small waves after you sleep. The low temp will reduce the change of heat damage. It also reaches a high 450 degrees for silk press styles on the most resistant hair.

The 1-inch ceramic and tourmaline plates will get close to your roots. It takes less time to straighten because you won’t have to keep passing it over one section. It’s narrow enough and provides negative ions for sleek hair styles. You’ll have glossy hair that will look almost like glass with the right oils.

If you’ve never used a straight iron before, there’s a handy style guide included. It’ll give you tips for straightening your hair as well as for other styles that can be achieved.

Important concern

The heat dial is inside the device near the hot plates.

2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron

This titanium-plated iron has one inch wide plates. It’s an ultra-slim design. The design of the device will let you get really close to your scalp for straightening. That’s important for a good silk press style. If you don’t get close to the scalp, you’ll lose your style quicker. It’ll last a few days instead of a few weeks.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron

This slim flat iron also has long plates. The plates will allow you to take bigger sections of hair. You’ll need to section carefully. Otherwise, you could end up heating hair that’s already straightened. That leads to overheated hair and damage.

It has 50 heat choices up to 450 degrees F. You’ll be able to find the exact temperature for your personalized needs. Hair that’s dry and brittle can’t handle high temps. You could end up doing permanent damage or even causing breakage.

When styling your hair with a straightener, there’s a tendency to hold the plates closed. It causes pressure with the heated plates for faster straightening. Most straighteners need to be used with a glove. This one has a Ryton housing that makes it heat resistant. It should be cool to the touch.

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What I love about this product?

The best part of this straightener is the thinness of the plates. There’s not a ton of extra material on the edges. You’re getting right in there to iron out the roots of your hair.

As a styling tool, this is great for silk presses and other styles. It can curl hair and create lovely beach waves, too. It’ll save you money when you don’t have to buy a curling iron plus a straightener to achieve your desires style.

The heater in this straightener works really quickly. Within seconds, it’ll heat to a temperature that’s suitable for styling. That’s a fantastic feature for women who don’t have a ton of time in the morning. You’ll be ready and out the door much quicker with a styler like this.

Important concern

There’s no automatic shutoff for this device.

3. CHI PRO G2 Flat Iron

CHI has upgraded its design with the G2 PRO. It has advanced features and technology. The 1-inch plates are ceramic, but infused with titanium. That means ionic moisture infused into your hair. When it comes to silk press, you need that moisture. It allows you to avoid heavy oils and creams in your hair.

CHI PRO G2 Flat Iron

Edges of the flat iron are curved for more styles than just a straight head of hair. You can add beachy waves or loose curls to your hair. The device gives you shine and bounce for any style that you want to achieve.

There’s a multi-color LCD screen as the digital display. It has temperature settings as well as a mode button. The mode button will display colors based on the temp settings. For green, you’ll get 370 degrees F. That’s for fine or damaged hair. Blue is 395 degrees, and red is 425 degrees. Blue is for medium hair, and red is for coarse hair.

The ceramic heater has been given advanced technology. The heater will deliver high temperatures in just 40 seconds. That will save you time every morning when you want to iron out all the waves from sleeping.

What I love about this product?

The color modes are good for getting the correct temperature for your hair. You’ll know exactly what temp you should be using based on the type of hair. Green for fine hair, blue for medium, and red for coarse hair. To get a good silk press, you need to use the right temp.

As far as the heater itself, the ceramic one will heat fast. It’s meant to heat evenly, too. In 40 seconds, you’ll be ready to start your styling. Imagine how much time that would save in the morning when you’re getting ready for work.

The device is dual voltage, too. You can take this on work trips or vacation. You don’t have to sacrifice style when you’re not at home to use a styler. Humidity or changes in the weather can have an impact on your hair. You need to have a styler with you.

Important concern

No automatic shutoff for safety.

4. FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener

The tourmaline and ceramic plates are one-inch wide. As mentioned previously, that’s the perfect width for getting close to the scalp. The tourmaline adds negative ions to the hair making it smooth and moisturized. The ceramic allows for smooth straightening with tugging or pulling.

FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener

Floating plates are curved for more styling options. The edges of the plates are curved as is the barrel of the device. It gives you smoother styling while being a 2-in-1 flat iron and curling iron. For silk press, that means you don’t have to worry about burdening your hair with too much heat.

The device heats in only 15 seconds. That’s a quick heat that will get you out of the house quicker than other straighteners. It has a variety of heat options. At 250 F, fine, damaged or thin hair will not be damaged. There’s 320 F for dyed hair. Temps 355 F to 410 F is for normal hair with a slight curl. Thick or heat-resistant hair can be straightened at 450 F.

Additional features include a swivel cord that’s an extra-long 97 inches. You’ll never get tangled or pulled by the cord. It’s also dual voltage that will automatically change for the location. You won’t need an adapter. It comes with a glove, storage, comb, and clips, too.

What I love about this product?

The extra touches on this one are very nice. The temperature controls are easy to access. They’re on the end of the device and all you have to do is turn the knob. The cord will swivel, so you’ll never get caught up while styling. They also included a lot of extras for styling. There’s clips and a storage case as well as a heat glove.

It’s like they made this easy for travel purposes. The company really thought about what a woman needs to have with her on vacation or work trips. Away from home, you’ll need a heat glove, the device, the clips, and comb. They all fit in the storage bag.

The worldwide voltage is great. Instead of being at the whim of the weather while traveling, you can easily do touchups on the road. There’s no need for an adapter, either. It’ll automatically switch based on what’s needed.

Important concern

Outside of the device gets extremely hot. Take care when using.

5. KIPOZI Professional Flat Iron

The nano-titanium plates are 1 inch. They’ll heat up in a quick 30 seconds because of the advanced PTC heater. For a silk press style, they’ll slide effortlessly on your hair. The titanium will infuse your hair shaft with moisture. This will create really glossy, shiny hair.

KIPOZI Professional Flat Iron

As for the temperature, it ranges from 170 F to 450 F. At the low end, you’ll get 170 F to 320 F. It’ll say Fragile on the screen. It’s for hair that is fragile and thin. Temperatures from 330 F to 380 F will say Damaged. If you have heat damage, that’s the range you want.

Lastly, there’s 390 F to 450 F for Healthy hair. The high range of that temp will be for heat-resistant hair. That’s for natural hair that doesn’t like to straighten or curl. You can dial back on the heat for each of these modes.

The device has a worldwide voltage. It’s compatible with any voltage between 100V and 240V. You will need a plug adapter suitable for the sockets in the country you’re visiting or living.

What I love about this product?

The temperature you choose for your hair will show on the digital display. It’ll tell you the temperature as well as the mode as in “Healthy” or “Fragile” for example. If you don’t know the exact heat you need for your hair, this is a great way to learn. You can start in the right range and get real specific on the degree.

The floating nano-titanium plates are 1 inch. That’s ideal for a silk press. You’ll need to get close to the scalp when you have natural hair. Otherwise, your style isn’t going to last as long as it should.

The nano-titanium plates are going to disperse negative ions for your hair. That will moisturize your hair without a ton of chemicals and oil. It’ll give you a soft, bouncy look without oil and chemicals to weigh it down. That’s the beauty of a silk press style using a straightening iron.

Important concern

Handle of the flat iron can get very hot. You’ll need a glove with this one.

Tips for Choosing a Flat Iron for Silk Press

Your natural hair has certain, specific needs to be addressed while straightening. It’s unhealthy to use any old flat iron. There are things you need for your hair. Especially if it’s a type 3 or type 4 hair.

Hair can be classified as a type. Type 1 is straight hair. Type 2 is wavy hair. Type 3 is curly hair. Type 4 is kinky hair. Most natural falls into type 3 or 4. Tight, curly, natural hair will likely fall into type 4. Type 4 hair needs special care since it’s prone to dryness.

There are other things to consider before choosing a flat iron for silk press.

  • Adjustable Temperatures

Natural hair requires temperature control. You have a delicate balance to handle. There’s the need for a high temperature versus the damage that high temps can cause. Type 3 and 4 natural hair requires temperature control, so you can adjust the heat.

Some low-end flat irons have a single temperature that can’t be adjusted. You want to steer clear of those kind of flat irons. It won’t give you a beautiful silk press. In fact, it could really damage your hair and cause breakage.

  • Plate Materials

For natural hair, you want a material that will smooth and shine your hair. It’s important for avoiding hair damage and dryness. The best type of materials for natural hair are tourmaline or titanium-infused styles.

Titanium is a great conductor of heat. It’ll get to your preferred temperature very quickly. It naturally generates negative ions, which infuse your hair with moisture. Tourmaline will generate even more ions than a titanium flat iron. You want that moisture infused into your hair – not removed during the process.

  • Width of the Plates

It might be tempting to buy the biggest plates you can find. Logically, larger plates would mean you’re done with styling faster. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with natural hair. For natural hair, you have to get very close to the scalp. Starting at the root is important for pin-straight styling.

It’ll last much longer when you start at the roots, too. To do that, you need a slim plate that’s approximately 1 to 1 ½ inches. With wide plates, you are at risk for over-ironing your hair. You could repeatedly hit the same section more than once. That can create split ends and other disastrous problems like breakage.

  • Shape of the Flat Iron

The edges of the flat iron aren’t what a person would normally consider. It’s usually all about the type of material and length of the plates. But, the edges of the flat iron are vital to styling.

A sharp edge will give you pin-straight hair. A more rounded edge will be helpful for curls and waves. If you can use one device for all your styling needs, it will keep hair from being damaged. The type of styling you want will influence the edge of the flat iron. For silk press, you will likely want a sharp edge.

  • Safety Features

It’s ideal to have thoughtful safety features for your flat iron. Automatic shutoff features will keep your home safe. A woman who is on the go in the morning should make sure the device has this shutoff.

It’ll normally be 60 to 90 minutes for the auto shutoff. That gives you enough time to style your hair. It’ll shut down only a little bit after you leave the house. This safety feature keeps everyone safe from harm.


It doesn’t matter if you’re going to keep your hair curly, straightened all the time, or pin-straight a few times a year. The flat iron that works best for silk press is one that won’t damage your hair.

It should have a flexible temperature. There should be good safety features. The width of the flat iron should be good for getting in close to the scalp. The flat iron needs to be flexible if you want to curl, too. After reading the reviews, you must have one in mind. Don’t be afraid. You can get a silk press at home with a good flat iron.

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