Best Foil Shaver For Head: Comfortable Head-Shaving At Home In Budget

In case you are a frequent head shaving enthusiast like myself, you’ve probably wandered around searching for an answer to this question: which is the best foil shaver for your head?

I’ve searched every nook and corner of the internet, purchased tons of foil shaver to have them shave off my hair and consulted with grooming experts I know to find a verdict.

After my year-long journey, I’ve come to conclude my endeavor with not one, but six specialized shaver units that are equal to the job that I was looking for all this time.

With my skill, experience and knowledge about these foil shavers, I’ll be composing my honest reviews on each of them so that you can gather knowledge from my hardship.

Starting from BaByliss to the likes of Andis, my list has got them all! Scroll through each of them and my experience with each to make your pick for your specific head shaving needs to purchase the perfect foil shaver you have been dreaming of!

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Top 6 Foil Shaver For Head : Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
Run Time
Notable Features
BabylissPRO FX02
3 Hour
Hypoallergenic Foils
Check Price
Wahl 5 Star Finale
90 Minutes
Wall Plug Charger
Check Price
BaBylissPRO Barberology FX3
3 Hour
2 motor speeds
Check Price
Braun Series 9 9330s
60 Minutes
SyncroSonic Technology
Check Price
Gamma + Prodigy
2 Hour
Universal USB charger
Check Price
Andis 17300 reSURGE
60 Minutes
High-Speed Rotary Motor
Check Price

How Effective Is A Foil Shaver For Head?

Effectiveness of a Foil Shaver For Head

Since I have experience in the head shaving and overall grooming arena, I can ascertain that a specialized head shaver is more effective than a regular shaver in many ways. Your head has certain features that not a lot of shavers will be able to cater to precisely.

Remember these aspects carefully: Follow Contour, Pick Up Lying Hair, Gentle On Skin. These three are the prime features that you should look for in your best foil shaver for head.

What a foil shaver for your head does is, it follows the contour of your head at angles that aren’t regular like face shaving. Also, hair texture is much different than facial hair texture that is picked up nicely by a head shaver endorsed with the foil technology.

Lastly, the best foil shaver for the head is kind to your skin in many different ways where other shaver units may end up nicking or even causing cuts. All things considered, I’ll always pick a head shaver made with foil over any other regular shavers and I’ll ask you to follow in my footsteps for comfort and convenience!

6 Unrivaled Foil Shavers For Your Head

Here is a list of my personally picked 6 foil shavers that I deem worthy of shaving all types of heads and every type of hair with maximum efficiency and comfort!

BabylissPRO FX02 Double Foil Shaver

When it comes to shaving your head, I’ll always include a couple of BaBylissPRO foil shavers in my list. They’ve provided me with so much comfort and ease that I was able to get my job done in under 10 minutes with most of my customers. While there are certain things you should be aware of as a user for smooth operations, the quality of head shave will still render it one of the best foil shavers for head!

BabylissPRO FX02 Double Foil Shaver

Hypoallergenic Blades For All Skin Types

Since I’ve used this foil shaver professionally, I had the pleasure of trying it out on customers with unique skin types. There were people with tough skin to ones having sensitive scalp – all of them found satisfying results with the FX02 hypoallergenic golden offset double-foil system. Since it relies on such technology, there’s no skin to blade contact that might have led me to any accidental cuts or nicks.

Powerful Motor Paired With Durable Housing

I must admit, the motors in this tiny device actually surprised me. The blades have always been able to chop through even Type 4 hair effortlessly without causing any discomfort. I generally follow a pre-shave pattern for head shaving as well in certain cases so that the performance goes smoothly. And with a sturdy housing and premium silver housing with a captivating lid, I can guarantee that it’s made to last.

Generous Battery Life That Allows For Traveling

I don’t know if you’ll believe it, but I’ve had this foil shaver run almost 3 hours straight with one charge. When I started using it for my personal head shaving needs, my charging frequency was around once a month! You can easily take it on your long trips with the pouch BaByliss provides, or simply stash it in your pocket like a lighter because it looks no less gorgeous!

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What Could Be Improved?

Well, I must say that the head shaving capabilities are sometimes limited because the foil technology this FX02 unit includes requires some getting used to. The skin needs to adapt to the foil as well as the user has to learn certain tricks like shaving toward or against the grains. Make sure you are shaving on a stubble as it’s not made to trim large hair, for obvious reasons.

Overall Assessment

As a whole, I’ll give this foil shaver a huge thumbs up for head shaving duties. It doesn’t tug, cleans well, holds juice for an infinite amount of time and looks like a deluxe unit. The price point is another positive side since not a lot of foil shavers can afford so much capabilities at this range. Overall, it has great potential to be your daily head shaving companion if you allow it!

  • Serves all skin types
  • 3 hours battery life
  • Good for traveling
  • Pressure needs to be delicate

Wahl Professional 5 Star Finale Shaver

The Wahl name itself is enough to say a lot about this foil shaver, and I have to concede that this Finale shaver does live up to the brand’s prestige. A very easy to use head shaver with all the necessary features earn my 5 star rating for this particular unit. With precise handling, you’ll be able to achieve all the essential grooming tasks with one device!

Wahl Professional 5 Star Finale Shaver

Fine Grip Level With Optimum Design

From the get go, I’ve felt this Wahl shaver to have everything I need grip-wise. The design itself follows the classic Wahl models with firm grip and an on-off button that’s highly responsive. Golden foils with textured housing makes it a prime choice not only for barbers like myself, but also for home users who plan on regularly shaving their head with a top-quality foil shaver.

Minimal Vibration & Powerful Motor For Sharp Blades

Wahl has included their most powerful foil shaver motors that are teamed up with the closest shave golden foils. I’ve managed to reach closest to the skin of my customers without causing any discomfort, cuts, nicks or ingrown hair. The trick is not to press the foils too hard against the skin, and the minimum vibration in hand enhances that ability with a premium motor noise that’s not disturbing at all!

Rechargeable Foil Shaver To Maintain Bald Head

As there are quite a few A-grade shavers for black bald heads, I’ll add this foil device to that list for ones having coarse hair. It holds the battery for around an hour and a half without any issue and home consumers will find it very efficient in terms of recharging. It also comes with a charging dock so that’s an added bonus and the weight along with battery capacity makes it ideal to carry around wherever you go!

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What Could Be Improved?

Many prefer having head shavers that can perform in wet conditions, foil shavers as such don’t really have the room for that due to the unique technology. It’s not on Wahl, rather this is the way these shavers are made. I reckon it could come with a cleaning station for barbers, but home users won’t find it challenging to just remove the foil and brush off the hair particles with accessories provided with the packaging.

Overall Assessment

The price of a shaver is always something that concerns me, and for a specialized head shaver for daily duties, this Wahl device sits in a very affordable range! This alone would be enough for me to buy it, and after the experience I’ve had with it, in terms of grip, performance and comfort, I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone with a range of sensitive to harsh skin types since it performs equally well on all of them!

  • Great grip level
  • Highly affordable
  • Least amount of vibration
  • Can’t shave in wet

BaBylissPRO Barberology FX3 Foil Shaver

I’m back again with yet another BaBylissPRO device, and this time it’s the highly acclaimed FX3 foil shaver from the Barberlogy series. Although it’s a specialized Shaver for barbers, home consumers will draw great benefit out of it as well due to a handful of utilities it comes with. With all the latest technology embedded in one shaver, head shaving will redefine itself in the most convenient manner to you!

BabylissPRO Barberology FX3 Foil Shaver

Timeless Design That’s Made To Last A Lifetime

The most striking aspect about this foil shaver to me is its design and my customers have agreed upon my observation at first glance. It’s a vibrant scarlet shaver with golden foils made of premium grade. To top off the design, the grip level is marvelous and has never exhausted my hand even after a prolonged day of head shaving and line drawing on my clients.

Ferrari-Inspired Motors With Sharp Blades

BaBylissPRO has introduced high-torque Ferrari-inspired motors for this foil shaver which is effective to get rid of stubble from your head from the root. It runs at 10,000 RPM even with a very low-charge and it makes my life tons of easier during the continuous shaving tasks. Hair removal is safe and comfortable with the double-foil heads that come with auto shut off covers.

Technology At Its Finest With Battery & Indicators

I’ve recommended some of my customers this FX3 foil shaver for their head shaving tasks. At first, the price point seemed to have put them off since it isn’t exactly the cheapest device on the market. But with a supreme battery life of around 3 hours with LED indicators in 4 levels, added to that shaving comfort and reliability, they had to change their minds and are now happy consumers of this beautiful little device!

Get BaBylissPRO Barberology FX3 Shaver at Amazon

What Could Be Improved?

To be very frank with you, there’s only one downside I can see with this shaver that I would change if I could. The RPM is very high due to the powerful motor, for which users with coarse hair have to take it gently while shaving their head. An RPM controller would’ve been much appreciated here, but there’s so much you can do with a compact foil shaver for your head.

Overall Assessment

Starting from the design, the grip, motor power, shaving closeness and degree of comfort - I’d undoubtedly call it the best foil shaver for head, if not, one of the finest in the lot. The price is justifiable in my opinion since it comes with all the latest technology and premium features that no other brand has been able to provide in their foil devices at this range!

  • Ferrari-inspired powerful motors
  • Striking scarlet housing
  • Thin foils for all skin types
  • No RPM controller

Braun Series 9 Electric Razor for Men, 9330s

If you are someone who doesn’t want to settle for anything less than the best one out there on the market, I’ll suggest you approach the Braun Series 9 foil shaver. I call it the best of the best foil shavers for the head because of its deluxe features, shaving comfort and overall convenience. It’s honestly an all-round device for your every grooming need and it’s made to last years before you feel the need for any replacement!

Braun Series 9 Electric Razor For Men 9300

Ergonomic Grip For A Smooth Head Shaving Operation

To perform a fine head shave, having a good grip is always necessary. The Series 9 foil shaver comes with the highest quality ergonomics with a good grip and hand placement positions for every angle. There’s a thumb-placement position for not only barbers, but also for self-serving duties as well that lets it keep in grasp for any head shaving position, be that on top or the back.

5-in-1 Foil Blades To Grab Each Hair Strand From Root

No matter what I state about this shaver, it’ll never do justice to the foil unit’s performance as a whole. I’ve been a fan of this Series 9 unit since its inception, and the 5 elements that have 2 different types of foil units installed in-between leaves no hair unshaved even without checking in the mirror! You’ll be done in less than 5 minutes with the gentles of touches on your skin due to the latest Braun technology.

An All-Round Shaver For Every Necessity

Speaking from experience, this shaver goes as close to your skin as possible and is able to remove head stubble between 3-7 days effortlessly. The battery lasts me around an hour with a full charge and cleaning is very easy with an easy rinse under the tap. Gliding technology renders it THE SHAVER to have not only for your head, but also for your beard as an all-round performer!

What Could Be Improved?

It really would be a blasphemy to call out on Braun Series 9 for its shortcomings. But the only thing I can say if I must, it could include a cleaning station because of the price I’m having to pay to get this device. Then again, it does come with a charging dock and cleaning brushes with a kit that’s really easy to clean, so there goes my objection out of the window in an instant!

Overall Assessment

Don’t let the price of this Series 9 shaver prevent you from making a purchase, because you can use it for all your grooming needs apart from shaving your head. It’s solidly-built, kindest to the skin and I’ve never had anyone return me negative regards after having its blades touched their skin. A solid shaver with every need fulfilled poses it as the best foil shaver for head from every expert!

  • An all-round device
  • Can shave wet or dry
  • Premium double-bladed foils

No cleaning station included

GAMMA+ Prodigy Professional Cordless Foil Shaver

In most cases, GAMMA+ shaver units are some of the most refined-looking devices you’ll come across in the shaving industry. This Prodigy foil shaver is no different than the rest. Endowed with the most captivating technology like wireless Qi charging and powerful shaving motor, I assure you that you’ll find a first-class head shaving quality after getting acquainted with this device.

Gamma+ Prodigy Foil Shaver

Black Housing With Golden Accent Makes It A Collectible Shaver

GAMMA+ has done a 10/10 job in their design department with a sleek-looking shaver containing aesthetically superior colors. The housing itself looks nice and my customers always borrow it from my hand to have a close look at the detail that the company has put into it. On top of that, the grip level matches with my expectation from a head shaver which is very important for regular usage.

TurboCharged Motors & Titanium Cutters Deliver The Best Results

I have to confess, since I’m an avid head shaver myself, I used to take it home from my salon from time to time to have it clean my head. The motor is a beast that can only be compared to the FX3 foil shaver and the gold-plated titanium cutters compliment it to generate the closest outcome one could possibly hope for. That too is attained without causing me any discomfort, and mind you, I have a really sensitive scalp and not every shaver suits my type.

Ideal For Longer Use & Smooth Finishing Swiftly

This device usually lasts me almost two hours with a full charge, even more if I’m performing delicate operations. Its finishing is usually smooth and never leaves behind any patches due to the ultra-thin hypoallergenic blades. I can even hook it up with my wireless mobile charger which makes having a charging station redundant and the battery refills significantly fast as well!

What Could Be Improved?

Again, there’s not much to say about a shaver that comes below the $100 mark. For the quality of the product and the head shave altogether, this is the perfect device to have in your arsenal. Since it’s a 9,000 RPM device, I would appreciate having a controller to tone down the power, but then again, it doesn’t tug or offer any sort of discomfort to the sensitive skins so my claim doesn’t really affect it.

Overall Assessment

If you’re looking for a specialized foil shaver for your head that looks like a collector’s luxury item and performs equally well within budget - this is hands down the best foil shaver for your head at the moment. It’s crisp, the motor runs relentlessly, blades grab all the hair in a couple of passes and generate a head shave as close as it can go. In short, GAMMA+ has ticked every necessary box including comfort and convenience with this device!

  • Black & golden housing looks deluxe
  • Turbocharged motors
  • Smooth finishing
  • No RPM controller

Andis 17300 reSURGE Lithium Titanium Foil Wet/Dry Shaver

This is probably the most unique head shaver I’m covering in my top 6 list due to a number of reasons. I’ll try to review it from a consumer’s point of view rather than a barber’s since this is the head shaver device I’ve been using permanently. Technological advancement has been echoed through the Andist reSURGE design and performance and after getting used to it, I still can’t find any other replacement within this price range!

Andis 17300 Resurge Foil Shaver

Top-Tier Design For Grip & Performance

Andis has gone all out in terms of its design with a shaver head isolated from the fully ergonomic body consisting of high-grip zones. Whether it's a wet shave or dry, it can do it all, and thanks to the superior grip, it never felt like slipping out of my hand. Due to such enhancements, my head always remains shiny with the minimum effort and maximum outcome!

Perfect Head-Shaving Blades That Follow Contour Precisely

The thing about self-shaving is that it can get a little challenging if you’re not used to doing it. I know a few handy tricks from my experience as a professional, but this Andis shaver doesn’t demand any of it. It follows my head’s contour perfectly with gold-coated titanium, hypoallergenic foils that play along nicely with sensitive skin. Also, it can trim down longer hair, so shaving on a stubble won’t be a necessity for you if you acquire this shaver!

Good Battery With Indicator, Powerful Motor & Whatnot!

You name a feature, this Andis shaver has probably got it - this is such an advanced shaver. I can easily go to one hour mark with a full charge and the indicators always keep me prepared before running out of juice. The motor is powerful enough to grab any length of my hair and a handy travel-lock keeps it securely stashed inside my luggage without the need to carry any charger!

What Could Be Improved?

Only downside I’ve found in this device is that it doesn’t work with every other Type-C charging cable apart from the one it’s provided with and ones that are of good quality. However, I was able to charge it with my phone’s regular charger, so whoever is having such an issue should get their charger or the cable checked for damages.

Overall Assessment

I’m so in love with this head shaver that I’d even take it to my barber-shop if I didn’t have my other grooming kits. Something so good priced around $100 is a bargain to be honest. I’ll advise you to grab this degree of comfort and remarkable head shaver that’s made to pay you back by being your best foil shaver for head any time of the week!

  • Follows head contour
  • Iconic shaver head design
  • Latest features included
  • Type-C charging needs specific cables


Let’s answer a couple of frequently asked questions regarding foil shavers for your head.

Q: How much does head shaving cost?
A: Head shavings cost differently from one locality to another. But in general, it should cost you between $15-$50 based on your hair type and the length of your hair, apart from the quality of your salon.

Q: Is foil shaver better than rotary for head shaving?
A: It depends on the type of hair you have and how much time you want to invest into such tasks. Ideally, foil shavers and rotary shavers have their own advantages when it comes to shaving and it’s a matter of preference in the end.


Now that you’ve reached the end, you’re probably looking for a final verdict on the matter out of the six. What I’m obliged to say is that each of these foil shavers are grand editions for head shaving tasks and each of them have superiority over the other in certain aspects.

Hands down, the Braun Series 9 is the best all-round foil shaver that’s great for your head as well, but it’s quite expensive and a good choice mainly for professional users.

The BaBylissPRO FX3 foil shaver sits in the optimum spot between price & performance, tying with the Andis reSURGE shaver with matching outcomes.

And within budget, no one can beat the Wahl Finale as it’s a budget-killer in terms of being the best foil shaver for head. So you can paint the picture that each of them are victors on their own accord, and you’ll be the ultimate winner should you pick any of them from my list.

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