Best ghd Flat Iron: Get the Right ghd Styling Tool for Your Hair

Best ghd Flat Iron

The company is named ghd, and it means good hair day. We can all relate to wanting to have a good hair day. It can actually mean more or less confidence throughout your life. Confidence is where most people find success.

If that all traces back to a good hair day, then that’s what this company counts on. They want you to love their products and feel incredibly confident. That’s what happens with most celebrities, successful business owners, even students. Everyone wants to be confident and be their best self.

We’ve dug through all the features that make ghd a fantastic styling tool. It’s been featured in many places since the start of the company. It’s behind the scenes in television shows and other places, too. Who wouldn’t want a hair dryer that makes beautiful people look even more stunning?

Find out why we love ghd and recommend them to everyone.

Best ghd Hair Straighteners Comparison Table

NameSizeMaterialsNotable FeaturePrice
ghd Classic Styler1”
CeramicSleep mode
Check Price
ghd Platinum Styler1”
Platinum and ceramic
Wishbone hinge
Check Price
ghd Gold Styler1”
Gold and ceramic
8.8 foot cable
Check Price
ghd Max Styler2”CeramicAutomatic shutoff Check Price
ghd Sunset Gold Styler1”
Gold and ceramic
Ruby red color
Check Price

Top 5 ghd Flat Iron Reviews

1. ghd Classic Styler

This is a classic design from ghd. It has plates made from ceramic. They won’t scorch your hair. The plates are gentle on all strands, so any type of hair texture can benefit from the flat iron. Those with fine hair will find the ceramic very gentle. It will never harm your hair.

ghd Classic Styler

It’s a flat iron with a 1-inch plate. The barrel is rounded to enable you to get straightened hair as well as other styles. It works for waves and curls, too. The plates and barrel were crafted to help make a variety of styles. That’s why it’s the classic. It’s been around forever.

There’s only one temperature for this styling tool. The ceramic heat technology will keep hair from being ruined with heat. The second item that will protect hair is the temperature. It will get to 365F quite easily. That’s a good temperature for most people’s hair.

Classic is one of the devices from ghd that received awards. It has sleep mode for safety. It’ll shut itself off after 30 minutes if you’re not using it. There’s universal voltage for use in many parts of the world. It will still need an adapter, but it won’t need a converter.

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Great positives

The ceramic technology is a good one for all hair types. The ceramic heat is gentle for even damaged and fragile hair. It won’t burn the hair or have hot spots that can do severe damage.

With 3D floating plates, this classic flat iron achieves a variety of results. The plates will move with the hair. That gives you better control. They’re slick enough to slide right over the hair gently.

Combined with the rounded barrel, the flat iron can create curls easily. The reason this is a classic is not just because it’s one of the original designs. It’s a classic because it’s able to keep up with changing hair trends.

Mild concern

There is a minor concern about the heat. It only goes to 365F. That’s not going to be high enough for those with hard-to-style hair. It might be too hot for fine hair, too. Keep that in mind while comparing flat irons.

2. ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance Styler

The Platinum+ is made with platinum as well as ceramic. The plates of this flat iron are made with ceramic. That gives you a natural amount of ions to fight frizzy. Your style will be sleek and silky. The floating plates are 1-inch wide. That’s an ideal size for most hair lengths.

ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance Styler

There’s Ultra-Zone Technology. This technology works with the ceramic plates. They keep the flat iron from developing hot spots. It checks the heat across the entire plate over 250 times per second. The temperature is 365F. This technology will also speed recovery time.

With the floating plates, there’s also a rounded barrel for other styles. You don’t have to stick with straight hair. The device is made for all the styles you could want. They mention sculpted wave and braid straight as the two best styles to get with this flat iron. The plates feature a wishbone hinge for keeping the hair in between the plates.

Along with extras like the wishbone hinge, there’s also a protective plate guard. It comes with the flat iron and protects your furniture while styling. It has a 20-second heat up time. That will help you get your grooming done very quickly.

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Great positives

Platinum+ means that your new stylish tool will last a long time. It won’t get ruined if you happen to drop it occasionally. (Who hasn’t done that?) The ceramic will be gentle on all hair types.

The 20-second heat up is great for people who are always in a rush. You might not have much time to devote to your personal style each morning. You will always look your best with this flat iron. It won’t take forever, either.

There are very thoughtful extras with this flat iron. ghd listens to customers and makes improvements to their flat irons all the time. They gave this one a wishbone hinge. It helps to connect the plates and won’t allow hair to slip.

Mild concern

There is a seam in the barrel that can sometimes catch hair. Your fine hair might get stuck in the seam. To avoid this, you can make sure fine hairs are not floating near the seam.

3. ghd Gold Professional Styler

The Gold Professional is a 1-inch gold ceramic flat iron. There are natural ions emitted from the ceramic plates. It’ll get rid of positive ions, which are a problem in dry, frizzy hair. The gold is a sleek surface that will feel incredibly luxurious.

ghd Gold Professional Styler

It’s a flat iron that features Dual-Zone Technology. The ghd Gold has heat sensors on the plates. There is a sensor on each plate. The sensors check the heat to be sure it’s even. This keeps the flat iron at a constant 365F. It’s a good temperature for all types of hair. Overall, the hair should be healthy, though.

Contoured plates on this ghd are floating. Some cheap flat irons have fixed plates that won’t touch. Floating plates will touch, so that you’re getting a good amount of heat. That heat will stop you from having to run the flat iron through your hair over and over.

Extras like Dual-Zone Technology and sensors are not the only ones. There is a protective plate guard for keeping your surfaces safe from heat. The 8.8-foot cord allows you to walk around as you style. You won’t be strapped to your outlet.

Great positives

There are more than a few positives with this flat iron. The sensors will keep your flat iron from getting hot spots. It’ll also recover its heat while styling very quickly.

The ideal temperature for most people’s hair is 365F. That’s why ghd uses that in most of its devices. The contoured floating plates will close snugly around the hair without burning.

It heats up very quickly at the start of your styling. Once you’ve sectioned your hair, it’ll be ready to work for you. It heats up in 25 seconds. In half a minute, you’ll be straight into styling.

Mild concern

There is no automatic shut off or sleep mode for this styler. That means you’ll have to be very conscientious about turning off the device. It can stay on and likely cause burns.

4. ghd Max Styler

This is a flat iron with ceramic plates. The plates are the biggest that the company offers at 2 inches wide. They will perform well on a variety of hair lengths. While they’ll work with medium-length hair, the flat iron is geared towards longer hair. It’s hard for women with long hair to find devices focused on them.

ghd Max Styler

In this flat iron, you’re getting Tri-Zone Technology. There are 3 sensors in the ceramic plates. They’re meant to test the temperature continuously. That keeps the ceramic heat floating evenly through the device. It will stop the device from having hot spots that will burn. The styling tool stays a constant 365F.

Most customers don’t pay attention to the edges of the plates or the shape of the barrel. It can be important for creating many different styles, though. This one has a rounded barrel. The edges are rounded, too. That allows you to create a variety of styles like the “Crimp Dip” or “Braid Straight.”

There are great features in this styler. It has universal voltage for those who need to travel with their flat iron. It comes with 30-second heat up for quick styling. There’s a protective plate guard and a sleep mode. It’ll shut itself down after 30 minutes of no usage.

Great positives

With a constant temperature of 365F, the styler will work on many textures and types of hair. The wide plates are specially crafted for women with long hair.

It’s hard to find the right styler for super long hair. It has to be able to stay hot for quick recovery. The Tri-Zone Technology helps with that. Each section will be identical to the last.

The extras are great with this styler, too. There’s the quick heat up for faster styling. The plate guard will keep furniture from scorching. It’ll turn itself off for your safety, too.

Mild concern

This isn’t a very big concern, but the 2” plates are a plus and a minus. They’re good for people with long hair. But, the texture has to be middle of the road. Fine, or thick long hair will not benefit from this size because of the average, 365F temperature.

5. ghd Ruby Sunset Gold Styler

This sleek-looking flat iron is made with ceramic plates. The plates have gold as well. They will work on all kinds of hair – especially thin hair. It benefits from the gentle heat of the ceramic plates. It won’t burn your hair and will provide a sleek surface for styling.

ghd Ruby Sunset Gold Styler

The Advanced Ceramic Heat Technology keeps the plates at the same gentle heat. No matter how long you have to style your hair, it’ll be easy on your strands. The 1-inch plates are going to have great heat recovery as well. It’s important, so you don’t end up skimming the same strands over and over.

It’s a rounded plate edge that will style in curves and waves. It’s a straightener, but more like a 2-in-1 styling tool. The contoured plates and rounded barrel are going to give you the smooth control needed for a variety of styles. The company suggests a “Sculpted Wave,” “Braid Straight,” or “Crimp Dip” for the styles you can get.

Along with the great features, there are more than a few extras that you might not expect. The device has a protective plate guard. The styler has universal voltage for travel. It will shut itself down after 30 minutes of non-use. That’s something that will keep your home and family safe from harm.

Great positives

Like the other ghd stylers, this one stays a constant 365F. The Advanced Ceramic Heat Technology styles hair with plates that stay a gentle temp. It’s great for most hair types.

The 1-inch barrel is rounded as are the edges of the plates. You’ll be able to toss out your other stylers and take this one with you everywhere. It has world-wide voltage for travel.

The plate guard can be used to pack up the styler after use. Even if you’re in a rush from the hotel to the airport, you can put the styler in your bags. It won’t burn your clothes or other items. Everything stays protected.

Mild concern

The slider to turn the device off and on is inside the handle. With the heat of the device, you’re not going to want to place your hand inside there. You’ll have to unplug the device or risk burning your fingers to shut it off.

The Reasons ghd is a Premium Brand in the Straightener Industry

It takes a lot of listening and hard work to make a straightener that customers love. ghd is used to style celebrities. It’s been featured on exclusive platforms like fashion shows. It’s sold in thousands of salons across the world.

  • Barrel Shape – What Styles can be Achieved with the Flat Iron?

The rounded barrel of their stylers can be utilized to achieve many styles. The plates are flat, but they float. A floating 3D plate won’t tug at your hair while styling. With the floating, rounded device, you’re getting the ability to get more than straight hair.

When a device can do more than one thing, it’s going to save you time and money. You’ll be able to get waves without a wand. Curls can be achieved without a curling iron, too.

  • Incredible Materials for Healthy Hair

With the right materials, your hair can be silky and incredibly soft. Sleek styles are what you’re going for when you buy a flat iron. That’s what the ghd will help you get. It’ll help your strands look healthier and shinier.

Materials that you’ll want are ceramic, tourmaline, titanium, and gold. All of these materials have great benefits. Ceramic provides a gentle heat and negative ions.

Tourmaline increases the negative ions by a bit more than ceramic. Gold gets really hot and looks fabulous while you’re styling. Titanium is a really strong material that won’t break.

  • Recommended by Stylists and Used in Salons

ghd sells in over 50,000 salons across the world. Stylists won’t stock a device unless they can stand behind it. They recommend it to their customers, so it’s important that the company cares about their customers.

The devices from ghd are suitable for all hair types. They also have straightening devices that are good for all hair textures. You’ll still have to do your research to understand what features you need.

  • Wide Range of Heat Settings

Fine, thick, coarse, and curly hair all have varied heat needs. The temperature for your hair will depend on the health of the hair, too. Fine hair responds well to lower temps. Coarse hair requires high temperatures to see any results.

The health of your hair influences the heat. If you have coarse hair, but it’s damaged, you’ll need low temps. That’s why you need a flat iron with temperatures that can be altered. You might not always be at the same temp. It’ll depend on the current health of the hair.

  • High-End, Luxurious Designs and Styles

When people say something is luxe, that means it’s luxurious and seems expensive. That’s because it’s a high-quality item. That’s the case with this company. ghd is one of those companies that has the respect of many hair professionals.

The packaging is great. It doesn’t come in a plastic display case that needs to be cut. They put a lot of effort into how it’s presented to customers. The cases of the irons are lovely. They’re made of materials that are substantial. This is the kind of device that will last for years.

  • Endorsements by Fashion Icons

Their flat irons are so great that many celebrities and fashion icons endorse the product. Madonna, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Aniston are three of the most well-known to endorse the company.

They have been featured in shows like Australia’s Next Top Model. In places where a person’s looks are vital to their success, they use this brand. All the famous people who have endorsed the product use it when they have the choice of any device in the world.


When everyone is talking about a certain product or company, you know it’s worth something. When it’s been honored with awards, then there’s no way you should ignore them.

The best ghd flat irons are going to be perfect for styling your hair. It’s great for professional . There’s no reason to believe that it won’t get fantastic for you.

The company is filled with luxury beauty products and devices. All ghd flat irons are a joy to use. They’re never complex or confusing. Your hair will benefit from the ionic technology. It’ll be smoother, shinier, and healthier-looking after using one of their devices.

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