Best Gillette Razor: Professional Shave in Your Own Home

Despite the recent surge in the popularity of facial hair such as mustaches and beards, the clean-shaven look is timeless and will never go out of fashion.

Facial hair is not for everyone; it can get hot and itchy and requires maintenance, so sticking with the classic clean-shaven look is often the best option.

Some men just prefer the look that a close and clean shave provides. While it would be fantastic to have a professional shave with a barber each day, it’s just not logical or convenient. What men are aiming for is the feel of a professional shave that we can get in the comfort of our homes. Lucky for us, the best Gillette razor will do just that.

There are a lot of disposable razors on the market and it can get a bit confusing with all the choice available. I have put together a review of my five favorite Gillette razors, which will help you find the perfect Gillette razor that is right for you.

Top Class Gillette Razors – Comparison Table

Top 5 Gillette Razor Reviews

1. Gillette Mach3 Men’s Razor

This razor from Gillette has been designed with sensitive skin in mind. The Mach3 has an enhanced lubrication strip that reduces irritation and protects the skin.

Gillette Mach3

As the name suggests, this razor has three spring-mounted blades. The three blades are positioned progressively so each blade gets a little closer to the skin than the one before. With each stroke of the razor, it’s essentially like taking three strokes at once. This razor also has micro-fins that are designed to gently push your skin downward to make way for the blades. This results in an extremely close shave and a very smooth finish.

The blades are coated in Diamond Like Coating (DLC) for super strong and sharp blades. This coating is unique to Gillette. The blades are also spring mounted which adjust to all different skin types and form the Pressure Control System.

The Open Architecture design means the Mach3 is easy to rinse and won’t get clogged. The handle is ergonomically designed and is comfortable to hold. The Precision Balanced handle makes this razor easy to move, grip and control.

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Great Points

I like the way the blades are spring mounted on this one. I felt like I was really able to control the way the blades moved around the curves of my chin and mouth. It was very easy to maneuver around those sections, and I had no nicks or cuts.

There was no irritation or redness at all, and the shave was super close and even. I would recommend it for sensitive skin too because the lubricating strip did it’s job, and ensured that the razor glided smoothly with every stroke.

The handle was comfortable and didn’t slip even when my hands we a little damp. It was easy to hold in all directions and I was able to get a really even shave without trying too hard.

Mild Concern

If your facial hair is particularly thick or coarse, the three blades may not be efficient enough. While the blades were super sharp; thicker hair types might benefit from more blades.

2. Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide

This razor has an impressive 5 Anti-Friction blades that will give a quality shave that you will barely feel. The Flexball Technology ensures that you have amazing control around the contours of your face.

Gillette Fusion5

The Fusion5 ProGlide also has a Precision Trimmer, which allows you greater flexibility with styling facial hair. The Trimmer is really handy for reaching tricky areas like your nose and sideburns. The handle has also been designed with ergonomic side grips for better handling and control.

The lubrication strip has been enhanced to provide a comfortable shave with zero friction, no redness or irritation.

This razor has been engineered with Gillette’s thinnest razors to date. This will ensure there is no tugging or pulling.  The 5 razors are housed within the razor head, which has anti-clogging slots for easier cleaning.

The Fusion5 ProGlide also features a Streamlined Comfort Guard.  This flexible material is soft and surrounds the Micro-Fins. This is all designed to channel away excess shave gel so the band can maintain maximum contact with the skin.

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Great Points

This razor really is the King when it comes to razors. The superior 5 anti-friction blades combined with the Flexball technology really gives you that professional close shave that I thought I could only get from an experienced barber.

The blades are also really long lasting, and depending on your hair type, you can expect to get about one month of shaves per refill. If you’re unsure when you need to change your refill to continue getting optimal shaves, the lubricant strip will give you a clue. The lubricant strip will fade to white as the razor starts to provide less than perfect results and will give an indication that your refill might need to be changed.

Mild Concern

I have absolutely zero worries with this razor. It doesn’t clog, it’s comfortable and I got great results with this razor. I honestly can’t pinpoint any downside to the Fusion5.

3. Gillette Mach3 Turbo

The Gillette Mach3 have blades stronger than steel and they are very long lasting. The have been engineered to give you up to fifteen comfortable shaves from each refill. The three blades are positioned one after the other, at varying distances, so each blade gets a little closer to the skin that the one before. With each stroke of the razor, it’s essentially taking three. The less strokes you have to take, minimizes skin irritation and gets the result you want without the redness.

Gillette Mach3 Turbo

The lubricating strip will give you a smooth comfortable glide, which will reduce irritation and friction. The lubricating strip is long lasting and will provide skin protection for the entire fifteen shaves.

The Mach3 also has a Micro-Fin skin guard that stretches the skin slightly and gets your facial hair in the correct position to be cut effectively.

The handle of the Mach3 is balanced and it has been expertly weighted to provide ease with maneuvering in any direction. It is soft to hold and ergonomically designed to provide you with comfort while you save.

Great Points

The range of Mach3 razors are all compatible with different Mach3 razor refills. This is very convenient if you want to test a different version of the Mach3 blades. This razor is also very long lasting and I was surprised how long it took for this razor to start feeling dull.

It wasn’t until about the twelfth shave that I started to notice a change in the feel of the razor, but even then I was able to continue using it for another few shaves and still get effective results. The lubricant strip provided great protection through the whole life of the refill. The razor head was still gliding very smoothly and no friction even as the lubricating strip started to turn white.

Mild Concern

I couldn’t see anything specifically that was aimed to help the razor rinse and unclog easier. While the razor rinsed fine for me without any problems, I wonder if a thicker hair type would take longer to rinse from this razor.

4. Gillette Sensor2 Plus

The Gillette Sensor2 Plus is a great disposable razor that comes in a convenient pack of 10, which is re-sealable for easy storage and hygiene. The two blades are coated in Chromium, which will ensure long lasting strength and sharpness. The twin blades are housed in a pivoting head that moves as you do. The pivoting head adjusts to all the contours and curves of your face and will get every hair with ease.

Gillette Sensor2 Plus

You will get approximately five shaves from each razor.

The Lubricating strip is activated by water, and you can rely on its formula to prevent friction, redness and irritation. The Sensor2 Plus will glide smoothly and will not drag or pull.

The Sensor2 Plus will provide comfortable shave for all skin types. The Soft Ultra Grip handle means that the Sensor2 Plus will provide comfort for your hands and wrists as well as your face.

Great Points

I like the packaging of these razors, which is re-sealable. Having ten razors in a pack, it’s great to be able to seal up the bag until you need a new one, and not have them falling out all through your bathroom cabinet.

Getting approximately five shaves from each razor equates to fifty shaves from this one package. These would be great if travelling for extended periods of time and also saves you time on having to reorder regularly.

The pivoting head and the soft handle makes this razor easy to maneuver and control, it provides a great shave and was able to get all the tricky spots that can sometimes be missed.

Mild Concern

This razor is perfectly suited to those that have a thinner hair type and provided me with a good, close and comfortable shave. The two-blade design of the Sensor2 may struggle with very coarse facial hair, causing the blades to dull prematurely.

5. Gillette Venus

You might be wondering why I’ve got a women’s razor listed here when we are looking at getting a great shave for facial hair.

The fact is that some men like to shave other areas besides their face. Whether it’s your chest, back or legs these areas can benefit from the features that are found in the Gillette Venus.

Gillette Venus

The Gillette Venus extra smooth has five diamond-like coated blades that are perfectly balanced to glide over your skin. It has a ribbon of moisture that is activated by water. This will provide protection against friction and prevent dragging and pulling. This moisture ribbon will also replace some of the moisture to your skin that shaving can take out. In addition to the moisturizing ribbon, the Venus also has a lubricating strip for added protection and a smooth glide.

The razor head is rounded so that it can better stay in contact with skin around curves and hard to reach areas.

The ergonomic handle is designed to be held in a wide range of positions and the soft-grip gives you great control even when wet.

Good Points

The pivoting round head combined with the 5 blades makes the Gillette Venus extremely effective on curved areas. It really hugs the contours of the skin and provides a really close shave even in difficult spots.

The SkinElixir lubricating strip eliminates any friction and the moisturizing ribbon leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. These two elements combine to really protect the skin and eliminate the potential of small cuts and nicks. This would be a great razor for men that have very sensitive skin and for those with a thinner hair types.

The ergonomic handle is really comfortable and makes this razor really easy to maneuver. The non-slip grip makes it a really safe choice for use in the shower too, as it doesn’t become slippery even when wet.

Mild Concern

This razor has been designed with women in mind. Women generally tend to shave more sensitive areas than men, making this a great choice for those with sensitive skin. Women’s hair is often a lot finer than men’s, so this razor may not suit men that have very coarse hair.

Choosing the Best Gillette Razor – Things to Consider

  • How Many Blades

Whether or not you like the added technology that multiple blades provide will be a personal choice, but it’s definitely something to consider. Did you know that each blade on a multi-bladed razor is not designed to cut? That’s right, not every blade is sharp and designed for cutting. Generally the first blade is engineered to pick up or raise the hair, ready for the cutting blade to slice it cleanly. More blades mean that this motion of “pick up, cut, pick up and cut” is repeated several times per stroke. This can improve efficiency and the time you spend shaving.

If your facial hair is not particularly stubborn or coarse, or you are prone to sensitivities such as ingrown hair, you might find that a razor with only twin blades might be better for your hair type and/or your skin.

  • The Razor Head

The head on some razors is fixed and doesn’t move. This can provide the user with a sense of stability and steadiness. A fixed razor head will give a pretty good shave, but it will be limited in how it maneuvers around the curves of your face. Razors that have pivoting heads are often easier to navigate over the natural contours of your jaw, chin and mouth area.

  • Handle Design

Most will shave several times a week so having a handle that is comfortable and balanced is an important consideration. A handle that is ergonomically designed can reduce stress on the wrist and make it easily to manipulate the angles at which you hold the razor. It is also important to factor in what the handle is made of. A handle that has a non-slip coating or textured grips is safer as it will not become slippery when wet.

  • Lubrication

If you have dry or sensitive skin, you should always choose a razor that has a lubricating strip. With each stroke of the razor, your skin is lubricated so that the blades pass over your skin in a smooth motion. Lubricating strips will reduce the likelihood of small nicks and cuts as well as eliminating the redness that can occur with friction.

  • Longevity & Budget

You might also like to consider how long you expect your razor to last. Razors can last anywhere from two to fifteen shaves and will vary on price based on that quality. If you are happy to replace your razors at regular intervals, this might not be a concern for you. However the razors that last longer can be seen as an investment and also a good choice ethically as less plastic will end up in landfill.

How Did Gillette Become the Leader in Disposable Razors?

Gillette has always been a brand of disposable razors that is synonymous with quality and reliability. For over one hundred years Gillette has been an industry leader providing their products to the masses and claiming the majority of the markets share.

The branding focuses on precision equipment combined with the latest technology. Gillette founder King C. Gillette was the visionary behind the brand who originally began the legacy of that precision. He was quoted as saying “We will stop making razors when we can’t keep making them better”. And it was this commitment to quality and improvement that has lead to Gillette’s overall success.

The way that we shave has evolved greatly over time, from the introduction of multiple blades and pivoting heads to mimic the movements in a barber’s wrist. Each improvement has aimed to simulate the skill of the professional barbers and replicate those results.

More recently Gillette has a huge shaving laboratory in England where new products are continuously being engineered on their quest to provide the perfect shave. Gillette products are tested on thousands of men and women with some test running from six weeks to several months. Gillette uses advanced imagery techniques to detect small nick and cuts and even has tools to measure skin hydration.

Gillette has a real commitment to improvement and design evolution. They strive to give their customers the ultimate shaving experience. It’s this desire to be the number one brand in disposable razors that has had Gillette at the top for decades.

Along with precise cutting and quality products, Gillette provides a variety of disposable razors with the intent that there really is a Gillette razor for every one. Men and women of all skin types and hair types will find a razor from Gillette that will meet their individual needs.

Taking all of the history and technological advancements that Gillette has undergone in over a century, it’s easy to see why they remain the leading brand in shaving products and disposable razors.


All things considered, choosing the best Gillette razor is not always an easy decision. It is important to consider exactly what it is that you want from a good shave, and do some research into what you require.

Shaving is something that we spend a lot of time doing so it’s important to make the right choice. I hope the reviews of my favorite Gillette razors has given you an idea of what to look for and how to choose the best razor for you.

Even though you might take a little while to make a decision, you can rest assured that any of these Gillette razors will be of incredible quality and give you fantastic results.

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