Best Hair Clippers for Kids You Can Buy in 2023 and Beyond!

When you think about it, it is fairly easier to buy stuff for us grownups. But when it comes to buying something for our kids, we have to think a lot before choosing something.

This is especially true when shopping for machines or devices for kids. We have to make sure they are safe for them.

Many of us use some kind of hair clippers for our personal grooming. And we always look for durability and how well they cut our hair. But in case of buying kids’ hair clippers, we got to look for safety and how much they are friendly for the young ones.

As parents and guardians, we always must ensure that nothing puts our children in harm’s way.

However, when it comes to kids, one other thing that applies is: how much they are willing to use something. I never liked cutting my hair when I was a kid; my parents had to do a lot to convince me to go to the barbershop. And as luck would have it, my kids are the same.

Now, I can’t ensure you that your kids will definitely like the hair clippers I am going to mention here. But I can tell you how some hair clippers will work well for our kids.

Our Top 7 Favorite Kids Clippers Compared

Name & BrandRun Time
Notable Features
FBO Baby Hair Clippers90 MinutesFull Body Waterproof Check Price
Eanceil Hair Clippers60 Minutes
Multiple charging Option Check Price
Supermama Baby Clippers 1 HourUSB portable charging Check Price
Bololo Baby Clippers60 Minutes
The Ultra-Silent system Check Price
ENSSU Hair Clippers60 Minutes
R-sharped design blade Check Price
Calming Clipper45 Minutes9 Comb Lengths Check Price
Remington 22-Piece Kids50 MinutesPowerful Motor
Check Price

Why Do You Need Hair Clippers Specialized for Kids?

I have seen parents who use grownup hair clippers for cutting their kids’ hair. And more often than not, the kids don’t like those things.

In fact, I tried to use my hair clipper on my toddler, and for some unknown reason, he just did not let me do that.

Of course, later when I used a hair clipper specialized for kids he threw a comparatively little tantrum. And that’s when I got really interested in these machines.

You see… kids are sensitive. Anything that they don’t understand (the little that they can) has the chance of scaring them. If you forcefully use something on your kids, it may lead to accidents that you will regret forever.

I have a friend whose daughter has autism. She is much more sensitive to sound than normal children and requires extra care in doing things. That includes hair trimming as well.

Hair clippers tend to make a buzzing sound that even we sometimes find annoying. So, her parents needed something that won’t scare their daughter. That’s when a hair clipper specialized for kids came to their aid.

In fact, this sound made by hair clippers bothers many kids. And the appearance also seems intimidating to them. So, we must use kid-friendly equipment that they can easily accept.

Here’s My List of Top Hair Clippers for Kids

I have used a good number of hair clippers for cutting my kids’ hair. And at the end of the day, it was their verdict that decided which hair clipper was good and which wasn’t. The five hair clippers that I am going to mention are the ones that my kids liked.

FBO Baby Hair Clippers

A great tool that you can fix your baby’s hair with is FBO’s Baby Hair Clippers, which contains a relatively powerful motor and a ceramic blade that even your kid won’t be scared of!

FBO baby hair clippers

It comes with a range of comb lengths that can easily cater to a fine head of baby hair. With the help of the clipper, you can shape up curly hair, afro-textured hair, Asian hair, and more! Due to the blade’s leniency and the guards’ versatility, the FBO Baby Hair Clippers can even serve adults and young adults in addition to catering to babies.

A few remarkable features of this clipper are its Li-Ion battery, quiet motor, and waterproof build. The Lithium-Ion battery can charge up rather quickly and typically takes an hour to reach a full battery life. With the help of the battery, the FBO Baby Hair Clippers can run for a whopping 90 minutes!

In addition to being waterproof, time-friendly, and good for sensitive skin, this hair clipper also comes with a series of physical attributes that can make life easier. The build is very sleek and lightweight in hand and contains a battery indicator that blinks depending on the device’s status. It also comes with a compatible USB charging cable, enabling the device to recharge the fastest way possible!

Get FBO Clippers at Amazon

What the kids will like 

  • The ceramic blade will feel nice on the scalp.
  • The noise-friendly engine will also be less bothersome.
  • The bear-shaped power button could be extremely enjoyable to look at.
  • The compact device is easy to hold.

What the kids won’t like

  • Despite being compact and lightweight, it might feel heavy in the hands of a toddler!

Supermama Baby Hair Clippers

If you believe that your toddler needs a haircut but are very concerned about their sensitivity to noise, a great hair clipper that you can consider is the Supermama Baby Hair Clippers. It is a device that runs with a noise level of 51db, which is relatively quiet in contrast to most hair clippers out there. The Supermama Baby Hair Clipper also comprises a widened R-shaped corner around its ceramic blade, which is known for its ability of being extremely gentle on the skin.

Supermama baby hair clippers

Moreover, the Supermama Baby Hair Clipper contains a vacuum motor that can absorb broken hair, preventing skin irritation and shielding your child from itchiness, redness, and more! The device also has an admirable running time of 60 minutes for a baby hair clipper, which is equivalent to at least 2 lengthy trimming sessions.

The Supermama Baby Hair Clipper fits comfortably in one’s hand when put to use. Since it is also extremely weightless, navigating it is pretty flawless. This cordless clipper also comes with a waterproof blade and build, so never hesitate to use it when giving your baby a much-needed shower!

In addition to receiving the device, the Supermama Baby Hair Clipper comes with 4 attachments that can shape up the length of any hair type and consists of a charging base that can be attached to a laptop when you’re away from home!

Get Supermama at Amazon

What the kids will like 

  • 51 dB noise level will keep the device silent at all times.
  • The ceramic blade with an R-shaped corner will feel less sharp around their ears.
  • The clicky attachments are fun to put on and put off!
  • Since the powerful vacuum will leave behind no residue, your infant will be safe from itchiness!

What the kids won’t like 

  • Despite having a quiet motor, the noise might wake your kid up if they’ve got a sensitive hearing.

Bololo Baby Hair Clippers

Devices made for kids seem to be more complicated than those made for grownups. However, luckily for us… the kids’ hair clippers are nothing of that sort.

The MOM & HOME kids’ hair clipper is very well built. It is made of high-quality materials and much safer to use. It’s also very comfortable to hold and use.

MOM&HOME Kids Hair Clipper Haircut Kit

This hair clipper comes with R-shaped ceramic blades that have rounded corners. These are professional quality blades that do not pull the hair and irritate or scratch the skin. And it allows you to cut your kid’s hair smoothly.

What I really liked is that this hair clipper can be used while my kids took their baths. They love their bath time, and so that’s when it’s easy to convince them to let us cut their hair. That is, this device is fully waterproof and so cleaning it is also an easy job.

Remember, you have to use it in wireless mode if you want to use the hair clipper perfectly.

Of course, the real reason it is great for kids is that it makes very little noise.

It does make sound, but that’s only around 55 decibels, I think, and the sound is lower than the normal noise of our conversations. In fact, it is so quiet that you can use it while your baby is sound asleep.

The MOM & HOME kids’ hair clipper comes with two fixed-length combs and four cutting heads. It is very simple to detach and attach the cutting heads.

Even though it says fixed length, each of the combs can be adjusted to different hair lengths: one can be adjusted from 3 mm to 6 mm and the other from 9 mm to 12 mm.

Since the blades are safe, if needed… you can use it directly. And when you do that, you can easily cut the hair in tricky areas like behind the ears.

The blades can cut even the shortest of baby hair. And that’s great because their hair is so soft that most blades tend to slip on them.

It has Nickel-metal batteries. Their charge storage capacity is top-of-the-table. It takes one and a half hours to get fully charged.

Then, you can use it for 60 minutes straight. You can charge it through a USB cable by attaching it with a PC, power bank or a power outlet using an adaptor.

Get Mom & Home Clipper at Amazon

What the kids will like

  • Ceramic blades don’t pull hair or scratch the skin.
  • It makes very little noise. Kids who are sensitive will not feel bothered.
  • The whole appearance is very pleasant and will not scare the kids.
  • Since it is fully waterproof, you can use it even when your kids are taking a bath.
  • One can run this clipper for an hour with little charge. You can charge it through USB cable connected to a PC or a power bank.

What the kids won’t like

  • It is a quiet hair clipper, no doubt. But it can still bother kids who are very sensitive to sound.

ENSSU Quiet Baby Hair Clippers

The ENSSU Quiet Baby Hair Clippers is a cute addition to your kid’s grooming kit. However, something may look toy-like, but the infants and toddlers may still find them scary.

Thus, before you actually use this or any other hair clipper, try to make it familiar to your kids first. As was the case with my kids, I first had to pretend to use the machine myself. They felt intrigued seeing me use it and so when I used it on them, they didn’t feel alarmed.

ENSSU Quiet Baby Hair Clippers

The best hair clippers for kids are those which are comfortable for both the parents and their kids, like this ENSSU hair clipper. It is comparatively smaller in size which makes it easy to hold and well-adjusted with the kids’ heads.

It comes with two adjustable combs that allow you to cut your baby’s hair without any worries.

The main trick is with this hair clipper’s “R” shaped ceramic blades. Their tips are widened and round. Thus, there is no risk of injuring your kid even if you use the hair clipper without the combs.

On top of that, the blades are designed in such a way that there remains a 0.5 mm gap between them and the skin.

This not only reduces any chances of scratching their skin or harming them in a way but also works well with sensitive skin.

ENSSU hair clipper is built with brass movement motors that work smoothly. It makes very low noise and vibration.

In fact, it conjures up around 48 decibels of sound when measured. Its sound is low enough to let you use the hair clipper when your kids are sleeping.

This kids’ hair clipper has long battery life. After the tool is fully charged, people can use it for an hour (more or less).

It comes with a USB cable that lets us charge the hair clipper from power banks, PCs, and electric outlets. It is pretty convenient in this regard.

The entire tool is waterproof. You don’t have to worry if it accidentally falls into the water. This, by the way, is a common thing with kids. This further helps to clean the hair clipper properly.

Hair clippers that are washed after every use need to be lubricated accordingly. You should lubricate it every time before putting it to intense usage. Then again… after you have cleaned the hair clipper.

Get ENSSU Hair Clippers at Amazon

What the kids will like

  • ENSSU has a Toy-like appearance that makes it easy for the kids to get habituated with the item of use.
  • Rounded ceramic blades reduce any chance of unwanted injuries. The blades remain 0.5 mm away from the skin and so don’t cause any scratching or skin irritation.
  • This thing is fully waterproof and so will not get damaged if it falls into the water.
  • Makes comparatively less noise (only 48 decibels) and so your kids will feel alarmed.
  • The clipper comes with brass motor that lasts longer than most and can carry the load of trimming for a long period.

What the kids won’t like

  • Even though it looks like a toy, it is not a toy and so kids should not be allowed to hold it without adult supervision.

Eanceil Baby Hair Clippers

The Meetcare Baby Hair Clippers is a very well thought package of things. It has got everything you will need for your kid’s grooming sessions.

The things you will find in the box are hair clipper, guide combs, cape, lubricant, cleaning brush, hairstyle models, USB cable, and of course a user manual.

Meetcare Baby Hair Clippers

The haircut cape is of good quality. It helps to reduce mess and some kids even like wearing them while getting a haircut.

Three guide combs altogether offer six adjustable hair cutting lengths. Infants and toddlers are generally not that fussy about their hairstyles. But the older ones can really raise hell if they don’t like their haircut.

Thus, these combs really help you to play safe.

The entirety of the Meetcare hair clipper is washable and waterproof. However, you can’t keep the hair clipper immersed in water for a long time.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to clean and maintain the hair clipper. Remember to lube it up after washing.

Meetcare provides a USB cable along with the hair clipper, but not an adapter. Now the absence of the adapter should not be a big deal as almost have one at our home.

Moreover, you can use the USB cable to charge the hair clipper from a PC or power bank as well. It has a Ni-MH/600Mah*2 series battery that lets you use the clipper for more than an hour after fully charging it.

Of course, for this hair clipper to be suitable for kids it has to be less noisy. This clipper operates with comparatively lesser vibration and noise.

Sensitive kids are easily alarmed by the vibration, but with this super quiet hair clipper your kids will not feel that way. It actually has a very kid-friendly appearance.

The Meetcare hair clipper is designed with Cullinan ceramic blades that are R shaped, wide, and has rounded corners.

If you choose to use the gem of a machine without a guide comb, the blades will still be safe and comfortable for the kids. The blades are sharp, no doubt, but they will not scratch or irritate your child’s skin.

But that’s not it. The clipper is specially designed with a 28 teeth trimmer head. Most hair clippers have 20 teeth trimmer heads.

What’s so unique about this is that its finer structure helps to cut the softest baby hairs. And it does pull or tug at those hairs while cutting them.

What the kids will like

  • Super quiet operation and lower vibration helps the kids to feel relaxed.
  • 28 teeth trimmer head design cuts the softest baby hairs without pulling at them.
  • Rounded R-shaped ceramic blades reduce chances of injuries, scratches and skin irritation.
  • You can easily give your kids the hairstyles they would like.
  • Kid-friendly look and comes with a good quality haircut cape.

What the kids won’t like

  • The whole hair clipper is waterproof and washable but you can only immerse it in water for a very short time.

Calming Clipper Haircutting Kit

The brand name Calming Clipper is very well suited. The cutting process is simple, and as it doesn’t involve any motor there is no noise or vibration. This kids’ hair clipper is basically the scissors and combs.

As there is no question of sound or vibration, the Calming Clipper Haircutting Kit is very suitable for kids who are sensitive to sound. And the simple cutting process makes it easy for parents to cut their kid’s hair without any fuss.

Calming Clipper Haircutting Kit

Normally, scissors are not at all child-friendly. But these scissors are safe as they don’t have pointed tips. They’ve got squared tips. They don’t pose the danger regular scissors do.

However, kids should not be allowed to handle this hair clipper by themselves or without any kind of supervision.

The blades are made of superior quality stainless steel. They will not get dulled easily and will last for a long time. As is the case with any steel item, make sure to completely dry the scissors after washing them.

A good thing about scissors is that you don’t need to use any kind of lubricator. You just have to keep it clean and dry.

We know that holding scissors for a long time is not an easy business. Calming Clipper has the perfect counter to this problem. It provides different sized inserts to give you the proper fit.

For example, people can use the soft gel inserts for a snug fit, or they can use the thin smooth inserts for a less snug fit. If users want a loose fit, they must use the scissors without any inserts.

This haircutting kit comes with a cape that is made of child-friendly material. I have seen that my kids loved it when I put the cape around them. Of course, they liked to play with it later on dressing as superheroes.

So, is this just a pair of scissors? No. It comes with 7 different combs whose sizes begin from 0.5 inches and end at 1 inch. Fitting and removing the combs is pretty simple. The combs allow you to swiftly cut your child’s hair.

After fitting a comb, you have to comb up against the direction of the hair’s growth. You can do it oppositely, but the way I mentioned and as recommended by the manufacturer is more efficient.

The first few times will be a bit clumsy, but you will get used to it soon enough.

What the kids will like

  • It does not vibrate or make any sound, so it is very suitable for kids who are sensitive to these things.
  • Kids like the cape, they may use it for their games later on.
  • 7 combs from sizes 0.5 inch to 1 inch. They let you easily cut their hair.
  • As kids are familiar with scissors, they will not feel alarmed.
  • Different scissor inserts will have perfect fit for kids of different ages.

What the kids won’t like

  • Kids should not be allowed to play with these scissors.

Remington 22-Piece Kids Clipper Haircut Kit

The Remington 22 Piece Kids Clipper Haircut Kit is a well-thought-out machine for kids. It has got everything you would need while grooming your kids. That too… in a neat package.

The box contains a hair clipper, 11 different guide combs (each comb represents a different size), cleaning brushes, lubricant, a pair of scissors, a small comb, cape, and hair clips.

Remington 22-Piece Kids Clipper Haircut Kit

It comes with a storage bag in which you can put everything once you are done.

This hair clipper has an uncomplicated look but not necessarily a child-friendly one. So, you might think it’s actually made for grownups.

Well, you can definitely take care of your own hair with it as well. But, without a doubt, Remington has designed this for kids.

This hair clipper is made with a super quiet motor that is also very powerful in operation. That is, the clipper works fast but doesn’t make a lot of noise and vibration while doing so.

The blades are made of stainless steel and they are very durable. Plus, the blades are safe for kids in the sense that they will not cause any skin irritation. You can cut your baby’s soft hair smoothly and noiselessly.

Moreover, the blades don’t pull or snag at the hair.

This Remington kid’s hair clipper is also adult-friendly. It is lightweight and has got an ergonomic design.

Thus, your hands will not feel any cramping even if you have to hold it for a long time. When it comes to kids, you can never know how long something will take.

The body is also slip-resistant. This makes it easy if your hands get wet or sweaty. Even though it’s not fully waterproof, as we would have liked it, I still consider it one of the top hair clippers for kids. And that’s because it functions so well.

You can clean the blades with running water. It also comes with cleaning brushes to help you get rid of the hair stuck in and under the blades. Every time after cleaning the body and the blades, lubricate the motor and blades.

This makes sure the hair clipper will run smoothly even if left unused for a long time.

Remember, I said that this haircut kit has got everything? You can use the guide combs to give your kid different hairstyles or to simply cut their hair without worrying about length.

You can use the comb and scissors to fix the hair lengths here and there. And the hair clips come handy too.

What the kids will like

  • The stainless-steel blades paired with the powerful motor help to cut the hair smoothly and without any snagging or pulling.
  • With the different sized guide combs, you can give your kids different hairstyles.
  • The kids would like the cape. Maybe even play with it.
  • This thing is perfect for adults as well. You’ll find it perfect for all hair sizes.
  • Remington 22 has a long shelf life as well. You’ll find it perfect for long-time usage.

What the kids won’t like

  • It is not fully waterproof, so you have to be careful when using it.
  • Compared to other kids’ hair clippers, this one makes more noise and vibration than it should.

How to Find the Best Hair Clipper for Your Kids?

As parents, we always try to provide our kids with the best of things. But finding that best thing is not an easy job. We can easily take a risk if it’s something for us, but when it’s for our babies we can never, and should never, take that risk.

Thus, I have prepared a list that should help you find the hair clippers that will be best for your kids.

  • Does It Look Like Something Your Kids Will Like?

Outer appearance plays a big role in things made for kids. And that’s why bright, soft colors with cartoon designs allow kids to easily accept things.

One should find hair clippers that look like toys because they would like something the kids are already familiar with.

It’s okay to force your child to eat nutritious food, although personally, I don’t like force-feeding kids.

Anyway, my point is, if it’s something else other than food and you force it upon them, your kids will begin to antagonize those things. And that’s not healthy for their growing minds.

Moreover, in case of very sensitive kids, like someone with autism, it’s much more important that you use a hair clipper that will not make them feel alarmed. And for this reason, you should give importance to appearances of hair clippers.

  • Noise and Vibration are A Big No-No

Now that your kid likes the way the hair clipper looks like, will he/she like how it sounds?

Motorized hair clippers will vibrate and make noise, but you should choose the ones that make the lowest of those things. The thing is, hair clippers are used around your kid’s head. And so even a little bit of noise can alarm them.

Before I knew about baby hair clippers, I once used my one on my toddler and she would not come close to me at all as long as that thing was buzzing.

Thus, I always look for hair clippers that make very little noise and vibration. Kids are generally more sensitive than us, and so something that they don’t understand easily makes them anxious.

A quiet hair clipper comes handy if you want to cut the hair of your infant while sleeping. You will be able to cut their hair without waking them up or bothering them in any way.

Moreover, hair clippers that make low noise and vibration are best suited for kids with autism. I don’t have any personal experience with autism, but I know this much that autism is not the same for every kid.

So, I can’t guarantee that they are sure to accept a hair clipper just because it makes low noise and vibration.

We parents should always use the type of things that our kids will find safe to be around. So, if you see that they don’t like something it is best not to force it on them. It can cause them trauma.

  • Blades Don’t Necessarily Mean Trouble

Whether it’s a motorized one or a manual one, baby hair clippers will always have some kind of blade.

As parents, we don’t always feel confident about using blades on our kids. I remember how my mother could not watch me get an injection; it made her very anxious.

However, if you choose a hair clipper that is made with blades specially designed for kids you should not worry about using them on your kids.

So which blades are safe for kids? High-quality stainless steel is always reliable. But there are hair clippers with ceramic blades as well.

I think ceramic blades are better than stainless steel ones, as they have zero chance of getting rusted and remain sharper for a long period.

But just the material is not enough to ensure safety. The blades need to have rounded edges so that there is no chance of unwanted injuries and scratching.

As kids’ skin is way more sensitive than us, the blades also need to be of such kind which will not cause any skin irritation.

As is the case with everything concerning kids, you should always properly clean and dry the blades after using them.

By the way, the blades are the safest when they are in your hands. Kids should not be allowed to use the hair clippers by themselves.

  • Make Sure It is Waterproof

Being waterproof is a plus for any kind of machine. However, when it comes to things made for kids, being waterproof means, they will last longer.

Waterproof baby hair clippers will allow you to cut your kid’s hair when they are taking a bath or playing with water. My kids enjoy their bath-time and a bucket of water really helps me to get them ready for a much-needed haircut.

And that is why you need waterproof hair clippers, because even if you accidentally drop them in the water, they will not get damaged.

Since water is mostly always involved, always choose a hair clipper that allows wireless operation. Wired hair clippers are dangerous for both kids and adults.

  • Easy-to-operate Means an Easy Life for You

For some strange reason, kids’ stuff always tends to be tricky. I mean, it’s not rare that I have not been puzzled with something made for kids. You would understand if you ever had to build a dollhouse.

That is why you should get the hair clippers that can be easily operated. Now, the easy operation doesn’t mean we are being lazy parents.

This applies to the overall functionality of a kids’ hair clipper. A hair clipper that runs smoothly, with a powerful yet quiet motor, and sharp yet safe blades, will let you cut their hair fast and without any mishaps.

Kids are always moving and it’s a wonder if they stay put for even 15 minutes. And so, a fast yet safe hair clipper will make your life easy as you run behind your toddler to cut that last remaining clump of hair.

  • Finally, the Hair Clipper Has to be Easy to Charge

Although I complained that kids’ stuff tends to be complex, I am also surprised how they are equally simple.

I don’t want to trouble with a paradox. What I am trying to say is, kids hair clippers nowadays can be charged almost anywhere in the house.

This is a feature that really satisfies me. If kids find something interesting, they will try to find it and use it. So, if a hair clipper can be charged from a power bank, laptop, and a power outlet, you can safely store it somewhere your kids will not find it.

I wish everything else in our life were this easy.

  • Safety is Above Everything Else

Things are getting developed every day. Now we can know if our babies are breathing properly even when we are not in the same room. It may be intended to make parenting easy, but we as parents should never take our kids easy.

I mean, we need to be careful for them and ensure their safety all the time. And that is why we need to think so much before buying a hair clipper for them.

The only thing that should concern you is that if the thing is safe for your child. As long as safety is ensured, everything is good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve skimmed through all the entries on the list above, we hope you have found a hair clipper that will make trimming your infant’s hair an enjoyable activity. Not a hassle. However, if you still feel doubtful and have questions regarding the best hair clippers for kids that you can buy in 2023, be sure to check out the following set of questions and answers!

Question: How is a baby hair clipper different from a normal hair clipper? 

Baby hair clippers contain tons of elements that separate them from average hair clippers. In contrast to most adult hair clippers, baby hair clippers comprise ceramic blades that are harmless on one’s skin, are more noise-friendly due to containing lower dB levels, and don’t specialize in giving a triple zero buzz cut due to having relatively lenient blades.

As opposed to normal hair clippers, baby hair clippers aren’t as durable, making them the perfect purchase for short-term use!

Question: Which baby hair clipper should I use if my child is sensitive to noise? 

An important factor to consider before purchasing one of the multiple options on the list mentioned above is your child’s sensitivity to noise. While you can pick one out of all the entries if your infant doesn’t have a problem with noise, that view should change if they’re uncomfortable with sound pollution.

Additionally, to make sure they have an easier time, try to pick between the Bololo Baby Hair Clippers and the Supermama Baby Hair Clippers, mainly since they both operate at a noise of 51 to 55 decibels.

My Two Cents at the End

Shopping for clippers is easier than you actually think. Yes, this little quote applies to the best hair clippers for kids as well. You just have to know which brand and product to target.

If you want my opinion, I’d say FBO Baby Hair Clippers is perfect for kids as well as adults who want to get a hair job done. Specifically speaking, Calming Clipper does proper justice to its name and brand. It’d be a perfect bang for your buck.

Of course, different kids/toddlers have different needs as well. While you’re out shopping, keep an eye for what your little one needs for his/her sensitive skin.

My buying guide would prove to be a perfect help for people willing to do some research on their own. Do let me know how good (or bad) your experience was with the product(s) I recommended.

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