Best Hair Dryer for Damaged Hair: You Don’t Have to Avoid Heat to Get a Killer Style

Unhealthy, damaged hair needs extra-special treatment. It has to be handled delicately. That gentleness has to happen while you’re still getting ready for work and play. You don’t want to hide your hair under a hat while trying to repair the hair strands.

There are specific technologies that have to be used to help make hair beautiful and shiny. Smooth hair comes from features like ionic conditioning and far-infrared heat. The materials used as well as attachments all work together to make hair better.

We’ve picked the best hair dryers for damaged hair and given you in-depth reviews. There’s also a buying guide to help you make your decision.

Top 7 Blow Dryer for Damaged Hair Reviews

1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

It might be surprising to learn that Dyson has entered the world of hair dryers. It makes sense, though, because they have advanced technology for motors. This hair dryer has many features you’ll need for damaged hair. The technology of this dryer is perfect for repairing that damage.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson has a digital V9 motor. The motor is in the handle of the dryer. This gives you an ergonomic, balanced machine that you can hold as long as needed. The motor has an air multiplier for fast drying. It’s like having jet-propelled air in your hands for drying quickly.

There are 3 speeds for drying and styling. First, there’s the highest setting of air speed for fast drying. There’s a medium setting, and lastly, there’s the styling option. This dryer has specific heat settings. The high heat is 212F. The medium is 176F. The lowest is 140F. There is also a constant cold option and a cold shot button. There’s technology that checks the temperature 20 times every second to be sure that it’s exact.

With the dryer, you’re getting attachments. They are made with magnets as the connection. That makes them easy to attach and remove. There are 3 attachments. There’s the styling concentrator, the smoothing nozzle, and the diffuser. All of the attachments can be used with your damaged hair.

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Great positives

There are plenty of pluses when it comes to this hair dryer. The fact that it’s a product from Dyson is a definite plus. The drying and air speeds are great. That’s due to the powerful motor.

It gives you incredible heat control with very specific temps. It can dry super fast and still be gentle on your damaged hair. The technology you get measures the temperature 40 times every second. It’ll never burn your hair.

With the motor in the handle, there is turbo air flow technology. It increases the air and decreases the time it takes to dry. The motor’s location makes it very balanced and light. It’s easy to hold this as long as you need.

Mild concern

The cord is heavy. It’s similar to the weight you’d expect from machinery cords. It might be harder for some people to deal with than others. You’ll need to decide if the weight of a heavy cord is bothersome to you.

2. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

This is the company that brings you hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners. They’re used by stylists and home users because the tools have the latest technology. That’s what you want when you have dry, damaged hair. They come with all the features you’ll need for healthier hair.

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

Inside this hair dryer, you’re getting a really incredible motor. It’s a 2000 watt motor, which is some of the highest you’ll get in a home dryer. It’s high for a salon dryer, too. It has a professional AC motor in it. It’s a motor that’s meant to last for a long time. It’s meant to be very quiet, too. The dryer is ceramic for gentle ions, which will deliver gentle heat.

It has 3 heat options and 2 speeds. The 3 heat options are cool, warm, and hot. There’s also a separate cool shot button. There are 2 speeds with this dryer, too. They’re on separate buttons, so you can use any combination that works for you. That’s great for damaged hair. You can use a high speed and a low temperature.

The dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle. You can blow dry hair until it’s almost finished. Attach the concentrator and use it as a styling tool. It’ll provide smoothness to your damaged hair. You can straighten hair or create waves with this concentrator nozzle. It also comes with a removable filter for keeping it clean.

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Great positives

There are incredible features in this hair dryer. It has a 2000-watt motor that will deliver all the power you need. With that power, you can also use any temperature you want. The air and heat can be adjusted separately.

The dryer has ceramic technology. That’s going to give your hair tons of negative ions. With negative ions, you’re getting a smoothing technology that will rid your hair of frizz.

Your hair might not be very healthy, but it will look much better. While you’re trying to repair your hair, you can still look your best. The damage definitely won’t be as noticeable.

Mild concern

The body of the hair dryer is made with a rubber type of material. The body is hard to keep free of lint and dust. You’ll end up with lint on this if you aren’t careful. It is easy to remove the lint buildup, though.

3. KIPOZI 1875W Professional Hair Dryer

While this isn’t the 2000 watts of the last dryer, it’s still a very respectable wattage. This dryer is an 1875w, and it can definitely be used in a professional setting. It’ll make your damaged hair feel soft and appear shiny. That’s important for people who have frizz from hair damage. You want your hair to look fabulous even if it’s not the healthiest.

KIPOZI 1875W Professional Hair Dryer

The hair dryer has nano-titanium ionic technology. That means it’ll distribute millions of ions into your dry hair. The negative ions in the dryer combats the positive ions in frizzy hair. It’ll make hair smooth and silky, so you’ll always look your best. Unfortunately, many of us go through bad hair days when hair has been harmed.

With this hair dryer from KIPOZI, you’re getting a variety of settings. They can all be operated separately. There are 3 heat settings; low, medium, and high. There are 2 air speeds, too. They are soft and fast. You can combine the 2 speeds with any of the heat settings. There’s also a cool shot button that will blow warm or cool air. The heater is ceramic for providing a gentle heat, too.

The dryer comes with 2 attachments. There’s a concentrator and a diffuser. They are easy to attach. The dryer has other features like an ergonomic handle, an ALCL safety plug, and a removable air filter. There’s also a hanging loop for storing the dryer out in the open. It comes with a gift box for giving this to your favorite person.

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Great positives

The gentle heat is vital for hair that is not healthy. It works against frizz and dryness. The ions are nourishing your hair while smoothing out the frizz. There’s a ceramic heater that provides even, gentle heat for drying without causing more issues.

It’s a hair dryer with plenty of features. There’s the removable air filter for keeping it clean. Your hair dryer will last longer when it’s cleaned properly. A hair dryer that isn’t cleaned will end up burning out quickly.

With diffuser and concentrator attachments, you can get any style you like. A diffuser isn’t just for curly hair. It can be used to spread out the air and heat. That helps the dryer to stay gentle while removing the water from your shower.

Mild concern

This is not dual voltage. You can enjoy this for local travel like work trips or vacations. If you plan on going out of the country, you will have to get a converter and a plug for the trip.

4. Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

This is a hair dryer from a name most of us know. Conair has been around for years providing home stylists with great devices. This is one of their latest. It has great technology that can actually help repair strands that have issues. It starts with their powerful motor.

Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

It’s a high-torque DC motor that is 1875 watts. The DC motor is lightweight and perfect for everyday use. It’s not going to weigh down your hand while drying. Especially when you have to set the speed and heat low for unhealthy hair. It’ll be comfortable the entire time that you’re drying. There’s tourmaline ceramic technology for ionic conditioning.

There are 3 heat settings and 2 speeds. They suggest that delicate and thin hair uses a low speed and warm heat. Average hair needs low speed and hot temps. Hair that’s thick needs a high speed with a warm temperature. Coarse hair that’s hard to style needs high speed and hot temps. Damaged hair would do well with a range around delicate to average depending on thickness.

With this dryer, you’re getting a comfortable handle that won’t cause hand cramps or slip out of your hand. The concentrator and diffuser work beautifully for all kinds of hair. The diffuser will spread the air and heat to not overload the strands. The concentrator will smooth hair. There’s a hinged filter on the back for cleaning.

Great positives

Dry, damaged hair is full of frizz. It’s hair that can really puff out when the air is humid outside. It becomes unmanageable. With a good dryer like this one, the ceramic and tourmaline technology reduces frizz.

It gives you shinier hair that’s silky smooth and healthy-looking. That due to the addition of ionic conditioning. The frizz can be reduced by almost 75%. Your hair won’t puff out due to frizz and dryness.

The addition of the concentrator and diffuser will also help manage the flyaways and frizz that comes with dry hair. Unhealthy hair benefits from less heat. There are low temperatures with this dryer. It also has a cool shot button for sealing your healthy-looking hair.

Mild concern

With the cool shot button, you’ll have to hold it down. There’s no way to flip the switch and keep the cool air going. You can use the lowest setting for warm, though. It will help seal your style.

5. JINRI 1875W Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer

The JINRI hair dryer comes from a company that cares about its customers. The styling tool keeps hair from being damaged. That’s vital for people who already have unhealthy hair. This styling tool is from a company that is definitely trying to get your attention. It has all kinds of great features.

JINRI 1875W Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer

It has a DC motor of 1875 watts. It’s meant to last for home users who want a powerful dryer. The DC motor is well-known for being super lightweight. That’s going to help when it comes to drying damaged hair. The strands need a gentle heat, so it could take longer to dry.

This dryer has ionic technology. The ions smooth hair and dry hair faster. They break up water molecules quickly. That means less heat and less damage. There are 3 heat settings. There’s low, medium, and high. You can choose exactly what you need for your texture and type hair. There are 2 speed settings of low and high. It’s easy to pick a combination of heat and speed good for you.

There are great features as mentioned earlier. There’s a removable air filter. It stops dust and dirt from getting into the motor. The dryer has a concentrator and diffuser included. The diffuser  works great for curls and spreads the heat for really damaged hair. The hair dryer has a long, 8.7 foot cord and a loop for hanging.

Great positives

A DC motor is going to be lightweight as well as very quiet. When you’re drying for a while at low heat, you want to reduce the noise level. This dryer won’t wake everyone in the house.

The diffuser doesn’t blow hair wildly around. You can diffuse the air and ions to spread it over a wider area. That’s going to be beneficial for hair that is truly unhealthy. Most damaged hair has to have less heat.

The ionic technology smooths hair and makes it healthy-looking. While it might not be very healthy, you can still have shiny, smooth hair. That is a base for when you straighten or curl, too.

Mild concern

The buttons are on the handle in a place where they can be pushed accidentally. You’ll have to be careful as you’re blow drying to be sure you’re not raising the temperature.

6. RUSK Engineering Super Freak Professional Dryer

With this dryer from RUSK, you’re getting a device that has superior technology. Your dry, damaged hair needs tender loving care. That can be found in the features for this styling device. It’ll give you incredible shine without further damaging your strands.

RUSK Engineering Super Freak Professional Dryer

In this dryer, there’s an Italian motor. You’re getting the technology from the same country that makes Italian racing engines. This is an AC motor, which is a bit heavier than a DC motor. It’s quiet and performs at salon level for your use at home. It’s 2000 watts, which is very powerful.

There are multiple heat and speed settings. More important than the heat/speed options is the infrared heating. It reduces drying time and doesn’t hurt your hair. The ceramic heaters are also using ions to dry hair much faster. That’s going to be a gentle heat, too.

The dryer comes with a cold shot button, too. That’s going to work with the ion emitter to seal hair. It will also make hair shine. Shiny, soft hair will be your new normal – instead of dry frizz. The dryer includes tourmaline for more ions and gentle heat. There’s a concentrator and smoother included.

Great positives

The Super Freak is a hair dryer you’d expect to see in a salon. In fact, many stylists use this and recommend it to their clients. Home users won’t be put off by the amount of power to it, either.

It has a powerful 2000-watt, Italian motor. That’s an AC that will last for a long time. It’s meant to last stylist for years when they use it most of the day. That’s important for the home user who will use it once a day.

The far-infrared ceramic heater is going to nourish your dry hair. It works from the inside out, so the hair won’t be damaged further. It seals the cuticle with ions and a cold shot button. You’ll be able to run your fingers through silk when you’re finished.

Mild concern

The barrel of the hair dryer can get very hot. If you tend to hold it by the barrel, you’re going to get a burn. You’ll have to hold the dryer by the handle to avoid injury.

7. MHU Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer

The MHU Professional dryer has many features that are going to benefit your damaged hair. With unhealthy hair, it’s important to have the right kind of heat. That’s what you’ll get in this dryer with all the technology. Between ions and infrared, your hair is going to be silky when finished.

MHU Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer

It’s a hair styling tool with an 1875w motor. This is an AC motor, which is what salon stylists use. That’s why it’s named “professional” in the product name. The motor gives powerful air with a heavy motor. It’s going to last a long time for home users.

There are 3 heat settings of low, medium, and high. There is a separate button for the high and low speeds. You can choose a combination between heat and speed that works with your texture and thickness. For example, really damaged, thick hair might need a high speed, but a low heat.

The far infrared is gentle for your hair. The dryer comes with a concentrator and diffuser. The filter in the rear is removable. With regular maintenance, this dryer will last a very long time. There’s also a cool shot button. It’s for sealing the cuticle, which seals the hair style.

Great positives

The powerful 1875w AC motor is one that most professional stylists would be happy to have in their salon. It has the ability to dry hair for as long as you needed.

Ions and far-infrared heat keep hair from being further damaged. As your hair is healing, it’ll look incredibly shiny and smooth. It heats hair from the inside. That’s why cuticles and follicles will end up healthier over time.

The heat and speed settings can be customized for your hair style and texture. You can get a sleek style for straightening. It’s possible to get a wavy style for beachy curls, too.

Mild concern

This is not a travel hair dryer. It’s meant to be used with standard 110 – 120v outlets. You can travel within the States. This is a dryer you can take to a friend’s house or the gym.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Hair Dryer for Your Damaged Hair

Prior to the purchase of a hair dryer, take time to consider a few things. The amount of damage is one of the first things to think about. You should also consider what you can do in the shower to reinvigorate your dry, damaged hair. Once you’ve done that, it’s about the dryer itself. That’s where we come in.

  • The State of Your Damaged Hair

You’ll need to evaluate the type of damage that you have. It’s also a good idea to figure out the level of damage. In some cases, damage will be too high for any heat at all. Some hair can handle a low amount of heat.

If you’re using a heat protectant, that will reduce the damage to your hair. It’s important that you understand the state of your hair. Especially when it comes to the drying process. Excessive heat can cause even more damage to your brittle hair.

  • Ionic Technology for Removing Water Droplets

Ionic properties will actually target water droplets. Instead of drying the hair shaft itself, it’ll help to quickly remove the water. The water is broken down into micro particles. They can actually be used to coat the hair as a barrier.

With a protective barrier on your hair, you’re going to see less damage. As your hair repairs itself, the barrier keeps damage to a minimum. The ionic technology is great for use in a hair dryer.

  • Soften Hair with Conditioning Materials

Hair dryers today are made up of many conditioning types of materials. There’s tourmaline, which are crushed minerals. The tourmaline gem minerals are used on the grill or in the dryer elements itself for conditioning.

There are also ceramic dryers, which use the material to heat evenly. They often utilize infrared heat to prevent damage to the outer part of the hair. It’s incredibly easy on hair that needs a gentle touch.

  • Temperature Control for the Perfect Amount of Heat

For good temperature control, you need a good motor. You don’t need to stick to low wattage for low temps. You can choose the right temperature based on specific hair needs. Some damaged hair is thick hair. It’ll require higher temperatures or more speed to dry quickly.

Dryers don’t usually have specific temperature options. They’ll come in high, medium, or low. With a strong motor, you’re getting exactly the amount of heat based on the levels.

  • Separate Air Speed and Heat Settings

It’s a good idea to have separate air and heat settings. With a single button, you’re getting high heat and high speed, medium heat and medium speed, and low heat and low speed.

With separate heat and speed settings, you can choose a low speed and high heat. Any combination of heat and speed is accessible to you. That’s vital for the health of hair that’s already damaged.

  • Attachments Control the Frizz

A diffuser is normally purchased by men and women who have curly hair. It keeps their curls intact. It won’t blow them out and ruin the curl pattern. A diffuser can work with all hair types and textures.

For those with damaged hair, the diffuser will deliver air and heat that’s spread out. It’ll keep hair from whipping around. There’s less damage because the heat and air is reduced for less damage. In the end, there is less frizz in your hair.


For many men and women, their hair is frizzy and dry. That’s unhealthy hair that hasn’t been nourished properly. The best hair dryer for damaged hair will moisturize and make hair healthier-looking.

These hair dryers have the attachments and features that maximize the shine and silkiness of hair. It’ll look gorgeous and have great volume and movement. When you’re done with the hair dryer, you’ll be ready to face the world with less frizz.

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