Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair: The Last Blow Dryer You’ll Ever Need

Drying out your thick hair isn’t the most convenient job because hair strands with a higher diameter tend to hold more water than fine textures.

Regular dryers often give in halfway through and leave you hanging out with half damp hair all day long.

But the best hair dryer for thick hair has the capability to resolve that! These dryers are targeted for these specific needs and are designed with technology that treats thick hair the right way.

It’ll not only shorten your drying time and render the procedure effortless, but also will soften up your strands to ensure maximum health as well as finest texture.

So for those who are in need of such a savior in life, read through my article where I presented the very best there is for such delicate tasks!

Blow Dryers for Thick Hair Summary Overview

ProductWattageSpecial FeaturePrice
BabylissPRO Nano Titanium2000 Locking Cold Shot Button Check price
RUSK Engineering W8less2000 7-Speed Settings Check price
BaBylissPRO Xtreme2000Long Lasting AC Motor Check price
Shark HyperAIR1680 Coanda Technology Check price
KIPOZI Ionic dryer1875Ionic Heat Check price
BaBylissPRO Nano20009 Foot Professional Cord Check price
Dyson Supersonic1600Heat Shield Technology Check price
Jinri Paris Dryer1875Negative Ion Tourmaline Function Check price
Berta Salon Dryer1875Professional DC Motor Check price
Trezoro Ionic Salon22002 Concentrator Nozzles Check price

Top 10 Blow Dryers for Thick Hair 

To obtain optimal results for your thick hair, you must always examine the attributes of the hair dryers. In short, the ideal hair dryer for thick hair should comprise a powerful motor, higher wattage, and contain tourmaline or ceramic technology to dry the hair without absorbing the moisture.

If you’ve already skimmed through the previous table, you’re probably wary of the promising key features that each model offers. However, to explore the potential of each hair dryer to the fullest, stay tuned and move on to the next portion!

BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

Babyliss PRO’s name doesn’t require any introduction these days because of the quality product they’ve been pouring into the market for quite a while now. This one in question is a compact device, probably the best hair dryer for thick hair coming in at such a weight level. Don’t be fooled by its size because it’s a beast in disguise to dry up those coarse locks super fast!BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Blow Dryer

If you didn’t believe me, then look at the stats! This killer unit generates up to 2000 watts with maximum heat level. It’s enough to dry out your thick hair in a quicker duration than most other blow dryers. This is due to the architecture that’s catered toward this specific hair type, thus such devices are very necessary for curly haired individuals.

The housing is composed of titanium, which tells a lot about its durability and portability. Titanium is a sturdy yet lightweight material that’s made to last and even accidental droppings don’t seem to do much damage. A nano device is always handy to carry around at any location.

This variant of BabylissPRO dissipates negative ions and it’s very important for curly hair. It reduces hair frizz and prevents breakage. It also adds a shine to your hair automatically which would otherwise require additional treatments. Deep conditioning is also possible with this Nano Titanium unit to smooth out your coarse texture.

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Why I Like this Hair Dryer

I’ll be discussing two major things that I admire about this device apart from the features that I’ve mentioned earlier. The lightweight should be further emphasized because it never tires my hand when I use it on my customers for a prolonged duration. And that is necessary since thick hair consumes a handsome amount of time to be dried up completely.

The price tag is quite a shocker to the users, but let me add one thing to it: BaByliss has tried to compensate for it with a 4 year warranty. So you can rest assured that it’s made to last long and even if it’s a hefty investment, it’ll be worthwhile by removing the need to invest again very soon. This $10-$20 extra payment over other similar devices returns to you in the end, all things considered.

What Could Be Better

One thing I think BaByliss should address is the issue with the nozzle fitting. It requires some force to be snapped on tightly and a loose fit might see it fall off mid styling procedure. Otherwise, it works perfectly and plays with volumes in the way you’d expect it to.

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional Dryer

Rusk has been picked out by the likes of the New York Times as well as Good Morning America as one of the most prime picks for thick haired consumers. This recognition speaks for the quality of the product and the performance it delivers. If you’re still not sold, let me validate its credibility by sharing my fair share of experience with this exquisite blow dryer!RUSK Engineering W8less Dryer

Their branding team has done a brilliant job in naming the product W8less because it’s indeed very lightweight! I’d even call it a professional-grade hair dryer despite being priced at a much lower point than heavy duty instruments. A wattage of 2000 ensures that it has the power needed to dry out those thick strands of yours in the fastest possible time.

From my point of view, this is where power meets speed because the fans are mighty fast! If you hold it against the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium, Rusk seems to have the upper hand when it comes to the fan speed. It is necessary to render the drying time faster than usual, and Rust seems to nail this area of coarse hair drying!

If you’re worried whether such a lightweight device would give in shortly, then think again. Because the motor follows an Italian architecture and these don’t give way easily! On top of that, far-infrared rays coming through the nozzle work your hair from the inside, which is absolutely necessary for thicker strands.

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Why I Like this Hair Dryer

One of the many things that I like about this Rusk blow dryer is its 7 speed settings. As I’m a professional who works with diverse hair types all day long, this becomes an important factor. It not only is able to treat the thick hair within a very quick time, but also can work with fine strands too, causing no damage. This is what usually high-priced dryers do and unseen in consumer goods.

There’s a concentrated nozzle added in the package which works very well for me during volumizing or styling up the hair. The vents are made out of tourmaline and ceramic, so there’s no chance of accidental hair burn even if the stray curls brush past them. To top it off, a 9 foot long cable guarantees that I have the room to move around while giving the best drying job ever.

What Could Be Better

Despite the weight, it is quite a handful in terms of size. So think twice before stashing it into your purse and heading out for travels as I believe it’s not built for such purposes.

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

Hair stylists and barbers have trusted Babyliss for decades because they provide professional level products at competitive prices. And this Ceramix Xtreme hair dryer proves their dedication to consumer products.

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

The hair dryer sports ceramic heat technology. By coating heating elements in durable ceramics, they’ve unlocked the potential of non-destructive infrared heat. Your hair won’t split or singe because the gentle heat dries strands from the inside out.

The Ceramix Xtreme ships with three heat options, hot, warm, and cool. It also comes with three speeds from low to high. Babyliss believes the settings provide the perfect amount of options for customers with thin hair and thick hair.

The product also includes a cool shot feature. This feature rarely comes installed on entry-level hair dryers. With a press of a button you can turn off the heating coil and turn on the hyper cooling fans.

If you need focused drying, you can use the included concentrator nozzle. This rubberized attachment affixes to the front of the hair dryer and sends hair directly to your roots for faster drying of thick and curly hair.

Get BaBylissPRO Dryer at Amazon

Why I Like this Hair Dryer

I think the BabylissPro Ceramix Xtreme blow dryer fits perfectly into the budget friendly and entry-level niche. If you’re looking for your first hair dryer, or want to upgrade from a department store brand, this is a great option.

You’ll discover more than enough versatility in this hair dryer. The powerful 2000-watt motor quickly dries thick hair types. But I found it to lack some vigor against the thickest hair. If your hair stylist has hinted that your hair is very thick, you’ll need more firepower than this product can provide.

The rubberized plastic housing seems durable. And because it weighs one pound, your arms shouldn’t tire wielding this Babyliss for ten or fifteen minutes.

What Could Be Better

While a great pick for most thick hair types, the 2000-watt motor doesn’t reach the heat requirements of very thick hair. This is likely because of the ceramic heating elements which soften the heat.

Shark HyperAIR

If you have a knack for styling tools that offer easy-to-understand hardware with attachments that are simple yet effective, you will surely benefit from the Shark HyperAIR, the next recommended option on my list of best hair dryers for thick hair.

With a traditional build and ergonomic housing, the Shark HyperAIR is quite sublime to look at. The technological means of the device are also ahead of their time, as they mainly work together with the aim to bring forward exceptional results without damaging the cuticles.

Shark HyperAIR

The most promising software of this hair dryer is HyperAirIQ, a component that analyses the density, quality, and length of the user’s hair before changing the temperature in accordance with the formerly mentioned factors. The 1680-watt device isn’t just an expert in drying the hair with shine, but it is also renowned for bringing presentable results in no time. When I used the device, it took around 2 minutes to dry my hair on average.

To deal with any and every hair type, the Shark HyperAIR consists of three-speed settings that determine the duration, and three temperature settings to shape the visuals of the hairdo. The lean build of the hair dryer doesn’t just offer tons of control, but it also makes the Shark HyperAIR a frontrunner among travel-friendly hair dryers!

While the HyperAirIQ controls the temperature and speed, its Intelligent Heat Control ensures that the strands are sealed and styled with tons of moisture. In other words, the Intelligent Heat Control produces tons of negative ions to shield the hair from heat damage, making it the perfect tool for damaged hair. To elevate the roots, the Shark HyperAIR comes with an IQ Styling brush. Alongside the IQ styling brush is a cool shot button that typically caters to curly hair, as well as a 2-in-1 concentrator nozzle, which serves the same purpose as diffusers.

Overall, when its significantly high price tag is excluded, Shark’s HyperAIR is a great hair dryer for thick hair. It creates admirable styling results without damaging the cuticles with its HyperAIR IQ, and can bring forward multiple styling results with the IQ Styling brush and detachable concentrator nozzle!

Why I Like This Dryer 

The first element that I like about Shark HyperAIR is its minimalist build. The device only consists of buttons that are necessary and easy to understand, making it the perfect tool for those that are technologically handicapped.

While the settings and attachments are limited, the HyperAIR makes up for those missing elements with a powerful 1680-wattage motor that dries the hair within minutes after use!

When push comes to shove, the HyperAIR is just as promising from the outside as it is on the inside. It has HyperairIQ, an attribute that examines the user’s hair before suggesting the ideal temperature and speed settings, an IQ Styling brush for boosting the volume of each look, and Intelligent Heat Control to minimize the damage that is usually endured due to excessive amounts of heat.

What Could Be Better?

While it is a great hair dryer for managing thick hair, the Shark HyperAIR lacks versatility, limiting its potential to create a variety of looks.

The attachments are extremely helpful and definitely walk the walk, but they’re a bit too bulky, rendering them incapable of being the right tools to travel with.

KIPOZI Nano Ionic Blow Dryer

Kipozi is an Amazon exclusive hair tool company that specializes in dryers and straighteners. They value the lessons learned from heat science, and their ionic blow dryer stands as a perfect example of their dedication to that knowledge.

KIPOZI Nano Ionic Blow Dryer

Although 1875 watts, the ionic technology ups the blow dryer’s ability to handle thick and curly hair. The heating coils reach temperature within seconds, and the airflow remains consistent regardless of how long you keep it on.

With the Nano Ionic Blow Dryer, you get three heat settings and two speed settings. And add to this the cool shot button and you have everything you need to style and set your hair, no matter how prone it is to retaining moisture.

Kipozi ships their hair dryer with a nearly 7-foot cord and an air filter that you can remove and clean to protect the longevity of the internal parts.

Also, your package includes both a diffuser and a concentrator. You won’t have to order third party attachments that lack the craftmanship of this full set. Use the hair dryer with diffuser for curly hair and the concentrator to focus on trouble spots. It’s all possible with this blow dryer.

Why I Like this Hair Dryer

I think this is a great find. It’s one of those products that shouldn’t be as good as it is. And although the wattage barely makes it passed my cut off, the Kipozi dries thick hair masterfully.

The ionic technology housed inside the hair dryer aids in the evaporation of water that burrows deep into your hair. It need not boast high wattage because the ions take care of the moisture.

The bonus attachments in this gift set add longevity to the package. The diffuser ends up being the most helpful, since you can tamp down any frizzy areas by broadening the heat. But the concentrator has come in handy many times when styling or tackling troublesome spots.

At this price point, I think it’s one of the best budget hair dryers on the market!

What Could Be Better

While the hair dryer performs well, the build quality lacks some finesse. It doesn’t feel like it’ll shatter, but I’d be careful when traveling. Otherwise, the Kipozi hair dryer is a solid option.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino

Never to be outdone, BabylissPro launched the Portofino to win over stylists and other hair professionals. And they believe they’ve done that, and more. They named the product after the famous fishing village along the Italian Riviera, famous for its villas bedecked in colorful pastels and artists and stylists renown around the world.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino

Don’t mistake this as an upgrade on their lower-end Ceramix Xtreme. BabylissPro overhauled the Portofino, right down to its tweaked 2000-watt Italian motor, capable of six heat and speed settings.

Not only that, but this blow dryer comes installed with ionic technology. When combined with the titanium coils, the Portofino spreads high-intensity ionic heat that’ll dry even thick hair without damaging roots or fraying strands.

The removable stainless-steel rear filter wards off stray hair and dust from entering the working parts of the device. Cleaning the filter only requires a few minutes and dries fast.

Last, the cold shot button drops the heat and amps up the fans to blast your hair and set it within seconds.

Why I Like this Hair Dryer

I noticed a significant improvement on the quality of BabylissPro’s hair dryer when I upgraded to the Portofino. Many of the negatives I had about their other products vanished.

They swapped the flimsy plastic of lesser devices with a sturdy, well-built chassis. Turning this hair dryer on, I can feel the Italian motor churn out heat. And the heat ramps up fast. Within less than a minute I could get the device to reach its max heat setting.

I like the size and weight of the Portofino, too. It’s stockier than most models, which means you can move it around your head without raising your arm too high.

And the Ionic technology combined with the nano-titanium heater element evaporates moisture faster than most of the options on my list. If you can afford it and you have hair thicker than molasses, consider the Portofino.

What Could Be Better

I love the hair dryer, but you need to watch out for counterfeits! Thankfully, Amazon offers a full refund if they’ve shipped you a fake. Just do yourself a favor and check over your product when you open it.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Corp. began with one man, James Dyson, an inventor and engineer from the UK. The Hoover vacuum inspired his first invention. Since then, the company has since expanded into hair products, industrial batteries, and sanitization improvements.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Like all Dyson products, the Supersonic hair dryer doesn’t re-invent so much as innovate the common design and technology behind your average hair dryer.

At the heart of this unique machine you’ll find the V9 digital motor. Capable of outputting 1600 watts of power, this lightweight, 13-blade motor propels 13 liters of air into the amplifier every second.

Unlike other blow dryers, Dyson placed the motor in the handle. The air travels into an amplifier where it’s converted into a controlled stream, like jet propulsion.

All this technology means that the hair dryer can output more heat and air with less power than other products. And the included attachments snap on magnetically, providing you the options of diffusing, concentrating, and smoothing the powerful jet stream.

Why I Like this Hair Dryer

Okay, I’ll admit that this the most expensive hair dryer on my list. But I didn’t add it because it looks cool. I found it to be an amazing product capable of drying thick hair fast, without stripping it to straw or fluffing it to frizz.

Like most Dyson products, it breaks some rules to reach its goals. This product has the lowest wattage of the bunch. And yet it delivers some of the strongest and hottest air, while also being the quietest hair dryer I’ve ever used.

On the handle you’ll find three speed settings and three heat settings, plus a cold shot. As an aside, the cold shot setting was easily the coldest on the list, well below room temperature.

At this price I know that the Dyson Supersonic is a hard sell. But the quality and unique design make it a worthy investment for consumers with the money to spare.

What Could Be Better

Weighing in at a pound and a half, the Supersonic sits at the top of my list for heaviest hair dryer. Some customers say its so well balanced that you won’t notice. But if you have weak shoulders and hands, there’re lighter options on my list.

Jinri Paris Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Jinri Paris believes that a professional hair dryer doesn’t have to cost more than your average brand. They source their part with a miser’s acumen, so you get the best product at an affordable price.

Jinri Paris Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Nowhere is that budget sensibility plainer than their beefy DC motor. Lightweight and capable of 1875 watts, this hair dryer outputs enough air to dry thick and curly hair fast.

The product comes with two air speeds and three heat speeds, so there’s plenty of customization. Plus, the cool shot button sets your style once you’ve dried your hair completely.

Jinri’s Paris Professional hair dryer packs powerful ion technology. Negative ions guard your hair from too much heat, and help to close cuticles, speeding up the drying process.

You also get diffuser and concentrator attachments with your purchase. They snap into place effortlessly and boost the longevity of your blow out.

A removable air filter staves off any unwanted hair, dust, and other detritus from entering your dryer. And the cord ships ETL approved, so you can dry your hair without worrying about shorts or spikes in power usage.

Why I Like this Hair Dryer

I was hesitant at first, but I’m glad I tried Jinri’s Paris professional hair dryer. It works surprisingly well and seems built to last longer than other products in the price range.

The ionic infrared heat does a lot of the heavy lifting here. Because of its ionic charge, the DC motor doesn’t need to output over 1875 watts. So although it seems like a lower end power rating, it performs great on thick hair.

Jinri included attachments that I’d pay for if they sold them separately. They don’t feel or look cheap. The diffuser stands out between the two as the most useful.

I recommend this hair dryer for anyone looking for a great alternative to the big box store hair dryers. It’s an ideal all-around choice.

What Could Be Better

The cool shot could be cooler. And Jinri placed the switches in an awkward spot along the handle. You’ll sometimes flip the dryer into another speed or heat by accident.

Berta Professional Salon Hair Dryer

Berta prides themselves on their customer feedback. Their company has been known to overhaul a product’s design or ergonomics if their customer reviews lambast flaws or deride something as miniscule as the packaging.

Berta Professional Salon Hair Dryer

And their professional salon hair dyer speaks to this obsession with consumer opinion. The zippy 1875 AC motor emits negative ions for enhanced drying and hair protection.

This product ships with two air speeds and three heat speeds. And if you want to set your hair, just push the cool shot button above the heat settings to freeze that perfect look.

The model has gone through a few iterations. Berta reduced the length of the nozzle and the switch position based on opinions of their customers. And they added a loop on the handle so you can hook it to your bathroom wall or inside a cabinet.

Your purchase also ships with a snap on air filter with double mesh and snazzy pink rubber frame. And the included concentrator nozzle aids in the elimination of frizzes and flyaway hairs.

Why I Like this Hair Dryer

I like Berta’s consumer policies. It’s rare that the company fosters a healthy relationship, especially with a product at this price. And the few concerns you may have about the build quality fade when you use the device.

There’s nothing cheap about this blow dryer’s performance. It outputs a strong, penetrating heat. Even on the medium setting I found it could cut through thick hair without a problem.

The negative ions blast away water faster than more expensive products I’ve tested in the past. This leads to less frizz and static, which is a common problem with thick hair types. Everything else, from the filter to the cord, work as expected.

I think for the price this is a great option. Also, Berta offers a replacement device if, within a year, your product breaks or malfunctions.

What Could Be Better

While the build quality is serviceable, I think Berta could revamp their concentrator nozzle. It doesn’t perform as well as other attachments on my list. 

Trezoro Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

Trezoro discovered the secret to super-charged ionic heating, and you can only find it in their salon-style hair dryer.

Trezoro Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

Packing the highest wattage of any motor on my list, this product boosts the potential power of ionic heating to maximize your results. You’ll experience fewer fuzzies and fewer flyaways over other blow dryers.

Ceramic heating elements smooth your hair. Instead of stripping the strands of their luster, this product amplifies that shine. Customers rave that their hair looks better after drying, which is rare for a hair dryer.

With the Trezoro hair dryer you calibrate your heat and speed settings to match your hair type. This product comes with three heat settings and two speeds, plus a cool shot.

Packaged with the tool are two concentrator nozzle attachments. They direct the ionic heat depending on hair thickness and type. That’s a rare find with any hair dryer, no matter the price.

The Trezoro professional ionic salon hair dryer has a soft-touch plastic body, non-slip handle and air intake filter for easy cleaning.

Best of all? Try this product risk-free for sixty days and return it if it does not suit your needs!

Why I Like this Hair Dryer

Out of all the dryers on my list, I like the soft-touch plastics of this one the most. And although it weighs a little more than the average, it balances well in my hand.

The turbo-charged motor soars above my other picks. But I found the heat output to be a little above average. Either way, with the help of ionic heating, thick hair dries fast and doesn’t damage.

The extras that ship along with the product are a nice touch. And the overall build quality compares to products that are double the price.

I recommend the Trezoro hair dryer for very thick hair types that require a heavy motor and ionic heating. If this hair dryer can’t dry your hair, you’re doing something wrong.

What Could Be Better

Although I mentioned that the blow dryer isn’t too heavy, if you have small arms or weak shoulders, you may notice some muscle strain after ten minutes. Thankfully, the hair dryer works so well you shouldn’t have to use it longer than that.

What to Know When Choosing the Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair

While I can direct you to the best options on the market, it’s up to you to make that final decision. Your needs when choosing the best blow dryer for thick hair are unique.

That means you need to be as informed as possible when homing in on your perfect match. So before you make your decision, read through my list of need-to-know features.

What to Know When Choosing the Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair

  • Go for High Wattage

While thinner hair types can get away with a 1500-watt blow dryer, you will not. Don’t believe the hype regarding fancy technologies and gimmicky innovations. If a hair dryer is less than 1800-watt it cannot push the amount of heat or force you need to properly dry your hair.

For best results, look for 1800 to 2000-watt hair dryers. These tools can ramp up the heat and expel water from your hair quickly. If the fates blessed you with the thickest hair this side of paradise, opt for a 2000-watt models.

  • Variable Heat and Output Settings

The average blow dryer has two speed settings and three heat settings. But that is not the only option on the market. I proffer some great products that have six heat settings and three or more speeds.

Higher heat remove moisture faster. And the shorter the time you’re drying your hair the less likely you’ll cause damage. The downside to high heat settings is that damage-prone hair can singe and split under the stress.

  • Factor in Attachments

Many of the options on this list have attachments. Namely, inside the box you’ll find a diffuser and a concentrator. The diffuser aids in the elimination of frizz. Those with curly thick hair will love this attachment. It also spreads the heat evenly across a wider surface area, evening out curls.

The concentrator serves the exact opposite function than the diffuser. Instead of spreading out the heat, this attachment focuses it to target specific portions of your hair. I think it works best on hair you’ve sectioned with hair clips for treatment.

  • Ceramic Evenly Spreads Heat

When a hair dryer boasts ceramic heating, they mean the heating element or parts surrounding the element are ceramic instead of steel or plastic. Companies argue that heat emanating from ceramic coils damages hair less than steel coils.

There are other materials used in the fabrication of heating elements, like titanium and porcelain. They range in price and have their own heating profiles.

I wouldn’t worry too much about this unless you have hair that easily damages. Either way, all the products on my list contain alternatives to the traditional steel coils.

  • Ionic Technology Benefits Thick Hair

Ionic hair dryers contain technology that emits negative ions. These ions break up the positive water molecules soaking your hair.

Basic physics tells us that smaller water molecules evaporate faster than larger ones. So the gist of this ion tech is that it dries your hair faster without upping the heat to max.

I recommend buying an ionic hair dryer if you can afford it. They often cost more than other brands. But for thick hair, I think it’s worth it. You’ll dry your hair less, resulting in less damage.

  • Factor in the Weight

The way you hold a hair dryer for extended amounts of time can tire your arms within fifteen minutes. Shaving off a few ounces may seem inconsequential, but that weight multiplies once your muscles weaken. After researching hair dryers, I found that weight often correlates with price.

The cheaper products often weight more than the professional models. Try to buy the lightest hair dryer you can afford that still provides the features you desire. Weight is not the most important characteristic, but it’s one you should always keep in mind. To help you decide, I note how heavy all my choices are in the comparison table.

  • Cool Shot Is Worth the Price Hit

A few of my top picks include a Cool Shot button. This handy feature is worth the money, especially if you notice your hair frizzes an hour after styling. Cool Shot drops the temperature of the hair dryer lower than the lowest setting on other products.

This extra low setting blasts your hair with cold hair, often colder than room temperature. Shocking your hair after drying it sets the style. After its set, the chances of a bad hair day drop significantly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Drying Thick Hair with a Hair Dryer

Buying a hair dryer for thick hair is only the beginning. You must develop the proper technique to wrangle those thick tangles, too. Below, I explain how to dry your hair in 7 easy steps.

Step 1: Towel Dry First, But not Too Much

Step 1- Towel Dry First, But not Too Much

Thin hair dries much faster than thick hair, but that’s okay because you only want your hair to be about 50% dry when you start your dryer. Spending too much time with a towel wrapped around your head or rubbing the cloth into your hair is a recipe for split ends.

Step 2: Apply a Quick-Dry Spray

Step 2 - Apply a Quick-Dry Spray

Using hair products when you’re drying your hair isn’t cheating. Truthfully, for thick hair it’s a requirement. Quick-dry sprays reduce the time you must blow dry your hair by up to half. That means you do less damage to your hair. Plus, they smell great.

Step 3: Separate Hair into Sections

Step 3- Separate Hair into Sections

Other hair types can thoughtlessly divvy their hair into three sections and be fine. But those with thick hair can’t be so glib. Take the time to separate your hair into at least five sections.

Employ some handy hair clips if you must. I know it may seem like a lot of prep, but you’ll spend less time overall if you take my advice.

Step 4: Start with Medium Heat, Low Speed then Switch to High Heat

Step 4 - Start with Medium Heat, Low Speed then Switch to High Heat

Never blast your hair with the highest temperature first. Start with medium heat and work your way from the front of your hair to the back. Focus on one section at a time, beginning at the roots and pushing the water down through your hair.

Also, thick hair requires a boar bristle brush, not those synthetic or plastic contraptions. The boar bristles cling to the hair and pull it taut without damaging the strands.

After your hair feels about 80% dry, set the blow dryer to high heat and blast out the remaining moisture.

Step 5: Apply a Protective Gloss 

Step 5 - Apply a Protective Gloss

Never finish your hair with hair spray! Companies formulate that stuff for thin hair types who need help puffing up their hair and creating volume.

You, on the other hand, have volume for days. So, you need something that wards off the effects of humidity and moisture. A gloss or balm will provide a generous hold and keep the frizzes at bay.

Step 6: Cool it Off 

Step 6 - Cool it Off

If your hair dryer has a Cool Shot feature, now’s the time to press that button. If not, the lowest setting of your hair dryer will do. Cooling your hair down after the intense heat required to dry it sets your hair.

Skipping this step, or not cooling it down long enough, reduces the time your hair will stay styled. Cool your hair down for at least ten seconds, but if your hair is thicker than an Amazon jungle, cool it down for a minute or two.

Frequently Asked Questions

To achieve desirable results with thick hair, using the right styling tools is absolutely necessary. And while you can use a flat iron to change the structure of your strands, using the right hair dryer could be useful if you want your hair to retain moisture once you’re out of the shower.

Since thick hair is more difficult to manage due to its density and immovable structure, it could be normal if you’re still suffering from feelings of doubt and are completely overwhelmed about decision-making. And if that seems to be the case, try giving the following portion a look.

Q: What kind of hair dryer is best for thick hair? 

A: If you have thick hair, you should always look into hair dryers with ionic, ceramic, or tourmaline properties. While titanium-coated hair dryers used to be a fan-favorite back in the day due to their lateral quickness, hair dryers with ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline properties eventually took over due to the number of negative ions they tend to produce.

By producing negative ions, the formerly mentioned types of hair dryers usually shield the cuticles from too much heat exposure, an attribute that is notorious for compromising hair health.

Q: How long does it take for thick hair to dry? 

A: If you end up investing in one of the formerly mentioned hair dryers, it will take around two to three minutes for your hair to go from damp to dry. However, the timeframe can vary due to multiple reasons.

For instance, if your hair type is wavy or curly, it might take a longer time for the strands to dry, especially if the hair pieces are long and dense.

My Verdict

For all the irksome qualities of thick and curly hair, you can’t deny it has advantages. And those advantages shine the brightest when your hair dries properly.

Hopefully, I’ve provided you worthy options for the best hair dryer for thick hair. All of them should be great for thick hair types. If I had to choose one as an across-the-board recommendation, I’d opt for the Trezoro Professional hair dryer. It’s affordable, sports a powerful motor, and ships with attachments that dry hair fast.

Remember that the hair dryer may be the best tool for thick hair, but it’s the person holding the tool that must learn to use it. So even if your first few attempts with a new hair dryer don’t work as you imagined, keep trying. Soon your hair will make those thin, straight hair girls shake with envy.

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