Best Hair Dryer Under $100: Affordable And High Quality Hair Dryers

Many women wonder if it is possible to find a salon quality hair dryer that is affordable. I’m here to tell you it is possible! This list has seven of the best hair dryers under $100. No reason to break the bank, you can get the perfect blow out for less than a haircut!

Hairdressers and salon owners have vouched for these products. Everyone looks for different qualities in a hair dryer. If you have naturally straight hair, you wouldn’t want to use the same dryer your friend with natural curls uses.

Many women, including me, rely on their hair dryer every day. I can’t count the times I have heard my friends and family complain about their dryer! They don’t think it’s possible to find an affordable dryer that produces salon quality results.

That isn’t true though! You can get consistent quality without breaking the bank. From curly hair, straight hair, and everything in between one of these dryers is sure to exceed your expectations. Hair dryers have come a long way in the past few years. So, stop throwing away money at a salon and buy one of these seven high-quality dryers!

Top 7 Hair Dryers under $100 Comparison Chart

Dryer ModelSettingsWarrantyCordPrice
BaBylissPRO Nano Dryer
6 Heat, 6 Speed3 Years8.8ft Check Price
Conair Iconic Hair Dryer
3 heat, 2 speed 2 Years5.25ft Check Price
KIPOZI 1875W Hair Dryer
3 heat, 2 speed Unknown8ft Check Price
NITION Negative Ions
3 heat, 2 speed 3 Months7.5ft Check Price
HOT TOOLS Salon Turbo
6 Heat, 2 SpeedUnknown8ft Check Price
Jiniri Salon Grade Dryer
3 heat, 2 speed 2 Years9ft Check Price
Magnifeko Hair Dryer
3 heat, 2 speed Unknown5ft Check Price

An In-Depth Review of the Hair Dryers under $100

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

At the top of the list is the BaBylissPro Nano. True to its name the Nano only weighs a little over one pound. Your arms won’t get tired while using this professional hair dryer! They construct this ionic dryer out of durable material and comes in a dazzling shade of blue. The blue is highlighted by the silver accents on the handle and body.

The Nano is small but meant for heavy duty drying. A 2000 watt dryer, like the Nano, is perfect for thick hair. For easy cleaning, it has a removable filter. They include a concentrator nozzle and stand with the BaBylissPro.

Even if you don’t have thick hair, this dryer is worth checking out! Using the six heat settings you can find the perfect setting for your hair. Along with the heat settings, the Nano has six speed settings giving you full control over your hair! To top it off the Nano has a cool shot button for a burst of cold air.

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My Impression

The BaByblissPro Nano is the epitome of professional blow dryers. I was able to dry my hair quickly and with no frizz! The salon can’t even do that with their old chair dryers. The adjustable settings make it easy to wear your hair any way you’d like.

I asked some of my hairdresser friends, and they were in awe of this dryer’s ability to dry fast without damaging their hair. The cool shot button is the best I’ve seen. With one press your hair is set in place and filled with volume.

I was impressed with the Nano’s ability to handle multiple styles of hair. It looks nice, has plenty of settings, and it certainly beats my salon’s dryer. This feature-rich dryer is without a doubt the best hair dryer under $100.

What I would Change

The only thing I would change on the Nano is the color options. I like the blue but would like more opportunities to match my straightener and other hair care tools. If the only thing I can critic is the color you know, it’s a good product.

Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

Conair is a respected name in salons worldwide. They are known for quality products and the Conair 1875 furthers their already great reputation.

Conair Hair Dryer

This hair dryer uses a DC motor to force out hot air at a steady speed. DC motors are generally lighter than their AC counterparts. The tourmaline and ceramic parts prevent any damage to your hair. Changing the filter on the Conair is easy, and the filter door has hinges, so you’ll never lose a piece.

A diffuser and concentrator are both included with the Conair. The dryer itself weighs one and a half pounds. Unfortunately, this dryer is currently only available in black. The color isn’t ugly by any means it just doesn’t stand out as much as some other hair dryers.

Conair’s name is associated with quality. Their dryer is made of a sturdy plastic polymer proving Conair still pays attention to the quality of their products. I know people who have had their Conair products for years!

Conair pays attention to the small things. For instance, I really like how the cold blast button locks into place. Conair’s cord is almost five and a half feet. Five feet is plenty of room for a bathroom or bedroom.

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My Impression

The Conair has earned its own place among the top hair dryers within budget. After using the Conair for a week, I wondered why I have been paying for a salon to do my blowouts! Conair hasn’t missed a single detail.

I love how the cold shot button stays pressed. The cold air really cements your style into place. I walked around the city all day, and my hair looked just as good when I got home.

The Conair is also very easy to clean. The hinged back plate flips down allowing access to the filter. Since the back plate is on a hinge, you never worry about losing it. The included diffuser added incredible texture to my hair.

I tried out the concentrator before a big dinner meeting. The results? My hair was like silk! I was very impressed. I recommend the Conair for straight and curly hair.

What could be better?

I’m not a fan of the buttons on the Conair. They aren’t as satisfying as the buttons on the BaByblissPro. I would like to see Conair release some more dryer colors.  The cord isn’t very long, yet it is still too big for a travel dryer.

KIPOZI 1875W Hair Blow Dryer


Is your dryer drying a little bit too much? Well, the Kipozi 1875W dries fast but never over dries. Kipozi products are trusted all around the world. Looking at the KIPOZI 1875, you can see why their brand has gained such a big following.

This ‘1875W’ stands for the powerful motor that powers this blow dryer. Kipozi has designed the 1875W motor to be quieter than the competition. Drying thick hair takes a lot of time and patience. The Kipozi 1875W uses ‘advanced nano ionic technology’ to quickly dry thick hair.

Kipozi has crafted a beautiful dryer. The dryer’s gold and black aesthetic is refreshing in a world full of plain dryers. The gold slowly fades into the dark black creating a classy look. Oh, and the free concentrator and diffuser are a nice touch too!

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My Impression

Kipozi has crafted a great looking and high performing dryer. I adore the colors and overall aesthetic of this professional grade dryer. The cord is eight feet, so I can start drying my hair in the bathroom and still walk to the bedroom to finish getting ready.

The included accessories are Kipozi’s way of saying ‘thanks.’ I tried a variety of hairstyles while testing this dryer. When I wanted curly and full-bodied hair, I switched to the diffuser. For frizz free straight hair, I used the concentrator.

Both attachments did a phenomenal job! Even without an attachment, the 1875W dried my hair fast. I prefer a few more speed, and heat settings but the settings the Kipozi has are well tuned. While using the Kipozi, I barely noticed any noise.

This is a great professional grade blow dryer. If you like to listen to music while getting ready, you’ll love how little noise the 1875W makes.

What could be better?

The Kipozi only has two speed settings and three heat settings. Most people probably don’t need six to eight different configurations. I like to play around with my hair styles, so the five settings just weren’t enough for me.

If you stick to one hair style, this dryer will be great! If you are like me and your style changes like the weather, then you’ll want some more settings.

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic

If you aren’t a fan of ionic dryers, then the NITION is a great alternative. The air is blown through a ceramic coated grill. They use ceramic to prevent hair from being damaged by heat. NITION also uses tourmaline, nano silver, and argan oil on the grill.

Tourmaline blows negative ions (the right kind of ion) to prevent frizzy hair. The nano silver and argan oil give your hair a gleam you can spot from across the room. Your friends won’t believe you did it yourself!

The cord is seven and a half feet long. On the bottom, there is a convenient loop for hanging the dryer when it’s not in use. Like most dryers, the NITION has the standard three heat settings and two speed settings. There is also a cool shot button for putting on the finishing touches.

It includes a two year guarantee with the NITION Negative Ion Ceramic. You can also return it in 90 days if it didn’t live up to your expectations.

My Impression

I enjoyed using the NITION. 1875 watts is a happy medium for thick and thin hair. It includes an extra filter with the NITION. It’s an easy dryer to maintain and the filter rarely needs to be changed.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a concentrator and diffuser were included. NITION’s concentrator worked great for keeping my hair straight. Both the filter and diffuser stayed attached while I was using them.

The heat and speed settings worked well for my hair. The ceramic must have worked because my hair wasn’t even slightly frizzy even on rainy days. I also think the tourmaline, nano silver, and argan oil added some shine to my hair.

What could be better?

The cord is a little too short for my taste. I expect at least eight feet of cord to walk around while drying. The diffuser comes off pretty easily which isn’t quite what I expected. Other than the diffuser falling off occasionally the NITION is an excellent hair dryer.

HOT TOOLS Signature Series

HOT TOOLS Signature Series

The HOT TOOLS Signature Series 1875 watt blower will stand the test of time. The color and design are sure to make your friends envious. The gold and black lets you know you’re getting a quality product. The HOT TOOLS 1875 watt hair dryer looks and performs like a $200 blow dryer.

The cool shot button is located on the ergonomic handle for easy access. On the side, there are two switches. One switch controls the heat and one turn the dryer on and adjusts to high or low wind speed. Holding the dryer is a dream come true. The handle is made of a soft plastic material for supreme comfort.

The HOT TOOLS Signature Series uses patented ionic technology to protect your hair. The 1875 watt fan leaves your hair with a nice shine. Blowing out your hair is fast, and I never experienced any issues with my hair being too dry.

My Impression

HOT TOOLS has an excellent reputation, and I was excited to try their product. Out of the box, I noticed this blow dryer is comfortable enough for a full-time hairdresser. The grip is better than any dryer I have seen and it feels like you are holding a cloud.

The Signature Series Turbo does use an 1875 watt motor, but it is a lot slower than my other dryers of the same build. It may take a couple squeezes of the trigger, but the cold shot will solidify your style. The heat settings are well balanced.

This is a great blow dryer under $100. It is light enough to carry on a plane. So, I will be using the Hot Tool Turbo as a travel dryer. It is very comfortable.

What could be better?

If you are a hairdresser in need of a new blow dryer for work, then the Hot Tools Turbo is a good option. For people that just want a fast blow dryer for their home, this dryer will disappoint. It takes a while to dry thick hair, but it does an excellent job in the end.

Jiniri Salon Grade Professional Hair Dryer

Jiniri Salon Grade Professional Hair Dryer

The Jiniri Salon Grade blow dryer is minimal in design. The dryer is a bold black with a white Jiniri logo on the side. This blow dryer uses ceramic to keep your hair safe from the heat.

The cord is over nine feet long! Finally, a dryer I can move around with. The cold air trigger is on the side with the other switches. A diffuser and concentrator are included as well.

The blower runs on an 1875 watt AC motor which helps cut down on noise. High, medium, and, low temperatures are accessible at the flip of a switch. The air speed has a low and high setting. All those are features you would expect from a hair dryer.

This salon grade dryer uses far infrared heat to keep your hairs natural moisture. On the top there is a blue light that emits negative ions that protect and smoothen your hair. I was excited to try both of these features!

My impression

I have never used a dryer that used far infrared, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I turned on the dryer, the inside began glowing with red light. This red light is the far infrared feature, and it heats the dryer up in an instant.

The diffuser works miracles for curly hair. The concentrator nozzle was no slouch either. It keeps your hair looking nice and flowy all day. Both attachments made great first impressions.

Cleaning the Jirin was very easy. Just pop off the back cap and dump everything out. The ceramic and tourmaline dried my locks in an even manner. I couldn’t find any remaining wet spots and my hair was definitely not brittle.

Jirin has done a great job on this professional grade dryer. The infrared protects your hair as intended. You won’t find and wet spots either. The ceramic and tourmaline help dry your hair evenly. This is a fantastic blower for under $100.

Important Concerns

Jirin advertises this dryer as being quiet. It was far from it. I could hear my dryer from across my house. New mothers will want a more baby friendly option. If you don’t mind the noise, the Jirin is an excellent choice!

Magnifeko 1875W Professional Hair Dryer


The Magnifeko is a black dryer with modern silver accents. The main controls are on the back of the handle while the cold air button is positioned as a trigger. The buttons don’t get stuck when you press them.  There is also a switch to change the dryer from 2000 watts to 1875 watts.

It feels good in your hand as the grip is very comfortable. The dryer looks and feel durable but also light. In case your dryer does break, you can always use Magnifeko’s one-year warranty. I doubt you’ll need to use the warranty.

Instead of a diffuser, Magnifeko has included two concentrator nozzles. If you have straight hair, these will be very useful! The cord is only five feet long and it’s very short compared to other dryers.

My impression

The first week went great! The concentrators worked well. My hair wasn’t frizzy at all. Magnifeko’s latest dryer worked fast too. I spent no more than three minutes drying my hair on the high watt setting. The lower watt setting seemed dry slower, but it left less wet spots.

The second week wasn’t too great. There is a reason this dryer comes with two concentrators and no diffuser. Curly hair is not compatible with this professional grade dryer. For curly hair go with the BaBybliss instead.

It is a great travel blow dryer. The cord and size both make it convenient to stuff in a suitcase or bag.

What could be better?

The cord is so short! Five feet is not nearly enough to replace my daily hair dryer. The short cord is ideal for apartments, traveling, and other tight spaces.

If you have curly hair avoid the Magnifeko. It may dry your hair fast, but it will also poof up your curly locks, and that just isn’t cool.

Things to consider while choosing the best hair dryer under $100

  • Wattage

Pay attention to the watts each hair dryer uses. Typically, they will be 1875 watts, but some go up to 2000. The more watts, the faster your air dries.

For smaller jobs, like drying bangs, lower watts are preferred. If you need to try large areas and small areas, then a variable wattage hair dryer will work great. Wattage isn’t the only thing that makes a professional grade hair dryer.

  • Settings

Settings are important too. If you have a high watt dryer, then you can always turn down the heat a little. My philosophy is the more settings, the better! Most hair dryers only have two or three settings.

However, the BaBylissPro Nano has twelve different settings. With twelve settings you can adjust your dryer to your exact needs. Dryers with a good cold shot are also something to look out for in a salon quality hair dryer.

  • Hair type

Know your hair type. People with thin hair don’t need a dryer with too much power. The last thing you want is your hair becoming brittle.

Attachments are also important. For example, a good diffuser will make your curls stand out. A bad diffuser will make your hair flat.

The same goes for concentration attachments. You don’t want to use a concentration attachment that burns your hair or makes it frizzy. If the hair dryer you want doesn’t include an attachment, you can easily buy third party nozzles.

  • Cord Length

Looking for a hair dryer for traveling? Check the cord before you buy. An eight-foot cord will not fit in your carry on. A five-foot cable is much better for busy women.

I like to walk around while getting ready. So, I always buy hair dryers with at least eight feet of cord. Any less than eight feet makes me feel like I’m stuck in one place!

Cord holders are included with some dryers. These attachments keep your cord straight, and a straight cable saves you from untangling all your wires.

  • Design and Materials

A hair dryer’s design doesn’t affect its performance. It is still important though. I hate having mismatched beauty products and tools. I try and stick with black and gold.

The materials used to make your dryer are more critical than the aesthetic. Plastic can be ok if it’s from a reputable company. Metal is the best material for a blow dryer’s case.

Weight is a factor too. You don’t want a heavy dryer if you can avoid it. The feel of the handle has made me buy and return a hair dryer. A subtly textured grip helps prevent accidental drops and burns.

  • Internals

A reliable motor is essential. You don’t want a dryer that runs fine for a week and then quits. An AC motor will create salon-quality results, but they weigh more. Dryers powered by an AC motor will typically weigh more and last longer.

A DC motor can also create spectacular blowouts. A dryer with a DC motor is more comfortable to hold for long periods. Neither one is better than the other.


If you are looking for a new hair dryer under $100, the BaBylissPRO Nano is your best option.  This dryer does it all! Regardless of hair texture and style. Because the BaBylissPro runs on 2000 watts, it can have your hair ready in no time!

Magnifeko makes an amazing dryer for straight hair. The included concentrators work well. The Magnifeko was designed to keep your hair’s natural moisture.

Hot Tools wins the award for the most stylish hair dryer. A lot of thought went into this dryer’s design. Looks aside, the Hot Tools signature series is incredible.

I reviewed seven different dryers. All seven have pros and cons, but out of the seven hair dryers discussed here, these are the three that made the biggest impression on me. Make an informed decision, check out all of them and pick the one that fits your style!

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