7 Best Hair Dryers for Fine Hair: Reviews and Buying Guide

When you’re searching for a hair dryer, the health of your fine hair rests completely in the final decision. Fine hair tends to dry out frequently. Heat can cause serious damage. It’s not rare to see fine hair frizz out and become flyaway due to static.

With your fine hair, you need to consider what kind of dryer you absolutely need. It can be an AC or DC motor since both have really positive features. It should be able to deliver a low temperature, so hair doesn’t burn. You might want to add volume. There are certain features right for that goal.

We have covered all the features that you’ll need to consider for your fine hair. It should take some of the confusion out of your choice. The work has all been done for you. All that’s left is picking the right one for you.

Top 7 Blow Dryers for Fine Hair Review

1. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

The BaByliss company’s professional division of beauty covers hair dryers. They have a PRO after their name. These are beauty devices that stylists would be proud to use. They have some great technology that has been satisfying customers for years.

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

This is a 2000-watt motor. It’s a motor that could work in a salon. That’s how durable it is. The AC motor will dry hair incredibly fast. A fast dry will help your fine hair. It won’t be subjected to any heat for long. It’s a bit heavy, but will last a long time.

With this hair dryer, you’re going to get separate air and heat settings. You’ll get high, medium, low heat, and cold shot. There are also 2 speeds. Along with the speeds, you can choose from the 4 temperature options. Your fine hair isn’t going to need the high heat, and that should be avoided.

The dryer has ceramic technology. The ceramic will generate gentle heat. Your fine hair will appreciate the ability to be gentle. It won’t get ruined. The hair dryer also has a rubberized housing. It protects the dryer from damage if it were to fall.

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Great positives

You can’t go wrong with the strength of this motor. While you don’t need a full-on strong motor, it can’t hurt to have one. You’re able to control the heat and speed for your hair. That leads to less hair issues.

The ceramic dryer has a gentle heat. It’s going to create a shiny, smooth style that has volume as well. Fine hair might need volume, but you don’t want to ruin your hair to achieve it.

Along with a gentle heat, this dryer is a pleasure to hold. It has an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip. The outer casing is a rubberized material. It can be dropped and not sustain damage.

Mild concern

Unfortunately, there is only one attachment. The concentrator nozzle is great, but there’s no diffuser. Your fine hair isn’t going to get volume that you might need without a diffuser.

2. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson isn’t a name that you’d associate with hair dryers. They’ve been around for years with their Dyson vacuums. They’ve applied their advanced motor technology to dryers, now. That can only be a terrific switch to a new type of device.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Where it stands out is in the motor. There’s a digital V9 motor in this hair dryer. You’re able to use the right amount of power for your hair. It’s not about the heat – it’s about the air speed. Your fine hair doesn’t do well with high temperatures.

The Supersonic hair dryer has 3 speed settings. It has fast drying, regular drying, and styling speeds. With this dryer, you’re getting a very precise heat. That’s not something you will see in most dryers. The high heat is 212F. Regular heat is 176F. Gentle heat is 140F. There’s also constant cold. The last 2 are what you want for your fine hair.

There are 2 attachments for the hair dryer. One is a concentrator. The other is a smoother. They are meant to focus the air in one section of the hair. That’s great for fast drying. The attachments have magnets, which keeps them stuck to the end.

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Great positives

The first thing that sticks out is the motor from this company. Dyson makes very powerful vacuums that last for a long time. They’ve received awards for their vacuums.

They have turned their attention to hair dryers. The heat settings are perfect for all hair types. You can dial in to the exact temperature you want for your hair. The constant cold as well as the 140F gentle dry are good.

These two options for heat will keep your fine hair from getting ruined. That’s important for fine hair since it can be easily damaged. It doesn’t need the high heat that coarse, thick hair does.

Mild concern

This dryer doesn’t come with a diffuser for adding volume. You can help put volume in while drying if you flip your hair upside down. It’s a shame that there isn’t a diffuser, though.

3. KIPOZI 1875W Nano Ionic Hair Dryer

This is a professional hair dryer that you can use at home. It has a strong airflow due to its motor. The dryer has other great features that will make you feel like you’ve had a blow out at a salon. That’s how you’ll feel every time you use this hair dryer.

KIPOZI 1875W Nano Ionic Hair Dryer

The motor is 1875 watts of power for incredible heat and air speed. That’s around the same wattage you get from a salon. When it comes to your fine hair, it’s more than enough to dry quickly. It won’t burn your hair, though. It has ionics for gentleness.

In fact, the heat can be changed from low to medium to high as needed. For your fine hair, you’ll want to stay in the low to medium setting. For air speed, there are 2 settings. There is soft and fast. They’re on separate buttons for customizing the air and speed to your liking.

The hair dryer comes with a diffuser for creating volume. There’s a concentrator for smoothing and styling. Along with these attachments, there are really good features. It has a removable air filter for cleaning. The handle is ergonomic. There’s a hook for hanging, too.

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Great positives

The ions are fantastic for drying hair fast. The key to fine hair is never applying too much heat. You won’t need to apply a ton of heat to your hair when using this dryer.

The diffuser will help you achieve a full look that has volume. That kind of styling will make your fine hair full of body. That’s what you want out of your hair dryer. It should look like you’ve visited a posh salon.

That’s how you’ll feel when you use this. It has other great features like a cool shot button for sealing the style. A sealed cuticle will keep your style in place throughout the day.

Mild concern

With a strong motor, the air can be very powerful. That can be overpowering for your fine hair. It will require you to use the attachments. Luckily, this dryer comes with 2 of them. Pick the one you need for your hairstyle.

4. TREZORO Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

This hair dryer from TREZORO is made with quality materials. The motor is strong. It also has the ideal amount of negative ionics for smooth, shiny hair. It’s meant to heat only enough of your hair to get rid of water droplets. You won’t be removing vital moisture from hair.

TREZORO Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

The motor is a 2200 watt DC one. A DC motor is very lightweight. It’s great for salon stylists who will be holding it all day. Your fine hair needs a low heat and low air speed. For that reason, you’ll be holding it for a few minutes. It shouldn’t cause arm strain.

The 2200-wattage motor brings the power for the heat and speed settings. They are on separate buttons. That allows you to get the right amount of air and heat. There are 3 heat buttons. They are low, medium, and high. The speeds are low and high. Between them, you’re getting a variety of heat/speed options.

Negative ions are going to flow generously from this dryer. They will envelop your hair and dry it much faster. There are 2 concentrators for directing the ions. That will keep your hair from getting tangled in the forceful air. There are 16 million ions per CM3. That’s a ton of natural moisture surrounding your hair.

Great positives

For fine hair, you have to be very careful of over-drying. Heat should be kept to a minimum. Instead of using the high heat, you can let the ions do their job. They will break up water molecules for quick drying.

The ions will also give you smooth, shiny hair. The ceramic and tourmaline are going to be gentle, too. They provide 2 benefits. There’s the gentle heat and the millions of negative ions.

The ergonomic handle and lightweight nature of the dryer will be gentle on your hand and arm, too. You can hold the dryer as long as you need to for creating a stunning style.

Mild concern

The dryer isn’t dual voltage. You will only be able to travel out of the country with this if you bring other accessories. It’s still possible to travel with this dryer to the gym or over a friend’s house.

5. JIEUSDIRECT 1875W Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer

This hair dryer from JIEUSDIRECT has a high-torque DC motor. It’s one that will last for a long time. With your fine hair, you need a hair dryer that will dry gently. It’s possible with this hair dryer. The features seem to be made especially for fine, delicate hair.

JIEUSDIRECT 1875W Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer

The DC motor has 1875 watts of power. A dryer with this amount of power can cut way down on drying time. It will last a long time, too. You don’t want to purchase a hair dryer that suddenly dies. This one will last for many years while giving you incredible style.

It has adjustable temperatures and speeds. There are 3 heat settings on this hair dryer. You’ll be able to pair that with the right amount of speed for your hair. Some people need high heat and high speed. As a person with fine, delicate hair, you want to choose the combination that works for your hair demands. There’s also a cool shot button for sealing your style.

With this dryer, you’re getting great features like ionic technology. The negative ions help to dry hair faster. They break up water molecules. The other features include a removable air filter for maintenance. There’s a really long cord as well as attachments. It comes with a concentrator and a diffuser.

Great positives

The speed and heat settings are important for a gentle hair dryer. With fine hair, you don’t want it whipping everywhere and getting tangled. High heat can actually burn delicate hair, too.

This dryer is simply a great device for all hair types. It’s able to adjust heat or air speed for what your hair demands. It comes with a concentrator for drying select sections. The diffuser spreads the air and heat while creating volume.

Extras like a cool shot button and removable air filter are great. They will help you maintain your healthy hair and maintain the dryer at the same time. The removable filter will help your dryer last for years.

Mild concern

Some cold shot buttons have to be held down to get cool air. That’s the case with this hair dryer. It would be more convenient if the cool shot button worked differently. It’s still going to be a great hair dryer even with this tiny flaw.

6. BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

BaByliss is a company that has many styling devices that customers love. They feature technology that works for home users as well as salon stylists. You’re going to find that this company cares about the tools they deliver to consumers. This is especially true with this lovely bright-red dryer.

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

It has a 1900-watt motor. The motor is powerful enough to provide a huge amount of infrared heat. The technology helps hair dry quickly. It does so without a ton of damage, too. The far-infrared heat dries hair from the inside out. That helps it retain moisture.

The negative ions will eliminate frizz. Negative ions will break apart water molecules, too. This helps to dry hair faster. You’re not just waiting for heat and air to remove the water. The tourmaline and titanium are part of what produces negative ions. It leaves hair silky and smooth, too.

With this hair dryer, you’re getting 3 heat settings. They are low, medium, and high. There’s a cold shot button, too. That’s actually 4 temperature options. The speed is low and high. It gives you plenty of heat and air speed options. Your delicate hair won’t be over-dried. The dryer includes a concentrator attachment.

Great positives

Tourmaline and titanium are a terrific mixture of materials for ions. The titanium is coated with tourmaline for a gentle heat full of ions. They are going to make your hair very soft.

Negative ions eliminate frizz and dryness. They help optimize the heat and speed choices for delicate hair. That includes thin or damaged hair, too. The concentrator will keep hair from flying all over.

All of these things are great for a person with fine hair. The heat and the cold shot button are going to be super gentle for your fine hair. Lots of ions and a gentle heat keeps hair from becoming tangled while drying, too.

Mild concern

This hair dryer is a vibrant bright red. The paint fades over time, unfortunately. It’s going to fade like many colors can over a few years. Traditional black hair dryers can have a problem with fading, too.

7. NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer with Diffuser

This lightweight hair dryer has a really lovely color. There are plenty of features that you’ll adore in this hair dryer. It’s gentle as well as nourishing for your fine, delicate hair. It has plenty of extras that you won’t find in other styling devices.

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer with Diffuser

The motor is 1875 watts. That powers the air speed and temperature needed to dry your hair. It won’t cause damage even though it’s very strong. The motor isn’t very noisy, either. It’s a blow dryer you can use every day without waking up everyone in the house.

With this motor, it’s powering the ionic technology. The air blows through the outlet grill, which produces ions. The grill is ceramic coated along with nano silver and tourmaline. There’s Argan oil for nourished hair. There are 3 heat settings; low, medium, and high. There are 2 speeds. The heat and speed options are on separate buttons.

This compact, lightweight hair dryer includes 3 attachments. Many blow dryers have one or two. This one has a diffuser for creating volume. There’s a comb for brushing hair while drying. It has a concentrator for really focused drying. It has a 7.5 foot power cord and a loop for hanging.

Great positives

The attachments fit on the end of the dryer perfectly. It’s a wide diameter for more air through the attachments. The diffuser is especially wide and able to provide incredible volume.

Negative ions flow freely from the barrel. The grill has Argan oil as well as other materials. All the materials are delivering an incredible amount of softening ions to your hair.

It’s also helping hair to dry much faster. With less heat applied, the drying is still faster than some other dryers. You’re able to get away with a fraction of the heat in your fine hair.

Mild concern

If used on the high setting, the outer part of the barrel can become very hot. That’s not going to be a problem for those with fine hair. You will be using it on a low setting.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Hair Dryer for Your Fine Hair

Fine hair has to be cared for properly. That goes for the type of shampoo and conditioner as well as whether you should be applying heat. Fine hair is prone to heat damage and breakage. Fine hair can be limp if you’re not careful, too. There are other things to consider before choosing a hair dryer.

  • Is Ionic Conditioning Good for Fine Hair?

One of the first things someone might say about fine hair is that it’s prone to damage. You shouldn’t be adding ionic conditioning unless your hair has an issue. It’ll end up flattening your hair.

Women with fine hair want to give it volume. That’s not something you’ll get with ionic conditioning. Stay away from ion technology if you need volume in your limp hair.

  • Materials for Gentle Application of Heat

The best thing for thin, fine hair is even heat. That comes from using materials like ceramic or porcelain. The heat shouldn’t vary as you’re blow drying your hair.

Blow dryers for fine hair will cater to the demand for light, even heat. The ceramic and porcelain materials have a bit of natural ions. Those natural ions will break up water molecules for faster drying.

  • What About Infrared Technology?

A dryer that details infrared heating will be gentler on hair, too. People don’t often know when to stop drying their hair. The hair is being brushed while it’s hot. The hair is usually dry long before people stop. That’s very damaging.

The infrared heat will dry hair from the inside. This leads to less over-drying of the outside. It’s gentler on hair and won’t cause serious damage from too much heat.

  • Wattage Needed for Fine Hair

Those with coarse, thick hair that’s hard to dry will need a powerful device. Fine hair doesn’t have the same demands as coarse hair. You won’t need 2000 watts when drying at home.

For home devices used with fine hair, a device that ranges from 1300w to 1875w is powerful enough. You’re going to be drying on a lower speed with lower heat. It doesn’t need a strong wattage dryer. You’ll just need a dryer that lasts.

  • Attachments for Your Delicate Hair

There are more than a few attachments for all hair textures and styles. For your fine hair, you can use any of the attachments. They’ll have a varied impact on the hair depending on what you want.

A concentrator will focus the air on a specific section. That’s perfect for ensuring that you’re not over-drying your hair. The diffuser will help create lift and volume. It’s not just for curly hair. There’s also combs and smoothing attachments. They will help focus the air as needed.

  • Extra Features for Hair Demands

The best hair dryer for fine hair will have great features like separate heat and speed buttons. It allows you to vary the heat and speed independently. The cool shot button will seal the cuticle and keep your style going throughout the day.

Other features like a long cord or a filter are good for everyone – not just fine-haired women. The cord will help you style just about anywhere. You should consider whether you need a travel dryer or not, too. For that, you might need dual voltage.

Guide to Drying Your Fine Hair Without Damaging It

Step 1 – The first step starts in the shower. You want to use the right shampoo and conditioner for your delicate locks. Make sure it has the right kind of conditioning for your hair’s texture. It shouldn’t weigh down fine, delicate hair, so that it’s limp.

Step 2 – Don’t leave the towel wrapped around your hair too long. Many stylists agree that leaving the towel on hair can lead to damage. Use a softer towel for less time. You don’t want to create any undue friction.

Step 3 – If possible, leave your hair to get almost all-the-way dry naturally. Air drying is the healthiest way to dry. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to wait that long for it to dry. If you can’t wait for air drying, towel dry as much as possible before using a dryer.

Step 4 – Add heat protectant all over your head. From front to back, you’ll want that protection before applying heat. You can part your hair and create sections. Many people forget the back of the hair, or don’t apply enough.

Step 5 – Depending on the wetness of your hair, you should be delaying application of a brush. First, start with the air on high and the heat as low as possible. You’ll want to be sure it’s not too wet when you do this. Whipping your hair around can cause damage, too. Don’t use the brush until your hair is about 80% dry.

Step 6 – Use the concentrator or diffuser on your hair. The concentrator focuses the air and heat on precise sections. You won’t blow hair wildly, or overheat it. It’s important for a smooth finish. The diffuser will do the same except it will create volume.

Step 7 – Separate your hair into sections. Start at the roots when drying. Massage the roots while lifting to create the volume you want. You’ll start at a low temp and speed. You can flip your hair upside down to get more volume.

Step 8 – When hair is almost dry, it’s time to think about styling. You can use a rounded brush to create curls. This is when you might use a big brush for straightening. It’s going to be the base of your style.

Step 9 – Once hair feels almost dry, it’s time to lower the heat. You don’t want to over-dry it. Using the cool shot button will add shine and dimension to your hair. That will seal the cuticle.

Step 10 – You’re done. It’s now time to add a bit of light hair spray to hold your style.


The best dryer for fine hair is going to have features that make your hair healthier. Fine hair is thin and delicate. You have to be so careful with regard to the heat as well as the air speed. Whipping your hair around wildly can lead to tangles and broken hair.

It’s important that the dryer has the right technology for the health of your hair. Don’t skimp on the features. Damaged hair is hard to fix. It’s better to avoid damage altogether. Any of the hair dryers we’ve mentioned would be fantastic for fine hair.

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