Best Hair Dryers With Diffuser For Curly Hair: 7 Handy Tools For Your Budget!

Having a hair dryer in your post-shower routine can be a great way to transform your straight-cut damp hair into thick and shiny layers in a matter of minutes. However, for those with curly hair, it isn’t as easy.

Curly hair is mainly known for having tons of flair, containing tons of size and volume to remain aesthetically appealing. However, despite growing the thickest and densest hair strands, curly hair is prone to damage. While hydrating masks and oils can be two go-to practices to protect your curls from losing their appeal, having a hair dryer with a convenient diffuser can also be the perfect tool for styling and maintenance.

Hair dryers come in various shapes and wattage levels, and are often great at adding more elevation around the roots. However, hair dryers with diffusers protect the layers from dehydration, heat damage, and are much more dependable for creating curls. They also allow the curls to sustain their natural patterns.

While the number of hair dryers with diffusers is plenty, ideal results can only be created using a handful of options. Additionally, if you’re open to taking suggestions, consider going through my very own list of the 7 best hair dryers with diffusers for curly hair!

Summary Overview

Throughout this article, I will be discussing the functions, benefits, and drawbacks of 5 ideal hair dryers with diffusers, also known as hair diffusers, that cater to curly hair. I’ll also be providing my two cents on the product, which will solely be based on the encounters my hair had with each diffuser.

Furthermore, if you’re in desperate need of a hair diffuser for your curls, but opened this article without any prior research, consider taking help from the table mentioned below.

Model Name Watt-level Suitable for
Shark HyperAir 1680-watts 3a – 4c curls
Aniekin 1875 watts 3a – 3c curls
Revlon 1875 watts 3b – 4c curls
CONAIR 1875 watts 3a – 4c curls
Wavy Talk 1875 watts 3a – 3b curls
Bed Head 1875 watts 3c – 4a curls
NITION 1875 watts 4a – 4c curls

7 Top-notch Hair Dryers With Diffusers for Curly Hair: An Honest Take

If you opened this article with little to no research, the previous segment comprising a straightforward overview can help you keep up with the speed.

Additionally, if you’re in dire need of a hair dryer with a top-notch diffuser that won’t dry out your curls after every use, don’t forget to move on to the next portion.

The following entries are my recommended hair dryers with diffusers that can take care of your curly hair for an extensive period of time. It features a compilation of the useful elements that each hair dryer offers to curls, with a blend of the experience I had when putting them to the test.

Shark HyperAir

The first recommended pick on my list is the Shark Hyperair, which might require you to spend a little more, but will also reward you accordingly. Really.

Shark’s Hyperair has a sleek, lean and compact hardware. The device is quite easy to use, fitting in the palm of my hand perfectly. The build is also quite lightweight with a simple button configuration, which I feel can help those that are technologically handicapped as well as the newbies to grooming. The weightless feel also allowed me to use the device without rushing and brought zero cramps in return as well.

Shark HyperAir

This hair dryer is an excellent pick for straight-cut looks, but is the best option for curls and waves. Since the Shark Hyperair dryer is a natural at generating negative ions, the diffuser curled my hair with tons of moisture and volume.

The device adjusted itself multiple times during the curling session to provide the right amount of temperature using Heat Control and HyperAIR IQ technology, allowing my hair to create playful and bouncy curls with low signs of damage. In total, it took me around 5 to 6 proper minutes to diffuse my short length hair into an incredible head of curls.

Among the three heat settings, I resorted to the lowest setting possible for my thin-shaped curls. For shoulder length or longer shafts, be sure to take help from the medium and high settings. Don’t worry about the temperature, however, since the HyperAir will adjust to your curls using Intelligent Heat Control.

I also found the cool shot button quite helpful, as it allowed my dry hair to retain moisture. The cool-shot button can also come in handy if you’d like your curls to have more shine and look healthier.

In retrospect, I quite liked using Shark’s HyperAir for my 3a curls, and definitely feel that its diffuser is the star of the show. Formed with HyperAir technology, and Intelligent Heat control, this device will bring in curls without damaging the mane.

The device is also relatively efficient due to having an 1675 watt motor. The button placement looks odd from afar, but seems about right in real life. And although the device does lose points against the rest due to having bulky attachments and a high price tag, Shark’s Hyperair has a diffuser that covers more ground than the rest of the options, and comprises materials that can last for a long period of time.


  • Has long lasting materials that can cater to 3a to 4c curls.
  • Simple and easy button placement.
  • Excellent diffuser that runs big in size.
  • Curls the hair with tons of moisture.
  • Premium build that feels light in the hand.


  • Bulky attachments that seem too big for the item itself.

Aniekin Hair Dryer

Aniekin is definitely an underdog in the world of hair care, but is the best budget-friendly hair dryer with an extraordinary diffuser, making it the perfect styling tool for curly heads.

While its price tag was the first thing that gravitated me into adding this to my cart, its mechanics also moved me once I tried it out. The matte-based plastic housing of the hair dryer is quite soothing on the eyes, but its awkward button was a hard feature to get used to, which could very well be a challenge to many.

Aniekin Hair Dryer

Anikien’s hair dryer is quite beneficial when you take its size into account, making it a suitable sidekick if you travel as much as I do. The weight is just as convenient and didn’t feel overwhelming when I used the device to create curls.

Generating curls was a walk in the park with this device, thanks to its 1875-watt motor. The diffuser worked wonders for my hair and added tons of shine using Ionic properties, but took more time than the Shark HyperAir due to its compact dimensions.

In contrast to the diffusers provided by the other contenders on this list, this diffuser felt poorly made. In total, it took this hair dryer with a diffuser around 12 to 15 minutes to bring in healthy curls.

What really sets this hair dryer with a diffuser apart from its competitors is the cord attached at the bottom, which provides tons of flexibility and allows an overwhelming amount of control.

However, while its heat settings can aid beginner curls and even live up to the expectations of medium-length curls, this device could be a liability on long curls, mainly due to its compact build. Anieken also lacks credibility as a brand, which can turn heads quite quickly.

All in all, despite the odd button placement and being ineffective on long curls, I strongly believe in the Anieken hair dryer’s abilities of being a trustworthy companion for curls. The device produces negative ions, has multiple heat settings with a cool shot button, and carries a convenient price tag, all of which can make your curls glow like never before.


  • Incredible handling with flexible cord.
  • Matte-based housing with premium build.
  • Takes 12 to 15 minutes to create healthy-looking curls.
  • Suitable for medium-length to short curls.
  • Has an affordable price tag.


  • Anieken lacks credibility as a brand.
  • Not effective on long-length curls.

Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer

Revlon’s Infrared hair dryer can also be a top-grade option for curls, especially if you have a moderately-low budget. The hardware of this device may be the farthest thing from being appealing from the outside, but its ability to bring out curls is an element that I wholeheartedly support.

Revlon’s Infrared hair dryer contains a plastic housing that lacks grip. However, its button placement seems more natural in contrast to the complex configuration of Anieken, and contains more understandable settings than Shark’s HyperAir.

Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer

The device offers two heat and speed settings around the backside of the handle, and a cool shot button in the front, both of which can be easy to fathom and experiment with for amateurs. In addition to adding a diffuser for creating curls, the Revlon Infrared hair dryer also provides sectioning clips to ensure an even distribution of heat.

Revlon’s hair dryer allows Tourmaline technology and Infrared technology to take the lead when drying hair, which can lead to the existence of healthy curls. The device generated bouncy 3a curls on my hair in a matter of minutes, which definitely happened due to its triple ceramic-infused coating.

Alongside the price tag of this device, I admire the precision of its diffuser. It feels quite generous on the scalp, and creates healthy curls with zero signs of frizz and damage. The infrared technology can also be a great aspect to look forward to if you’d like to keep this bad boy around for a long time.

However, if you’re seeking something that won’t feel hectic to hold on to for a long period of time, try looking into the other options, since this device is hefty when compared to the rest of the options. The device also heats up rather quickly, which can expose you to burns if you’re not careful enough.


  • Understandable button placement.
  • Creates healthy curls with zero damage using infrared technology.
  • Provides sectioning clips for tighter curls.
  • Most suitable for 3a curls.
  • Outstanding at removing frizz.


  • Heats up quickly, exposing the scalp to damage.
  • Lacks grip and feels a bit heavy to use.

Conair InfinitiPRO

A premium hair dryer that can bring curls for days is InfinitiPRO’s full body and shine hair dryer, by none other than Conair.

Conair has always been a noteworthy brand in the fashion scene for their abilities of manufacturing high-grade styling tools, and the InfinitiPRO hair dryer seems to add to its already-positive brand image. It is curated with a premium-quality matte-based outline draped in a concentrated hue of jet black. The rear of the dryer features a vibrant scheme of rose gold, which can be an asset for visually-oriented buyers.

Conair InfinitiPRO

Using this hair dryer to create curls was a breeze for me, especially with the help of its titanium technology. The feature allowed the device to accumulate tons of heat in a quick succession, which enabled me to save tons of time in return.

The diffuser of this tool is quite sizable, containing large spikes with tons of circumference. It covers tons of ground, and rewarded me with tons of texturized curls after I used it on my damp hair! My curls also looked much more voluminous and healthy under the guidance of this Conair’s diffuser and hair dryer.

Conair’s InfinitiPRO is a must-have for any type of curl, as it’s truly a one-man army. In total, the device comprises three heat settings, catering to fine tresses as well as coarse strands. In addition to having two dedicated heat settings, the hair dryer also contains a uniform cold shot button, which can be an essential component for denser curls lacking hydration.

Longevity is definitely something that this hair dryer assures, primarily with its easy going upkeep routine. At the back of the nozzle is a detachable filter which accumulates residue and gunk, shielding the device from an unexpected power loss and drop in consistency.

For its value, Conair’s InfinitiPRO hair dryer can be a great tool to style your curls with. It contains an effective diffuser that can bring forward laid back and voluminous curls with tons of shine, in under a couple of minutes.

And although it contains a peculiar button placement that could be as difficult to comprehend as the dryer of Anieken mentioned prior, the device makes up for that element with a time-friendly curling session with exceptionally elevated results, and an easy-to-follow maintenance routine.


  • Has a diffuser with tons of spikes; covers more regions of the scalp.
  • Removable filter that is easy to clean.
  • Durable build with high-end materials.
  • Good for creating smooth curls with little to no moisture.
  • Faster than the rest due to having titanium technology.


  • Complex to use for the buttons.

Wavytalk Professional Ionic Dryer

If you’d like to maximize your curls and transform them into beachy, voluminous waves, Wavy Talk’s hair dryer has to be a candidate on your list. It worked perfectly with the silhouettes and structure of my 3a curls, but could struggle to work around a heavier set.

In addition to being quite fast, the device is also quite beneficial for the scalp. It is infused with blue ray technology that claims to balance out the PH levels of one’s scalp, although it was hardly evident in real life.

Wavytalk Professional Ionic Dryer

The device is quite compact, but contains way too many button configurations on its handle. This seems like a concerning trait in my eyes, as it can easily lead to accidental power ups.

This tool still remains a promising first-purchase in my eyes, mainly due to how easy it is to execute. Despite being congested, the buttons are quite specific and seem simple enough to comprehend, even for newbies. Among the 6 options of heat and speed settings, the most ideal duo for curly hair is the combo of medium heat with low speed.

The blue ray properties can also help those suffering from hair loss and shedding.

In contrast to most on this list, it’s quite cheap too, making it an ideal option if you’ve got a beginner-like budget. The device is also the best budget-option on this list, thanks to its highly effective auto shut-off system.


  • Creates long lasting curls.
  • Ideal for creating beachy waves.
  • Balances PH levels with blue ray technology.
  • Infused with Ceramic and Ion technology.
  • Has an automatic shut-off system


  • Underwhelming materials.
  • Complex handle with many buttons.

Bed Head Diffuser Hair Dryer

There’s only a handful of styling tools that only serve the purpose of a hair diffuser, one of which is Bed Head’s hair diffuser, a good option for beginner curls.

The housing of this device runs compact, which can blend well with the dimensions of any palm. It feels quite lightweight to use, but comprises low-grade materials that I wasn’t quite fond of.

Bed Head Diffuser Hair Dryer

In addition to being a styling tool that strictly abides by the art of diffusing hair for bringing in curls, the Bed Head diffuser also offers a nozzle with ionic technology which can still bring crinkle cut curls on coarse hair. The low heat setting works best with 3a curls, while the high and medium cater to springy strands that have more volume and sharpness.

A selling point of this tool is surely the technological features it offers for the budget. It does lack a cool shot button, however, which absorbed tons of moisture from my hair when I used it.

I also gravitated towards the accessible removable filter of this device, which is pretty easy to clean. Since it accumulates residue, cleaning the device took me a minute and a couple of swipes!


  • Compact and comfortable in the hand.
  • Perfect for beginner curls.
  • Generous diffuser with hair-friendly spikes,
  • Inexpensive diffuser with favorable technological means like ionic technology.
  • Removable filter that can be cleaned with a swipe.


  • It lacks a cool shot button.
  • Comprises poor-quality materials.

NITION Ceramic Hair Dryer

The final contender on my list is NITION’s ceramic hair diffuser, which is often perceived as the best possible option for dry and frizzy curls. The nozzle is infused with argan oil, one of the best hydrating agents that can be utilized during maintenance.

NITION’s structure runs compact, curated with narrow and curvy silhouettes. Just like the rest of the compact diffusers, NITION’S hair diffuser feels like a walk in the park to control and navigate through a curly mane.

Nition Ceramic Hair Dryer

Although it is formed with an 1875 watt motor, the styler falls short of delivering the same speed as most options on this list. Nonetheless, if you have tight curls, relying on this one-man army should be sufficient.

The lengthy swivel cord of this styling tool provided me with tons of reach, which made navigation easier. The diffuser, on the other hand, was large enough to cover the circumference of my scalp, but lacked enough spikes to create enhanced textures on the ends of my curl.

Just like the former option, NITION’S hair diffuser is quite simple to look after. The rear-end of the nozzle contains a detachable component which stores gunk, water particles and dust. A single rinse is effective to make the hair diffuser as good as brand new, especially if a cleaning brush is used.

Not all is sunshine and rainbows with this device, as the attachments run a bit big. However, as long as you apply the right amount of pressure, creating curls on 4a hair, as well as 4c hair, should be as easy as squeezing a lemon.


  • Narrow design with a lengthy, and comfortable handle.
  • Huge diffuser with a 7.5ft cord.
  • Hydrates hair with a nozzle infused with argan oil and tourmaline.
  • Removable rear for optimal cleaning.
  • Good for creating tight curls.


  • The attachments feel a bit loose. Requires extra pressure for optimal performance.

Curls 101: Using A Diffuser To Blow Dry Curly Hair

Using A Diffuser To Blow Dry Curly Hair

A hair dryer with a diffuser can be the bestest friend to have if you struggle with managing your curls. Additionally, it can also be an effective way of retaining moisture and creating trendy looks with your curls.

While investing in one of the items I’ve mentioned earlier should be enough to say goodbye to bad hair days with your frizzy and damaged curls, things won’t pay off nor improve if you don’t know how to use diffusers properly. And if you’re new to using diffusers for blow drying hair, don’t forget to take help from the guide I’ve placed below!

Wash your hair 

Co-washing every other day and shampooing once a week can be an ideal hair care routine to abide by with curls, regardless of how thin or coily the strands may be.

However, if you’re planning on using a diffuser, shampooing is necessary.

Often, failing to do so leads to a dry scalp, which can eventually weigh down or dehydrate the strands. Not washing your curls beforehand can also hamper the results, and leave residue around the spikes of the diffuser.

Use a leave-in conditioner and/or curling cream 

Once your hair is damp, you may apply leave-in conditioner to provide the strands with some nutrition. This step could be optional for 3a curls, as they’re usually known for accumulating moisture. However, if you have thick, coily, curly hair, a leave-in conditioner will make the strands frizz-free and healthy, shielding it from breakage.

Additionally, if your leave-in conditioner has paraben or other agents that make curls a hassle to wear, you may use curling cream to introduce some natural polish and volume. I personally use Cantu’s hydrating curling cream before using a diffuser, which typically makes the texture of my hair more rich and presentable.

On another note, if your hair falls under the category of 4b to 4c, use argan oil around the ends to make the strands more compliant and manageable.

Dry your roots first 

Many believe in starting with the ends when it comes to using a diffuser on curls. However, in reality, you should always start with the roots, mainly due to how prone they are to dryness.

Once the hair product is a little damp, place the spikes of the diffuser on the frontal region of the scalp. A good dryer and diffuser that can prove to be beneficial in this case is the Shark HyperAir, which has a bulky diffuser. Move on to dealing with the roots after the curls form on top.

Use the scooping method

Many stretch their curls against and towards the grain with a diffuser to create more texture, which could be quite harmful overall. In reality, that method only exposes the cuticles to more friction, leading to hair damage and temporary shedding as a result.

Scooping is a method in which the diffuser is placed under the ends of the shaft for stress-free and voluminous curls. On top of protecting the layers from becoming prone to breakage, the scooping method is acknowledged for its ability to create dense-looking and bouncy curls.

In total, it takes around 10 to 12 minutes for the scooping method to dry the hair with springy, bouncy, or coily curls. However, if you have long hair, the duration could extend by a tad bit.

Use more hair product if required 

If you don’t know by now, moisture is the leading contributor to curls. And though using items like leave-in conditioners and curling creams should be a part of the pre-styling process, you can also bring them in during the closing minutes to make your curls more lively and dense.

Furthermore, on certain occasions, you may also use hair mousse for some extra control and added volume, especially if you’d like an alternative sealing agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still feeling quite indecisive, but would eventually like to go forward with buying a diffuser for your curls, try using the following set of questions and answers for more guidance.

Q: What is the purpose of using a diffuser on curly hair?

A: When used with a hair dryer, a diffuser allows the strands to maintain and reprise their authentic pattern. A diffuser is also a specialist in reducing frizz and always allows the hair to retain moisture, an agent that enables curls to look healthy, shiny, and resilient.

Q: Can I purchase a good hair diffuser for curly hair with a budget of $50?

A: You’ll always find a good hair diffuser irrespective of how much you’re willing to spend. However, if you’re working with a moderately-low budget, know that 4 of the styling tools covered in the previous segments won’t even cost you more than $50!

Final Takeaway

All in all, as long as you have a hair dryer with a diffuser, maintaining as well as trying out different looks with your curly hair should be minutes away. And if you’d like to learn about the best hair diffusers, also known as hair dryers with diffusers, for curly hair, don’t forget to peep through the list I mentioned in this article.

If I were to make a pick, I’d obviously resort to Shark’s HyperAir. It’s quite expensive, sure, but it also has self-sufficient technological means that can adapt to anyone’s hair without causing any breakage or split ends. I also like how simple the button configuration is, the comb it provides for volume, and its sizable diffuser.

Additionally, if there was a close second, it would be Conair’s InfinitiPRO for obvious reasons. Despite being so affordable, Conair’s InfinitiPRO feels almost as good as a high-end styling tool. Creating curls with this tool barely took me over 15 minutes, due its ionic and ceramic properties. The device also has a tight diffuser with many spikes, which can help those that like tight and concentrated curls.

Long story short, all five of the formerly-mentioned hair dryers can be great diffusers for your curly hair. All you have to do is pick a candidate that pairs well with your hair care routine and your hair type.

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