7 Best Hair Dryers with Diffuser in 2022

Natural curly hair needs help staying beautiful. The way it spirals out of your scalp can be altered by using the wrong devices for styling. It’s important to have the right device as well as the right accessories. That includes the right hair dryer with technology and the right attachments.

The best hair dryer with diffuser is going to improve the look of your hair. It’s going to have the right technology that will deliver shine and moisture. At the same time, it’ll remove frizz and static. That’s a lot to ask of one styling device.

It might seem a bit daunting to find a dryer that does all of that. That’s why we’ve broken down the top dryers with diffuser attachments. It’ll help you make a decision.

Top 7 Hair Dryer with Diffuser Reviews

1. NITION Durable AC Motor Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer

NITION has some really great styling tools including this hair dryer. It’s a salon-quality dryer that you can use in the comfort of your home. The motor in this dryer really shines. It’s an AC motor that is 1875 watts. The AC motor can last a long time. It’s heavy compared to the DC motor, but it has a longer life.

NITION Durable AC Motor Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer

It has nano silver and other elements on the air outlet grill. There’s tourmaline and Argan oil on the grill, too. These materials are known for their production of ions. You’ll get the ionic technology you need for healthier-looking hair. It helps hair dry faster and evenly distributes heat, too.

The hair dryer has 3 heating options. They’re low, medium, and high. There’s a separate button for speed. There are 2 speed options to combine with the heating options. There’s also a cool shot button. The button can be changed from cool to warm for even more drying options.

Attachments are important for styling your hair. If you have curly hair, you’ll need a diffuser. This hair dryer has a diffuser that will cover more space. It’s meant to define your curls and waves. There’s also a comb for sleek styles. Lastly, it comes with a concentrator. That’s used for precision styling.

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Great positives

Men and women with curly hair will appreciate this dryer with the diffuser. It has 3 heat options as well as a cool shot button with 2 more. It’ll help with fine or thick hair.

You don’t want to apply too much heat to your curls. They can become dry and brittle. Fortunately, this hair dryer has ionic technology, too. There’s tourmaline and nano silver in the grill.

With a diffuser and ions, your curls will be soft and healthy. It can actually be healthier to dry with this dryer than it would be to air dry those curls. There won’t be any static or frizz.

Mild concern

This dryer isn’t dual voltage. You won’t be able to take the dryer out of the country without a converter and adapter. It’s worth traveling with a favorite dryer, though. You don’t want to mess up your curls on vacation.

2. Sabuy 2200W Professional Hair Dryer

This isn’t a company we’ve heard of before this. Many times unknown companies actually try much harder to capture our attention. That’s the case here. The Sabuy dryer has 2200 watts of power. That’s on level with many professional dryers. It’s very quiet at 68dB, too.

Sabuy 2200W Professional Hair Dryer

It has ionic and ceramic technology. That’s going to condition your curls and waves. It’ll make them incredibly shiny and smooth. There won’t be any frizz or damage that could ruin your curl pattern. Ions will help with drying time, too. That’s important when you’re using a diffuser on low air speed.

The dryer has 3 heat settings. There’s low, medium, and high for heat. For your curls, you’ll likely use the low heat. There are 2 air speeds available in this dryer. The low speed is likely to be used more with your curly strands. There’s a cool shot button, too. That will set the curls.

There are attachments for styling your hair. Of course, you’ll be looking for a diffuser for your waves or curls. The diffuser with this hair dryer is wide to help dry hair faster without blowing your curls straight. It also comes with two concentrators for smoothing hair in case you do want to straighten the curls.

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Great positives

Negative ions are important to keeping your hair frizz-free. Eliminating frizz and static will make your curls look softer and feel healthier. Ions can help dry hair faster, too. That’s great for getting out of the house quickly.

It has 3 attachments that will help with styling. There’s the diffuser for curls and waves. It’s fairly wide, so it’ll dry more hair than small diffusers. There’s a smoothing concentrator and a styling concentrator.

These attachments are ideal for straightening and smoothing. If you want to move curls, you can use either attachment. They’re able to deliver a good amount of ions to your hair.

Mild concern

The cool shot button doesn’t work unless you hold it down. That can be uncomfortable when you want to cool down lots of hair. It’s what you’ll find in many hair dryers, though.

3. Xtava 1875w Pro Salon Grade Professional Dryer for Curly Hair

The Xtava brand is one that is fairly well-known. They have a few different styling tools that cater to a woman’s hair needs. This blow dryer has an 1875w motor. That’s a strong motor that will last for many years. That’s important. You don’t want to get a dryer that breaks.

Xtava 1875w Pro Salon Grade Professional Dryer for Curly Hair

This dryer is meant to control frizz. Curly hair can get frizzy and practically explode. You want a dryer that will tame the curls and show them off in the best light. The curls will be shiny and free of frizz and static when you’re done with this dryer each day.

There are a variety of heat and fan speeds with this device. You get 3 heat settings and 2 speeds. There’s high, medium, and low heat. That’s vital to the health of your hair. Fine hair doesn’t need the same temp as thick hair to dry. Overheating is a serious problem for hair’s health. There are 2 air speeds to go with the heat.

The device comes with a concentrator for giving a shiny style in certain areas. It’s mostly used to smooth hair and concentrate the air and heat in one area. It gives you more control of the hair quality. The dryer can be paired with the amazing Black Orchid Diffuser.

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Great positives

There are a variety of speed and heat options with this hair dryer. It has 3 heat and 2 speeds. It’ll help you dry your hair quickly with no damage. Whether you have fine or thick hair, the dryer will adjust as you need it to.

Along with the heat and speeds, there’s a cool shot button, too. That will set your hair for the day. The device was created to combat frizz and maximize shine in your hair. That happens with the interior workings of this dryer.

The concentrators are meant to narrow the focus of the dryer. It won’t blast your hair wildly. Hair can tangle or curls can get whipped out of control without a concentrator. It’s a good way to keep your hair beautiful without the diffuser.

Mild concern

There’s no included diffuser with this device. You’ll have to buy the diffuser separately. It’s worth the extra cost, though. The diffuser is incredible. You’re not going to find a diffuser like the Black Orchid with other dryers.

4. Bed Head Curls in Check Hair Dryer

This hair dryer has some wild colors. It’s definitely a fun dryer from a fun company. The name of the company “Bed Head” says it all. The color combination doesn’t seem like it would work, but it does. They have plenty of great styling tools by this company.

The diffuser hair dryer is made specifically for curly hair. It has tourmaline ceramic technology. It will generate millions of negative ions. Those will combat the positive ions in dry hair. Frizzy, dry hair can be smoothed with ion technology.

In this dryer, you’re getting 3 heat options and 2 speeds. That will help keep hair healthier. The high heat works with thick hair and the low heat is good for fine hair.

You’ll be able to pick the heat option that doesn’t hurt your hair. The right heat can be really kind to your curls. Especially if you use a heat protectant for your curls.

A large drying surface is where this dryer stands apart from the competition. The diffuser is wide, too. It has over 10 fingers for separating and drying curls without blowing them out. Natural curls and waves stay intact while the diffuser helps them dry faster.

Great positives

There are multiple heat and air options for this dryer. It has a powerful motor that will last for a long time. It’s able to achieve the best hair styles for all kinds of hair.

Whether you have thin hair or coarse hair, the hair dryer has tourmaline and ceramic. That’s going to make your hair healthier-looking. It will be extra shiny and silky smooth. No frizz or static will ruin your curls or waves.

The diffuser will allow you to cover more hair while drying. It’ll get you out of the house much sooner than ones that are smaller. Instead of spending 30 minutes drying, you could cut that time down to 10 or 15 minutes.

Mild concern

The device can be a bit loud. If you have people in the house who sleep while you get ready, this will definitely wake them. You will have to dry your hair away from sleeping family members or roommates.

5. MHU Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer

This hair dryer is part of the MHU line of styling devices. The company provides customers with some of the newest technology. That’s evident in this dryer. The motor is 1875w AC motor. The AC motor is heavier than DC, but it’s more powerful and lasts longer. You’re getting salon performance from this kind of motor.

MHU Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer

The styling device has negative ionic technology. Frizzy, dry hair is full of positively charged ions. It’s full of ions when it’s wet, too. Negative ions break up water molecules to dry faster. It also gets rid of the positive ions that plague frizzy hair. You’ll instantly see a noticeable difference.

There are 3 heat options and 2 speeds. You’ll get low, medium, and high with this hair dryer. There are 2 speeds to be used with the variety of heat settings. There’s also a cool shot button for sealing the cuticle of your hair. The far infrared heat will dry from the inside of the hair shaft. It keeps hair moisturized.

Attachments are included with this hair dryer. The diffuser is wide to dry more hair at the same time. It works to dry hair evenly while preventing damage. The diffuser is 128 mm in diameter. The concentrator is 75 mm across. Both can be used to give you healthier curls and waves.

Great positives

The far infrared technology helps the 3 heat options penetrate hair. It will work from the inside to stop hair from losing moisture. That’s important for keeping hair as healthy as possible.

The diffuser works to dry your curls and waves without causing damage. It won’t focus the heat on your strands. Diffusing doesn’t work just for curls. It’s good for all types of hair.

They’ll all benefit from a diffused heat and air. The ionics will deliver a shine and moisture that will keep your curls looking their best. After heat and air, you don’t want to look like you’ve been in a wind tunnel. This will be gentle and effective.

Mild concern

This isn’t dual voltage. It ranges from 100v to 127v. It can’t be used in any other countries except the United States. It’s a great dryer for using at home or taking to the gym, though.

6. NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer with Diffuser

This is a great product from NITION. It’s a wonderful color, too. The color shouldn’t be an afterthought. You’ll be looking at this in your space for years. It’s a rose gold/champagne color that will match many girly spaces. Aside from the color, there’s so much to love with this hair dryer.

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer with Diffuser

It has new breakthrough technology. There’s a coated air outlet. The grill is made with nano silver. It’s infused with tourmaline, too. Added to the grill is Argan oil. These elements are going to deliver tons of negative ions. They’ll combat the positive ions in dry, frizzy hair.

There are 3 heat options and 2 air speed options. With this device, you’re getting high, medium, and low heat. Your fine hair will benefit from a low heat. High heat is good for coarse, thick hair. There are 2 speeds; low and high. You can use the speed that doesn’t whip hair around.

The attachments included with this dryer are ones you could need for your curly hair. The diffuser will be a definite plus. It will work with the low heat and low air speed to give you beautiful curls. There’s also a comb and concentrator. They’re also good for all hair types and textures.

Great positives

With this beautiful hair dryer, you’re getting beautiful curls. The diffuser is wide and covers a lot of hair. It’s 5.3 inches in diameter. It’s going to dry your hair faster than other diffusers that are smaller.

The other attachments are good for curly hair, too. It’ll depend on the style you want with them. It’s a lightweight dryer with a powerful AC 1875w motor. It’ll deliver the right amount of air and heat with ionic properties.

It comes with a cool shot button that will switch between warm and cool. That’s a fantastic polish you’ll need at the end of blow drying. In fact, it might eliminate the need for a next step in styling.

Mild concern

It’s a bit difficult to put the attachments on and take them off. They require a strong hand to make sure they stay in place. Once they’re on, it takes a strong hand to remove them.

7. Jinri Professional Salon Hair Dryer with Diffuser

The Jinri professional salon hair dryer is a great device from a terrific company. It’s a salon-quality styling tool that you’ll be happy to use at home. That’s because it has a really powerful motor. It’s an 1875w AC motor. The motor is what stylists use in salons. It lasts for years and dries very quickly.

Jinri Professional Salon Hair Dryer with Diffuser

With this hair dryer, there’s tourmaline ionic technology. It will remove static and frizziness from your hair. Positively charged ions won’t stand a chance against the negative ions of this dryer. It will cause the hair to dry very quickly while providing a shine and healthiness you’ve never seen before.

There are 3 heat settings and 2 air speeds. The heat takes advantage of a far infrared heat. It’ll remove water from the air quickly and heat from the inside. That keeps hair looking silky and smooth. Even curls can benefit from smoothing. They won’t be frizzy or full of static electricity.

Attachments are included with this hair dryer. There’s a straightening comb and a concentrator. It helps direct the heat and air to exactly where you want it. It’s great for waves and other delicate styles. For curly hair, there’s a wide diffuser option. It’ll cover more hair than other kinds of diffusers.

Great positives

There are so many features that this dryer has that will give you shiny hair that will dry very quickly. The heat options are pretty standard, but the infrared heating isn’t. It’ll dry from the inside of the hair for healthier-looking strands.

The AC motor is powerful. It’s what stylists often use in their salon. That’s because it can dry hair very quickly. AC motors last for years inside a salon where they’re used multiple times a day. It can definitely handle your daily use.

Attachments are where this dryer shines, too. The concentrator and comb help deliver wavy or straight styles. That’s good if you’re trying to straighten your curls. The diffuser can help you when you want to really emphasize your curly hair.

Mild concern

This AC dryer is heavier than some people might expect. It’s the nature of the AC motor. It’s a strong dryer that will last for a long time, though. It’s going to dry very quickly, so the weight won’t have a chance to cause you any problems.

Tips for Choosing the Best Hair Dryer with Diffuser

A diffuser for your dryer will help your curls look their best. It’s an attachment you’ll add to the end of the dryer. The diffuser is usually round, but there are lots of other shapes coming into the spotlight. It’ll have fingers or prongs to lift hair without flattening curls.

  • Types of Diffusers Dissected

There are a variety of diffuser types. There’s the cup diffuser. It’s round and arched slightly to look like a cup. It has prongs or fingers inside that will dry your hair. It’s meant to give you volume. You can even flip your hair upside down.

The hand diffuser is actually shaped like a hand. It has fingers with vents for the air. It’s used against the scalp to dry hair. This is best used by people with a tight curl.

Lastly, there’s the sock diffuser. It muffles most of the air coming through the dryer. It will take much longer for hair to dry. The air isn’t coming through very fast. It’ll be faster than air drying and won’t ruin curls.

  • Ionic Technology

The dryer might have ionic technology. Before you can decide if it’s right for you, it’s best to understand your hair. Many people with curly hair want to create volume. They want curls to bounce beautifully. Others don’t want the volume. They already feel like their curls are too dense.

You’ll have to decide what kind of drying you want. Ionic technology is in any device with ceramic and tourmaline. They generate ions naturally. Other dryers have ion emitters added to the dryer. It’s helpful to understand your hair. Ions can moisturize, but also flatten hair slightly. That’s why it’s great for those who are flat ironing.

  • Weight of the Dryer in Hand

You’ll be holding this dryer for a long time. You can’t blast curly hair with tons of air and heat. That’s how curls get blown out and frizzy. You will need to think about this when picking a dryer.

The dryer should be lightweight to allow for the addition of a diffuser. Adding a bit more to the dryer can make it heavier. Try to choose a dryer that won’t wear down your shoulder, arm, or hand.

  • Multiple Heat Choices with Low Air Speed

For your curls, you’ll need a low air speed. The diffuser should keep the air from blasting your curls. It’s still important to pick a low speed. You can decrease the time it takes to dry by picking a high heat.

If you have damaged hair, though, you want to stay away from high heat. It’s fantastic to have options in the same dryer. You might need low heat someday, but high heat right now. Your hair can change as you perform different processes on it, too.

  • Concentrator, Cool Shot, and More

Some curly hair looks better when you use a diffuser. Other times, you might need a concentrator. Either device should come with the hair dryer that you choose. The diffuser adds body to curls. The concentrator can reduce frizz in curly hair.

The cool shot button is meant to seal in your style. It can also make hair very glossy. Stylists recommend that you switch over to the cool shot after making sure hair is almost dry. It will hold the style for much longer.

Infrared and ceramic heaters in the hair dryer can gently remove water while protecting it. That’s a feature to consider choosing if you have damaged hair. It dries hair from the inside out, which doesn’t sap moisture.

  • The Quietest Hair Dryer for Curls

You’ll want to consider the noise level of the hair dryer. With curly hair, you can’t blast it with heat to dry fast. The air speed has to be kept down low, too. It could end up taking a long time to blow dry your curly hair. It can actually hurt your eardrums to have a noisy dryer going for 30 minutes. It’s right next to your ear.

The sound of a noisy blow dryer can also wake up your sleeping children or spouse. There was a time that hair dryers topped out at over 80 decibels. According to Industrial Noise Control, that’s the same sound level as a freight train or plane flying just 1000 feet above you.


Professional-style hair dryers for your curly hair will have options to really emphasize your curls. It’ll make them shiny and fully formed. The dryer should never alter your curl pattern. A great way to keep your hair curly and perfect is with the right kind of attachment. A diffuser is what you really need.

The temperature options as well as ionic technology can have an impact on your curls, too. These are all things you have to consider when ordering a dryer for your curly hair. We’ve done all that work for you. All you have to do is pick one of the top hair dryers with a diffuser.

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