10 Best Hair Straightening Brushes for All Hair Types

How is it that with all the inventions and apps out there, you still feel you have no time? With work and family events, friends and the gym you wish you hit more often, you hardly ever have time for your hair. You’ve tried flat irons and other hair tools, but they take way too long.

Unlike most of the products you buy, I’ve found that a hair straightening brush doesn’t just add another headache onto your day. Instead, it provides an opportunity to straighten your hair without having to change one thing about your daily routine. If you can brush your hair, then you can already use and enjoy a hair straightening brush.

These fantastic inventions are so gentle on your locks, I’ve stopped combing with my boar’s hairbrush in the morning. Within ten minutes I have a shiny, healthy head of hair that’s straight. It instills confidence in my workday and puts on a smile on my significant other’s face at night.

Below, I offer you the complete list of the best electrical hair straightening brushes. Plus, lots of useful tips, tricks, and advice to steer you away from those new product hurdles.

Best Hair Straightening Brush Comparison

Reviews of the Top 10 Electric Hair Straightening Brushes

1. MicroPure’s Enhanced Hair Straightener Heat Brush

Micropure’s hair and beauty tools have been a consumer favorite ever since they arrived on the market. Their Enhanced Hair Straightener Heat Brush has been a top seller because of its reliability and unique features.

MicroPure’s Enhanced Hair Straightener Heat Brush

The secret to the product’s devout following is partly because of the double ionic generator which produces more ions a second than other leading straightening hairbrushes. Those ions not only protect your hair, but they re-introduce water molecules as it straightens. This ends in a lasting sheen that you can see and touch.

This is a nano-comb brush with a metal ceramic heater (MCH). Combined, they produce even heat that penetrates quickly into your strands and roots. With MicroPure’s Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush you only have to comb once, not two or three times, to see the results you expect.

The nano-comb bristles boast anti-scald properties and have the added benefit of scalp stimulation. The flexible tips stimulate your hair follicles and scalp, strengthening your strands. Plus, with 16 adjustable heat settings in the temperature range of 300F to 450F, you can straighten any hair type.

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Why I Love This Hair Straightening Brush 

If you’re prone to flyaways and stubborn hairs, then this is a fantastic choice. I didn’t think a hair straightening brush could tame wild and thick curls until I tried MicroPure’s Heat Brush.

The settings are easy to navigate, all of it relegated to the rubberized handle. It has a quick startup time of under one minute. This means you can plug it in and before you’re done separating your hair, the brush is ready. And with 16 heat settings that reach 450F, there’s really no hair type that can’t benefit from this device.

But the most impressive aspect of this brush is what you can’t see, the MCH core. This ceramic and metal heater doubles the negative ion output, which protects hair from burning. This helps consumers with thick or thin hair, and the added assurance makes this one of my top picks.

What Could Be Better 

I’ll admit, the brush head seems smaller than the photos online and on the box. But the device works so well and so fast that this didn’t bother me, and I doubt it’ll bother you.

2. TYMO Hair Straightener Brush

Tymo is one of the latest hair styling tool companies to launch a hair straightening brush. With years of experience with flat irons and research in hair care and nutrition, this product brings innovation to an already thriving market.

TYMO Hair Straightener Brush

These innovations can be found on the surface of the device and in the inner mechanisms. The Tymo Hair Straightener Brush’s coolest and most obvious feature is its triangle teeth. This unique feature has two purposes.

First, the heat stays within the base of the teeth, adding an anti-scald feature. And second, the triangle teeth guide your strands towards the ceramic plate and heat them quicker and safer than other brushes.

The ceramic heating element inside the brush reaches temperature within 60 seconds. The brush doesn’t bog you down with endless heat settings. Instead, you get five options that cater to specific hair types. Their lowest temperature, 266F, is for thin delicate hair. And the brush’s highest temperature of 410F straightens thick and curly hair in one pass.

Tymo’s hair straightening brush vaunts Bauhaus design philosophy with square edges and a wide surface area. Although it harkens to a 1930s design, expect modern finishings. You get a 360-swivel cord and damage free styling.

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Why I Love This Hair Straightening Brush 

The look of this comb drew me to it long before I read about its list of unique features. I love the compact and sturdy frame. And the triangle teeth may seem strange at first, but after a few passes through your hair you’ll see how smart the concept really is.

I love the silky texture my hair has after using this brush. Tymo engineered the gaps in the brush to accommodate more hair per pass than other brushes on the market. This is great news for consumers with thick hair, or who have lots of hair to straighten per session.

The buttons are clearly labeled. I like where they’re placed on the handle. Some brushes have cumbersome buttons that I press by accident while styling. Not this product by Tymo.

What Could Be Better 

Some consumers have complained that the brush pulls out hair. But I found that only happens if you make your passes on an angle. Place the teeth perpendicular to the strands and you’ll be fine.

3. InStyler STRAIGHT UP Ceramic Straightening Brush

What started as a passion to shock the hair tool market has now become one of the leading brands in hair styling. Since 2008, InStyler has crafted consumer products with professional features and durability.

InStyler STRAIGHT UP Ceramic Straightening Brush

InStyler’s Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush is one such product. Unlike most brushes with a ceramic plate inside the head of the tool, this product wraps small ceramic cylinders around each bristle. That means your strands interact with heat from multiple sources at the same time.

This Straight Up brush is a marvel of innovation. The brush contains 65 individual heating elements. This isn’t a gimmick, but a unique tool that offers unique results. You’ll straighten your hair faster with InStyler’s brush than competitive brands.

The brush heats up almost instantly, within 30 seconds. And with 7 temperature settings, you can enjoy this brush no matter your hair type or length of strands. Also, because InStyler coated the tips of the bristles with their Cool Touch technology, you won’t burn your hands or scalp when handling the brush or using it close to your scalp.

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Why I Love This Hair Straightening Brush 

InStyler’s Straight Up Hair Straightening Brush has to be one of the quickest, from plugging it in to putting it back in the drawer, on my list. I found that at a mid-range setting, the brush reached temp in 20 seconds which is faster than advertised.

For most consumers, you can straighten your hair and brush out flyaways within 10 minutes. And those with thicker hair or very curly hair, add 5 more minutes for touch ups and hard to straighten areas.

I think InStyler’s brush has a lot of potential, both as a hair straightening tool and a touch-up tool throughout the week. That’s because it excels as an easy-to-use product, and the ceramic bristles allow for more hair to pass through them than your average tool.

What Could Be Better 

This brush is heavy! All that ceramic on the bristles adds up and you’ll notice it the moment you pick up the box. But because your straightening times are so short, the weight shouldn’t bother your arm or shoulder.

4. TYMO Ionic Hair Straightening Brush

Before TYMO dazzled the hair styling industry with their innovative triangle-toothed hair straightening brush, they crafted an industry leading brush with a built-in negative ion generator.

TYMO Hair Straightening Brush with Anti-Scald

Updating their previous model, this brush ships with a double the ions, upwards of 6 million per pass. That’s enough ions to replenish the hydrating molecules that dissipate through high heat reactions between your hair and the brush’s ceramic teeth.

These ions not only aid in the straightening of your hair but also repair strands prone to split ends and frays. That means brushing with TYMO’s hair straightening brush can leave your hair healthier after you’re finished that it was before.

This product offers a slew of other benefits too, such as memory mode. When you turn off the device post-session, it will remember the heat settings. That way, you just turn it on the next day and in one minute it’ll be ready to use. No button presses, just plug and go.

Tymo’s Ionic Hair Straightening Brush also ships with a soft-textured travel and storage pouch, a rubberized heat-resistant glove, and two hair clips.

Why I Love This Hair Straightening Brush

If TYMO’s quirky designed triangle-toothed brush was a little out of your price range, then I think you should consider their Ionic Hair Straightening Brush.

I love how TYMO packages and styles their products. The brush ships in a smart-looking package and the brush’s purple-on-black color scheme pops wherever you put it, such as sitting on your bathroom counter.

The metal ceramic technology heats evenly and the anti-scald bristles protect you from thoughtless accidents while rushing around in the morning. Better yet, I found that the double ionic generator reduced the heat setting I required. I usually set these brushes at 350F, but with the TYMO I found 300F perfect.

I recommend TYMO’s Ionic Hair Straightening Brush for thick haired consumers that worry a brush can’t tame those locks like a flat iron. This product will ease your concerns.

What Could Be Better

The product copy states that it can straighten your hair in 5 minutes. While I’m sure it’s possible for some people, I think most will find it takes around 10 minutes. That’s still half the time of a flat iron.

5. JUMPHIGH Ionic Hair Straightening Brush

Jumphigh believes that with ingenuity and care professional quality hair tools don’t have to sell for professional prices. They strive to make all their products affordable, aiming for the budget buyer who refuses to eschew from quality.

JUMPHIGH Hair Straightener Brush

This Ionic Hair Straightening Brush by Jumphigh offers a range of features. The LCD screen indicates the desired temperature, so there’s no forgetting what temp you set the device to. And with the auto-lock button, you won’t mistakenly reset the brush while using it.

The brush ships with a metal ceramic heater that has the capacity for 12 heat settings, from 250F to 450F. Regardless of the temperature, it’ll heat evenly. On average, the product is ready to use within one minute.

Surrounding the heating element and ceramic-iron teeth you’ll find 48 anti-scald bristles. These heat resistant bristles guard your hands from touching the hot center of the device.

Jumphigh’s Ionic Hair Straightening Brush boasts universal voltages. That means it can be used in both the US and Europe. Included in the box is a three-month replacement warranty and 1-year guarantee certificate.

Why I Love This Hair Straightening Brush

Having tested a host of budget hair straightening brushes, I landed on this one by Jumphigh to include as the best of the bunch. If you’re looking to try one of these fantastic tools but don’t want to invest heavily, consider this product.

It’s a heavy hair tool because of the iron-ceramic teeth in the center. The tips aren’t rough and I never noticed them pulling my hair.

I love the ionic generator in this device. Until finding Jumphigh, I thought negative water ion distribution was a high-end feature. If you’re worried about singed strands and split ends, this product works to reduce them.

Overall, an affordable option that should last you years. I recommend it for consumers with thick hair, as the iron-ceramic teeth may not heat thin hair well enough.

What Could Be Better

Since Jumphigh is a Chinese brand, the instructions are difficult to understand. Some of the features I couldn’t quite figure out. Thankfully, there’re some videos and tips online you can find with a simple google search.

6. GLAMFIELDS Straightening Brush 2.0 with Ionic Generator

Glamfield opened its online shop in 2016, and in three years they‘ve expanded their product catalogue to include Garden, Home Improvement, and Kitchen Accessories. But regardless of their far-reaching aspirations, they reserve a special interest in their first love, hair and beauty products.

GLAMFIELDS Hair Straightener Iron Brush

Easily the best seller in their hair tools lineup is the redesigned Straightening Brush 2.0 which includes new and revamped features. Glamfield’s most impressive new addition is the doubling of negative ions which interact with your hair strands. These negative water molecules seal your hair strands, protecting them from damage.

The core technology in this brush is a metal ceramic heater. This product heats within 30 seconds and boasts wider teeth than its predecessor, the original Glamfields straightening brush. This halves the time you need to use the brush. Many customers report going from wavy to straight in a little over five minutes.

The Hair Straightening Brush 2.0 features four heat settings that service all hair types, from thick hair to colored hair. The device is usable in both Europe and the Americas and shut offs automatically after 30 minutes.

Why I Love This Hair Straightening Brush

This is another fantastic budget option for those of you looking to buy a hair straightening brush with a negative ion generator. The metal ceramic teeth won’t pull or tug on your hair. Even better, the brush protects your strands as it straightens, so you’ll sport straight locks with a glossy finish.

Although Glamfields’ Hair Straightening Brush 2.0 ships with a rubber glove, I never used it. The handle doesn’t overheat, and the anti-scald teeth aren’t hot to the touch. The ceramic teeth will only affect hair that slips in between the teeth.

I recommend this brush to those with thin and normal wavy hair. Those with thicker hair would well with a product that has more heat settings.

What Could Be Better

While the brush has a swivel cord, it quickly jammed itself and I could not fix it. This is a minor complaint and easily remediable by untwisting the brush every few sessions.

7. KeShi Anti-Scald Straightening Brush

Enriching your life is just as important to KeShi as crafting quality products at prices you can afford. That’s why all of their hair tools ship with the highest safety standards with zero effect to performance.

KeShi Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

With their Anti-Scald Hair Straightening Brush, you can save time while achieving the straight locks you’ve been after. This product wasn’t just made for women, either. From the beginning, KeShi designed their ceramic brush for men’s beard and head hair.

This is an intuitively laid out device. Simply hold down the power button for three seconds and the brush begins its heating process. The ceramic teeth and head plate are light yet durable and reach temperature in 30 to 45 seconds.

KeShi’s safety features include anti-scald teeth heads and border bristles. You can touch the surface of the brush with your hand and it will not burn you. But to buttress the safety of you and your family, they ship this product with a rubberized glove for no additional cost.

If you forget to turn off the device, fret not. This hair straightening comb includes a 30-minute motion detection timer. If it does not detect movement within that time frame it shuts off automatically.

Why I Love This Hair Straightening Brush

With 12 heat settings, an ion generator, and top marks in safety, this is a great option for a budget-friendly electric hair straightening brush.

I found the weight of this brush to be less than most products on my list, yet the performance didn’t fall behind. This is possible because of the materials used in the ceramic teeth.

The LED display reads clear and setting the temperature from 250F to 450F is simple and quick. I also like that KeShi ships their brushes with a heat-resistant glove and a cloth travel bag.

I recommend this product to anyone looking for a hair straightening brush that doesn’t shirk safety to cut costs.

What Could Be Better

Some customers complain that the brush’s max temp of 450F is too hot. This could be true, but since the brush has an LED light, just monitor your temperature and when necessary, reduce it.

8. Suntop Professional Ionic Hair Straightening Brush

Suntop is a leading manufacturer of hair styling tools with a devout following on Instagram and Facebook. They operate under the principle that word of mouth reaches customers better than traditional advertising.

Suntop Hair Straightener Brush

Like their advertising philosophy, their products are streamlined and cut out all the unnecessary fluff. With their Ionic Hair Straightening Brush, you get everything you need to love your hair style without spending too much on features you’ll never use.

This means a brush with four heat settings calibrated for specific hair types, from thick to normal to thin. You’ll find what suites you on your first session. As such, Suntop’s brush is easy to use without harming performance.

The negative ion generator inside the brush’s head releases molecules that protect your hair, so the high heat ceramic teeth do not damage or strip your hair of its natural oils. Instead, you’ll rejoice with locks that shine brighter than they did prior to treatment.

With a comfortable handle and 360-degree swivel cord, you’ll look forward to using Suntop’s Professional Hair Straightening Brush for years to come.

Why I Love This Hair Straightening Brush

I loved the streamlined approach to hair straightening brushes that I found in Suntop and had to give their product a shot. I came away surprised by how much performance the company could include while keeping the price low.

While four heat settings may seem like a downside, I loved it. Most hair types don’t need a dozen settings to find a heat that penetrates and straightens their hair. I engaged the medium setting and then let the brush do the work.

The ceramic and metal teeth didn’t burn my scalp or hands and the back of the device was cool to the touch. I recommend this product for those with hair that would be considered in the normal range of thickness.

What Could Be Better

Some may find the lack of options as a negative to this device. So while I liked the product, if you want more temperature settings and other settings, look at the products at the top of my list.

9. Rifny Heated Hair Straightening Comb

Rifny believes in a new generation of hair tools. In the era of the internet, innovation and wonder have more weight than brand names on store shelves. They took a chance and tried to design their product around the internet consumer.

RIFNY Hair Straightener Brush

That’s why their Heated Hair Straightening Comb looks and feels different compared to traditional iterations. They opted for new nano-ceramic technology and wider teeth with more surface area. This means faster heating times and more straightening per pass than other leading devices.

Also, Rifny’s straightening comb boasts a heat-balanced micro sensor. This small yet complex chip ensures even heat and stops the brush from overheating.

The double-sided U-groove body is another innovation by Rifny. Their product is less likely to scald your hands because of its outward projecting plastic grooves. That means you don’t need a rubber glove to straighten your hair with this product.

Last, the simple design is compact and durable so you can take it with you on your travels. And even better, since it’s built with quality parts and smart engineering, you can expect to use it long after purchase.

Why I Love This Hair Straightening Brush

While looking for the best straightening brush on the web, I ran into this product by Rifny and couldn’t stop myself from trying it. The design and feature set seemed so unusual that, even if it didn’t work, I’d have a story to tell.

Thankfully, the hair straightening brush exceeding my already high expectations. I love the piano glass case which imbues the comb with an easy to clean and smart looking finish.

The anti-static nano-comb tames flyaways and curly hairs that usually take more than one or two passes to subdue. With Rifny’s stylish product you’re more likely to walk away in shorter time than other products in the price range.

What Could Be Better

While the strange and wavy teeth work for thin and normal hair types, I could see thick haired consumers struggling to pass their locks through the slits.

10. Villsure Fast Heating Ceramic Straightening Brush

Villsure supplies retailers across the country and in global markets with hair and beauty tools built for the modern consumer on a budget.

Villsure Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

With their Fast Heating Ceramic Straightening Brush, you get everything you need to enjoy straight and healthy hair within minutes. This product heats to 450F within 30 seconds, and it does so without damaging your hair.

That’s because of two systems that work in tandem. First, the metal ceramic heater element safely reaches temperature and self-regulates so you won’t run into hot spots that scorch the roots or tips of your strands. And the ion generator within the device sends out a continual stream of water molecules that shield your hairs from heat damage. As a secondary benefit, the ions reduce frizz and flyaways.

The crescent design of the ceramic teeth form to your scalp, helping you to begin brushing at the roots and reduce your straightening time. This product ships with 5 temperature levels that range from 300F to 450F.

Why I Love This Hair Straightening Brush

I love the shape of this brush compared to some other products on my list. But that’s not the only reason I added it to my final spot.

Villsure’s Ceramic Straightening Brush is dead simple to use. With 5 settings and a heat up time of less than 30 seconds, you can straighten your hair in as little as 10 minutes.

To protect your hands when using, they included a rubber glove. I found that you only need to slip on the glove for the last two temperature settings, the highest ones.

The curved design and wide teeth make it a perfect option for those with thick hair. So I recommend this product for those with mountains of wavy or curly locks. If you’re worried that a hair straightening brush can’t tame your hair, try this one.

What Could Be Better

While this product seems to work very well for thick hair, consumers with thin hair have complained that it doesn’t stop their flyaways or frizzes.

What to Consider When Buying Your Hair Straightening Brush

While cutting down your options to ten helps, you still have to choose one! Below I list the top 7 considerations to have in your mind as you land on the one product to add to your shopping cart.

What to Consider When Buying Your Hair Straightening Brush

  • The Heating Technology

The most important part of your new hair straightening brush is the heating element or plate. Most brushes install the plate in the brush’s head, behind the bristles. This heat emanates into the metal or ceramic teeth of the comb.

Today’s plate technology does more than just heat up your hair. Most products can be split into two types, ceramic plates and tourmaline plates.

Ceramic plates provide even heat and are gentle enough to avoid burning or singeing your strands. Tourmaline plates contain a ceramic core and a coating that disperses negative ions, which add moisture to your hair.

  • Mind the Comb’s Bristles

Unlike a flat iron, a hair straightening brush has the added benefit of being, well, a brush. And like any brush, the worth is in the bristles. Some products opt for standard bristles and rely on the ceramic plates to do most of the straightening. Others have designed new bristles, like triangles, which aid in untangling.

If you have thin or easily breakable hair, look for bristles that protect your strands and dampen the damage caused by the ceramic plates heating your hair.

  • Customizable Heat Settings

Every hair straightening brush features a range of temperatures, from around 200F to 400F. If you have thick or coarse hair, you’ll need higher temps than someone with thin and brittle hair.

The fully featured brushes will sport anywhere from 10 to 20 heat settings. Most consumers won’t use so many heat settings. But if you plan to share the brush with family members, a spouse, or use it at a salon, then it’s worth spending the money on more settings.

  • Heat Up and Cool Down Time

All ceramic hair straightening brushes share fast heat up and cool down times. But in the competitive hair and beauty industry, companies have found ways of cutting down the already short cycles.

Ask yourself how much time you have in the morning to straighten your hair. And be honest. If you’re the type that rushes around in a flurry because you slept in, then a brush that heats up within ten seconds may be your best option.

  • Review the Extra Components

A hair straightening brush rarely ships with just a brush. Many products act more like kits for your straightening needs.

So as you narrow your search down to the few essentials, consider all the extras the product supplies. Most brushes come with a heat-resistant glove to safely operate the brush. Others come with hair clips and carrying cases.

  • Anti-Scald Technology

Whether your favorite brush ships with a latex glove or not, many consumers find it useful to invest in a product with an anti-scald coating or materials.

These advanced brushes maintain a border between the bristles and your scalp, so no matter the temperature the brush reaches, you’ll stay safe. Any consumer buying a product that their children may use should consider a brush with anti-scald technology as it adds another barrier between the user and the high-heat ceramic plate.

  • Size for Travel and Storage

Some consumers can’t go anywhere without their hair straightening brush, including weekend vacations and Mediterranean cruises. For those of you that bring your hair tools everywhere, I recommend purchasing a hairbrush that’s compact and travels easily.

I mention the size of the brushes on my reviews, but you should do your own investigation. Check the dimensions online prior to adding the brush to your cart and determine if it’ll fit comfortably in your carry-on.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Hair Straightening Brushes

While every hair straightening brush has unique settings, controls, materials, and indicators, they all operate similarly. Below, I give you my quick and easy guide to your first hair straightening brush experience.

Wash Hair Thoroughly

Wash Hair Thoroughly

Before beginning any treatment, always clean your hair with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. This will revitalize your hair and provide protection from the heating element installed in the hairbrush. Also, beginning with clean hair means you can keep your hair straight for a longer time period.

Apply Hair Protection Product

Apply Hair Protection Product

No matter the hair straightening brush you buy from my list, they all use heat. The tourmaline brushes replace some moisture that dissipates, but it’s often not enough. I recommend applying a heat treatment serum or spray prior to your straightening session. These not only form a barrier between your locks and your brush, but they also maximize the time your hair stays straight.

Get Hair Completely Dry

Get Hair Completely Dry

It may sound counter-intuitive, but you must have cracker-dry hair before turning on your new straightening tool. Wet hair increases heat buildup, which can singe your strands and burn your roots. So dry your hair with a hair dryer, or wait a few hours before plugging in your hair straightening brush.

Divide Hair into Sections

Divide Hair into Sections

For a beginner, this step can be tricky. But after a few attempts you’ll find the right division for your hair. I recommend splitting your hair into four sections, the top or crown of your head, the back, and the two sides. Many of the kits on my list ship with hair clips that make this step a lot easier.

Brush, Brush, Brush!

Brush, Brush, Brush!

Brush your hair in sections. I like to begin with the top, then the sides, and finish with the back of my head. Once your hairbrush reaches temperature, start at the roots and slowly but steadily brush your hair. You should always see the bristles through your hair. If you can’t, that means you’re brushing too much hair in one pass.

Fix Style with Favorite Hairspray

Fix Style with Favorite Hairspray

While you could turn your hairbrush off and walk away, I recommend adding a little product to your hair to fix the style. You can use either a hair protectant spray or your favorite hairspray. This will keep your hair straight longer. Women and men with very thick or coarse hair should use a spritz of hair product, while thin-haired consumers may get away without it.

Re-Straighten as Needed

Re-Straighten as Needed

Don’t be afraid to pull out your hair straightening brush throughout the week to touch up your style. That way, you can add longevity to your straight hair without having to go through the entire process every morning. Dry shampoo helps keep your hair clean between washes. Also, don’t forget to clean your hairbrush after using it. I explain how below.

Cleaning Tips for Your Hair Straightening Brush and How to Get it Ready for Use

While hair straightening brushes are a smart alternative to flat irons and other hair straightening tools, they require a little maintenance after use and a little prep time before use. But that’s fine because they offer such fantastic results with less damage than traditional straighteners.

Cleaning Tips for Your Hair Straightening Brush

Before you clean your hairbrush straightener, let it cool down. I recommend cleaning the brush after a session rather than before. That way, you remove the oil and dirt prior to storing the brush and reduce the likelihood of buildup while also improving the longevity of the tool.

Once it’s cool to the touch, pick out any hair left in the brush. I like to use a cotton swab for the hairs that I cannot grab with my fingers. Then take a clean micro-fiber cloth and wipe off the grooves between the bristles. It’s important not to press down too hard because you risk damaging the teeth.

That’s all the maintenance required to keep your hair straightening brush operating at its best for years to come. Store the product in a cool dry place, away from any liquids that could stick to the ceramic plate. I like to keep mine in the cloth travel pouch that came with the brush. If yours did not ship with a cloth protector, it wouldn’t hurt to wrap it in a hand cloth or small towel.

When it’s time to use your hair straightener again, take a moment to inspect the device before you turn it on. Sometimes a small thing, like toothpaste stuck to the bristles or front plate, can cause irreversible damage. That’s because the ceramics heat to such a high temperature that the compounds in other bathroom substances can burn into the brush and disrupt the even heating of the ceramics.

Once you’ve determined that the hair styling tool is safe to use, you can turn it on. Leave it on the bathroom counter away from any tissue or other hair products: hot ceramic tools can melt plastic. Last, don’t forget to apply a heat protectant spray on your hair prior to treatment!

Top 5 Questions About Your Hair Straightening Brush

Will a straightening brush damage your hair?

No, if used properly a straightening brush will not damage your hair. In fact, consumers report that a heated hairbrush is less likely to cause damage than a flat iron. Because these tools do not trap your hair between two ceramic plates, it doesn’t heat as intensely, the key cause of singed strands.

Does the brand matter while choosing hair straightening brush?

Of course! There are dozens of hairbrush brands and naturally some of them will be better than others. This comes down to several factors, such as components used in the product’s manufacture, the type of ceramic plate installed, and the number of included items featured along with the hairbrush. It can get complicated! That’s why I made my list of the best hair straightening brushes on the web.

Can you use a hair straightening brush if your hair is wet?

No! Although it may seem like you’re protecting your hair by straightening it when it’s wet or damp, you’re doing more harm than good. When you apply high heat to wet hair, the hair rises to temperatures exceeding the limit of what the strands can handle. Wet hair that’s been treated with a hair straightening brush can burn and break, fraying the ends and causing lasting damage. Always dry your hair thoroughly before apply heat treatments and tools.

If you straighten your hair with a brush how long will it last?

Like a flat iron, hair straightened with a ceramic-plated brush will last anywhere from one to five days. The lasting effects depend on your hair more than the tool. Thick curly hair will require treatments more often than thin or light hair. You can perform touch up treatments between full treatments. But I advise you to take at least one day off a week to let your hair rest from the barrage of heat and ions.

Can men use a women’s hair straightening brush?

Yes! There’s no stopping men from using a hair straightening brush. I think a ceramic-plated hairbrush works on men’s hair better than a flat iron. That’s because you don’t need long strands to use these tools, whereas a flat iron is exclusive to longer hair. If you are a man with curly hair, give one of my top straightening hairbrushes a try.

The Verdict

Since buying my hair straightening brush, I’ve retired both my regular old comb and my flat iron. These products work that well. I just don’t need them, and neither will you. I’m excited to hear how your new purchase has added pleasure to your morning and evening routine.

Having tried all ten of the devices on my list, I have to give my top pick to MicroPures Advanced Heat Brush. No other product worked so well, nor infused my hair with the such epic sheen and bounce.

But that’s just me. If you have your eyes set on a different product, buy it! What matters is that the choice excites you. I know that every product on my list works more consistently than a flat iron or another invasive hair tool. The future of hair straightening is here. Enjoy it.

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