8 Best Hot Air Brushes for Short Hair Compared and Reviewed

Hot air brushes are a handy tool for enhancing the volume and shine of short/shoulder-length hair. The gentle heat from their barrels add lots of volume and bounce while the brush smooths and curls your locks. Hot air brushes are simply the best styling tool available for keeping your blowout “salon-fresh” all week long.

Sounds brilliant, right?

On the negative side, using the wrong air brush or applying wrong technique can fry up your locks. I know this for a fact because years ago, I nearly burnt my hair with a cheaply made hot air brush. I was too naive back then to understand that not all hot air brushes are similar.

There are different types of barrel materials, designs, and features we need to thoroughly consider before buying a gadget like this.

To help my readers purchase the right hot air brush for perking up their short hair, I have carefully handpicked 8 best hot air brushes after scouring the web for hours.

So without any further ado, let’s cut to the chase:

Top 8 Hot Air Brushes for Short Hair Comparison

NameMaterialSettingsPower Price
BaBylissPRO Air BrushNano Titanium3 HeatsCorded Electric Check price
BaBylissPRO Air BrushNylon3 Heats1100 watts Check price
Drybar Double ShotTitanium, Ceramic4 Heats1100 watts Check price
Hot Tools One-StepCeramic3 Heats1100 watts Check price
John Frieda Hot Air BrushTitanium Ceramic 2 Heats500 watts Check price
INFINITIPRO Air BrushCeramic 3 Heats500 watts Check price
SwanMyst Ionic Hot CurlerCeramic 3 Heats40W Check price
INFINITIPRO Air BrushCeramic 3 Heats500 watts Check price

Reviews of the Finest Quality Hot Air Brushes for Short Hair

Short hair always offers an easy hair care routine due to the manageable length of the look. However, experimenting with a series of looks could be close to impossible if your hair is flat or fine.

That’s when this article of ours comes in! While the former portion covered some of the key features of the best hot air brushes that were curated for short hair, this part of the article takes a closer look into each product, analyzing the positives and negatives for your understanding. Don’t forget to read through it if you’re interested!

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

If you have already done some research on the nest hot brushes for short hair, I’m pretty sure you have come across this brand several times. BaBylissPRO is a pioneer in this field, responsible for introducing some of the smartest hair styling technologies we have today.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

The Nano Titanium uses a large 2-inch barrel which is best suited for creating loose curls or short to medium-length thin hair. It uses a long and thin antistatic soft bristle brush that grips hair tightly for a nice and quick blowout.

The brush is set up on a titanium barrel which moves forward and backward. The multi-directional air rotation combined with a spinning brush allows you to add plenty of volume and shine to your locks and tame flyaway hair.

Like John Frieda, this model also uses Ionic technology to smooth out and gloss up your frizzy hair strands. It offers 3 heat settings (including a cool shot), making this tool versatile enough to play with different hair textures and styles.

Get BaBylissPRO Brush at Amazon

Great Positives

If you wish to attempt doing salon-quality blowout on your short and fine hair without spending hours, this could be the right tool to invest in. It heats up fast and is super easy to control after one or two attempts.

You might take a while getting used to the bi-directional movement of the brush. That’s it. The tool is quite lightweight and the buttons are conveniently located. So, to sum up, operating the hot air brush won’t be a problem.

The spinning hot air brush enables you to both straighten and add loose curls to your hair. The 2-inch titanium-coated rotating barrel releases negative ions to seal your hair cuticles and lock the essential amount of moisture in your hair.

As a result, your hair receives ample volume which makes it appear a lot thicker than it actually is. The carefully calibrated speed of the brush is perfect for detangling and volumizing flattened hair.

The brush bristles minimize static energy which helps to eliminate frizz and keep flyaways under control. You can switch off the rotation of the brush if you are not comfortable with high-speed spinning of the brush.

Mild Concern

You can wrap only a tiny bunch of strands around the barrel at a time. This means it could take a while to finish up the styling.

Drybar Double Shot

If your aim is to make a long-term investment, the Drybar Double Shot shouldn’t be turned down!

With the help of Ionic technology, the oval-shaped barrel of the Drybar Double Shot creates an effortless and presentable look with no drawbacks. The handle comprises volume-oriented vents, which not only provide the roots with a slightly enhanced elevation, but also shield the follicles from excessive heat damage.

Drybar Double Shot

The Double Shot is supported by a dominant motor with a wattage level of 1100, which can create results in an instant. The ergonomic build is also combined with a lightweight design, making this device a piece of cake. The long barrel of the device not only gives the Drybar Double Shot more maneuverability but also provides accurate styling results by teaming up with its tufted nylon bristles. If the bristles don’t fascinate you with their ability to make the hair more dense and full, then make sure to look forward to their ability to reduce tension when it changes the formation of one’s hair.

With 3 temperature settings and a weight of 41 ounces, the Drybar Double Shot could very well be an ideal pick. Although its 2.4-inch barrel was initially created to serve long hair, it can also generate unforgettable results when working with short hair on the thinner and flatter side!

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Great positives 

  • Uses ionic technology to produce negative ions at an effective rate.
  • Good for thin hair due to its heat-diffusing vents.
  • A staggering 2.4-inch barrel that can cover an impressive amount of distance in no time.
  • Tufted nylon bristles detangle, reshape, and restyle short hair without weakening the strands.

Mild concern

  • Not powerful enough for extremely coarse hair.
  • Might prove to be too expensive.

Revlon One-Step Volumizer 2.0 PLUS

A great hot air brush that you should definitely look into is the Revlon One-Step Volumizer 2.0 PLUS an 1100-watt, corded electric tool that can reshape a short head of hair with ease.

The barrel is made of ceramic titanium and an oval-shaped housing that is extremely versatile. The versatility of the barrel can be utilized to create straight-cut hairdos and can even be a good element to use to volumize flat-shaped short hair without causing any tugging or friction. Furthermore, due to the reach of the barrel, the Revlon One-Step volumizer is an expert in elevating the roots.

Revlon One-Step Volumizer 2.0 Plus

The 2.4” device seals the hair using the benefits of ceramic titanium tourmaline technology, an attribute that helps the strands with looking healthier and more lively. Underneath the upper portion is a lean handle which brings to the table a smooth and enjoyable experience.

To battle any hair length of any texture, the Revlon One-Step Volumizer provides users with 3 heat settings. Moreover, to deal with loose and vulnerable curls, this hot air brush of Revlon offers a cool setting. The motor is also exceptionally overpowered with the ability to cut down the styling process to a convenient duration.

In addition to being flexible, convenient, and user-friendly, the Revlon One-Step Volumizer 2.0 PRO is the perfect travel companion with its detachable body. The housing of this hot air brush is also a positive, as the device only weighs 25 ounces!

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Great positives 

  • Detachable parts that are easy to travel with and pack inside duffel bags.
  • Ceramic titanium plates with 360-degree rotating barrel.
  • 3 heat settings and a cool setting.
  • Compact design with a convenient handle.

Mild concern

  • Despite claiming to have durable materials within their groundwork, Revlon’s One-Step Volumizer 2.0 PLUS is a tool that can break easily, making it less long-lasting in contrast to the multiple entries mentioned prior.
  • Revlon saves plenty of time with the help of its highly-functional motor. However, the amount of heat the device produces in a short span of time can prove to be harmful to one’s hair when overused.

HOT TOOLS  One-Step Detachable Volumizer

Since stretching out the hair is important to obtain some density and height on short hair, you may prioritize the size and the reach advantage of the hot air brush when skimming through your list of options. And if you’re open to taking suggestions for a hot air brush that can stretch out the strands flawlessly, the One-Step Detachable Volumizer from HOT TOOLS should be an essential candidate.

Hot Tools One-Step Detachable Volumizer

The charcoal-infused bristles of this hot air brush stretch out short strands generously and delicately to prevent the users from potential hair loss and bruises. When put to use, this option also operates rather smoothly, typically bringing frizz-free, appealing, and healthy visuals.

To defend damaged cuticles at all times, the HOT TOOLS One-Step Volumizer uses its ceramic-coated plates that comprise Thermaglide, an agent that provides each section with an even amount of heat. This hot air brush comes with a 6-foot tangle-free swivel cord to change the structure of the hair peacefully and enjoyably. However, when you want to spice up your life with this device, consider incorporating it into your after-wash haircare routine!

That’s not all that this hot air brush offers, as it can go around the world with you always. While the device is a single-voltage product, the HOT TOOLS One-Step Volumizer comprises detachable components that can take up very little space inside a suitcase. And although some of its features could fail to impress you, this hot air brush of HOT TOOLS deserves flowers due to the 5-year warranty it provides users with!

Get HOT TOOLS at Amazon

Great positives 

  • Charcoal-infused bristles bring forward top-notch results without damaging the cuticles.
  • Provides a 5-year warranty.
  • 6 foot swivel cord offers tons of flexibility.
  • Ceramic-coated plates provide damaged hair with tons of moisture.

Mild concern

  • The high temperature is powerful enough to compromise hair quality.
  • Cool setting is ineffective.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush

If you are on the lookout for an inexpensive hot air brush to volumize and gently curl layered shoulder length or short hair, take a look at this one. John Frieda is globally acknowledged for its stylish and high-performance hair styling tools.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush

This particular model features a 1-inch barrel which, according to most hairstylists, is the ideal barrel size for super short hair. Why?

You don’t have to wrap your hair fully around a 1-inch barrel to create gentle curls or waves. Frieda’s barrel is sculpted from titanium coated ceramic which is simply the best type of barrel material you can get for taming frizz.

It helps to evenly distribute the heat all over the hair to give your tresses a glorious blowout in 5-8 minutes depending on your exact hair length, texture, and wetness level.

The hot air brush operates on 500 watts of power which isn’t humongous but is still adequate for short hair. For optimal styling effect, you should blow dry your hair up to 85% before using the hot air brush. If you are in a hurry and only need a quick touch-up before a meeting or date, make sure your hair is about 95% dry.

This model utilizes advanced soft nylon and ball-tipped bristles which prevents your hair from tangling up. The brush doesn’t spin which is actually a good thing if you already have rough, curly and tangle-prone hair.

Apart from drying and styling your hair at the same time, the device also uses advanced Ionic technology to condition your hair. It is one of the most prominent features of this tool. It helps you achieve glossy and frizz-free hair without burning your hair to the crisp.

Apart from 2 (High and Low) heat settings, it also features a cool shot function to set your style in place.

Get John Frieda Brush at Amazon

Great Positives

Despite its modest price tag, this hot air brush has all the basic functions you’ll ever need to perk up your hair. It makes the use of advanced ionic technology and soft ball-tipped bristles which dries up, detangles, conditions and curls up your hair at the same time.

The 1-inch titanium ceramic barrel size is exactly what you need to add gentle curls to your pin-straight hair. Alternatively, you can also use it for straightening your wavy hair. If you are dealing with flat hair and split ends, this is the kind of hot air brush you need to enhance the volume and texture of your hair.

With its ionic technology, it lifts your hair strands and adds body to them to make your hair appear thicker and fuller. The fact that the brush doesn’t spin can be a big advantage if your hair tends to get caught up in the brush easily.

The non-rotating brush of this device easily glides through your hair shafts, making your hair so silky that you won’t be able to stop touching it. Since it doesn’t produce high heat, it is completely safe to use on sensitive scalp and hair.

It has very simple and streamlined controls. So, maneuvering this tool would be a cakewalk, even for people who have never used a hot air brush before in their lives. All in all, it’s a great budget-friendly hot air brush if you are looking for a quick and easy blowout at home.

Mild Concern

The endcap can get really hot after a few minutes of use which makes gripping the brush a bit difficult. I am not so impressed by the sliding heat button either. The slider is too delicate which makes it a bit tricky to go from Hot to Cool setting.


If you are looking for a hot air brush to give your layered bob a nice lift and shine, this might be the right product to consider. I would love to use it for puffing up my hair at the center of my crown. The powerful motor of this hot air brush produces enough heat to blow dry both fine and coarse hair in a very short time.


Its 2-inch bi-directionally rotating barrel uses ceramic tourmaline technology to heat up fast and evenly. The special barrel material releases tons of negative ions to reduce static electricity. This drastically reduces frizz and makes unruly hair more easily manageable.

It uses solid boar and nylon bristles brush which goes gentle on fine and sensitive hair and effortlessly detangles your tresses. It also breathes life into lackluster and damaged hair by restoring its original glow and texture. You can use the brush without the spinning function as well.

The device comes with 2 heat settings and a cool shot, making the hot air brush suitable for different types of hair and styling. The controls are easy also easy to fiddle with. The handle is a little too big for my taste but that doesn’t affect your grip or trigger arm fatigue.

Great Positives

This hot air brush has the perfect size to fit into your travel bag. To protect the soft bristles of the brush from damage, it comes with a protective cap too. So extra points for making the tool travel-friendly.

Coming to the performance, its 2-inch ceramic tourmaline barrel does a fine job of uniformly distributing the heat throughout the hair to remove hot spots. The motor generates just the right amount of heat to blow dry and style towel-dried or damp hair.

The heat is not crazy high, so don’t worry about burning your locks or hurting your scalp. This hot air brush is a much safer alternative to flat/curling irons for super fine and delicate hair. The airflow from the tool is excellent which significantly cuts short the styling time.

Its soft brush bristles provide a good grip on short to medium-length layered hair, allowing you to create loose curls and flips with ease. The use of Ionic technology helps to add ample of bounce and shine to your curls.

The rotational speed of the brush detangles fine strands easily and helps you achieve a super smooth and shiny finish. If you are a curly haired girl who doesn’t want to expose her curls to high heat for straightening, this could be a safer option than a flat-iron.

You can also turn off the rotation with one gentle push of a button located on the handle. The handle is slightly large but not heavy at all. It provides a good grip, letting you painlessly wrap and release your hair with your other hand.

Mild Concern

The hair can get caught between the spinning part and the top part of the wand at times. However, with a little bit of practice and patience, you will eventually get rid of this issue.

SwanMyst 1 Inch Ceramic Hot Curler Brush

Next up on my list is a 3-in1 styling tool that straightens, curls and gently massages your tresses to improve its health and texture. Its ceramic-coated 1-inch barrel is just the right size for styling geometric bob and pixie boy cuts.

SwanMyst Hot Curler Brush

Due to the small size of the barrel, your hair doesn’t have to go all the way around the barrel for curling up. The correct way to use this tool for curling or flipping is to work only with the ends of your hair.

I loved how it lifts the tresses at the back and around the crown without curling them. The nano ceramic coated barrel generates lots of negative ions to eliminate frizz and prevent your curls from sticking out in opposite directions.

This hot air brush houses 2 premium-grade PTC heaters which allows for faster heating. The device takes less than a minute to heat up to desired temperature for fast and fuss-free styling. There’s an easy-to-operate temperature dial on the handle for customizing the heat according to your needs.

The device automatically locks the heat after 3 seconds to prevent you from accidentally turning up the temperature. It also has a 60-minutes automatic shut-off function to ensure a complete peace of mind.

355 degrees is the default temperature of this tool. You can go as low as 265 degrees for short hair and as high as 430 degrees for long and thick hair. 265-300 degrees is a very safe operational temperature for people with extremely delicate hair and scalp.

The soft bristles on the brush never exceed 120 degrees even when the barrel reaches 430 degrees. This further reduces the risk of burn injuries and heat damage. The soft bristles embedded on this brush is made of plastic and easily slides through fine hair to free up the tangles.

It comes with a 8.2 ft, 360 degrees swiveling cord, allowing you optimal flexibility while maneuvering the tool in desired angles. It is a dual voltage (110v-240V) hot air brush and comes with a nifty storage bag which means it can seamlessly travel with you wherever you go.

Great Positives

Don’t you absolutely hate it when you buy an expensive hot air brush and its bristles come apart after just 1 week or so? You are not alone. This happens to a lot of us. SwanMyst is one of those very few brands that pay attention to the durability of its brush bristles.

The bristles might bend a little and but won’t chip off despite heavy abuse. It also smoothly courses through hair strands with zero snagging or tangling. I loved the sheer temperature range it offers, allowing you to try out different hairstyles with minimum effort.

If you are a professional stylist who has to deal with different types of hair all day long, this is the kind of hot air brush you need in your arsenal.

Along with great functionality, it offers solid safety features too. 3-seconds auto-temperature lock along with 60-minutes auto shut-off to keep painful accidents at bay. I also loved how the brush bristles never get too hot for your tender locks and sensitive scalp.

These bristles provide an excellent grip on the hair for easy styling. This tool gets ready to go in about 30-40 seconds and takes an exceptionally short time to work on your entire head.

Its Ionic technology is the most advanced technology available today for taking away frizz and enhance the shine of your hair. I also liked the long tip on the handle which prevents the fingers from burning from the high heat.

Mild Concern

My only complaint with this product is that the handle feels a little too heavy.


Helen of Troy (quite an interesting name for a hot air brush, indeed) sports a ¾” (0.75-inch) multi-vented barrel for fast and efficient styling. It punches out a strong and hot air that dries super-thin strands in just a matter of minutes.

Helen of Troy Hot Air Brush

It is best suited for creating loose curls at the ends and lifting the roots. The barrel is made from plastic which takes a lot of strain off your arm and wrist during styling. For the same reason, it is great for traveling with as well.

If you have short palms like me, you will be thankful for the thin and lightweight handle of this hot air brush. It is convenient to grip and pivot in every possible angle to achieve the desired styling effect.

The brush bristles set up on this barrel is also made from durable plastic that holds up well against heavy abuse. A lot of its current user base have been reportedly using this brush for years without noticing any signs of damage.

Also, plastic brushes should be the go-to choice for short and fine hair women, anyway. It smoothly runs through your fine and coarse strands and removes tangles along the way. You can also push the Curl Release button to activate the brush rotation. Doing so will automatically unwind your curls to further avoid tangle while your finish off your blowout.

Great Positives

It is a lightweight, compact, travel-friendly hot air brush meant for giving your hair a nice lift and styling without overdrying it. Its motor runs in two different speeds and pumps out an excellent airflow. The max temp setting is strong enough to completely dry up wet hair in just a few minutes.

I can also recommend this styling tool to anyone struggling with wrist pain or arm fatigue. Its barrel is made from an ultra-lightweight (but durable) plastic material which won’t put any strain on your hand. The wand is easy to hold and pivot in multiple angles, thanks to its thin structure and an 8 ft. long swiveling cord attached to it.

The ball-tipped plastic bristles on the brush are another excellent addition for short and super fine hair. It keeps tangling to a minimum.

My most favorite feature of the lot here is the Curl Release Switch located at the bottom of the handle. It makes the brush spin automatically to avoid tangles while unwinding the curls.

Mild Concern

The brush tends to produce a noticeable vibration noise at the highest temperature setting according to a few users. Some have also reported occasional minor overheating issues.

Features to Look for While Shopping the Best Hot Air Brush for Short Hair

Features to Look While Buing Hot Air Brush for Short Hair

Truth is, most hot air brushes made today are not at all suitable for short hair. So it’s very easy to pick a wrong product and regret your purchase for the rest of your life. Using an unsuitable heat styling device can mess up your hair in more ways than you can imagine. Trust me on that.

Having said all that, there actually are a few hot air brushes that genuinely work like a charm on shoulder-length hair. These models share a few unique traits that make them capable of lifting, straightening, curling and fixing frizz.

Here is a list of the features I have found common in all the top-branded hot air brushes specifically designed for short hair:

  • Barrel Size

The rule of thumb is to choose a short barrel for short hair. 1-1.5 inch barrel size is ideal for short to medium-length thin/coarse hair. If you prefer straightened, full-bodied hair or loose curls, you can also go for a 2-inch barrel.

  • Barrel Material

Ceramic, tourmaline and ceramic-titanium coated barrels possess a great heat conductive ability. This means less hotspots, less heat damage and short styling time. These materials release millions of negative ions to remove frizz and improve the overall look and feel of your hair.

However, if you have arthritis or wrist pain, you should definitely look for a more lightweight material. In that case, a plastic barrel will be a much better alternative than cheap, low-quality aluminum barrels. High-quality plastic barrels heat up real fast and distribute the heat uniformly.

  • Brush Bristles

For short hair specifically, I’d recommend brushes featuring nylon and ball-tipped bristles. These semi-soft bristles smoothly run through hair and detangles and provide a firm grip.

  • Heat Settings

Any decent hot air brush should come with at least two heat settings to allow you to customize the temperature for different kinds of styling. If you wish to play with your hair texture a little more, choose a tool having multiple heat options, ranging from 215-450 degrees.

I’d also look for a cool shot function to give my blowout a nice finishing and hold the shape of my hair. A lot of people ignore this feature but according to most hairstylists, it is an essential feature for setting the freshly styled tresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you decide to invest in one of the formerly mentioned hot air brushes, all your styling needs will surely be met, especially if you have short hair. Additionally, if you’re unaware of the specifications you should look into before buying a hot air brush, we’re confident that the factors we’ve covered previously will allow you to obtain the best experience possible.

Although decision-making should now be easier, suffering from doubts and uncertainty should still be normal if you’re relatively new to hot air brushes. And if you happen to be one of them, consider reading through the following questionnaire that we’ve prepared just for you!

Q: Will using a hot air brush make my hair better?

A: To obtain positive styling results with your hot air brush, consider analysing the housing, technological aspect, and barrel of the hot air brush. While most of them do bring forward remarkable styling results on coarse to fine hair, only a handful of styling tools can change the visuals if your hair is thin.

Additionally, if your hair type is straight and thin, don’t leave this article without giving the Drybar Double Shot a chance!

Q: Are hot air brushes safe to use on short hair?

While the powerful motor and the ion-generating properties of hot air brushes should not be a due to take assistance from on a regular basis, hot air brushes are celebrated for being much safer to use than other styling tools like flat irons and blow dryers.

In addition to being great tools to detangle the hair with, hot air brushes are also better than most styling tools as they change the formation of the hair with a moderately low amount of heat, protecting the strands in the long run.

Wrapping up

That was my take on the 5 best hot air brush for short hair available right now. While there were plenty other attractive options, I decided to mention only these 5 products for a couple of reasons:

One, these hot air brushes have all the necessary features for lifting, smoothing, curling and straightening your hair without the help of any additional tool. Two, all of them have solid and effective safety features to prevent nasty burn injuries. Third, considering the price, quality, and precision of styling, each hot air brush in this list provides an excellent value for money.

If you keep the similar parameters in mind while shopping for a hair styling tool, I’m sure you will agree with my list once you’re done doing your bit of research.

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