7 Best Hot Tools Curling Iron For Creative Stylists In 2023

For many years, I’ve been looking into the products that Hot Tools have been producing as it’s my task as a professional stylist to stay on top of forthcoming devices.

I’ve had the privilege to utilize some of the best Hot Tools curling iron devices over the years, and in recent times their quality has drastically increased that demands some attention.

The devices I’ve highlighted are very easy to use, built for both professional & personal use, and to top it off – these are highly affordable!

Of the seven devices I’m covering, I own five of them and have used them extensively. For the rest of the two, I’ve gathered evidence from prominent stylists and users online to classify them within this category.

So, I invite you to have a look through them so that you can find your fitting curling iron since everything doesn’t work perfectly for everyone, and a professional viewpoint can nudge you in the right direction.

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Why Are Hot Tools Curling Irons So Special?

You may wonder why I am focusing on one brand of irons in my article with seven of their devices put on display. Let me share my perception to shed light on their products from a different angle to guide you through it.


Hot Tools devices are highly affordable as they mostly sit between the $40-$50 threshold. You won’t find many premium devices that are priced so conveniently, thus it’s a killer brand to fulfill your curling wishes without having to spend extra!


It came to me as a shock but these Hot Tools curling irons are highly durable! I’ve dropped a few devices at certain occasions but they didn’t seem to give up. Also, even after months or years of use, none of my devices seem to have slowed down, so that’s also something worth highlighting!


The approach Hot Tools take toward their curling iron is very unique indeed. They include the most essential features in all of their devices and alter the material, diameter etc. so that the wide demands of customers are fully met. There’s one for every requirement, each hair type and all sorts of curls – that’s something not a lot of brands have been able to achieve!

Top 7 Hot Tools Curling Iron Comparison Chart

Top Hot Tools Curling Irons With Superior Features

In this section, I’ll be telling you in detail about the best and worst of these 7 Hot Tools units and I assume you’ll get to see the reason I’m calling them the best hot tools curling irons in contemporary consumer culture.

Pro Artist 24K Gold 1.25 Inch

The Pro Artist series from Hot Tools is one of those creative styling tools that inspires creativity in hair curling. Barrel in this device is induced with 24K gold and the 1.25 inch diameter helps out in creating iconic designs. Made to last, built with a sturdy quality and easy portability renders it the best Hot Tools curling iron for the ones who prefer to constantly explore new styles!

Pro Artist 24K Gold 1.25 Inch

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1.25 Inch Barrel With 430 F Max Heat Hit Sweet Spot

Starting from the barrel, I’ve found it to be sufficiently wide and long enough to wrap large chunks of hair at the same time. Heat settings seat between 280 F to 430 F, which I found to be of sufficient gap to cater to every hair type. Such heat levels paired with a 1.25 inch mark the Pro Artist 24K as a professional grade curling iron that even the home consumers can master very easily within minutes!

Tousled Curls & Waves Made Easy With Gold Housing

The width of the barrel dictates that it specializes in tousled curls and that’s what I’ve mostly been doing with it. There are a lot of curling wands in the market that I found to not spread the heat evenly. But this particular device has exceeded this limitation from other brands and provides seamless heat from the first point till the last. This has been made possible by the 24K gold infusion on the outer shell.

Long Cord, Sufficient Warranty & Great Price

Among other features that I appreciate more than a lot of this, the length of the cord is something I must highlight. The swivel cord is 8 feet long and is made of professional grade, thus using it in my salon has ticked that criteria perfectly. Also, the warranty period is stupendous as the company provides a 7-year limited warranty. All of this at a little over $40 is actually a bargain if you know how such devices are priced in general!

What Could Be Improved?

It’s not an area of improvement, rather a limitation of such a long rod with a 1.25 inch diameter. The fact that it won’t be able to properly work with consumers with shorter hair is a little disappointing, as the Artist series aspires to thrive on creativity. There is a thinner alternative however of the same line at 1 inch, but this particular length to diameter actually sits at the perfectly balanced spot that deprives short-haired customers naturally.

Overall Assessment

My suggestion would be to grab a hold of this device if you’re adventurous and are looking forward to sketching up unique curls. This device gives you flexibility of exploring different curling avenues by enabling you to style in ways that other curling irons can’t possibly provide. The price range that it’s being sold at, I simply wouldn’t pass buying it as a home consumer with great taste for creative curls!

Pros Cons
1. Gold plating for perfect heat 1. Not ideal for shorter hair
2. Good price to performance ratio
3. 7-year limited warranty

Pro Signature 24K Gold 1.25 Inch

The Signature series by Hot Tools is specifically targeted toward the professionals in the business, but it doesn’t mean they discourage the rest! It’s another gold-plated curling iron with the perfect heating system which isn’t aggressive by nature. This subtlety mixed with styling flexibility sets up this device to be one of the most desired curling iron in recent times. I own one at my store like many other professionals in my neighborhood, and let me tell you why.

Pro Signature 24K Gold 1.25 Inch

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Heats Up Fast & Holds Evenly – As Long As Needed

To live up to the professional grade expectations, the Signature unit heats up exceptionally fast! I generally start at a lower temperature for safekeeping, as directly introducing hair to a high heat can cause damage. It goes up to 430 F if necessary, much like the Artist 24K, which ensures a smooth curling process in your salon or done to yourself at the comforts of your home!

Long-Lasting Salon Grade Curls Made Easy

Due to the heat and material as well as the shape of the curling iron, it generally results in gorgeous and long-lasting curls. I’ve had my clients report that the waves or curls last almost through the night, which is astounding for a device priced around $40! Also, other curling irons are quite challenging to handle which increases the styling duration. But this one clamps in easily, holds hair in place tightly and locks in those magnificent curls within minutes!

Soft Touch Comfort Grip, Anti-Heat Tip & Long Cord

There have been times when long days would pile up and exhaust my hand, and average-gripped irons didn’t help in that regard. But the Signature edition contains a soft touch comfort grip that’s very convenient to hold on to even for hours! The anti-heat tip at the top allows me to place the hot iron on my countertop. A 6 feet long swivel cord of superior quality ensures that I’m allowed the space to move around my customer with ease!

What Could Be Improved?

Due to the 1.25 inch diameter, you shouldn’t really expect tight coils out of this, so I’d advise you to learn the differences of curling iron sizes before buying one. Other than that, as easy going as this device might be, it doesn’t have any automatic shut down feature. As a professional, there have been occasions when I forgot to turn it off, and having such a feature would greatly reduce the chances of any accidental mishaps.

Overall Assessment

From a professional perspective, this unit from Hot Tools is out of the world when it comes to durability, relentless performance and top creation. The Signature 24K looks sharp and allures the customers instantly, with capability of delivering almost all the regular waves & curls of your choice. Coming with a 5-year limited warranty period, you can’t really ask for anything more out of such a device, thus it’ll remain in my top list with certain gravity!

Pros Cons
1. Salon grade curls last long 1. Can’t produce tight coils
2. Very comfortable grip
3. 5-year limited warranty

Pro Artist Nano Ceramic 1.25 Inch

Another Artist variant by Hot Tools is this particular device that I love using at my home. It didn’t walk the path of 24K gold plating, rather the iron is made with ceramic to take a different heating approach. This way, the hair is treated in a more gentle manner using heat while at the same time sustaining that level throughout the procedure. An ideal 1.25 inch curling iron that’s targeted for home consumers to set them free from styling confinements!

Pro Artist Nano Ceramic 1.25 Inch

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Smoothest Curling Process Ever Due to Nano Ceramic Iron

If you’re someone like me who checks out different curling irons either out of curiosity or due to professional obligations, you’ll notice that the material matters a lot. It changes the entire experience and such is the case for this Nano Ceramic induced iron. It doesn’t tug or pull and offers one of the smoothest glides you can imagine! Even at maximum heat, you won’t notice it slowing down on your hair, ensuring an efficient curling process every time.

Protects Hair From Heat & Generates Shiny Curls

The core nature of ceramic material is to sustain heat and not let it go above the threshold to cause any harm to the hair. This quality is present in the Nano Ceramic device and thus lets you curl your hair in the safest possible way – paving the styling path open for every hair type! This also infuses nano ions to add shine to the curls and end up with a premium outcome that is unforeseen in home styling!

Fancy Design, 450 F Max Heat & Countless Benefits

You must admit it – the color combination and the looks of this device is truly magnificent, isn’t it? I fell in love with this at first sight, and upon further use, I decided to keep it for myself only. With everything that I just said, it goes 20 F extra than other devices for max heat – at 450 F. The swivel cord is long enough to function further away from the power outlet and the weight allows me to carry it while I’m traveling. What else could I ask from this!

What Could Be Improved?

Some users have expressed that for such a premium device, the barrel seems to be of average size which can render the curling process a little lengthy for ones with denser hair. There are other curlers from the Artist series with long barrels, and this particular one is made to be a nano-device for a specific group of consumers. Due to it being short, ones with less density of hair can easily maneuver this and travel with it, which would be difficult if the barrel was longer.

Overall Assessment

It’s the perfect device for me and my medium-length, fine and average density hair as the material, diameter and length of the barrel simply hit the sweet spot for me. I can easily try out different formulas of curls and apply them on my customers upon perfection. It’s priced around $40 and a great deal for a long-term investment. The curls and waves hold on for longer than I had anticipated, and my hair remains safe even after the most vigorous curling job!

Pros Cons
1. Smooth heat due to ceramic rod 1. Shorter barrel
2. Protects hair while heating
3. Fancy & portable

Pro Artist Black Gold 0.75 Inch

I’ll be mentioning a third curling iron from the Artist series which I deem as one of the best Hot Tools curling iron – not only from my personal experience – but also from all the positive reviews that I’ve found out. Starting from the visuals to the outcomes, this device stands out from most at this price point. And a 0.75 inch diameter wand places it in a prime position to create any sort of curl that may come to your mind, be that tight or loose!

Pro Artist Black Gold 0.75 Inch

Proprietary Black Gold Iron Of 0.75 Inches For Sharp Curls

While I’ve previously shown you completely golden 24K irons, this one consists of gold coating in a black housing. Due to the nature of the surface, the quality of curls are always extra smooth, leaving no room for dissatisfaction. And the diameter itself helps me out in creating sharp curls as I can wrap more hair vigorously and tightly. These well-defined curls and tight coils will let you draw out designs that are simply unattainable by other devices.

Maximum 455 F Treating All Types Of Hair

Due to the variable heat setting and the nature of heat emanation, this unit treats almost all types of hair equally. The Pulse Technology guarantees that heat is spread evenly throughout the iron and holds on without faltering for as long as it’s needed. It can reach a maximum of 455 F, highest in the Hot Tools line and starts out at 280 F. This dynamic temperature allows me to treat any type of hair without prior concern!

Two-Hour Auto Shut-Off & Foldaway Safety Stand

One of the complaints that have been preeminent with previous curling irons is that none of them contain an auto shut-off feature. It’s a safety threat for professionals like myself and even the ones using at home. This one however consists of a two-hour auto shut-off feature that does exactly what it says. Added to that, a foldaway safety stand comes in handy to keep the iron placed in-between the styling process without slamming it on the counter top!

What Could Be Improved?

One of the shortcomings for this 0.75 inch curling iron is the thumb mechanism. For obvious reasons like the price range below $40 and introducing so many different features within such a range, the quality of the thumb release isn’t up to par. It won’t hamper your performance and it’s not even a quality-control error, rather something you should know beforehand so that it doesn’t disappoint you by not meeting Hot Tools standards.

Overall Assessment

It’s been a dream device for me really since the moment I made the purchase. An affordable iron that promises to create great designs and to treat the hair in the best possible way. Safety is properly ensured with the auto shut-off, holding stand and long safety tip. It can produce tight & sharp curls within minutes that last an entire day. Dual voltage along with the weight is suitable for traveling and using in any circumstances!

Pros Cons
1. Great for tight curls 1. Non-durable thumb mechanism
2. Two-hour auto shut-off
3. Max heat of 455 F

Professional Black Gold XL

The professional Gold XL curler doesn’t fall under any broad categories like Artist or Signature, rather it’s a device popular for its own unique traits. A varying diameter curler with heat settings that allow for suave style on any occasion. Its design team has done a splendid job to keep it eye-catching and functional in more than one way. This is a complete curling iron which removes the boundaries of keeping multiple devices as it can do it all by itself!

Professional Black Gold Xl

45% Longer Iron For More Curling At One Go

For starters, the iron itself is very long, around 7.5 inches which is truly remarkable for ones who run a salon like myself. It offers a 45% extra surface area so that I can deal with large hair chunks in a minimum amount of time. The nature of this black gold surface is to retain heat with the top-notch Hot Tools technology and deliver efficiently without any fluctuation. This makes for a seamless curl as it doesn’t miss a single spot!

Tapered Design That Creates Wide Variety Of Design

Now let me draw your focus on the unique design – a tapered wand. Wider around the root at 1.25 inches and narrower toward the tip at 0.75 inches, it easily generates any sort of curl or wave you may want out of it. Whether it’s a tight kink or a loose beach wave, you won’t have to draw out any other tools because this beauty can do it all! Upon introduction, this device has reduced the average time at my workplace down to a minimum, and I’m ever grateful for that!

9 Feet Cord, Cool Tip For Finger Placement

The professional swivel cord has gone an extra inch at 9, which lets me move around with it all through my shop tension-free. I can turn or twist it however I want to reach customer satisfaction and draw out the desired curls effortlessly. The cool tips are quite long and I can place my fingertips there to settle down the hair strands – even when it’s heated up to 455 F! You can’t find a lot of curling irons that are so flexible to use!

What Could Be Improved?

One thing that consumers complain about is the missing glove that’s shown in the picture. But the reality is that you have to purchase it separately so keep that in mind before placing your order. The box that it comes with isn’t a regular one that can be re-used afterward, rather it’s something that needs to be torn out while opening. So if there’s a case of returning it, you’re going to find yourself in an awkward position with a box destroyed at inception.

Overall Assessment

I call it the best Hot Tools curling iron in the tapered genre. It creates room for dynamic styling and renders having multiple devices redundant. The holding stand that comes with the package is foldable, so that’s a big storing relief. Variable heat settings are inclusive toward all hair types and enhance convenience for amateur users. With the $55 price, I’d say it’s a decent price tag considering everything you’re getting against that.

Pros Cons
1. Higher surface area for treatment 1. Doesn’t come with the glove
2. Longer swivel cord
3. Tapered design encourages unique styles

Professional Fast Heat Up Titanium 1.5 Inch

As the title tells you, this is one of those superfast heat up devices and thus the best Hot tools curling iron in terms of this feature. Built with titanium at a diameter of 1.5 inches, it’s a relatively short surface that’s targeted for particular styles. It’s a blessing to have this around your salon if you cater more toward loose waves, and something that I plan on buying myself to ease through these procedures without any hiccup!

Professional Fast Heat Up Titanium 1.5 Inch

Titanium Surface For Fast, Solid Heating

As I’ve learned from my fellow stylists, the titanium surface marks it as the fastest heating curling iron in the market as of this moment. The heat delivery is solid and Pulse Technology ensures the spreading is even from top to bottom. It weighs around a pound and a half, which tells you a lot about the build quality of this sturdy unit. Heat recovery in this is ideally similar to its other premium features, thus time saving is one of the fortes for it.

Separate On/Off Switch Placed Perfectly Out Of The Way

There are numerous devices at the affordable price range that oddly place the on/off or heat control buttons. These accidentally set off the device mid-operation, but it’s not the case for this titanium device. The handle is smartly designed and keeps both of these button sets out of fingers’ way, much like the most Hot Tools devices. Thus I reckon I’d find great use of it in my store for frequent styling jobs.

Superb Performance On Thicker Hair Due To Material

For the titanium material, I’d recommend it highly to the ones having thick, coarse hair that frizzes up frequently. From what I’ve heard, it removes the frizz in less than no time and the shine holds for at least 24 hours from application. Ceramic units don’t essentially possess this quality for frizziness, so you have to analyze first which category your hair belongs to before getting to the buying phase.

What Could Be Improved?

I’m not going to state it out as an area to be improved, rather something that all of you should remember before buying it. Since it’s built with titanium, naturally it’ll radiate heat with more intensity than gold or ceramic plates. Thus, ones with fine hair must be very careful treating with high heat and I’d personally refrain from styling such hair with this unit. It’s designed primarily for ones with kinky hair, so you should stick to that categorization for safekeeping.

Overall Assessment

In total, it’s a beast when it comes to heating up instantly at the maximum 450 F range and smoothing out thicker hair. It’s efficient – that’s one of the major charms that this device has to offer. A solid build that’ll endure almost anything you throw at it with the possibilities of styling into any loose curl design – I’d say your $45 will be well spent should you opt for purchasing it.

Pros Cons
1. Treats thick hair perfectly 1. Risky for fine hair
2. Faster heat up with titanium rod
3. Removes frizz easily

Pro Artist Rose Gold Digital 1 Inch

This is the only digital device I’ve included in my list with a display that shows the precise temperature you’re at. It’s able to produce a salon-quality curl without having to physically visit, thus it’s going to give stylists like us a run for our money. As my goal is to offer you the best possible product for your specific needs, I can in no way avoid placing this before you with its exceptional features!

Pro Artist Rose Gold Digital 1 Inch

Rose Gold Barrel Ideal For Semi-Loose Curls

The barrel itself looks gorgeous at first glance – a rose gold toned outer shell that seems like a designer’s happy dream. It’s of standard length with a 1 inch barrel and is perfect for those semi-loose curls. I won’t say tight curls aren’t possible with this, but you’ll have to give it more time and practice to achieve that result. Generally, you’ll get away with those loose, fancy curls with almost zero effort!

Customize Instantly & Swiftly Causing Least Damage

This device is very flexible in terms of styling and you can customize your output almost instantly. Whether you wrap your hair strands tightly or pre-twist them before clamping down at precise temperature, any texture can be produced based on the way you go about it. And to enhance its glory further, you’ll attain that outcome while inflicting the least amount of damage as it doesn’t take longer heat exposure to finish the procedure!

Digital Display With Lock Button For Maximum Convenience

As I mentioned, it’s a digital device consisting of a display of precise heat level. Gone are the days where you’d have to dial in and make sure you’re at the right spot, rather it’ll directly show up on the screen. Are you worried about accidentally changing the setting? Press on the dial knob to lock everything in place so that any misplacement of fingers during the task doesn’t change anything. How convenient is that!

What Could Be Improved?

This Artist device generates heat at a very high level and since it’s not ceramic, there’s always chances of burning yourself. While there’s a heat proof tip for safekeeping, there have been cases when users have burned themselves without realizing it. Also, excessive exposure to heat has caused a few to actually burn their hair. So, if you’re a new user, I’d advise you to gradually climb up the heat level and use an anti-heat glove while operating.

Overall Assessment

Ones who prefer to have a technologically advanced curler device, then it would be the best Hot Tools curling iron satisfying your demands. The screen as well as the lock button simply pushes it over the edge in terms of convenience. Its build quality is optimum with standard heat-up time and evenly spread out heat for seamless curls. One of the biggest pluses is the price sitting right below $40, and I literally can’t ask anything more out of such an economical device!

Pros Cons
1. Highly affordable 1. Requires vigilance for high heat
2. Digital display
3. Safety lock button

Which Features To Check Before Buying Hot Tools?

Featured to Check Before Buying Hot Tools

As Hot Tools are known for offering dynamic features, you must check which of these are fitting your cause and which aren’t so that you end up with a successful purchase.


The material is important as different materials cater to different hair types. For instance, the gold plated irons are good for general use, ceramics are ideal for ones with fine hair and titanium rods sit perfectly for ones having thick, frizzy hair.

Wand Diameter

Wand diameter varies between 0.75 inches to 1.5 inches, and all of them serve unique purposes. The shorter diameters are generally used for tight & sharp curls while the longer ones deliver more loose waves. Ones in-between are perfect for regular curls as well as waves, so you should assess what your demands are out of the device you’re going to buy.

Cord Length

Cord length is important for many reasons – as it enables you to maneuver freely or walk around from the power outlet easily. Generally, most of the Hot Tools irons contain professional grade swivel cords over 6 feet that go up to 9 feet even in some units. I find such lengths to be perfect for flexible usage.

Surface Area

The surface area refers to the rod length and diameter combined. It must be checked beforehand as shorter irons aren’t able to serve thick or dense hair faster. So, the rule of thumb is to go for longer rods for voluminous hair while shorter ones for thinner hair density.


While I’m dealing with lines like Artist or Signature to be competing for becoming the best Hot Tools curling iron device from my perception, the winner however belongs to neither of these two.

Yes! You’ve heard me right! Hot Tools have outdone themselves this time and with the winner I’m going to announce, you’ll find out just how!

Without further ado, I declare the Professional Black Gold XL unit to be the best among the best!

It’s length, the way it heats up and retains that for the required duration, tapered shape allowing all types of design in one go – all of which within such a low price point seals in the deal for me!

This is one device I can keep at my store that can push all the other ones out without having me worried for a single second! So you can definitely consider buying it as your all-rounder curling iron for every purpose!

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