Hair toppers or top pieces are ideal for women who have slight thinning. It covers sparse hair that makes a woman feel self-conscious. It can add fullness to the crown or the part.

It’s a great way to cover flaws like cowlicks or numerous gray hairs. With a topper, there’s no need to fuss over long chemical processes. You don’t have to spend hours trying to style your hair over the thin spots.

Hair toppers come with bases that will mimic the look of real skin. The best human hair toppers are knotted by hand to increase their natural look. The silk piece might be light or dark. You’ll choose based on your skin tone.

Human hair top pieces can be dyed to blend with your current hair. Because they’re human hair, they can be curled or straightened with styling devices, too.

Best Human Hair Toppers Comparison Table

NameBase SizeBase TypeColorPrice
UniWigs Remy Mono Hairpiece5.5 x 5.5 "
Cap with laceBlonde
Check Price
SEGO Top Hair Topper2.4 x 3.5 "
Silk with clips
Check Price
MY-LADY Remy Hairpiece3.5 x 2.4 "
Silk with clips
Black Check Price
UniWigs Silk Hair Topper5.5 x 2.5 "
Silk with clips
Check Price
Benehair Women Hair Topper2.4 x 3.5 "
Silk with clips
Check Price
Rich Choices Real Hair Topper2.4 x 3.5 "Silk with clips
Check Price
Hairro Hair Clip Hairpiece2.4 x 3.5 "
Silk with clips
Black Check Price

What is a Hair Topper?

A hair topper is the name for a partial wig. It’s for those who have had partial hair loss. Toppers are good for anyone who has thinning spots in their hair. It’s good for covering the crown where most thinning occurs.

The topper comes in different colors, shades, and styles. It’s meant to match the hair you have currently. It isn’t used to replace all of your hair – just the parts that are thin. The topper will blend and conceal any loss of hair you might have. It might be the crown of the sides of your hair that needs coverage.

They can be attached in a variety of ways with clips or other attachments. The hair topper will have to be matched to your current style, hair color, and hair texture.

Top 7 Human Hair Toppers Review

UniWigs Remy Human Hair Mono Hairpiece

This piece will cover a wide portion of the crown. It has a natural part and dark roots. The Remy human hair is harvested with the cuticle intact. The hair can be colored, straightened, or curled like your natural hair.

UniWigs Remy Human Hair Mono Hairpiece

The hairpiece is a total of 16 inches long. That will blend well with long hair. It’ll look like a simple layer of your own hair. If it doesn’t, you can choose to see a hair dresser. They can help you match the topper to your natural hair with more long layers.

In this human hair topper, you’re getting a medium-sized cap. It measures 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches. The clips are pressure sensitive. They’re placed in 4 locations that make sense for using on the top of your head. It’s naturally parted on the side.

This is a beautiful color that many women will love. The company calls the color creamy ice gold blonde. It has darker roots. With a rooted hairpiece, you’re getting a look that’s completely realistic. Rooted wigs and hairpieces are often less noticeable than ones that are the same color.

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My impression

For those with thinning hair or grays, the hairpiece will cover much of the crown. It’ll cover the top of the forehead back to the crown. The part looks completely natural.

It’s kind of hard to believe that these can look so natural, but they do. The cap has 4 clips that will help it stay in place. The clips are pressure sensitive. They’ll provide a secure fit.

When you’re out wearing this, you’ll never feel self-conscious. It truly fits beautifully. It’s also thick enough that it’ll give you the volume that you want.

Important concern

The cap’s lace can be slightly scratchy. You can change that by rinsing and conditioning the topper out of the package.

SEGO Top Hair Human Hair Clip Topper

This is a topper that sits on the crown of the head. It’s meant for people who are only thinning lightly. Many women will find that it provides plenty of volume when hair is only slightly thin. If used on balding spots, the clips might not stay.

SEGO Top Hair Human Hair Clip Topper

The hair isn’t very long. It’s up to 6 inches at the longest section. The human hair topper is for blending with your current hair. It has a part in it already. You can still part it in any way that you like. With your topper, it has a realistic part.

The base is 2.4 inches by 3.5 inches. It has two clips to secure it to your hair. That’s another reason that you don’t want to use on balding areas. It needs to be clipped into your own natural hair. The hair is real remy human hair. It’s been hand tied into the base.

In this topper, the hair itself is a lovely shade of rich brown. It has shine and dimension like natural hair without being too shiny. The lace under the topper blends with many skin tones. It can be dyed or curled to match the rest of your hair.

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My impression

If you have thin hair, this will cover the spots. It’ll add volume as it covers the balding areas. This hair topper will cover your part and the sides if they are both thin.

The color can be changed by bleaching. It’s natural human hair, so it’ll take to color like your own hair would. If you decide to go a different shade, you can take this topper with you.

It can be styled using heat devices. Flat irons, curlers, and straighteners can all be used. They won’t ruin the topper at all. Remy human hair is thick hair that you can style as needed.

Important concern

This is a thin hair topper. It will blend with thin hair and is used to increase volume.

MY-LADY Remy Human Hair Silk Base Hairpiece

This hairpiece is a 100% density topper. It’s real human hair that’s hand-tied to the base. This topper truly goes on top of the head. It has a part that can be moved as needed. You don’t have to stick with a center part. The hair will cover a limited space on the crown.

MY-LADY Remy Human Hair Silk Base Hairpiece

With this topper, you’re getting a small amount of hair. That’s meant to cover grays or a thinning part and crown. Instead of sitting on top of your hair, this can be blended with the rest of your hair. It’s important to blend, so the hairpiece looks realistic. At most, the hair is 6 inches long.

The base itself is 3.5 inches by 2.4 inches. It’s hand-tied into the silk base. The base is crafted to imitate the skin of your scalp. It won’t look like a hairpiece with ties visible, either. It’s a light brown color that will match many skin tones.

With this piece, you’re getting a jet black color. You wouldn’t be able to dye this lighter, but you could bleach it. The hairpiece is made from real human hair. It can be styled in any way that you like. Curling, flat ironing, or changing the color is very possible. It can be customized in any way that you like.

My impression

This is a great amount of hair for covering a bald spot. It’s not just men who can get bald spots. Many women have that problem. They might try to style in a way that covers the spot. It’s not always successful.

A topper like this is the perfect solution. It can be bleached then dyed to match your current color. While it’s durable, the hair will behave like real hair. You might need a stylist to help you, so you don’t damage the hair.

You won’t get too much hair that gives you a big nest on the top of your head. The hair was harvested using the Remy method. It ensures that the cuticle remains. The hair all goes in one direction.

Important concern

The coverage area is very small. It’s for very specific uses.

UniWigs Human Hair Silk Parting Hair Topper

This human hair topper is meant for covering the crown and part. It can also work if there are thinning sides. This will cover a wide portion of the scalp. The topper can be blended easily with your own hair. It’s fantastic for those who have long hair since it has a density of 150%.

UniWigs Human Hair Silk Parting Hair Topper

The topper itself is quite long. It’s 14 inches in length. With that length, you can blend it with your own layered hair. It doesn’t have a particular style to it. It’s important that you bring this to a stylist for direction. She can help blend the color with your own.

With this base, you’re covering 5.5 inches by 2.5 inches. This is where measurements are vital. If you have a wide area of thinning, the silk base should cover it. It should even extend past the thin parts. That way the clips will be secure.

This is a light golden blonde. It might match your color perfectly. More likely is the fact that it’s not the right color. That shouldn’t deter you. The fact that this is real hair means that you can dye it to match. A stylist can help you find the right color to match with your own.

My impression

The base of the topper is made of a really lovely silk. It’s quite wide and long. The hair is hand-tied onto the base, so you won’t see any tracks.

The clips aren’t attached to the topper, so you can use them where needed. It’s good for wide patches of thinning hair. Sew them exactly where they work for you.

This real hair can be styled however you like. It can be straightened. It can be curled. You could curl one and straighten a few days later. There’s really not limit to what style you choose.

Important concern

There are no instructions in the box about applying the clips. They can be sewn into the base yourself.

Benehair Women Top Hairpiece Human Hair Topper

This human hair topper is made with 100% Remy hair. It’s length and width makes it ideal for covering a thinning part. It’s great for the crown if you’re getting a bald spot. Unfortunately, that can happen to anyone.

Benehair Women Top Hairpiece Human Hair Topper

Length of the hair is 10 inches. It’s really long for those who want to blend it in with their own hair. The back of the hair is a bit thinner than the sides. That will help when you don’t want a lot of bulk in your hair.

The base is 2.4 inches by 3.5 inches. This is a good size for those who have beginning hair loss. The silk base will look like your natural skin. Your scalp won’t show through. It will cover slight thinning on the part or the crown.

While the color is dark blonde, it’s a good base color for dyeing. It takes color extremely well. That’s because it’s 100% human hair. It was removed using the Remy method. That keeps the cuticle intact for healthier hair with a cuticle.

My impression

The base of this topper is a beautiful silk. It was handmade, too. The base will cover a thinning part or crown. It comes with two attached clips. The clips adhere with pressure. It doesn’t take long to get ready at all.

The clips are anti-slip. It’ll only take a few moments to attach the topper. Yet, it’ll stay in for hours and hours even when you’re extremely busy.

With this light color, it’ll be so simple to dye the topper. It’ll take to color better than your natural hair even. It’s human hair, so the same rules apply to this topper as your own hair.

Important concern

It can be quite shiny upon arrival. You need to wash this like you would a wig. Add dry shampoo if you feel it’s still too shiny.

Rich Choices Real Human Hair Topper

This hair topper is ideal for a thinning part or a bald spot on the crown. This topper is made from human hair. It’s harvested using a Remy process that keeps the cuticle. With the Remy process, you’re getting hair that will stay flat. It’s exactly how you’d expect hair to act.

Rich Choices Real Human Hair Topper

The hair measures 6 inches in length. It can be blended into your longer hair. If you have short hair, you can use this to cover the sides and back. Thin crowns and balding parts are just a few things to be helped with this topper. Some people use toppers to tame cowlicks in weird places, too.

For the base, you’re getting approximately 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. It’s longer than it is wide. The silk base will look like your scalp along the part. The silk base has clips on the front and back. This will keep it in place throughout the day.

The light blonde has the look of highlights. This topper can be used to simulate highlights instead of coloring your hair. It’s easy to blend this color with your own. The real human hair topper can be dyed to match your hair, too.

My impression

There’s a lot to like about this topper. It’s wide enough and long enough to cover a thinning part. The silk base is comfortable as well as looking like a natural scalp.

The clips are sewn into the base. They only take a few minutes to apply. They’ll last throughout the day. It’s comfortable to wear this topper. It’ll never feel awkward or fall out of your hair.

The human hair can be dyed to any color you like. It can be curled with a curling iron or straightened with a flat iron. You’ll need to keep it a bit low to avoid damage. You should be doing that for your real hair, anyway.

Important concern

This is a middle part that can’t be changed. Make sure you want a middle part before committing to it.

Hairro Human Hair Clip Hairpiece

This is a clip with human hair. It provides coverage at the crown and along the part. That coverage can work for thinning hair or hair that’s gray at the roots. You can go a few weeks without coloring with this hairpiece.

The hair measures between 6 inches and 14 inches. It will create lovely layers in your hair. It provides a fuller crown. It’s suitable for light hair loss or times when you don’t want to color the grays. It’s good for beginning hair loss along your part.

The base size is 2.4 inches by 3.5 inches. That’s only going to cover your part and fall to the sides. The small base is made for light hair loss. The base has clips, so it’ll stay in your hair easily. The base is made with silk.

With this clip, you’re getting a rich, dark black. The fact that this is natural hair means that you can style this with heated devices. The hair clip can be dyed, curled, or bleached. You can also bring it to a stylist to match the clip to your natural hair.

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My impression

With a hairpiece, it has to blend seamlessly with your current hair. The texture and color has to be a very close match. Usually, it’s easier to match your natural hair to the hairpiece. That isn’t the case with this clip.

It’s natural hair, so it can be dyed, bleached, or curled. It’ll be easier to match the clip to the rest of your hair for a good blend. This human hair clip shouldn’t stand out as a hairpiece.

The small base works well for covering small areas along the hairline. You might have noticed your part getting thinner or wider. That’s the problem that this hairpiece covers perfectly.

Important concern

This hairpiece is thin. It’s not meant to cover a huge amount of hair loss. It’s for those who want to blend and create volume.

What to Consider when Picking the Best Human Hair Topper

Hair loss can come from a variety of sources from chemo treatments to stress and certain meds. Choosing the right topper for your thinning hair involves a few things aside from choosing the right color. You’ll have to consider if you need a topper or a wig. The fullness of the hair you have left will also be a determining factor in your choice.

  • Stages of Hair Loss

The beginning stages of hair loss are usually a thinning of the hair on top of the head. It might not be as noticeable to others, but you can definitely see a difference. Your scalp is a touch more visible than it used to be. For this stage, you’ll need a topper with a small base.

Intermediate hair loss is when the hair loss is definitely noticeable. It makes styling your hair more difficult. There will be distinct areas that are sparse. You’ll need a medium base for covering more of the scalp.

In advanced cases of hair loss, you’ll have completely bald areas. With this kind of hair loss, you might consider a larger wiglet instead of a topper. If it’s truly significant, a full wig might be in order.

  • Where Do You Notice Thinning?

When choosing the type of topper, it’s important to have accurate measurements. The measurements include the widest points of the thinning areas. There’s no sense getting a topper that doesn’t cover the thin parts.

Use a soft measuring tape for finding the widest parts of the thinning areas. You will have to measure a bit past the thinning areas. The toppers have to be clipped to existing hair. If it’s not, the hair topper will just fall out.

  • It’s All About That Base

The base that you choose will be influenced by where you have the most hair loss. If it’s thinning around the part, you’ll need to consider a long topper that fills in the part area. A long topper with monofilament is the best bet.

For hair that’s balding at the crown, a wider base will be necessary. The wide base will cover the back part of your head. You can choose a topper with a classic base for that purpose. The classic base allows you to pull your own hair through for a more natural blend.

  • How to Mix the Color With Your Hair

With a human hair topper, you’re going to find more natural-looking colors. It’s going to have the subtle shading that signals that it’s human hair. It won’t be plastic-looking like some synthetic options.

If you find a shade close what you want, it’s possible to dye your own hair match. You might also take the human topper to your stylist who can help you match it to your current color. She can help you blend the topper into your hair, too.

  • What Length Should You Choose?

The length you choose will depend on a few factors like where the hair is thinning. It’ll also depend on how long your current style is. If you have short hair, you can purchase a topper that is the length of your current style.

Those with long hair can use the topper to create a layer. The rest of your hair will be layered, too. This topper will only be a top layer in your layered style. It’s always a good idea to take the topper to your stylist. Have her layer your hair to match.

  • What to Know About Hair Type: Synthetic vs Human Hair

Human hair toppers are superior in many ways to their synthetic counterparts. They can be styled using heated styling devices like flat irons and curling irons. The texture of human hair is exactly like your own. It’s easier to blend human hair with your natural hair. These toppers last longer than synthetic ones.

The synthetic toppers can be cheaper, but you’re not getting a long life out of them. If you have to buy two in the time one human hair topper would last, you’re not really saving cash.

What’s the Difference Between Hair Toppers vs Wiglets?

With hair toppers, you’re getting enough hair to cover small thin spots. Toppers are great at covering a thinning part and a crown that is balding. A small strip or a medium base can cover the entire space of hair that is thinning.

Those who have more balding areas on the top might need more coverage. That’s where a wiglet will be more beneficial. The wiglet can cover the existing hair and give more volume than a topper. If someone needs a substantial wiglet, they might decide to get a wig instead.

Some people use the term wiglet and hair topper as the same thing. It’s not actually the same thing. A wiglet provides way more coverage than a hair topper. The topper has to be integrated with the existing hair you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can hair toppers last a long time?

Hair toppers can last a long time if they’re made from natural materials. Human hair toppers will actually last longer than synthetic toppers. Human hair is stronger and more durable than other types. Care must be taken with the human hair options, though.

Will hair toppers ruin your natural hair?

Hair toppers will not ruin your hair. It can cover areas of your hair that are thinning. If you are going through any kind of hair treatments, it can cover your hair while it’s repairing itself. They can save you from having to apply heat for styling, too.

Can the hair topper be washed?

You should always wash human hair when you receive it. It’s important for continued care and maintenance, too. It should be done gently in a basin full of warm water.

Is it okay to color the human hair topper?

It’s always best if you leave any permanent styling to a professional. You can ruin the hair if you’re not experienced with things like coloring or curling wigs.


It’s vital that you measure the thinning spots in your hair. It’ll help you choose the right base. Human hair toppers have the benefit of being human hair. They can be styled like your hair. That means curling or flat irons are not damaging to your topper.

The topper can even be dyed as needed. You can purchase a light color and match it. With a human hair topper, there’s a durability that can’t be found in other types of toppers. It needs care and maintenance, but it can last for a very long time.

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