Picking the right wig can be a complex decision. There’s so much to consider. A wig can make you feel incredibly confident. If it’s the wrong wig, however, you could end up feeling pretty bad.

The silk has to match your skin tone. The hair has to be human to mimic your own real hair. There’s much more to think about before making a final decision. In this guide, we’ve reviewed 10 of the best human hair wigs.

Most of these human hair wigs have all the chores taken out of them. They’ll require minimum set up before leaving the house. Read on to learn more about the ones we’ve reviewed. There’s also a guide to help you understand the features of a good human hair wig.

Best Human Hair Wigs Comparison Table

Top 10 Human Hair Wigs Review

RULINDA 13×6 Deep Part Short Bob

RULINDA 13x6 Deep Part Short Bob

To get a wig to look like real hair, there are certain things it needs. The hairline needs to be plucked to show the skin. It looks more natural. The Rulinda wig has a preplucked hairline, so that work is done for you. It also has bleached knots. They’re less noticeable.

The part in this wig is really long. That’s also an aspect of the wig that makes it look natural. Some parts are short. This one is 6 inches. The texture is soft. It’s a bob that lays just above the shoulders at 12 inches long. It’s an adorable style with beautiful Brazilian human hair.

The Brazilian hair is virgin hair. The hair hasn’t been chemically altered. No colors or treatments were done to the person’s hair. That means you’re getting hair that’s strong and healthy. The wig also comes with baby hairs along the edges for a natural hairline.

This is a lace front wig. It has 4 combs to hold it in place. The lace is a medium brown Swiss lace. The hair is 150% high density. It’s thick and able to be parted in any direction. It can be styled any way you like. It’s a medium cap size at 22.5 inches.

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My impression

There’s much to like about this wig. The hair is shiny and incredibly soft. While it’s straight, it can be styled in any way that you wish. The human hair is strong and able to withstand heat from styling.

The fact that it’s virgin hair is a huge bonus. What that means is that the hair hasn’t been treated in any way. It also came from one hair donor. The hair is strong enough to be bleached or colored as you like, too.

With the lace front, you’re able to part the hair in any direction. The lace is a medium brown, so it should match many brown skin tones. Along with the beautiful wig, the company includes a set of lashes. It’s a nice little bonus to match the hair.

Mild concern

The hair is very thick. If you have thick hair of your own, this might be bulky. You can go to a stylist and have it thinned.

Younsolo Glueless Body Wave Lace Front Wig

Younsolo Glueless Body Wave Lace Front Wig

One of the best ways to get a natural hairline is by plucking the hairs at the edge. This is already done for you with this wig. The hairline comes down the sides to look completely real and natural. You can even tuck hair behind your ears without exposing your own hair. The knots are lightly bleached to be unnoticeable.

The wig is thick, Brazilian hair in a rich, black shade. You’re getting a really long wig measuring 26 inches. It has a lovely body wave. The hair is virgin, which means it hasn’t had any processing done to it. The wave is completely natural.

Along the front of the wig, there are baby hairs that help it look more like your own hair. The front of the wig is a brown Swiss lace front for a more natural hairline. It even has baby hairs in the back. The back has a natural hairline, too. You can put this wig into a bun or pony like you would natural hair.

The cap is a medium size from 22 to 22.5 inches. You can easily tighten it to be more form-fitting. It has two adjustment straps as well as combs to ensure it doesn’t fall. The hair is 130% density and very soft. It won’t tangle or shed, either.

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My impression

This is hair you’ll want to show off to everyone as your own. The baby hairs really help to sell the fact that this is your natural hair. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a wig.

The baby hairs aren’t just at the front, either. They’re at the back and along the sides like your own hair. This human hair wig is really long and thick. You might need to toss it into a pony at some point. That won’t take away from the natural look of it.

With the cap, you’re able to adjust to many sizes easily. There are two straps for adjusting. A comb holds it all in place, too. You might want to add some bobby pins or clips since it’s long and quite heavy hair.

Mild concern

This is a beautiful wig, but it needs work on arrival. It’s important to take your wig to a stylist to get the right look for you.

Eayon Hair Virgin Human Hair Full Lace Wig

Eayon Hair Virgin Human Hair Full Lace Wig

Eayon Hair Virgin Human Hair Full Lace Wig

This full wig is virgin human hair. It’s a Remy hair wig that is silky and lovely. The Remy process of removing the hair that includes the cuticle. It’s the best human hair wig you can purchase. The hair is collected in a way that keeps all the hair aligned. The wig has baby hairs to make it look more natural, too.

In this wig, you’re getting edges that are preplucked. It’s another way to look natural. The hairline will look more like it’s your natural one. The knots on the wig are slightly bleached, so they’re barely visible. All of these features are making your wig look like the hair you were born having.

The cap of this wig is made entirely of lace. It’s a light brown Swiss lace. There are multiple combs and straps to make the wig fit beautifully. It has a medium cap that can fit most people. It will fit snug to your head while letting your scalp breathe.

All the featured will deliver a natural look. The full lace and the plucked edges are what you need for a natural hairline. The hair doesn’t have to lay straight, either. The hair can be styled in a variety of ways. It can be bleached or colored. It can be curled, too. This will behave like your natural hair, but better.

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My impression

The way they’ve extracted hair from the donor is one of the best ways. The virgin hair isn’t chemically altered. It’s strong, yet, it’s incredibly soft. The hair won’t tangle or shed, either.

With baby hairs around the entire wig, you’ll be able to achieve a ton of styles. You can wear it straight, curl it, or wear a pony. You can even wear it in a side pony. You won’t be limited in your style at all.

The full lace wig is very comfortable. The hairs are hand tied to the cap. They’re preplucked for a natural hairline. It has straps and combs for easy adjustment.

Mild concern

Though there are baby hairs, they may need to be cut or adjusted to look more natural.

Younsolo Brazilian Deep Wave Lace Front Wig

Younsolo Brazilian Deep Wave Lace Front Wig

This wig is made from virgin human hair. It’s Brazilian and a rich black. The hair of this wig is a deep wave. The wig is 130% density. It’s not too thick, so you can wear it comfortably. There are baby hairs around the entire wig. The baby hairs make it very realistic.

The hairline of this wig is preplucked. You’re getting a more realistic hairline for a natural look. You can definitely wear your hair in a ponytail or messy bun. The wig doesn’t shed at all. There were no chemicals used in this hair.

The cap is a lace front that has plenty of adjustments available. You might want to use glue to hold your wig down, but it’s not completely necessary. There are 4 combs that can be used for securing the wig. There are 2 adjustment straps, too.

In this wig, you’re getting bleached knots along the hairline. It’s another way that the wig will look natural. On arrival, the hair doesn’t have a part. You can create your own side part or middle one. This hair can be styled in any way that you like. It gives you complete freedom to make the wig perfect for you.

My impression

The length of this wig is very beautiful. You’ll have hair almost down to your butt with this wig. It’s wavy and silky soft. It’ll give you all kinds of feelings about yourself. You’ll be proud to show it off as your own.

The straps and combs are a way to secure the wig. There are a total of 4 combs and 2 straps. You can get exactly the fit you need for your head shape. When it’s fitted, you’re going to feel so confident.

With this wig, you’re getting deep, wavy black hair. From there, you can style it however you like. Put the part anywhere and enjoy lovely hair.

Mild concern

The ends of the hair are a bit thin. It’ll look thicker once it’s washed and combed.

MegaLook 360 Lace Front Wigs

MegaLook 360 Lace Front Wigs

MegaLook 360 Lace Front Wigs

This long, stunning wig looks like a dream. It’s the long, thick hair you’ve always wanted to grow. It’s a Brazilian body wave human hair wig. It’s really long with bouncy waves. There are fine baby hairs along the outside of the hair making it look very realistic and natural.

The edges of the wig are preplucked. That makes the wig more realistic. It’s the same way your natural hair would look at this length. Everyone has small baby hairs around their hairline. This wig won’t shed, and it isn’t full of chemicals.

With this MegaLook wig, you’re getting 360 lace front. It includes weft in the cap on your scalp. The wig has machine made and hand tied knots. The knots are bleached to blend seamlessly into the cap. The lace is medium brown to match with many skin tones. It has 4 combs and adjustable straps.

In this wig, you’re getting hair with 150% density. It’s very full and thick. It also includes free gifts. There are lovely eyelashes to complete your look. It also comes with 2 hair bands, too. This hair can be styled and parted in any way that you want. Your stylist can help you make this look entirely your own.

My impression

This wig is a beauty. That can’t be denied. It’s really long with big, bouncy waves. You could imagine the person wearing this wig to enjoy the beach or a nightclub. It’s made for being seen.

In fact, it can be used in a dozen different hair styles. It could be lifted into a high pony or a bun. It’s able to be restyled in any way that you like. It definitely should be brought to your hair dresser for a consultation before making major changes.

The hairline of this wig is impeccable. It’s preplucked, so there isn’t much work for you to do before wearing this. You’ll need to wash it, but then you’re ready to style and hit the party.

Mild concern

The waves can fall over time, but it holds a curl quite well. You’ll need to style it yourself when the waves fall.

Jessicahair Lace Front Human Hair Wig

Jessicahair Lace Front Human Hair Wig

This human hair wig is quality Brazilian hair. It’s actually Remy hair, which is named after how it’s harvested. The hair cuticle is kept in place. That keeps the hair from tangling. In this wig, you’re getting lovely hair that’s silky soft.

When you’re getting a wig for the first time, you’ll need to pluck the hairline. That thins it out and makes it appear more realistic. This one is preplucked. You won’t have to spend your time doing this chore. The wig has no chemicals and won’t shed excessively.

The cap of this wig is made with Swiss brown lace. The lace will very closely match many skin tones. Cosmetics can help you blend the hairline and the part even more. The wig has bleached knots and fine baby hairs. All of that combines to give you a more natural look.

This 13-inch wig skims the shoulders. It’s a full head of waves that you’ll love. It can be styled in any way. It has the ability to be parted 6 inches instead of the normal 4 inches. You can part it anywhere. The hair is durable enough for styling with heated tools. It can be straightened or dyed, too.

My impression

Under the gorgeous waves, you’ll find a cap that won’t fall off. You don’t need to use glue at all. The wig cap has combs on all 4 sides. It also has straps to ensure that the wig fits perfectly.

The black Brazilian hair is the natural color. It won’t ever fade. It’s still able to take color beautifully. You can highlight or lighten the hair as you want. It can be styled in any way, too.

The 6-inch part make the hair more natural-looking. When you wear a wig, you want it to feel like it looks natural and beautiful. This wig is both of those things.

Mild concern

This can’t fit on large heads. It’s good for medium to small heads where it can be adjusted down.

Nobel Hair Blonde Peruvian Virgin Human Hair Wig

Nobel Hair Blonde Peruvian Virgin Human Hair Wig

Nobel Hair has this wig made with Peruvian hair. It’s virgin hair from a single donor who didn’t use chemicals. This strengthens the hair, so it can be colored or styled as you want. It’s an ombre blonde with fine baby hairs. It’s a 130% density for thick hair.

The wig is preplucked. That’s a chore you don’t have to worry about when you buy this wig. It doesn’t require a ton of work to wear this wig. If you’re buying it for an event, you can instantly style it and walk out the door.

With this cap, you’re getting a full lace with combs and straps. The lace is Swiss and able to blend with many skin tones. The knots are bleached to blend, too. There are 4 combs for attaching this wig. The cap is medium but can be adjusted between medium and small.

This is a blonde ombre color that looks beautiful on all skin tones. It won’t tangle or shed as you wear it. The wig can be styled with heated tools. Curling irons and flat irons can be used with this human hair wig. It can be dyed any color you wish, too.

My impression

With a preplucked wig, you don’t have to do much work to the hair. If you want a wig that you can wear almost immediately, this is a good choice. It’s a wonderful blonde ombre that many people can wear. It’s currently a style that looks fantastic.

When taken out of the package, all you have to do is wash and condition it. You will have to cut the lace and make it suitable for your particular needs.

The lace is comfortable. The fine baby hairs along the edge of the wig are an important touch. It’s needed to ensure that your wig looks completely natural.

Mild concern

The ends of the wig are a bit dry over time. You need to make sure you are conditioning the hair.

Releek Deep Wave Lace Front Wigs

Releek Deep Wave Lace Front Wigs

With the Releek wig, you’re getting hair that’s long and has deep waves. It’s a 150% density for really thick hair. It’s 28 inches long. It’s Brazilian virgin human hair. It came from a single donor. When harvesting the hair, the full cuticle was kept for alignment.

There were no chemicals in this hair before harvesting or after. The hair is strong and durable. There shouldn’t be any shedding. The hairline has been preplucked. That is one chore that you won’t have to do when you take your wig out of the package.

The wig cap is a full lace front. It has clips to hold the wig in place. There is an adjustment strap as well. That will eliminate the need for glue to hold it down. The wig has bleached knots to look more like your real hair.

This is a beautiful wavy wig that has fine baby hairs around the face. There are also baby hairs around the entire wig. That makes styling incredibly easy. It’ll perform just like your own hair. You can pull it away from the face. It has a natural hairline that doesn’t limit style or where you part the hair, either.

My impression

This is stunning hair that looks completely natural. It can be parted in the middle. That’s how it shows up in the package. It needs minimal work before you wear it.

It will definitely look more natural if you style it like your own hair. That might mean a side part, which is perfectly achievable. The hair can be dyed or straightened, too.

The hair is thick and soft. It can only be described as luxurious. Nobody who sees this hair on you would think that it’s a wig. If you’re going for a look that’s meant to be your own hair, this is a fantastic option.

Mild concern

The knots might need more bleaching to be perfect. It needs to be done for many wigs.

Top Feeling Short Full Lace Human Hair Wig

Top Feeling Short Full Lace Human Hair Wig

This is a short wig with a soft body wave. It’s 130% density. That means it’s not going to be too thick and bulky. It starts at a dark brown at the roots and blends to a light brown and blonde at the bottom. This is a lovely style that will fit many skin tones.

It’s preplucked along the hairline. That gives the wig a more natural look. The baby hairs further make it more realistic. With this wig, you’re getting hand-dyed human hair. That means some color difference will be normal. The hair was virgin when harvested.

The full lace wig has straps that help to adjust the cap to fit. It’s a medium 22 – 22.5 inch cap size. That’s the average size for medium. It can be brought down to a smaller size with the straps. The lace for this wig is medium brown. The knots are bleached to be more natural, too.

With this wig, you’re getting an adorable bob with layered body waves. It’s side parted and falls in pretty waves. There’s very little shedding with this wig. It can be curled or straightened. It can even be dyed to any color you wish.

My impression

In this wig, you’re getting a versatile piece that doesn’t need much work out of the box. It is preplucked. You still might want to pluck more on your own. That gives you a more personalized style.

The knots are bleached, so they shouldn’t need any work at all. The lace is a medium brown that can fit many skin tones. You can also customize it with foundation in your color.

The best way to get this hair exactly how you want is to bring it to your hair professional. She can dye it for you and even apply the hair. It’s a good way to get an in-person tutorial.

Mild concern

The wig only comes with medium brown lace. Other colors only available in a special order.

Top Feeling Ombre Highlight Human Hair Wig

Top Feeling Ombre Highlight Human Hair Wig

With this Brazilian Remy wig, you’re getting fantastic styling. The color is on trend for current fashion. It’s dark brown with caramel ombre highlights. The wig has baby hairs around the outside. This gives you a more natural look.

It has a full cap of Swiss lace in a medium brown. The edges are preplucked. This gives a more realistic look for the hairline. With baby hairs and a plucked hairline, it’s a very realistic and natural-looking wig.

The hair is virgin hair that was harvested using the Remy method. That’s where the cuticle is intact and aligned for natural movement. When it was harvested from the donor, there were no chemicals in the hair. It was bleached for the ombre highlights only.

This cap is full lace with combs and straps. There’s a comb over each ear and in the front and back. The cap is medium brown. It might need to be lightened or darkened on the part for a natural color story. The knots were bleached already, so that step is done for you.

My impression

This is a cute wavy bob. It can be lightened or straightened. It can even be curled for tighter waves. There’s nothing you can’t do to this wig. You’ll have to be careful about over processing, of course.

The Swiss lace is very durable. It fits over your scalp with little to no bumps. The wig cap can be stretched to look more natural. There are plenty of combs and straps, so you can avoid glue if you want.

For more customized choices, you can take this to your local hair dresser. She can help you make the right choices. Some people end up coloring or bleaching the hair. It’ll stand up to any of those processes.

Mild concern

There can be variations in the color since each wig is hand dyed. It might not be the color that you expect. A hair dresser can easily make changes.

How to Choose the Best Human Hair Wigs

When looking for the best wigs, there are certain features and benefits to consider. You’ll need to think about your reasons for wanting a wig to find your motivations. We’ve included a few considerations you might have missed, too.

How to Choose the Best Human Hair Wigs

  • Your Favorite Hairstyle

Natural hair might not be able to do everything you want it to. With a wig, you’re able to wear a style that you’ve always loved. Human hair wigs allow you to play around with style and have a bit of fun.

Some people use human hair wigs purely for fun. They want a style that makes them feel super confident and free to be whoever they want. Other people need a human hair wig to cover up hair loss. In that case, you can still have fun with a different hair style.

  • Texture of the Wig

There are so many styles and textures of human hair wigs. Imagine all the hair textures you’ve seen. Those textures are all available with the wig you choose. Your wig made of human hair can be fine and straight. It could be wavy and thick. The wig could be curly and strong against heat.

All of those textures are available in a human hair wig. That’s because it’s made from human hair. You’re getting all the textures available in a person’s hair for your own. If you’ve always had thin hair, you might want to change things up with a thick head of curly hair. Consider the density when ordering.

  • Do You Know the Shape of Your Face?

This is where wig style choices get very interesting. Everyone has a certain shape that defines their face. That shape dictates things like glasses as well as hair styles. There’s oval, square, round, heart-shaped, diamond, and long. With each face shape, you should be sticking to certain hair styles.

Oval: If you have an oval face, you’re lucky. There’s no hair style that you can’t wear.

Round: With a round face, you should stick with long, layered styles or bobs with a side part. They will flatter your face.

Square: Long waves, long layered hair and side bangs are what flatter you. Medium-length hair with bouncy curls will work for you, too.

Heart: Side bangs and curls are good for your heart-shaped face. A side pony and side swept bangs work, too.

Long: You can go with arched bangs and big curls.

Diamond: Medium or short styles will look beautiful on you. Angled pixies and layered bobs are perfect.

  • Durability and Your Daily Lifestyle

Durability is an important factor when it comes to choosing between synthetic and human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are not going to be as durable. They last only a few months. Human hair wigs can last a year with the right maintenance.

Typically, people are incredibly active throughout their day. You want a wig that will stand up to hot or cold temps. It should be able to get you through your day without a problem. Human hair wigs can stand up to any demands you make of your hair including an active lifestyle.

  • Your Work Environment

Something to consider when choosing a wig is where you’ll wear it daily. While you might want to have fun with style, you have to look professional in the office. For office jobs and some retail positions, you need a certain type of polished look. That’s something to consider.

A wig for a night out dancing with friends can look different than a wig for your job. For that reason, you should also consider how many different looks you want. Some wigs can be styled differently and others can’t.

  • Do You Want to be a Blonde, Brunette, or Redhead?

The color is an important thing to consider. Some people like to go with their skin tone and their natural color. Others like to mix it up. It’s certainly possible to get a few wigs and be a brunette at work and a fun, blonde at night.

You might want to match your wig to your current color. That’s certainly possible. Wigs come in many shades as well as highlights and lowlights. Rooted colors will mimic real hair. They’ll give you dimension in your color. Be wild or stick with a color that’s familiar. It’s all up to you.

  • What About the Fit of My New Wig?

While style and color matter, the most important thing to consider is the cap size. A wig that’s too small obviously won’t fit. You can’t get one that is too big, either. It will be clear to others that you’re wearing a wig. You’ll need to take careful measurements of your head.

The wigs will come in a variety of sizes. From petite to large, there’s a size for most everyone. When measuring, start with the circumference of your head. Petite starts around 19 inches. Large can be around 23 inches. Measure front to back and ear to ear as well. All three measurements are needed for your new wig.

  • The Construction of the Wig Cap

The cap will sit close to your scalp. It should be a material that is very comfortable and won’t be itchy. An itchy wig will be a nuisance all day. You want to forget that you’re wearing a wig. An itchy cap won’t allow that.

Consider whether you want one made of lace. There are options for single monofilament caps, hand-tied caps, and ones with adjustable tabs. It’s important to pick one that looks natural and feels good.

Step-by-Step Guide to Wearing a Wig and Looking Natural

Wigs help you in a variety of ways. Wearing a wig means your natural hair doesn’t need to be styled. That means less heat and products in your hair as it’s healing. You want your wig to look completely natural, though. These steps will help the wig look natural and help you with styling.

Step 1:

Step 1

After washing and conditioning your real hair, it’s important to make sure your hair is flat. It has to be as flat as possible. Otherwise, you’ll end up with bumps in your wig placement. The easiest way to get your hair flat is to section it and pin it into small curls close to the scalp.

Step 2:

Step 2

Use a wig cap. You can use bobby pins for your natural hair and a wig cap. A wig cap will ensure that none of your natural hair falls out. It makes the rest of the process much easier.

Step 3:

Step 3

Flip the wig upside down and get the front and back situated. It’s easiest to start with the wig in the back. You’ll hold the front of the wig and pull the back onto your head. It’s the best way to make sure that the wig starts in the right place.

Step 4:

Step 4

After getting the wig onto your head, you’ll want to wiggle it around. That helps to get it tight to your head and in the right position. It’s vital that you match the front with the hairline. You don’t want the wig too far forward. It won’t look natural.

Step 5:

Step 5

Many wigs come with clips inside. This is when you’ll slide the clips into your hair. That helps to hold it into place on your head. If there are adjustable bands, make them snug at the back.

Step 6:

Step 6

Wigs can come with lace in the front. That lace needs to be trimmed. You’ll want to do that once the wig is in the place that you want. The part needs to be plucked a bit to make it look natural. Then you can add powder or concealer that looks like your skin color.

Step 7:

Step 7

Many human hair wigs have baby fine hairs that make them look more natural. If yours doesn’t, you can pull some of your natural hair through the lace. That’s definitely a way to make it not look like a wig.

Types of Human Hair Wigs

There are a few different kinds of human hair wigs.  As a beginner to wearing wigs, you might not understand the choices you have. This section should help you decide on the kind of wig you want to purchase.

Hand-Tied – The cap itself can be a variety of types from front lace to full lace. What makes this different is that each hair is hand-knotted to the structure. That’s going to give you the most natural hairline. That’s what will separate a natural-looking wig from one that looks like a wig.

Lace Front – In the lace front wig, you’re getting a natural hairline, too. The rest of the wig will be a single monofilament. This type of construction allows for the scalp to breathe. You won’t feel hot and sweaty with this type of wig.

Full Lace – With full lace, you’re getting hand-knotted human hair. It’s going to look the most natural all the way around. It might also be a bit on the warm side when it’s completely covered with lace and hair. Full lace can be a bit delicate, too. That is something to consider before purchase.

Monofilament – The monofilament wig will be open wefted. That allows for great ventilation. Your head won’t be sweaty and hot. The monofilament structure usually has a double monofilament section at the top. That allows for parting in a variety of ways. Most wigs come center parted. A more natural look is a side part.

Maintenance and Care for Your Human Hair Wig

With a human hair wig, you’re going to treat it as gently as you would your natural hair. It has to be washed and conditioned. It’s important that before you wash the wig, you comb out all the tangles. Have two basins nearby for washing and conditioning.

Maintenance and Care for Your Human Hair Wig

  • Washing the Wig

Fill a basin with warm water. It shouldn’t water that’s too hot. Use a gentle shampoo for this step. Add the shampoo to the warm water. Let the wig soak in the water for a few minutes. After soaking, swish the wig back and forth gently in the water. Squeeze excess water out of the hair and place it into the second basin. That basin should have cool, clean water.

  • Conditioning Your New Wig

In the first basin, dump the soapy water and fill it again with warm water. Put a few drops of conditioner in the water and mix it around with your fingers. Take the wig from the rinsing water and place it into the conditioned water. It should sit for 5 minutes. Swish the wig around gently in the water.

Remove the wig from the conditioned water. The wig can be placed under the faucet and rinsed. The excess water can be squeezed out of the wig. Use a towel to gently blot the hair.

  • Styling Your Human Hair Wig

For this next step, you should have a wig stand. Place the wig on the stand and use a comb to brush out the hair. You could let it dry naturally on the stand. As soon as it’s almost dry, you can use a blow dryer to finish the job. It will style the hair before it’s completely dry. Use the blow dryer on a low setting.

The next step is a curling or flat iron. That should also be used on a low temperature. You don’t want to burn the hair. While it can handle more heat than synthetic, it’s still open to damage from high heats.

  • Storing the Wig to Stop Damage

Your wig should never be stored on a form that’s bigger than your head. That will stretch the base of the cap. After storage, it might become bigger than your head. It’s impossible to fit a wig that’s too big.

Never store your wig someplace where it’s getting any sunlight. That will fade the color of your wig. It’s best to keep the wig in a place where there’s very little light.

  • Sleeping in Your Wig

You should never sleep in your wig. Overnight, the wig can become tangled and matted. That’s going to cause hair breakage. While this is human hair, it’s not going to repair itself or grow back.

Once hair is damaged, there’s no way to fix it. It’s vital for the life of your wig that you avoid damaging hair in the first place. Take your wig off at night and place it on a stand.

  • Wig Alterations

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to wear your wig out of the box. It has to be altered for your face. The lace needs to be lined up and removed to ensure a good hairline.

If you want to make permanent alterations to your wig, talk to your stylist. A stylist can make changes that will look more natural. That might include cutting the hair or styling it differently. Don’t try to do it yourself unless you’re experienced.

History of Wigs

The wig made its first appearance in the English language back when William Shakespeare was alive. He wrote about periwigs, which is the long form of the word wig. It was in The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

The practice of wearing wigs came long before that time. Ancient Egyptians wore wigs to protect their heads from the sun. They were often shaved bald. The wealthy wore wigs as a sign of their place in society.

Greeks and Romans wore wigs as part of their fashion in daily life. They had a place in China, Japan, and Korea, too. They were worn by men and women.

In the West, wigs weren’t used for a long time. They came back in the 16th and 17th centuries. The hygiene conditions in that time were an attraction for head lice. People would shave their heads and use wigs. They were easier to clean and remove lice.

Over time, they were a sign of the wealthy and influential. Wigs were worn throughout the world up until the 19th century. The first 4 presidents of the newly formed United States wore wigs. As years passed, the use of wigs declined in the US.

They had a brief surge in the 1960s when fiber wigs were invented. The new wigs were cheaper. They’ve been used in the recent past to hide hair loss. Now, people use them as a way to change their look and fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions that people ask about human hair wigs. They’re probably questions you ask as well, so we’ve answered them here for you.

Can wigs damage your real hair?

Wigs will actually protect your hair if it’s damaged. People wearing wigs because their hair is damaged will find that a wig could save the day. The hair under the wig won’t be subjected to styling heat. Conditioner can be left in the hair as it’s covered by the wig.

Do human hair wigs last a long time?

They last longer when you care for them properly. Human hair wigs can last up to a year. While some last for a few months, others can last longer. It will definitely depend on how often you wear it and whether you care for it. Quality human hair wigs will definitely last a while.

Which is better; human hair wigs or synthetic?

Synthetic wigs are less expensive. That’s the only advantage they have. Human hair wigs look more natural. They can be styled to what you prefer. They have better caps with quality materials. Overall, they’re the better choice when it comes to wigs.

Should the human hair wig be washed before wear?

The wig should always be washed out of the packaging. There’s no way to know the last time it was washed if ever. Using shampoo and conditioner on the human hair will ensure that it’s protected and clean before styling.

Can the human hair wig be made softer?

Soft hair is why you want to shampoo and condition. You’ll want your wig to feel exactly like human hair. That’s why you are purchasing one to begin with. There are other products you can use that will make the wig soft. Think about your own hair and the products you would use for healthy, soft hair.

What if the hair is frizzy in your human hair wig?

There are times when the hair in your human hair wig can be frizzy. You would want to use a heat protectant and a styling tool for frizz. Make sure the flat iron or curler has tourmaline or ceramic for its ionic technology. That will eliminate frizz and dryness.

How can you keep the human hair wig from tangling?

Human hair wigs are prone to tangling more than the natural hair on your head. That’s why you have to be incredibly careful with your wig. Always use a comb to remove tangles before washing. Never scrub or twist the water out of the hair, either.

Can the curly human hair wig be washed?

All wigs should be washed. The curly wig needs a different styling treatment after washing. You can let it dry naturally to a certain point. To style, use a blow dryer with a diffuser. It’ll keep the curls intact. Use a wide comb when removing tangles, too.

What is virgin hair?

When you’re getting virgin hair, it just means that it’s unprocessed. It’s usually from the same hair donor, too. It hasn’t gone through any kind of chemical treatments. It’ll have less damage than some other types.


Human hair wigs will completely cover your natural hair. A wig can be used to cover problems like hair that’s growing out. It can cover graying hair or damaged hair, too.

It can be tough to choose a wig. The best human hair wigs are going to give you confidence and make it easy to get out of the house each morning. Human hair wigs act much like your own natural hair – but better! They’re healthy and able to withstand all the styling you want to do.

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