Some of the best dryers out there on the market are ones that deliver healthier hair. It’s not enough to have a dryer that removes water. It has to leave you with impressive hair. Your hair should be so soft and frizz-free that you honestly feel like you have brand new hair.

We’ve broken down all the top hair dryers out there that have ionics. This technology is found in many hair dryers, but they’re not all equal. It all comes down to the type of materials and the way in which those materials work with other features.

The best ionic blow dryers might have removable air filters or a lightweight DC motor. You’ll need to think about what is needed for your hair before making a final decision. We’ll help you make an informed decision based on the right features as well as benefits.

Best Ionic Hair Dryer Comparison Table

KIPOZI Nano Blow DryerNano ionic
3 / 2
Removable air filter
Check Price
Conair Ceramic Hair DryerCeramic
3 / 2
1875w DC motor
Check Price
TREZORO Salon Hair DryerCeramic
3 / 2
2200w DC motor
Check Price
Conair Pro Hair DryerCeramic
3 / 2
Removable filter
Check Price
Berta Salon Hair DryerNegative ionic
3 / 2
1875w AC motor
Check Price
NITION Negative Ions DryerCeramic3 / 2
3 attachments
Check Price
JINRI Professional Hair DryerTourmaline3 / 2
Removable filter Check Price
Paubea Infrared Hair DryerBioceramic3 / 3
Folding handle
Check Price
JOHN Drying Hair DryerNano ceramic3 / 2
lock onto dryer
Check Price
TREZORO Portable Hair DryerCeramic
3 / 3
Air comb
Check Price

Top 10 Ionic Hair Dryer Reviews

KIPOZI 1875W Nano Ionic Blow Dryer

Ionic hair dryers are ones that will deliver healthier hair. The ions themselves are positively or negatively charged. Frizzy, dry hair is loaded with positive ions. To combat the frizz, negative ions can help. They’ll neutralize positive ions. Ionic dryers have all the materials you need for the health of your hair.

KIPOZI 1875W Nano Ionic Blow Dryer

This dryer has nano ionic technology. It will blow negative ions directly into your hair to create a shiny base for styling. Imagine if you could start your style with blow drying. It’s much easier to get straightened hair or curls when you aren’t frizzy to start. With this, you’re getting the ionics you desperately need.

It has 3 heat settings. You’ll get low, medium, and high for your specific hair needs. Your texture will dictate the heat setting. Fine hair won’t respond well to high heat. Coarse, thick hair needs the heat as high as possible. You can pair the heat with a soft or fast air flow. It’ll be gentle on your hair when that’s what it demands.

There’s plenty else to love about this hair dryer It has good ergonomics for your hand. Some hair can take a long time to dry. For example, your curls on low heat will take a while to dry. You don’t want your hand to cramp up or shoulder to hurt. It comes with attachments. There’s a concentrator and diffuser in the box. There’s a removable air filter for maintenance, too.

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Great positives

This ionic hair dryer comes with everything you could possibly wish for your hair. It’s nano ionic with little noise. A quiet hair dryer is fantastic if you are around people who sleep while you’re getting ready.

There’s a concentrator and diffuser that comes with the dryer. It has all the heat, speed, and attachments for your specific hair demands. Fine hair, coarse hair, curly hair, or flat hair will flourish under the attention of this dryer.

The ionics are generous for covering all your hair. It doesn’t matter if you blow dry every day or not, your hair will be healthier. It’s not often you can apply heat and have hair be healthier after it.

Mild concern

This isn’t dual voltage. It’ll require a voltage converter and adapter if you want to travel with it. That adds additional items to your luggage. It’ll take up space as well as weight in your luggage. This is a home dryer, or one you can take to the gym or a friend’s house.

Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

With Conair, you’re getting a device from a company that everyone knows. Conair has been around for years creating all kinds of great home and beauty items. With this hair dryer, you’re getting incredible technology for healthier-looking hair. The dryer features tourmaline and ceramic.

Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

These materials are giving you ionic conditioning. If you have frizz and dryness, this conditioning hair dryer will eliminate the frizz. After applying heat, you can expect hair to have issues. With this dryer, applying heat will actually make hair healthier. That’s not something that can be said for other types of hair dryers.

It comes with 3 heat settings. The heat starts low and can move to medium then high heat. That kind of range is important for your hair’s health. If you process your hair, you might need to keep it low. Coarse hair that’s healthy can handle a higher temperature. The speeds will help, too. The 2 speeds and 3 heat settings lets you customize your styling.

The motor of this hair dryer is an 1875w DC motor. That’s going to last a long time. It features a non-slip grip for styling when you have product on your hands. A wet dryer can slip, hit the floor, and break easily. This dryer comes with a concentrator and diffuser. The attachments also give you versatile styling.

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Great positives

The ionic conditioning of this hair dryer will make your hair healthier-looking. The ions come from the tourmaline and ceramic. There’s a ceramic heater for this dryer that helps with the health of your hair.

This hair dryer has an 1875w DC motor. It’s a motor that will last for a long time. You’re getting really powerful air flow. The air flow will dry hair quickly. You won’t have to spend 15 to 20 minutes drying.

It also comes with a concentrator and diffuser. It works with all kinds of hair from thin to curly to coarse. The heat and speed settings are diverse and can be paired with either concentrator.

Mild concern

The cool shot button has to be held down to work. You’ll need to find a comfortable position for holding down the cool shot button. It’s not like the heat and speed where you can set it and let go.

TREZORO Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

This hair dryer isn’t a brand that’s familiar, but it will be quite popular soon. There are a ton of great features in this hair dryer. It’ll fit all types of hair textures and styles. The motor is an incredible 2200 watts. That’s higher than most popular brands.

TREZORO Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

The hair dryer is made with ionic technology. They’ve used turbo technology with tourmaline and ceramic. It speeds up the production of the ions and transfers them much quicker. The ions will remove frizz, static, and dryness. Your hair will be soft and smooth after using this hair dryer.

With this hair dryer, there are a few speed and heat options. It’s a hair dryer that doesn’t get too warm. Although it doesn’t get too warm, the air speed is incredible. That’s the great motor and turbo ionic technology at work. There are 3 heat settings; low, warm, and hot. It has a cool shot button, too. There are two air speeds.

An ergonomic hair dryer will be easy to hold no matter how long it takes to dry hair. This is a professional design that has a curved handle. Even hair stylists can hold this throughout their long day. It comes with 2 concentrator attachments. You can direct the millions of ions exactly where you want them. There’s also a removable filter for easy cleaning.

Get TREZORO Ionic Dryer at Amazon

Great positives

The best part of the dryer is the ions, of course. The technology in this dryer delivers millions of ions into your strands. With millions of ions, you’re hitting every bit of your hair with shine.

A 2200 watt motor is top of the line. Professional dryers hit that top mark, so you’re getting a quality dryer here. It’s able to withstand your daily blow drying needs. It can work for stylists, so it can definitely work in your home.

The concentrator nozzles can handle all types of hair from long to short, straight to curly. It’s a great way to concentrate the style but also the ions. It’s only 1 ½ pounds. The lightweight dryer will never cause arm strain.

Mild concern

The highest setting is not as hot as one might expect. The heat isn’t what you need to blow dry your hair. It’s the air that will dry your hair quickly. The 2200 watt motor will really deliver powerful air.

Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning

The first thing that will strike you with this hair dryer is the color. It’s a stunning teal. There’s no boring black here. Beyond the color, this is a great dryer with full ionic conditioning. It’s made with tourmaline and ceramic. They’re the foundation for most ionic dryers.

Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning

With those materials, you’re getting a ton of ions with each blast of air. They’ll cover each strand with negative ions to combat the positive ones. The process locks moisture into the strands, too. It won’t require a high temperature to remove the water from your hair.

Even though you don’t need high heat for your hair, this is capable of varied heat. There are 3 heat settings. They’re low, medium, and high. The heat is separate from the air speed. It has 2 air speed settings. With those 5 settings, you can get exactly the speed and heat your hair demands.

Attachments are important for most hair styling with a blow dryer. This dryer has a concentrator attachment. It’ll focus the air, heat, and ions directly where you need them. There’s also a cool shot button for sealing the style. A good blowout might be the only styling you need with ionic technology.

Great positives

There are a couple of benefits of ionic technology. You’re able to dry hair much faster. The negative ions in the dryer combat the positive ones in your hair. The negative ions also remove static and dryness from your hair.

This dryer has enough ions to do a fantastic job in your hair. You won’t need a high heat to dry it, either. That’s going to reduce the damage overall to your strands.

The hair dryer has a concentrator to focus on certain parts of your hair. It also has high air flow for quick drying. The dryer will give you that sleek blowout you’ve always wanted.

Mild concern

The cord is shorter than you might like. It’s only 5 feet long. There’s no swivel to it, either. If you have a plug right near the mirror, that won’t be a problem. In fact, a short cord means you won’t be tripping over it in the bathroom.

Berta 1875W Professional Salon Hair Dryer

This might not be a brand you’ve heard of, but that doesn’t mean you should skip past it. The company has created a hair dryer that works beautifully and has ionic properties. It has negative ionic technology. That delivers millions of ions to hair strands.

Berta 1875W Professional Salon Hair Dryer

It has an 1875w AC motor. The AC motor is a bit heavier than a DC motor. It does last for a long time, though. It’s great for stylist to use all day in their salon. It can handle hours of drying daily. If you’re buying it for home use, it will truly deliver everything you need.

The dryer has varied heat and air speeds. It has separate buttons to get the right combination you want. There are 3 heat settings and two speed settings. There’s also a cool shot button on the side. Instantly press the button if your hair is getting too hot. It’s will seal the end of styling, too.

There’s a filter mesh on the back of the dryer. This can be removed and cleaned. There’s actually a double mesh in the back to keep any dust and dirt from getting in the motor. The dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle. It also has a long cord and a Velcro strap to wrap the cord for storage.

Great positives

Ionics are great for getting healthier-looking hair. It keeps frizzy hair to a minimum. Nobody likes frizzy hair, and bad hair days can happen to anyone. Except if you’re using ionic technology like with this hair dryer.

The DC motor is a powerful 1875 watts. It’s going to last a really long time. There’s almost nothing worse than having a blow dryer break on you. Especially while you’re drying your hair.

Two buttons that separately control heat and air speed will give you plenty of variety. You’ll be able to choose between warm, high speeds or hot, low speeds.

Mild concern

This only comes with a concentrator. If you need a diffuser for your curly hair, it won’t be included with this dryer. It’s easy to keep this on low, so you don’t blow out your curls. It reduces frizz for your curls.

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

There’s no reason that your hair dryer has to be black or silver. There are lovely dryer colors out there. They’re in some of the best dryers, too. This one from NITION is a wonderful champagne color. It’ll fit nicely in your bathroom or bedroom.

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

The grill of this hair dryer is where you’ll find all the great ionic technology. It’s an air outlet that is infused with nano silver and tourmaline. The metal is coated with ceramic and Argan oil. All of that leads to a soft, gentle air that is filled with ions.

In this dryer, you’re getting 3 heat settings of low, medium, and high. There are two air speeds of low and high. There’s also a cool shot button. The cool shot button even has two options for either cool or warm. The buttons control the air and heat separately.

There are 3 attachments included with this dryer. One is a diffuser. The other is a concentrator. Those are pretty standard for most hair dryers. The diffuser is for curly hair. The concentrator is for focusing on a style. The hair dryer comes with a third attachment, which is the comb.

Great positives

The ion technology with this dryer is incredible. There’s not just one element for ions. There are a few. The nano silver, tourmaline, and ceramic deliver those ions.

Along with those materials, there’s Argan oil on the grill. The oil is meant to condition hair. Your hair will be healthier after using this hair dryer. You can’t normally say that about using heat on your hair.

Many people use Argan oil separately. You don’t have to do that. The oil is added in with the ionic technology. The attachments are fantastic, too. These are both things you wouldn’t expect with many hair dryers.

Mild concern

There’s no way to turn off the ionic technology. It’s embedded in the grill itself. Sometimes ions will weigh down fine hair. That’s something to consider if you have thin hair that tends to get weighed down.

JINRI 1875w Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer

With this brand of hair dryer, you’re getting a real attention to detail. The company cares about their products and customers. It has tourmaline ionic technology. That’s vital for people who have dry, frizzy hair. The tourmaline creates millions of ions. It helps hair endure heat without damage.

JINRI 1875w Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer

The dryer has a DC motor. It’s a quality motor that is quiet and light. It provides superior air flow and speed. DC motors last for a very long time. It’s 1875 watts. That’s what you’d expect for a salon-quality blow dryer. You can get that kind of wattage at home, now.

In terms of heat, this hair dryer has adjustable speeds and temperature. Each is on its own button. That gives you more versatility in your styling choices. You can go low, medium, or high heat. There are two speeds; high and low, too.

There are plenty of extras with this blow dryer. It has a removable air filter. The dryer has two mesh nets for keeping dirt out of the dryer. The dryer comes with a long cord, too. It measures almost 9 feet long. You’ll never get tangled in the cord while styling. There’s a concentrator and diffuser included.

Great positives

The ionic technology will give you millions of ions for smooth, silky hair. It’s a dryer with tons of features like ions. There’s a concentrator for focusing those ions on certain parts of your hair.

With this dryer, you’re getting a diffuser, too. The diffuser is really wide with prongs to keep hair from whipping around. The design allows for 360 degree air flow.

There will be plenty of ions flowing around your curls. Your curls will be soft and lovely. They’ll never be full of frizz or static. That’s to keep your curls looking their best.

Mild concern

The diffuser and concentrator don’t click into place. If you tend to bang the dryer around, it can cause the attachments to fall off. That’s something to think about when you’re purchasing this dryer. You’ll have to be careful to get the attachments tight to stay on the dryer.

Paubea Ionic Infrared Portable Hair Dryer

This cute, little hair dryer is from a company that isn’t well known. That’s no reason to dismiss it, though. Unknown companies often try harder and have better features. That’s the case with this dryer. It’s not just cute. There’s much more to this hair dryer.

Paubea Ionic Infrared Portable Hair Dryer

It has ionic technology. The ionics come from the bioceramic techology inside the dryer. It’s far infrared that will dry hair much faster. The ionics and the far infrared heat work together to produce smooth, shiny results. The heat will never be overwhelming to your hair.

There are only 3 options for heat and speed with this dryer. That would normally be a problem. With the far infrared heat and bioceramics, it’s not an issue. The heat is a constant without the resistance wire heating. It’s also radiation free.

This small dryer gets even smaller due to the folding handle. It’s perfect for storage in tiny spaces. It can be taken with you on vacation, too. It’s an ideal gym hair dryer. The attachments attach magnetically, so they never fall off. It comes with a concentrator or “smoothing nozzle” as they call it.

Great positives

The ionics with this hair dryer will smooth out your hair. Between that and the infrared heat, you’re getting a device that won’t damage hair. The ions will smooth out hair and make it incredibly shiny.

With the infrared heat, it adds another dimension of hair treatment. It’ll never overheat your hair strands. Every feature works together in this dryer. The bioceramics are a wonderful new technology.

It’s a small dryer that gets even smaller with the folding handle. This can easily slip into a shoulder bag. It’ll never weigh down your bag, so the dryer can go with you anywhere.

Mild concern

This dryer doesn’t come with a diffuser. A diffuser is important if you have curly hair. That would normally be a problem with most dryers. It will be easy to use this without the diffuser, though. It has a concentrator and very low temperatures for all types of hair.

JOHN 2200w Super Fast Drying Professional Hair Dryer

If you’ve never heard of this brand, that’s not surprising. There’s no doubt that you’ll be familiar with it now. It might even surpass some of the more well-known hair dryers. For one thing, it has a powerful motor. The motor is a whopping 2200 watts. It’s an AC motor that might weigh a bit more. It’s meant to last for a long time.

JOHN 2200w Super Fast Drying Professional Hair Dryer

The hair dryer is made with materials that will give you ionic properties. With tourmaline ceramic ionic technology, the device will dry hair faster. It will make hair super shiny and silky, too. It generates millions of ions to be immersed in your hair strands. The ions will fight frizz and static for shinier hair.

There are 3 heats and 2 speeds for this hair dryer. The instructions will tell you what to use for your hair demands. For example, for coarse hair, they suggest heat II and speed II. There are medium and high speeds. You can also choose the 3rd heat option, which is no heat. It’s completely cool air. Plus, there’s a cool shot button.

There are two attachments included with this hair dryer. The nozzles will actually lock. That can be a problem with other kinds of attachments with other devices. There is a nozzle for faster drying and one for focusing the air. There’s a removable filter for maintenance, too.

Great positives

When getting ready for work or a night out, you don’t want to spend all your time blow drying. This dryer has an incredible motor. It’s a motor that salon stylists would envy.

At 2200w, you’re going to have more power at your fingertips. The ion technology will accelerate the drying, too. It’ll dry quick without ruining your hair.

One of the best parts of this dryer is the fact that the attachments lock. You can quickly and easily dry hair without fumbling with the attachments. That will definitely shorten drying time.

Mild concern

This is a 110v to 125v device. The company advises that you don’t travel to countries where it’s 220v to 240v. That will likely void any kind of warranty from the company. That makes it a dryer that you can’t travel with on some vacations.

TREZORO Professional Ionic Portable Folding Hair Dryer

This hair dryer is a device that looks sleek and professional. Yet, it’s a small, compact dryer that has many interesting features. It has a 1500w DC motor. The motor will last for years. It’s a light motor, too. It’ll help create hair that is healthier and shinier than ever.

TREZORO Professional Ionic Portable Folding Hair Dryer

The motor directly impacts the amount of heat and air speed. There are 12 airflow channels in the barrel of this dryer. It features a sweptback turbo fan, too. When it comes to heat and air, they’re on the same button. You’re getting high, medium, and cool. There’s a cool setting as well as a cold shot button.

For ions, this hair dryer has ceramic tourmaline technology. It has something the company calls authoritative hair care. It’s a high-level ionizer. The ionizer delivers an anion beam to surround the hair. That ionization removes water and static. It also creates a chic style that looks healthier.

This unit can travel with you. It’s only 1 pound, so it’s very light. The handle will fold for compact storage. Taking it to the gym is incredibly easy. Just toss it into a bag. It will take up very little space. The dryer comes with concentrator and comb. The comb attachment is unusual. Most dryers don’t have one. It’s good for creating sleek styles.

Great positives

You don’t usually find ionic technology in a compact hair dryer. This is one of the exceptions. It’s small and light enough to travel with you. Whether it’s the gym or a work trip, you can take this with you.

It won’t cause any hassle. The device weighs approximately 1 pound. It’ll take up little space in your carryon luggage. The cord is long enough for any hotel room, too.

The ionics are very good. Your hair will be soft and sleek after you’ve finished. Even if you forget product in your hair, the ionics will take care of it. Hair will feel protected anyway.

Mild concern

It’s going to take more effort and purchases to travel out of the country with this. You’ll need a converter as well as an adapter with this device. Where you save space with the compact dryer, you’ll lose having to bring extra equipment. It’s worth it, though, for a dryer with fantastic ionic properties.

Tips for Choosing the Best Ionic Hair Dryer

Ionic hair dryers can really do a lot for your hair. It’ll remove all the water from washing while not removing moisture. To be sure you’re getting the best hair ionic hair dryer, consider the following.

  • Ionic Materials or Technology

Your ionic hair dryer has to be made with certain materials. It usually is made with ceramic and tourmaline. These two materials naturally generate negative ions. The ions will combat the positively charged ions in dry, frizzy hair.

If there are no ionic materials in the grille, there should be technology to emit ions. Some dryers have vents that generate the negative ions. It doesn’t really matter what kind you choose. As long as you’re aware of the options, pick what works for you.

  • The Power of the Motor

When it comes to dryers, the best ones are going to be powerful. You don’t want to spend a long time drying your hair every day. A powerful motor is one of the most important things you should consider. The best range is between 1800 and 2000 watts for an at-home dryer. Travel dryers can have lower watts.

It’ll cut time from your morning routine. The power of the motor also has an impact on the life of the dryer. With the right motor, you will be investing in a styling tool. It’s one that will last for years.

  • Varied Heat Settings for All Hair Types

The key to good hair health is using the right styling tools. The tools should help hair to be as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, heat can really hurt hair. It can cause serious issues like breakage and split ends. Aside from moisturizing and conditioning hair, you should be careful about heat.

Use a heat protectant spray when drying and styling. It helps to have control of all the heat that impacts your hair. A good ionic hair dryer should have a range of temperatures. If your hair is fine, the dryer should have low heat. Thick hair needs high heat.

  • Ergonomic Handle for Comfort

With a powerful motor, you’re going to reduce your time getting ready in the morning. Unfortunately, you’ll still spend some time holding the dryer. It can really weigh down your arms. Your hand might cramp as you spend time drying.

An ergonomic handle is going to curve with your hand. It’s easy to hold and won’t weigh down your arm. Your hand and arm won’t get fatigued or strained. That’s important for good styling. If your arm hurts, you’ll stop in the middle of styling. It wouldn’t be a good look.

  • Where Will You Take the Dryer?

An at-home dryer is a bit different than a travel dryer. In the home dryer, you aren’t going to worry about compact design. At least you won’t, unless you have a small space. There are different considerations with a travel dryer.

The dryer should be lightweight yet still have ionics. Ionic materials and technology are not going to add weight to the dryer. The motor can, though. A travel dryer should be able to fold or have a retractable cord. Those are things you should consider in a travel ionic dryer.

  • Cool Shot Button to Seal Hair

Along with the heat, a dryer with a cool shot button is ideal. The cool shot button is able to seal your style. That’s because it will seal the cuticle after you’ve finished drying your hair.

The cool shot button can also make your hair shiny and sleek. If you’re going for a sleek style with moisturizing ions, the cool shot button matters. Most dryers have them, so you don’t have to do without.

  • Convenient Features

The added features are going to make your dryer better. Basic dryers will have hot air with no way to make it specialized. Your hair needs special treatment depending on the problems. Individuals should have special features for their hair.

It might be a long cord for a space where the plug is far from the mirror. The best dryer will definitely have ions. It can also have a removable filter for maintenance. It’ll last longer. The dryer will have attachments that work with your hair.

  • Placement of Buttons and Ease of Use

Buttons that are placed on the handle will get in the way. They’re right in the spot that you grip the dryer. Consider the placement of the buttons when making your purchase. A push button in the wrong place can be very annoying when it keeps turning the dryer off.

The dryer should be easy to use. That might mean ionic technology plus varied heats and speeds. It could mean buttons that aren’t in the way. Easy, convenient dryers might include all the attachments you could want.


A blow dryer with ionics will provide all kinds of benefits to your hair. It doesn’t matter what texture or length of your hair, you can benefit from the ions. It helps to deliver moisturizing and shine to your hair. Whether it’s straight hair or curly hair, ions will help you when it comes to styling.

The hair dryer will work faster, too. That eliminates the damage that heat can cause. It’s going to be quicker to dry with ions. Many ionic dryers have infrared heat, too. It’s another element that makes hair healthier looking. We’ve deliver quite a few options for your consideration. They have pretty great features beyond the ionics, too.

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