Best Laser Comb for Hair Growth: Achieve Thicker Hair within Weeks

Did you know that hair loss affects over 80 million Americans? That’s almost three times the population of Canada! Hair loss isn’t gender specific. A thirty-year-old man and fifty-year-old women can find strands clogging their drains and missing from the crown of their head.

This mass of consumers with hair loss has inspired scientists and companies to brave new paths, new technologies to combat hair loss. We’ve seen some amazing products arrive in the last few years, none of them as fascinating and effective as Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT).

Until recently, LLLT had to be performed in a doctor’s office under the guidance of skilled technicians. But we’ve seen some exciting innovations in the last few years. Today, you can buy FDA-approved LLLT devices. These laser combs and caps boost your hair growth and enrich your life.

Read on find out which laser combs are worth your money and which ones to avoid.

Best Laser Comb for Hair Growth Comparison

ModelTypeFDA ClearedNotable FeaturePrice
HairMax Ultima 9 ClassicCombYes9 grade lasers Check price
iRestore Growth SystemHelmetYesIncrease 43.2% hair Check price
HairMax Ultima 12CombYes12 grade lasers Check price
HairMax LaserBand 41BandYes41 grade lasers Check price
NutraStim Hair CombCombYes12 grade lasers Check price
Body Light TherapyCombNo3 Modes Check price

Expert Reviews of the Top 6 Laser Combs

1. HairMax Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb

HairMax has been in the low-level light therapy business since its inception in the 1990s. While other companies have come and gone, they’ve excelled. To date, HairMax has sold over 1.5 million laser units in 170 countries.

HairMax Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb

Their decades of experience are on display in their Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb. The unit boasts 9 medical-grade lasers. No cheaply produced LEDs in this product. You can use the comb for targeted hair growth or for full-head treatments.

The Ultima 9 requires just 11 minutes of your day, three times a week. That’s down from their other combs and bands, which often require upwards of 20 minutes.

As an upgraded model, the laser comb sports long, soft-plastic teeth to better separate hairs and allow for maximum laser therapy. It also ships with a built-in timer with an audible warning sound so you can time your treatment without the aid of a phone or other device.

This is a sleek device with an easy to set up charging station. Unlike many laser combs on the market, the Ultima 9 has an FDA seal of approval.

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Why I Recommend This Laser Comb

I’ve used a few HairMax products over the years and have always found them expertly crafted. I like the brand, too. I can tell they really care about their customers and seeing them achieve the results they desire.

That being said, the Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb seems to be the culmination of their design philosphy and low-level laser technology. It’s a simple product on the outside, but don’t let its shell fool you. This product vaunts some of the most dramatic improvement to patchy, thinning hair that I’ve encountered.

It also boasts one of the lowest treatment times on my list. This is partly because of the 9 lasers installed in the comb which spread light evenly across your scalp.

This is a premiere product, and one I highly recommend to men and women seeking an affordable entry point into the laser comb market.

My Issues with this Laser Comb

I have little to complain about with the Ultima 9. The charger’s cord could be longer. And when reaching the back of your head the comb’s handle can be a little awkward. But I’m nitpicking.

2. iRestore Essential Laser Hair Growth System

The iRestore brand is a subset of Freedom Laser Therapy. They’re a renown hair treatment supplier that began with low-level laser therapy for smoking cessation. The founder and CEO, Craig Nabat, was so enthralled by the power of low-level lasers he created an offshoot specifically for hair treatment.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

The iRestore Essential Laser Hair Growth System was designed for men and women seeking a quality LLLT helmet to help them with their hair loss. This is an FDA-approved medical device touting 51 medical-grade lasers and LEDs.

The company claims to be the first at-home cap on the market. The newest iteration of their cap has five soft foam inserts for added stability and comfort. Unlike the baseball cap varieties, the iRestore Essential is breathable and fits most heads with ease.

This is a safe alternative to more invasive treatments, such as hair plugs. Using The Essential is effortless and painless. Just throw on the cap and watch your favorite show or read your juiciest romance book. In just a few twenty-five-minute treatments a week, you can expect to see visible results within three to six months.

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Why I Recommend This Laser Comb

The iRestore Essential was my first experience with a laser cap, and I have to say it impressed me. You really don’t have to do anything while the cap is on. Because the helmet creates a close system, the light can penetrate through your hair and reach your scalp. That means no brushing at super slow speeds and no tired arm.

This cap boasts one of the highest concentrations of medical lasers on an at-home device. Plus, with iRestore’s years of business, there’re troves of customer reviews and forum threads on the effectiveness of the product.

It’s a comfortable LLLT device replete with FDA approval, and it ships with a generous six-month warranty. What’s not to like?

My Issues with this Laser Comb

The cap is lightweight. This is great news for your head and neck, but it means you have to be still while wearing the cap for the treatment. It can shift and tip if you move too much.

3. HairMax Ultima 12 LaserComb

With 7 clinical trials completed and 14 international medical device licenses, no other laser comb company can compare to HairMax.

HairMax Ultima 12 LaserComb

The Ultima 12 LaserComb boosts the effects of their bestselling Ultima 9 Classic. It offers twelve medical-grade lasers in a convenient and easy-to-use package. You won’t find cheap LEDs in this product, or any of HairMax’s laser combs and laser bands.

The lasers in the Ultima 12 are specialized for photobiostimulation. That means they energize cells within your retreating hair follicles and urge them to begin their natural processes of growth.

This product can reverse the signs of hair loss and restore the thickness of follicles in your scalp that have since gone into remission and death because of DHT.

HairMax has been in the laser comb industry since the 1990s. They’ve been featured on popular television shows and magazines, such as Men’s Health, NBC Today, and GQ.

The Ultima 12’s laser diodes are placed in close proximity, allowing you to target problem areas and manage your own hair loss treatment without pricey trips to hair clinics.

Why I Recommend This Laser Comb

Everything I loved about HairMax’s Ultima 9 Classic they upgraded in the Ultima 12. This means you get three extra diodes for faster treatments. Instead of 12 minutes per session, you can save time with 8 minutes treatments. This may seem trivial, but the time adds up.

Much of the exterior is the same as the Classic. The rubberized teeth and handle are identical. You get the same easy to use vibrate and beep alarm which notifies you when the treatment is through.

I recommend this product for anyone interested in the HairMax Ultima 9 Classic. Buy this product when it’s on sale and the same price or cheaper than the Ultima 9 Classic, which seems to happen a few times a year.

My Issues with this Laser Comb

The lasers won’t harm your eyes unless you constantly flash them by accident, but it wouldn’t hurt to shield your eyes. Treat the emitting red light with respect and turn it on only when the comb is touching your scalp.

4. HairMax LaserBand 41

HairMax’s industry-leading technology has been on display in their Ultima brand for years. But recent advancements that they’ve published in scientific journals across the country has lead them to a new product: the LaserBand.

HairMax LaserBand 41

This portable device weighs less than 6 ounces, or as heavy as a hockey puck or a billiard ball. Because it’s so light and easy to pack, it’s the perfect option for on the road hair loss treatments.

The LaserBand sports 41 medical-grade diodes in a rainbow pattern around the inner crest of the device. The HairMax patented comb pattern runs along the same path, protecting the diodes from damage and parting your hair for maximum effectiveness.

Unlike the Ultima models, the LaserBand requires a treatment time of just three minutes, three times a week. That’s less time than it takes to brush your teeth and wash your face before going to bed!

The band design is flexible and convenient. It fits snuggly on most men and women without cracking or snapping. Like all HairMax products, the LaserBand ships with an extended warranty and FDA approval.

Why I Recommend This Laser Comb

Customers I’ve talked to follow a similar path when purchasing HairMax products. Most begin with the Ultima series, as it’s the company’s introductory offering. Then after months of use they’re so excited by the results they buy the LaserBand. That’s why I’ve included it on my list.

If you’re comfortable with the HairMax brand, it could be worth it to buy the LaserBand. The 41 medical-grade lasers emit a steady, focused light right onto the parted hair. Treating large swaths of your scalp with this product is easy and fast. It’s perfect for those with extensive hair loss on their crown or temples.

I recommend this product for customers seeking hair follicle restoration and want a product that’s easier to use than a laser comb but not as expensive as a helmet device.

My Issues with this Laser Comb

Those with small areas to treat won’t benefit as greatly from the LaserBand. If you’re searching for spot treatments of small quarter-sized patches, it’s best to stick with a laser comb.

5. NutraStim Professional Hair Growth Laser Comb

NutraStim is an American company that believes in the superiority of American-made products. They’ve developed their laser comb in US facilities and with US employees for this very reason.

NutraStim Professional Hair Growth Laser Comb

The NutraStim Professional Hair Growth Laser Comb sports 12 low-level medical-grade diodes. It’s a clinically proven device with an FDA seal of approval.

The company developed this laser comb with three ideals in mind: Fast, Simple, and Easy. The hair growth customers report with this product has been incredible, says NutraStim. In four months and just three eight-minute sessions a week, consumers can expect to see the effects of this laser comb.

With a cordless design, guiding the comb through your hair doesn’t end in fits of tangles and frustration. The product ships with an AC adapter, instruction manual, and a warranty card.

The NutraStim Professional Hair Growth Laser Comb is an American product made in an American facility. Try it today risk-free with the company’s 100% money back guarantee.

Why I Recommend This Laser Comb

The NutraStim is unique because it targets men and women with moderate hair loss. I don’t know if its because of their laser design or the intensity of the output, but it isn’t recommended for those with mild hair loss.

I like the size of the laser comb and the amount of light emitted by the diodes. The comb is light and easy to handle, so you don’t get stuck moving it around certain parts of your head.

The universal adapter works with both American and EU voltages, so you’re welcome to take this with you for treatments on a trip across the UK. Expect to see results within six months.

My Issues with this Laser Comb

The copy could be clearer on their target consumer. Customers I’ve spoken with found that it doesn’t work well with thinning and slightly patchy hair. You need signs of patterned baldness to find this product effective.

6. Body Essentials Light Therapy Hairbrush

Body Essentials is a brand that specializes in products for Amazon customers. They excel in producing affordable options for consumers that last.

Body Essentials Light and Massage Therapy Hairbrush

The Light Therapy Hairbrush by Body Essentials sports 20 LED lights inducing 660 nanometer power. That’s the spectrum scientist define as low-level laser light.

You’ll also find over 180 flexible yet soft bristles to spread your hair out evenly. This way, the LEDs can shine their red healing light on to your scalp and stimulate your follicles.

The brush has three settings. First, there’s an LED only setting, which emits the 660-nanometer light. Second, a massage only setting that pulses and vibrates to stimulate your scalp and help increase blood flow to the follicles. The third setting shines a LED low-level light and massages for maximum effectiveness.

This laser comb by Body Essentials requires 2 AA batteries. The company recommends using both massage and LED light to help increase hair growth and bolster any thinning or frail hairs.

Why I Recommend This Laser Comb

After trying a batch of budget-level laser combs, I found this one by Body Essentials to be the best in its price range. So if you’re looking for a comb to test out the effects of low-level laser hair growth, the Light Therapy Hairbrush is ideal.

The light its 20 LED’s emit stimulates your scalp without irritation. I notice a slight improvement to the amount of hair growth over a few weeks. Body Essentials claims that three to six months of use will provide the best results.

The massage mode’s vibrations energize your follicles and help fend off DHT buildup. I can see this brush aiding your hair growth regimen when in combination with a DHT blocking shampoo.

My Issues with this Laser Comb

This laser comb by Body Essentials won’t increase your hair growth as much as high-end products. But if you want to test the waters, you can experience noticeable growth of existing hairs with the Light Therapy Hairbrush.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Laser Comb for Hair Growth

Laser combs boast some incredible possibilities. Within just a few months you can reasonably expect a fuller head of hair, and the results only improve from there.

But the downside is the big initial investment. Even a budget laser comb costs more than a lot of other hair growth treatments. Below, I give you my top tips to purchasing the right laser comb for you.

  • Look for FDA Approval

There’s a host of technology inside every laser comb. Whether you decide on a hand comb or a cap, the basics are the same. And these high-intensity lasers must be top-notch. Unfortunately, some suppliers cut corners when building their products.

There are dozens of companies out there that operate outside of the FDA’s approval system. While this is fine for other products, like regular combs or extract-based hair growth serums, I recommend sticking to products that carry the FDA’s passing mark.

  • Extent of Your Hair Loss

When choosing your laser comb, keep your expectations in check. A great way to do this is to look in the mirror and take an account of your hair loss. Low-level Light Therapy stimulates dormant and shrinking hair follicles. It cannot reanimate hairs that have been wiped out by DHT and testosterone.

If you have late-stage hair loss denoted by smooth bald patches, you will not see hair growth. A laser comb could thicken the hairs you have, but it won’t bring them back from the dead.

  • Check Side Effects of Device

While all laser combs operate under similar technology, the output of the medical-grade lasers and materials used in the fabrication of comb tines can create unique side effects, like rashes and burns. Before buying your device, check the fine print and see what warnings they present to new customers.

Sometimes little things make a big difference to an individual customer. For example, some devices cannot be used without a cord. Other companies recommend using their device below specific altitudes. Not heeding this advice can put you in harms way. So buy a product that fits your lifestyle.

  • Stay Within Your Budget

The cost of laser combs ranges dramatically. Most of the cost comes down to the number of lasers, but brand recognition and quality of the optics also plays a key role. I know you’re excited to experience new hair growth, but you need to stay within your budget.

Take an honest account of your finances and write down a number you can afford. It’s totally possible you cannot pay for the laser comb without making some sacrifices. This is normal. You must ask yourself if a laser comb is worth it.

  • Do You Want a Helmet or a Comb?

LLLT devices come in two variations: combs and caps, or helmets. Combs are usually cheaper. The upside to this is the wad of cash in your pocket. The downside is that you must manually brush the lasers through your hair for anywhere between ten minutes to a quarter of an hour.

LLLT caps cost more, sometimes as much as triple. The upside is that they work automatically — just put the cap on and watch your favorite Netflix show. The downside is that they cost more to buy and more to fix when something goes awry.

  • Number of Lasers

The numeral you see on the box of your favorite laser comb symbolizes the number of lasers. So the Hairmax Ultima 9, for example, has 9 medical-grade LLLT lasers. The more lasers, the more potential treatment to the scalp per pass. If you have significant hair loss or are worried about hair loss in the future, then paying for a comb with more lasers is totally viable, so long as you can afford it.

  • Pay Attention to Treatment Uptime

Every laser comb has a recommended session uptime. Some products, like the iRestore cap, ask you to wear it every two days for 25 minutes each session. Others require much less time.

Double check the treatment uptime before buying your laser comb and consider if that requirement is possible in your life. You’ll only see results if you follow the product’s recommended treatment time.

Seriously, Do Laser Combs Work?

The short answer is yes, laser combs can certainly work on your thin or patchy hair. Just as high-powered lasers have been used for decades to precisely sever tissue, low powered lasers have been used to heal tissues and support follicles.

These products are based on Low-level Light Therapy, a form of hair growth stimulation that’s been around since the 1960s. That’s when a physician named Endre Mester accidentally discovered that low-level lasers increased hair growth in the mice he was testing on.

The technology has been used to treat more than just hair growth. Scientists and researchers have found success in treating gum disease, brain injuries, and cancers with low powered lasers.

Laser combs are non-invasive. So long as you use them as directed, they won’t cause burns or irritate your skin. The light spectrum used by these devices stimulate the cells in your hair follicles, urging them to shift back into the growth stage. When your hair follicles make this crucial shift, they receive more blood, which means more nutrients and thicker hair.

For LLLT products to work, you need follicles that can be stimulated. If your head is smooth to the touch, that’s a sign that you’re out of follicles.

How Do I Use a Laser Comb?

Every laser comb ships with directions on the proper use and maintenance of your device. That being said, there’s a few general rules and steps to using a laser comb.

First, begin a timer on your phone. Most products ask for anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five minutes. Run the timer when you begin to comb your hair.

Now, only use a laser comb on clean, dried hair. The lasers must easily reach and penetrate your scalp. That’s where your hair follicles reside, and the key to LLLT is low powered light interacting with these dormant follicles.

Next, double check that the laser comb is charged. If you’re using the HairMax Ultima 9 or a similar product, then that’s easy, because it rests in a charging cradle. Most laser combs have an LED indicator telling you if it’s charged enough to use.

Point the laser comb downward so that the red light shines towards your hair. Most products have teeth, like a normal comb. You want these teeth to touch your scalp. That way, the comb tines will spread apart your hair, offering the lasers a section of hair to treat.

Move from the front of your head, above your forehead, towards the back. You want to comb slowly, around half an inch every three to four seconds. I tell my customers to move just enough where you can barely detect movement in the mirror.

Focus the laser comb on areas requiring hair growth. This usually means the crown of your head or your hairline. Continue this pattern, moving from section to section and back again, until your timer beeps, ending the session.

The Verdict

With my laser comb reviews in your possession, you’re on your way to experiencing the best possible chance of fuller hair. Just take it slow and be patient. I remember my first few months with a laser comb. I scrutinized every follicle, comparing before and after shots on my phone.

You’ll need at least two months before you notice significant improvement. I believe you’ll see it, especially if you combine the laser comb with healthy eating and hair growth serums and shampoos.

The products on this list represent the best on the net. I’d vouch for any of the six products herein. But if you want my recommendation, I must give it to my top pick, HairMax’s Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb. It combines recent low-level light laser technology at an affordable price. Try it today!

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