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5 Best Line Up Trimmer That Are Sharp, Crispy & Agile Around The Edges

When it comes to picking the best line up trimmer, I find myself limited to only three of the most premium brands that I usually choose from: BaBylissPRO, Wahl & Andis.

You might be surprised to see the name of BaByliss beside the classic names like Wahl and Andis. This is so because of the recent deluxe devices they’ve been able to produce for top-tier grooming, and most certainly for their Outlining Trimmer device that’s already a fan favorite.

With that in mind, I’ll be reviewing 5 line up trimmers from these three brands based on their features and how I experienced them.

From the positive sides to their shortcomings – everything is a part of my review so that you know beforehand where you’ll be investing your money in.

I’ll interject one last time before moving on to the review section – each of these units are uniquely-built first-class trimmers, and the deciding factor should only be your preference.

Top 5 Line-Up Trimmer Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
Run Time
Notable Features
BabylissPRO Barberology
120 Minutes
Brushless Engine
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Wahl Professional 5-Star Detailer
90 Minutes
Rotary Motor
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Andis 32400 Slimline Pro
Up to 2 Hours
4 Attachments Combs
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Andis Outliner ll
100+ Minutes
7200 SPM
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Wahl Clipper Model 9818A
6 Hours
1-Minute Quick Charge
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Is A Separate Trimmer For Line Up Really Necessary?

There are many positive sides of a beard trimmer, but when it comes down to picking the best, you must see if it can perform an A-grade lining up of the edges.

No matter how good your trimmer is in other areas, if it can’t perform at the edge lines, it’s rendered incapable by almost all the consumers.

I won’t say you HAVE to buy a separate trimmer to line up your beards or even hair sides. But it’s essential that the trimmer you buy is able to land such a feat.

Thus, the products that I’m discussing here are although specialized in lining up, they are capable of performing other standard trimming tasks as well.

So, this is how you should be thinking while you look for a trimmer to line up & shape your beard.

Best Trimmers For Lineups: Rated By Professionals

Let me present you my 5 choices of best line up trimmers with ratings based on their capability and features. These will help you identify the ones you truly need for your daily grooming duties!

BaBylissPRO Barberology GOLDFX Outlining Trimmer

Not all trimmers can T-line perfectly and this GoldFX trimmer from Barberlogy by BaBylissPRO will remind you of that after every application. It’s suave, it’s fancy, and it performs significantly well not only in the hands of a professional barber, but also in the hands of consumers within the cozy confinement of their homes.

BaByliss Pro Barberology GoldFx

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A 360 ̊ View Exposed T-Blade Lines Up Neatly

I’ll rank this GoldFX trimmer for lining up over most other units solely because of its T-Blade. I can even go on to say that it performs even better than the Andis T-Line blades! If you know how well the Adnis device performs in terms of outlining, you’ll know how big of an achievement that is. Many of my customers got a hold of this BaByliss trimmer just to get the nice outcome its T-Blade is able to generate.

Adjustable Zero Gapping Renders Sharp Beard Lines

A great thing about this trimmer is that I can adjust its zero gap length using the tools provided with this unit. I know it can be a little risky at times, but with proper precautions, I was able to line up my clients’ beards perfectly with all the neat lines and curves. It renders using a manual razor to finish up redundant and performs as an all-rounder in the market, all thanks to the superior technology from BaByliss!

Cordless Tool With Brushless Motor & Good Runtime

One of the many captivating aspects about this trimmer is the power the motor provides without generating much heat & noise. It runs on battery for almost 2 hours straight which in my opinion is more than enough to line up the beards of my clients all day long! Since it runs without any cable, I can hold it at any angle I want, and the compact size with the lightweight shape aids me significantly in this regard!

What Could Be Improved?

My only concern about this trimmer is the price to additional tool ratio. I won’t complain about its performance because I do get whatever I’m paying for out of it. It never betrays me and has been my go to line up trimmer for my store. But at this amount, I’d much rather prefer to have the charging dock included, for which I have to pay extra to BaByliss.

Overall Assessment

This is a nifty little trimmer with great ergonomics due to the textured housing and the metal finish. It holds up against any density of beard and goes beyond being just a line up trimmer. I’ve used it as a zero gap trimmer as well from time to time, so all your money is not being spent on something that can only do outlines well, because it goes far beyond what it’s advertised to be.

Pros Cons
1. Sharp 360 ̊ view exposed T-Blade 1. Doesn’t include charging dock
2. Good grip for precise line ups
3. Brushless motor doesn’t tug the edges
My Rating: 4.6/5

Wahl Professional 5-Star Detailer, Model 808

The Wahl 5-Star detailer is one of those top-tier Wahl devices that fasts forward your beard shaping and lining, thus I can undoubtedly regard it as the best line up trimmer with a cord attached to it. Shaped to be firmly held by the palms and performed on others equally confidently on oneself, this trimmer draws out details that are unparalleled by other devices at this price range.

Wahl Detailer Model 808

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3 Extra Wide T-Shaped Trimming Combs To Enhance Performance

If you feel your T-lining is somewhat limited due to the attachments current trimmers provide you with them, Wahl has got you covered. The package includes 3 T-shaped combs sized between 1/16″, 1/8″ and 3/16″ to line up at your desired length. These wide guides helped me out so much in terms of styling that I can literally play with any length or texture of beard and generate the edges in accordance with my customers’ demands.

Lightweight Trimmer With Good Ergonomics Allow For Fine Line Ups

No matter what you say about trimmers, weight & size does matter when it comes down to drawing neat lines over the beard edges. This 5-Star detailer weighs around 195 grams, which is surprisingly light considering the bulky housing it comes in. Also, there’s good grip due to the middle, brown portion that reads the ‘Detailer’ text with the silver sides only adding to the convenience.

Trims As Good As A Manual Shaver

In usual cases, I’d have to seek refuge in a manual trimmer to clean up the beard from the other side of the drawn lines. This often compromised the design so I’d have to put in more concentration while cleaning than lining up. But the 5-Star trims & cleans up short beard as well as long so well that I never found the need to grab a manual razor to shave off the residue, because there’s literally none left.

What Could Be Improved?

Some of my clients tried out this trimmer for close shaving tasks on the side of lining up their beard. While they were left with some crisp edges according to their liking, the close shaving over the lips sometimes came short. It’s due to the nature of the blade as it’s built mainly for T-lining, and in a device priced at this range, I’ll say it’s a fair enough deal to be honest.

Overall Assessment

The Wahl 5-Star Detailer is definitely a great value for money. I pull it out frequently whenever I feel the need to edge up the beard lines of my customers. With a strong build, sturdy cable and powerful motor, Wahl has made it to last for a long, long time in the future. All of this is only around $60 is a bargain that you should not be missing out on if you’re looking for the best line up trimmer within a limited amount.

Pros Cons
1. 3 superior T-blade attachments 1. Close shaving over lips is challenging
2. Good weight & ergonomics
3. Great for zero-gapping
My Rating: 4.4/5

Andis 32400 Slimline Pro Cord/Cordless Beard Trimmer

The Andis Slimline Pro series produces some of the most captivating designed trimmer units that are grand for lining up beard lines and faded hair edges. More like a jack of all trades, this trimmer does however cater to certain beard trimming needs at a very affordable price range. This T-Outliner device has won over the hearts of many and is the talking point of barbers on a regular basis due to its performance.

Andis Slimline Pro Beard Trimmer

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Cut Crist Outlines With The Andis T-Blade

Even if you are not an expert and have done some online research on the best line up trimmer, I’m sure you have come across Andis T-Blade outlinings. This trimmer’s prowess at edging up beard lines and shaping up the overall size is something to highlight over any other features. This T-Blade cuts crisp and leaves behind a sharp line that’s desired by most of the fashionable men!

Frequent Maintenance Makes The T-Blade Lasts A Long Time

Sharpness is of utmost importance when it comes to line up trimming. The Andis 32400 isn’t any different and it demands certain maintenance from time to time. For instance, you’ll need to oil the blades that Andis provides with the package before every trim to keep it sharp and sustainable for a long time, much like you’d do with an electric razor. Also, you need to unscrew the blades from time to time to clean out the little hair particles that may seep through.

Carbon-Steel Blades Provide Extra-Close Beard Outlines

There are four attachment combs that Andis offer with their Slimline Pro device that work supremely with the carbon-steel blades. A battery that lasts me a little shy of two hours, these blades do get the job done when it comes to the trickiest linings without posing any discomfort on my clients. The good ergonomics do help out in this regard despite looking like a shiny device that may slip out, but it never does.

What Could Be Improved?

There’s only one major downside to this trimmer is that the motor is slightly louder than other trimmer of such capability. I don’t find it reaching an unbearable level and after a long day’s use, it never really got on my nerves. But if you have sensitive ears, then you should reconsider your decision of buying this product. You can try out a few tricks to make amends, but keep in mind that these may always not work.

Overall Assessment

Apart from the noise it produces, the Andis Slimline Pro is actually a professional graded trimmer at a highly affordable price point. It shapes up the beard and hair line perfectly and grands advanced maneuverability with least effort. Overall, I’ll rate it equally with the likes of Wahl or BaByliss devices that can easily trim stubbles or line up edges at the most versatile angles!

Pros Cons
1. Extra-close beard outlines 1. Quite loud while running
2. Andis T-blade provides crisp edges
3. Maintenance lasts the blades longer
My Rating: 4.3/5

Andis 04603 Professional Outliner ll Square Blade Beard Trimmer

When you are an Andis fanboy and want to stick to the franchise at any cost, the Outliner II gives you a device that doesn’t make loud noises like the previous Slimline Pro. However, it compromises portability as it’s a corded device. But in terms of performance and motor power, it compensates more than it sacrifices which I highly admire about this brand overall, and this trimmer in particular.

Andis Outliner 2

Easy To Hold With Great Ergonomics Generate Top-Notch Line Ups

If you look at the size of this Outliner II, you’ll realize in an instant that it’s made for professional use and fun to hold on to for a prolonged duration of time. This is important while drawing edge lines, because fatigued hands often betray while performing delicate tasks. I’ve never run into any tiring or fatiguing issue while holding this trimmer, and it’s a blessing that makes it a grand choice for such jobs.

Achieve Barber-Grade Sharp Lines At Home By Yourself

I was once upset with a customer thinking he went to a separate barber to line up his beards. But what he told me next literally caught me off guard. He did all of it himself by using the Outliner II in front of a mirror! How great is that! This is the point I realized it’s a great self-grooming trimmer for line maintenance and sharp edges that anyone can achieve with a little practice and guideline!

Clip & Detail Using The Same Trimmer Unit

Not all the trimmers can perform as a clipper, and vice-versa in this regard. Since this Andis unit is endowed with a powerful 7,200 RPM motor and self-sharpening agile blades, it can trim through hair as well if you implement some tactics. The blades are also waterproof, so cleaning up after lining up or even further trimming is relatively easier than many other similar trimmers.

What Could Be Improved?

When moving on from the classic Andis T-Outliner, this device may prove to be a little heavier and doesn’t trim through coarse hair the way it’s supposed to with the proportion. But the price point is something worth considering as I can’t literally ask any more out of this. For a more professional take, I throw in aftermarket blade attachments because the ones provided with Andis tend to be very average in quality.

Overall Assessment

As a whole, it’s a nice little trimmer that has a very powerful motor and equally sharp blades that don’t need much tweaking to reach zero gap and sharp lines. It’s great for trimming under the neck or any side of the beard in general. A hefty cable with sturdy build renders it a long-lasting trimmer for duties apart from lining up, and a well-worthy investment that’ll pay you back in the long run.

Pros Cons
1. Easy to hold allows for great movement 1. Average quality blade attachments
2. Professional-grade sharp lines at home
3. All-round trimming & clipping performer
My Rating: 4.5/5

Wahl Clipper Stainless Steel Trimmer & Detail Shaver

I’m closing down the list with one of the most favorite Wahl clippers that I’ve had in store of my personal trimmer collections. The reason I often prefer this over the Wahl Detailer is that it’s cordless to the point of never having to charge in a long time. Other than that, its detailed shaving capability is out of the world and the comfort has always been present at both ends of giving & receiving treatments.

Wahl Clipper Stainless Steel Trimmer

A Well-Balanced Trimmer With Superior Ergonomics

In hindsight, it might feel like a heavy trimmer weighing over 350 grams, which can even intimidate me despite being someone who handles heavy devices on a regular basis. But the way it’s built and the ergonomics work, this weight balances everything out and paves way for higher maneuverability to draw out unique edge lines and shaved designs on the faded patches.

Line Up During Your Travels Because Of The Gigantic Battery

I’ll highly recommend this trimmer to the ones who frequently travel and feel the need of lining up their beard on a regular basis. I’ve had this trimmer last for around five and a half hours with one charge while it only takes me 10-15 minutes to wrap up my beard edges. Thus, it’s ideal to travel without any charger and the shape of it allows for it to store compactly in the smallest of backpacks.

An All-Round Trimmer That Goes Beyond Just Lining Up

As I’m promoting this trimmer for beard edges and neat lines, it does go beyond these abilities in multiple fronts. For instance, you can size up your mustache with the attachment that comes with it, or trim your face and even sensitive parts without any hassle. This speaks for the sharpness of blades and quality of motors, and once you get comfortable using it, you’ll find other trimmers barely reaching its level of performance!

What Could Be Improved?

There are a couple of small things that I’d like to address. These are not dealbreakers, certainly not for the amount I’m having to pay for this extraordinary device. The blade attachments aren’t sturdy and I use only a few of them regularly. Also, the smaller blade swapping requires me to unscrew the original T-blade manually and it’s the same hassle back & forth, so you have to keep this in mind.

Overall Assessment

If you want my opinion, I’ll say it’s a great value for money for the performance it provides. It’s not only one of the best line up trimmers, but also a great investment for a generic trimmer device. Sharp blades, good motor and long-lasting housing makes it a prime choice for many barbers and home-consumers alike. If I had to buy it all over again, I most certainly would have without a second thought.

Pros Cons
1. Well-balanced housing for fine lines 1. Blade attachments aren’t sturdy
2. Attachments for extra grooming duties
3. Great battery life of around 6 hours
My Rating: 4.65/5

What Makes One The Best Line Up Trimmer?

There are many aspects that you should check before you buy the best trimmers for line up. But from those many, I’m listing down three of the most important qualities that your ideal trimmer MUST have, otherwise you won’t be getting satisfactory results no matter what you do.

Sharp T-Line Blades

Sharp T-Line Blades

It’s very obvious, no? You most certainly need some sharp T-line blades to wrap up your beard edges and create very distinctive & crisp outlines. Dull blades won’t give you the same outcome as a very sharp one, so don’t forget to clean, oil and replace your blades regularly for all of your grooming devices as a healthy practice!

Good Ergonomics

Good ergonomics with a balanced weight is always appreciated for good line up trimmer. This balance between grip and sway is what renders some of the neatest lines and shaved-edge designs. As underappreciated as it often is, you must understand the importance of ergonomics before you spend your money on some under-balanced trimmers.

Powerful Motor

As you can tell, a good & powerful motor is required for you to pull out the best line up performance from a trimmer. If your motor is underpowered or gives up while you put your device to test, it’s going to be painful and it’ll disrupt the sharp line drawing. So you have to ensure that the trimmer motor lives up to the standard before buying a new device.


Let’s answer some of the FAQs regarding the best line up trimmers and the confusions many of us might have regarding them.

Q: Can a shaver work as a line up trimmer?

A: While there are certain differences between a trimmer and a shaver, I’ll tell you one thing – a shaver’s lining up will never come close to the neat outcome done by a trimmer & its T-line blades.

Q: Will my line up trimmer be able to groom my mustache regularly?

A: Working with your mustache demands a whole other set of skills that aren’t exactly like beard grooming. If you are looking forward to style or maintain your mustache using a line up trimmer, then you should take a look at my article that offers a thorough guideline for exactly such tasks.


After all that’s said and done, it’s now time for me to offer a verdict. Know that it’s completely based on my personal opinion and experience, and your verdict may not be the same as mine.

As all of these 5 trimmers are winners when it comes to being the best line up trimmer, I’ll be picking the Wahl Clipper Stainless Steel Trimmer & Detail Shaver for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it’s great for skin and doesn’t cause any discomfort even when going closest to the skin for line up duties. It never cuts, tugs or pulls during delicate operations as such.

The housing provides good grip which I always admire about a line up trimmer. Sharp blades and the HUGE battery life adds up to the extravagant performance it conjures up, and clinches past the BaBylissPRO GoldFX by a very narrow margin!

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