Back hair can be unsightly and really damage a man’s confidence. It can also be uncomfortable under clothes and cause irritation and rubbing. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with back hair if you don’t want to! It can be easily removed with the best men’s back shaver that is right for you.

If you or someone you love finds your back hair unappealing, it’s time to take the next step. Men’s back shavers are making it easy to get professional results in the privacy of your own home.

You don’t have to deal with unpleasant back hair, and having a smooth and hair-free back can be a game-changer when it comes to how you feel about yourself.

I am going to take a look at the ten best back shavers for men and take all the guesswork out of what type will be best for you. You will be able to compare different features and brands so that you can make a well informed decision about what back shaver is right for you.

Before I go into details, let me show you a short Comparison chart of some popular men’s back shaver

Mamgroomer Ultimate ProElectric, 3 hrYes2 Heads Check price
Mamgroomer ProfessionalElectric, 3 hrYes1 Heads Check price
BAKblade 2.0 PlusManualYes1 Heads Check price
Mamgroomer Do It YourselfBatteryYes1 Heads Check price
BRO Back ShaverManualNo15 Blades Check price
Mamgroomer Lithium MaxElectric, 3 hrYes2 Heads Check price
Bakblade Big Mouth
ManualNo1 Heads Check price
Razorba Back ShaverManualNo1 Heads Check price
Potou DIY Shaver
ManualYes1 Heads Check price
Beardeur Back ShaverManualNo3 Heads Check price

Top 10 Recommended Back Shaver Reviews

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

The back shaver has two attachments that can be changed out as needed. Each of the heads has a flexible neck that act as shock absorbers. There’s an extra wide head that will trim hair from parts of the body you can reach. It works as well on the backs of thighs and buttocks as it does on your back.


There’s a Power Burst mode that can be accessed with the push of a button. This is for areas of the back where there’s a patch of extra thick hair. Whether it’s the small of the back or between the shoulder blades, thick, coarse hair can be powered through easily.

This back shaver comes with an extendable arm. It’ll give you more reach with the back shaver. You can lock it into place for the middle and lower part of your back. You won’t need to contort your arms to shave your back with this shaver.

There’s an indicator light that will alert you when the shaver is in the middle of charging. Once it’s finished, it’ll light green. It’s a quick charging shaver that is fast and easy.

Our impression

It can be difficult for a guy to shave his back alone, yet, it’s a personal part of grooming. This Pro back shaver has all the features you’ll need to shave your back all by yourself. You don’t have to subject your partner to the extra, unattractive hair.

The attachments and extender are great features that ensure you won’t require any help at all. The wide attachment will make quick work of the hair, too. It’s 1.8 inches wide, which can cover a large amount of your back easily.

As far as benefits, you can’t get any better than the Power Burst option. This is especially helpful when you’re first shaving or haven’t shaved in a bit of time. It’ll mow down the thickest back hair without flinching.

  • Shock absorbing flex necks in the attachments.
  • Two attachments for shaving the back.
  • 135degree opening and power hinge lock button.
  • Extendable handle for reach.
  • Wide attachment for more coverage.
  • Power button has to be avoided depending on the angle of the extendable arm.

MANGROOMER Professional Do-it-Yourself Electric Back Shaver

The shaver blade of this back shaver is 1.5 inches wide. With a couple of passes, the wide shaver can make quick work of the back hair that plagues many men. It won't take hours of grooming to look your best.

MANGROOMER Do-it-Yourself Back Shaver

The adjustable handle can extend as far as you need it. It can actually extend up to 2 feet. You don't have to move your body unnaturally to get the best angle for shaving your back, either. The handle can be used at an angle and locked into place.

An ergonomic grip makes it easier to control and use the back shaver while holding it over your shoulder. The grip is non-slip and rubberized for comfort and a sure grip. The entire shaver is lightweight, too. You'll never get a hand cramp using this shaver across your back, butt, or legs.

There are accessories included with this professional back shaver. There's an instruction booklet, a cleaning brush, and an A/C recharging adaptor. There's also a protective cap for storing your back shaver. You don't want to ruin the blades or end up with gunk in them from under the sink when storing.

Our impression

This is a simple back shaver that doesn't have a ton of attachments. It does have some great features, though. The extendable arm will keep you from pulling your shoulder out of its socket trying to reach your back.

There's a fantastic rubber grip that is comfortable. It'll give you a sure handle on the shaver, so it won't tumble out of your hand. No matter how long you hold it, your hand won't cramp, either.

One of the best parts of this shaver is that the shaver head is pretty wide. At 1.5 inches, it's created for maximum coverage. Instead of two passes to get a small area, you will cover more of your back with fewer strokes. Nobody wants to spend an hour shaving their back. The wide shaving head makes the process much faster.

  • 100% rubberized, non-slip grip on the handle.
  • Extendable arm reaches up to 2 feet in length.
  • Wide, 1.5 inch shaving head.
  • Rechargeable battery with quick charge.
  • Includes convenient accessories.
  • The shaver itself can be quite loud if you're not used to the sound of a foil shaver.

BAKblade 2.0 PLUS - Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver

The company has improved their design with the BAKblade 2.0. The handle is a curved S shape that will easily press the blades against your back without too much effort. The handle is retractable and will conform to the shape of your hand. This will allow you to reach anywhere on your back without help.

BAKblade 2.0 PLUS

As far as the blades themselves, the razors are incredibly wide. At 4 inches, they'll clear out that back hair with just a few passes of the blades. The cartridge that holds the blades can be changed as needed. Replacement blades are easy to find and reasonably priced.

The company's DryGlide technology has arranged the 4 inch blade with teeth to ensure that it won't harm your skin. It'll give you a quick shave without worrying that you'll give yourself a nick or cut because you can't see the blades in action.

The handle can be made short to get areas like the lower back with the s-shape curve. The blade holder can also be detached completely from the handle. This will help with the shoulders, chest, or stomach where you don't need a huge handle in the way.

Our impression

This shaver is easy to use, and can't be used in or out of the shower. Some other back shavers can't be used in the shower since they are not completely waterproof. This is a manual safety razor with 4 inch blades. You can easily use this with shaving cream or without.

Not everyone wants the long handle all the time. It can get in the way when you want to shave an area that is not your back. The detachable blade holder is a nice feature that allows you to use the shaver in a way that's convenient for other areas of the body.

There's no need to worry about charging or voltage if you were to bring this shaver with you on vacation. It can easily be slipped into your travel case for hair removal anywhere.

  • S-shaped curved handle with ergonomic grip.
  • Extendable handle for reaching the lower back.
  • Wide 4” safety razor blades.
  • Wet or dry shave.
  • Head doesn't curve or rotate for the curves of a man's back in some areas.

Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

When it comes to reaching your back, an extendable handle is a definite must. It makes it much easier to shave your own back. You don't have to ask anyone to help you. An electric back shaver like this one ignores your size, too. Anyone of any size can use this in the privacy of his home for back hair removal.


The handle extends as far as you need it to remove hair from the middle of the back, which is difficult to reach. It will lock into any angle within the 135 degrees that its capable of angling.

The process is painless, too. Waxing, chemical treatments, and epilation all carry painful side effects. Hair is ripped out by the roots or skin is irritated with chemicals. This back shaver is absolutely pain free.

It runs on batteries, so you'll never have to wait for a charge. Imaging you're about to go on a date and notice that you could use a touchup on your back hair. Gather this shaver from it's place under the sink and immediately start shaving and removing hair from your back and shoulders. Never a need to wait to charge.

Our impression

The ability to shave at home is giving more men confidence. They don't have to ask someone else to remove their back hair. That can be embarrassing for many men. They don't want their partner to have to groom their back hair. It feels unattractive. Salons can also be quite expensive, too.

This electric back shaver runs on batteries, so you'll never have to wait on a charge. The shaver will work at the same power until it's time for a new set of batteries. Simply pop them in when it's down on power and instantly you'll have a fully-functioning back shaver again.

As far as the handle, that's where the magic is. You don't want to pop a shoulder blade while trying to reach the middle of your back. This shaver opens to a huge 135 degrees. It'll give you the exact angle you need to remove hair from any part of your back.

  • Fully extendable handle for reaching all areas of the back.
  • Sleek and lightweight for comfort gripping.
  • Wide blade for less passes while shaving.
  • 135-degree opening on the handle.
  • Battery operated – 5 hours of life on 2 AA batteries.
  • The shaver is considered quite loud by some people if they're not used to a foil shaver.

Bro Shaver Back Hair Shaver

The BRO shaver is a manual back shaver with a long handle. It's not electric, but this shaver has more going for it. The shaver holds 3 double-edge safety blades. It's easy to change them, too. There's a tension grab that will allow you to change them or flip them without a fuss.


As far as the handle, it's long enough to reach over your shoulder and shave your back. The handle is curved to give you plenty of clearance for your shoulder. There's a comfortable thumb rest, and a “knife grip” that ensures you'll never lose hold of the handle.

This back shaver can be used in the shower with shaving cream or foam. That's important for getting the closest shave possible. You don't want to leave stubble behind – especially on your back. When your lady is touching you, she shouldn't be feeling any stubble.

The shaver comes with 15 extra blades. The blades are all double edge, so you can use one side before flipping them over to use the other side. The shaver doesn't require specialized blades. You can buy blade refills anywhere.

Our impression

This may seem like a truly simple shaver, but there are so many small details that make it fantastic. There are thoughtful details in the handle with its knife grip that won't slip. The curve of the handle makes it easy to shave without bumping your shoulder.

The bolts are stainless steel, and the blades are easy to load into the shaver. It's made for the shower, too. Some men have sensitive skin and using a shaver in the shower with water and cream keeps the irritation down.

The fact that this shaver has safety blades is a key detail. You aren't getting any cheap blades embedded in even cheaper plastic. You can purchase quality blades after the refills included with this shaver have been used. That could take a very long time with the generous amount included.

  • Curved, deep handle for shoulder clearance.
  • Stainless steel bolts for holding the blades.
  • Knife grip for a non-slip handle.
  • Comfortable thumb rest.
  • Reinforced handle that won't break.
  • Real razors mean that you'll have to take your time and use a mirror to avoid cuts.

MANGROOMER Lithium Max Back Shaver

An electric shaver should have a powerful battery, and this one has a Lithium Max battery. It gives you 3 times more charge for powering your shaver. It charges very fast, too. The charge indicator light will let you know when it's fully charged. With the powerful battery, it's quick.

MANGROOMER Lithium Max Back Shaver

The extendable arm of this shaver has a few features that you'll like. There's an extension lock button that will keep the arm at the length you wish. It'll lock at the perfect angle, too. When you're removing hair from an area like the small of the back, you want to keep the shaver at the right angle the entire time.

It has a range of 135 degrees for reaching your entire back. You can come at the shave from over your shoulder, or twist around from the side to get the middle of your back. With the range of the opening, it's convenient to shave either way.

There are two attachment heads for this shaver. It gives you incredible flexibility. There's a wide trimmer head for times when you need to trim before shaving. Long hairs can't be shaved because they'll catch and pull instead of being cut. The trimmer head is 1.8 inches wide. There's also the foil head for shaving after your trim.

Our impression

With the shaver handle and its many locking options, you can shave over your shoulder or behind your back from the side. You'll most likely have a preference, and this shaver will accommodate your preference. The handle can lock in any position to tackle a certain area of your back.

The attachments give you versatility and the ability to groom your back and other areas of the body. With the trimmer head, you can bring the jungle of your back to a more manageable level. It can be used for other areas where you just want a trim, too. Once it's trimmed, the foil shaver will remove hair right down to the skin for a soft back.

The Power Burst option is fantastic for tackling hair that is thicker in some areas. Every guy has an area like the shoulders where the hair is thick. With the push of a button, the hair will be mowed down with ease.

  • Two attachments for trimming and shaving.
  • Flexible neck and shock absorbing attachments.
  • Power Burst option for more power.
  • Lithium Max battery with fast charging.
  • 135-degree opening for the handle.
  • Extendable handle with locking button.
  • It must be used with a light grip to ensure that the back isn't scratched.

Bakblade Big Mouth Back Shaver

This back shaver has a wide set of blades that will remove all your back hair. With a swipe or two, it'll remove hair from an area without irritation. The blades are meant to shave fine, patchy, or thick hair with equal ease.


The shaver can be used dry, which is one of the features boasted by the product. It has blades that are designed to be used specifically on dry skin. They call it the DryGlide technology. Instead of a rigid blade with a flexible head, the blades themselves are flexible. It allows for a lighter touch. This leads to less friction on the skin itself.

While it's designed to be used dry, it can also be used with shaving cream and water. There's no reason that you can't enjoy the flexibility of the blades while protecting your skin with gel or cream. It'll give you a pain-free shave.

The width of the blades is quite impressive. It measures 10 cm or approximately 3.9 inches. You won't spend hours shaving your back with a wide blade like that. The handle is long enough to reach all the areas of your back without having to make adjustments.

Our impression

When you can shave your back without shaving cream, foam, or gel, you're going to be able to stand in a well-lit place with good mirror placement. You want to be able to see while shaving your back. If you're sensitive, you can certainly use a shaving cream and water, too. This kind of versatility is great for any guy who wants to do a full shave or a quick touchup.

The handle is long enough to reach all areas of the back, and the width of that blade is impressive. You can reach any part of your back and give it a quick swipe with the wide blade. You'll spend way less time on grooming with a shaver like this.

As far as the flexible cutting blade, it's a great concept. Instead of giving the outside of the shaving head a flexibility, you get that in the blade. It's the opposite of what you'd find with a face shaver, for example.

  • Flexible, patented cutting blades.
  • Extra-long handle for a good reach.
  • Wet or dry shaving is possible with this manual shaver.
  • Bakblade technology for a lighter touch.
  • Wide 10 cm (3.9 inch) blade.
  • It takes a bit of time to learn the surface of your back to avoid cutting yourself without a mirror.

Razorba Back Hair Shaver

This can be used instead of purchasing a back shaver with blades with which you are unfamiliar. It's a handle with a spot for holding your favorite razor. The handle is extra long and will hold a variety of razor sizes.


Maxim Magazine awarded this handle as the “Best of the Web” for its unique features. It's a handle want that will grip any razor you may have. Your favorite razor used on your face can be adapted for use on your back. The Razorba has been featured in other magazines and mentioned on shows like The Rachel Ray Show.

Bear in mind that you're going to quickly dull your favorite razor when using it on your back. Have a shaver on hand for your face and a separate one for your back. Or expect to have to purchase a replacement sooner than normal.

This is a purchase you'll only have to make once. It even comes with a razor for you to check out the comfort level. There's an aloe strip on the razor that will create a smooth surface while shaving. It'll help you avoid irritation. If you like that part of the razor, when it's time to buy a new one, you can get a razor with a strip of aloe on it.

Our impression

It can be tough to purchase a new shaver or razor. You likely have a favorite brand or type of shaver that you love. This handle wand allows you to use the razor that you love on a part of your body that you don't love.

The handle comes with a simple razor, so you can instantly see it in action. The razor included with the handle is 4.5 inches wide. It's a double-blade razor made with Japanese steel. There's a strip of aloe for soothing your skin as you shave. This is a bit of the razor that we would recommend you purchasing in the future, too.

This handle allows you to change the razor as needed. Instead of replacing an entire back shaver when it becomes dull, this will be a one-time purchase of an easy-to-use handle. When you choose your own razor, you're always going to love the shave you get.

  • Great quality shaves for the back.
  • Curved handle for shaving your back.
  • Ability to add any razor you like.
  • Includes a wide razor for first-time use.
  • Handle can't be adjusted to be longer or shorter.

Potou DIY Back Shaver with Adjustable Handle

This DIY back shaver can be used with a wet or dry back. Once you've shaved a few times, you'll know whether you need to use it wet or dry. You might need to stand in front of a mirror while shaving. Your back might be sensitive to shaving and need cream.

Potou DIY Back Shaver

The blades of this back shaver are safety blades that can be replaced as needed. You'll be able to pick your blades and replace them easily. The shaving head opens, the blades are removed, new blades are added, and the shaving head is closed. It's a simple process. Included with the shaver are two extra blades, too.

As far as dry or wet shaving, you get options because the hidden blade means no nicks and cuts. The surface of the shaving head is curved to allow the blade to get closer to the skin without injury.

The handle of the manual shaver starts at a long 14.2 inches. It will extend to almost 20 inches. That's 19.5 inches of length for getting all the areas of your back. The almost 2 feet of handle space means that you can shave from over your shoulder or twisted to the side for the middle of your back.

Our impression

The shaver comes with extra blades, so you can easily replace them when they become dull. It's also easy to find replacements for the blades themselves after those are used. The blades can be changed out pretty easily without any extra tools required.

The hidden blades are a nice feature. When shaving your back, you're not going to be able to see as well as you would when shaving another part of your body like the face. With the hidden blades, you're not going to cut yourself.

The best part of this shaver is the really long handle. Even if you don't have much range of motion in your shoulder, this handle will allow you to shave your entire back easily. The range is from 14 inches to almost 20 inches.

  • Hidden blades to avoid cutting and nicks.
  • Can be used wet or dry with the safety guard to protect the skin.
  • Extendable handle for a long reach.
  • Comes with accessories like extra blades and storage bag.
  • Takes some practice to get the hang of a manual shave with a safety razor.

Beardeur Men's Back Hair Shaver

This back shaver has many great features. It's a manual shaver without electricity or the need to be charged. That's great for a guy who travels and wants to stay groomed and looking his best.

Beardeur Men's Back Hair Shaver

One of the most important parts of a back shaver is the handle. It has to be able to reach all parts of the back for full hair removal. This handle is a full 18 inches long. With the extension of your arm, you should be able to reach any area on your back. From the middle of the shoulder blades to the lower back, this handle will make it easy to reach.

The head of this shaver is extremely wide. It's the widest on this list. The best back hair shavers are able to deliver a hair-free back without hours in the bathroom. Nobody wants to spend a long time on grooming, but everyone wants to look their best. This shaver head is a full 5 inches across.

This shaver includes additional blade cartridges. There are three included with the shaver, so you'll be able to use this shaver for a long time without having to purchase replacements.

Our impression

The shaver has a long handle and wide shaving head, which makes it a great shaver for wet or dry. You can take it into the shower with you and use shaving cream if you have a sensitive back. You'll want to be able to lather up your skin to avoid irritation.

You can also use this dry in front of a mirror if you want to be able to see your back as you shave. It's important if you have bumps or moles to ensure that you don't cause injury.

The wide shaving head is worth mentioning again. It's a whopping 5 inches wide. With 2 to 3 swipes of the shaving head, you could get the entire width of your back. It'll get you out of the bathroom quickly when you can shave quicker without hurting yourself.

  • Wide shaving head at 5 inches.
  • Long, 18 inch handle.
  • Non-slip grip and ergonomic shape.
  • Bonus blades included.
  • Blade refills have to be ordered from the company.

Attributes that define a good back shaver

  • Long Handle

The middle of the back requires a long handle to reach. Between the shoulder blades is also hard to reach without a handle that can expand and retract as needed. This is one part of the back shaver that has to perform well, or it can be difficult to get a good shave.

  • Better Performance on Tricky Areas

There are curves in a man’s back that require attachments that can move and rotate. The extendable handle should have a curve in it to reach the middle of the back, too.

The muscles, shoulders, and lower back have a variety of curves and angles that need a shaver that can follow them. All the parts of the shaver from handle to blades to attachments have to work together.

  • Remove and Prevent Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs come from irritation and razor burn. It also comes from hair breaking off at the root. When it grows back out, it will grow beneath the skin. There are a few reasons why ingrown hairs can happen.

The shaver you choose has an impact on ingrown hair. Exfoliation is one of the biggest steps in stopping the possibility of ingrown hair. It’s important to have sharp blades in your shaver, too. Hair shouldn’t break near the skin, it should be cut cleanly.

  • Avoid Burning and Irritation

Razor burn is a serious problem for anyone who shaves. It’s not just a possibility on the face. When a dull shaver is used on dry skin, it can scrape the skin while shaving. It requires more than one pass, which is one of the biggest causes of burning irritation.

To avoid irritation, it’s important to get a wet/dry shaver and use shaving cream. Especially if you’re prone to irritation. Soft skin and wet hair makes shaving more soothing.

  • Waterproof

The shaver that is waterproof can be used as a part of your shower routine. Wet/dry technology allows you to use shaving cream or gel, too. It’ll help with washing and keeping the shaver clean after use. When you are able to keep the blades clean, they’ll stay sharper longer.

  • Attachments Heads for Versatility

Different areas of the back need different attachments. You can also use the back shaver on areas like the thighs, buttocks, or chest and shoulders. When you have changeable shaving heads, you’re getting more versatility in your shaver. The shaver will give you more value.

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

As mentioned previously, cleaning and maintaining the shaver will ensure that the blades last longer. Whether you choose a manual shaver or an electric one, the blades have to remain sharp. If you don’t have sharp blades, you might as well be scraping your skin with a rock. You’ll end up with irritation, scratches, burns, or ingrown hairs.

  • Warranty and Value

Most back shavers are reasonably priced. When you can get one that has a variety of accessories and attachments, you’re getting more value for your money. Check to see if the shaver comes with a warranty. There’s no reason you should be out the money if something happens to your back shaver.

Most common choices of shaving back hair

  • Shaving

This is the easiest and least painful way of removing hair from your back. It does require that you have someone help you unless you use a shaver specifically designed to be used solo. It should have an extendable handle and an angle to get around curves.

  • Waxing

As a process, this one is painful. It involves adding hot wax product to the back and ripping the hair out by the roots. It will last longer than shaving, but requires a visit to a spa to achieve. You might get a partner to help, but it’s doubtful that she’ll want to hurt you with the waxing process.

  • Cream

There’s cream that can remove back hair. Many of the companies that have made depilatory creams for women have turned their attention to men. They understand that men want to achieve hair removal in areas like their backs and butts. The cream can be incredibly stinky and the cream still has to be scraped off with the hair. That will require a helper.

  • Epilation

This process can be even more painful than waxing. Ask any woman about epilation, and she will cringe. Yet many of them will wax without a problem. Tiny tweezers are used on an epilation device to remove hair by the root. The tweezers spin at a high rate of speed to grab the hair and rip it out of the body. It’s pretty painful.

  • Laser

As far as laser hair removal, this can be done at a salon. It’s not as painful of a process, but it can be way more expensive than the other options. Laser treatments happen over a few weeks to a few months. Permanent hair removal is the goal, but touchups over time are still needed.

Why do we consider shaving the smartest back hair removal option?

Overall, shaving to remove back hair is one of the best ways. It can be done with the help of a back shaver with a long handle. You don't need a person to help you, so it's completely private. Nobody is judging you for having really heavy back hair. If you're not in a relationship, you don't want anyone you're dating to have to see or remove your back hair.

It's not something that has to be done in a salon, either. Hair removal like waxing and laser have to be done in an office. It's costly compared to other methods. Waxing isn't permanent, but it's quite painful. Laser is permanent but it requires many, many visits, and can be expensive.

Shaving your back is the least expensive option, and it's not painful at all. As long as you have the right equipment, you can easily shave yourself without embarrassment. Touchups are simple, too.

How to shave your back hair by yourself

You'll need to plan ahead and gather all your tools. The space you choose to shave should be well lit with a mirror, so you can see what you're doing. If you want to shave in the shower, be certain that you are comfortable with using the shaver without a mirror.

If you are going to shave out of the shower, make sure you have exfoliated your back. This removes dead skin cells and prepares the skin. You'll end up with less ingrown hairs and irritation when you've done some preparation.

Once you're ready to begin, have everything ready including some towels. Cleanup afterward is important. It's best to use a good amount of shaving cream if possible. With your dedicated back shaver, use long strokes up your back or across. It'll depend on the area to be shaved.

While going against the grain is a no-no on your face, you can do this on your back. Overlap your passes slightly to ensure that you're covering the entire surface of your back. Use the mirror to see what you're doing.

After you've finished, take a shower and wash the hair and shaving cream from your back. Don't scrub your back or use the towel vigorously. Your back will need some time to recover since it's never been shaved before. It can feel a little raw immediately after shaving. Consider a good lotion for your back after shaving, too.

Questions you like to ask

  • Should you shave or trim the hair on your back?

It’ll depend on whether you want a completely smooth back or not. You might decide to trim the hair so it’s not a tangled wild jungle on your back. Most men want a completely smooth back, but this is a personal preference.

  • Is laser hair removal a viable option for removing men’s back hair?

Some men might decide that it’s worth the cost. They want a completely smooth back without having to do the maintenance required with shaving. To be fair, shaving has to be done regularly. It’s less expensive than laser hair removal, though. Laser hair removal requires multiple salon visits, which can be quite expensive over time.

  • Is waxing a good option instead of shaving?

Waxing is a type of hair removal that will last longer than shaving. Instead of regular weekly maintenance to stay hair free, smooth skin from waxing can last for a few weeks. It’s quite painful, though. You’ll need some assistance to get the waxing done, too. You’ll have to enlist your partner’s help or go to a salon for a professional waxing. It’s also more expensive than shaving and can’t really be done solo.

  • Will shaving hurt my sensitive skin?

As long as you prepare properly, shaving your back shouldn’t be a problem. Those with sensitive skin should shower first and apply shaving cream. With a good shaver with sharp blades, you really shouldn’t have a problem with irritation or sensitivity. Apply lotion after shaving, too.

  • Is a regular shaver a good choice for my back?

You’ll have a hard time reaching your back on your own. If you have the help of a partner, you can use a regular shaver. It’s not going to give you the same performance, though. If you’re doing this yourself, there’s no way to shave your back on your own without the proper tools.

The perfect back shaver for you

After checking out all the groomers on this list, we stand behind all our recommendations, but what's our ultimate choice? We believe that the perfect choice for back shaving is the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro. There are two attachments with shock absorbing, flexible heads.

The head of the shaver is one of the widest on the market at 1.8 inches. That will make quick work of the hair on any man's back. Even if he has a broad back with a lot of hair. The groomer blade will trim longer hairs in a large area. The second head is a foil one that will work on short hair and quick touchups.

An impressive feature of this shaver is the Power Burst option. It will power through thick hair easily. The extendable handle can be angled for reaching all the spots on a man's back. It doesn't matter if it's between the shoulder blades or the small of his back. The shaving will work everywhere.

Final Thoughts

The best men's back shaver can be any of the ones on this list. We have our ultimate favorite choice, but after reading all about the shavers, you're likely to have a favorite of your own. It should speak to your specific needs to remove back hair.

It should have terrific features and accessories that make it simple to use. The one you choose should be reasonably priced and have a warranty that makes you comfortable with the purchase.

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