Best Men’s Back Shaver: The Difficult Made Easy

Best Men’s Back Shaver

Your back is one of the most overlooked parts of your body, and I can’t blame you. It’s nearly impossible to see. You don’t even notice it so who cares, right? Well, you should care! Your back isn’t as hidden as you think. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need attention.

People notice the details. Your back can leave an impression as large as its presence. A little grooming goes a long way. After all, no one wants to be the butt of a “hair sweater” or Chewbacca joke. Whether it’s for a hot date, for your partner, or just for your own boost of confidence, you deserve to look and feel your best.

You don’t have to deal with unpleasant back hair, and having a smooth and hair-free back can be a game-changer when it comes to how you feel about yourself.

I am going to take a look at the ten best back shavers for men and take all the guesswork out of what type will be best for you. You will be able to compare different features and brands so that you can make a well informed decision about what back shaver is right for you.

Let’s get started!

Comparison Chart Of Some Popular Men’s Back Shaver

Should You Go Electric Or Manual For Shaving Your Back?

This choice really comes down to personal preference and experience, but here are some things to consider. Keep in mind that your skin will need around a month to adjust to a new shaving method.

Electric or manual back shaver

Electric Shavers

Electric shavers are more time-efficient as they shave faster than manual razors. They don’t require additional grooming products and can reduce cuts and ingrown hairs. They operate by using power from electricity or batteries. However, they don’t provide the closest shave and can be noisy when in use. They will also require a larger initial investment than manual razors.

Manual Razors

Manual razors are more affordable and low-maintenance. They give the closest shave and their parts are easy to replace. However, they often require grooming products for best results. They are also more likely to cause nicks or razor burn. They are not ideal for those with uneven skin or acne. Frequent blade replacement is also not environment-friendly.

Top 10 Recommended Back Shaver Reviews

1. Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

The MANGROOMER ULTIMATE PRO Back Shaver is a top-of-the-line electric shaver from MANGROOMER. It has two interchangeable shaving heads: an ultra-wide back groomer blade for quick hair removal from large areas, and a foil head for regular maintenance of shorter hairs and a closer shave. Both these shaving heads have shock-absorbing flex necks that follow the contours of the back for consistent contact and a clean shave.


Its rubberized handle locks into place at any length, letting you reach even the toughest areas. Its hinge has a button that lets you lock the shaver at any angle you want from zero to 135 degrees. It also has a new Power Burst mode designed to deal with extra thick and coarse hair.

Its quick charge battery gives you fast and easy recharging. Its charge light indicator is easy to read like a traffic light: red when it’s charging, and green when it’s good to go. It uses blades made of stainless, hypoallergenic steel. These blades are easy to pop off for rinsing or brushing after use. This shaver can be used corded or cordless and doesn’t require any water or grooming products.

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I found that the adjustable handle really does give you great reach and angles. I never had to force the shaver to go where I wanted it to, thanks to the flexible shaving heads. Switching between the two shaving heads is simple and easy. MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro folds down nicely to a compact size that I think is great for travel, or even just neat storage at home.

I also thought that the Power Burst mode was a great added feature. With one press of a button, you can readily feel the blade shave with increased power. There was no pulling of hairs and no scratching with this product. The shave was closer than I expected and I didn’t have to strain my arms or wrists to reach difficult areas.

A word of caution though—you need to remember to unplug this from the charger when the battery is fully charged since leaving it plugged can shorten the battery lifespan. The hinge is also a little loose when it’s in the locked position, but it doesn’t affect the shaver’s performance.

2. MANGROOMER Professional Do-it-Yourself Electric Back Shaver

The MANGROOMER PROFESSIONAL Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver is the predecessor of the MANGROOMER ULTIMATE PRO Back Shaver, so they share some similar features. It has a handle that can extend and lock to your desired length using a lock button on the handle. This handle allows for custom shaving length and great reach, being over two feet in length when fully extended.

MANGROOMER Do-it-Yourself Back Shaver

It has a quick-charging rechargeable battery that can last up to three hours. It works at optimum power between charges. This shaver is 100% rubberized, with a non-slip rubber grip, handle, and body. This is ideal for improved control and achieving any shaving angle you want. This product also opens up to 135 degrees, giving it better maneuverability.

Its blade is 1.5 inches in width, giving you good coverage with fewer strokes. The shaver folds flat, making it sleek and easy to travel with or simply store at home. It is very lightweight, making even the most awkward of shaving angles easy to sustain. Out of the box, it comes with a protection cap, a cleaning brush, an A/C charging adaptor, and an instruction booklet.

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I found that this product delivers the advertised three-hour battery life if you fully charge the battery. Charging is quick, and you can use the shaver again even after just a few minutes of charging. If you go across your back slowly, you may need to recharge frequently since the battery dries out faster that way.

I really liked the handle’s customizable length. It’s great for all kinds of users and body types and gives you great control. The rubberized grip feels great in the hand and really maximizes your comfort while using the shaver.

Think of this as an affordable alternative to the MANGROOMER ULTIMATE PRO. If you want similar features but don’t need the extra shaving head or a Power Burst mode, you should definitely consider this product.

Note that this shaver can pull some hair out instead of cutting it, making it feel harsh. I would recommend this to more experienced users of back shavers. If you have sensitive skin, the other products in this guide will be a better match for you.

3. BAKblade 2.0 PLUS – Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver

The BAKblade 2.0 is the latest update to the BAKblade 1.0, and the first manual option on this list. It uses two blades stacked on top of each other and a redesigned, ergonomic S-shaped handle. This S-shaped handle lets you access difficult-to-reach parts of your back, and apply just the right amount of pressure for a close shave. The handle folds in half for easy storage or travel. BAKblade provides a wall mount accessory as an additional storage option.

BAKblade 2.0 PLUS

The BAKblade 2.0 uses BAKblade’s patented DRYGlide safety blade cartridges. These cartridges were designed to give users the option of either wet or dry shaving. That’s right—you can choose a dry shave even if this is a manual razor. DRYGlide safety blade technology features a 4-inch blade and unique teeth arrangement for a smooth and quick shave.

The DRYGlide blades are held in detachable cartridge housings. This means that you can also use these blades on more accessible parts of the body, such as your chest or torso. DRYGlide blades are rust-proof and do not dull quickly. The shaver’s safety guard helps prevent cuts and razor burn. BAKblade also offers 2.0 replacement blades.

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I was able to get around seven shaves with this product before needing to swap out the blades. This shaver has just a bit of a learning curve but is still very easy to get used to. The pivot point where the handle folds also feels extremely secure, with little to no wiggle at all.

The DRYGlide blades do a good job of following the contours of your back. I didn’t have to think about the blade angle or constantly adjust my arm or my grip. I also found no hair clogging with this product, making for smooth, uninterrupted shaving.

If you prefer a more traditional shaving experience or don’t like batteries and chargers, this will be a great shaver for you.

You might find the handle of the BAKblade 2.0 a bit short, but BAKblade makes up for it with slotted grooves that provide better grip. This version is also heavier than the 1.0, so you might prefer another item in this guide if you like a lightweight shaver.

4. Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

The MANGROOMER ESSENTIAL Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Shaver is the granddaddy of MANGROOMER back shavers and the predecessor of the MANGROOMER PROFESSIONAL Back Shaver. The MANGROOMER line of back shavers is very consistent in its design and functionality, so you’ll be seeing similar features again here.


It has a fully extendable handle that adjusts and locks to any position or angle that you want. With the handle being over two feet long when fully extended, you’ll have no problem reaching your middle and lower back. It has a 1.5-inch blade that is self-sharpening and hypoallergenic, making this suitable even for users allergic to certain metals.

It has the same sleek and compact profile as the MANGROOMER back shavers mentioned above, allowing it to fold in half for easy storage and travel. It opens up to 135 degrees, which is more than enough for ease of use and maneuverability.

Unlike other MANGROOMER back shavers, the MANGROOMER ESSENTIAL Back Shaver is battery-operated and requires two AA batteries. Batteries aside, this shaver is good to go on its own. You don’t need to buy any shaving creams or gels. You don’t even need water to use it. The MANGROOMER ESSENTIAL Back Shaver is the least expensive MANGROOMER product here. I consider it an affordable alternative to the MANGROOMER PROFESSIONAL Back Shaver.

I was a little wary of going back to batteries, but it didn’t take long to change my mind. Because it’s battery-operated, the shaver is never at risk of overheating. Replacing batteries is also much faster than waiting for a shaver to recharge. Your shave will barely be interrupted if you run out of juice. You’ll get around five hours of operation with two AA batteries.

I usually associate product weight with quality. In this case, though, the extremely light weight of this product proved to be a bonus. I could go as slowly as I wanted and not feel any strain or discomfort while shaving.

There are better products for you if you don’t like noisy shavers, or if you want a product with a more premium feel. The pivot joint on this shaver’s handle is also quite loose, so you have to be a bit more mindful while using it.

5. Bro Shaver Back Hair Shaver

The BRO SHAVER Back Hair Shaver is the second manual option in this guide. It uses three of any standard double edge safety blades. This is great news for your wallet because you won’t have to spend on pricier proprietary blades that other products require. These three blades together provide 4.5 inches of coverage.


The BRO SHAVER’s design was inspired by car aerodynamics. You can see this in its nicely curved handle, which was designed to ensure that users can get a good shave with just a light touch. The handle is 22 inches long and provides deep shoulder clearance. It has a knife handle grip, making it easy and natural to hold. A molded thumb rest makes it more secure in the hand.

Three blades might sound like a lot of work to replace, but this shaver’s Tension Grab system makes blade changing fast and easy. The shaver’s head also features BRO SHAVER’s new Comfy Cloud Technology, designed to eliminate skin irritation.

This shaver can be used wet or dry. Each purchase comes with 15 stainless steel double edge safety blades, giving you enough for 10 blade changes out of the box.

I recommend the BRO SHAVER if you want the most bang for your buck. Refills come cheap and plentiful, and you can use your blade brand of choice. Blade changing was also quick and easy. The blades are held in place by bolts that you can unscrew with your hands, so you won’t even need any tools.

This shaver has a steeper learning curve than others. I recommend going slowly when using this product since you could easily nick yourself if you’re careless or if your hand isn’t steady. Still, the BRO SHAVER gave me a good, close shave without any hair clogging issues. The handle is perfectly functional but it could use some refinement. Some of its edges are sharp, and that’s not ideal if you’re shaving slowly.

Note that this isn’t the most portable or compact option since you can’t fold it, although It has a hole at the end for hanging. If you have kids around, you’ll want to remove the blades after each use since this product doesn’t come with a blade sheath or cover.

6. MANGROOMER Lithium Max Back Shaver

The MANGROOMER LITHIUM MAX Back Shaver is the newest back shaver from MANGROOMER. It’s an update to the MANGROOMER ULTIMATE PRO Back Shaver and differs from it in one key aspect—the battery.

MANGROOMER Lithium Max Back Shaver

This back shaver comes with a new Lithium Max battery that lasts up to three times longer than a standard NiHD or NiCad battery. The Lithium Max battery gives you longer battery life while still being quick to recharge. The charging indicator retains the MANGROOMER ULTIMATE PRO’s traffic light design: red when it’s charging, and green when it’s fully charged.

The MANGROOMER LITHIUM MAX Back Shaver comes with two attachment shaving heads: a 1.8-inch ultra-wide back groomer blade for larger areas and longer hairs, and a foil body groomer head for regular maintenance. Both shaving heads are equipped with shock-absorbing flex necks that follow the contours of your back.

These flex necks give you optimal blade-to-skin contact at all angles, making your shave comfortable without sacrificing closeness. Its rubberized handle is extendable and locks into place at any length and any angle up to 135 degrees. It also retains the Power Burst mode designed to deal with extra thick and coarse hair.

I found that the Lithium Max battery performs well, true to lithium batteries’ reputation of fast charging and holding good charges. This is the most expensive MANGROOMER back shaver, but the additional cost is worth it if battery life is a big concern for you.

For best results, I suggest using the trimming head first to remove the bulk of the hair, and then cleaning up with the grooming head. This won’t give you the closest shave since it is an electric shaver, but your skin will still feel nice and smooth. There isn’t much hair clogging during use and cleaning the shaving heads is easy. There are loud, reassuring clicks when changing your handle angle, and locking the handle feels secure and solid.

Having to use two different shaving heads can be off-putting, so check out the other options here instead if you want a faster shaving time. The groomer head can also pull longer hairs, so make sure to be thorough during your first pass with the trimming head.

7. Bakblade 1.0 Back Shaver

The BAKblade 1.0 is the original BAKblade model, and the predecessor of the BAKblade 2.0 reviewed earlier. It’s another great option if you prefer manual to electric shavers.


BAKblade’s patented blades are specifically designed to shave back hair and body hair, which are typically less coarse than facial hair. Their DRYGlide technology aims to make blades as flexible as possible.

Having flexible blades means that the blades can shave your back closely without causing irritation. Since the skin on your back won’t flex, the blade will do it for you. These flexible blades also allow users the option of either dry or wet shaving. The blades are 4 inches wide, providing great coverage.

The BAKblade 1.0 has an extra-long, ergonomic handle that’s effective at reaching different parts of your back. BAKblade is all about simplicity, and you get a product with functional and efficient design. Its simplicity also makes it more durable since there are fewer parts to replace. You’ll be able to use this back shaver for a long time.

I was able to get five to seven shaves before needing to switch blades. I didn’t get nicks or cuts, and I was at ease while using this product.

This shaver performed well with both wet and dry shaving. Close shaves can be quite difficult over bony areas of the back, but definitely not impossible to achieve.

Despite the release of the BAKblade 2.0, the 1.0 is still a strong contender and a reliable product. The BAKblade 1.0 is more affordable and straightforward than the 2.0. The 1.0 is lighter than its successor. The 1.0 also has a longer handle than the 2.0, although it doesn’t fold. If you like durable, uncomplicated products, I recommend giving this a try.

Note that their proprietary blades aren’t the most durable, so you might have to buy replacements faster than anticipated if you’re not careful. BAKblade’s replacement blades are more expensive than standard double edge safety blades, and not as readily available.

8. Razorba Back Hair Shaver

The Razorba Classic Back Hair Shaver is a time-tested figure in the world of back shavers. It’s a long tool used together with any standard razor or with Razorba’s G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) Razor. It’s a long plastic handle with an attachment at the end for holding a razor. To use this, you simply insert a razor into the attachment of the Razorba Classic, which then holds the razor firmly in place.


The Razorba Classic has an ergonomic handle, and it positions the razor in a way that makes any and all areas of the back accessible. The handle is 17 inches long and gives you a shaving angle of about 65 degrees. At the end of the handle, there is a hole and a loop for storage or hanging purposes.

You can replace the razor whenever you want, with whatever you want. Razorba provides a list of razors compatible with this product, which includes most standard razors anyway. Since the Razorba Classic accommodates only manual razors, Razorba recommends using this product in the shower with shaving cream or a soapy lather.

If you want to stick to a razor that you know and trust, this is the tool for you. Of all the products in this guide, this one will definitely last the longest. It doesn’t have any moving or replaceable parts. It doesn’t even require any cleaning.

If you’re willing to make the extra investment, I recommend getting a Razorba G.O.A.T. Its extra-wide 4.5-inch blade covers the back much faster than standard razors. The G.O.A.T. also has an aloe comfort moisture strip for sensitive skin and can be used for wet or dry shaving. A standard razor does the job, but you’ll spend more time than necessary shaving your back. The G.O.A.T. is the more efficient and versatile option.

The drawback to its simplistic design is its lack of shaving angles. The razor angle can change mid-stroke if you don’t secure it properly. If you shave long back hair with a standard razor, you will also have to spend a lot of time unclogging the razor.

9. Potou DIY Back Shaver with Adjustable Handle

The Potou Back Shaver is another great option for do-it-yourself manual shaving. It has a 5-inch shaving head housing a line of standard safety razor blades. It uses a closed razor system, so you have to buy replacement heads when the blades become dull. There’s a small plastic comb that helps control and direct your hair, and it’s a thoughtful feature.

Potou DIY Back Shaver

This shaver can be used for both wet and dry shaving. Its curved shaving head allows the blade to give a close shave while minimizing nicks or irritation. It also has a safety guard that helps prevent cuts and razor burn.

It has a sturdy, retractable handle that can be adjusted from 14 inches to 20 inches. This shaver is made up of three distinct pieces—the shaving head, the head attachment, and the handle—and is easy to take apart and reassemble. The customizable handle length makes this a great choice for users of different body types, and really helps reach difficult parts of the back. Since the pieces are detachable, storage is easy whether for the home or for travel.

Apart from the shaver itself, Potou provides an instruction guide, two replacement blades, and a storage bag.

I liked the hidden blades of this shaver. Since it’s hard to see your back while you’re shaving, hidden blades help reduce the chance of accidental cuts and nicks. This product was definitely designed with user safety in mind. I wasn’t too worried about cutting myself while using this shaver. And even with hidden blades, the Potou Back Shaver still delivers a good, sharp shave.

The foam padding on the handle is a nice touch and makes holding this shaver more comfortable. The shaving head does a good job of following the contours of your back. Using this product feels very intuitive and natural. The shaver is also lighter than it looks, which is great for avoiding arm or wrist strain.

Since this shaver’s handle is completely straight, you might need to exert a little more effort to get the best angles. Replacement blades can be difficult to come by. If you have really thick back hair or like to shave frequently, there are better options for you.

10. Panasonic ER-GK60-S Trimmer and Groomer for Men

To cover all the bases, I’ve included a product that is not a dedicated back shaver. The Panasonic ER-GK60-S is an electric body hair trimmer. It comes with three attachments that cut to different lengths—0.08-inch, 1/8-inch, and 1/4-inch—designed to suit different body parts.

Panasonic Groomer for Men ER-GK60-S

The shortest attachment is for softer areas such as the groin and underarms, as it prevents direct contact with sensitive spots. The two longer attachments are for the chest, back, shoulders, arms, and legs.

It has wide-edge, hypoallergenic trimmer blades whose rounded edges provide comfort and reduce irritation. Blade gaps are narrow to reduce hair pulling. When used without attachments, this trimmer’s ultra-thin blades can cut as close as 0.1 millimeter.

It has a sleek I-shaped body that is comfortable in the hand. Its sure-grip handle lets you change trimming direction with just your fingertips. Its V-shaped head is great for shaving difficult areas like the groin and glutes.

This product is fully waterproof and cordless so you can use it in the shower. It’s 100% washable, making it extremely easy to clean. You can use it for wet or dry shaving. It comes with an AC charger that doubles as a storage stand.

If you have a lot of back hair, this might not be your best choice. There are more efficient do-it-yourself options out there. But if you can have someone else do it for you, this will give your back a great, comfortable shave.

This hair trimmer is quite pricey, but its great performance and versatility are worth the expense. I felt confident that I wouldn’t get nicks or cuts while using it. I also appreciated how easy it was to clean and maintain this product. All you have to do is open its built-in water drain and hold the trimmer head under running water.

If your back isn’t too hairy and you like the idea of having just one trimmer for your entire body, I suggest giving this a try.

Keep in mind that it’ll take some elbow grease to reach difficult parts of your back with this trimmer. I also wish that this product charged faster. A full charge takes eight hours, so I recommend leaving it in the charging stand overnight.

What To Look For When Choosing A Back Shaver

I’ve reviewed the best back shavers on the market for you above. They’re all great options, so I understand if you’re having a hard time choosing among them. To help you make the best purchase, here are the factors to consider when buying a back shaver.

What To Look For When Choosing A Back Shaver

  • Handle Length and Ergonomics

Your back is not a small area, so you want to cover it as quickly as possible. A long handle definitely makes the job easier. Some handles fold in half, some retract, and some are just one solid piece. Adjustable handles should have secure locking mechanisms to ensure that the handle won’t collapse or change angles mid-shave. A good handle should also have a nice grip so that it won’t slip out of your hand.

  • Shaving Performance

The closeness of your shave can really change how your back looks and feels. Some back shavers will require multiple passes for a clean shave but will be less likely to injure you. Other products will give you a great shave with one pass, but will also be quick to cut you. Figure out what you want—a completely smooth shave or just a trim to keep back hair manageable.

  • Power Source

I already covered manual vs. electric shaving earlier, but it’s worth mentioning here. If you don’t mind waiting for your shaver to recharge and you want it to do the work for you, electric is for you. Remember that some electric shavers are solely battery-powered and don’t plug into a charger. If you want the assurance that your shaver will never die on you, manual is your best bet. You can use it anytime and anywhere you want.

  • Budget

Shaving is already the most affordable way of removing back hair, but it still comes at a cost. Luckily, there are back shaver options across all budgets. I suggest setting a price range you’re comfortable with and proceeding from there. You also have to consider replacement costs for parts like blades, batteries, and cartridges. These expenses can really add up after a while, so try to estimate how much this can cost you after regular use. Be sure to check the product’s warranty specifications. A great warranty could help reduce your costs in the long run.

  • Maintenance and Upkeep

Caring for your shaver is essential to making your investment last. Manual shavers are generally more low-maintenance, but you should still take care of the blades so you won’t have to replace them so frequently. For electric shavers, a waterproof product makes cleaning much easier.

  • Lifestyle

Evaluate what kind of shaver will cause the least interference with your daily routine. Do you prefer shaving in the morning? A shaver that gets the job done fast would be ideal, so you don’t feel rushed. Do you prefer shaving in the shower? You’ll need a waterproof shaver. Are you constantly traveling or on the go? Your shaver should be compact and portable.

  • Skin Type

Determine if your skin is sensitive, or if there are spots or bumps on your back to avoid. Some shavers are more likely to cause ingrown hairs, razor burn, and irritation compared to others. Many shavers out there are designed with sensitive skin in mind, so be sure to choose one that will be gentle on your skin.

Most Common Choices Of Shaving Back Hair

A recent survey revealed that 50% of men do some grooming for their back hair. 21% just trim the hair, while 29% remove it completely. Back hair issues are common than you might think. Here are the ways to get rid of back hair.

  • Shaving: The Tried And Tested Way To Remove Hair


Shaving is the simplest and most affordable option. If you have someone to help you, that’ll make the shaving process much easier. But products today now let you do it yourself, saving you the embarrassment of asking someone else. Hair regrowth is fastest through shaving, but it’s also easy to shave it off again at your own convenience.

  • Waxing: Are You Man Enough?


A professional wax is sure to get the job done and give you a smooth back in no time. Just go to your nearest salon, lie down, and pay up afterward. Plus, you won’t have to clean up the mess that back hair usually leaves. Keep in mind that waxing is far from painless. Salon visits can be expensive, but hair regrowth becomes slower after regular waxing.

  • Hair Removal Cream: Patience Is A Virtue

Back hair removal cream

There are many hair removal depilatory creams on the market these days. They dissolve the hair at skin level and can deliver long-lasting results. You might need some assistance getting the cream all over your back. There might also be some trial and error involved to find the right, safe, and effective cream for your skin. You have to be diligent about keeping the cream on your back if you want to see results.

  • Laser Removal: Permanence Comes With A Price

Laser Removal

With laser treatments, hair is permanently removed from the targeted areas of your body, preventing future regrowth. This is by far the most expensive, but also the most permanent option. The effectiveness of laser treatments will depend on your back hair color and thickness. Note that you won’t get a permanently smooth back after just one session. Laser treatments require several sessions across several months for best results.

How To Shave Your Back Hair By Yourself

The back is one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, part of your body to shave by yourself. Whether it’s your first time shaving your back or you already have some experience, I think these guidelines will be helpful for you.

  • Prepare Your Shaving Environment And Shaving Materials

Prepare Your Shaving Environment And Shaving Materials

If this your first time shaving your back, having multiple mirrors around would be ideal so you can really see and get familiar with the process. If you’ve done this before, you might be comfortable shaving in the shower already, so the location is up to you.

Make sure you check your blades before getting started. See if they’re still sharp and if there are any gaps or missing teeth. Store your replacement blades somewhere safe and accessible so that you can easily get them when needed.

  • Prepare Your Body

Prepare Your Body

Consider exfoliating your skin before shaving, because this really helps reduce the risk of ingrown hairs after you shave. This step is easy to integrate into any shower. All you need is exfoliating body wash, and maybe a loofah to help you cover your entire back.

If you prefer a wet shave, make sure to have your shaving product of choice ready. Shaving creams or gels can help reduce skin irritation caused by shaving. Some people just use soap, but I recommend getting a proper shaving product instead. These products are designed to protect your skin and help it withstand a blade. Apply the shaving product as evenly as you can, in generous but not excessive amounts.

  • Trim First, Then Shave

Trim First, Then Shave

If you’ve never shaved your back before, or if you haven’t done so in a long time, it’s a good idea to trim the hair first. This way, the hair is much more manageable when you shave, and there’s less hair that could clog your shaver.

As for the actual shave, start with your upper back since this area is easier to reach. Hold the shaver firmly and work slowly. Don’t rush, or you’ll get nicked and cut faster that way. Make sure that you pull the shaver with consistent, even pressure. Rinse the shaving head with water after every few strokes so that the blades don’t get clogged.

Once you have your upper back covered, you can move on to shaving the lower parts of your back. This is where a long shaver handle really shines. Make sure to check the mirror when you’re done to see if you missed any spots.

  • Rinse And Dry

Rinse And Dry

Rinse your back with water after you’re done shaving. I suggest cooler water since this helps ease irritation and provides comfort to the skin. Don’t be too rough with the towel when you dry yourself. Too much rubbing can actually irritate the skin, especially since it’s still sensitive from the shave. Pat your skin dry instead of rubbing the towel across it.

The Benefits Of Regular Back Shaving

I’ve told you what shavers to use and what steps to take for effective back shaving. But you might still be wondering if all this is worth the additional time and expense. If you need more convincing, here are the benefits of back shaving.

  • Look Better Instantly

Let’s face it: a hairy back is an unflattering look no matter who you are. You might be a perfectly neat, well-mannered guy, but those tufts of hair sticking out from your shirt can convince people otherwise. If you’ve been working hard on your body, back hair covers all of that up too. A clean back actually lets people see your muscle definition, and who wouldn’t want to show that off?

  • Feel Clean And Hygienic

Back shaving isn’t just for looking good, but it’s also for feeling good. Once you’ve gotten rid of your back hair, the sensation on your back is vastly improved, whether you’re wearing clothes, sweating, or showering. A clean back also reduces sweat and the potential for body odor.

  • Save Face, Save Time, And Save Money

By shaving your own back hair, you eliminate the need to ask for help or visit a salon. It can be embarrassing to deal with grooming issues so publicly. With back shaving, you also don’t have to go out of your way just to get rid of back hair. It can fit seamlessly into your daily routine. Other back hair removal options are more expensive. Shaving saves you money, and you’ll be glad to use that money for other things.

  • Say Goodbye To Summertime Suffering

In the summertime, it’s sun’s out, backs out. There’s nowhere for your back hair to hide. With a clean back, you can go to the beach or a pool party with ease. No one’s going to make jokes or comments about your back when you take your shirt off. Your back will also feel less sticky since there’s no hair keeping all that sweat locked in.

  • Be More Confident

Ultimately, the best benefit of back shaving is more confidence. This confidence translates to a lot of aspects of your life. It changes how you carry yourself. It can improve your relationship or marriage and give it a new spark. It can give you more self-assurance when you’re on a date. You can socialize with ease. With back shaving, you can give yourself the gift of confidence.

Back Shaving Aftercare

Back Shaving Aftercare

Shaving puts the skin under stress, so what you do after a shave is just as important as the shave itself. After you’ve rinsed and dried your back, you should generously apply moisturizer on your back. This is crucial for preventing irritation and discomfort, and even for preventing back acne, or “bacne.”

Even after the initial shave, you should continue to regularly moisturize your back. This is great for hydrating skin, and is especially helpful if you have dry or sensitive skin. Shaving leaves the skin dry and irritated, so regular moisturizing is important to keep it healthy.

You should also exfoliate your back in between shaves. Exfoliating is simple and can be done while you shower. Exfoliating your skin helps prevent ingrown hairs and bacne breakouts. This also helps loosen your hair follicles, making your next shaves easier and faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any regular, non-dedicated back shaver for my back?
Yes, you can, but I strongly advise against it, even if you have someone else to do it for you. A regular shaver is just too small for your back. It’ll take way too much time to cover the entire back with a regular blade. You’ll waste time constantly unclogging a regular shaver too. If you’re doing the shaving yourself, you probably won’t even be able to reach your entire back since a regular shaver is so short.

Can I still shave my back if I have sensitive skin?
Yes! Many back shavers, just like facial razors, are designed with sensitive skin in mind. Some back shaver models come with flexible necks or flexible blades that are great for minimizing irritation. Some have blade guards designed to protect your skin. Find a good shaving cream or gel, shave slowly and steadily, and you’ll be fine. Make sure to be mindful of your shaving aftercare to really protect your skin.

When should I shave my back?
It depends on your hair growth and the look you want for your back. If your hair is thick and grows back quickly, you might need to shave more often. If you want a truly hairless back, you will also have to shave more often. For the smoothest back, you may have to shave more than once a week. For regular maintenance or trimming, a shave every one or two weeks should do the trick.

Will I need to use shaving products for my back?
You don’t have to, but I still suggest looking for a shaving product that suits you. For longer back hair, a dry shave will do. But when it comes to shorter hair, a wet shave will be better. Shaving products make the process easier with short hairs and are better for your skin in the long run.

The Perfect Back Shaver For You

After checking out all the groomers on this list, we stand behind all our recommendations, but what’s our ultimate choice? We believe that the perfect choice for back shaving is the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro . There are two attachments with shock absorbing, flexible heads.

The head of the shaver is one of the widest on the market at 1.8 inches. That will make quick work of the hair on any man’s back. Even if he has a broad back with a lot of hair. The groomer blade will trim longer hairs in a large area. The second head is a foil one that will work on short hair and quick touchups.

An impressive feature of this shaver is the Power Burst option. It will power through thick hair easily. The extendable handle can be angled for reaching all the spots on a man’s back. It doesn’t matter if it’s between the shoulder blades or the small of his back. The shaving will work everywhere.

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