Hair on your back could play the perfect spoil-sport should a date veer toward the cozier side.

But you can always shave it off – the hair and your chances of miscount on the cozy.

While there are several methods to weigh down back hair, this piece is about the self-help way – back shavers. With these, you can shave back hair like you shave facial hair.

The process is mostly convenient, economical and upscale! But there can be complications too. It starts with choosing the right back shaver.

Let’s get that straight first. Here are five great back shavers that can get the ball rolling for you!

Before I go into details, let me show you a short Comparison chart of some popular men’s back shaver

ImageName & BrandTypeDimensions (inches)Replaceability
Mangroomer ultimate proMamgroomer Ultimate Pro Editor's choiceElectric11 x 3 x 2Yes (Head)
Bigmouth Do It YourselfBigmouth Do It YourselfManual14 x 4.5 x 2Yes (Blade)
Mamgroomer Do It YourselfMamgroomer Do It YourselfElectric9.2 x 1.5 x 2 Yes (Head)
Razorba Back ShaverRazorba Back ShaverManual15.5 x 5.2 x 1.2Yes (Blade)
BRO Back ShaverBRO Back ShaverManual20 x 2.8 x 5.2Yes (Blade)
Sport Body RazorSport Body RazorManual16 x 8 x 4Yes (Blade)
Razorba Sum3Razorba Sum3Electric17.8 x 6 x 4.2No

Top 5 recommended back shaver reviews

Our impression


As they claim, the MANGROOMER Ultimate indeed a pro back shaver. The patented design helps you reach all the areas of your back without having to take the help of another person.

But it is not just the design of the MANGROOMER Ultimate that has us all hooked up to it.

It actually has another mode (power burst) for taking down denser and more coarse hair on your back. The extra thick hair never seems like a problem anymore.

There are two separate heads that come with interchangeable attachments. The wide head can be used to shave off longer hair from larger areas quickly.

There is also a smaller, regular cleaning shaver that you can use for shorter hair and regular maintenance.

The real deal with the MANGROOMER Ultimate is the shock absorbing flex neck that dispenses multiple functions at the same time. It religiously follows every contour of the back and takes the shape of the region it is shaving.

  • Shock absorbing, multi-functional head.
  • Two separate heads included.
  • 8-inch wide head for longer hairs.
  • Reaches every part of the back.
  • Can be operated with just one hand.
  • Pricing is steeper than expected.
  • Not much use of the foil head.
  • Not much use for the longer blade.

Our impression


If you are looking for a back shaver that will do the job decently without cutting you up, the Big Mouth from Bakblades could be the perfect one for you.

It is among the safest electric back shavers we reviewed. It can significantly reduce the risk of cutting while you are shaving.

The ergonomic design is quite light-weight and has a blade that is over 4” wide. You do not really need a shaving cream for the device either. But it’s good if you shave a wet back with it.

The look that the Big Mouth gives you is far better than what you have from a clipper. The neat shaven look will be like the hair on the back never existed in the first place.

Also, you will get a full extended reach to the entire back with the help of the Big Mouth. It is available in several colors and you can actually choose the mood you are shopping with. The blue one is our favorite though.

  • Available in many colors.
  • Light and ergonomic design.
  • Reaches the whole back with one hand.
  • 4” wide blade for greater coverage.
  • Very low risk of cutting.
  • Grossly overpriced product.
  • Blades need emplacement after 7-8 shaves.
  • Edges can be too sharp some times.

Our impression


So here’s another one from MANGROOMER that has made it to our list of the top 5 back shavers for men. It is an essential back shaver that you can use on all occasions and on all days of the month.

You can use this MANGROOMER at different angles and make it reach all areas of the backwithout leaving out that one annoying patch of hair on the back.

The design is both unique and patented and really works on men of all sizes and shapes.

While the efficacy of the MANGROOMER “shave-yourself” is not udder question, we would like to spare a word on the design of the shaver as well.

In our view it is lightweight, compact and sleek – all at the same time. It can be sorted and kept in a compatible position and can be fully functional at the same time.

The blades are extra-wide and give you very smooth and close results on every shave. It is really only a matter of seconds and you are off and running with this shaver.

The MANGROOMER comes with the typical extra wide blades that make shaving the back a breezy affair. The results are very smooth and extremely close.

Even if you have ingrown hairs on areas of the back, this is one shaver that will take care of them well. You might just have to make a couple more passes in that case. The handle of the shaver is completely adjustable and extendable. It will lock into place once you are shaving.

  • Long and extendable handle.
  • Unique and patented shaver design.
  • Shaves off back hair very easily.
  • Extra-wide blades run effortlessly on back.
  • Can be used at several angles.
  • Tackles ingrown hairs too.
  • Clipper does not trim hair well.
  • The design could be reworked on.
  • Subpar build quality.

Our impression


The Razorba men’s back shaver is not an electric shaver. In fact, it looks more like an extended version of some cartridge shaver.

But that’s just what it is. It is a low-end one-time purchase you need to make for all those perfect shaves. It is fairly easy to tackle as far as usability goes.

We would like to add that the shaving quality of the Razorba shaver did not disappoint too. It shaves pretty neatly and gives you the closest shaves for the back.

The maneuverability of the Razorba is also beyond question. The product might not be the most ergonomic to use.

But it is very easy to hold and move around when shaving the back. The only drawback we could see is the maneuverability. You cannot shave all by yourself with this shaver.

If you try, you will manage to shave only the top and the sides of the back. That aside, this is one of the best back shavers you will find on the web.

  • Great quality shaves for the back.
  • Recognized by maxim magazine.
  • Patented design works well for the back.
  • No batteries needed for operation.
  • Fairly easy to use.
  • Not exactly DIY.
  • Execution could have been way better.
  • Not as effective as electric ones.

Our impression


If you are looking for a non-electric alternative to back shaving, but are not willing to compromise with the effectiveness of shaves, we recommend the BRO SHAVER to you.

It is among the very few non-electric alternatives and yet makes a complete back shaver. The Steel bolts are really high-quality incorporations in the unit.

It comes to you with 15 High stainless and double edge blades for safety and confidence induced shaves. You can easily effect blade changes on a minimum of 10 occasions.

The real great thing about the BRO SHAVER is the compatibility of the device. It is compatible with a range of different blades.

Yes, you can actually use any good blade for safety razors with the BRO SHAVERfor the back. The BRO SHAVER comes with shaving quality that is really fast and closes at the same time.

It is just the solution that could make back shaving a real flowing affair for you. And it happens minus the batteries too!

  • Does not require batteries to run.
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel.
  • Comes with 15 high-quality blades.
  • Shaves fast and shaves closely.
  • Works fast, but could cause nicks.
  • Slight messy upper-back handling.
  • Build quality is inferior to competitors.

Attributes that define a good back shaver

  • A long handle for a start

When you are looking to buy something that you can use all by yourself, it is great to have a long handle to start with.This will make sure you get all the back hair covered without having to take the help of another person. This will also save you time and energy on those difficult gymnastic moves common with short-handled back shavers.

  • Performance on “difficult” areas

There will always be some areas on the back that you will find very difficult to reach by yourself. And the performance of the shaver on these areas largely determines its efficacy.Ideally, it should be able to do a decent job toward the end of the spine, the lower sides of the back and the area between the shoulder blades

  • Effectiveness in removal of ingrown hair

Ingrown hair could be a great challenge when shaving any part of the body – face, legs or even the back.Good shavers have their blades installed at an angle with the head such that they produce the neatest shaves when they come in contact with the body.

And this should also take care of the ingrown hairs on the back, without the shaver having to tear into the skin.

  • Liberation from burn and irritation

In case you are changing the shaver that you have been using, you will want your new device to get you rid of the irritation and burn that you had with the last one.Just like shaving the face, shaving the back is a difficult exercise, chiefly because of the contour differences. If your shaver knows this well, it will save you the burn and irritation too.

  • Legitimate waterproofing

We do not mean to say you will be using the shaver under the shower. However, if you want the convenience of wet/dry shaving, you should look pro-quality waterproofing.It is important to add here that most shavers that claim a 100% waterproofing do not actually live up to it. Read the best reviews on back shavers before falling for any such advertisement.

  • Attachment heads and availability

Both of these are equally important in our view. The construction and angle of the heads goes a long way into deciding the kind of quality you want to expect from it.Also, since the head will become replaceable in some time, it is equally important to ensure availability of decent quality attachments.

  • Easy Cleaning and maintenance

You would not want to spend the time in two equal halves – shaving with the back shaver and then cleaning it separately.It will be really annoying if you needed to do that every time.However, it can be a little less taxing if you manage to find a shaver that cleans up easily and without much wastage.

  • Warranty and value for your money

Electrical components inside the shaver are subject to regular wear among other things. You will need to try hard and make sure they are not damaged in any way.But if they are, there must be some protection under warranty.A good warranty is also closely linked to the value you receive on the money spent on the device.

Most common choices of shaving back hair

  • Shaving does it

Shaving is becoming an increasingly popular option for shaving the back. A lot of that credit goes to the new and improved electric back shavers available with us now.If you are looking to make some merry on shaving your back on a consistent basis, you should sort out if you fare better with wet or dry shaves.More importantly, make sure you know the one that works well for you.

  • Waxing: does it too

Waxing has been one of the most mainstream ways of doing away with back hair for men. In fact, most of the showbiz men prefer waxing to shaving because of the convenience of the process.However, you will note that waxing can get really difficult if you are at home and if you cannot make out all the time for it.

  • Hair removal cream: useful again

Removing back hair with the help of a hair removal cream is almost similar to waxing. The only major difference is you can do it at home too.All you need to do is keep the cream applied on the back for some time. Using a shaver to clean the hair is an option. Some creams are specially built to be shaven off with shavers.

  • Epilation for electric removal

Epilation is an electric hair removal technique where a device (epilator) removes most of the hair.Unlike shaving, hair is grasped and then pulled out in epilation. The process is similar to waxing in that hair is pulled out of the skin. However, unlike waxing the top layer of the skin remains unharmed.The devices are generally operated by battery and you can choose between dry and wet shaving for them.

  • Laser hair removal

If you are looking for a permanent option in hair removal, go for laser treatment. It could cost some money, but you will get what you pay for.There are a few complications in laser hair removal though. We should talk about in another piece. But if you get it done from an experienced and registered surgeon, most things should go well for you.

Why do we consider shaving the smartest back hair removal option?

It’s starts with how vital shaving hair on the back is for you. If you want to do it in a laid-back, not-heavily-professional manner, shaving just could be your speed.

Waxing and laser hair removal need a lot of time and money, along with expert advice and handiwork. Most new options in back hair removal tend to veer toward the permanence of the outcome.

The question you need to ask yourself here is: “Do I really need it that big?”

On the other hand, when you look at shaving, it has to be one of the most economic, neat and self-dependent ways of removing back hair.

All you really need to do here is invest in something that does the job well – by that, we mean something that gives you shaves that typically last a week.

You can always choose between wet and dry shaves here. The choice of using a shaving cream also rests on you.

How to shave your back hair by yourself

When shaving with a back shaver, follow these steps for best results:

Prepare before shaving: It’s just the same are normal shaving. You need to gently exfoliate with water. Once done, clean and dry the back for electric razors. For standard razors, use gel or cream.

Look for the right setting: It is very important to look for the right setting when shaving. You should typically look for a large mirror behind your back and a smaller hand-held mirror.

Make good use of the smaller mirror: Hold the smaller mirror at an angle that will help you look over the work. This will also give you the required nuancing on all areas.

Shave the upper back first: Do not go randomly. It is good to start with the upper back first.

Go for the lower back: Use a longer handle if it is available. Use longer passes too.

Questions you like to ask

  • Shaving or trimming: what does the back want?

It essentially boils down to what you want. Most trimmers are narrowed-down devices that work on clipping hairs on the back.

If you have very long hair, it will shorten the length and leave an even distributor of hair out there. Using a shaver gives you a cleaner look; like the hair was never there. So if you really need to get that short off, you’d rather go for the shaver.

  • Laser hair removal: big-talk or really effective?

Lasers are effective if you want all the hair on the back to be gibe permanently. However, they are effectively only when you tick off a fairly detailed checklist.

Any small lacunae can snowball into major issues and you would not like that to happen with you. If you are really looking for a permanent solution to back hair removal, you can go for laser removal. Just make sure all of it is done neatly.

  • Shaving or waxing: what’s the call for the back?

We would prefer shaving to waxing for two reasons. Firstly, you will not need to make up different excuses for avoiding that hot wax on different occasions.

Shaving involved much lesser pain than waxing. Secondly, shaving comes across as a much more convenient option when you pit it against something like waxing. So you would much rather go for shaving over waxing.

The perfect back shaver for you

Back shaving needs a combination of power and precision. The multi-functional and shock absorbing action of the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro back shaver gives you the power.

Its long list of features combines to give you all the precision you need for those difficult shaves. The 1.8” square blade is a real plus when shaving difficult hair from most parts of the back.

The best thing about the shaver is that you can easily use it with just a hand.

Bottom line

Back shaving is both important and exhaustive. It is difficult if you do not locate the right product right away. We so hope we could help you to the perfect shaver for the back.

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