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Best Neck Shaver & Trimmer: 5 Options For Effortless & Soothing Shave

Even if you have a really good shaver or trimmer, chances are, they don’t perform well on your neck area. Either you find patches of unshaved hair left behind, or with additional effort, your neck starts to show signs of discomfort or rashes.

I had to struggle for years with these issues and having sensitive skin only added to that. Thus began my quest to find the best neck shaver & trimmer that I can call the perfect device for all facial grooming purposes.

It was a difficult few years for me, as I couldn’t find the perfect shaver that fit all of my criteria. After enormous research and discussion with professional barbers, I was able to reach conclusive status with five shavers that are supreme in different ways.

So, it’s left up to you how much you are willing to spend on it, how much effort you want to put in while you shave your neck because my list got one from each of the gradients. Only resemblances among them is – they perform extremely well on the neck as well as the face.

Top 5 Neck Shaver Comparison Chart

Name & BrandRun TimeSpecial Features
BaBylissPRO FX3 Professional180 MinutesAuto Shut Off Cover See On Amazon
Braun Series 9 Pro, 9465cc60 Minutes40° Contour Adaptation See On Amazon
Norelco 9000 Prestige60 MinutesNanoTech Precision Blades See On Amazon
Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S45 Minutes14,000 Cuts Per Minute See On Amazon
Andis 17220 Pro Foil120 MinutesTurbocharged Motor See On Amazon

Is Neck Shaving Really Easy?

Shaving your neck and its challenges are some of the least talked about areas of discussion. While we keep focusing on close shaving or lining with trimmers, we must acknowledge the fact that neck shaving indeed requires some expertise and specialized devices.

Not all shavers are up to the par to deliver the cleanest, comforting and effortless neck shaves. While one might end up causing discomfort, the other can leave behind unshaved hair patches around that area.

Thus, you must learn how to identify the best neck shaver & trimmer units in the market and which of the prominent devices stand out from the rest. These two combined together then may render your neck shaving an easy task.

Noteworthy Neck Shavers & Trimmers

Let’s dive into my five top picks for the best neck shaver & trimmer in the current market. Each of these devices are unique in their own accord, so make sure to scroll through all of them to find your perfect match.

BaBylissPRO FX3 Professional High Speed Foil Shaver

BaBylissPRO is an up and coming brand in the grooming market who have been developing specialized products in recent years. They are not only creating shaving products targeted around the neck area, but also their focus lies on facial and hair grooming regions. If you lubricate this FX3 foil shaver regularly, it’ll last you years before you feel the need for upgrading into something else!

BaBylissPro Barberology FX3

Check Price On Amazon

Hypoallergenic Foils Take Good Care Of Sensitive Neck Area

One of the key aspects I find necessary in good neck trimmers is how it treats the skin. Usually most of my regular clients contain neck skin that’s more sensitive than the rest of their face. Thus, the nature of foil matters to efficiently clean up the beard without causing any irritation. The FX3 in this matter is a piece of delight as I’ve had customers falling asleep while I shaved their neck.

High Speed Rotary Engine Cleans Up With Least Contact

The more I have to scrub the neck with a shaver, the more I’m rendering it prone to pulling, tugging or other discomforts. As many barbers rely heavily on manual razors for cleaning the neck to speed it up as much as possible, the FX3 almost challenges these razors in terms of cleaning quality. The 10,000 RPM high speed motor allows for that, and I can ensure least amount of contact between foil and neck skin!

Compact Size & Flexibility Allows Contour Adaptation

Since the neck region has many folds in skin with a contour that’s not humanly possible to follow precisely, you’ll definitely need all the help you can get out of your shaver. BaBylissPRO FX3 doesn’t necessarily follow the contact, but the size and grip aids you in this regard to some extent. Due to this, maneuvering this device around has been much easier as opposed to heavier shavers and made my life tons easier to be delicate on the neck.

What Could Be Improved?

In terms of neck shaving, a good trimmer should contain a pressure sensitive pair of foils that’ll automatically adjust its power based on how hard I’m pressing it down on the skin. I’m not saying it can’t be done without, as you’ll require some knowledge on neck shaving if your shaver isn’t pressure sensitive. But for the price I’m paying, this is something I’d welcome if BaBylissPRO had this feature included.

Overall Assessment

As a whole, the FX3 is a fabulous shaver that I carry around with me till date. It’s lightweight, has an automatic shutoff cap, and LED power indicators to tell me when the shaver is going to die (not before 3 hours). This is ideally one of the most comforting neck shavers I’ve used in a long time that’s sized and priced in this region. I’ll gladly recommend it to any professional or personal users who have a sensitive neck area.

1. Hypoallergenic foil with powerful motor 1. Not pressure sensitive
2. Captivating design
3. Compact size perfect for neck cleaning

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 9 Pro, 9465cc

I don’t want to oversell it but the Braun Series 9 Pro is indeed one of the finest shavers I’ve ever put my hands on. It’s still my go to shaver in my barber shop and the most frequent devices I’m requested to use by my customers, especially the ones with a sensitive neck area. Despite that, the outstanding results this shaver has been able to generate caters to all types of skin and hair texture to clean up the neck swiftly!

Braun Series 9 Pro 9465cc

Check Price On Amazon

ProLift Trimmer Grabs All The Lying Neck Hair Efficiently

While I have to struggle with regular shavers during cleaning up the neck, the Series 9 Pro excels at such operations. The trimmer cassette grabs all the lying har with its ProLift technology and produces the cleanest of outcomes in the shortest duration. It saves my time and effort while giving my clients the most comforting shaving experience. Rub in some warm water to ease up the skin and you’re good to go!

Sonic Technology Offers Close Shave At The Trickiest Neck Regions

Sometimes we are asked to compromise one feature to gain advantage on the other. But for the Series 9 Pro, there’s no room for leaving out every inch of advanced facility as it not only provides comfort while shaving the neck, it shaves very close to the skin as well. The technology enables me to achieve such a feat and thus a zero-gap at the neck is never a problem for me!

AutoSense Is The Perfect Feature For Cleaning Up Neck

As I mentioned for the BaBylissPRO FX3 unit, Braun Series 9 Pro does make up for that pressure sensitivity shortcoming. The AutoSense technology always adjusts to the amount of force I’m putting in during getting close to the skin and protects the neck area by automatically calibrating to the optimum setting. This is by far the most handy technology the best neck shaver & trimmer can only dream of.

What Could Be Improved?

To be honest, I don’t really see any area that I’d call lacking for the Series 9 Pro. Only limitation that some may state is the price point that’s placed at a much higher range. For barber foil shavers, this is a highly-efficient investment because of how well it treats the customers and the durability of the product. But for a home consumer, it can feel a little out of line in terms of budget.

Overall Assessment

This is a complete shaver, a benchmark device that’s made to be compared with in terms of features. Shaving a neckline can be very difficult and you are bound to make some mistakes if you’re a newbie. But a Series 9 Pro, with auto-cleaning, 45 minute battery life and great ergonomics – you can’t make mistakes even if you intentionally try to. You’ll never feel such comfort during and after shaving your neck as much as you’d feel with this.

1. ProLift blades clean neck properly 1. Quite costly
2. Close shave at every part of face
3. Automatic sensors ideal for sensitive areas

Philips Norelco Shaver 9000 Prestige, SP9820/87

The debate between foil and rotary shavers has probably been around the grooming scene for years now since each of them have their own benefits. But for cleaning up a neck area, rotary shavers often bring out a better performance when the matter of comfort is at stake. When that’s the case, what better rotary shaver can you pick for your neck other than the Norelco 9000 from Philips?

Philips Norelco Shaver 9000 Prestige

Check Price On Amazon

Smooth Glide Over Neck Minimizes Blade-Skin Contact Area

Due to the rotary technology, it glides over skin smoother than a foil shaver. This becomes a matter of preference for the consumer in the end. But just to satisfy everyone, I keep the Norelco 9000 around my shop so that I can gain access any time it’s demanded of me. For the smooth glide, it leaves room for least amount of skin to blade contact and the entire neck portion remains risk free from discomfort.

SkinComfort Rings Are Kindest On The Soft Neck Skin

Whereas foil shavers grab the hair and feed them to the blades, this rotary unit does similar things at a microscopic level. The SkinComfort rings are divided into small particles that tackle the neck skin in a more subtle way. For this distribution of labor, the customers receive the kindest treatment on their skin that doesn’t tug or pull them in any way while rendering a fine shave!

Sensors Adapt To Hair/Beard Density To Adjust Power

Much like the Braun Series 9 Pro, the Norelco 9000 as well contains an automatic sensor that suspends excessive pressure put at the neck region. It also adjusts the motor power sensing the beard’s density so that the receiver’s skin doesn’t feel over/underwhelmed. It also increases efficiency for which neck hair removal becomes a straightforward and speedy procedure!

What Could Be Improved?

There’s nothing really Philips can improve about the Norelco 9000 because in my opinion it’s a complete rotary shaver. But my issue with it is the rotary technology itself. While it performs a smooth operation on the neck in terms of cleaning duty, it does require circular motion to shave properly. The neck area isn’t wide enough for such maneuverability which sometimes feel confining to me.

Overall Assessment

In total, the Norelco 9000 contains all the latest features you need for an optimum neck shave. It has sharp blades that can be maintained, cleaning station, superior technology and shaving convenience. If you feel a rotary shaver would be beneficial to you overall – both in terms of shaving your face and cleaning up the neck area, then you should definitely invest your hard-earned money on this because it’s simply worth every penny!

1. Least skin-blade contact 1. Difficult to move around at thin areas
2. Skin comfort rings are gentle on neck
3. Sensors adjust power according to density

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor, ES-LV65-S

The Arc5 variant of Panasonic sits at the perfect spot between price and superior performance at the neck area. Only a little over $100, this shaver hits all the tick boxes to be regarded as one of the best neck shaver & trimmer units at this price range. It’s also great for sensitive skins, which makes it ideal for all sorts of grooming uses across skin type and hair texture.

Panasonic Electric Razor Arc5 ES-LV65-S

30° Nanotech Blades Pick Up Neck Hair & Follow Contour

One of the major challenges I face while using affordable shavers is that they leave behind neck hair patches and I need to either keep coming back or use a manual razor for that job. But with the Arc5, it was almost effortless to shave the neck hair with the nanotech blades from Panasonic. It grabs all the hair with minimum passes and since it follows contour, there’s maximum efficiency that surpasses all my expectations!

MultiFlex Pivoting Head & Automatic Sensors Clean Neck Precisely

Another big issue with neck shaving is how much pressure I’m going to put based on the hair density. It’s very normal to get it wrong and end up causing a nick or tug. It can even cause rashes after shave which a couple of procedures can mitigate, but still I’d prefer a shaver that doesn’t act this way in the first place. With a MultiFlex pivoting head and automatic sensors, the Arc5 is an excellent pick that goes beyond the mentioned limitations in terms of comfort!

Can Shave The Neck In Both Wet & Dry Conditions

One of the grand benefits from a foil shaver is always welcomed by professional groomers like myself is when it’s capable of shaving in wet conditions. Think about it, if you’re a regular shaver having to deal with your neck hair frequently, having the capability of both shaving wet and dry with the same shaver unit is a blessing. It also means, this shaver is waterproof, thus enabling you to shave your neck in the shower!

What Can Be Improved?

One of the major downsides to this grand and affordable shaver is the cost of the replacement foils. They cost around $60-$70 and need to be replaced every two years depending on how frequently you shave. This is quite a hefty cost I’d say, but for the other features like the LED indicator, pop-up trimmer, travel-lock round switch and whatnot. All of this at this price range makes the foil price acceptable in my opinion.

Overall Assessment

The Arc5 line is a great foil shaver series and LV65 literally kills the market as it lays a strong foundation at the $100 mark. It has great ergonomics, a fabulous design, sharp blades with superior foils that are made for cleaning up the neck region in the most comforting manner. If I had a budget of $100, I would go straight to the market and buy this device without looking at anything else!

Pros Cons
1. Angular blades pick up neck hair neatly 1. Replacement foils are costly
2. Pivoting head adjusts to neck’s contour
3. Can shave in both wet & dry

Andis 17220 Pro Foil Lithium Plus Titanium Foil Shaver

This Andis 17220 Pro shaver is the most vintage looking, affordable neck shaver in my list that’s been placed beside some of the most deluxe devices for obvious reasons. It’s simply the best neck shaver & trimmer within a lower budget area with shaving prowess that a lot of higher range devices fail to deliver. Housed in a posh light-gold color, it’s going to win your heart at the first instance you lay your eyes on it.

Andis 17220 Pro Foil Lithium Plus

Thumb Grip & Compact Size Enables Better Movement On Neck

If you haven’t noticed, there are two thumb grips in black on either side of the housing. This is made both for personal and professional use as I was able to find a good grip from both ends. Also, the neck area is quite difficult to move around with a lot of shavers, but the compact size of this spares me this pain. It never exhausts my hand as I can clean out my neck area very easily with the least amount of effort!

The Ultra Thin Hypoallergenic Foils Are Great For Neck Region

Not all foils are delicate enough to treat the neck skin kindly. But the Andis unit, despite being very affordable and compact, does a great job at shaving with utmost comfort. The ultra thin foils grab most of the lying hair around the neck and establish a minimum contact shave. On top of that, the hypoallergenic golden foils not only enhance the color accent, but also prevent from triggering any allergic reaction after the shave on the neck area.

Powerful Motor, Good Battery Life & Travel Lock Marks It A Complete Shaver

You don’t really expect much when you invest in a low-budget, pocket shaver. But this Andis shaver surely did surprise me with the neck shaving quality due to the powerful motor that runs at 9,000 RPM. It’s powered by a battery that holds juice for at least two hours with a full charge. I can tell by the charging indicator when the battery is at its fullest, and the travel lock has allowed me to take it places carrying in my pocket and clean my neck daily!

What Could Be Improved?

Since it’s a very small-sized device, there are bound to be some limitations considering the price point as well. For the powerful motor it houses in such a device, it’s quite loud at times but not to the point of calling it unbearable. Also, the shaver head attachment is a little tricky to get right at the first go, but with some familiarization you’ll be able to master it. For what it’s worth, these are actually very miniscule drawbacks that I’m willing to settle for!

Overall Assessment

Imagine a pocket shaver cleaning out your neck with very little effort, doesn’t pull, tug or offer any kind of discomfort, has a decent battery life and is priced well-within your budget. What else could you ask from a regular shaver? Andis has consumed the lower range shaver market with this gorgeous shaver that gets a 10/10 from me in the looks department, and the other features are equally fine enough to melt my heart!

1. Vintage design 1. A little loud
2. Firm grip allows comfortable neck shave
3. Hypoallergenic foils kind on neck skin

What To Check Before Buying Neck Shaver & Trimmer?

While there are many important features that a good shaver & trimmer should have, I’m highlighting the three most essential ones that your neck shaver must contain at all costs!

Good Foils

Good Foils

Since we’re dealing with the neck region, it’s quite sensitive than most of the facial area. While other cases can make do with above average foils, neck area deserve some of the best foils there are with good shavers.

Make sure that these foils are made with quality materials and hypoallergenic coatings. These will minimize any sort of discomfort, tug or pull and feed the blades with your neck hair efficiently so that there’s no unshaved patch remaining.


Maneuverable can mean two things: one is that the shaver unit is easy to handle and can be rotated at diverse angles efficiently, and the other is it’s equipped with the latest technology that adapts to skin contour and adjusts motor power according to hair density.

This is where the pricing plays a big role as most shavers with the latter technology are quite expensive. So it’s up to your choice whether you want a compact shaver that you’ll move around your neck with your prowess or spend more to have it done automatically.

Firm Grip

Last but not the least, your ideal neck shaver must have a good grip. Since you’ll be dealing with a region that constantly differs in terms of pressure due to the surface and nature of hair. So you must ensure that your shaver doesn’t slip out of your hand while moving it around and offers you the highest level of flexibility.


At this concluding point, I’m expected to place a winner from the list. Let me clarify first that my winner is selected based on the neck shaving speciality as well as the price point suitable for a consumer. Otherwise I would’ve declared the Braun Series 9 Pro in a breath.

So my preferred device, the best neck shaver & trimmer from the list is – the Panasonic Arc5 LV65 unit. It has all the necessary features like grand foils, sharp blades, powerful motor, wet dry capability, ergonomic grip, easy to move around – and it’s priced at an affordable range.

I’m not saying you HAVE TO buy the Arc5 over the others, rather it’s a matter of preference. The rest of the shavers are tested personally by me and all of them live up to the mark in terms of offering a good, clean shave to the neck.

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