One thing people often debate on is, “What makes an ideal pair of hiking shoes?” It’s extremely important to get a good pair of these items along with good hiking gears that people spend so much time on. I have my own checklist that I like to put ticks on if I’m to decide hiking shoes for myself.

For example, I’d look for good build quality, better traction, a fancy design, and cost-friendliness among other things. Luckily for me, Nike seems to agree with my line of thoughts and dish out some of the cool pair of shoes that people can go for. Be it Spring, Summer or Winter, these shoes are perfect for people.

Of course, you’ll not believe my words “Only.” That’s why I’ve been working round-the-clock to come up with some of the best Nike hiking shoes money can help you buy. Of course, there’s a buying guide tucked in to let people know how I went about researching these shoes. Let’s get to it!

Best Nike Hiking Shoes – Comparison

ModelMaterialSoleNotable FeaturePrice
Nike ACG Air RevaderchiSuedeRubberLightweight Check Price
Nike Manoa Hiking BootLeatherRubberWater resistant Check Price
Nike Air Humara 17SyntheticRubberAir Comfort Check Price
Nike Air Wild Mid BootsSyntheticRubberWater resistant Check Price
Nike ACG Mountain Trail ShoesSuedeRubberLightweight Check Price

Little Bit of a History Lesson on Nike

Believe it or not, Nike wasn’t Nike at first. In fact, it was “Blue Ribbon Sports.” The company first came into being in 1964 through Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. The name got changed to Nike Inc. later down the road. One fun bit of information for my readers is, Bowerman is a track-and-field coach. Phil was his student.

The brand “Nike” came to be in 1972. The company changed the name in 1978. The company went public in 1980 to be exact. Besides hiking shoes, Nike is good for running shoes, casual footwear, women’s footwear, and even kids’ shoes. The brand is steadily expanding its repertoire even now.

Top-Rated Nike Hiking Shoes for This Year

Nike is a reputed brand. As with all brands that’ve made a name for themselves, these guys came up with a ton of products. Yes, even hiking shoes. I had a tough time researching and coming up with the top 5 pairs of shoes that I like. Eventually, I compiled a list of my own as you can take a look at below.

Nike ACG Air Revaderchi Men’s Hiking Shoes

If you’re interested in shoes in general, then Nike is definitely a brand that you can rely on. Users are satisfied and wholeheartedly recommend these shoes for those who are footwear enthusiasts. However, Nike ACG Air Revaderchi doubles down as a pair of casual and hiking shoes.

Nike ACG Air Revaderchi Men's Hiking Shoes

Without further delay, let’s get into what makes this pair so special. The Nike ACG Air Revaderchi simply looks fantastic. If you’re looking for more of an aggressive look than this just might be the one for you.

I should mention that there are two color variants to choose from. Firstly, there’s the Black/Anthracite Black. This one here is my personal favorite because it really goes with the overall design. But still you can look into the Gym Red/Geode Teal for a sportier look.

Being a pair of hiking shoes, it’s pretty much expected that the footwear will be fairly stiff. Not that it’s a problem. This gives some extra protection to the feet and provides great ankle support. The size ranges from 4.5-13. So, there’s really no need to worry about a good fit for the unique size of your feet.

I’ve noticed that this one here is made of Suede. Before you ask what it is, let me clarify. It’s a particular type of fuzzy leather with a napped finish. The texture should seem better than your day to day leather. But then again, this depends on subjective choice.

Get Nike ACG Revaderchi at Amazon

You’ll be glad to know that the materials used to craft this wonder of a shoe is 100% authentic. Leather means leather in plain words. This is what you get. So, rest assured, you’re looking at the right stuff.

I was glad to see that this features a proper combination of materials for the upper parts of the shoes to ensure optimal comfort. The overall support is great and the ever-renowned Nike Air cushioning is there to provide a day-long usage without any kind of difficulty.

How so? Thanks to the air cushioning system, our legs won’t feel tired and fatigued after continuous usage of the pair of shoes. There won’t be any awkward moments due to shocks or ankle pains either.

The product has the dimensions of 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches. For the size, these pair of shoes are remarkably lightweight. I’ve used some shoes that aren’t really easy on the feet. Wearing them can literally prove to be a drag. But rest assured, this is as light as they come.

I was a bit concerned about the waterproof feature of the pair. But this one literally washed all those worries away. If you’re dealing with puddles then you should be perfectly fine. But submerging the feet completely into water won’t be a good idea as water will inevitably seep in.

Things I Liked about the Product

  • These shoes are made with suede leather of top quality. This is undoubtedly a big plus.
  • This pair of shoes is lightweight. On top of that, you’ll enjoy the “Nike Air” feature as it keeps our feet fatigue less.
  • These Nike shoes are waterproof to some extent and can handle splashes.
  • Nike Hiking shoes look great and they do have an aesthetic appeal to people of all ages.
  • With these shoes, you’re never left high and dry. The makers included a number of size options.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Product

  • I couldn’t find any fault with the pair of Nike shoes whatsoever.

Nike Men’s Manoa Leather Hiking Boot

For a basic leather crafted shoe, this hiking boot definitely goes a long way. Like all good hiking shoes, the Nike Men’s Manoa Leather Hiking Boot is well equipped with a rubber sole. Having a rubber sole has its own set of benefits. Let me count them down one by one for you guys.

Nike Men's Manoa Leather Hiking Boot

The deep-lugged soles of tough rubber in this one will provide friction. This allows the feet to have a better hold on uneven grounds. It’s a great thing to have when you plan on going to hike on rough terrains. Plus, this doesn’t let your feet slip under any circumstances.

The well-designed rubber sole of the Manoa Leather Hiking boot is crafted to absorb shock and redirect it. Where? To the ground, obviously! This act not only cushions the thrust of your legs but ensure optimal comfort too.

Speaking of comfort, the mesh-covered upper part on these hiking boots allow air to pass through. This is actually great to have after a whole day of adventure. The gusseted tongue ensures a snug fit and repels all sorts of debris from entering the shoes. This, in turn, offers comfort that’s meant to last long.

Get Nike Men’s Manoa at Amazon

Hiking shoes can suffer a significant drop of quality due to a poor lacing system. Nike acknowledges that part and therefore added metal eyelets to help secure a locked-down fit for these pair of shoes. Believe it or not, this tiny feature actually enhances the overall durability.

The midsoles of any pair of hiking shoes are primarily responsible for the cushioning of the feet. The Men’s Manoa Leather Hiking Boot is well equipped with a phylon midsole and a rugged rubber outsole for a secure traction. Cool right?

All these useful features apart, this model comes with a lot of variety to choose from. You can select from Haystack/Haystack-velvet Brown, Noir, Brown, Haystack/Velvet Brown/Haystack, Black, and Fauna Brown. Believe it or not, these are the names of the colors it comes in.

Still not satisfied? Wait there’s more to it!

This baby here can push months of cold. As I said the full grain leather upper can last long as it’s full waterproof. The padded ankle collar contributes to provide some comfort too. With the basic dimensions of 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches, I find it to be quite lightweight.

Nike Manoa Leather shoes won’t do you wrong with sizes up to 6.5-43. With all these said and done, this pair of boots do create a solid impression and easily makes its way to my list of best Nike Hiking Shoes. A hundred percent recommendation from my side.

Things I Liked about the Product

  • It has a well-designed comfortable tongue. People won’t have to tune it too much.
  • The product is great for light to mid-duty strains when you’re hiking hills or walking through trails.
  • This has a sticky rubber outsole that makes for better traction even when the path is too rough.
  • The phylon mid sole is great for lightweight cushioning. It saves our feet from all strains.
  • The collar is lined with soft polyester. People won’t feel itchiness while wearing the shoes.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Product

  • The sole has a possibility of separating from the shoe (The case is very minor).

Nike Air Humara 17 Mens Trainers

If you’re into yellow then the Nike Air Humara 17 Mens Trainers is definitely going to be in your preference list. I mean even the box came along with yellow laces. Plus, I really liked the cross hatching on the bottom. The overall design of it created the impression of a great shoe in general.

Nike Air Humara 17 Mens Trainers

This one here is a trail shoe designed by Foggy, the designer shoe enthusiasts know all too well from Nike. It’s pretty clear that he went for the industrial look for this one as the black strikes do convey the resemblance of motorbike spokes. At this point, it should telegraph that the pair is good for bike riding.

However, being a bit on the heavy side, I wouldn’t really recommend them for mountain bike riding.

Yet, whenever running or walking come to the question, you’re all set and good to go. These are great for hiking in dry climates, less rugged, and well-established rocky paths. Basically, these are best suited for day hikes. My experience tells me, people should take it little by little when climbing with these.

Apart from perhaps a bit of suede leather, the texture on this one is crafted from fabric. No traces of other materials much on the surface area. The hatchings on the sole look pretty cool to be honest. But it’s best to not get it scuffed on anything rough.

The “Zoom Air” design is implemented here on the sole. As you can see two air pockets. One on the front and another on the rear. To make things easier two pull tabs on the front and rear are included. These are lifesavers when you need to put on the shoe within the nick of time.

I noticed something curious about the laces though. If you don’t tuck them in on the side holes at the end they tend to seem pretty long. But if you do, they offer a pretty clean and well-finished look. What kind of knot you want to put in with? Well… that’s completely up to you.

The tongue on this one is rather thin. I wouldn’t really call it premium quality. But for basic trainers, these shoes should do just fine. The basic synthetic materials used are a good bang for buck. These come in Black/Hay Blue variants too.

The available sizes are 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12. SO yeah, you do get a lot of sizes to choose from depending on how big of a foot you have. Don’t take my word for it, just put them on. They’ll look great!

Things I Liked about the Product

  • This pair has a very rugged outsole. This helps people get the much-needed traction.
  • This pair is a perfect fit for people with a wide range of feet sizes without any problems.
  • The integrated lacing system is impressive. Tying the shoes wasn’t any issue for me who’s fussy.
  • The mesh upper part is lightweight and makes these hiking shoes breathable.
  • These Nike hiking shoes have encapsulated air in the heel to enhance the hiking experience.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Product

  • The vintage look might not be to everyone’s liking. Especially the millennials.
  • The traction can be a bit too much for offering versatility on terrains.

Nike Mens Air Wild Mid Boots

Let’s face it, the first impression we get from a hiking shoe is from the looks. The serious vibe that the Black/Anthracite color gives off is more than impressive. I personally like the aesthetics of this one. Even the Nike branding is done in a sleek and bold manner.

Nike Mens Air Wild Mid Boots

Just like all the good ones out there, the Nike Mens Air Wild Mid Boots offers a well-designed rubber sole. It’s specially crafted to absorb shock from rough terrains and redirect them. Not only that but these work great as anti-slippage material. Giving you a firm hold on the ground in any case.

The size might be an issue in this case as it comes with 8.5 sizes only. This might be a bummer for many but those who are fit for it, it’s simply a treat. Speaking of proper fit, the Neoprene collar wraps work like a charm. Don’t like them, just unfold them for an easy on and off functionality.

Let’s talk a bit about the internal reinforcements a bit. The most pressure usually goes on the heels. And the padding on that area ensures optimum comfort. Plus, the foam midsole is there to ensure some great lightweight cushioning.

Let’s discuss the exterior. As I mentioned, the solid rubber outsole with aggressive lugs are there to ensure awesome durability and traction. The Men’s Air Wild Mid Boots have a textile upper part.

Worried about if this thing is waterproof or not? The DWR (durable, water-repellent) finish is there to keep the water out. So, yeah. It’s waterproof.

Want to have a hefty stride on top of a puddle? Go ahead! Just try not to submerge your entire feet into water completely. It’s not 100 percent water-resistant. I have to say the combo of DWR and trail outsole turn it into a full-fledged warrior against almost any sort of terrain.

I noticed that the sneakers offer a great combination of high-quality materials that come at reasonable price point. They gave great importance to the small details. The stylish and modern design of this pair makes it great value to most users.

With top notch durability and craftsmanship, I would highly recommend the Nike Mens Air Wild Mid Boots to just about anyone who’s looking for an excellent pair of Hiking boots. If the sort of chunky profile of the shoes don’t bother you, then this is an awesome buy without a doubt.

Things I Liked about the Product

  • The DWR on the textile upper part makes things a lot easier as it is durable and can take shocks.
  • The foam midsole offers great lightweight cushioning. You’re comfortable while running.
  • Rubber outsoles have aggressive lugs for better traction even on the roughest of terrains.
  • Waterproof materials are used to craft this pair. Feel free to hike even during the rainy days.
  • There’s some padding on the heel that makes for a comfortable experience while walking for long hours.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Product

  • Size availability is limited for my liking. It isn’t something I’m very fond of.

Nike Men’s ACG Dog Mountain Trail Running Shoes

IF you have some serious hiking in your mind then this one might just be the one for you. The Nike Men’s ACG Dog Mountain Trail Running Shoes managed to hold its rightful place on my list of best Nike hiking shoes. And these pair do so with flying colors. Why? Let’s find out!

Nike Men's ACG Dog Mountain Trail Running Shoes

Speaking of colors, you might’ve noticed already that they do tend to stand out. Looking at a lot of similar options with a lot of impressive specifications I still would suggest this one. That’s because they do it far better than the contemporaries.

The black suede mud guard that wraps around these babies aren’t something to shrug off. These are not of premium quality to say the least. However, they are a lot more durable than most other materials. The shoes offer great lateral support for the toes. Which is a must for dealing with rough terrains.

On both sides of the toes, I’ve noticed perforations that show through the 3m material that’s used. They even added some nylon mesh for added breathability. This is nice to have if you’re planning to wear it for longer periods of time. Plus, this pair is water-resistant to some extent. But not waterproof.

The pink, orange, and blue laces go through the orange strap in the middle of the tongue. Talk about color vibrance! If you don’t really share that ACG color scheme fascination then you can just replace these laces with ones that have different colors. It looks good with spare laces as well.

The branding part of course is done right with the Nike ACG logo on the top of the tongue. The back of the tongue is bright blue and the rest of the sock liner is bright purple. Now that’s what I call a proper retro scheme. The orange insole is comfortable and comes along with an orange color scheme too.

On the back of the shoe is yet another black suede panel with the Nike swoosh. On the top of the ankle is a rubber honeycomb mesh for a flexible support.

Now let’s look into the lower part!

The topographical map inspired midsole just looks awesome. It actually looks like the 3D map of a mountain range. The cushioning and fitting of the shoe was just right. I found it to be better than most that’s out there. For people like me, it’s a bit flashy. Yet, young hikers will fall head over heels.

On the front of the shoe, there are some spikes for traction. It’s possible to really dig into the dirt and see the prints up front. On the bottom, there’s a black and blue sawtooth rubber sole. This is really good for traction and has no possibilities of slipping from the surface.

This might not be the prettiest of choices but it gets the job done just fine.

Things I Liked about the Product

  • This pair includes rubber grommets for superior lacing. In quick time I must add.
  • There’s an ankle collar implemented for better support for people who need it the most.
  • The lightweight cushioning of the soles offers long-term comfort for regular and long hikers.
  • The suede and mesh-made upper part offers great quality and longevity when it counts.
  • A well-crafted shoe to stand upright against the contenders both on my list and on the market.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Product

  • The aesthetic appeal that it offers might not be for everyone. People might find it too flashy.

Factors that Prompted Me to Get a Nike Pair

If you’re thinking, “This guy wrote a Nike shoes’ article for the sake of it,” you’re wrong. I did quite a bit of research before deciding to settle on these shoes. Just take a look at the factors that prompted me to put these hiking shoes on my list and you’ll find out why I went for them in the first place.

  • Protection Comes First

The first thing you need to look into a pair of shoes is the fact that how well it can protect your feet. Now, you might ask, “Protect my feet from what?” Well… the answer is,“From external elements and the thrust of your own feet as well.”

For a better protection from the force, you apply from your own feet require proper cushioning. This bit is highly dependent on the inner components of the hiking shoe. Make sure the inner sole and the mid sole are made of good materials. This little tip can actually save you from injuries.

The other factor is the external protection from water and debris. A good upper that’s water-resistant can protect you from splashes from puddles. So, it’s a good idea to check for water-resistant materials.

Next thing to keep an eye out for is the tongue. Some tongues are well designed to prevent debris from getting inside your shoes. This small addition is actually quite helpful.

  • A Good Fit Matters

While picking out any kind of footwear, you’ll have to be absolutely sure about the size that will fit you. The same goes for hiking shoes as well. Nike has its own size charts. It’s best to go through that even if it takes up a bit of time.

You probably know what size is the right fit for you. But every brand has its own style of measurement. Nike shoes have a tendency to be small and narrow quite often. So, it’ll probably be a good idea to have half a bump on the size you are aware of.

  • The Comfort Factor

Trust me when I say this, even with all the features in the right place, an uncomfortable pair of shoes are not fun to walk around with. But that’s where one of the best-selling points of Nike shoes kick in. Most of the Nike shoes are really comfortable to wear. Now the question is, how to identify them?

The materials count “Big Time.”  Whether it be mesh, synthetics or split grain leather, the shoes should have some breathability options. Unless you’re planning to run on them on utterly cold terrain, this feature will matter.

Nike normally uses phylon mid soles. Which are responsible mostly for shock absorption. It cushions the force from the feet and ensures comfort. So, it’s best to ensure the presence of a good mid sole. Another thing that Nike includes to deal with shock is the “Nike Air” feature. It’s a must have too.

  • It Has to be Durable

This part might be a bit tricky. But first you’ll have to know that the material which the shoe is crafted with dictates how long it will actually last. There can be a variety of materials used for the upper and the sole at that.

When you consider uppers, they can be made of full grain or split grain leather, maybe synthetic, or perhaps even mesh. Each material has its own distinct property and value. Full grain comes with the most durability but the least breathability.

On the other hand, split grain leather is a bit more resistant but slightly more vulnerable to abrasions too. So, what I’m getting at is, it’s best to do a thorough study on which material is good for what. And then coming to a balanced conclusion about what feature you’ll tradeoff for how much durability.

And for hiking shoes, I’d recommend rubber over anything any day. And a lot of it depends on how you use them as well. Rough usage will lead to greater wear and tear. Use with care and practically anything will last you long.

  • Traction Plays a Big Role

It’s not really possible to predict the terrain while going on a hiking adventure. Even when you’re going for some place familiar, weather can have a diverse effect on your footing? So, what am I getting at? I’m trying to explain the importance of traction in hiking.

As I just said, soles should undoubtedly be made of rubber. As these are basically better than any other material when it comes to traction. The second factor of course is the design of the soles. For normal hiking soles designed with thick and deep lugs are not really necessary.

For winter hiking, it’s exactly the opposite. I would even suggest ice grippers for some extra traction.

Let’s End the Piece Here

Now that I’ve given you all the titbits I could on the best hiking shoes, it’s time to pick favorites. This is one job I hate doing with Nike. Honestly, all the pairs are so good that it’s hard to pick just the one.

Even then, I’ll have to go with ACG Mountain Trail running shoes. This pair goes with all your outfits (mild, casual, flashy… you name it). Also, the pair offers superior material, flexibility, traction, and colorful laces (yes, this is a thing for men as well). This is perfect for people who do day-to-day hiking.

Not satisfied yet? You’re free to search for your own version of best Nike hiking shoes out there. If you need anything to lean on (yes, it’s a song, I get it), there’s always my buying guide on this subject. Read this piece and feel free to go wild with the research!

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