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Best Oster Clippers Of 2024: Devices That Prioritize Performance!

Brands such as Wahl are quite promising if you’re seeking something that provides an easygoing button system with tons of flexibility using its lever and models. However, if you believe in taking your time, and prefer using one gadget for all, Oster is the brand to put your money in.

Oster prioritizes longevity, preferably through curating their trimmers using reliable housing and an unbeatable motor. It’s been a prominent name among grooming tools since the late 19th century, continuing to blow away people with a series of professional-grade clippers. I personally am fond of two of their most successful hair clippers, going by the names Oster Classic 76 and Oster Fast Feed!

Despite having a cordless version, I still feel that Oster hit the jackpot with the corded Classic 76, a multipurpose tool that I will be examining and covering to the fullest in this guide. To make things even better, I’ll also be reviewing Oster Fast Feed, which is in its own lane moving at the speed of light.

Nonetheless, whether you’re a professional like me or merely toggling through for an insightful review, join me on this journey to discover everything about the best hair clippers representing Oster, and obtain a thorough preview of what it’s like when the two are pitted against each other.

Attributes That Make Oster Ring Leaders In Personal Care!

Through years of trial and error, Oster went from being just another grooming brand to one of the frontrunners in the industry.

Oster clipper leaders in personal care

While being in business for over 2 centuries surely pans out well in their favor, I also believe that Oster remains a trending and reliable companion due to various reasons.

The most eye-grabbing part of Oster clippers is their build, which varies according to the kind of look one is trying to create, but unquestionably dependable.

The fact that they provide an unbelievable user interface really helps, too, especially if you’re making a profession with the device. With a superior motor and acute blades, Oster guarantees a smooth shaving experience for the user, and improbable results for the consumer.

I really like how Oster follows Wahl and Andis when curating their button configuration, which is as straightforward as it comes.

Most Osters only contain a power button, but occasionally carries an adjustable lever for reducing the time frame of using manual comb attachments.

While Oster produces hefty clippers that are tough to use when you’re new to personal care, the weight definitely helps out when investing in an Oster model for rough use. Models like the Classic 76 have a very healthy shelf life, catering to users for over 1 and a half decade when bought.

A new perk is the endurance of each blade Oster uses, which stays fresh as long as it’s taken care of. Oster often provides different kinds of hydrating agents such as lubricating oil and clipper blade grease to keep each shaving blade as sharp and adept as the rest.

Over-the-top Oster Clippers That Deserve Every Ounce Of Attention!

While their collection is not as renowned as that of Wahl, Oster is a top-notch brand with high-end clippers. Two of their shining candidates are the Oster Classic 76, and the Fast Feed; the main highlights of this guide.

With the help of what’s to come, I hope you’re able to learn and preserve the most intricate piece of information regarding the Fast Feed and Classic 76. If you’re in dire need of a one-and-done statement, however, read through the following labels.

Oster Clippers Review: A Walkthrough Of My Journey With The Duo

While I have heard nothing but positives about the cordless models, Oster 76 and Oster Fast Feed are made for cordless usage in my eyes. The feeling of dragging along the 8 foot cord of each clipper doesn’t just ease my mind, but is also of great help if you need an extra push to shave the area you’d like to.

My experience with Oster Classic 76 and Oster Fast Feed was eventful, to say the least. I wasn’t just able to find out when both of them stand out best during use, but also realized just how different the journey is with each. Without further ado, here’s an explicit walkthrough of everything I inspected and discovered when using two of the best Oster hair clippers of this day and age.

Oster Classic 76

Oster Classic 76

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When push comes to shove, I can guarantee that there’s not one clipper that guarantees durability as well as Oster Classic 76, the face of the franchise. While the cordless design is more appreciated at the moment, I believe that I lean more towards the corded clipper, a companion of mine since 2018.

Key Features Of Oster Classic 76

Model Oster Classic 76
Blade Type1 guard blade
Weight 32 oz
Standout FeatureLateral quickness
Suitable forAny design and hair type
What’s includedClipper grease, Lubricating oil, Instruction manual

Being adaptable and compatible with over 14 kinds of blades, 3 of which are zero gapped blades, it’s easy for the Classic 76 to get anything done. The confidence that the brand has in the Classic 76 is immense, as it offers nothing but the device, clipper grease, and lubricating oil in its packaging.

While the lubricating oil maintains the sharpness of the blade, the clipper grease provides rapid fast operation, making it easier to cut down the time frame of the results.

Clipper grease and lubricating oil

For me, this is what really separates Oster from other brands, as it prioritizes convenience for the user as well as the clients.

The blade it starts with is a 1-gapped blade, which is perfect if you’re aiming for a close shave; not so much if you’re hoping to go hairless. I love how fast it is in accumulating hair though, especially when the strokes are slow but steady.

Oster Classic 76 blade

Be sure to take in the weight of this device instead of panicking, since rushing might lead to disaster.

Since Oster Classic 76 only contains one speed setting, adapt to the hefty nature of the design instead of learning a shortcut to make things easier. Wondering what you could do to make your form better? Use a handgrip, like me!

This device is a great competitor to Wahl Senior, especially due to its ability to be extremely versatile as a clipper. With this bad boy, I’ve created close shaves, fades with guidelines, tapers, as well as textured designs. The sharpest blade of the lot also allowed me to engrave designs multiple times.

Oster Classic 76 competitor Wahl Senior

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The housing is quite peculiar in my opinion, with a cylinder-like handle containing tons of vertical. I don’t have anything against the texture of the handle, but I do have an issue with how it feels in my palms, which is far from comfortable

The corded nature provides tons of reach during prolonged use, but adds to the weight of the device. I often take multiple breaks when using the Classic 76, as moving it upward and downward really takes a toll on my forearms.

It’s still worth the investment, however, especially if you prioritize time-friendly results over anything.

Oster Classic 76 (1)

Running out of time? Dealing with rush hour? Use the electric clipper grease around the blade beforehand. In addition to reducing the time frame, the grease also prevents the device and the blade from accumulating heat during long hours, saving you from a bad rep; shielding your clients from injuries.

The device is one of the heaviest clippers I’ve used as of late, but contains a classic toggle switch that really makes this device quite fancy in contrast to the rest. I do wish it wasn’t next to the cord, however, since it really exposes the device to accidental power-ups.

Power toggle switch

Placing the power button around either side of the handle instead would’ve been more convenient.

While the device can cover tons of ground and cater to various demographics with ease due to its compatibility with a series of blades, investing in each blade could cost a fortune for many.

Oster Classic 76 time-friendly

I personally bought some in bulk, but I find its competitor, the Wahl Senior better in this case, since it provides just as much for less. Since each blade absorbs moisture, using lubricating oil on a daily basis is quite necessary, in my opinion.

Being insincere can result in a lot of nicks and cuts, hampering the experience of the clients, and the final impression of your barbershop.

However, since it guarantees endurance, the Classic 76 is a must-have if your budget is as big as it gets, even more so if you serve any hair type. It is immune to fall damage, moves fast despite being heavy, and is associated with various counterparts that can generate outstanding results when joining forces.

Compatible with a series of bladesReplacement blades are expensive
Heavyweigth housingUnorthodox cylinder handle; uncomfortable to operate
Provides electric clipper grease for reducing heat damageAwkward button placement
Durable device that lasts for over a decade

Oster Fast Feed

Oster Fast Feed

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Oster Fast Feed is cut from the same cloth as the Classic 76, powered by the same motor and blade system. It does have tons of major upgrades, however; all of which can improve the user experience.

Key Features Of Oster Fast Feed 

ModelOster Fast Feed
Blade TypeZero-gap T Blade
Weight 27.2 oz
Standout Feature Noiseless operation
Suitable forClose shaves; zero fade
What’s included Lubricating oil, ⅜ mm, blending guard,¼ cut, ½ cut

Oster Fast Feed is often used for its versatility, which is first found in its packaging. Despite having a lever system, Oster Fast Feed is one that provides multiple attachments, involving four clipping guards that cover different sizes.

Fast Feed Attachments, lubricating oil

The blending guard is amazing as well, and often allows me to reduce bulk from hair without chopping off too much length.

Despite being corded, the Fast Feed offers new perks, such as an adjustable lever that can go from a zero guard to a half guard. The lever is a bit tight, and might require some strength if you’re as inactive as I am.

Oster Fast Feed lever

With a zero gap T-blade, the Fast Feed is a pro at creating close shaves. If you wanna go even deeper, I suggest you use the lever, which tends to provide the Fast Feed’s blade with a stagger tooth feel.

While Fast Feed is heavier than the average clipper, it is significantly lighter than the Classic 76, which, in my opinion, feels like a brick when compared to the former. The new stocky build is also something I’m quite fond of, as it looks more modern and not as unorthodox as the Classic 76.

What I love about the Fast Feed is the new power button, which ditches the toggle switch for a rocker switch, that too on the side. It’s much easier to get access to in contrast to the Classic 76, and avoids accidental power-ups. T

The pattern of the Fast Feed not only looks good, but also provides a fair grip when push comes to shove.

Once you get used to the weight, navigating this tool should be extremely easy. Similar to the Oster Classic 76, however, this device requires a slow yet steady form, so be sure to embrace the weight instead of finding a temporary alternative.

Oster Fast Feed blade

Since the device is corded, the battery life shouldn’t be an issue. I personally have used the Fast Feed for hours at once, which had tons of positives more often than not, but also had its fair share of shortcomings.

Since the Fast Feed offers a powerful motor with a razor sharp blade, it tends to heat up quite fast, which can be a common find in the Classic 76 as well. What’s surprising is the noise level, however, as the Fast Feed feels noiseless as opposed to its counterpart.

Additionally, as the blade releases heat instead of accumulating heat like ceramic, it can easily burn the scalp when not used carefully.

Oster Fast Feed size

To avoid this scenario completely, I suggest you use the clipper grease around the blade of this clipper, which might need to be purchased if you don’t have an Oster Classic 76 on you already.

Due to its deep lever, this Fast Feed is usually compared to Wahl Legend. This Oster clipper is also a great replacement for Andis Master, mainly due to the similarities in their build, motor, and purpose.

There are tons of positives that come to mind when thinking of Oster Fast Feed. Its deep lever is surely one of them, but another benefit is its seamless navigation.

Fast Feed full view

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The comb attachments run small, but provide an incredible grip when attached, coming in handy during crunch time. Did I say that this clipper adjusts perfectly to the dimensions of my palms?!

Furthermore, despite having tons of ups, I feel that this device also lacks quality in certain areas, hampering its total brand image. The fact that the blade overheats is definitely one of the issues that hampers the final impression, while its weight can prove to be an obstacle for many.

I also believe that, despite offering so much, the Fast Feed loses out to identical competitors, which would be the Envy Li in my eyes.

Oster Fast Feed back

The Envy Li not only provides more attachments for less, but also provides more freedom with a cordless design.

At the end of the day, this Oster is more durable than any other housing used for their competitors, earning brownie points in my eyes.

Oster Fast Feed may be renowned for the quality of the design it generates, but I feel that it fails to accumulate any credit for how indestructible it is when dropped, making it an underdog and underappreciated tool in this guide.

Lighter and easier to navigate than Classic 76Lever feels too stiff
Adjustable lever that can equate to a number 1 guardBlades heat up quite fast
Modern design that is a perfect fit The attachments are hard to put on
Noiseless operation despite having a powerful motor

Oster 76 vs. Oster Fast Feed: A Thorough Comparison For A Better Interpretation!

Oster 76 and Fast Feed are leaders in their categories, winning over fans with their dependable materials, super effective shaving system, endurance-packed blades, and so on. While they put up a great fight against prominent beauty brands manufacturing hair clippers, not much is different when the two are pitted against each other.

Oster 76 vs. Oster Fast Feed

Despite representing the same brand, Oster 76 and Fast Feed are often perceived as alternatives for one another, especially if the main agenda is to provide a close or bald shave. Alongside the similarities, however, are tons of unique qualities, all of which separate the two at the end of the day.

From offering different results to carrying identical perks, here are some of the noteworthy common ground and differences between Oster 76 and Fast Feed.

ModelOster Classic 76 Oster Fast Feed
Blade Type1 guard bladeZero-gap T Blade
Weight32 oz27.2 oz
Standout FeatureLateral quicknessNoiseless operation
Suitable forAny design and hair typeClose shaves; zero fade
What’s included Clipper grease, Lubricating oil, Instruction manual Lubricating oil, ⅜ mm, blending guard,¼ cut, ½ cut
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

The Classic 76 prioritizes versatility

The Classic 76 will give you a run for your money, but is the best possible clipper to rely on if you want a clipper that has any hair length in the palm of its hands.

Oster Classic 76 is a must-have for me, mainly due to being compatible with 14 different types of blades.

While the first five are 0 blades, there also seems to be a blade that prioritizes a textured finish, caters to flat yet dishevelled visuals, earning plenty of brownie points from me.

Fast Feed prioritizes a stress-free user experience

Oster user experience

Fast Feed isn’t compatible with all the blades that can collaborate with the Classic 76.

However, they have a more hands-on approach to each issue, providing four effective and versatile comb attachments to get the job done. This is much easier for users, as the blades have to be unscrewed before being replaced.

Furthermore, while equally powerful in some areas, Fast Feed provides noiselss operation, benefitting those with noise-induced performance anxiety.

Traditional qualities

Unlike most of the modern clippers, both Oster electric clippers offer corded operation, carrying an unlimited timeframe for the run time.

In addition, Fast Feed and the Classic 76 are extremely easy to comprehend, with lenient button configuration.

The hardware of each reminds me of Wahl’s Magic Clip; durable and resilient against fall damage.

76 is ideal for any fade, while Fast Feed feels better with close shaves

With the compatible shaving head of the Classic 76, you can easily reduce bulk, create different kinds of fade haircuts, shape a beard, and more in the blink of an eye.

The Fast Feed lacks in this department, however, as the blades available can only create close shaves, unless manipulated with comb attachments.

Weight is an issue

This common ground derives from their unbeatable housing, but is a drawback, to say the least.

The Classic 76 is jam-packed with heavy raw materials, weighing in at 32 ounces on the dot. While lighter, the Fast Feed feels almost as hefty as the former, weighing in at 27.2 ounces, when push comes to shove.

Both carry high price tags

Since both provide longevity and have powerful motors, the Classic 76 and Fast Feed are quite expensive in contrast to Andis and Wahl. As opposed to Babyliss, however, their price tags seem level-headed.

If you’re wondering why the Classic 76 is so costly, think of the blades it comes with. I feel that the price is also justified once you realize how impressive their shelf lives are.

Fast Feed and Classic 76 are high-maintenance 

What I dislike about the clippers is how much I have to look after it once the session is done. Though the blades are as sharp as they come, the separation between them and the handles is extremely narrow, making it difficult to clean on a daily basis.

Since the blades get hot when there’s build-up, oiling them on the regular is mandatory.

About Oster: Setting The Bar For Electric Clippers Since 1924

As of 2024, Oster is officially one of the longest running grooming companies on the market, with over 100 years of service. The brand, initially named John Oster Manufacturing Company, got its breakthrough in 1924, after John Oster and a couple of his reliable connections joined forces to form what would be known as the first ever motor-driven electric hair clipper.

While the brand did expand and move on to catering and manufacturing goods solely regarding themselves as home appliances, Oster also kept growing in the haircare industry. By incorporating lightning fast motors, impressive torque and self-sharpening blades, Oster became a common name in the world of barbers.

As of right now, Oster has some of the best traditional and durable clippers in the business. While the face of the franchise is the Oster Classic 76, behind it are Oster 97, Finisher, and Fast Feed.

Oster hasn’t just established themselves a prominent local brand, but also amasses a huge following in Latin America.

Frequently Asked Question

If you’ve reached this portion, give yourself some flowers, as you’ve finally made it past the review and segment for comparison. As a reward, here is a questionnaire regarding Oster clippers that will further enhance your knowledge of the brand!

Q: Is Oster better than Wahl?

Ans: If you’re thinking of versatility, perhaps Wahl will be my winner every step of the way. However, if you desire power and consistency in the operation of your hair clippers, stick to Oster, a company that goes above and beyond to make hair clippers that sprint their way through any type of hair.

Q: Do Oster clippers heat up fast?

Ans: “Too powerful for their own good,” is a quote that I’d use for Oster and their clippers. In short, while the motor of each clipper is as powerful as one can possible comprehend, the amount of energy it consumes in a matter of seconds comes with its repercussions, since each device of Oster heats up quite fast, including the blades.

While using electric clipper grease can calm the blade down, not using it properly can expose users to injuries and burns.

Finishing Touch

At the end of the day, Oster is no less as a grooming brand as opposed to household names like Andis, Wahl, and Babyliss, offering tons of clippers that are more than eligible to take the crown as some of the most well equipped tools for hair care.

Two of the most iconic models they’ve manufactured are Oster Classic 76 and Fast Feed, both of which serve their own purpose to pave their way to success.

In my opinion, despite being two sides of the same coin, Oster Classic 76 and Fast Feed are quite different from one another, struggling to find common ground to unite as one.

When compared, Oster Classic 76 carries the same durable housing used in the formation of Fast Feed. The blades and motors move at an effective and consistent speed as well, enabling both of them to generate ideal results in a short span of time.

However, in spite of having a simple button configuration, I prefer the Oster Fast Feed’s build as opposed to that of Classic 76, where the toggle switch for power is at the bottom. This, while aesthetically pleasing, is a bit of a liability, and downright awkward to look at.

The Fast Feed, on the other hand, carries a power button around the left side, which is more convenient than that of its counterpart for this bout. Hovering over it is the adjustable lever, which, while stiff, can easily create a high contrast look in no time.

The Classic 76 is a powerhouse with its adaptability, which makes it compatible with 14 different kinds of blades; 4 of which are zero fade blades. Oster Classic 76 is drastically heavier than that of the Fast Feed, offering more durability. The Fast Feed, in return, offers more flexibility alongside seamless navigation.

The Classic 76 is perfect for any design on any hair type, while the Fast Feed only prioritizes creating close shaves, offering high contrast looks with its blades. For detailed work and blends, the Fast Feed carries attachments, while the Classic 76 flips the script by using different blades.

All in all, apart from their weight, Oster 76 and Fast Feed are two of the most dependable clippers out there for detailed work, and high contrast results. Their maroon-based color scheme could be a plus too, especially if you’re all about the gram!

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