5 Best Paul Mitchell Flat Irons of 2021: Up Your Hair Game with Paul Mitchell

Best Paul Mitchell flat iron

Choosing a hairstyling gear that delivers exactly what it promises and also doesn’t cost you your entire month’s earning can be difficult. Flat irons are a bit tricky. If it’s too hot, your hair burns, and if not hot enough, it’s useless.

Moreover, each hair has its own unique quirks and challenges. With so many aspects like these to factor in, how do you end up with a flat iron you can trust?

Enter Paul Mitchell hair straighteners. John Paul Mitchell Systems have made quite a name for themselves in the hair care and styling industry. I have seen their products in many high-end spas I have had the chance to visit.

Most, if not all, of their styling equipment, pay for themselves in the long run. So don’t let their price tag be the main deciding factor while picking a flat iron for yourself. The quality of plate material and heating technology this brand incorporates in their styling gears are top-notch.

For this article, I have put together a list of 5 best Paul Mitchel Flat irons and reviewed them thoroughly. I hope these in-depth reviews will give you deeper insight into the core mechanic and performance of some of their most acclaimed products.

Best Paul Mitchell Flat Irons – Comparison Table

Name & Brand
Plate Size
Paul Mitchell ProCeramic 
1.25 inch
Heats Up to 410°F
Check Price
Neuro Paul Mitchell
Heats Up to 450°F
Check Price
Paul Mitchell Pro MiniCeramic 
Up to 410°F
Check Price
Paul Mitchell Pro IonCeramic 
1 inch
Up to 410°F
Check Price

Top 5 Paul Mitchell Flat Irons Review

1. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+

Pro Tools is the manufacturer’s top flagship model and very rightly so. It features ultra-slim ceramic plates coated with Express Ion Complex solution for extra hydration and shine. It is basically a blend of silicone and ceramic that releases tons of negative ions that naturally reduce frizz and provide deep conditioning.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+

The premium quality ceramic plate has an excellent heat conduction ability. It provides fast and efficient heating by allowing the far-infrared heat to penetrate deep into your hair shafts. This minimizes the impact on the outer cuticles, resulting in healthy, plumped up, and damage-free straightened hair.

The size of the tool is perfect for styling large sections of hair at a time which also helps to shorten the styling time. It’s easier to get close to the roots with its 1.25” plates. No matter what your hair type is, dry or oily, coarse or fine, you can create a wide array of hairstyles with this equipment.

The flat iron is one hell of a curling tool due to its beveled edge. If you know your way around the technique, you can create cool flips, gorgeous beach waves, as well as bouncy, highly texturized ringlets with this device. The Express Ion Complex solution helps the curls last longer and remain frizz-free for the whole day.

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The temperature adjustment is a breeze, thanks to the sleek LCD screen on the handle. It offers a temp range between 129-410 degrees (default temp 360 degrees F) and takes roughly 60 seconds to reach the highest setting.

The ceramic plate also boasts of lightning-fast for consistent heating that minimizes temperature fluctuation in between styling. So, fast heat recovery means you will need fewer passes to style a section which would lead to a uniform finish, minus any heat damage.

The M button on the handle lets you activate the 60-minute auto shut-off function. Press it twice to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

The downside to this otherwise well-designed flat iron is that visible gap between the plates when you close the clamp on your hair. If you have extra thin and fine hair, you will have to press your hair really hard to get the desired results.

2. Neuro Paul Mitchell Smooth Flat Iron

This line of Paul Mitchell flat irons is ideal for super resistant, difficult-to-style hair types. Neuro flat irons comprise IsoTherm titanium plates for fast and effective heat-up.

Neuro Paul Mitchell Smooth Flat Iron

It’s lowest operating temperature is 129 degrees for extra fine and delicate hair, while the highest being 450 degrees. For normal hair, I would advise starting with 265 and work your way up from there gradually as handling a 450 degrees hot iron can feel overwhelming at first for a beginner.

You can change the temperature using the + and – buttons on the handle. The LCD screen will help you keep track of the operating temperature.

It can get to 450 degrees F in just 30 seconds and recovers the heat in5 seconds or so to keep the temperature level consistent throughout the entire styling session. The smooth titanium plate can smoothly glide through the coarsest hair and straighten a large in one swift pass at a time.

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For the best possible results, you should pair it up with a quality heat protectant hair spray like the brand’s very own Neuro Protect hairspray.

Despite the tremendous heat emanating from its titanium plates, it is least likely to burn your locks due to the even steam distribution all over your hair. Hot spots should be the least of your worries with Paul Mitchell flagship flat irons.

If you have super coarse and curly hair that tends to go absolutely crazy in high humidity, Neuro Smooth Flat Iron could end your misery for good. It styles and conditions your hair simultaneously.

By releasing negative ions, it de-statics and de-frizzes your hair and keeps it that way for at least two days. You can even use it for a DIY silk press or creating soft curls.

This model is more geared towards skilled and semi-skilled users than beginners. So unless you are super confident about your styling technique, you might have a hard time maneuvering the scalding hot flat iron.

3. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Standard & Mini Set

This is the limited edition styling tool kit from Paul Mitchell that consists of a standard sized as well as a mini Pro Tools flat iron. The affordable pricing further makes it a stellar bargain for the money. If you travel a lot and like to pack light, the dual voltage compatible mini flat iron would be the perfect candidate for the job.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Standard & Mini Set

It’s lightweight and small stature makes it a good option for flips, waves and classic curls on medium-fine to super thick hair types. I especially loved the mini iron’s ability to twist short fringes.

Paul Mitchell’s superior Express Ion Complex provides the right amount of conditioning to the hair while styling which adds a nice lift to the root and also repairs split ends.

You can adjust the temperature on this model as well. The ceramic reaches 410-degree temp under a minute and gradually heats up the hair from inside out for damage-free, salon-perfect straightening and curling effects.

The plate isn’t very thin, so it won’t be that easy to get very close to the roots. However, the standard-sized flat iron can style close to the roots without leaving behind any visible crease lines.

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Both flat irons in the kit are dual voltage compatible and come with a 9” long cord for hassle-free operation and have a 2-hour auto shut-off function to ensure complete peace of mind.

Overall, this value-priced flat iron kit would make an amazing gift for your globe-trotter friend who is having a hard time styling her hair due to frizz problem and chemical damage.

4. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Style+ Styling Iron

This one belongs to the most advanced, spec-rich line-up of Paul Mitchell flat irons. Ideal for both professional and personal use, the flat iron houses SmartSense microchip that constantly monitor the operating temperature.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Style+ Styling Iron

It eliminates the risk of heat damage and also makes sure the styling is done at the optimum temperature level to ensure a perfect finish. You don’t really have to be a pro to achieve a glossy, silky smooth tresses with this tool.

The beveled edges of the 1” ceramic plates add to the product’s versatility. Want to get tight and bouncy girls to go with your casual outfit on club night? Express Ion Style+ Styling Iron has got you covered.

You can constantly switch temperatures using the temp control buttons conveniently located on the handle. It has a 1-hour auto shut off function too, which is a big plus for absent-minded people like me. The highest it can go is 410 degrees F in 60 seconds which is hot enough for coarse and unruly rocks.

The combination of far infrared and negative ion technology makes it a safe choice for fine to medium-fine hair that’s been damaged due to frequent use of lightening color treatment. Just one caveat: make sure to start off with a low temperature and crank it up gradually to avoid accidentally frying up your manes.

5. Neuro Style Styling Iron

Like Express Style, Neuro Style range of flat irons is also equipped with a smart heat sensor microchip that controls the temperature 50 times every second to prevent temperature fluctuation when you close the plates on your hair. This results in a smooth and sleek finish in every pass, something only the best-in-class flat irons can offer.

Neuro Style Styling Iron

Both Neuro Smooth and Neuro Style iron use IsoTherm titanium plates for rapid heat up and heat recovery. The highest temperature offered by this device is 450 degrees F which is perfect for styling extremely coily afro-textured hair.

The titanium plates glide through frizzy and coarse hair way more easily than ceramic plates. It also offers a one-hour automatic shut-off to ward off the potential risk of thermal overload.

We all know how damage-prone 4C-4G textured hair could be and its negative ion technology is the perfect solution for that. I would recommend getting this flat iron for an easy but highly effective silk press at home. It has all the key elements required for this purpose.

Plus, it’s lightweight and comes with a long cord, making it a perfect entry-level silk press flat iron. It makes decent curls too if you use the right holding spray and apply proper technique. For extremely fine and fragile hair, Express Ion Smooth+ would be a safer choice as this version can be too hot for delicate hair.

Are Paul Mitchell Flat Irons Dual Voltage?

Most Paul Mitchell flat irons are dual voltage for safe worldwide use. You definitely don’t want frizzy and lifeless hair while traveling overseas. So, it makes sense to look for a dual voltage compatible flat iron that won’t get fried when plugged into the electrical outlet of a foreign country.

The voltage converter built into these flat irons automatically adjusts the amount of electrical power that goes into it to make the device fit for the domestic voltage of your destination country.

Without voltage conversion, your flat iron can overheat and damage both your hair and itself in the process. You don’t have to worry about flat iron melting with a dual voltage Paul Mitchell flat iron. However, you will still have to carry a plug adapter with you as the Paul Mitchell device plugs are only meant for US electrical outlets.

Why Paul Mitchell and What Makes It One of the Premium Brands in the Flat Iron Industry?

Certain brands, just like certain people, carry a certain aura. You instantly associate these brands with premium quality and flawless performance. Paul Mitchell is a shining example of one such revered brand of hair products and styling equipment.

The brand’s exclusive Express Ion Complex technology is one of the most successful heat styling and hair enhancing technologies of modern times. It not only styles your hair to perfection in an incredibly short time but also restores its long-lost shine and volume by improving moisture retention ability.

Their flagship flat irons can be used for both straightening and curling to create a myriad of hairdos on all kinds of hair. Consistent heat conduction and heat distribution help to achieve that shiny and smooth finish you get in premium salons by paying a premium price.

So in short, professional-quality results combined with practical features, robust build quality, and seamless operation is what sets this brand a cut above the rest.


Apart from highly functional designs and practical features, the best Paul Mitchell flat irons also possess the ability to work on all hair types and textures.

As a professional hairstylist trying to keep up with the fast-changing hair trends, having a versatile tool does help me stay on top of my game. Ease of use is another main reason why I decided to solely focus on this brand in this segment.

You don’t easily come by professional-grade equipment that can be easily used by people with clumsy hands and buttery fingers.

So now that you know why Paul Mitchell is my go-to brand to nail that fresh-outta-salon look, go ahead, read the reviews between the lines and make a wise decision. Good luck!

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