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Top 10 Professional Flat Irons Review [Updated September 2021]

Best Professional Flat Iron: Perfect Hair Every Time

Best Professional Flat Iron

Whether you have curly, moppy, twirly, or wavy hair, you know that straightening those luscious locks requires heat, and lots of it. If you’re like me, you’ve probably went through several flat irons before saying enough is enough.

There’s no way around the fact that the real secret to perfectly straight hair is the right flat iron. I’ve tried dozens of hair straighteners and have found that none of them work as well as the professional brands.

Because unlike you, hair stylists don’t just use the tool on themselves. They’ll use a hair straightener all day on dozens of different hair types.

But which professional brand hair straighter is the best of the best? Well after testing multiple products, I’ve discovered the answer.

Below, I’ll give you my top 7 picks the best professional flat iron. And if you stick around till the end, I’ll also give you my recommendation for the best of the bunch.


Top 7 Professional Flat Iron Reviews

1. GHD Platinum+ Professional Performance Flat Iron

GHD, short for Good Hair Day, have something of a cult following. Founded in 2001 by three hairstylists from fashionable Yorkshire, England, they’ve gone on to be one of the top selling hair product brands across the globe.

GHD Platinum+ Professional Performance Flat Iron

Their Platinum+ line of professional styling tools excels where other brands fail. This flat iron sports their ultra-zone technology, which spreads on even heat across the surface of the ceramic plates. That means you won’t get cold patches known to cause frizzy strands.

The ceramic plates are precision milled and glossed. Gone are the consumer level ceramics. Instead, the patented gloss coating protects color treated hair, so it won’t prematurely fade.

As a professional product, the heating sensor adapts to your hair’s thickness and texture. The temperature maintains itself at a stable 365 degrees with no dials or settings. All you have to do is use it. The flat iron calibrates based on how fast you’re making your passes too.

With optimum styling technology and high-end parts, this flat iron by Good Hair is used by professionals in the US and Europe.

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Why We Like This Flat Iron

Most of you have probably used or at least heard of Good Hair day products. They’re a staple in recommended hair tools because of their quality and design aesthetics. But what struck me about their Platinum+ flat iron was just how well made it was.

I love the black on black design. And the weight of the Platinum+ is just heavy enough to know it’s well made but not so heavy your arm grows tired after use.

The ergonomically designed iron features a handy wishbone hinge at the bottom where the cord meets the handle. It ensures that the clam shell plates stay aligned, even after long trips.

I also like that there are no heat settings to adjust. For this reason, Good Hair calls this product its Smart Styler. It reaches the optimal heat setting in about 20 seconds, which is above average. Most products on my list take about 15 seconds.

At first, I thought the lack of settings would be to the product’s detriment. I was wrong. I was impressed by how even and stable the heat was. I highly recommend this product.

What Could Be Better

If you’re the type who revels in settings and buttons, the smart system may be a negative. But trust me. The flat iron handles heat settings way better than you think it can.

2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

Babyliss has been innovating the hair and beauty industry since its first hair dryer, made in 1961. As a subsidiary of Conair, they have the resources and research to stay ahead of other professional companies in the market.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

Their BabylissPro line is proof of their innovative tradition. The Nano straightening iron comes in three sizes, 1”, 1.5”, and 2”. For this review we chose 2” model.

The name of this flat iron, Nano, comes from its extremely thin titanium coated plates. This is a relatively new invention in the industry. Using titanium allows for super-heated conductivity. Ceramic plates rarely reach temperatures higher than the than 450F in less than 30 seconds, but this one can.

Not that you need go that high. With 50 settings, you can customize your heat as you like it. The degree of customization stands as a testament to the Babyliss professional line. Stylists choose these products because they want options and quality, both of which are delivered here in troves.

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Why We Like This Flat Iron 

Babyliss products have never been known for their looks, and I admit that at first the Nano didn’t impress me. But after some time with it the flat iron changed my mind.

I found the heat capacity of this hair straightener to be intense. The machine adjusts to your settings fast. And with 2” plates, I required way fewer passes than I did with other models on this list.

I had no problems with hot or cold spots. The heat stayed even on the plates during my testing period. And I like the weight of the device, albeit it was heavier than the 1” sized models I tested.

The titanium coating has a few other added benefits. The ionic technology and super-heating mean you need fewer passes than with other brands. Titanium is rust resistant, so corrosion is highly unlikely.

What Could Be Better 

This isn’t a plug and go option. If you’re not familiar with heat settings but want a professional grade product, then I’d choose a different model. Babyliss design this iron for those that know their settings or are willing to learn them.

3. HSI Professional Glider Flat Iron

HSI is a Floridian company that started with the goal of providing professional level products for everyone. Today, salons in over 40 countries stock their products. They’re vouched by thousands of happy customers both at the professional and consumer level.

HSI Professional Glider Flat Iron

Their Glider model is the perfect introduction to professional hair straightening equipment. It’s the whole package. You not only get a quality flat iron but an assortment of helpful extras.

They line the ceramic plates in HSI’s tourmaline-infused crystal ions. This technology produces negative ions and sends water molecules into the hair to straighten it in fewer passes without damaging the individual strands.

To evenly distribute heat, HSI installed eight micro sensors in what they call their Heat Balance technology. The flat iron regulates and evenly distributes your heat setting so the temperature you set the device at is accurate.

This flat iron comes with 110/220 voltages for universal travel convenience. You can adjust it from 120F to 450f, and the extra long cord has a 360-degree swivel.

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Why We Like This Flat Iron 

Usually these package deals with the extra bits are less than the sum of their parts. That’s not the case with HSI’s Glider.

While the extras are nice, especially the silk tout bag, the flat iron is surprisingly good for the price bracket. The ceramic plates are coated with a gloss that slides through your hair. And the heat distribution worked very well.

The ion lining means that frizzies and strays stay in line. I found that the heat settings responded quickly, too. One of the biggest gripes I have with consumer level flat irons is how many passes you have to do to get straight hair. But this HSI product worked better than some irons for double and triple the price.

I think this is a great option for those who want a professional flat iron but don’t want to pay professional prices.

What Could Be Better

While the heat settings work great, it can take a little longer to reach optimal heat that other models on my list. But if you put the proper time aside to do you hair, this won’t ever be an issue.

4. KIPOZI Professional Hair Straightener

Packed with features, the Kipozi hair straightener is perfect for anyone looking to replicate that salon look at home any day of the week.

KIPOZI Professional Hair Straightener

The smart display on the face of the device informs you on heat setting, adjustment, and when it’s ready to use. This takes out some guesswork many people new to hair straightening must make.

The titanium plates heat quicker than basic ceramics and reach a temperature of 450F within minutes. The plates are smooth to the touch and won’t strip or pull your hair.

With the ionic technology your hair won’t dry out even if used weekly. The even heat distribution means you’ll need fewer passes to achieve the look you’re trying to get.

The installed 1” plate is the ideal size for straightening and styling. And because the plates float, there’s no worry of pinching or scorching your hair. They apply just enough pressure to straighten and control strays.

The Kipozi flat iron comes with 110/220v capability, so it can be used anywhere in the world. And the 360-degree swivel cord is tangle free and heat resistant.

Why We Like This Flat Iron

Here’s another worthy option for the best flat iron on a budget. I like the LCD display on this one. It really helps let you know when the iron is ready to use and what setting you put it at.

The titanium plates work very well. Rare was the time that I needed to make over one pass to straighten my hair. And the coating made it so I had no snags or stray hairs.

Another bonus with titanium plates is that they heat much faster than your basic ceramic ones. I never waited over fifteen seconds for the flat iron to beep ready.

And after 90 minutes this product will turn off, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting that you left it plugged in long after you’ve walked out the door.

What Could Be Better

I found the Kipozi was longer than your average hair straightener. The weight was about normal, but if you have a short frame, then you may want to look at another model.

5. Furiden Professional Hair Straightener

Frank, the owner of Furiden, studied product design in college. And when his wife later bemoaned that most hair straighteners were unattractive, it sparked his creativity. Thus, the Furiden hair straightener was born.

Furiden Professional Hair Straightener

This stylish flat iron boasts some impressive features. The dial-adjustment is built into the handle. Called the One Step, all you have to do to adjust heat is twist the handle.

Included in the flat iron is MCH, a new heating system which reaches the set temperature within 15 seconds. Also, MCH evenly spreads the heat across the ceramic plates for smooth performance.

The floating plates combined with a 360-swivel cord means you won’t snag or pull hair as you work. The control offered by this hair straightener is matched only by its incredible design.

With auto shut off and 110/220-volt options taking this flat iron with you while traveling is a joy. Included in the package are hair clips, a Furiden branded comb, and a protective glove.

Why We Like This Flat Iron

I’m a sucker for stylish products and rare is the flat iron that looks as good as the Furiden. When closed, the profile of this thing reminds me of a light saber, in a good way.

But if it this device was only good looking it wouldn’t be on my list no matter how much of a Star Wars fan I was. And thankfully, the flat iron delivers.

I love the twist-adjustment handle. It’s one of those features you don’t think you’ll love until you’ve used it. After spending time with the Furiden, I wish other products would have implemented this feature.

The heat settings all worked as advertised. And the extra long cord gave me lots of elbow room to straighten my hair without worrying about tugging on the wall outlet.

What Could Be Better 

All Furiden hair straighteners comes with a 1” plate, so there’s no option for larger sizes. This is great for curling your hair but for those with big, curly hair it could pose a problem.

6. BIO IONIC OnePass Straightening Iron

Bio Ionic claims to be the first company to manufacture ionic technology in their hair products. They are also the first company to install high-end silicone speed strips and specialized ceramic minerals.

BIO IONIC OnePass Straightening Iron

The technology behind Bio Ionic has one purpose: to provide professional level hair straightening using the most recent science. And because of their dedication to technology, they are ahead of the competition.

The silicone speed strips and cushioned plates mean that your hair is never pinched in the iron. It’s nearly impossible to pull hair while using this device. And the one pass promise gives you the confidence that your straight hair will require half the time versus other brands.

The patented Nano IonicMX technology provides Bio Ionics famous moisturizing heat. By ionizing water particles and thus making them smaller, the iron directs them into your hair. This means it counterbalances the heat emanating from the plates with moisture so you’re less likely to damage your hair.

The BioCeramic heater produces upwards of 400F of steady, even heat. The 9-foot cord is a staple for professional stylists, making it a perfect option for both at home and salon work.

Why We Like This Flat Iron

This is easily the most technology laden product on the list. Bio Ionic prides themselves in delivering products founded on research, math, and lots of testing.

But even with all that math, the outcome was surprisingly consumer friendly. The device has a handful of heat adjustments and reaches that setting in less than fifteen seconds.

I loved the silicone coating on the ceramic plates. Although the iron gets hot, I never felt like my hair was in danger of getting burned or dry.

As it says on the product’s hinge, I required only one pass to straighten my hair. But if your hair is very thick or curly, it may take a little more work. That’s because this iron only reaches 400F, a little low for coarse hair.

Overall, I’d recommend this product for those with easily damaged hair or that worry of damaging their hair.

What Could Be Better

While it straightens hair quicker than many other options, thick or very curly hair may take longer to tame because of the lower heat settings than other brands.

7. Karmin G3 Salon Professional Hair Straightener

Karmin is a professional hair product company known worldwide for their innovative, high quality salon dryers and straighteners. This is the third generation Karmin flat iron. They’ve introduced some new features to stand above the competition.

Karmin G3 Salon Professional Hair Straightener

Never one to back down from innovation, Karmin has added a Tourmaline coating to their ceramic plates on the G3. A crystalline mineral, the coating reduces friction and lasts longer than silicone or gloss coatings.

According to Karmin, the 1” plate is the only size you need. It is big enough to flatten the thickest hair and thin enough to curl and style waves within minutes.

The specialized heating element has been re-designed to reach temperatures in seconds. And the negative ion lining and infrared heat source reduce static buildup and hydrate your hair as you work.

Why We Like This Flat Iron 

The first thing I noticed about Karmin’s flat iron was the weight. Coming in at just over one pound it was easily one of the lightest in my list.

This afforded the flat iron extra maneuverability compared to some of my options. I think the G3 is ideal for you budding stylists out there. Curling hair would be very easy with this product.

The crystalline coating seemed to work well. I noticed that my hair passed through without a single pinch. And the heat settings were very quick to reach temperature.

I think this is a great option for anyone in need of a professional level flat iron and likes to change up their style every season.

What Could Be Better 

Some users have complained that the heating element can be temperamental. I had no problems with the device, but there were enough people mentioning it to pass on the info to you.

What to Look for in the Best Professional Hair Straightener

Your new hair straightener is an important investment. Invest well, and it’ll last you years. And while you may think all flat irons are the same, they aren’t. Every brand has design choices that work for some people and not for others. Here are our tips for choosing the right hair straightener for you.

  • Width of the Plate

This point matters more to those with big hair than those with thin hair. For the girl or guy with thick and unwieldy hair, a larger plate could help.

But it’s not so simple as choosing a big plate if you have a lot of hair. Most people seem to like the 1” to 1.5” sizes. Remember, the larger the plate, the harder it can be to do styles other than straight. So if you like to do waves or long curls, the smaller plate is a better option.

  • Heat Setting Options

Different hair types require specific heat settings. Thick, curly, and coarse hair require a higher temperature than thin, straighter hair. Many hair straighteners boast super hot settings. But if you don’t move fast you can singe your hair or dry it out.

So it often means the highest settings are for those who know how to use them. But if you’re willing to learn, then buying a flat iron with high heat settings could be of use to you down the road.

  • Ceramic Plates Vs. Titanium Plates

The two leading types flat iron surfaces both have their followers. And while neither one can be considered better than the other, they have specific uses.

Ceramic plates heat faster than titanium. They also smooth our thick hair with less damage to the strands. Titanium plates boast an ionic charge, which is a fancy way of saying that they can smooth out hair quicker than a ceramic.

There’s some evidence that suggests that ionic charge also hydrates your hair by ionizing water particles in the air around the plates.

  • Yes, Size Matters

On my quest to find the best professional hair straightener, I realized they’re all made to different weight and length specifications. The overall length and girth of these devices varies.

Sometimes the variation is insignificant, and at other times it’s noticeable. I try to mention when it’s noticeable in my reviews. Keep size in mind when you’re choosing between models, as the larger ones may be difficult to wield.

  • Consider Your Optional Features

Some professional flat iron companies vaunt special settings and features, like ionic technology or special coatings on the plates. It varies how much these things matter.

The real test of a great flat iron is in the bones. All the options I list are at least better than your drugstore variety. My advice is to not get caught up in the sales pitch. Look at what they make the product out of and the quality of its ceramic plates.

  • Stay in Your Budget

The products on my list range in price. I did this to give everyone’s budget a shot at the best option. I did not do this to tempt you into spending more than you can afford. Always consider your budget before making your final choice.

There are good hair straighteners at every price range. The one you can afford may not have all the features you want, but it will last.

My Verdict

A great hair straightener is an investment. You’ll end up having it for years. And as time passes so do your hair styles. Which means the best product has to be one that can handle many types of styles.

Thankfully, that’s exactly what a professional flat iron must do. Stylists use these handy devices for various techniques, like waves and elongated curls.

And having gone over all the options, I came to a few conclusions. For one, if you don’t require a lot of settings but want the quality of a salon product, then I recommend the Good Hair Platinum+. It’s sleek and adjusts its temperature for you.

For those of you that want the settings, either for a salon or at home, then the Furiden is the perfect option. You have plenty of adjustments and I think the quality is unmatched.

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