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Best Professional Hair Clippers Of 2024: 7 Worthy Investments For Novice To Expert Barbers!

Being a barber is the same as being a professional artist, where the main canvas appears to be hair possessed by each client.

While perfecting your form through years of practice can eventually help you gain recognition in the hair scene, all the effort invested in your craft will amount to nothing if you don’t have the right companion, otherwise known as a hair clipper, by your side the whole time.

From Wahl to Andis, there are tons of ideal candidates that come to my mind when I think of ideal hair clippers on the market at the moment meant for professional use, made to cater to barbers.

Furthermore, if you’d like to learn more about how I feel about the best hair clippers that ensure professional results in 2024, alongside a solid assessment of each frontrunner based on my experience, stay tuned until the end of this article!

A Brief Overview: MVP Candidates Among The Best Professional Hair Clippers Of 2024!

MVP Candidates Among The Best Professional Hair Clippers

Before I start uncovering each element of the best top-grade hair clippers according to barbers in the grooming business, you must be wary of what each candidate specialises in, in addition to knowing where they stand when it comes to versatility.

However, if you’re not aware of either, and would like to obtain a precise one-liner of each to save time from your 9 to 5, here’s a table that will work wonders for you and your needs!

Model Name Otherwise Known AsPrice
Wahl Magic ClipBest Hair Clipper For VersatilitySee on Amazon
Oster Classic 76The Most Efficient Tool With A Hefty LifespanSee on Amazon
Wahl BaldingBest Clipper For Black and Balding MenSee on Amazon
Wahl LegendA Gadget That Guarantees Top-grade FadesSee on Amazon
Wahl SeniorThe Most Ideal Tool For Tight Tapers And FadesSee on Amazon
Andis MasterA Mix Of Multi-functionality And DurabilitySee on Amazon
Oster Fast FeedThe Best Possible Investment For BeginnersSee on Amazon

What To Look For In A Professional Hair Clipper: 4 Must-have Features That Help Experts!

The way in which you handle a device can shape the grooming results when you’re aiming for personal growth. However, for securing professional results using hair clippers with ease, perhaps your focus should gravitate towards four major elements.

Listed below are the features I like my professional clippers to guarantee and ensure. Some of them tend to benefit the outcome of my business, while others save tons of future costs from my pocket.

From ensuring a long shelf life to having the right tools, here are some of the essential features of professional hair clippers!

A multipurpose clipping blade

Having a great blade is a crucial requirement that every clipper claiming to generate professional results must obtain. They shouldn’t just be structured to provide precision, but also prioritize the sensitivity of the scalp to maximize the client’s satisfaction by providing safety at all times.

Reliable facilitators that support the blade

Having a professional hair clipper that considers one genre as its forte as long as the results of the hair clipper are good in theory and in practice. However, if one lacks the ability to provide what is promised, the hair clipper should always have reliable assistants to take the fall and reverse the scenario.

While battery indicators can help tremendously, I feel that having associates such as a lever is mandatory for blades that can’t guarantee the results they claim to provide. This is a small consolation for what they can’t do, but also a plus as it increases the versatility of the device.

Robustness in its hardware

Hair clippers are hard workers in general, but professional-grade hair clippers often deal with a volume of clients overall. And while the components beyond the surface such as the motor should always be prepared, the ideal professional hair clipper should also be prepared to take a fall whenever.

While having a reliable Li-Ion battery will make things easier, I feel that, it’s also necessary for the handle of the device to consist of resilient and expensive raw materials.

In other words, having a good battery life, solid hardware, and powerful motor skills and technical abilities won’t just shape the results, but the resilience will also make the device serve for a longer time!

Convenience in navigation

When trying to ensure longevity, a lot of hair clippers tend to lift and add to the strength of their housing, which explains the hefty weight of most heavy-duty clippers.

However, despite carrying all that weight, the ideal hair clipper should always promise easygoing results to barbers, preferably through providing seamless navigation using the structure of their build.

Relevant accessories

Professional-grade hair clippers always require effective tools to aid their restoration process and results, which is why they always secure the right accessories in their packaging.

Often, in addition to providing the right attachments that are relevant to what the clipper specializes in, having a blade oil is a must.

Irrespective of size, it is also important for a top-grade hair clipper to carry a brush for the hard-to-reach areas at the base of the clipper head.

Unveiling the Highs And Lows With My Experience: 7 Resilient Professional Hair Clippers Of 2024!

7 Resilient Professional Hair Clippers

With the help of the previously mentioned segments, I hope you’re not only able to save time, but also become more wary of the hair clippers I’ll be highlighting throughout this guide.

In addition, if you’d like an in-depth analysis with a thorough insight into everything I noticed when putting the best hair clippers involving Wahl, Andis, and Oster to the test, the following segments should reward you tremendously.

From Wahl Magic Clip to Oster Fast Feed, here are all the hair clippers that make up my list of the best professional-grade hair clippers of 2024, tailored carefully for every local, intermediate, and expert barber in the hairdressing scene!

Wahl Magic Clip

Dealing with various types of demands is the norm when you’ve chosen the path to being a barber. Alongside working on your form, it’s always best to keep a great tool next to you that can adapt to the customer’s needs.

Wahl Magic Clip design

Well, that’s when the first professional hair clipper, otherwise known as the Wahl Magic Clip, comes in.

The device offers not only heavy-duty usage with its tapered build, but also defies the laws of hair cutting with its stagger tooth blade.

I believe that, in my experience, this device has plenty of perks to offer, but only to barbers who prefer variety over specialisation.

The stagger tooth blade, which is considered to be one of the best companions for Wahl clippers, is a banger for its buck, generating smooth blends in the blink of an eye.

Wahl Magic Clip blade

Featuring a mix of thinly crafted sharp yet gentle edges, the Magic clip is my recommended pick for barbers who primarily crave and give out maintenance cuts, especially to help clients battle against the heat of summer.

The blade is also good at removing bulk, allowing professionals to deal with medium-length hair in a jiffy.

I like how the structure also provides some texture during a haircut around the top half of the fade or blend, which tends to provide more elevation around the roots of the hair, providing great service to those with flat hair.

Wahl Magic Clip lever

close-up of lever

While the Wahl Magic clip excels in being a zero gap clipper like the Balding, I feel that this model outdoes the former with its adjustable lever system, which fails to carry the depths of that incorporated in Wahl Senior, but feels effective enough to add guidelines to the blend provided by Magic Clip.

The lever system might feel too complex to understand for new barbers, which is why hairdressers must consider using the comb attachments provided, which carry a set of 8 covering the lengths 1.5mm to 1 inch respectively.

Using the guards will also be a great way to secure a proper fade, and reduce bulk without leaving behind space for irreversible errors.

Magic Clip with attachments

Magic Clip with attachments

Let’s talk about its housing for a bit, which is quite robust, if I might add.

The device isn’t protected by a metal casing like Andis Fade Master or the Senior, but can survive an 8-foot fall with ease.

All the hefty components make the Wahl Magic clip worthwhile, especially if you’re seeking a professional clipper that will serve your barbering career for years.

Full shot of Wahl Magic Clip

Full shot of Wahl Magic Clip

The fact that it supports cordless operation is also a component that adds to this Wahl clipper’s appeal, providing tons of mobility during use.

Tackling enclosed areas is a challenge that you might stumble upon when working with hair clippers. However, with the flexibility provided by Wahl Magic clip, even the area around the ear lobe can be cleaned to perfection!

Wahl magic clip in hand

Wahl magic clip in hand

All the heavy-duty materials used for the housing ultimately add to the weight, which might require some time to get used to.

The weight might even make your form a bit inconsistent at first. But as you learn how to take it one stroke at a time, generating smooth and convincing visuals should be a walk in the park.

Wahl magic clip plugged in and charging

Wahl magic clip plugged in and charging

The cordless device beats out many favorable hair clippers with its endurance, backed by a Li-Ion battery with a runtime of 100 minutes. On average, the runtime can help serve at least 10 clients at a time.

On a busy day, I also seem to appreciate the corded abilities of the Magic Clip, which usually gives the hair clipper more juice to run for an unlimited amount of time.

Many barbers tend to exploit the previous trait, believing that this Wahl can run for hours. However, according to my experience, I’d say that an hour and 30 minutes usually hits the sweet spot.

I’m quite fond of its motor that can be adjusted with screws, but also provides corded operation.

The corded operation may seem irrelevant at first, but you don’t know how well it stands out during times of need.

Image: Wahl magic in motion

I’ve personally found this trait extremely helpful during prolonged hours, which walked the extra mile by ensuring consistency within the motor.

Moving in an upward and downward motion is enough for the Magic clip, as the weight increases the precision of each stroke.

Instead of hoping to fasten the process through changing form, I’d suggest you embrace the resilient qualities of the Wahl Magic clip, the best possible clipper for effortless fades, and precise blends.

Stagger tooth blade that specialises in blending and providing close shavesIs one of the heaviest candidates from the Wahl models
Has a precise lever that sharpens results
100 minute runtime
Can walk the extra mile with corded abilities

Oster Classic 76

After Wahl, Oster is definitely the only brand one must seek help from to obtain professional haircutting results, especially with the Oster 76, one of the two must-have Oster clippers to exist in the business.

The 76 might throw any barber off with its cylinder-shaped housing, but that’s only one of the specialities that come in full bloom during later times.

Oster 76 full sized shot

Oster 76 full sized shot

When used, I feel that the unorthodox housing always manages to provide incredible grip control, which is exactly what any expert craves to ensure consistency in their results.

Meeting that match is the magnificently curated blade system of the Oster 76, which is similar to that of the Magic clip in terms of versatility.

Oster 76 in hand

Oster 76 in hand

Though I still don’t understand why the device lacks a much-needed lever, the blade system is what makes the 76 one of the best hair clippers in my eyes, which often starts with a stainless steel 1” blade when you purchase the hair clipper from the shelf.

While the stock blade is invincible at reducing bulk and slimming down the density of the temple, know that this Oster has more tricks up its sleeve.

Oster 76's blade system

Oster 76’s blade system

What really separates this device from any Andis and Wahl clipper is its association with 14 kinds of blade systems, which carry 5 types of blades alone.

In addition to being compatible with blades falling under the variant of 1, 2, 3 guards, the Oster 76 also provides special additives for generating marvellous textured cuts, thanks to its texture blade.

Alongside the textured blade are the Flattop T blade and a Skip Tooth blade, both of which can engrave designs on a fade haircut with ease.

The T-blade can allow barbers to close out haircuts involving buzz cuts and butch cuts, while the Skip Tooth blade appears to be a great facilitator when ironing out density from long hair.

Image: Oster 76 when in use

Perhaps the only win-lose situation of this device is its weight, which can easily overwhelm any barber trying the Oster 76 for the first time.

I too used to struggle when using the Oster 76 at first, but that’s only because I used to stress too much with the device in hand.

Closeup of Oster 76's handle

Closeup of Oster 76’s handle

Once I allowed the weight to take charge of my form, not only did the fades and the performance of the device improve, but so did my experience with this unbeatable hair clipper.

I understand the cylinder-like handle might throw you off, but the spiral pattern around it can be a great solution for experts who cope with clammy hands like I do.

Power switch of Oster 76

Power switch of Oster 76

Another element you should keep an eye out for is its joystick-shaped power button, which might seem fun to use at first.

Not all is fun and games about the compartment, however, as the joystick can easily power up during times of recovery, which won’t just absorb the battery life, but might also make your clients the recipient of a bad haircut!

The motor ensures hours of operation, but can also be annoying to hear for hair connoisseurs who deal with a huge volume of clients on a daily basis.

Oster 76 power screws

Oster 76 power screws

To tune it down a bit, however, I suggest you use the two power screws and turn it anti-clockwise using a screwdriver.

When push comes to shove, the Oster 76 is perhaps the most ideal companion for its longevity, and consistency.

Oster 76 full shot of device

Oster 76 full shot of device

The materials used for the device tend to last for 10 years on average, while the blades can serve for 6 months when used over 20 times a day.

To speed up the process, the device also comes with an electric clipper grease, which fuels the motor of the hair clipper and increases the motions covered by the blade system.

Oster 76 with clipper grease and lubricating oil

Oster 76 with clipper grease and lubricating oil

Nonetheless, for starters with a huge budget, the Oster 76 should be your endgame hair clipper.

The fact that you have to manually change the blade to introduce variety won’t help during crunchtime, but can definitely be a great incentive and a fun activity for veterans in the hairdressing industry with classic taste!

Adding to the former incentive is the comfort it provides with its unorthodox handle, which can support barbers with small to large hands. But what seals the deal is definitely how well the Oster 76 responds to relentless use, serving barbers for over a decade on average!

The cordless version can be a good idea if you travel frequently, but the corded clipper remains the better candidate in my eyes, providing tons of runtime, power, and speed when executed properly.

Enables clipping in 14 different ways with its compatibilityIs prone to accidental power-ups which can ruin the haircut of clients
Barbers can adjust the speed with its power screws
Provides tons of grip control with textured cylinder-shaped handle
Can reduce the duration of a haircut with some clipper grease

Wahl Balding

While dealing with tons of hair is one problem that barbers deal with, another would be the struggle of rejuvenating the confidence in balding men.

Wahl Balding design

Every problem has a solution, however. And for barbers working with clients suffering from aggressive hair loss, having a Wahl Balding clipper can be one of the very few means of rescue!

Wahl Balding is quite one-dimensional, I’ll admit.

Nonetheless, it remains one of my favorite hair clippers to use for high-contrast looks as well as close shaves.

Blade of Wahl balding

Blade of Wahl balding

The MVP behind the previous results is its overlap blade, which is the only surgical blade in the hairdressing industry. It operates seamlessly over the scalp, making it easy to generate quick results.

The 6X0 blade tends to cut extremely close, that too without damaging the condition of the scalp. This can be great news if you’re not wary of your client’s scalp condition, which could either be balanced and healthy, or prone to cuts and bruises.

Just like any model of Wahl, the Balding ensures longevity with weighty raw materials.

However, as long as you can manage the weight of the device, using Wahl’s Balding will always give you the chance to provide aesthetically pleasing results with ease!

Wahl balding handle and design

Wahl balding handle and design

The button configuration is as simple as it comes, with a toggling switch to start the process. It remains one of the easiest companions to side with, due to the power button feeling soft and easy to cooperate with.

To remain loyal to clean shaves, this Wahl clipper ditches the need for a lever-system, which might prove to be redundant for connoisseurs with a list of other hair clippers in your arsenal, but might be challenging to work with if you’re seeking an all-in-one tool like the Wahl Senior.

Wahl senior and balding in hand

Wahl senior and balding in hand

The rotary motor device is rather slow in contrast to the magnetic motor of the Andis Professional master, as well, another device that is a specialist in creating bald fades when push comes to shove!

The V5000 motor is a great investment, though, providing limitless speed to the Wahl Balding on most occasions. Therefore, though this model might take more time than usual, it will always win over barbers during overtime, operating slowly, but surely until the finish line is crossed.

Wahl balding attachments

Wahl balding attachments

That’s not the only element that adds to Balding’s results, by the way, as the tool also offers a 1/16 comb guard and a 3/16 comb guard in hopes of creating tons of detail on a skin fade without looking out of place.

Though having a lever could have helped in the previous scenario, I feel that the comb attachments might help amateur hairdressers improve their portfolio, mainly by ensuring accuracy in their cuts.

Using the device should be a breeze if you’re already accustomed to using the best of Wahl clippers, but might need some extra practice if this is to be your first investment.

Though Wahl Balding is surely not the lightest contender on this list, I feel that it definitely falls in the top 3 as one of the heaviest hair clippers made for professional use.

Wahl Balding in the palm

Wahl Balding in the palm

The fact that it lacks cordless operation and equips a cord that is 8 foot long appears to be a liability in this case, as it definitely enhances the weight of the device by plenty, making it tough for barbers to cooperate with the tool occasionally.

The tapered nature of the base of the handle still provides tons of grip control, as does the matte-based glossy texture of the device. I also like the ceramic pattern, which could win barbers over if they prioritize presentability as well.

While it remains my number#1 companion for bald men, the Wahl Balding is a bit of a liability for versatility. Regardless, due to its generous price tag, Wahl Balding is a leader in the eyes of experts, with an incredible price-to-performance ratio.

Carries a zero blade that prioritizes timeLacks a lever system
Is a specialist in providing skin fades with precise guidelinesMight not be reliable due to only offering one design
Blade is infused with surgical properties to serve sensitive skin
Has a tapered base to increase user experience

Wahl Senior

Up next is a member of the Big 3 of Wahl, otherwise known as the Wahl Senior. It is surely a cut above the rest with its multipurpose hardware, which shouldn’t be dismissed if you work with a range of clients with different hair types.

Wahl Senior fade blade

Wahl Senior fade blade

The fade blade supporting Wahl isn’t necessarily the ideal candidate if you’d like to shave as close as the Balding or Fast Feed, but is a specialist in variety, which somehow manages to elevate itself with the help of the lever.

The adjustable lever is what you need to find success with this Wahl, covering 3 different settings in one go.

Wahl Senior adjustable lever

Wahl Senior adjustable lever

The lowest setting can provide more definition to a skin fade, while the open lever can be used to mesh what’s underneath to make the overall haircut look natural and organized.

What provides further assistance is the comb guards, featuring a trio of 1/16mm, 1/8mm, and 3/16mm guards respectively.

The guards are equipped with a metal base, which can help barbers when dealing with extremely coarse hair. Securing incredible firmness, the clips stay on even when the Wahl Senior is about to give in!

Wahl Senior with attached comb guard

Wahl Senior with attached comb guard

If you close the lever to decrease the elevation of the fade blade, know that this bad boy can even serve a skin fade, especially if you swipe on the same area multiple times.

Don’t count on that entirely, however, as I feel that the Wahl Senior works best with low to high tapers, and natural fades of any length.

Senior when powered on

Senior when powered on

Just like the Legend and Magic clip, the Wahl Senior also enables perfectly crafted guidelines of fades and tapers, having a nice record for clipper over comb work.

Working the fade blade past the bristles of the comb is not just a forte that every barber calling themselves a professional should have, but also a form of art that many like myself consider therapeutic.

Image: Wahl Senior partaking in clipper-over-comb work

This is also a great trait for beginners lacking experience in closing out fades, as clipper over comb work only reduces the extra bulk from the upper half of the fade to the bottom to increase the accuracy of results.

While the metal-infused body meshed with a plastic frontside might be questionable at first, it provides incredible visuals, adding to the neutral color scheme of the Wahl Senior.

In fact, among the Wahl franchise, I feel that the Senior is the best-looking hair clipper, ditching the maroon paint job for a jet-black hue.

Wahl Senior’s housing

Wahl Senior’s housing

In terms of weight, it reprises all the traditional requirements for a good hair clipper, carrying tons of durability, even when dropped.

The hardware also guarantees protection at all times, allowing the Wahl Senior to not just serve their investors for a long time, but also guarantee top-grade results until it’s time to replace the blade system.

When it comes to time, the Wahl Senior offers plenty, averaging over 80 minutes of cordless use with ease. In contrast to the Wahl models, the Senior feels quite easy to navigate, which is a plus when you take into account the elements of its hardware.

Wahl Senior when plugged in and charging

Wahl Senior when plugged in and charging

When using this system, it’s possible to cater and serve to at least 10 clients, which increases even further if you’re a barber who often dishes out maintenance cuts.

However, if you need more time to generate proper results, I suggest you invest in the corded one, or use the cordless variant while the hair clipper is plugged in and charging.

As long as you know how to unscrew the blade, the upkeep process should be easy. Just use the blade oil provided by Wahl regularly, especially if you want the device to age gracefully.

Senior in hand

Senior in hand

More often than not, the Senior tends to serve for years at a time, but falls behind due to being a bit slower than the rest in producing final results.

If I were to place my trust in one device of Wahl, though, I’d probably side with the Senior every time due to how promising it is from every angle. It not only moves me away with its visuals, but always has my back with its fade blade, which can adapt to any barber demanding versatility in their hair clippers!

Has the deepest lever system for accurate resultsIs a bit slow in producing results
A metal-infused housing that makes it immune to fall damage
Is the lightest hair clipper of Wahl
Carries a fade blade that can also provide close shaves

Wahl Legend

On the other hand, if you constantly find yourself working with natural modifications, but not refrain from high contrast looks such as zero fades, your main pick should revolve around the Wahl Legend, one of the best hair clippers for fades.

The Wahl Legend, in my opinion, does everything within its abilities to provide a proper fade with accurate guidelines, which starts with its fade blade.

Wahl Legend close-up shot of blade

Wahl Legend close-up shot of blade

In contrast to the rest of the precision blades, the structure of this Wahl blade is wider instead of narrow, which introduces tons of soft visuals on any haircut generated by this Wahl model.

The cutting guides definitely contribute a lot as well, being slightly larger and bulkier than the average comb attachments provided by Wahl.

Wahl Legend next to attachments

Wahl Legend next to attachments

The 8 attachments follow a metal clip-on housing for incorporating incredible grip control, and can cover lengths between 1/16 to an inch when push comes to shove.

The fact that it reprises Crunch Blade technology isn’t just a win for the ears, but also a great element to take into account if you fail to know when to stop fading the hair.

Image: Wahl legend in operation

The software has helped me many times by providing me cues regarding the starting point of each fade, which is something I used to struggle with in the beginning.

It also provides a natural finish from the bottom to the top, which is what many like to wear these days.

Assisting the fade blade is a deep lever, which is about as powerful as that engraved in the Wahl Magic clip.

Close-up of Wahl Legend’s lever

Close-up of Wahl Legend’s lever

When used with the blade system of Legend, however, the lever tends to allow this Wahl clipper to remove bulk from hair with ease.

I quite fancy how the Legend looks, ditching the plastic based buttons for metal-infused compartments. Though a bit stiff, I feel that the button configuration of this clipper is reliable, and doesn’t break easily when incurring damage.

Wahl Legend in hand

Wahl Legend in hand

The weight is a bit concerning, though, and can easily be a turn-off if you’d like to pursue something that feels light.

In contrast to the rest, the Wahl Legend appears to be all about the visuals, having very little to do with durability.

One of its highlights is a runtime of 100 minutes, which is something that you can only find on the cordless model.

Close up of Legend's handle and label

Close up of Legend’s handle and label

The gold coating is pretty nice, but is often overlooked due to the gadget comprising a stocky build.

If I were to give a final take on Wahl Legend, I’d say that it’s amazing to have in hand if you’re seeking a dedicated companion to close out any natural fade or create blends at one go.

Wahl Legend’s battery indicator

Wahl Legend’s battery indicator

Just like the cordless models, the Legend also provides corded operation, being ideal to rely on during rush hour.

This could be a bit of a liability for barbers who only make time for finishing up a fade haircut, but can prove to be as beneficial as any other professional clipper if one keeps an eye on the flashing pattern of the battery status.

Pros Cons
Provides all the necessary tools for the perfect fadeExtremely stiff button configuration
Carries a sizable fade blade to guarantee accurate resultsStruggles to guarantee fast results
Offers a runtime of 100 minutes
A specialist in clipper-over-comb work

Andis Professional Master

The Andis Master sometimes falls short of being the best electric gadget of the franchise, but deserves to be in the hall of fame for hair clippers due to being a one-man army and a long-term companion in one.

Close-up of Andis Master's blade system

Close-up of Andis Master’s blade system

It all starts with its carbon-infused blade, which not only rejuvenates itself from rust, but also offers hours of operation without signs of damage or inconsistency.

I love how sharp it is, too, despite having slender edges around the precision blade.

Once winded down, the Andis Master appears to cover not only sharp blends and tapers, but also serves skin fades with ease.

The secret behind the success of the Andis Master is its 5-level lever system, covering ranges from 0 mm to 1.5mm at most.

Lever of Andis master

Lever of Andis master

This also explains the empty nature of its packaging, which lacks comb attachments.

The metal housing is what I’m extremely fond of, which feels slightly better than the craftsmanship of Wahl Senior, one of the fiercest rivals of the Andis Master.

Full shot of Andis master's housing

Full shot of Andis master’s housing

The materials used for the Andis Master are quite premium, which explains why the device might weigh your hair down.

Andis master in hand

Andis master in hand

Don’t get me wrong, however, as the longevity of the layout carrying Andis Master is amazing, and can easily last for a decade if taken care of.

To keep up with Andis Profoil and Oster Fast Feed, the Master mimics their speed, being powered by a magnetic motor.

Andis master's power switch and lever

Andis master’s power switch and lever

It is believed that the magnetic motor also adjusts the frequency of speed based on the hair type of users, which is a plus for sensitive skin.

The aluminium housing looks amazing, too, being a must-have for you if you prioritize looks and power at once.

Speaking of power, did you know that this Andis hair clipper covers over 14,000 SPM?

Close-up of Andis master's button configuration

Close-up of Andis master’s button configuration

Additionally, to be as simple as possible, Andis Master refuses to carry fancy additives in its hardware.

The rocker switch and lever are pretty stiff and can be annoying to deal with during times of anxiety, but they tend to serve their purpose rather well in moments of adversity.

If you’re wondering about the lifespan of the blade, know that you may use one for 12 months at a time. Since the carbon blade hardly ever accumulates moisture, however, be sure to use some blade oil every 2 sessions to prevent the blade from hurting people.

Andis master design

With the help of the blade system and the lever, you can easily create a fully formed fade, regardless of where it is positioned. In addition, you can also remove bulk rather effortlessly with the Andis Master, which is something I found out rather recently.

The fact that it doesn’t offer comb guards is a great way of displaying just how confident Andis is in the Fade Master’s abilities. However, it can prove to be a bit disadvantageous for beginner barbers.

I do believe that the fade you can create with the Andis Master is as precise as it comes, but the importance of comb guards is to teach users while maintaining accurate results, two of which can be hampered when you’ve used the Andis Master for too long.

Image: Andis master in motion

Be sure to take it one stroke at a time with this device, as the Andis Master is as hefty as they come. Don’t hesitate to trust the device if you’re seeking an all-in-one solution, especially if you’re not fond of Wahl Senior or the compatible blade system of the Oster 76!

All-round metal infused body with tons of resilienceThe device is almost as heavy as the Oster 76
Magnetic motor that provides consistent power-upsCan be difficult to navigate due to comprising hefty materials
Blade and lever can provide 6 different results without requiring comb attachments
Carbon coated blade that doesn’t rust easily

Oster Fast Feed

Concluding this list is a great replacement for the Senior and Master, otherwise known as the Oster Fast Feed.

The Fast Feed is just like the 76 in terms of speed, but has a blade that reprises qualities of the surgical blade that the Balding is known for. This guarantees a close shave every time, being a facilitator to barbers that work extensively with skin fades!

Fast feed's blade system

Fast feed’s blade system

Generating a precise trim to hairless results is what I like to do with the Fast Feed, which can be turned into a proper fade with guidelines using its deep lever.

This element remains a missing piece for the Classic 76, which prefers relying on multiple detachable blade systems instead, catering to old heads. The Fast Feed begs to differ, it seems, catering more to professionals with a curated taste for a series of designs.

Fast Feed design

I like the drastic difference between the 76 and Fast Feed when it comes to the design, which feels modernized and easier to look at on the Fast Feed.

Andis master and fast feed in hand

Andis master and fast feed in hand

Though the weight of the build is quite similar, the feel of the Fast Feed equates to a feather when pitted against the Oster 76, and models like Andis Master. forgoing mistakes without putting in much effort.

The lever doesn’t go as deep as required, but it allows the blade to move around just enough to close off a high-contrast look, such as a bald taper.

Fast feed lever

Fast feed lever

Similar to the Classic 76, the Fast Feed requires moving in a two-way motion to generate proper results without signs of failure.

One of the biggest pros of this tool is in its name; fast.

Fast feed when in hand

Fast feed in hand

Indeed, the Fast Feed is one of the most efficient hair clippers when it comes to saving time, powered by a motor that runs consistently without any hiccups.

I love the fact that it reprises the simple button configuration of Oster models, comprising only a lever and a power button.

This is a huge game changer for barbers who aren’t big on using fancy gadgets like the FADE KING, but rather a companion that lets them dive straight into action!

Power switch of fast feed and 76

Power switch of fast feed and 76

While the Oster 76 is more durable in the long run, the Fast Feed feels like the better candidate if you’d like to avoid accidental powerups; an element that the Oster 76 is known for due to its joystick-like power switch.

Often, the device doesn’t need much maintenance. Retaining the moisture of the blade can allow ideal results on a daily basis, though, so be sure to keep a blade oil in hand.

For a clipper that defies speed, the Fast Feed is kind of risky to use for prolonged hours.

Fast Feed housing

Fast Feed housing

And since the motor can’t be controlled or managed with a screw, I believe that a little over an hour of runtime should be the norm for this hair clipper.

Do keep an eye on the blade, by the way, since it is notorious for heating up rather fast, making users prone to injuries.

The Fast Feed, according to my experience, only operates without heating up for an hour at most, which should be an element barbers should note down as soon as possible.

If you often lose track of time, try and listen to the motor of the system. Give the Oster Fast Feed a break if the motor fluctuates in speed, and find a replacement in the Senior so you could still serve your client with promising results.

Modernized build with lightweight operationStruggles to reduce bulk with ease
Offers more accessible versatility than the 76 with an adjustable lever and attachments
A new rocker switch that prevents accidental power-ups
Perfect for beginners due to price tag

How To Buy The Ideal Professional Hair Clippers for Barbers: My Two Cents And Ratings On The Main Factors!

Regardless of what they say, good results don’t just generate overnight, but are also shaped by certain factors.

Likewise, if you feel that your perfected form isn’t making things any better, perhaps it’s your clipper that needs a change of scene.

Additionally, if you’re not sure about everything you need to inspect before your purchase, here are the main factors that should shape the future of your investment opportunity.

Adaptability To Change And Execution

Adaptability To Change And Execution

Prior to making a purchase, you have to look into the purpose of the hair clipper, and how well it responds to changes.

When it comes to performance, the Magic clip is the best at providing anything at any time.

The stagger tooth blade allows barbers to create blends and razor-sharp skin fades with ease, while the attachments can give them enough service to complete the necessary guidelines and remove bulk simultaneously.

The Andis Master is not too far behind the Magic clip, meeting various traits of the former with a 5-level lever and an optimal blade system.

The lever enables barbers to produce zero fades, while the magnetic motor reduces the time frame required for results to come in.

In third place is the Oster 76, which could take a while to change shape due to lacking comb attachments, but can provide tons of variety to barbers due to being associated with 14 different blade types; 5 of which cover different forms of 0 guards.

It falls short of being a winner, though, since the detachment and reattachment of blades is mostly manual, which often tends to get in the nerves of experts, so to speak.

While the Senior is in fourth place with tons of versatility under its belt, the device falls short due to having a slow motor.

The same applies to Wahl Legend, which can provide fades of different lengths and precise guidelines, despite lacking in speed.

Wahl Balding and Fast Feed are specialists in providing skin fades, but Balding remains the underdog due to Fast Feed’s versatility; an attribute it finds with its lever system.

Due to the Balding only being capable of offering close shaves to barbers, I can’t help but pick the Oster Fast Feed over the one-dimensional tool, which is a decision barbers prioritizing designs over budget should side with as well.

The Convenience of Craftsmanship

The Convenience of Craftsmanship

Since seamless navigation will only generate effortless results, it’s mandatory to look into the weight of your device to assess what you’ll be working with.

In my eyes, almost all the hair clippers mentioned on this list exceed the measurement of 12 ounces, with many like Magic clip and Andis Professional Master weighing more than usual.

The weight could be difficult to adapt to at first, but it shouldn’t be a big issue for professionals who have already tasted success with clippers.

Oster 76 is one of the heaviest in terms of weight, which feels even more hefty if you use the corded version.

However, once you obtain enough grip control and strength to adapt and navigate each hair clipper over the scalp, I feel that all of them will reward you with good results.

If I were to make a top three, though, I’d pick Wahl Senior, Oster Fast Feed, and Andis Master for how well they support themselves, despite being heavier than a brick when push comes to shove.

While they do weigh heavy on the wrist, the simple button navigation alongside their easy going maneuverability make them ideal for professional barbers.

Runtime And Stamina

Runtime And Stamina

All the hair clippers covered throughout this list are either corded, or cordless, to say the least.

While the corded ones secure more runtime, such as the Andis Master, Wahl Balding, the Oster Fast Feed, and the Oster 76, Wahl Legend, Magic Clip, and Senior walk the extra mile, offering a run time between 80 to 100 minutes on average, that too with more flexibility.

What makes the cordless models more appealing in my eyes is the fact that they also promote corded use, which not only guarantees consistency, but also works like a charm when dealing with a series of customers at one go.

Though I do have tons of admiration for the cordless models due to providing more time for operation, I feel that the corded models guarantee longevity, which is when the Oster 76 stands out in particular.

This tends to come in full bloom when dealing with rush hour for barbers, since each device will hardly run out of juice when giving out fades.

The thought of having a cordless model can appeal to barbers who prioritize mobility and seamless navigation.

Charging it repeatedly without giving the cordless clippers time to recover might burn them out, and in turn, reduce their lifespan with each day.

And since it may also hamper the quality of results, I’d always suggest barbers give corded clippers a chance above siding with cordless ones.

Cost-benefit Analysis

Cost-benefit Analysis

Aiming for versatility is extremely important for barbers hoping to find success in the hairdressing scene; which is why I always prefer hair clippers that offer just enough for the price they charge.

Wahl Senior, Wahl Magic Clip, Oster 76 and the Andis Professional Master remain my favorite candidates in this regard, offering more than the rest with their blade systems, lever, and so on.

In addition to being able to generate top-grade hair results, all four of the formerly-mentioned clippers provide consistency in the long run, serving barbers for over half a decade, when push comes to shove.

Oster 76 is a bit more pricey than the rest, but can prove to be the best possible hair clipper if you invest in the 14 blades it is compatible with.

The Legend proves to be a bit underwhelming due to being only useful when shaping fades, while the Balding appears to be a liability for only catering to close shaves.

Nonetheless, due to being a specialist in their abilities, barbers can still give themselves a green flag when considering the pair as promising investment opportunities.

The Fast Feed provides all the necessities with its lever system and attachments, but only works as a sidekick in contrast to Oster 76. For it’s price though, I would always suggest this clipper be a mandatory purchase for local barbers hoping to find staggering and salon-like results on a low budget.

The Aftermath Of Using Professional Hair Clippers: A Thorough Guide For Maintenance

Placing your trust and investing your money in the right tool should be two necessities to carry out if you’re hoping to walk away with a win upon reaching the conclusion of this guide.

Though the previously-mentioned sections will help you enhance your knowledge of the showstoppers in the world of hair clippers and how well they perform when exploited with precision, not one area will help you if you don’t know how to use a hair clipper.

While these are the steps you can take notes from in order to perfect the art of cutting hair using a hair clipper, the following steps should be followed once you’re done with each session to ensure the upkeep of blades, and increase the longevity of each device!

Moisturise the blade 

Moisturise the blade

After using the blade, while washing is mandatory, be sure to lather it up in oil.

That way, not only the motor will feel refuelled enough to provide consistency, but the blade will also retain its precision to generate the best possible results every time!

Rub some alcohol to avoid potential harm

In addition to having a different hair type, everyone’s scalp carries a different pH level; an issue that can hamper other clients if left unattended.

Since maintaining hygiene is also a must, it is advised you clean the blade of each clipper with rubbing alcohol to kill any kind of germ it may contain, mainly so your clients are saved from serious side effects like contact dermatitis and eczema.

Brush the base of the shaving system

Brush the base of the shaving system

To pluck the hair out from the hard-to-reach areas, try to use a small bristled brush in between the blades, and the base of the shaving system of the clipper.

You may even switch to a toothbrush to remove volumes of hair from your clipper head after a busy day at work.

Keep an eye on the blade’s lifespan and performance 

While this hardly has anything to do with maintenance, it is important that you keep an eye on the performance of your hair clipper, and the visuals of your blade.

A fluctuation in speed might imply something severe. However, if the blade of your clipper appears to be getting stuck and overperforming when instructed to generate consistent results, perhaps it’s time you replace the blade or the gadget if it’s old enough to need a substitute.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you’ve almost reached the finish line, here is an effective questionnaire that will sharpen your memory and enhance your knowledge of the best hair clippers on the market that only cater to professionals!

Q: Which hair clipper should barbers use for versatility?

Ans: If not on a budget, three great options barbers can pursue for versatility are the Oster 76, Andis Professional Master, and the Wahl Magic Clip.

On the contrary, when workingn a budget, I suggest you side with Wahl Senior, or the Oster Fast Feed, both of which are perfect alternatives for one another.

Q: How long do hair clippers last?

Ans: On average, a top-grade hair clipper tends to last for more than 5 years, requiring new blades 6 months after they’re purchased.

However, some candidates, such as the Oster 76, can exceed that time frame, serving diligently for 10 years at a time.

Q: What should I analyse before obtaining a hair clipper?

Ans: In addition to analysing the weight and build of the material, you must also analyse the additives the hair clipper contains. Some of the bonuses that make a hair clipper better are lever systems, comb attachments, corded charging abilities, and so on.

Furthermore, if you’re on a budget, you must also allow the pricing to influence the decision-making process.

What are the differences between professional hair clippers and personal hair clippers?

Truth be told, most hair clippers are curated for professional use, like the hair clippers from Wahl, Andis, and Oster, respectively.

However, for personal use, it is recommended you take help from Remington Shortcut Pro, an unorthodox clipper providing the experience of a head shaver, generating the jarring results of a hair clipper.

As for differences, not much exists. In fact, personal hair clippers only tend to offer more flexibility with their hardware, and larger attachments to enable users to produce compelling results with ease.

Conversely, professional hair clippers not only generate top-notch results with their powerful motors, but also have a malleable blade system to allow users to generate various hairdos with ease.

Additionally, professional hair clippers are jam-packed with unbeatable raw materials, while personal clippers are easier candidates to rely on when travelling overseas.

Final Takeaway

All in all, with the help of the list provided, I hope you’re able to not just kick start your profession of being a top-notch barber, but also make your debut one to remember.

In addition to looking at the price tag of each candidate, it is crucial that you allocate enough time to assess your budget, what you specialise in, and how much the hair clipper can cater to your needs before finalising your purchase.

If you’d like my take, and are seeking a device that promotes staggering results and mimics the form of various designs, perhaps you should save up for the Oster 76, or pursue my favorite from the mix, the Wahl Magic Clip. For more durability, you may even invest in the Andis Professional Master.

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