Best Professional Hair Dryer for Hair Stylist: Creating Flawless Styles for Your Clients

Styling professionals must have styling tools that are a cut above the average home tools. Clients going to salons have high expectations. They want a look they couldn’t possibly get at home.

For that reason, the best professional hair dryer for hair stylists has to have more features. It has to exceed a stylist’s expectations, too. A client wants a blowout that isn’t full of frizz or flyaways. They can get that kind of style at home. There’s a certain level of blowout clients expect.

We’ve broken down the top 10 hair dryers for the professional stylist. You’ll be happy to have any of these in your salon. You’ll be able to serve your customers the latest hairstyles with ease.

Top 10 Professional Hair Dryer Reviews

What makes a hair dryer good enough for professionals to use? They have great motors that will last for many years. The professional hair dryer will be lightweight and have additions like great attachments. We have provided reviews on 10 of the best professional-quality salon hair dryers.

1. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

This professional-strength dryer has a wattage of 2000. It’s one of the highest wattages you can get for a blow dryer. That makes the device ideal for those who will have a number of clients throughout the day. It’ll last for years with this kind of motor.

The inner workings of the blow dryer is made with ceramic. The ceramic provides negative ions to combat the positive ions in dry hair. It’ll work for every one of your customers. The ceramic delivers far infrared heat, too. It’s gentle while delivering superior heat.

While the 2000w motor is an AC motor, it’s still very lightweight. Overall, the dryer won’t be a problem to hold throughout the day. This dryer weighs a light 1 pound. That’s on the low side for dryers. That’s especially true with dryers that are made with AC motors.

There are 3 temperature settings available with this dryer. There’s cool, warm, and hot. It also has a cool shot button for setting the style when you’re done. There’s a concentrator nozzle for precision styling. Along with those great features, there’s also a removable filter for cleaning.

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What I love about this blow dryer

Stylists will be very satisfied with all the features of this great hair dryer. It has gentle ceramic heat that’s far infrared. Some clients will have dry, fine, or processed hair. That hair will need a gentle heat.

It also has a strong motor, which provides strong air. Powerful air will dry hair much faster. With a fast dryer, you’re holding the dryer for less time. Your clients are subjected to less heat, too.

The dryer has plenty of heat and speed settings for all your customers. There are 3 heat settings as well as a cool shot button. There are also 3 speeds. That’s a variety of air and temperature settings to choose from based on the client.

Mild concern

The rubber texture of the dryer tends to attract lint. You’ll have to clean it frequently to keep it from being covered in dust and lint.

2. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson Supersonic is an innovative hair dryer with many interesting features. The first unique thing about the hair dryer is the shape. It has a long handle topped with a round, dark pink ring. The ring is where the air comes out. The digital motor is actually in the handle.

This actually makes the dryer incredibly well balanced. While the dryer weighs 4 pounds, it actually feels lighter. That’s due to the way the weight is distributed. It’s not top heavy like other dryers. The digital motor is only 1600w, but it’s not like an AC or a DC motor.

There are 4 heat settings for this hair dryer. It has fast drying, regular, gentle, and constant cold. The temperature of the air is measured 20 times every second to ensure that it’s always the exact right temp. Fast drying is 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Regular drying is 176F. Gentle is 140F. There’s also an 82F cold shot for setting your style.

The dryer comes with attachments, too. The attachments are clipped to the dryer magnetically. There’s the smoothing nozzle for sleek styles. It comes with a concentrator and diffuser, too. The attachments will make styling a variety of clients much easier.

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What I love about this blow dryer

This dryer is beautiful and will really impress your clients. They’ll love how innovative the dryer is and will definitely tell their friends. The heat settings are precise. That will ensure that your clients’ hair won’t be ruined by overheating.

With the magnetic attachments, you can easily change them. It takes only a moment to pop one off and attach the next. This is another way that you can have fast turnover in your styling chair. You can easily book more clients every day due to the quickness of this dryer.

The digital motor is acoustically tuned to a frequency that is quiet. It’s way quieter than other hair dryers. You won’t be hurting your eardrums with this dryer running all day.

Mild concern

This dryer doesn’t have dual voltage. This won’t have an impact on your styling job unless you plan on traveling internationally for clients.

3. 6th Sense Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

6th Sense Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

This handcrafted hair dryer is stunningly beautiful. It’s a bright turquoise with a see-through casing. Its look makes it unique and will help you stand out among other stylists. The fact that it’s handcrafted means that it’ll have less issues than other dryers.

The dryer has 2 heat settings; low and high. It has two hair speed settings of low and high, too. There’s also a cool shot button for sealing the hair. There’s a third button that will turn the ion generator on or off. There are some hairstyles that won’t benefit from ions. You have total control over the use of ion technology.

As far as weight, this dryer weighs less than a pound. It’s 12 ounces to be exact. The lightweight nature of the dryer means no arm strain for you when working all day with clients. The dryer also has a 10 foot cord. You’ll be able to circle around a client completely without being stopped short.

On the back of the dryer, there’s a removable filter. To remove it, the filter turns counter clockwise. It’s easily replaced by turning it clockwise to lock. The filter can be rinsed to remove dust and dirt. It’ll keep the dryer running for years.

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What I love about this blow dryer

The dryer has more than a few features that make it perfect for stylists. The dryer’s weight is one of the first things to talk about here. It weighs 12 ounces. You could hold this for hours without the slightest bit of strain. At night, you won’t be icing your shoulder due to pain.

The 10-foot cord is another great feature for stylists. You can easily dry your client’s hair without spinning the chair at all. They can watch you work and see their hair transform before their eyes.

Lastly, the ion generator button. It’s one of the only dryers with this feature on the market. Not everyone needs ions in their hair. Ions can have the effect of providing a sleek base to hair. Clients are not always looking for sleek, straight hair. Some want volume. You can choose whether to have ions or not.

Mild concern

The switches aren’t located in the best place on the handle. They can be moved accidentally while drying.

4. KIPOZI 1875w Professional Salon Hair Dryer

KIPOZI 1875w Professional Salon Hair Dryer

This professional hair dryer has a powerful motor. It’s a strong 1875 watts that will give you a huge amount of power in a lightweight dryer. The entire hair dryer weighs 1.2 pounds. The motor in this light dryer will last for years. That’s true even if you end up using it all day for your clients.

Most people want the benefits of negative ions from a salon machine. It helps to combat the positively charged ions from dry, frizzy hair. When customers leave the salon, they’ll have that soft, salon style. Everyone loves leaving the salon with great hair.

A variety of heat and air settings give you plenty of adjustments for specific client needs. The heat comes in low, medium, and high. The air can be on the fullest power or a soft airflow. There’s also a cool shot button for setting the style once you’ve finished.

With this hair dryer, you’re getting salon-quality attachments, too. There’s a diffuser with fingers that lift and define curls. There’s a concentrator that gives precise styling to the hair.

What I love about this blow dryer

This lightweight hair dryer will provide your customers with a stunning blowout. The negative ions will cancel out the positive ones. It leaves hair soft and silky while being moisturized.

There are heat and air settings for every customer. There will be a combination for every customer. It doesn’t matter what texture or style hair done. This hair dryer will work perfectly for each person you style.

The powerful 1875w motor will last for years. Most motors of this wattage will last for years and years. It’s important to care for the dryer properly. That can be done with the removable air filter in this machine. It can be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Mild concern

The cold shot button doesn’t lock into place. You’ll have to hold it while setting the hair style.

5. TREZORO Professional Ionic Portable Folding Hair Dryer

TREZORO Professional Ionic Portable Folding Hair Dryer

Professional hair dryers have to be lightweight. You’ll be holding this dryer for hours on end. It should never cause arm or hand fatigue. That won’t be a problem with this dryer. It weighs only one pound. The motor is lightweight but powerful. It’s a 1500w DC motor that provides power without using more electricity.

The dryer has incredibly powerful airflow. The airflow comes from the turbo fan with seven vanes inside. This fan gives powerful air. There are temperatures available for this motor. There’s hot, warm, and cool. There’s also a cool shot button for sealing the style.

This portable dryer has technology that delivers negative ions. There’s ceramic as well as tourmaline inside this dryer. Clients will get smooth styling that’s healthy after time in your salon. The folding handle means you can take this dryer with you anywhere, too.

There are attachments with this dryer. Like many high-end dryers, you’re getting a concentrator and diffuser. They are great for styling all kinds of styles and textures. The diffuser comb lifts curls while not altering the curl patterns. The concentrator will work on sleeker styles.

What I love about this blow dryer

This is a lightweight and compact portable hair dryer. The handle folds back for storage. Traveling is easy with this 1-pound dryer. You can go to client’s houses to style them privately. Some stylists will travel for special occasions. Brides often want their bridal party to be styled at the venue.

The compact dryer has all the heat and air power that you need for drying. Just because it’s small and light doesn’t mean it can’t pack some serious power.

The attachments are convenient, too. You might be expecting a regular diffuser with thick nibs on them. This one has thinner nibs on the surface. That allows for more precise styling. The concentrator funnel concentrates the heat and air for concentrated styling.

Mild concern

The vent screen isn’t removable for cleaning. Since it’s compact, though, you can easily fold it and place it into a bag. That will keep the dust down.

6. Panasonic nanoe Professional Quality Dryer

Panasonic nanoe Professional Quality Dryer

While this is a beautiful looking dryer, it’s also a powerful styling tool. The motor is 1875 watts. That’s on the high side for motors. It’ll give you all the power you need for as long as you have the dryer. The styling tool should last for years, too.

What’s unique to this dryer is nanoe technology. The patented nanoe hydration has more moisture than regular ions. It draws moisture from the air. That moisture is infused into every part of your hair strand.

There are 3 temperature settings in this hair dryer. That’s great for salon professionals. You’ll be drying all kinds of hair textures. You’ll need to adjust the temperature based on each customer. There’s also a cool shot button to set the style once styling is finished.

The salon-quality hair dryer has beautiful and highly functional attachments. The body of the dryer itself has a quick-dry nozzle. On top of that, you can add a concentrator or a diffuser. The concentrator delivers precise styling. The diffuser adds volume and defines curls.

What I love about this blow dryer

The best part of this dryer is the nanoe technology. It provides more than just the general negative ions. These ions are infused with more moisture. That means that dry hair will look healthier after time in your chair. It’ll keep clients coming back to you since they won’t be able to get that at home.

There are a variety of temperatures and airflow pressure. That gives you flexibility when drying your customers’ hair. It’ll give you even drying and won’t dry hair out. It won’t cause overheating, either. That can be as dangerous as applying too much heat with a flat iron.

The styling tool has other features like a 9-foot cord. That cord rotates 360 degrees for ease of movement. It also has a hanging loop for easy storage in the salon. There’s also a filter for cleaning and maintaining the performance of the dryer.

Mild concern

It is not dual voltage and can’t be used internationally. This isn’t a dryer you could take with you on vacation.

7. Jinri 1875w Professional Salon Hair Dryer

Jinri 1875w Professional Salon Hair Dryer

This professional hair dryer has a powerful motor. It’s an AC motor capable of 1875 watts. That’s on a level with other salon-quality styling tools. The motor was manufactured to last for years and years. It’s a motor that doesn’t bring a lot of weight to the dryer.

The heat settings are high, medium, and low. You can easily pick the right temperature for the client’s hair structure. There are 2 speeds for the airflow, too. The hair dryer also comes with a cool shot button. That will set in the style you’ve created for your clients.

In this dryer, you’re getting a ceramic heater. The ceramic heater will infuse your clients’ hair with negative ions. With negative ions, you’re able to create silky styles like the glass style your customers might want. The ceramic heater is gentle, too.

The dryer comes with a concentrator for precision styling. Instead of hair that blows all over, you can control the speed and the heat. On the back of the dryer, there’s a filter with a removable cap. It’ll be easy to clean and maintain this tool for your stylist job.

What I love about this blow dryer

The best part of this dryer is the way it’s balanced. The AC motor brings more weight than a DC motor does. It’s a motor that will last for years, though. It’s often better to have an AC motor. The handle of the dryer makes for a more ergonomic design.

With the motor in the back of the barrel, the handle ergonomics matter. It won’t feel heavy when using it all day. Your hand won’t cramp. Most stylists hold a dryer by the barrel for the comfort. That won’t be something you have to do with this dryer.

It has a removable filter for cleaning. The cap hangs on the device. It won’t get lost. There’s a strong loop on the dryer, so it can be hung in a handy place. This is a dryer that can be used for all your clients.

Mild concern

The buttons are on the handle. They can be easily moved when you’re using the dryer.

8. NITION Negative Ion Blow Dryer

NITION Negative Ion Blow Dryer

A professional styling tool has to have a powerful motor that will last a long time. That’s true of the NITION blow dryer. It has an AC motor of 1875 watts. With that much power, it’ll perform as needed for all your clients.

The grill of the dryer isn’t simple metal. It’s coated with materials that will moisturize hair. The grill itself is made with tourmaline. It produces negative ions to combat the positive ones in dry hair. The grill is coated with nano silver and Argan oil.

You’re getting 3 heating options with this dryer. There’s a low heat, medium heat, and high heat. There are also 2 speed options. There’s a low wind speed and a high wind speed. With these 5 options, you can get the exact temp and air that your client’s hair requires.

The lightweight dryer comes with 3 attachments. Normally, hair dryers come with only 1 or 2 attachments. This one has a concentrator for precision styling. There’s a diffuser for curly hair. The extra attachment is a comb. The comb helps straighten hair.

What I love about this blow dryer

The dryer performs beautifully in a salon setting. It has plenty of attachments and other features. There’s a removable inlet air grill. The back of the dryer has a grill that sticks with a magnet. It makes the dryer easy to clean. The styling tool comes with an extra air filter, too.

There’s a tourmaline grill for positive ions. An addition of Argan oil on the front grill will give your clients silky, moisturized hair. They will leave your salon extremely satisfied with their blowout.

In fact, you’ll get more customers through recommendations. All of those clients will recommend you to friends. It’ll be an explosion of work for you. The 3 included attachments will allow you to service all those customers equally well.

Mild concern

The attachments can be a bit difficult to attach. It takes some wiggling to get them on properly.

9. Xtava 1875 Watt Pro Hair Dryer

Xtava 1875 Watt Pro Hair Dryer

Xtava provides their customers with a strong motor to serve your customers. While it’s a dryer that works for at-home needs, it’s meant to be a salon styling tool. It has an 1875 watt motor. That size motor is incredibly powerful. It’ll last for years and years, too.

The heat settings are what you’d expect for a dryer like this. There are 2 heat settings and 2 air speed settings. The low heat can be used on thin, fine hair. The high heat is perfect for coarse, thick hair. There’s a cool shot button for setting the style.

This blow dryer comes with a concentrator. There’s also a diffuser. The diffuser is where this product outshines others. The diffuser is wide with large fingers. There are many drying vents inside the diffuser. It will dry hair very quickly while keeping the curl pattern intact.

Accessories for this dryer are attached using a secure grip. The grip is made with silicone. It won’t slide or pop off while you’re drying a client’s hair. It’ll stay secure on the dryer. The diffuser is made of plastic and fiberglass. It’s able to withstand temps up to 485 degrees Fahrenheit.

What I love about this blow dryer

The dryer has 2 heat settings and 2 air speeds. That allows for a variety of heat speeds. You’ll be able to service each client’s specific needs. Their hair will always be silky and styled beautifully.

The attachments will always stay on the dryer until you remove them. They have a silicone grip. Many hair dryers come with attachments, but it’s difficult to keep them on the dryer. That won’t be a problem with these attachments.

With this dryer, you’re getting a strong motor. It’ll last for years even when you’re working with multiple clients per day. That’s important for a salon styling tool. You don’t want a dryer that will quit in the middle of styling.

Mild concern

The air from this dryer blows pretty hard. It’s important to use an attachment to direct that powerful airflow.

10. BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

The motor for this dryer is 1900 watts. That’s an incredibly strong motor that will last for years. You won’t want to be replacing your styling tools after only a year. A motor like this one will last for over 2000 hours.

For smooth, silky hair, this dryer has materials that work to provide negative ions. The ions are generated with the tourmaline in the dryer itself. You’re getting millions of ions each time you use the dryer. There’s also titanium. Both of these materials are good for the longevity of the dryer, too.

The heat settings include low, medium, and high. The far-infrared heat dries hair from the inside. This leaves moisture behind unlike other types of heaters. Dry hair will benefit from this kind of heater. Between the ions and the heater, your clients are getting incredible blowouts.

BaByliss makes great products for their loyal customers. This gorgeous red dryer has a rubber finish. This makes the dryer comfortable to hold. The dryer comes with a concentrator for precision styling. It also comes with a professional 9-foot cord.

What I love about this blow dryer

The stunning red blow dryer will stand out in your salon against the other common black dryers. The rubber finish will give you a strong yet comfortable grip. Wet hands won’t slip on this dryer handle.

With this infrared heater, you’re providing customers with a moisturized style. This will bring your clients back into the salon week after week. They’ll want the salon-quality blowout only you can give them.

The motor has one of the highest watts you can get in a blow dryer. It will dry hair faster and last a long time. With this blow dryer, you can actually get clients out of the chair faster. They’ll appreciate a quick styling in your chair. You’ll love that you can get more clients in your chair each day.

Mild concern

A firm grip on the handle will actually change the heat or air settings. You’ll have to keep a loose grip. It won’t fall out of your hand because of the material.

What to Look for When Investing in a Professional Blow Dryer?

A hair stylist has to choose a hair dryer that will work for every customer. Customers come in with frizzy hair, thin hair, coarse hair and everything in between.

A stylist can’t purchase 12 hair dryers to service customers. The one chosen has to be the best for all hair types. Here are a few things you should think about when choosing a dryer for salon customers.

  • Wattage of the Dryer

The wattage is important for a few reasons. The quicker you can get customers out the door, the more money you can make in a day. A hair dryer with high wattage is more powerful. It’ll dry hair quicker.

The wattage contributes to the longevity of the dryer itself. It lasts longer. Small motors can burn out very quickly. If you invest in a more powerful motor, you’re getting a dryer that will last for years. A good wattage is usually around 1800 or above.

  • Distributing Heat Evenly Matters

All hair types vary in the amount of heat that they need. The heat should be spread evenly throughout, though. Materials like ceramic and porcelain are used to ensure that the heat is even. These materials are known for that quality.

You can also choose a dryer with infrared heating elements. They heat the hair from inside and retain moisture. That’s important for every client’s hair. It won’t matter the texture or style when it comes to creating a moisturized head of hair.

  • Varying the Temperature Needed

With all the different hair types of your clients, you’ll need a dryer with many temperatures. A hair dryer with one button for “on” won’t work. Fine hair can’t handle too much heat. It’ll fry the strands. Coarse, thick hair needs more heat.

A dryer should have a few temperatures as well as a cool shot button. It gives you more control over the heat coming out of the device. Without varied temps, you’re not going to have control over the style of your client’s hair.

  • Ionics Are All the Rage

Frizzy hair is full of positive ions. All the conditioner and styling product in the world won’t help. Positive ions need the opposite to be tamed. That means negative ions.

You can get negative ions with the right materials. Dryers with tourmaline, ceramic, or titanium have the ability to emit negative ions. Those ions will moisturize hair and treat frizzies. You don’t want clients leaving the salon with dry hair.

  • Professional Dryers can be Heavy

High wattage motors can be a bit heavy. Drying long, thick hair can take some time. Plus, you’ll have many clients through the salon each day. That means hours with that dryer in your hand.

You can’t skimp on the drying process when your clients demand the best style. A complete hair appointment usually comes with drying time. Choose a dryer that weighs approximately a pound. That won’t strain your arms.

  • Bonus Features and Accessories for Styling

A cool button was mentioned already. That’s important for setting the style. It’ll cool down the cuticle without altering the style you’ve set. Accessories include combs, diffusers, and concentrators.

A comb will keep a curled style from being dampened. You want to elevate the client’s curls without changing the curl pattern. Diffusers work with curls, too. They provide volume without blowing out the curls. A concentrator is good for smoothing hair in preparation for straightening or other styles.

What Type of Dryer Do Other Professionals Use?

Other professionals in your field want a dryer that performs at its peak throughout the day. That’s what you should want for your customers. Professional stylists have dryers that are lightweight and able to withstand many hours of blow drying each day.

The dryer might be a bit more expensive than one for home users. That’s because it has to be a dryer that performs reliably. It has a better motor than a home dryer. The wattage should be high, which is an indicator of a durable motor. It should last approximately 2000 hours.

Ionics are important for faster drying as well as more moisture in the hair. Your dryer should remove water, but not the natural moisture of the hair. It’ll remove positively charged ions in the hair with negative ones. For ionics, you need a tourmaline, ceramic, or titanium material.

Professionals ensure that they have the right accessories and features. That might include a long cord for movement. It will have accessories like a diffuser and concentrator, too.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Professional Hair Dryer

Cleaning rofessional Hair Dryer

Your professional hair dryer should have a removable filter. This filter can be cleaned regularly to prolong the life of the dryer. It also keeps the motor from overheating. Air has to get into the motor to keep it cool. If the filter gets blocked with dust, it’ll overheat.

Always make sure that the dryer is unplugged before you start cleaning it. The filter is on the back of the dryer. Remove it by twisting. If you don’t have an easily removable filter, you might need a screwdriver.

Once the filter is removed, run it under warm water. Make sure it’s thoroughly dry before reattaching it to the back of the device. Use a paper towel to remove all the water.

If you can’t remove the filter, there are a few methods to use for cleaning. Try a vacuum cleaner attachment to suck the dust out of the unit.

You can then use a cotton swab with alcohol to remove dirt and dust from the vents. Don’t splash anything into the dryer itself. The swab can be dipped into the alcohol with the excess squeezed out.

Is higher wattage Better for professionals?

There are two types of wattage for blow dryers; AC and DC. An AC motor is a larger motor. It can be heavier than a DC motor, too. The AC motor is what most professionals prefer. It has a higher wattage, which makes for a more durable motor.

The motor provides a stronger airflow. With a high-wattage motor, you’re getting a dryer that has less noise. That can be a very good thing when you’re dealing with clients. A less noisy dryer will save your ears all day long, too. Overall, a DC motor isn’t as good for a stylist. It is noisier and the airflow isn’t as powerful.

When you have an AC motor, it’s going to draw more power and consume more energy. That’s something that needs to be considered with a dryer in your salon. It’ll run more electricity than a DC motor. It’s really the only negative when it comes to the AC motor.


When making a choice regarding professional hair dryers, you’ll have a few things to consider. The ones we’ve chosen for your salon are some of the best professional hair dryers for hair stylists.

You could easily choose one of the styling tools on this list. Your clients will thank you for delivering the best style they’ve ever had. They come back to your salon for what you offer.

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