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Best Pubic Hair Trimmer For Men: Impress Your Lover with a Trimmed Bush

Trimming the length around your pubes is more important than what one may imply.

While promoting body hair can be a good thing, cropping groin hair regularly is something that can boost confidence, reduce sweat retention and odor, as well as promote good personal hygiene.

Razors were known for being the only tool to rely on back in the good old days, providing a close shave for starters.

Though electric hair clippers and trimmers took over shortly after to provide trims without causing razor burns, the game of personal grooming changed once body groomers deemed themselves as eligible candidates for pubic hair trimming.

In this guide, I have mentioned 7 of the best pubic hair trimmers that can change a man’s life forever.

To make things as transparent as possible, I have raised all that makes each candidate a great companion for your groin, with a series of highlights and lowlights that I’ve concluded using my experience with each.

Should You Trim or Shave Your Pubic Hair?

Trim or Shave Pubic Hair

Let’s start by talking about shaving. It can be refreshing to remove all the hair from your pubic area. It’s definitely an experience you should have at least once. Some even say that it’s an erotic sensation to have a clean genital area. It’ll help you look good in a bathing suit this summer, too.

On the negative side, the hair will grow back in a day or two. It’s a process you’ll have to repeat a few times per week. That’s if you want to keep yourself completely smooth. It provides more opportunities for ingrown hairs, too. Those can be painful and unattractive. You might get razor burn or irritation when getting down to the bare skin.

Overall, trimming is a better solution to your pubic grooming needs. It’ll help you look good this summer since hair is trimmed. You can go as short as you want without touching bare skin. That will help you avoid razor burn and irritation.

Hair isn’t removed completely, so there won’t be an opportunity for ingrown hairs. Trimming has very little negative points that would turn you away from it. The only potential negative is that you won’t get that bare feeling. But, that might not be something you want.

We definitely recommend trimming for most people. It’s a great way to keep yourself groomed and clean without worrying about ingrown hairs and skin irritation.

7 Top-notch Pubic Hair Trimmers That Shave Groin Hair With Utmost Care: A Brief Overview!

7 top notch pubic hair trimmers

In this article, I’ll be unveiling all the attributes of 7 trimmers and shavers with unique foil and ceramic blade systems that can cater to not only body grooming, but also accompany you in pubic hair trimming.

While the upcoming segments contain my two cents on each device, from the Bodygroom 7000 to OLOV’s groin trimmer, the table below contains all the features that have helped me during my experiment.

Though a couple of them are known for being pioneers among ball trimmers, here’s how the devices adapt to being a pubic hair trimmer from my point of view!

ModelBetter Known AsPrice
Philips Bodygroom 7000A Two-Way Gadget For Your Pubes See On Amazon
Philips Bodygroom 5000A Traditional Yet Modern Way To Shave The Nuts See On Amazon
Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0The Best Electric Trimmer For Pubic Hair See On Amazon
Meridian Body Trimmer The Best Portable Pubic Trimmer To Handle See On Amazon
Philips OneBlade 360A Classic Tool With Staggering Upgrades See On Amazon
MANSPOT Body TrimmerA Hybrid Device With Essentials For Pubic Trimming See On Amazon
OLOV Body TrimmerA Gadget That Embraces Pubic Trimming On A Budget See On Amazon

Philips Bodygroom 7000

Kicking off this list is the Philips Bodygroom 7000, a two-in-one gadget that not only promotes safety, but also offers variety.

This is probably the first ever dual-sided gadget I’ve heard of, which was more than music to my ears at the start. In fact, for many, the Bodygroom 7000 is the go-to gadget for groin trimming, explaining its place in this article!

Philips Bodygroom 7000 frontal look

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Specifications and Attributes

ModelPhilips Bodygroom 7000
Blade System Two-way foil shaver and adjustable trimmer
Battery Li-Ion Battery
Battery Life80 Minutes
Billed Weight (oz.)14.4 ounces
AttachmentsAdapter, charging cable
Standout Feature(s)Metal housing; Adjustable shaving blade
My Experience With Philips Bodygroom 7000

The device might run large, but is a great long-term investment if you’re into gadgets that mean business.

While there are plenty of holes in the game of Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000, alongside them are unprecedented benefits that anyone will be fond of.

Norelco Bodygroom 7000 with box

From enabling a two-way grooming opportunity to being easy to comprehend, here’s all that I learned about the Bodygroom 7000 during my trial run.

Design and Feel 

Fused with a metal casing, the Philips Bodygroom 7000 feels quite durable, being immune to fall damage. The layout is extremely minimal yet conflicting, carrying two houses for buttons as opposed to one.

Philips Bodygroom 7000 in hand

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In contrast to most candidates on this list, I must add that this device feels quite out of place. Sure, the two-headed system is quite impressive, but feels like a liability in the palms.

The handle is quite sturdy and stiff, appearing to be a big fit for the size of my hands. I do like the polished paint job, though, which reflects light with its smooth surface.

Philips Bodygroom 7000 neck and handle

Close-up shot of neck and handle

The device does provide somewhat of a grip, which seems to fall apart when used with clammy hands, putting your sensitive areas at risk.

I’ve dropped it multiple times now, but the metal casing always seems to be immune to damage, which makes up for the shortcomings within its hardware.

Two-way Foil Shaver and Electric Trimmer 

The most impressive aspect of this device by far is its two-way shaving system; one that carries a stainless steel blade, and the other that comprises a foil system.

Philips Bodygroom 7000 foil shaver

Foil shaver

By moving in 4 different directions, the foil shaver accumulates pubic hair to the fullest, promoting a close shave with ease.

This works wonders when trimming pubic hair, reducing the chances of nicks and tugs, typically found in electric trimmers like the Lawn Mower 4.0.

Philips Bodygroom 7000 blade

Stainless steel blade

Another not-so-hidden gem is the base of the Bodygroom 7000, carrying a stainless steel blade with a multifaceted comb guard.

The quality of the stainless steel blade is slightly above mediocre, but the adjustable length guard, covering settings from 3mm to 11mm, is perfect for the pubes, especially if you prefer leaving some hair down there.

While results may depend on the density of your groin hair, the Philips Bodygroom 7000 is a special one for offering the best of both worlds.

Norelco Bodygroom 7000 adjustable guard

Focused shot of adjustable guard

In addition, if you’re new, always be sure to take a shower before you use the blade. If you prefer the foilhead like me, though, dry shaving will hit the sweet spot.

All-around body groomer 

If you thought the blades were only meant for shaving your privates, you were absolutely wrong!

In fact, once you obtain the Bodygroom 7000, you won’t just have a reliable companion for your tushy, but you’ll also have a constant servant for all your body grooming needs.

While the stainless steel blades might put you at risk when you’re using the device around your privates for prolonged periods, the adjustable guard will always provide a helping hand if you need an all-around shave.

Philips Bodygroom 7000 on forearm

The length settings once again shine as the foil shaver sits back until the closing minutes of the session kick in.

With close-rounded tips, the trimmer feels best when used around the chest. I’ve even tackled sensitive areas, which is when the Meridian stands out more.

Battery Life and Charging 

Philips Bodygroom doesn’t look like any other, but has its priorities set right with its Li-Ion battery, which provides a run time of 80 whole minutes. In other words, if you’re trimming your privates, take your time when dealing with the weight of the device.

While the gadget does fall behind in comparison to the Meridian and MANSPOT, the device is still ahead of its peers, particularly the Bodygroom 5000 and Philips OneBlade, by 20 minutes.

Power cable and adaptor

Moving on, although most trimmers only carry a cable, the Bodygroom bounces back with a charging adaptor that comes with an attached power cable.

I’m extremely fond of this attribute, as shaving the pubes often drains me out. The cable is also quite lean, might I add, showing no signs of getting tangled when left unsupervised.

Added Perks 

Despite being so old, this device carries an extra perk, even when the two-way system is thrown out of the mix. The reason behind it is solely the foil system, which never seems to quit!

Norelco Bodygroom 7000 design

While I’ve only used the Bodygroom 7000 for under a couple of months now, not once has the device given up on me.

The foil shaver is as good as new, which isn’t surprising to me once you take into account the 12-month lifespan it carries.

This puts all the other grooming tools to shame, with most carrying blades that only go bad within 4 months.

Since this prioritizes longevity, the Bodygroom 7000 proves to be a breath of fresh air for those who prefer functionality.

Provides a clean shave with foil shaverBattery status indicator only blinks when the power is low
Protects the groin with adjustable stainless steel bladeThe device is extremely heavy to use for pubic trimming
Metal case housing is durable and waterproofFeels unnatural in the palms for its extended size
Li-Ion battery with 80-minute runtimeCan be overwhelming to use for beginners
Foil system only requires a rinse for maintenance
Provides two trimmers at a low price

Final Takeaway 

Though most prioritize offering quantity over quality these days, the Philips Bodygroom offers functionality the most, with the body of a two-way shaver.

In other words, while you can shave in the narrow areas with a 4-directional foil system, I hope you also have a great time using the stainless steel blades, coated by a 5-way adjustable trimming guard.

You won’t get attachments and cleaning equipment with the Bodygroom 7000, but what you will get is reliability and a massive shelf life, thanks to its housing.

The weight might take a while to get used to, but the foil shaver and rounded trimming blade are safe for the groin, making it a must-have for pubic hair trimming.

Philips Bodygroom 5000

A candidate that offers a traditional feel with advanced features is the Philips Bodygroom 5000, resembling a hybrid of the 7000 and the OneBlade series.

The device feels like the black sheep of this list at first, but is almost like a misunderstood gadget to me. Due to being old, I feel that many disregard its qualities; a narrative I hope to uphold using my review.

Philips Bodygroom 5000 frontal look

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Specifications and Attributes

ModelPhilips Bodygroom 5000
Blade System2-D Foil Shaver
BatteryLi-Ion Battery
Battery Life60 Minutes
Billed Weight (oz.16 ounces
AttachmentsBack attachment, 3 comb guards, charging adaptor, charging cable
Standout Feature(s)Extended back attachment; Ergonomic grip; Lean handle
My Experience With Philips Bodygroom 5000

When using this device, I was able to look back to the old days when trimmers weren’t as advanced as they were, especially for the groin.

Philips bodygroom 5000 quality

The device not only resembles traditional razors from the outside, but also offers tons of attributes that reeks of class and efficiency.

Nonetheless, without further ado, here’s all that the Philips Bodygroom 5000 contributes as a pubic hair trimmer!

Design and Feel 

The device has an elongated handle, with a metal casing that carries a low temperature for days.

This is an underrated aspect of this foil shaver, as it can help when trimming pubic hair by absorbing sweat, which has helped my clammy palms multiple times.

Philips Bodygroom 5000 handle

In contrast to the Bodygroom 7000, the device looks much more premium, too. Don’t get me wrong. I like the successor, but it’s too overwhelming to look at almost always!

Underneath the removable foil head is a power button coated in a rubber grip, which only means business.

I like how the texture feels, even though it doesn’t make a big difference when it’s time to perform.

While the size is admirable, I feel that the OneBlade series, one of which is mentioned in this article, feels more convenient to use around the groin.

Philips bodygroom 5000 in palms

It still can be promising, however, especially if you can’t handle your trimmer when partaking in wet shaves.

Incredible grip around the neck

During difficult moments, it’s not just the handle that makes things easy, but also the rubber-infused grip on the neck of the Bodygroom 5000 that is of help during crunch time.

As long as you’re comfortable with placing your palm on the rubber-coated grip, any trim should feel safe and secure.

Philips bodygroom 5000 grip

Doing so will also give you more mobility with the blade; an aspect I will discuss shortly.

Not all is good about this unorthodox method, however, as the power button can easily be pressed unintentionally, which can result in mishaps during the session, exposing you to injuries.

2D Foil Shaver 

With a bi-rotational foil shaving system, the Philips Bodygroom 5000 feels like a breath of fresh air to use around my pubes.

Philips bodygroom 5000 foil system

I still do believe that the device is a bit too oversized, but it definitely provides a close shave in no time.

The foil system is also hypoallergenic, meaning that it collects hair without scratching or damaging the surface.

For the best possible shave, move the Bodygroom 5000 in an upward motion. Hold your skin taut, too, especially if you want to mimic a bald shave around your groin.

Before each session, it’s mandatory that you clean or rinse the area you’re about to shave.

If you’re cropping your pubic hair, be sure to dry the strands so they’re more prone to being absorbed.

Philips bodygroom in downward motion

Philips bodygroom 5000 in downward motion

Watch your strokes, by the way, since the blade can feel too rugged sometimes. Take your time as well, and enjoy the ride with this cordless ergonomic device!

Easygoing upkeep 

Even if you have tons of hair down there, don’t hesitate to rely on the Bodygroom 5000 to take care of your needs. Worried about the aftermath? Look into its cleanup process.

Since the device accumulates the hair instead of storing it underneath the head like electric trimmers, the Philips Bodygroom 5000 is extremely easy to clean.

Philips bodygroom 5000 cleaning

Often, after each session, all I have to do is give the device a quick wash to make the blades brand new. The blades not only save time, but money, wearing out once every 12 months!

Extra-long back attachment

The extra-long back attachment is quite heavy, and feels more like a souvenir with the Bodygroom 5000.

Extra-long back attachment

If you think outside the box, however, you can easily incorporate it into your pubic hair trimming session.

While the attachment does make the device much heavier than it actually is, I find it quite useful when evening out my pubic bone, which can be quite difficult to reach unless the trimmer is small enough.

Battery and Charging 

When inspecting the battery life, the device feels more like a liability, especially when pitted against the candidates on this list. In total, the Bodygroom 5000 has a runtime of 60 minutes, despite having a Li-Ion battery.

Philips bodygroom 5000 charging

It’s really unfortunate that, despite being so promising with a brand new design, this Bodygroom model has the endurance of the OneBlade 360, a much cheaper gadget on this list.

It’s not all that bad, though, as I admire how the device provides a charger for the cordless device.

Attachments And Additives

To maximize comfort around the groin, the Bodygroom 5000 provides three kinds of comb guards; 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm.

Bodygroom 5000 with comb guard

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The 3mm is a great option to try out if you want your groin hair to look neat and clean, while the 5mm can be used to replicate a 6-day stubble.

However, my favorite pick remains the 7mm, since it prevents injuries that can easily be incurred from the blades.

When used in the shower, it allows the waterproof design of the Bodygroom 5000 to accumulate flyways in no time!

Pros Cons
Great grip around the neck of the handleNot any different from the OneBlade 360, which is slightly cheaper
Close shave when skin is elevated and held tautFoil system can scratch dry skin
Super cold temperature around the handle that absorbs sweatNeck attachment can fall easily when trimming the pubic region
Back extension that can improve reach around the groinBattery indicator only beeps when power is low
Comb that protects thin skin from cuts
Handle doesn’t slip away when used in the showe
Slim battery indicator

Final Takeaway 

If you’re hoping to stay loyal to the classic feel of traditional electric shavers, getting the Bodygroom 5000 can be a great idea.

Bodygroom 5000 with design

It not only offers a better device from a technological standpoint with a new robust housing, but also offers a better foil system that requires less cleaning for upkeep.

In addition to having a Li-Ion battery, this pubic trimmer also comes with a battery status indicator, beating out the OneBlade 360, one of its competitors on this list.

The special component remains the back attachment, however, as it can be used for trimming pubic hair as well as ingrown pieces around the pubic bone.

Lawn Mower 4.0

Next up on this list is the starboy of MANSCAPED, otherwise known as the Lawn Mower 4.0. Unlike the ones mentioned above, this electric trimmer cleans the pubes with technologically powerful abilities, ditching a foil system for a ceramic blade.

Lawn Mower 4.0 frontal look

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When push comes to shove, MANSCAPED Lawn Mower 4.0 sets the bar for pubic hair trimmers, offering multiple benefits within its housing and more.

This is, hands down, the best pubic trimmer if you prioritize functionality; a remark I will back up through my experience.

Specifications and Attributes

ModelLawn Mower 4.0
Blade System SkinSafe technology; ceramic blade
BatteryLi-Ion battery
Battery Life 90 minutes
Billed Weight (oz.)8 ounces
Attachments2 comb guards, charging dock, adapter, cable, cleaning brush
Standout Feature(s)Flashlight, Travel-lock, Wireless charging dock
My Experience With The Lawn Mower 4.0

The Lawn Mower 4.0 is perfect when you’re aiming to trim your pubes entirely, and even better when you’re planning to shave off some bulk from the sensitive area.

Lawn Mower 4.0 inside the box

Time moves fast when using the Lawn Mower 4.0 around the pubes, while the results it provides remain extraordinary. The credit goes to all the facilitators, otherwise known as the standout features, which run high on this device.

Craftsmanship and Weight 

The Lawn Mower 4.0 doesn’t abide by traditions set by its predecessors, carrying a plastic-infused handle with tech-friendly upgrades.

I can’t help but admire the way in which it glides through the skin when trimming through pubic hair, that too without incurring any nicks and tugs.

Lawn Mower 4.0 in the palms

Since the device fits perfectly in my palms, moving it in various directions is a privilege that I’ve never experienced before.

One of the leading causes that makes this trimmer a winner is its lightweight nature, which falls just short of being the leanest candidate due to Meridian’s body trimmer.


Can’t see in the dark? Have a glimpse at its flashlight, which not only helps when trimming the pubic bone, but also helps the Lawn Mower in being one of the best butt shavers!

Nonetheless, this ergonomic device remains a must-have for those who prioritize functionality, weighing in at only 8 ounces.

The button configuration, just like the rest of the candidates on this list, prioritizes convenience over everything.

To trim your pubes, all you have to do is press the power button, placed at the centre of the device, right underneath the label.

Lawn mower power button

Anti-nick ceramic blade with SkinSafe technology 

Another perk of using this device is its exceptionally programmed ceramic blade, infused with SkinSafe technology for a safer experience.

Lawn Mower 4.0’s ceramic blade

In short, SkinSafe technology promotes a close shave, protecting sensitive skin from irritation, nicks, and cuts.

If you ask me, this blade system kind of reminds me of Philips Multigroom 7000’s hypoallergenic foil system, which prioritizes the skin by pulling the pieces inward, making zero contact with the surface.

device while powered on

Check Price On Amazon

Don’t use it in the same manner as a foil shaver, however, since ceramic blades require a different form for generating good results.

Using the open blade is what I would recommend if you’d like a clean shave. Just be sure to take it one stroke at a time.

anti-nick guard

Worry not if you fumble during navigation, however, since the anti-nick guard will ensure protection during that time.

To avoid any unintentional tugging, it is also important that you clean the detachable blade properly. I typically rinse the waterproof device under a tap, or take it with me to the shower.

Furthermore, if the session you’re signing up for is short, use the cleaning brush to wipe away tiny pieces of your hair stuck between the blades.

Travel Lock Feature 

A feature that enables the Lawn Mower 4.0 to have the edge over other leading candidates is the new travel lock feature, which appears to be a no-show on every other device.

By pressing the power button thrice, the Lawn Mower 4.0 locks the power button, basically, deflecting unintentional power-ups indefinitely.

power button and battery indicator

To undo the feature, all you have to do is repeat the process, and press the power button three times yet again.

I personally believe that this is what makes MANSCAPED and the Lawn Mower 4.0 the best in the grooming business, as it preserves the battery life.

Anxiety induced by accidental power-ups while the system is inside a bag is also non-existent, further ensuring a delightful journey.

Battery Life And Charging 

With a run time of 90 minutes, the Lawn Mower 4.0 appears to be equally compelling as the Meridian, and MANSPOT trimmers.

Lawn Mower 4.0 Battery Life And Charging

However, things change drastically once the restoration of the battery life is analyzed.

Wireless Charging Station

While the packaging does involve an adapter and a cable for extensive use, the Lawn Mower 4.0 also provides a wireless charging station; a gem that further increases the impression of this device.

Lawn Mower 4.0 Wireless Charging

The charging dock promotes corded charging, but also goes cordless, beating the charging dock of the Lawn Mower 3.0 rather effortlessly. Due to its size, the device remains a compelling companion for travel.

Battery Status Indicator 

Keeping track of time is extremely important when partaking in body grooming, especially if you’re shaving the pubes.

And while most devices only notify me with a blinker, the Lawn Mower 4.0 walks the extra mile with a blinking 3-level LED status indicator.

While the blinker is a new addition, a 3-LED battery indicator is already found on the handle of the Meridian and MANSPOT body trimmer, subsiding its impression.

Attachments And Additives 

The attachments cover a range of 3-6mm in length on one, while the other covers a length of 4-7mm.

Lawn Mower 4.0 with comb guards

While made of plastic, both comb guards seem to secure a good grip over the ceramic blade, ensuring security and protection.

For the best possible experience, you should definitely get the deal I got, which involves attachments ranging from 3mm-12mm respectively.

If you’re not willing to walk the extra mile and make a new investment, I suggest you use the 4-7mm guard, especially if you’re new to trimming.

Super bright flashlight to clean areas around the pubic boneCeramic blades can scratch the surface
Ceramic blade infused with SkinSafe technology that promotes an injury-free shavePlastic feel of the design feels as though it’s made of poor quality
Wireless charging station that enables fast charging
Built-in travel lock feature that powers up within 3 presses and preserves battery life
Laterally quick motor that is efficient around dense pubic hair
Li-Ion battery with 90-minute runtime
40Effective battery status with vertical LED system

Final Takeaway 

After spending my days with the Lawn Mower 4.0, I can vouch for this trimmer wholeheartedly, especially for reducing pubic hair.

While it remains one of the pricier candidates, I believe that it’s got plenty to offer for your privates.

With a blade that promotes safety with SkinSafe technology, a Li-Ion battery powered with a wireless charging station, an ergonomic yet unorthodox handle, and a travel lock feature, the device is the best bet to make in my eyes, especially if you want to shave your pubes without any interruption.

Additionally, if you’d like to learn every attribute of the Lawn Mower 4.0 in detail, skim through my full experience with the Lawn Mower 4.0 right here!

Meridian Body Trimmer

The device that never fails to leave me in awe is Meridian’s original body trimmer, prioritizing portability and comfort.

Despite being a new device I’ve used for trimming, the Meridian always reassures me with a great experience.

Meridian Body Trimmer

Check Price On Amazon

The reason behind its involvement in this guide for pubic hair trimming is merely its size; which has worked wonders for me.

Move along to the upcoming segments to learn what I experienced when using the Meridian body trimmer for my groin!

Specifications and Attributes

ModelMeridian Body Trimmer
Blade SystemHigh-quality ceramic blade
BatteryLi-Ion battery
Battery Life90 minutes
Billed Weight (oz.)4 ounces
Attachments2 guide combs, cleaning brush, charging cable
Standout Feature(s)Lightweight housing, Ease of use
My Experience With Meridian Body Trimmer

The Meridian trimmer is one that’s packed with benefits for those partaking in pubic hair trimming regularly. It’s got great agility around the groin, with tons of compartments that guarantee great results without requiring too much attention.

Experience With Meridian Body Trimmer

Nonetheless, from its blade to its housing, here are some great highs that made pubic hair trimming a walk in the park with a Meridian body trimmer!

High-Quality Ceramic Blade 

Meridian’s ceramic blade

The pristine ceramic blade is what does the job for Meridian’s original body trimmer, chopping away hair at any cost.

If you’re wondering how close the trim is, I’d say it’s close to a 0.5mm shave at best.

The ceramic blade kind of works like a hypoallergenic blade, preventing cuts and nicks from being placed on the surface of the skin.

Anti nick guard

Alongside the blade is an anti-nick guard, essential for sensitive skin.

The blade falls short of being better than Philips and the Lawn Mower models, powered by OneBlade technology and SkinSafe technology respectively.

However, despite being supported by nothing extravagant, the Meridian feels quite safe to use on the groin with its snap-on blade.

Lightweight Powerhouse 

Many prioritize functionality for ensuring safety, while the rest manifest a safe pubic hair trimming session with a small handheld device, such as the Meridian body trimmer.

Weighing in at only 4 ounces, moving in an upward and downward motion is quite easy for me, as for everyone else, when you’re relying on Meridian.

Meridian in hand

The device covers 6000 RPM per minute, being labelled as the lightweight powerhouse by some.

Meridian is the polar opposite of the Bodygroom 7000, which claims to do more by offering more.

More is less for the Meridian, however, as the usability it guarantees is good enough for this 4-inch device to beat a powerhouse like Philips!

Soft Rubber-grip Housing

The ergonomic design is already a hit for this device, catering to anyone and everyone who invests in the tool.

What’s more crucial is the rubber-grip housing, which tends to shape the outcome of the whole experience with its texture.

Soft Rubber-grip Housing

The flooring is slightly leaner than that of the MANSPOT body trimmer, providing an impressive amount of hold when carried in the palms.

This feels prominent when shaving hard-to-reach areas around the groin, with the blade being impossible to let go of upon extensive use.

MANSCAPED tries to offer more through the flashlight, while Meridian provides more stability using its hardware, which is an option that many can understand easily.

Elevated Guide Comb

Meridian’s guide comb is quite helpful, to say the least. In order to educate the newbies, and help them find a length that works for their bush, labels are engraved into each attachment, representing the size they mimic.

Meridian next to comb guards

Check Price On Amazon

Though this perk is also offered by MANSPOT, the ones attached to Meridian feel more premium, carrying an elevation that meshes with the anti-nick guard. This also gives Meridian the upper hand when pitted against the Lawn Mower 4.0.

I got my first Meridian a few weeks after I started using pubic hair trimmes. Needless to say, I was quite terrified of hurting myself due to being inexperienced.

However, the attachments not only helped me figure out the kind of hair length I like on my privates, but also protected my skin from the ceramic blade, which used to scratch me once upon a time.

Battery and Charging 

Just like blockbusters like MANSCAPED’s Lawn Mower 4.0 and 3.0, the Meridian offers a top-notch runtime of 90 whole minutes, which can work wonders when you’re trimming your hair down there.

I personally find tons of comfort in knowing how dependable it is if you prefer taking your time, which is exactly what some sensitive areas require.

battery status and cable

Additionally, while the charging stations repower the Lawn Mower models, I’m upset that Meridian only has a charging cable for restoration.

I get that Meridian Grooming prioritizes diversity more than anything, but an adaptor could have easily reduced the amount of time needed for the Meridian to reach full health, which could have amped the brand’s overall popularity as a pubic hair trimmer.

Battery Indicator 

Meridian’s battery indicator is what I really am fond of. It has the perfect size, is straight to the point, and is extremely easy to keep an eye on.

Though the Bodygroom and OneBlade 360 are useful for promoting a skin-friendly shave, I feel that they lose out on this element, as the Bodygroom models only blink once the power is low.

battery indicator

The OneBlade 360 is just as unhelpful, in my opinion, beeping only when the battery is up and running.

The Meridian original trimmer follows a three-way LED system, where the first level represents the least amount of energy.

This addition not only makes trimming the pubes more enjoyable, but also keeps users wary about the time left on the clock.

Perfect handheld device for the pubesBattery life is hampered due to the absence of an adaptor
Lightweight operation that enables any motion to be executedThe lightweight nature of it might take a while to get the hang of
Anti-nick shaving guard that reduces itchiness and cuBlades are still sharp, and therefore, should be navigated correctly around the groin
Soft rubber grip for comfort and seamless handling
Attachments that are slightly elevated to shave without injuring the skin
Relatively affordable option on this list

Final Takeaway

With a 4-inch vertical and a 4-ounce feel, the Meridian body trimmer is a great investment to make if you’re on a budget, even more so if you’d like to take care of your pubes in the best possible manner.

It is the best possible gadget for pubic hair trimming, offering tons of reassurance with its lightweight housing.

Alongside it is a high-quality ceramic blade with an anti-nick shaving guard, which provides a close shave with ease.

The waterproof groin trimmer is also one that follows minimalism, carrying only a power button and battery indicator.

Knowing about the status is necessary when you’re dealing with something as delicate as the pubes, while having a compact device like Meridian is a must for shaving hard-to-reach areas.

Philips OneBlade 360

If you grew up using Philips OneBlade to trim your moustache or peach fuzz during puberty, then the involvement of Philips OneBlade 360, a slightly upgraded version of the former, will surely catch you off guard.

Philips OneBlade 360 look

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In all honesty, the Philips OneBlade 360 reminds me of the classic OneBlade in many ways. However, instead of catering to the face, this device also feels like a perfect fit for giving one’s privates the closest possible shave!

Specifications and Attributes

ModelPhilips OneBlade 360
Blade SystemOneBlade Technology; 360 flex head
BatteryLi-Ion Battery
Battery Life60 minutes
Billed Weight (oz.)7.9 ounces
Attachments3 comb attachments, charging adapter, cable, dock
Standout Feature(s)Lightweight operation, Two-way shaving head
My Experience With Philips OneBlade 360

Philips OneBlade is the better version of the Philips OneBlade original, carrying more endurance, flexibility, and less weight.

Experience With Philips OneBlade 360

Due to being a foil shaver, I believe that this model is perfect to use on pubic hair, especially for sensitive skin. Alongside a skin-friendly blade are multiple positives, all of which you’ll find in the upcoming segments.

360 Flexhead with OneBlade Technology 

Unlike the Philips OneBlade, the OneBlade 360 offers a much better blade system, which uses the signature program of OneBlade technology in a flexible way.

OneBlade 360 flexhead and handle

The device is supported by a blade that can capture a 360 motion, which is a diamond in the rough, if you ask me.

In short, OneBlade technology prioritizes the safety of skin by offering a shaving head with rounded tips. I think that’s a great idea for those who prefer the authentic feel of a foil shaver, known for being the better pick for damage-prone sensitive regions.

OneBlade blade

With the blade, a close shave is very much possible. Since the blade system reprises in almost every model in the OneBlade army, finding replacement blades should be easy.

While the Bodygroom 5000 is clearly more well equipped with battery status, the Flexhead of the OneBlade 360 is what I prefer more, since it hardly ever scratches the skin, unlike the 2-D foil system of the Philips Bodygroom 500!

Lightweight Operation 

The housing of the OneBlade 360 is perfect for body trimming, and even better for your pubic hair.

I get that the device is small, but its layout, which resembles a traditional shaver, can be great for many reasons.

OneBlade 360 in palm

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Weighing in at only 7.9 ounces, it’s also quite easy to put the Philips OneBlade 360 to use.

Motion of securing the OneBlade 360 with a thumb around the power button

All I need to do is secure the front side with the thumb and ensure stability at the back by forming a knuckle.

For the perfect trim, I suggest you hold the skin taut before cropping the surface. If you’d like to play it safe, swipe the OneBlade 360 over the tips of your pubic hair for a close trim with no cuts.

Traditional Design 

I always love brands like Philips when partaking in body grooming, since each device belonging to the company is always minimalistic.

The neon green hue might stay, but what also stays is the compact handle which only carries a power button and a two way hue.

grey color scheme

What I dislike about the new OneBlade 360 is the glossy silver tint used for the power button, which replaces the sophisticated jet-black hue of the OneBlade.

Battery and Charging 

As always, endurance matters, regardless of what you’re using. It seems to matter more when the OneBlade 360 is taken into account.

Though the power of the device can serve for over 60 minutes with an outstanding Li-Ion battery,

OneBlade 360 Charging

I feel that it’s still a shortcoming of the OneBlade 360, as the device only covers one stroke at a time, despite having an outstanding blade system.

It’s still safer than OLOV’s groin trimmer, and more resilient too, beating the electric trimmer by 10 minutes.

Just like the OneBlade Pro, the OneBlade 360 is supported by a charging adapter and cable, being an even match in this element.

The best is yet to come, though, so be sure to go through the following segment.

5-in-one Comb Guard

Many disregard the Philips OneBlade 360, mainly due to its affiliation with groin trimming products in the past.

OneBlade with adjustable guard

However, I still believe that this is a delight to invest in, especially if you take note of its 5-in-1 comb guard.

This sort of feels like a homage to the Bodygroom 7000, which contains an adjustable blade with 5 lengths.

In other words, if you’re only fond of the Bodygroom 7000’s stainless steel blades, save more by putting your money into the OneBlade 360. I know I would!

Classic build that provides razor-like feel during navigationLacks essentials such as a battery indicator
Foil blade provides more flexibility with 360 flexhead, generating closer shavesThe comb guard fails to generate accurate results
A press-and-play system that is easy to comprehend almost alwaysThe operation of the device is slow, making pubic hair trimming time-consuming
Incredible upgrade from the OneBlade, with a 60-minute Li-Ion batteryThe absence of hypoallergenic blades can damage the groin area if handled carelessly
5-way adjustable guard that mimics the Bodygroom 7000
Great alternative for the Bodygroom 5000 with a lighter feel

Final Takeaway 

The Philips OneBlade 360 is a great way to obtain a tool that feels like your classic electric razor, and shaves your groin without leaving any piece of flyaway behind.

Though attachments do exist to unlock more options for the outlook, the Philips OneBlade, which features OneBlade technology, feels best when securing a bald shave around the pubes. The program ensures round shapes around the edges of the blade, protecting the surface of the skin from injuries.

The traditional feel is upheld and enhanced by the Li-Ion battery, which provides the same runtime as the Bodygroom 5000, an unlikely rival of this pubic hair shaver.

The lightweight operation reminds me of Meridian, while its plastic housing reminds me of the Lawn Mower 4.0.

MANSPOT Premium Body Trimmer For Men

Upon using the Meridian trimmer, I found a siamese of the tool, which goes by the name of MANSPOT.

While I do think that they’ve got plenty of things in common, I also believe that, for a more lenient budget, the MANSPOT body trimmer offers exactly what one needs for pubic hair trimming.

MANSPOT frontal look

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While you may look into my full review on the MANSPOT body trimmer here, skim through the following segments to learn how well it works as a pubic hair trimmer!

Specifications and Attributes

ModelMANSPOT Body Trimmer
Blade SystemAnti-nick ceramic blade
BatteryLi-Ion battery
Battery Life90 minutes
Billed Weight (oz.)11.9ounces
Attachments4 guide combs, cleaning brush, charging cable
Standout Feature(s)Noiseless operation; Portable size
My Experience With MANSPOT Premium Body Trimmer

When all is said and done, there’s plenty that MANSPOT’s premium body trimmer offers to the groin.

MANSPOT body trimmer in box

Alongside a blade system that is trustworthy enough to be used towards the crotch, MANSPOT goes above and beyond to ensure an easygoing session with plenty of useful gadgets.

That’s not all that it has under its belt for pubic hair trimming, as MANSPOT is also known to be a specialist in replicating traits from household names.

From having an easygoing cleanup to providing incredible control, here are some of the best features of MANSPOT that aid in pubic hair trimming!

High-Quality Ceramic Blade with Snap-on System

Manspot Ceramic blade

MANSPOT and Meridian go toe-to-toe when it comes to their blade system, curated with a high-quality ceramic blade that remains cool and composed when trimming the pubes.

While the device doesn’t feel as soft as the Meridian, the ceramic blade is infused with an anti-nick shaving guard, working wonders for the pubes.

The blade feels narrow, and sharp, making it easy to trim tons of bulk from the groin area. The device still suffers when used in poor form, providing results with injuries.

MANSPOT detached blade

Wet shaving feels better for this device, if you ask me, since damp hair usually cooperates well with the precision of the blade.

The device also feels much better because of the snap-on system, which I like relying upon when trimming flyaways among my pubes.

Design and Feel

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again; If you’re seeking an alternative for the Lawn Mower 3.0 and 4.0, but don’t have much to work with, invest in MANSPOT’s premium body trimmer.

MANSPOT in the palms

The device feels kind of like the Lawn Mower 4.0, but looks exactly like the 3.0.

In fact, MANSPOT almost feels like the long-lost twin of the 3.0, carrying the same rubber grip texture around the power button.

I love using MANSPOT for my privates, especially due to its curvy handle. The coating provides an incredible grip, too, especially when you’re ready to do some wet trims.

Matte-based Housing

As stated earlier, the matte-based housing is a great selling point of the tool, providing a solid grip during the hardest stages of pubic hair trimming.

Backside of MANSCAPED

In fact, I kind of prefer the feel of this device over the one provided by the Lawn Mower 4.0, since the plastic coating seems less reliable for my clammy hands.

I also feel that MANSPOT definitely took pointers from the Lawn Mower 3.0 and Meridian for this compartment, since the texture of all three feel similar.

Not all is positive about the matte-based housing, however, as it does leave behind fingerprints.

Once clammy, the device also seems to slip through my fingers, which can be risky for my groin if left unsolved.

Battery and Charging 

Since stamina shapes the experience, it is important to look into the runtime of each device before allowing it to take care of your groin.

MANSPOT is one of the better candidates, however, and has never failed to provide a runtime of 90 minutes.

MANSPOT Battery and Charging 

The former isn’t necessarily a rare find, but it does impress me immensely. I can’t help but appreciate MANSPOT for offering the attributes of premium trimmers at such an affordable rate.

One thing that needs improvement, however, is the restoration system, as providing a cable is not just sufficient anymore.

This not only decreases some of the brownie points I have for the MANSPOT body trimmer, but also dismisses its potential to be the best on this list!

LED Indicator 

While the LED Indicator once again feels like a replica of the Meridian, I believe that it’s a great touch for pubic hair trimming.

battery status indicator

With 3-levels, you can easily keep track of the battery life, which can be a crucial factor in shaping the results.

I personally feel that they could have changed the pattern of the LED indicator, at least.

A vertical layout would have looked perfect under the black paint job of the device, and saved MANSPOT from constantly being compared to Meridian Grooming overall.

Comb Attachments with Tags 

Attachments of MANSPOT

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Though the quality of the attachments is different, the layout of the comb guards found in MANSPOT is eerily similar to that found in Meridian.

While the blades are slightly exposed still, the grip each attachment has is incredible, and safe.

I’ve used it on my crotch multiple times, and the results were precise and safe each time. The 1.5mm guard is the best one to use, as it resembles a 5 o’clock shadow.

A great alternative for Meridian body trimmerThe device might lose grip when used by sweaty palms
Provides a soft rubber grip that feels like the Lawn Mower 3.0Lacks originality due to reprising traits of the Meridian body trimmer
Effective attachments that provide a snug fit around the blade for pubic trimmingHandle feels weak and unreliable when dropped
Curvy intervention around the handle for more grip control
Helpful battery indicator with a 3-level design
Comb guards with helpful labels on the surface

Final Takeaway

If you’re seeking an immediate alternative for the Meridian, but would like a color scheme that looks more sophisticated than the former, MANSPOT body trimmer should be the ideal trimmer to invest in.

While its handle is held up by a rubber grip flooring, MANSPOT body trimmer also feels like a bigger-sized version of the Meridian body trimmer, making it quite a banger as a pubic hair trimmer in my eyes.

It’s heavier, but mimics the same anti-nick high-ceramic blade of the Meridian body trimmer, ensuring safety. It also prioritizes budget, which explains the extremely reasonable price tag it carries!

The selling point isn’t just the way in which its attachments fit over the blade, but also the blade system itself.

The detachable blade of this waterproof device isn’t just easy to clean, but also carries a narrow bridge gap that can promote sharper and closer trims.

OLOV Electric Groin Trimmer

Last but not least is OLOV’s groin trimmer, the most affordable candidate on this list. This device mimics the tech aspects of many leading frontrunners, catering to those on a tight budget.

OLOV Electric Groin Trimmer

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The reason that I picked this device is because of its housing, which is peculiar, but ideal for pubic hair trimming.

Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about OLOV’s groin trimmer!

Specifications and Attributes

ModelOLOV Groin Trimmer
Blade SystemCeramic Blade
BatteryNiMH Battery
Battery Life50 Minutes
Billed Weight (oz.)11.9 ounces
AttachmentsNose trimmer, 2 comb attachments, charging dock, cleaning brush, cable
Standout Feature(s)Cylinder-shape housing
My Experience With OLOV Groin Trimmer

The days I spent with OLOV’s groin trimmer were memorable, to say the least. While I was a bit hesitant when trying it out, I was humbled immediately upon unboxing the tool, even more so when I put it to the test.

OLOV Groin Trimmer inside box

From having a unique ergonomic design to carrying essentials for travel, here are all the features of the OLOV groin trimmer that helped me when shaving my privates!


Okay, I’ll be honest. The first thing that made this a compelling candidate was not the hardware, nor the perks of the device, but the pricing.

OLOV body trimmer with attachments

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While the OneBlade 360 and Meridian come really close, nothing beats OLOV groin trimmer when it comes to value.

Taking into account how much it charges, I believe OLOV is perfect for beginners working around a tight budget. It’s even better once you take into account what the packaging offers, making it the ideal groin trimmer to rely on!

Sharp Ceramic Blade 

The ceramic blade on this device is a win-lose situation, per se.

OLOV Groin Trimmer Blade

While the blade does absorb all the heat instead of taking it out on your privates, proper form is required if you’d like to walk away unscathed from the encounter.

However, if you do manage to fix your form like I fixed my posture, perhaps the blades will do you more good than harm, as it rapidly shortens the length of each session. I might

Premium housing 

OLOV Groin trimmer in hand

Despite charging less, the housing of this device is what I fancy quite a bit. It almost resembles breadwinners like the Lawn Mower 3.0, with just a power button at the centre.

The gold tint of the power button is the first thing to take note of, while the feel of the device is comfortable.

OLOV Groin trimmer power button

Although the cylinder-like handle is kind of unorthodox, the lean nature of it is a perfect fit for my palms.

In contrast to most, this device almost feels like the Lawn Mower 4.0, especially due to the similarities in their weight.

Seamless Operation 

The ease of use that the OLOV groin trimmer provides deserves its own segment, as it carries the shaving session convincingly.

Though the blade is sharper than most, the matte-based housing provides an incredible grip, ensuring safety when in operation.

The lightweight nature of OLOV makes it better than the Bodygroom 7000, which always causes issues due to its hefty build.

Battery and Charging 

Although the device does offer a runtime of 50 minutes, the downside is that it’s powered by an NiMH battery, which is quite backdated if you ask me.

OLOV body trimmer Battery and Charging 

This puts the OLOV at risk not just in the competition, but also in the bathroom.

Although it guarantees a 50-minute battery life, I feel that the device always fails to reach that mark. I’ve used it plenty of times, and it always slows down when the runtime reaches the ten-minute mark.

To make things easier, however, the OLOV groin trimmer provides a charging cable, just like many on this list, even the Meridian original body trimmer.

Worry not, however, as a surprise awaits once you unbox the packaging.

Charging Station 

The NiMH battery might be a dealbreaker to many, as it can’t guarantee the runtime it claims to provide. However, to make up for that missing element, the OLOV groin trimmer provides a charging station; one which can only be found on the Lawn Mower 4.0.

OLOV on the charging dock

Unlike the former charging station which recharges the battery life in 60 minutes, OLOV’s charging dock takes 5 hours.

While it is a downgrade for those using trimmers powered by Li-Ion batteries, the timeframe isn’t bad if you shave your pubic hair once every three weeks.

Besides, who wouldn’t want a charging dock for their trimmer?

Noiseless Motor 

Whether you believe it or not, noise-induced anxiety does exist, hampering one’s abilities when occurred.

Noise anxiety also exists in activities like body grooming, incurred by most trimmers when push comes to shove.

OLOV’s groin trimmer once again breaks barriers as an affordable shaver, with a dB level that is considerably lower than most.

I personally love that aspect, since noiseless operation cancels out the damages that could be endured with the ceramic blade.

Nose Trimmer 

If you think outside the box, you can easily use the nose trimmer provided by OLOV’s groin trimmer in compact areas, especially around the pubic bone.

Nose Trimmer of OLOV

While the results won’t comprise bald shaves, the round yet pointy shaving system can be a good way to practice safe trimming, especially if you’re not ready to work with a fully formed blade yet.

Provides tons of advantages for valueThe ceramic blade isn’t safe for skin
Premium housing with golden-brown power buttonThe equipment is pretty shoddy for the price
Matte-based handle with seamless navigation around the tushyNiMH battery that only lasts for 50 minutes
Charging station at a low budget
Nose trimmer that can be used to reduce bulk

Final Takeaway 

If you’re working with an extremely tight budget, the OLOV’s groin trimmer can be a great way to keep your pubes in check.

For a very affordable price, OLOV’s groin trimmer not only offers a great device that looks almost like a premium gadget, but also comes with souvenirs like a charging station, nose trimmer, and comb attachments; all of which can work quite well for pubic hair trimming.

Not all is amazing about the trimmer, however, as OLOV’s trimmer does contain various shortcomings, preferably around the ceramic blade and the equipment provided.

Although it can be a good way to get into pubic hair trimming, OLOV’s body trimmer shouldn’t be a long-term investment for such sensitive areas, as it can cause tons of tugging and pulling.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Pubic Hair Trimmer For Men

Pubic Hair Trimmer Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve read through all the highs and lows regarding all the gadgets that I believe qualify as some of the best pubic hair trimmers for men, I hope it’s easy for you to decide which one you should place your money in.

However, if you’re still as indecisive as you were when you first found this article, I’ve got you covered!

Mentioned below are some of the crucial factors that you should consider before buying the ideal pubic hair trimmer, with a thorough insight into what each device in this guide has to offer. In other words, here’s a thoughtful user’s guide that will surely solve your dilemma!

Blade System

The first thing to take note of is the blade system, which is the biggest contributor of the results.

It won’t just have an impact on the results, but also make direct contact with the skin to remove bulk and generate the right outcome.

Since razors aren’t mentioned here, it seems as if there are two kinds of blade system that you have to pick from; a foil system, and ceramic blade.


Foil blade shaving system

The Philips OneBlade 360, and Bodygroom 5000 promote the art of foil shaving.

This is the perfect system for newcomers in my opinion, as the round edges accumulate pieces without making contact with the groin. It’s perfect for sensitive skin, which bruises easily when the form is wrong.

In the middle is the Philips Bodygroom 7000, killing two birds with one stone by offering a foil system and trimming blades.

The 4-directional foil system is fused with hypoallergenic properties, saving the pubes from irritation.

The guarded blade, on the other hand, offers trims between 3mm and 11mm to make the hairy situation around your privates lighter, but not empty.

ceramic blade of pubic trimmer

On the other end are the Lawn Mower 4.0, Meridian, MANSPOT, and OLOV, all of which operate with a ceramic blade.

While MANSPOT ensures protection with SkinSafe technology, Meridian and MANSPOT feel just as safe with an anti-nick guard, especially if you take your time when shaving the groin.

If you’re on a budget, you may invest in OLOV as well. The blade can leave marks, but isn’t the worst if you need a travel buddy for a few days.

Ease of Use

Usability is another thing you have to consider before making your pick, which is shaped by the comfort each device provides. Comfort leads to good results, that too without any repercussions.

It’s almost like a tie between MANSCAPED and Meridian in this case, but for completely different reasons.

MANSCAPED and Meridian Next to One Another

MANSPOT helps with SkinSafe technology, and a 4000k flashlight that operates in the dark.

Meridian meets that criterion with a lightweight system that promotes flexibility, and therefore, a close shave.

Since the device is quite compact, Meridian is also the perfect fit for any palm, further sealing the tie.

If you’re into Lawn Mower 3.0, you might just like MANSPOT. The trimmer mimics the status indicator and guards of the Meridian, proving to be a solid alternative for the device.

Additionally, if you want to reprise the same shaving experience that you obtain when shaving your face, your go-to should be OneBlade 360.

Pubic trimmers in hand

It goes above and beyond to crop the strands around your pubes to provide hairless results in no time. You may even obtain the Bodygroom 5000, especially if you want to use its back attachment to trim the pubic bone, and unlock a more premium experience than the former.

The Bodygroom 7000 is a multitasker, but too overwhelming to use, in my opinion. I love how it offers a two-way shaving experience, but it weighs a lot in contrast to the rest.

That shouldn’t stop you from investing in it, though, especially if your forearms are ready to handle the device!

Price And Value

Trimming pubic hair isn’t only an activity, but also an investment.

Although going all-in with your finances can be a good move to make if you’re hoping to ensure safety and protection during your body grooming session, playing it smart by spending what you can is also something I would advise.

For instance, if you’ve got a tight budget, try to welcome OLOV’s groin trimmer into your collection, which is probably the most affordable one from this pool.

Furthermore, for a significant upgrade, however, go for either MANSPOT or Meridian’s body trimmer, which carries a subtle difference within their price tags.

bodygroom 5000 and OneBlade 360

Close shaves can be given for less, especially if you look at foil shavers like the Bodygroom 5000 and OneBlade 360. To ensure more options, make a long-term investment in the Bodygroom 7000.

The priciest one is also the most functional one, otherwise known as MANSCAPED’s Lawn Mower 4.0.

It’s definitely worth the investment, especially when you discover the way in which it uses a travel lock feature to preserve its energy!

Battery Life

On average, it takes around 5 minutes to shave the pubes for many, but only if you use a razor.

When using foil shavers and electric trimmers, however, the scenario feels drastically longer, but is also much safer.

Lawn Mower 4.0, Meridian, and MANSPOT battery life

Among the candidates on this list of pubic hair trimmers, there seems to be a tie between Lawn Mower 4.0, Meridian, and MANSPOT, with each offering a 90 minute operation.

Trailing behind is the Philips Bodygroom 7000, carrying a runtime of 80 minutes. The Bodygroom is still the most energetic in the franchise however, but falls short being the frontrunner in this case.

Despite falling behind in tech, the Philips Bodygroom 5000 and OneBlade 360 are quite reliable with their endurance, with an hour’s worth of runtime each.

The OLOV trimmer falls short on this element, carrying an unreliable NiMH battery that lacks power.


The trimmers are reliable companions when all you’re seeking is a good outcome, but might require different measures for maintenance; another element to count before making your purchase.

Foil shaving head under a tap

The foil shavers involved in this article, which would be the Philips Bodygroom 7000, 5000, and the OneBlade 360, can be cleaned thoroughly just through a rinse, even more so if you detach the blade.

The flipside of the Bodygroom 7000 might need a soft bristled brush though, as rinsing the guarded blade will only bring the shaved pieces together.

Additionally, if you’re hoping to invest in the Lawn Mower 4.0, Meridian, MANSPOT, or OLOV, you might need to detach the blade to rinse it thoroughly.

Lawn Mower 4.0 being rinsed under a tap

Don’t hesitate to place a finger underneath the anti-nick guard when the blade is in contact with running water, especially if minor pieces are stuck in between the edges.

After a quick trim, you may skip the rinse and use the cleaning brush instead to eliminate accumulated pieces of hair.

If you have blade oil in your inventory, lather some underneath the ceramic system to ensure smooth operation without tugging and pulling for the next session.

How to Trim and Shave Pubic Hair without Pain or Hassle

Regardless of whether you’re a male or a female, there’s a right way to groom your nether regions. There are several key points that you always need to consider when you’re getting the job done. Make sure you get it right every time with these quick tips.

Get the equipment ready

essential tools

Make sure that you have everything you need close by. Off the top of my head, a quick list of the things you will need include:

  • Trimmer
  • Shaver
  • Scissor
  • Hand mirror
  • Shaving cream
  • Aftershave
  • Towels
  • Tissues

Maintain the cleanliness of your equipment

Clean your tools

The tools you are using will come into close contact with some very sensitive parts of your body. Make sure to take this into consideration by keeping your equipment clean and sterilized. Once you’re done using them, it won’t hurt to wash them with some water, soap, and alcohol. A good set of equipment can go great lengths in securing the trim you have in mind.

Go over long hairs with a quick trim before you shave

Trim excessive long hair

It’s important that you go over your pubic hair for a quick trim if you plan to shave, especially if you haven’t groomed that area in a long time. This is because long hairs can snag, which makes the process unnecessarily more painful than it usually is. To prevent wounds caused by any unceremonious yanking of long hair, trim it to a manageable length before getting to work with the shaver.

Step into a bath before you start grooming

Bath before grooming

I strongly recommend taking a warm bath before you start grooming. This helps open your pores as well as soften your skin and hair. Some people actually prefer to do their work in the shower. However, this is highly contested and remains a matter of preference as well as product, since some may work better with a dry shave or in the shower.

Exfoliate to clear the area


Exfoliating can help coax ingrown hairs out of your skin. Overall, however, it’s great for cleaning and preparing the area for grooming. Since it’s for your private areas, I recommend you use a gentle pH-balanced exfoliator. The wrong product can be unduly harsh on your nether regions and can lead to breakouts or other related rashes.

Minimize friction by lathering up

Lather pubic area

Razor burns are super painful and can linger on your body for weeks. If you’ve ever had one of them before, imagine the pain of having one in your pubic area. It can affect the way you walk, stand, sit, and urinate for a long period of time. If you are prone to razor burns, I would suggest you lather up and shave with cream. However, others prefer to go dry and only use powder to prep before shaving. Ultimately, the final decision is up to you.

Shave with the grain

shave pubic area with the grain

The common shaving advice is that you go against the grain so you can cut it off at the root. However, where your pubes are concerned it’s more of a priority that you trim your pubes safely and with a lesser risk of fostering ingrown hairs. As such, shaving with the grain is a better option. It doesn’t disturb the pattern of your hair growth and doesn’t encourage the likelihoods of yanking your hair out.

Always remember to moisturize

Use mostorizer

Keeping your pubic area moisturized can prevent and relieve discomfort. This is why some people choose to shave in the shower because it allegedly removes some of the pain that is usually felt when you have to do some grooming. Since it’s a delicate part of your body, make sure you use a moisturizer that is fragrance-free. The chemicals that contribute to fragrances may be too harsh on your private parts.

Trimming Your Nether Region Has Several Benefits

Think of how good it feels to leave the barber’s shop with a good haircut. You can have that same feeling in your nether regions as well, as long as you’re willing to invest some time and effort into learning how to do it. Trimming your pubic hair can make you feel just as confident as a good ‘do will, and here are a few tangible reasons why this is so.

  • Trimming enhances the appearance of your package

It’s scientifically proven to help you out in this aspect. You can flaunt what you’ve got better when it isn’t covered by a wild, unkempt bush of hair. Sometimes there can be too much going on to fully appreciate what’s being offered and the same can happen to your nether regions. Getting rid of all the visual noise that diverts your partner’s attention from the main attraction is the answer.

  • Your private parts stay cleaner and healthier

This is a difficult topic to discuss, but it has to be covered. The presence of hair allows all sweat, substances, and unpleasant odors to stick to your body. Trimming is the solution to getting rid of these areas and is definitely an option you should consider adding to your regular hygiene routine. The lack of hair can make you feel cleaner and freer, which gives you more leeway to move and act naturally.

  • It helps you stay comfortable

I briefly introduced this point above. To expound it further, pubic hair can make you feel more stuffy and sometimes it can hurt to move in certain ways if it’s overgrown. Once you trim it down to stubble, less room is being unnecessarily occupied down there. It frees up more space for your package. You can then feel more comfortable in your own skin.

  • Your partner will appreciate your efforts

From the perspective of your significant other, it’s not easy to work on someone who comes with an abundant side offer. This is because it would become difficult to work on the main attraction with all the extra mass. Keeping your private parts well-groomed will definitely be noted and appreciated. It’s a sign that you care about your body and your partner.

  • Trimming can help make things super sensual

Of course, once you consider how trimming adds to your package, is appreciated by your partner, and contributes to personal hygiene, it’s not a big leap to think of how this can help in bed. Cleaning up your nether regions with an electric trimmer may be the solution you’ve been waiting for as it can definitely spice things up and change your behavior.

  • You can lessen chafing due to pubic hairs

The hairs that grow down there are very different from the hairs that grow on your head. They can be wild, coarse, and vicious on the surrounding areas. As a result, it can affect your skin health and your capacity for movement. Trimming away those pubes will definitely lessen your likelihoods of getting a rash due to chafing, and let you move in a more unrestricted manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should I trim my pubic hairs?
As a general rule, you can choose to groom once a week to keep things under control. However, if you’re the type to really want to go for a bald look, then it’s best to trim once every other day.

Keep in mind that the speed of hair growth can differ from one person to another, so you may have to observe yourself for a while to confirm that this is the right schedule for you. If not, adjust as needed.

How can I avoid irritation while trimming my pubic area?
I recommend shaving either during or right after a shower because during these times your skin and hair will have been softened by the water and steam. You can also use a moisturizing shaving gel to facilitate hair removal from the razor. Once you’re done with the job, finish it up with more moisturizer.

Is it possible to use any electric shaver or trimmer on my pubic hairs?
It’s possible but it’s not an activity that I recommend. Most electric shavers are optimized for the face and body, and some of them may come with features that make them handy for shaving your pubes. However, keep in mind that your pubic area is a very different and sensitive part of your body. As such, it should be given special attention. Some of the trimmers I reviewed provide several functions, in case you need a model that can trim hair on several body areas.

What if I choose not to trim my pubes?
There’s no problem with that. Shaving pubic hair is a matter of personal preference. However, there are several tangible benefits that come with keeping your pubes well-groomed. I strongly recommend trying it at least once to see how it affects you and your partner.

Should I be shaving if I have a pimple on my pubic area?
As long as the pimples are not painful and they do not bother you, then it shouldn’t be a problem. It will, however, make shaving trickier. During shaving, take extra care over the affected areas and make sure that you don’t accidentally nick them.

Final Takeaway

While growing hair down there can be a good way to protect yourself from environmental mishaps and allergic reactions from harsh fabric, trimming your pubes regularly wipes away irritation from ingrown hair, and reduces the amount of sweat retained by your privates.

Though hair trimmers can be used, it’s best to rely on a pubic hair trimmer, fused with the right kind of blade system, endurance, attachments, and hardware.

Throughout this guide, I’ve mentioned 7 dominant pubic hair trimmers that don’t just defy the laws of personal hygiene, but also make the art of removing thick pubic strands effortless and easy.

However, if I were to pick one out of the 7 contenders, I’d side with the Lawn Mower 4.0, which offers SkinSafe technology, ergonomic housing, a 90-minute runtime, and a wireless charging station to set the bar for pubic hair trimming.

It doesn’t end there, I’m afraid, as the travel lock feature preserves energy before shaving your privates, and the new flashlight offers a glow-in-the-dark feel for dealing with hair around the pubic bone!
Pubic hair matters! In modern times, both men and women are expected to keep it tidy down there. A neatly trimmed crotch-area is more hygienic, will make you feel more confident in your body, and can even improve your sex life.

Your pubes are a delicate yet important part of your body and I strongly suggest you set aside the time to learn how to handle hair growth in that area. To make the process easier, I’ve trawled through the internet to find the best pubic hair trimmers for men available now as well as some of the basic information you’ll need for this endeavor. While they’re not all advertised for pubic hair, they have features that make them a valid choice.

Not a moment to waste! Read on to find out the trimmer that best suits you and some quick tips on getting the job done right.

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