Best Quiet Hair Dryer: Seven of the Top Silent Dryers Reviewed

There are quite a few reasons why you might want a quiet hair dryer. It could be that you’re using the hair dryer on a frightened dog. A quiet dryer can save your hearing, which might be what you want for the coming future. Dryers with low decibels won’t wake people in your house.

Normal hair dryers can be very loud. They rank above the noise of a passing motorcycle or a gas mower in the yard. It’s really incredible how much noise they can generate. It’s not healthy for your ear drums.

In this list, you’ll find dryers that are low noise. The really-noisy hair dryers are going to be around 94 dB. For a good hair dryer that won’t ruin your hearing, you’ll want to stick to a sound below 80 dB. Read on to find out what dryers are silent or produce low noise. Learn what features will help with noise level. There’s nothing forgotten in this guide.

Best Quiet Hair Dryer Comparison Table

Notable FeaturesPrice
MHU Salon Grade1875w Ion Salon quality
Check price
Ion Whisper Lite1875w
Ion Ultra-light Check price
Revlon Lightweight1600w Ion Unique air inlet
Check price
Centrix Ceramic1500w
Ion Large fan
Check price
Revlon Quiet Pro1875w
Ion Centrifugal fan Check price
Cricket Centrix Q-Zone1500w
Ion Large air inlet Check price
Panasonic IONITY1200w
Ion Folding handle
Check price

Top 7 Quiet Hair Dryer Reviews

1. MHU Professional Salon-Grade Low Noise Hair Dryer

Quiet hair dryers are easier to use for long periods of time. This one from MHU is a low-noise device. While you want a quiet device, it should have the same features you’d expect from any other dryer. That’s what you’ll find with the MHU styling tool.

MHU Professional Salon-Grade Low Noise Hair Dryer

It packs an 1875w AC motor. It’s a heavy motor compared to some hair dryers. It’s geared towards salon-grade performance, so the heavy motor has a long life expectancy. The air flow is quite powerful. Salon stylists will use a styling tool like this because it won’t hurt their ears while it’s running.

The far-infrared heat penetrates the hair shaft. It will heat from the inside, which is better for the strands. Instead of harsh heat on the outside, the heat will be gentle. Hair will dry faster with this kind of heat. The ions will remove water molecules fast, too. It all leads to quick drying that won’t hurt your ears.

With this styling tool, you’re getting 2 attachments. There is a diffuser and a concentrator. The concentrator directs the air flow directly to sectioned hair. The diffuser is perfect for curly or wavy hair. You can direct the heat and air exactly where it’s needed.

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Great positives

When it comes to a quiet styling tool, this is a very good choice. The motor is salon grade while being super quiet. You’re getting powerful air that won’t sound like a plane taking off next to you.

The ionic materials break up water molecules for quicker drying. You won’t need to use the dryer for very long. That’s important if you have a problem with the sound of any dryer.

The styling attachments will influence the sound of the hair dryer, too. It has the added bonus of helping hair dry faster. You’re directing the air flow where needed – even away from the ears.

Mild concern

The hair dryer isn’t a lightweight dryer. You’re getting a more powerful motor that will last a long time. It’s not going to be a model you can hold for 40 minutes non-stop. It’s certainly capable of blow drying thick hair in minutes. The weight of the dryer doesn’t come into question for most people.

2. Ion Whisper Quiet Lite Ionic

This ceramic hair dryer is from a company called ION. Yet, the styling tool does have ionic features. It’s very quiet compared to some other hair dryers. Is it really “whisper quiet” like advertised, though? Read on to find out.

Ion Whisper Quiet Lite Ionic

The 1875w motor is not contributing much in the way of weight. The entire dryer only weighs 16 ounces. It’s very powerful, though. You’re getting power to deliver the ions to your hair. Hair is smooth and silky after use.

It really is pretty quiet compared to other dryers. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “whisper” quiet, though. It’s still the quietest dryer I’ve used. You’re still getting all kinds of features from this soft dryer. There are 3 temp settings, 2 air speed settings, and a cool shot button.

With this dryer, you’re getting 3 attachments, too. The attachments further quiet the dryer. The air speed can be lowered to a more focused stream. The concentrators and diffuser will dry quickly without much noise.

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Great positives

The tourmaline and ceramic of this hair dryer will emit millions of ions. That kind of ionic technology has 2 benefits. Hair will dry faster since water molecules are attacked. It makes hair very silky, shiny, and smooth.

A quiet hair dryer doesn’t have to sacrifice features to be quiet. In fact, the dryer can be much quieter with things like attachments and ionic technology.

The powerful air speed can be lowered and still dry hair. My thick hair was done in only a few minutes with this hair dryer. It was silky smooth to the touch, too.

Mild concern

It is quieter than some hair dryers. I wouldn’t call it whisper quiet, though. The pitch is low and is easier on the ears compared to some other hair dryers. It’s a slight exaggeration on their part. Still, it is low noise.

3. Revlon Lightweight Quiet Hair Dryer

Quiet hair dryers are still going to have some noise. You’re just looking for low-noise tools. This is a lightweight, 1600-watt hair dryer from Revlon. The motor is going to provide enough power to dry your hair. It’s lower than some other dryers on this list.

Revlon Lightweight Quiet Hair Dryer

While the motor is 1600w, it’s a good power for drying even thick hair. There were no problems when doing my hair. There are 2 heat and 2 speed settings. It also has a cool shot button. With these speeds, you’re getting millions of ions for smooth hair. That comes from the 3x ceramic inside the dryer.

Where the Revlon really stands out is the unique air inlet fans. The u-shaped fans are going to let more air into the dryer. It circulates better and keeps the motor cool. It also speeds up the drying process. A quick blow dry is going to help with any noise issues you may have.

The hair dryer comes with a concentrator. This directs the air where it’s needed for the sake of quietness and speedy drying. Most likely you’ll have a brush for styling. Directing the hair with the concentrator is going to give you a smoother blow out.

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Great positives

While the motor of this one has less wattage than the others, it competes side-by-side in other areas. The ions are going to give you incredibly smooth hair.

It has that really interesting side-inlet grill that’s shaped like a U. It’s letting air into the back of the dryer very quietly. The outlet contributes to quicker drying time.

It’s hard to say whether the air inlet, ions, or lower wattage makes the dryer quiet. This hair dryer from Revlon definitely has less whine and noise than others.

Mild concern

Buttons on the handle are sensitive. You could be blow drying your hair and end up changing the speed or heat. It might even shut off while using it. You’ll need to be hyper aware of the buttons while using it.

4. Centrix Quiet Ceramic Hair Dryer

This is another low noise hair dryer. It’s from a company that hasn’t been on my radar. Sometimes, unknown companies will try harder to get our attention. That’s the case with this hair dryer. It has all kinds of features that can be compared to name-brand devices.

Centrix Quiet Ceramic Hair Dryer

The Centrix Quiet is lightweight with a 1600w motor. The motor is low wattage, which lends itself to less noise. It’s still going to be powerful enough for drying hair fast. This low-noise device has a large fan. That is another way that you’re getting a quieter device.

There are 2 speeds/heat settings. It also has a cold shot button. This doesn’t seem like as many heat and speed options, it’s going to dry hair very fast. It cuts down on the amount of heat damage as well as noise. While using the dryer, it wasn’t hard to have a conversation.

It includes a concentrator. With a concentrator attachment, the air and speed it directed to one area. That’s going to dry hair faster. The ionic technology of the hair dryer will be focused, too. Millions of ions will make hair smooth. This dryer directs it right where you want.

Great positives

Outside of the bathroom, this hair dryer barely registered as a sound. It definitely won’t wake anyone in the next room. That’s often important for people who get up early. You don’t want to wake the rest of the house.

The dryer won’t run for very long anyway. Since the dryer has a large fan, it removes water quickly. It’s hard to be annoyed with a hair dryer when it’s only on for a few minutes.

It’s also a great option for salon stylists. You want to enjoy conversation with your clients. This won’t block any conversation clients may want to have with you.

Mild concern

The air speed out of this dryer isn’t as powerful as hair dryers with higher motor wattage. It’s going to be really kind to your ears, though. Noise over time can really have an impact on your hearing. Especially if you use it every single day.

5. Revlon RVDR5045 Quiet Pro Ionic Dryer

This is another hair dryer from Revlon. The previous one had a motor that was 1600w. This one is 1875w. It’s going to be more powerful than the previous one. This one is a bit louder than the other. On the flip side, it delivers more features.

Revlon RVDR5045 Quiet Pro Ionic Dryer

This is a DC motor, which is very lightweight. It’s going to be slightly noisy compared to an AC motor. With this hair dryer, you’re getting ions, too. Ionic technology emits millions of ions for fast drying. Although this dryer is a bit louder than the other Revlon, it’s going to dry fast.

There are 3 heat options as well as 2 speed settings. The off switch is right on the speed button. The cool shot button is at the top of the handle. The buttons can be easy to press if you’re not careful. The quiet hair dryer has large fans. The centrifugal design makes the air faster without straining the motor. That’s contributing to the lower volume.

It comes with a long, 8.2-foot cord. At the top of the cord, there’s a hanging loop. Storage is simple with this addition. The dryer is pretty big, so you’re going to need to consider where you’ll keep it. It comes with a concentrator and a removable filter for cleaning.

Great positives

Revlon claims that their hair dryer removes 30% more frizz than other dryers. It does this in half the time as other dryers, too. My hair certainly felt silkier and less frizzy after use.

The fan does contribute to the noise reduction. It’s large and the motor isn’t trying to create all the air. It feels really lighter and low noise compared to other dryers.

The concentrator, speed, heat, and ions are all working together in this styling tool. It’s easy to customize the heat and speed you want with the concentrator for more direct styling.

Mild concern

Unfortunately, this dryer is a bit too big to toss in an overnight bag. You could do it, but it’s going to be bulky. It won’t be heavy, though. This can’t be used out of the country.

6. Cricket Centrix Q-Zone Dryer

For another quiet hair dryer, there’s the Centrix Q-Zone. It’s a dryer that works well for home use or salon stylists. The dryer is very quiet and hits all the other features that deliver a silky blow out. It’ll be like going to the salon.

Cricket Centrix Q-Zone Dryer

The motor is a lightweight, 1500w motor. It has ceramic and tourmaline technology. They deliver millions of ions. The ions combat the positive ones in dry, frizzy hair. An ionic dryer provides a way to break apart water molecules. It’s much faster at drying.

There are 2 buttons to deliver speed and heat. The dryer has a button for low, medium, and high heat. It can be paired with high or low air speed. You’ll be able to customize exactly what your hair demands. Whether it’s high speed and high heat or any combination.

The hair dryer is light and ergonomic for handling. It won’t strain your arm or hand at all. The dryer comes with a curved handle that makes it easy to hold. You can hold it by the barrel or the handle and the cold shot button is within easy reach. There are 2 buttons; one in the front and one in the back.

Great positives

With a 1500-watt motor, that’s instantly going to be a quieter device. It’s delivering millions of ions that break apart water molecules. Removing water from the hair is fast.

There’s more to think about than the noise level of the hair dryer. It’s low noise. It’s also full of other great features. Ionic technology is just one.

There’s also the location of the cool shot buttons as a feature. Holding it by the handle – or the barrel – gives you access to a cool shot button. That’s because there is one on the front and the back.

Mild concern

This hair dryer doesn’t come with any attachments. You’ll need to consider whether you need attachments to have the best blow out possible. Keeping the air speed low can help direct the air where you need it. You might not need a concentrator or diffuser.

7. Panasonic Low-Noise IONITY Hair Dryer

This Panasonic comes from Japan. It’s a compact hair dryer with a 1200-watt motor. It weighs a little over 1 pound and has a folding handle. You could definitely travel with this hair dryer. There are some accommodations you’ll need to make, though.

Panasonic Low-Noise IONITY Hair Dryer

The 1200w motor is delivering a lower amount of speed and effort in your hair dryer. It’s surprising to learn that, even with a lower wattage, the styling tool does dry pretty fast. Many suggest using this for animals that need drying. The noise won’t scare them. It truly is very low noise.

It comes with a few speed/heat options. There’s a high, low, and cool. You don’t have to tailor a bunch of buttons to the right air and temperature. Instead, choose high heat/speed, low heat/speed, or cool. The cool can be used to set your style.

There’s a concentrator included with this Japanese hair dryer. That helps to focus the air and heat. It allows for easy styling. Even though the air speed sounds low, it’s really good for drying quickly. While many others advertise as whisper quiet, this is one that comes fairly close to that claim.

Great positives

The quietest hair dryer on the list is this one from Panasonic. That shouldn’t be surprising since they’re an electronics company. How does that translate to hair styling tools?

They have a great device here. Overall, it really is super quiet. It has great features like varied speeds and temperature options. There’s a cool option for setting your style, too.

The dryer comes with a concentrator that can be removed if you want. With that being said, the dryer only comes with that one attachment. You can create volume without the diffuser if you want.

Mild concern

The one concern with this hair dryer is the fact that it’s from Japan with Japanese instructions. It was created for the market in Japan. They have 100v outlets there. In the US, it’s 110v to 120v. You will need a converter for use in most places outside Japan.

Considerations When Picking the Best Quiet Hair Dryer

It’s important to protect your hearing when you can. One of the best ways to save your hearing is with household appliances. You’re holding this dryer very close to your ears. It can cause permanent damage to have loud noises near your ear drums. You want to be beautiful while also retaining your hearing.

  • Decibel Rating on the Hair Dryer

Unfortunately, not every dryer is going to have a decibel number available. If you are lucky enough to find the rating, you want it to be below 80 dB. The average hair dryer is considered “Very Loud” and can cause hearing loss. Noise-related hearing loss is a very real threat.

The level of noise and the close relation of the offending device will contribute to hearing loss. That’s according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Around 60 dB is a good noise level that won’t ruin your hearing over time.

  • Motor and Wattage of the Hair Dryer

When it comes to decibel level, you want to consider a dryer that has a low wattage and a strong motor. The dryers that go over 1875w are generally going to be louder than those below 1875w. It will depend on the dryer, though. If possible, look really hard at the noise level stats.

An AC motor will make less noise than a DC motor. AC motors are usually of professional quality. The DC motor is much louder. That’s one way to figure out if the dryer is going to be super loud when there’s no decibel rating listed.

  • Temperature Level, Speed Options, and Your Hearing

Another way that dryer companies can make quieter hair dryers is with the air speed. The fan spins and creates noise, too. If you have a fan that spins slower, it’s going to be a quieter dryer overall.

The temperature level can have a strange impact on your hearing, too. The outer part of your ear can heat up, which makes the interior of your ear heat up. All that heat can have a damaging impact on your inner ear. It’s best to have low heat and low speed to have a dryer that’s a bit quieter.

  • Technology in the Potential Hair Dryer

Ionic technology produces less noise. That’s why you can’t always judge noisiest dryer based on wattage. You might have a dryer with 1875w, but it has ionic technology. It’s hard to figure out what the decibels will be in that case.

Normally, a high wattage hair dryer with ionic advancements will be quieter. A dryer with high wattage and no ionics will definitely be too loud for your ears. Sometimes, the whine or hum of the dryer can make a difference, too. A high-pitched whine can hurt. A hum will be more forgiving to the ears.

  • Do Attachments Lower the Noise?

In an indirect way, the attachments will lower the noise. For example, the diffuser is meant for curly hair or waves. It’s going to be used at a lower temperature and air speed. The low settings are quieter than high settings.

A concentrator can reduce the heat and noise around the ear. It’s focused and directs the heat, noise, and air to the sectioned hair. It can be removed from the vicinity of your ear canal if it’s too loud.

  • All the Features Together for One Quiet Dryer

Now that I’ve listed out all the things you need to consider, think about how many are available together. A hair dryer with a low wattage, heavy motor, and ionic technology is going to be quiet. Especially when compared to high-wattage, lightweight motors without ions.

After learning what you need to consider, it’s all been done for you. I’ve taken all the best, quietest hair dryers for this list.


The reason that you need a quiet hair dryer could be for health reasons. You might not want to wake up your partner. It could be a preventative measure, so you don’t have future issues.

The reason doesn’t really matter. This list will help you make a choice of a dryer that won’t hurt your ear drums. With a low-noise dryer, you’re going to save your hearing and not worry about hearing loss due to noisy products.

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