7 Best Razors for Shaving Head in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best razor for shaving head

When I went full Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with my hair, I took all shortcuts I could possibly think of. I didn’t think of the repercussions. I thought- I’m going bald, I don’t need to maintain. This happened before I entered the ranks of stylists.

Let me tell you – the train of thought I adopted can get anybody into a lot of trouble.

As I grew as a hairstylist, I realized the extent of my mistake. If you don’t want to walk down the same lane, do yourself a favor. Get the best razor for shaving head. Be it yours or someone else’s.

It may seem like overkill, but it isn’t. The perks of having a razor specifically suited for shaving can make your balding-routine a breeze.

In an attempt to know everything about being and living bald, I went into overdrive and tried out a lot of different razors. So, if you want to know which razors are worth a second glance, hop on!

The Final Winner Among The TOP 7

ATX Men's Starter Kit

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Top-Rated Razors for Shaving Heads – My Recommendations

I’ve had a run-in with a lot of razors, and only a handful showed some promise. It’s not as if most razors were bad, but they just didn’t have the extra oomph required for head shaving.

Hence, from the promising candidates, only 7 made it to the list. Let me show you what exactly clicked and why I chose these razors out of the countless possibilities.

1. ATX Men’s Head Shaving Starter Kit

I got my hands on the ATX Men’s Shaving Kit during my early days as a stylist. I had my reservations about this razor because getting the whole kit for such a reasonable price seemed too good to be true. I must say- the kit lived up to my expectations.

ATX Men's Head Shaving Starter Kit

As you can see from the title, it’s not just a single razor. Rather, it’s a complete set of all the necessary items one can make use of during head shaving. The kit consists of a razor coupled with two pairs of blades with shaving cream to boot. It’s a complete DIY setup.

Let’s start with the cream. I think it was a straight-up ace move from the manufacturer to include a cream. Why? Because I’ve seen a lot of people use shampoo to shave their heads, and the results weren’t pretty.

Even if one could skip the nicks and cuts due to sheer luck or perhaps skill, the burn of a shampoo-shave would still hurt. That’s why the ATX Men’s mentholated cream was a lifesaver.

Once I put on the cream, the razor just slid through my hair. That’s not all. It’s not like you have to stick to the ATX’s signature HB blades if you want the cream to work. The HeadSlick, as they call it, is quite self-sufficient, and the cream itself can even make a cheap blade look good.

I had no difficulty handling the razor. However, that would put this razor in the wrong light because I’m a stylist. I think the design itself is an impediment to comfort.

Most users enjoy a lightweight, lean, and minimalistic razor. Also, when it comes to shaving your head bald, holding the razor for a long time becomes a do-or-die concern.

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The ATX tried to go for innovation points by including a roller, which just makes matters worse.

I can’t say I was too happy about it. Still, props for the attempt. Maybe in a newer addition, they would make the racecar-like design more efficient.

The blades are pretty standard. I was able to cut through hair without any hiccups. Also, the pack consists of 4 blades, and as the adage does- the more, the merrier. I had no trouble going on for a couple months.

Although I was satisfied with the entire head shaving kit, there are certain aspects I couldn’t look past. I’ve already mentioned the flaws of the razor. The blade-flexibility could’ve been better as well. Once you start using the razor, you would realize the movement can be a little awkward.

Still, the ultimate prize I got from the ATX Men’s Shaving Starter Kit is the shaving cream. I believe the cream alone justifies the purchase.

The razor and blades could’ve been better, but that doesn’t mean it’s unusable. With a little practice and patience, anyone can make it work. I think it’s a pretty sweet deal for the money.

2. BaBylissPRO Barberology FX02 Cordless Metal Double Foil Shaver

After using the ATX Shaving Kit, I went hunting again. However, I had a generous amount to spend this time. Still, I was walking on treacherous plains because one slip could cost me around $100. Not only did I scour the internet, but I also took advice from other stylists and came across the BaBylissPro Barberology FX02.

BaBylissPRO Barberology Cordless Metal Double Foil Shaver

Before this review gets all confusing, let me clarify first that the BaByliss FX02 is an electric foil shaver. So, it differs greatly from non-electric razors.

A lot of people don’t are skeptical about foil shavers because razor feels familiar. I get you – trust me, I do. But if you can just give foil shavers a shot, it can change your entire shaving experience.

The first noteworthy aspect of this shaver is the stainless-steel finish. When I held it for the first time, I was impressed with how comfortable the shaver feels. Another perk of having a stainless-steel body is that it won’t slip out of your arm while you’re shaving.

However, this steel casing makes the shaver a bit heavy, although the added weight makes it even better. I know how an overweight shaver can ruin your shaving experience, but the BaByliss FX02 somehow does it right.

Every time I moved the shaver from one point to another, the transition was smooth as silk. I didn’t have to do multiple cuts. Once was enough.

There is a drawback to this one-cut wonder, I must say. While it did reduce my efforts by a considerable margin, I had to be on my toes with the sharpness of the rotary motors. I would recommend you exercise caution instead of swinging for the fences.

The power of the rotary motor plays to your benefit as well. Even when dealing with coarse hair, I had no trouble slashing my way through. It felt like I was in possession of a samurai’s katana, and nothing can get in my way. In short- it would effectively reduce the time it takes to shave your head by half.

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There is a pouch that comes along with the shaver. Nothing over the top, just a standard carrying pouch. I liked the pouch because I was worried about the all-metal casing.

As sturdy as stainless-steel is, it is susceptible to smears and smudges. Without the pouch, I would’ve felt terribly uncomfortable carrying it in my bag.

Also, I could carry it with me on trips too, thanks to the dual voltage option. The adaptor I needed to use the razor on a different voltage didn’t come with the package, though.

I could run the machine a little more than 2.5 hours. The battery power is not too shabby. However, I would’ve preferred a lithium-ion battery over the nickel-metal hydride. Still, I will happily sacrifice a bit of runtime for superior motor quality and ergonomic handling.

Overall, I had (still having) a great time with the BaBylissPRO FX02. It checks all the boxes. The price can intimidate at-home stylists, but I would still recommend this shaver. Consider it a long-term investment.

Instead of getting a razor every few months, why not get one that would last for years. From what I’ve experienced, I will put this at the forefront of being the best razor for shaving head.

3. Gillette Fusion5 Men’s Razor Handle

Although the BaBylissPro FX02 is a stellar shaver, not everyone could take the monetary hit. So, I decided to go in reverse and find a razor suitable for budget hunters. There are so many options when it comes to budget razors that the mind boggles. However, my search came to a halt after I met the Gillette Fusion5.

Gillette Fusion5 Men’s Razor

Let me tell you a little about Gillette first. Established over a century ago, Gillette didn’t wither away. Instead, with consistent top-tier products and a customer-oriented approach, the manufacturer not only has a grip over the market but over the hearts of customers too.

Brining Fusion5 back into the spotlight – I don’t think there is any razor out there that would deliver such brilliant service under $10. By no means am I saying that it’s the best razor in the market. However, if you put the price next to what it brings to the table, it’s a surefire winner.

Shaving your head can be quite the challenge, especially when you’re moving the razor through your blind spots. If you are not familiar with the curves and swerves behind the crown, you’re going to have an accident. But an adjustable blade can cut down the chances of such accidents noticeably.

The Gillette Fusion5 has an adjustable razor-head. As I moved it along the contour of my head, it kept bending to accommodate my skull’s structure. You still have to be careful, though.

The head movement is decent but not fluid enough to tolerate roughhousing. If you go are too quick on the draw, the razor-head won’t be able to keep up with you.

I also loved how 5 separate blades packed together in the razor-head. It retains sharpness longer than other blades. Even if one blade from the pack goes south, the others will have your back.

Hence, I didn’t need to pass the razor multiple times. Once or twice was enough. I would encourage you to do the latter.

Get Gillette Fusion5 at Amazon

There is a trimmer in the back if you ever need to work on your beard. Although getting the option to trim has no relation with head shaving, it’s a plus nonetheless. It’s nice to know that maybe once in a blue moon when I don’t have a separate razor or trimmer nearby, I’m still covered.

So, if you want to put a big smile on your wallet’s face, get the Gillette Fusion5. It’s cheap, easy-to-operate, convenient, and does what a budget razor is supposed to do. However, you must curb your expectations when you get this. It’s not comparable to the big-boy razors.

The 5-blade pack is nifty, but it can be a downright nightmare for sensitive skin. A professional may get around this issue, but a DIY-er, not so much. So, just remember that you get what you pay for. The Gillette is a reasonable and well-rounded razor, but it’s not top-notch.

4. Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor

Shaving, in general, is a sort of duplicitous task. On one hand, it seems like an everyday activity. On the other hand, it can result in some serious injuries if someone is too casual about it. So, head shaving adds more difficulty to the equation because half the picture remains beyond your vision.

Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor

I’ve seen a lot of people who, despite practicing for years, remain all fingers and thumbs. So, if safety is of the essence, I would recommend the Merkur Mk34c. I’ve seen a lot of double-edged razors, but this one had what it takes to make the list.

Not having a comfortable grip can become the nightmare of a DIY head-shaver. Even if you’re on guard, a poor grip is susceptible to sudden slips (talk about a mouthful).

Therefore, every standard double-edged razor should have a knurled grip, and this one’s no different as well. The small ridges on the grip’s surface help the user get a steady hold over the razor.

However, Merkur Mk34c’s handle-length can be a real headache. People who have long fingers can feel lost while maneuvering with this razor. However, the manufacturers do have an answer to this dilemma- the Merkur Mk38c: same features with a longer handle.

Also, I’ve already made it clear that double-edged razors beat traditional cartridge razors when it comes to safety. The blades in this razor are quite docile comparatively.

By docile, I don’t mean it doesn’t slice through thick beards; it does. I used the word docile because this razor’s like an obedient puppy, you control how it bites.

However, the safety net I got from this razor did come at a cost. When I tried this on heavy and coarse hair, I had to exhaust myself to get to the bottom. Yes- the razor’s docile or conservative nature does come in the way of performance. However, you can get around it if you commit enough time.

Still, I must say- the results I got were not lackluster by any means. The shaves are crisp and clean, and it’s risk-free to boot. Also, this razor is a tad bit heavier. I had to put aside some time for practice to get the rhythm. Once I was in the zone, it feels similar to any other cartridge razor.

If you don’t think your hands can betray you during a head-shaving operation, I would recommend the Merkur Mk34c. It’s a well-rounded razor. While there is nothing fancy as a car-shaped body or five-blade-pack, you get a simple and sturdy shaver.

What’s important – it’s safe, and your clumsy hands won’t be a problem.

Also, you don’t have to bank on the Mk34c per se. The Merkur Mk38c and 43c are both excellent options you can keep in mind if you want more weight and handle-length.

5. Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver #8061

As a stylist, what I understand by head-shaving is a clean look not ruined by even the smallest strand of hair. However, getting such pristine baldness as a DIY shaver is quite the mountain to climb.

Wahl Professional 5-Star #8061-100

While a cartridge razor can get the job done, you need steady hands. So, the safest path to take is to get an electric razor for closed shaving.

According to my observations, when closed shaving and impeccable after-shave contour is on the menu, there is nothing that beats the Wahl 8061. Also, if your hair-accessory knowledge is up to date, you should know that Wahl resides in the big leagues.

The first thing you should know is that Wahl wanted professionals to get their hands on this shaver. Still, there is nothing stopping DIY stylists from giving professional-tier razors a whirl.

Although you are free to take it out for a spin, I must warn you that if you’re not a nitpicker when it comes to precision, you’ll be disappointed.

The entire objective of this razor is precision. While there are other benefits that tag along, precision is the immutable core. With that settled, I’ve been using this shaver for a long time. After I ran this through my head, the contour was shiny as a mirror.

I believe the intelligent design of the rotary motors is the reason behind the performance. It doesn’t snag the hair, and more importantly, I didn’t get any razor bumps. Razor bumps are an absolute horror.

Whether it’s shaving beard or head, the one thing you don’t want is razor bumps. For me, it’s even worse than cuts.

Also, the shaver is cordless with chargeable batteries. I was able to run it for a little south of 65 minutes with batteries when the motors were going at nearly top speed.

However, it took a ton of time to reach the maximum charge once the battery was depleted. To avoid this issue altogether, most of the time, I’d use this device with a power source attached.

So, remember when I told you if you’re not a precision-nitpicker, you’ll be disappointed? The Wahl 8061 doesn’t really work with medium to long hair. The rotary motors, albeit their clever design, were not made to tackle coarse, long, and unruly hair.

You have to trim your hair down to a certain threshold before you can make use of this razor. If you want it to do all the work, you’re out of luck. That’s why the Wahl 8061 was pitched for professionals because a stylist can’t let a client out with bumps or patches of hair. The job needs to be perfect.

So, this is a niche razor, I must say. It’s only for a super-clean head. That too, if you have adjusted the hair length by yourself. You may call me out on this, but for what it does after the hair-length is optimal, I have to give it a seat next to the BaBylissPro FX02 for being the best razor for shaving head.

6. Gillette Gillettelabs Heated Razor Starter Kit

It’s kind of customary to either pour hot water over a razor or wipe the skin’s surface with it before a shave. Shaving becomes easier with lower chances of burns and bumps if the skin is relaxed. That’s why I was quite intrigued when Gillette introduced a unique razor that can deliver heat all by itself.

Gillette Gillettelabs Heated Razor Starter Kit

The Gillettelabs Heated Razor Kit is a first of its kind. I must say, a cartridge razor infused with heating properties was a downright shocker. However, the price can intimidate even the most extravagant of users.

Looking into the heat settings, there are two options available (high and low). You can use the button in the front of the razor to adjust the temperature. It’s a basic tap-based system- one tap for low setting, two taps for high.

Also, the razor dons a color every time you make a temperature adjustment. The orange hue stands for low temp, whereas the red color indicates high heat. I loved the color-coding because it adds more panache to an already good-looking razor.

I’ve mentioned the pros of having an adjustable razor-head a couple time. While you can skip it for beard-shaving, it’s a must-have for head-shaving. More than 50% of your head remains out of your vision, which makes head-shaving tricky.

Suppose the razor-head behaves like a stubborn child, chances of getting a nasty cut run high. I had an easy time shaving because of The Gillettelabs Heated Razor’s flexibility.

While the Gillette Fusion5 is restricted to a front-back movement, the Heated Razor’s signature FLEXDISC technology helps it move left and right as well. So, even if you get a little frisky or doze off for a second, there won’t be any bloodsheds because the razor-head will adjust itself.

There is a magnetic dock for charging purposes. It takes time to get ready, but once it was prepped for action, I could get 4 to 5 shaves per charge. Also, the kit came with 2 refills with which I was set for a few months.

Still, the Gillettelabs Heated Razor Kit is more bark than bite. I applaud the manufacturer’s commitment to innovation. Truly, a self-heating razor is nothing short of a marvelous feat. However, the heat it gives out doesn’t really help as much as it should. For instance, the razor fares poorly against coarse hair.

Also, the price is way out of place. The whole kit took a $200 chunk out of my wallet. I get it that the razor is high-end and the technology is nice, but I could get an electric razor with better performance for nearly half the price.

The temperature settings could’ve been more nuanced as well. Only high and low options are far too restrictive and primitive. Still, it does what it has to, at a steep cost. I believe this razor can be a viable option on two different occasions- as a gift or as a razor cum centerpiece.

7. Shaving Kit for Men Wet Shave by Rapid Beard Store

For the budding stylist or even the casual home-stylist who just wants to save money, the first step is the hardest. What kit should I get? Is it going to last and give me money’s worth? Can I finish the job with this razor? Questions of such weight creep in when anyone wants to start out.

Shaving Kit for Men Wet Shave

So, a quick fix to all the problems I just laid out is to get a starter shaving kit. From all the kits I’ve seen over the years, the Rapid Beard’s Shaving Kit is still a cut above the rest.

The biggest perk of getting this kit is the abundance of accessories. It doesn’t come with only a razor, but the whole package is included. I know one can buy all the items separately. However, all the tools are from the same manufacturer, so they work well when used in conjunction.

Let’s start with the razor as it is the heart of the shaving kit. Firstly, it’s a safety razor. If you’ve been through the review of Merkur Mk34c, you already know what a safety razor is and does. Still, a lot of people don’t like using safety razors because it’s restrictive. I get that. However, the razor included in Rapid Beard’s kit packs enough punch to take care of most problems.

You see- I said most problems because if you pit the razor against hair-too-coarse, it won’t win the confrontation. However, I would still vouch for the razor because it’s safe even if the sharpness is a little compromised. Until and unless you go bonkers with it, there is no chance of an unwanted accident.

Moving on to the brush and the shaving soap- the brush trumps all other accessories in this kit. It’s smooth, doesn’t poke the skin, and holds the foam as it should.

On the other hand, the shaving soap isn’t as top-tier as, let’s say, the HeadSlick from ATX. It has some merits, though. Once I put it on, it did soften up my hair. It does a good job, but it could’ve been better.

The sturdy stainless-steel bowl and shaving stand are a welcome addition. It’s not essential to have these two items, but it’s a noticeable quality-of-life improvement. Having the bowl to hold the soap and the stand to hold both the razor and brush add more convenience to the shaving proceedings.

That said, there is also a carrying pouch big enough to accommodate all the accessories. It’s an everyday bag- nothing to write home about really. I never go to use the bag. Still, it’s nice to know I’m covered if I feel like traveling with the kit by my side.

Overall, I think Rapid Beard has done an excellent job with this starter kit to welcome stylists into the world of shaving. Getting all the tools separately can be stressful.

So, having an all-in-one pack shoves any undue headache out of the picture. If you’re new to head-shaving and don’t want to browse through an ocean of products, the Rapid Beard’s Shaving Kit would be my recommendation.

Things You Need to Keep in Mind Before Buying These Things

A top-tier head-shaving razor would possess certain features that make it stand out in the crowd. Once you know what perks you want to keep an eye out for, the task of finding the best razor to shave head won’t seem as stressful. So, I’ll outline these must-have features and the rationale behind selecting each to give you a better understanding of what to expect from a quality razor.

  • Safety or Cutthroat (Safety Razor vs. Cartridge Razor)

A lot of people approach this debate with a boatload of confusion. I’ve seen users losing their head on this subject. Let me defuse the bomb here. One razor type doesn’t have superiority over the other. Both have their shining moments and pitfalls.

How to decide on what you want?

If you have just walked into the realm of head-shaving, I would suggest you stick to safety razors. I admit- they don’t have the same oomph, but the chances of accidents are low. Using a safety razor means more time and effort on your part. However, it’s a small compromise to make when the other option means blood dripping down your head.

Also, people who are comfortable with maneuvering the razor should opt for cartridge razors. They are fast and ferocious. It takes some skill to get the most out of these razors, but it’s rewarding once you get the hang of it.

  • A Step Forward from Tradition (Electric Razors)

The new kid in the block is electric razors, coming to the fray packed with fancy features. It’s a completely different ballgame compared to the traditional safety/cartridge razors. However, the benefit of getting an electric razor is its user-friendly nature.

Also, beginners can easily familiarize themselves with an electric razor. There is little to no chances of cuts and razor bumps. More so, certain electric razors offer niche features. For instance, Wahl #8061 is a stellar device for close shaving.

If you want to take a step toward the future, getting an electric razor is the way to go. They are taking the shaving industry by storm, and you might want to jump into the wagon before it’s too late. Overall, electric razors make head-shaving easier and faster.

  • Grip the Gamechanger

Imagine holding an uncomfortable object for hours at a stretch. Even if you have the patience of a monk, the task is going to exhaust you. Head-shaving is a long and tiring task in itself, so we don’t want to add more to the plate. Gnarled and slip-resistant grips will take the load off your chest and hands!

Therefore, a comfortable grip isn’t something you can look past when you’re searching for the best head razor because half your head is beyond your vision. Without a proper grip on the razor, your strokes will become inconsistent.

The problems of inconsistent strokes are twofold. One- they would increase the time it takes to finish the job. Two- one poor stroke can result in cuts and bumps.

So, always pay special attention to the grip of a razor.

  • Accessories Can Make Life Easier

Accessories aren’t the most important thing to keep in mind. However, having one or more add-ons is going to play to your benefit.

It’s not like you can start going to town on your head, only a razor anyways. You need at least a shaving foam before proceeding. That’s why getting a shaving kit instead of a solo razor is a smart option, especially for beginners.

A kit comes with a lot of convenient items that will help you keep your shaving game strong. Sometimes in a shaving kit, add-ons triumph over the razor. In ATX Men’s Head Shaving Kit, HeadSlick (shaving foam) is more useful and sought out for than the razor itself.

So, try to look for accessories that you think will alleviate some of the pain you may face during head-shaving.

  • Dimensions of the Razor

Whether the razor is long or short, thick or thin, is another crucial point to take note of. I understand that blade length and width is also a comfort concern similar to razor-grip. However, I am mentioning it separately because it demands a user’s attention.

Remember, length and width do not determine the quality of a razor. It’s a comfort concern, and people have different preferences. If you ask me, I prefer long-handle razors over the short-handled ones because it gives me powerful strokes. However, short-handle razors are better for precision cutting.

Still, if you strictly consider head-shaving, I would recommend long-handle razors because you don’t need precision here. All you need is clean and long strokes that remove as much hair as possible with one pass. So, bear that in mind.

  • Always Prioritize Flexibility

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to head-shaving.

I’ve said it more than once, but I’ll say it again- you can’t get the full picture of your head when shaving. The back of the head remains out of vision. Even if you use a mirror, it’s not comfortable.

So, a flexible razor-head is extremely important. When you’re shaving behind the crown region, an adjustable razor-head will accommodate the curves and bends of your head. You still have to be careful, though. But an adjustable head will give you more room for errors.

  • Get something that Goes the Mile with You

People who shave at home can be categorized into two different groups. One community gets a razor once after a year or two. The others keep buying a new razor every other month. While I empathize with both views, my vote goes for the former party.

I don’t want my razor to die out before a party or an important meeting. So, I play the long game. You should too, if head-shaving is in the bucket. A durable razor will not only last for years, but using it will also become second nature to you. Also, razors with a sturdy build are high-end and bring more to the plate than cheap one-time razors.

You can opt for disposable razors as well. However, the task of readjusting yourself with a razor isn’t something to look forward to.

  • What you Spend Matters

How much green you’re willing to shell out will dictate the quality of razor you can get. So, before you embark on the quest to find a top-tier razor, take a breather and fix your budget.

Let me break it down for you. If your target is an electric razor, be prepared to bring out the big bucks. In contrast, cartridge and safety razors are relatively inexpensive. You can get a high-end cartridge/safety razor if you spend around $50 or so.

Getting a shaving kit is another option as well. Although it might cost you a bit more, the value you get makes it worthwhile. Also, curb your expectations for budget-razors because, at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

How to Shave Your Head Without Cutting Yourselves?

Not knowing the techniques of shaving and still attempting is a big mistake. When it comes to head-shaving, the price of ignorance is blood. So, I’ll talk about the steps you should follow to avoid injuries.

Step-1: Trim Beforehand

If your hair has grown beyond the 1-inch threshold, I would recommend cutting it down a little before you shave it entirely. Removing long hair all at once is stressful for the scalp and skin. Also, long hairs are deeply rooted in the skin, and removing them with excessive force is painful.

Step-2: Apply Foam/Gel/Soap

You can choose what you want to apply to your hair. However, don’t try to shave with only water. Shaving foam works as a softening agent and helps hair come out. Use your fingertips and make sure the shaving foam reaches the scalps. Hair has to come out from the root, so applying it on the edges isn’t recommended.

Step-3: Take it Slow

Don’t go overboard when shaving your head. One mistake can result in not only a gash on your head but bleeding and injury to the scalp as well. So, glide the razor gently through the hair. Also, don’t try to cover too much ground on a single stroke. The passes should be short and precise. In short, be the tortoise, not the hare, and you’ll come out on top.

Step-4: Be Extra Careful Near the Ear and Behind-Crown Region

It’s easy to shave when you’re able to see what you’re doing. However, in head-shaving, you don’t get to half your head. So, 50% of the act has to be done without vision but with intuition. So, be very careful when you’re gliding your razor through the back of your head. Try to feel the outline of your head and stroke slowly. Do multiple passes if need be. Also, the area around the ear is sensitive. Fold your ear and perform super-slow, super-short strokes.

Step-5: Say No to Dull Blades

People often live by the misconception that dull blades can’t cause injuries. It’s actually the opposite. So, always check the condition of the blades before shaving. Worn-out blades would not only increase the chances of an accident; it will also do a sloppy job, increasing the time it takes you to shave.

Step-6: Repeat Same Procedure for Re-Shaving

One single pass is usually never enough to get the smooth look we all desire. So, for the second pass, don’t skimp on the foam or let down your guard. Follow the procedures mentioned once again, and you’re good to go.

Step-7: Use Aftershave

I’ve seen many people skip this because they think it’s not important. I hate to be a downer, but it is important. In layman terms, after-shave helps your skin calm down after the grueling it has been through. If you’re looking for an after-shave, have a look into the Lucky Tiger Post-Shave Tonic.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Bald Head

Once upon a time, I thought, no hair=no maintenance. My views changed as I grew as a stylist and realized there’s much more to a bald head than meets the eye. So, here are a few tips you can follow when it comes to bald-head maintenance.

Tip-1: Protect the Scalp

Usually, hair works as a shield against the harmful UV rays of the sun. However, when that’s out of the picture, you are left bare and open to an assault. So, shield your scalp by using sunscreen. I would recommend the Neutrogena Ultra Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 55.

Tip-2: Hold on to the Shampoo-Conditioner Routine

I’ve made the same mistake myself. When I was bald, I thought to myself- why waste good shampoo and conditioner? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. You’ve shaved your hair, but that doesn’t mean they’re obliterated from existence. So, keep the shampoo-conditioner practice up, and your bald head will shine.

Tip-3: Get a Massage Once in a While

Massages are not only relaxing, but it also helps the blood flow of the treated area. So, show some love to your head by getting a massage. You can easily do it yourself as well. All you have to do is gently stroke the head with your fingertips. Doing it once a day will keep the blood flow consistent, and your skin will feel alive.

After All is Said and Done

I hope you have a pretty clear (as clear as a bald head) picture in front of you now. After all, we’ve been through all the concerns a person can/should have regarding head-shaving.

Whether you are going bald for a noble reason or to follow in the footsteps of action heroes, getting the right razor is second to none. A well-rounded razor will help you get the pristine bald look without compromising comfort or causing injuries.

Although I have listed 7 razors, my wardrobe houses two razors. Both the BaByliss FX02 and the Wahl #8061 have a place in my heart and home. However, I think BaByliss FX02 trumps Wahl #8061 because the latter is situation-specific.

Regardless, both these electric razors deserve the throne of the best razor for shaving head. The ATX Starter Kit and the Rapid Beard’s Starter Kit is also worth a shot.

How you want to play your cards is up to you. Understand and prioritize your comfort before making a decision. With that said, head-shaving is risky, so stay safe and stay on guard.

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