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Top 5 Best Rotary Shavers Of 2024: The Prominent Giants Among The Big League!

The dilemma of picking between rotary shavers and foil shavers will forever remain an uncertain one, especially upon realizing how different they are from one another, despite working towards the same goal.

Going with a foil shaver can be ideal if you’d like results in minutes. However, if you’d like to obtain a shave without making your skin dry or dehydrated, a rotary shaver, grooming tools known for prioritizing skin safety, should be a priority.

As of right now, the amount of rotary shavers out there appears to be as limited as it comes. In fact, if I were to make a list of the best rotary shavers out there, I’d only revolve the list around 5 candidates.

Without further ado, here are the best rotary shavers of 2024, with a fruitful review for each based on my experience!

What Is A Rotary Shaver? Solving Questions So You Don’t Have To!

What is a rotary shaver

Rotary shavers are grooming tools that operate in circular motions to wipe away the growth of facial hair in no time. Often, rotary shavers comprise precision steel rotary blades, coated with intertwined frames to maximize skin comfort.

Just like foil shavers, rotary shavers also prioritize users with sensitive skin by providing a clean shave without nicking or tugging the skin, preventing razor bumps and signs of inflammation with ease.

Covering tons of cutting actions every second, rotary shavers offer clean results in no time.

To learn more about foil and rotary shavers, and find out which companion serves sensitive skin better, however, be sure to give my guide on electric shavers for sensitive skin a read!

Best Rotary Shavers Of 2024: A Series Overview

Top rotary shavers

Rotary shavers are considered to be ideal companions for those with susceptible skin, with skin-guarded rotary blades that penetrate the skin for a close shave without leaving behind any drawbacks.

Though the list of rotary shavers has yet to cross a substantial amount, there are some that contain enough compelling qualities to call themselves the best in my eyes.

While a breakdown in the second half can be helpful if you’re hoping to learn everything through my lens, the following table finds each rotary shaver being categorized using a one-liner!

Philips Norelco 3800Rotary Shaver For Beginners
Philips Norelco 5400Mid-range Rotary Shaver With Functionality
Philips Norelco 7200Rotary Shaver For Sensitive Skin
MAX-T Electric ShaverRotary Shaver For A Low Budget
Skull Pitbull GoldRotary Shaver For Time-efficiency

5 Of The Greatest Rotary Shavers Generating Grooming Results Better Than The Rest!

Rotary shavers are quite new to stardom in the grooming scene, but tasted success for the first time over a decade ago, being praised for offering unique shaving experiences and hairless results without damaging skin quality.

However, when the pool full of rotary shavers is narrowed out, only 5 of them feel like must-have investments in my eyes, catering to various demographics at a time.

From the starboy of Norelco to fresh faces like MAX-T, here are the best rotary shavers of 2024, and how well they served me when I used them as ideal companions for my grooming routine!

Philips Norelco 3800

Among the Philips franchise, after the Norelco 2300, the Philips Norelco 3800 appears to be the best rotary shaver that enables ideal results on a budget. With a 5-D rotary blade system, the Norelco 3800 always aims for the best possible results.

With 3 stainless steel, rotary blades, the Norelco 3800 provides tons of comfort, simultaneously generating accurate results as well.

Shaving elements of 3800

Shaving elements of 3800

When pressed against the skin, the Norelco 3800 seems slow, yet steady. It does take a while for the gadget to remove a 6-day stubble from my face, but works seamlessly through a 3-day stubble when required.

In contrast to the rest, the Norelco 3800 is perhaps the most time-consuming rotary shaver, which can be of great concern when running low on time. However, if you’d like it one swipe at a time, the Norelco 3800 can prove to be the best possible tool in that scenario!

Philips Norelco 3800 design

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I genuinely like the ergonomic design of this device, which makes the Norelco 3800 as weightless as any other rotary shaver from the franchise. The diamond-inspired pattern not only gives out presentable qualities, but the handle is a perfect fit for my palm.

Thumb rest for 3800

Allowing my thumb a place to rest at all times, navigating the Norelco 3800 is as easy as it gets when shaving the face. Often, I hold the neck of the device to cut deeper, that too without absorbing any nicks or cuts.

This makes the device a perfect fit for sensitive skin, and renders the Norelco 3800 eligible for being one of the best Norelco shavers in the Philips franchise.

In terms of battery life, the Norelco 3800 is just as promising as the 5400 and 7200, offering 60 minutes on a full charge. It may be slower than the upgraded models, but carries an easygoing clean-up process after each shave.

Display of 3800

Display of 3800

To allow users to keep tabs on its battery life, the Norelco 3800 offers an LED display with a 3-level status bar. It may lack a travel lock, but contains the power of preserving its energy with its Comfort cut blades.

All in all, the Norelco 3800 appears to be the best rotary shaver for those who are beginning their journey of relying on rotary shaving to boost their esteem, proving to be the most ideal candidate for those hoping to unlock personal grooming on a budget.

Norelco 3800 in motion

Norelco 3800 in motion

It provides a triple-threat rotary blade system that hardly ever nicks the skin, but tends to take a lot of time. The battery life is great, however, as is the clean-up process of the Norelco 3800, thanks to the eject button underneath the shaving system.

On another note, if you’d really like to learn how to replace the rotary blade of your Norelco shaver at home, give this guide of mine a read!

Rotary blades move in 5 directions for a comfortable shaveThe cutting actions per minute are underwhelming
Rubberized housing ensures incredible grip controlToo backdated for modernized enthusiasts
Great purchase for beginners
An impressive battery life of an hour

Overall Rating: 87.8/100!

Philips Norelco 5400

The Norelco 5400 appears to be a massive upgrade from the Norelco 3800, offering tons of common perks as the 7200 when push comes to shove.

The steel precision blades remain the same from afar, but cover more ground and directions when pressed against the skin.

Norelco 5400’s blades

Norelco 5400’s blades

The device feels extremely fast, too, covering 90,000 cutting actions per minute. The rotations are most prominent when the 5400 clips hair from the hard to reach areas, providing a closer shave than the 3800 when push comes to shove.

The 3-D floating rotary blades feel different now, moving in a fluid manner along the face for a closer shave. This could be due to the upgraded shaving heads, engraved with a 360-degree contouring system for maximum reach.

The Norelco 5400 is a cut above the MAX-T electric shaver as well, being able to handle the density of a 6-day stubble. This could be due to the newfound speed of the blades, alongside the fluidity of the detachable floating heads.

Housing of 5400

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The ergonomic housing is almost similar to that of the predecessor mentioned on this list, replacing the diamond-based grip underneath the neck for a square-based platform. It may feel different than the previous pattern, but provides the same cushion for my fingers to rest on during use.

In comparison, the 5400 feels just as light as any shaver on this list, with a slender handle that maximizes control time to the fullest.

Norelco 5400 in action

Norelco 5400 in action

Perhaps the best part of this device is the installation of Sense IQ technology, which controls the frequency of the cutting blades to protect the skin. It’s also a great asset for sensitive skin, as Sense IQ technology only allows the Norelco 5400 to provide the speed that is required to ensure comfort, not to save time.

Supporting the user-friendly attribute mentioned previously is a Motion Sensor, which analyzes the form of each user in hopes of providing useful feedback that may lead to an improvement in the future.

Motion sensors’ of Norelco 5400

Motion sensors’ of Norelco 5400

The Motion Sensor control of the 5400 is the same as that incorporated in the Philips 7200, which also explains why I often perceive the 5400 as a promising alternative to the latter.

It also provides an IPX7 housing, making it a joyous companion when in the shower. The Philips 5400 works best when the skin is dry, though, as the comfort blades cut through the hair without accumulating more hair in its chamber.

Unopened chamber of 5400

Unopened chamber of 5400

Speaking of chambers, know that the cleanup process of this device is easy. In fact, due to having an eject button, I feel that the 5400 is one of the easiest rotary shavers to rely on for those who become lazy after working with a shaver to improve their looks.

Though the 5400 does offer tons of freedom during navigation, it lacks the same control time provided by the 3800, which carries a compelling rubber grip housing all over the backside.

Rubberized grip of 5400

Rubberized grip of 5400

Instead, the device contains a rubber coating on each side of the handle, which can be a blessing if you only use your thumb and index finger to work your grooming tool.

As for battery life, the device can last an hour. It’s miles better than the 3800, though, preserving its battery life using the travel lock feature.

To unlock the travel lock feature, hold the power button for 3 straight seconds. Keep your eye on the handle, and wait for the travel lock icon to appear.

Travel lock of 5400

Travel lock of 5400

For just a slightly higher budget required for the 3800, a fruitful investment can be found in the Philips Norelco 5400, one of the best rotary shavers for usability and for users desiring a mid-range rotary shaver.

The device finds tons of credit in its relatively fast comfort blades, maximizing the experience for learners with tons of relevant technical means!

Best rotary shaver on a mid-range budgetThe device isn’t a massive upgrade from the 3800 when the blade system is analysed
Carries the same technical aspects as the Norelco 7200
360 contouring system that offers fluidity in the shaving system
Can erase an outgrown stubble with ease

Overall Rating: 91.2/100!

Philips Norelco 7200

A powerhouse in the pool full of rotary shavers is the Philips Norelco 7200, one of the best electric shavers, and the best rotary shaver of 2024. The device is a cut above the rest with its built-in steel precision blades, which cover over 250,000 cutting actions per minute.

Among the Norelco series, the Norelco 7200 remains one of the best of the franchise, having the upper hand over successors like the 7300 as well.

Rotary blades of 7200

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While the rotary heads are much better at covering ground than the 5400 and 3800 models combined, I feel that pressing the 7200 against the skin also is soothing. This could be due to the NanoSkin Glide coating that the device carries, which dismisses injuries in seconds.

In comparison, the NanoSkin Glide of the 7200 offers 30% smoother results than the 5400 and 3800, dealing with scruffy stubble with ease. The device also has a 360-degree shaving head for contouring, moving seamlessly around the cheeks and the jawline.

Display of 7200

Display of 7200

The Norelco 7200 adopts the same mechanics as the 5400, finding more comfort in Sense IQ technology and Motion Sensor control. The 7200 feels much better, however, being much more efficient in removing hair overall.

I dislike how the 7200 prefers using a plastic ergonomic handle over the rubber-grip housing used on the former models, but I quite like how it feels. The handle is slightly narrower, too, offering tons of control time when carried by my palm.

Handle of 7200

Handle of 7200

Apart from being more productive, the Norelco 7200 is also more useful with its pop-up trimmer, which isn’t as wonky as that added to the 3800 model. The pop-up trimmer is amazing at shaping up the beard line, but can also remove unwanted pieces of hair from the chip, otherwise known as the sideburn.

When it comes to prioritizing skin safety, the Norelco 7200 is perhaps the best candidate on this list. The reason behind it? Nanoskin Glide, once again!

Now, it is true that the NanoSkin Glide chops hair in seconds, but the Sense IQ technology in addition to the Norelco 7200’s Motion Sensor control keeps the frequency of the rotary blades in check, defying efficiency, and minimizing skin damage.

Norelco 7200 in motion

Some of the common ground that the Philips Norelco 7200 shares with the previous models is endurance, running for 60 minutes at a time. Shaving sessions are much shorter, however, which definitely puts the Norelco 7200 at the top of the table.

The travel lock feature definitely boosts the battery life, but the 7200’s ability to offer quick charging proves to be music to the ears of those who often run out of time, and only require a quick session to rejuvenate their esteem and confidence.

Travel lock 7200

Travel lock 7200

All in all, if you think about it, for its price tag, the Norelco 7200 offers much more than the average rotary shaver.

It may not be as fast as the Gold PRO, and feels identical to the 5400 when you inspect its specifications. However, for its NanoSkin Glide, the Philips Norelco 7200 is my winner when it comes to rotary shavers that strictly work for sensitive skin!

NanoSkin Glide protects the skinCarries the same battery life as the Norelco 3800
Provides the smoothest shave with 250,000 cutting actions per minute
Lean handle that fits perfectly in the palm
Extremely flexible blades that ensure comfort

Overall Rating: 93/100!

Max-T Care Men’s Rotary Shaver

One of the underdogs on this list is MAX-T’s astonishing electric rotary shaver, which resembles the same qualities as some household names, but caters to those on a beginner’s budget.

If I’m being transparent, the MAX-T feels the same as the 3800 in more than one way.

It all starts with the 3-D floating blades, which move in the same directions as the beginner-friendly rotary shaver of the Norelco 3800. The device does feel faster, though, shaving more facial hair in a relatively quick succession.

Max-T Care blade

Max-T Care blade

I feel that, despite being almost as fast as the 5400, the MAX-T falls behind incredibly due to carrying just two rings within its rotary systems, which falls short of beating the 45 self-sharpening blades that the Philips model contains.

It does produce hairless results though, and provides tons of comfort simultaneously. The handle feels eerily similar to that of the Norelco models, too, carrying a tapered silhouette with a curved base.

Max-T Care in hand

Max-T Care in hand

The plastic does feel a bit unfulfilling, but provides tons of room for my fingers nonetheless, making it dependable during prolonged sessions.

The way in which it adapts to the face is relatively impressive, and makes the MAX-T almost as promising as the Pitbull Gold PRO in this regard. However, the Gold PRO is way better than the former, with the main reason being the additional rotary blade it carries.

It does have tons of positives that I believe redeem MAX-T’s image as a brand, some of which involve all the technologically possessed attributes it offers.

Max-T Care Display

Max-T Care Display

Offering an LED display that not only reminds one of the battery status, but also serves as a reminder when the MAX-T needs a change of blades is incredible, especially for those who have yet to learn the art of using rotary shavers.

MAX-T might lack a blade system that protects the skin with a series of stainless frames and NanoSkin Glide, but carries hypoallergenic blades, which can be wonders for those hoping to save their sensitive skin without spending too much.

Housing of Max-T Care

Housing of Max-T Care

The biggest selling point that lands the MAX-T electric shaver on this list is its Li-iOn battery, which beats out the Norelco 7200, and even the Gold PRO by offering a runtime of 120 minutes! I believe that the power cable is the mastermind behind this quality; a component that blends with any power source at any given time.

Nonetheless, as I’ve stated earlier, MAX-T’s rotary shaver is definitely a new face in the world of grooming, which explains its position on this list as the underdog.

Max-T Care in motion

Max-T Care in motion

Don’t count it out, however, as the performance it puts on alongside the endurance it carries is mindboggling when you get a glimpse of its price.

Moreover, if you’re struggling to make ends meet, but would like to protect your face at all times with a rotary shaver that provides results in no time, and offers security with hypoallergenic blades, MAX-T’s electric shaver might just be a memorable purchase for your scenario!

Affordable device for close shavesFeels like a knockoff of Philips Norelco 3800
LED battery indicator with easygoing executionLack of protection in the blades might cause bruises
Carries hypoallergenic blades
Has a low-noise motor

Overall Rating: 89.4/100!

Pitbull Skull Shaver GOLD

For those desiring hairless shaves within minutes using the mechanics and mannerisms of a head shaver, the Pitbull Skull Shaver GOLD might just be the answer. It has all the possible qualities of an exceptional rotary shaver, an element that starts with its shaving system.

I’m truly in awe of the 4-D rotary shaving head, which is not only comfortable, but also quite flexible when making contact with skin. The device is powered by a 1400 mAh motor, which saves time, but isn’t as fast as the Pitbull Platinum PRO; the best candidate among Pitbull.

Blade system gold pro

Blade system gold pro

What many might find quite useful is also its housing, which is flat and requires a 5-finger grip. The control time of the Gold PRO is quite phenomenal as well, always offering a comfortable shave with the FORTE PRO blade.

Handle of gold pro

Handle of gold pro

In my experience, the FORTE PRO blade isn’t nearly as efficient as the Silver PRO’s Carver PRO blade, which, I believe, is a great component for black hair. Nonetheless, since it mostly serves as a head shaver, the Gold PRO is a great device to use for hairless shaving results on the face.

The blades automatically adapt to each corner of the face, which can be music to the ears of those with sensitive skin, like myself.


Gold pro underneath the chin

Gold pro underneath the chin

I love how flexible the shaving system is, too, which can even reach the hardest areas underneath my chin to establish a cleanly shaved skin with glassy results.

For a portable head shaver, the Pitbull Gold PRO remains a banger for its buck due to its endurance, serving for 90 whole minutes at a time. In comparison, the best rotary shaver of Philips on this list, which would be the 7200, offers a runtime of 60 minutes.

Gold pro and Norelco 7200

Gold pro and Norelco 7200

I admit that the Li-IOn battery and its duration hardly ever make a difference when pursuing a clean shave on the face. However, the duration really comes in full bloom when pursuing a grooming session involving a full body shave.

The rotary motions of the Gold PRO feel quite safe on my upper body, although I’d always recommend one use some of the best ball trimmers on the market to remove hair from private areas.

Gold pro battery status

Gold pro battery status

Staying in touch with the battery status is also quite easy with this device, as the base contains an indicator that unveils the battery life in percentages. This might feel redundant at first, but it can be a pivotal attribute for those using rotary shavers for the first time.

In my opinion, the Pitbull GOLD Pro feels like the fastest rotary shaver on this list, and the most reliable one in terms of endurance.

Pitbull gold pro in motion

Pitbull gold pro in motion

Although it is also quite dependable when partaking in wet shaving, the device fails to be the best at accumulating water, being prone to it instead.

The IPX5 housing of the Pitbull Gold PRO does make this Skull Shaver fall behind as a rotary device, but its easygoing cleaning system, which can be unlocked by pressing and pulling the surface of the shaving elements, enables quick and easy cleaning, making up for the missing piece.

Gold PRO in water

Gold PRO in water

All in all, if you’d like to save time with a rotary shaver that primarily acts as a solution for balding men, but also wipes out stubbles like there’s no tomorrow, the Pitbull Skull Shaver GOLD PRO can be the best rotary shaver to invest in. It has multiple compelling elements, one of which is its adaptability to different types of facial hair.

Fastest rotary shaver with skin-friendly and scalp-friendly propertiesThe rotary blades feel too stiff at times
Easy to use with a flat handle for navigationDevice is a bit too loud
A 90-minute battery life for head-shaving and body grooming
A 4-D FORTE PRO blade system that accumulates coarse hair with ease

Overall Rating: 95/100!

The Selling Points Of Rotary Shavers: Unique Qualities That Bring Out The Best In Rotary Shavers

While rotary shavers tend to be much more narrow and travel-friendly than most grooming tools, the portability of each device isn’t the only perk of having one in your arsenal.

In fact, when push comes to shove, there are tons of attributes that bring rotary shavers to the spotlight, making them ideal candidates for not only promising results, but also for seamless navigation.

From following the mantra “less is more,” to adding rotary shaving elements that prioritize one’s health over everything, here are some qualities that one can only find in rotary shavers, making them must-haves in the eyes of many.

Minimal operation for maximum success

Rotary shavers don’t look like much, and aren’t nearly as wide as the shaving elements of foil shavers. However, the rotary blades are often coated with 3 frames, moving rapidly to generate clean shaves within minutes.

For this take alone, most rotary shavers are known for being silent, but effective in the grooming industry. Each blade not only moves in 3 directions but also completes a full 4-way rotation with the help of their shaving head.

Beginner-friendly technical aspects

Rotary shavers don’t just move a certain way, but are also packed with qualities and attributes beyond the surface to provide users with a fruitful shaving experience.

Just like foil shavers, rotary shavers prioritize a user-friendly operation by providing battery status indicators, motion sensors, and shaving sensors for a personalized shaving experience, which makes rotary shavers the best in the business.

Blades that prioritize skin protection

Each rotary blade is coated with frames and intertwined flooring to shave close, but without any damage. This is something that most rotary shavers have in common, rendering them eligible to provide service to damage-prone skin.

The glide control of each rotary blade doesn’t just shave each strand making minimal contact on the skin, but is also a beast in forming scaly results post-shave.

Lightweight operation

In addition to prioritizing functionality using technical attributes, rotary shavers also ease the mind with ergonomic hardware, offering users lightweight operation at all times.

This enables users to have more control over their shaving session, and be more assertive when navigating the rotary shaver to obtain their preferred shaving outcome.

Simple hardware for upkeep

What takes the cake is perhaps the housing of each rotary shaver, which doesn’t only resemble a feather in terms of weight, but also offers an easygoing procedure after each use.

While the ejection system differs, all rotary shavers come with cleaning chambers instead of storing the hair inside their shaving system, which can be detached and rinsed in water to become brand new in less than ten seconds!

How To Use A Rotary Shaver: 6 Steps to Perfect The Art Of Rotary Shaving!

Now that you’ve learned all the rotary shavers that take up the big spots in the world of rotary shavers, I hope it’s easier to side with one of them and achieve the shaving goals that you’ve always dreamed of.

While all the rotary gadgets are waterproof, provide enough time for a thorough shaving session, and have an ergonomic design, one also needs to know how to operate a rotary shaver in order to obtain top-notch results.

Though veterans may skip the following steps, you’re more than welcome to skim through each rule if you have yet to work with a rotary shaver.

In other words, here are the main steps that I follow when using a rotary shaver!

Trim the length beforehand

Rotary shavers can always give out smooth results with ease. The results aren’t just shaped by the shaving elements involved, but also influenced heavily by the length of the beard the devices are dealing with.

Though a short stubble appears to be a friend of rotary shavers and complies tremendously, it is advised you consider trimming down the length of the facial hair if the length extends the former benchmark, since rotary shavers struggle to deal with outgrown strands.

Wash your face

Skin comfort is also guaranteed when using rotary shavers, but as is acne, especially if precautionary measures for proper hygiene are forgone.

While cleaning the shaving elements can be one way to eliminate post-shave acne, washing the face with a cleansing agent is just as mandatory if you’d like to obtain positive results without facing repercussions.

On another note, for those with dry skin, using a moisturizing face wash should suffice.

Leave your face damp when wet shaving

If you’re aiming for a close shave, wet shaving with a rotary shaver can be the ideal method for you to resort to.

Instead of drying the hydration from your face, leave it damp. The moisture will not only ensure smooth operation, but can also help if you’re hoping to get help from protectants such as shaving foam.

Wipe away the hydration for dry shaving

On the other hand, if you have sensitive skin and are prone to damage, use your rotary companion to pursue a dry shave, which can be a great way to reduce the size of facial hair without retaining moisture from shaving gel or foam.

Additionally, if you have thin pieces of facial hair, dry shaving can offer a shorter session.

Operate with a circular movement

In addition to pressing the device against your skin, it is important that you move the rotary shaver in a circular motion.

Since each shaving element of any rotary device often moves in a clockwise motion, stroking the device won’t help much. Moving in circles will accumulate more hair, allowing one to obtain precise results.

Avoid double swipes

When using rotary shavers, many make the mistake of double-swiping when pieces of facial hair are still visible on the skin. It appears to be a nightmare, however, since double-swiping only increases the chances of enduring razor burn-like symptoms.

Instead, you should slow down the tempo when moving in a circular motion with your rotary shaver. To obtain closer shaves, you may even pull and stretch the skin out.

Rinse the shaver thoroughly

Instead of requiring gentle brushing and rinsing, rotary shavers require their chambers to be unopened before being drenched in water for a thorough cleaning session.

Most chambers can be detached as long as you use your fingertips to squeeze and remove the upper half using the centre portion of the rotary system. When using one of the Philips Norelco models, all you need to do is push the eject button before rinsing it in water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning how to work with and move in the same wavelength as a rotary shaver will always ensure successful results, irrespective of which model is picked to be the go-to companion for users.

And though each rotary shaver from the list above carries its own unique qualities, lacking knowledge of the basic fundamentals and necessary elements might just render one from obtaining optimal results in the long run.

Worry not, however, as the following questionnaire contains the most common queries that occur to one’s mind when thinking of the best rotary shavers, containing rational answers that one might find helpful.

Q: Are rotary shavers good at providing close shaves?

Ans: While generating a close shave is easy when using rotary shavers, results tend to vary. Often, rotary shavers prioritize saving the skin from harm, but also possess the ability to create hairless skin when the face shape of the user is lean and elongated.

Q: What makes a rotary shaver ideal for everyday use?

Ans: Alongside providing hypoallergenic properties in their blade systems, rotary shavers tend to be quite dependable for everyday use due to their lightweight hardware, above-mediocre battery life, and, my favourite perk of theirs, functionality through technological means such as battery indicators, motion sensors, and cleaning reminders.

Q: Can rotary shavers be used throughout the body?

Ans: While the rounded edges of foil shavers can be used throughout the body, most rotary shavers, such as the Philips Norelco 7200, might struggle to ensure safety when used all over the body.

The rotary blades might also fail to accumulate pieces of hair due to having a short reach.

However, if you invest in the rotary shaver of Pitbull, otherwise known as the Gold PRO, things might change for the better. This is because, the GOLD PRO’s Forte PRO blade isn’t just a great tool for the face, but also a great companion for its headshaving abilities.

Closing Remarks

With the help of this article, you’ll garner knowledge of everything one has to know regarding the best rotary shavers on the market at the moment. The list features brands that don’t meet eye-to-eye with their shaving elements, but tend to come together when certain perks are assessed and analysed.

While the Norelco 7200 is the best for sensitive skin, Pitbull’s Gold PRO feels more dependable when powering through a time crunch with its relentless speed and accuracy.

The 5400 is a great purchase for users seeking assistance from tech-friendly tools and a mid-range device with a hefty shelf life, while the Norelco 3800 feels more dependable for those hoping to start their journey to using rotary shavers.

The MAX-T is easily the underdog on this list with its brand image, but surprisingly wins me over with its jarring battery life, operating seamlessly for 2 continuous hours.

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